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ANNUAL report 2014

Pictured: Where we work (above); Diep Vuong, President with scholarship recipient

Photography Credits: Pacific Links Foundation staff, volunteers and beneficiaries No likeness of trafficking survivors is shown in this document to protect their privacy. Pacific Links Foundation Š 2015

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Dear Friends, Thank you for your continual support in this journey to end human trafficking. Your generosity motivates us to give at -risk youth and trafficking survivors more opportunities for a brighter future. This year, for the first time we spilt summer camp into two sessions to accommodate 700+ scholarship recipients. Summer camp continues to be an outlet for at-risk girls to build confidence and life skills to protect herself from traffickers. In particular, the camp gives recipients an opportunity to learn about different career and training opportunities. In the next few years, we aim to provide scholarship recipients with additional opportunities to develop leadership skills, build confidence and to explore different career opportunities. Thanks again for your partnership, which makes it possible to empower the most vulnerable youth against human trafficking. Together, we look forward to expanding program activities to better serve the needs of our recipients. In gratitude,

Diep Vuong President Pacific Links Foundation Š 2015

ABOUT US Pacific Links Foundation (PALS) leads counter-trafficking efforts at the frontiers of Vietnam. We break the cycle of human trafficking by investing comprehensively in at-risk youth to prevent trafficking before it starts and in survivors to build a new life. PALS operates where the most vulnerable populations live. In Vietnam, we work in the provinces bordering Cambodia, China and Laos. Youth in these regions face the highest risk of sexual and labor exploitation due to extreme poverty, and lack of economic and educational opportunities.




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Pacific Links Foundation Š 2015

WHERE WE WORK Ha Giang: Reintegration Assistance

Lao Cai: Reintegration Shelter, Awareness Raising Quang Ninh: Reintegration Assistance, Awareness Raising

Kien Giang, An Giang & Dong Thap: Scholarships, Awareness Raising

Tien Giang: FACT, Scholarships, Awareness Raising

An Giang—Long Xuyen: Reintegration Shelter & Assistance, Awareness Raising Pacific Links Foundation Š 2015

// 3 //

IMPACT students received scholarships in the 2014-2015 school year

home visits to scholarship recipients and their families to reduce dropout risks and raise awareness about human trafficking // 4 //

bicycles to commute to school delivered since 2005

long-term comprehensive scholarships awarded to at-risk girls in school since 2005

Pacific Links Foundation Š 2015


Education protects girls living in trafficking hotspots by enabling a safer and improved economic outlook. Academic scholarship recipients receive:

tuition, fees, tutoring, high school graduation test prep

bicycles to commute to school

family day to gather students, their families and community members

health insurance

uniforms, books, school supplies

home visits 2 times a year to reduce dropout risks and raise awareness about human trafficking


“Hopefully, the program will help more poor students in remote areas, motivating them to not drop out of school and to keep going to school for a better future.” – Academic Scholarship Recipient ”The Academic Scholarships Program gives the students’ parents a source of motivation, which is very important to our family.” – Academic Scholarship Recipient’s Parent “Thanks to the program, I was able to stay in school and learn more useful knowledge without burdening my family with the school fees. Thank you for everything and all of the help from the staff. I want to continue my participation with the scholarship program to help guide other girls in the community. During the 9 years, the scholarship program always sponsored our school fees and gave us school supplies.” - Linh, 12th Grade Graduate Pacific Links Foundation © 2015

// 5 //


Over four days, academic scholarship recipients come together from the remote and impoverished areas of the Mekong Delta bordering Cambodia to build friendship, raise selfconfidence, gain life skills and learn how to safeguard themselves against human trafficking. Summer camp focused on promoting the following six values: Gratitude, Respect, Accountability, Courage, Engagement, and Safety. In particular, the camp emphasized the importance of higher education and better career orientation, in order to strengthen the girls’ commitment to stay in school, thereby preventing unwanted dropouts and significantly reducing the risks of human trafficking.

TESTIMONIALS “This year is the last year that I am able to attend summer camp, but this has also been one of my most thought-provoking experiences. The activities and games were not only fun, but reinforced the importance of teamwork and staying together.” - High School Student “I learned a lot from the volunteers who came to camp to tell us about different career options. I am really grateful to all of the donors and volunteers for this camp.” - Middle School Student “I really feel like GRACES Summer Camp was a meaningful experience. It wasn’t just a simple camp for the students, but a platform where they were able to learn about critical life skills, different career options, human trafficking, and other lessons that will be pertinent once they are ready to go out on their own. In addition, I was also able to learn many new lessons myself.” - Volunteer, University Student // 6 //

Pacific Links Foundation © 2015

IMPACT scholarship recipients attended the 7th annual summer camp, doubling the number of participants from 2013 Pacific Links Foundation Š 2015

// 7 //

Factory awareness to counter trafficking Mitigating risks in the supply chain

Human trafficking poses great potential risk in many global industries’ supply chain, including apparel, hospitality, agriculture, and electronics. To combat this, the FACT program educates workers, managers, and factory owners about human trafficking in industrial zones. We work with employers to create good practice standards in labor recruiting and retention to reduce trafficking risks in the supply chain.

TESTIMONIALS “I was actually at the training session about a year ago. The last time I attended, I knew it was about human trafficking, but I didn’t really pay attention and don’t remember what was said. This time, I was able to participate in the fun games, learn about human trafficking, and even won a bunch of snacks to take home!” - Factory Worker at Hansae “The thing I remembered most is that anybody can become a victim of trafficking, even old people! Not only can anybody be sold, but anybody can also be the seller. The only way that we can protect ourselves is if we remain alert and observant of our surroundings so that we won’t be fooled.” - Factory Worker at Cong Tien “In the past, I have heard of trafficking from a special on TV talking about how some people were being trafficked for their organs. But I didn't know until today that forced labor could also be a form of human trafficking. Because of your program, I know now to be suspicious and to ask more questions if someone comes to me and tell me of a good work opportunity far away." - Factor Worker at Hansae // 8 //

Pacific Links Foundation © 2015

IMPACT factory managers and workers have been trained on human trafficking risks and prevention in the supply chain Pacific Links Foundation Š 2015

// 9 //

IMPACT RISE care packages were distributed // 10 //

Pacific Links Foundation Š 2015

Returnee initial support essentials


Shua* lived deep in the mountains. She was very poor and desperate for work. A neighbor said that she would help her find work. The neighbor ended up selling her into prostitution. She was at the brothel for 3 months until she was able to hide and escape. During her escape, a man on a motorbike said that he could help her return home. In actuality, he ended up selling her into prostitution. Eventually, she was able to scape from her traffickers again.

Shua received the RISE care package and asked for further assistance. Shua learned how to read and write for the first time at the Lao Cai Compassion House, and received tutoring to apply for vocational training. Shua is currently finishing the last year of her 2 year culinary school program. PALS will continue to follow-up with Shua and provide her with communitybased reintegration services when needed. *Names have been changed for privacy purposes.

Re-establishing trust We enhance first line of response to trafficking survivor at the border upon their return to Vietnam by providing RISE care packages. Care packages include a sport sack containing:

towel, soap, detergent, toothpaste, toothbrush, sanitary napkins, shampoo, brush, comb Pacific Links Foundation Š 2015

set of clothes (pants, blouse, underwear), flip flops, notebook, pens

travel costs to get home, referrals to local support services // 11 //

Compassion houses MEET May

When I was fourteen, I was forced into a marriage. My husband at the time was twenty-years old and even though he was also Hmong, we did not speak the same language since he is from a different Hmong tribe. He was extremely abusive. Four months later, my sister married his cousin and ended up beaten to death. Shortly after I returned home, a stranger told me about a promising work opportunity. I agreed and upon arrival in China, he immediately sold me to a Hmong couple who then sold me as a bride to a thirty-year old Chinese man who then sold me to someone else. After about two weeks, I planned my escape. It took 10 days in the mountains and bushes without food. I was exhausted and suffered serious infections due to insects, etc. I lost hope and tried to commit suicide. I was found by passersby and taken to the hospital where I was kept for 4 months. They finally introduced me to someone who spoke Vietnamese and I was finally able to tell someone that I was from Vietnam and that I needed to go home.

May* is a resident at our Lao Cai Compassion House. Despite not ever receiving formal education and being illiterate, May is proving to be one of the most tenacious young women we have met. PALS is currently working with May on her reading and writing skills. May will also be supported to help her achieve her desires to obtain an education and vocational training so that she can better protect herself and her family against exploitation in the future.

*Names have been changed for privacy purposes.


We operate two reintegration shelters to empower trafficking survivors with the safety, selfconfidence, and skills to become self-reliant. Trafficking survivors reside in the shelter until they finish their training, some have stayed 2+ years. Compassion houses residents received:

safe housing & emotional support including art and dance therapy // 12 //

vocational training/ academic schooling & job placement

health care

life skills

legal assistance & support to family members

retreat to focus on life skills, teambuilding

Pacific Links Foundation Š 2015

IMPACT trafficking survivors took up residency in our Compassion Houses Pacific Links Foundation Š 2015

// 13 //

IMPACT trafficking survivors assisted in their physical and emotional recovery for reintegration since 2008 // 14 //

Pacific Links Foundation Š 2015


Meet Hoa

Hoa* went to China to look for work. She was sold as a bride to a disabled husband. The father of her husband would rape her, and the mother of her husband also physically abused her. Hoa eventually gave birth to a child fathered by her husband. When the police came to rescue her (along with 15 other trafficking victims), the mother of her husband threw the baby out. Her husband's family did not want an ill baby.

Hoa now works in Long Xuyen and lives it her mom who sells lottery tickets for a living. PALS is providing the victim with milk for her baby on a monthly basis. PALS has also offered to help support the victim’s other child who is in the 3rd grade with an academic scholarship. *Names have been changed for privacy purposes.


Comprehensive reintegration services bring real chance at a new life and reduce retrafficking risks. Survivors who do not wish to stay at PALS’ shelters are offered communitybased reintegration services. Services include:

vocational training/academic schooling & job placement Pacific Links Foundation © 2015

health care

legal assistance & support to family members // 15 //

partnership Increasing capacity

We work closely with partners from the local to international levels including: Grassroots networks to educate communities about trafficking Families, teachers, and communities to keep at-risk youths safe from traffickers and from dropping out of school Domestic and international corporations to protect their workers and supply chains from trafficking through awareness campaigns and workshops Local and national governments to ensure trafficking survivors’ safe return and successful reintegration Local and international NGOs to provide referrals, vocational training, and other reintegration services

IMPACT participants attended the 9h Annual Social Work Summer Institute program // 16 //

community members reached through awareness campaigns since 2008 Pacific Links Foundation © 2015


to our donors and supporters for making a lasting impact

Pacific Links Foundation Š 2015

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To-Nhu & Dino Pecoraro Top Dragon Company Tracy Fung Tran Khanh Tuyet Trang Vuong Trinh & Mylinh C. Ha-Do Trinh-Ai T. Tasedan TSAM Global Fund Tuong-Vi Ta Tyrone Botelho Valerie Rodriguez Van Nguyen Vicci Roe Victoria Nguyen Vietnam Education Society Vina Wealth Sun Wah Tower Vincent Dang Vo Tien My Vu Khac Tiep Walter Payne Wendy Breuer Western Digital Whitman Family Foundation William Forsyth WMGS Company Workday, Inc WVU School of Public Health Xuan T. Khuong Yahoo Yang Lor Yohann Loubry Yoom Dang Zeng Her

Together, we have empowered 10,000+ people against trafficking! // 20 //

Pacific Links Foundation Š 2015

2014 financials*


In-Kind 26%

Source of Revenue


Individuals Corporate/Organizations In-Kind

$223,114 $318,646 $192,940



Expenses* Expense Type


Program Indirect (M&G, Fundraising, etc.) In-Kind Program In-Kind Other (M&G, Fundraising, etc.) Total


Individuals 30%

Corporate/ Organizations 44%

Indirect including in-kind 15%

$55,734 $142,087 $50,853 $703,670

Program including in-kind 85% * Estimated, to be finalized at audit.

Pacific Links Foundation Š 2015

// 21 //

Impact highlights PREVENTION scholarships awarded to at-risk girls

factory workers & managers trained on human trafficking risks & prevention

PROTECTION compassion houses out of 3 in Vietnam for trafficking survivors

trafficking survivors assisted in their reintegration process

PARTNERSHIP community members reached through awareness campaigns and outreach Pacific Links Foundation Š 2015

Pacific Links Foundation Š 2015

Going forward Increasing capacity PREVENTION: Academic Scholarship Grow the scholarship program to give 1,000 at-risk girls the chance to go to school, and stay safe from human traffickers Streamline the collection, monitoring and reporting of scholarship information to better track students Launch ADAPT clubs PREVENTION: Factory Awareness to Counter Trafficking (FACT) Expand FACT to train 50,000 workers and managers in the next 3 years Develop FACT program in dormitory areas Develop FACT into a certification program PROTECTION Provide 500 RISE care packages for survivors in border provinces Expand reintegration services for trafficking survivors Focus outreach and assistance towards the family to prevent younger siblings from falling into the hands of traffickers PARTNERSHIP Application process for FACT factories Support community outreach/advocacy groups to widen trafficking awareness at the grassroots level Further relationships with local and national governments to ensure trafficking survivors’ safe return and successful reintegration // 24 //

Pacific Links Foundation © 2015

Give the Gift of Empowerment PREVENTION $250

supports an at-risk student for one year in middle school or high school


provides a bicycle for an at-risk student to commute to school


supports a 4-day summer camp for an at-risk student


provides trafficking survivors with one year of vocational training/ academic schooling


supports an initial care package to trafficking survivors upon return

Pacific Links Foundation Š 2015

DONATE By Check: Pacific Links Foundation Sobrato Center for Nonprofits 534 Valley Way Milpitas, CA 95035 By Credit Card: donate

By CFC Campaign: # 83094 // 25 //


Join us to Stop Human Trafficking!

U.S. Pacific Links Foundation Sobrato Center for Nonprofits 534 Valley Way, Milpitas, CA 95035 USA +1 510 435 3035

VIETNAM Tổ chức Vòng Tay Thái Bình 163/A9 Huỳnh Thúc Kháng TP Long Xuyên, An Giang, Việt Nam +84 76 3853 888

2014 Annual Report  
2014 Annual Report