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Environmental Heroes of the Pacific Rim Protecting the living environment of the Pacific Rim ‌ Women’s Building, San Francisco October 29, 2007

Threats: China • Population • Air Pollution • Water Quality & Quantity

Threats: Russia • Mining • Oil and gas extraction • Illegal logging • Dam construction

Russian Environmental Heroes Protecting a salmon sanctuary Nina Zaporotskaya

Ethno-ecological Information Center “Lach� Holding Shell Oil accountable Dimitry Lisitsyn

Sakhalin Environment Watch Uniting a movement Marina Rikhvanova

Baikal Environmental Wave

Nina Zaporotskaya, Ethno-Ecological Info Center “Lach� Indigenous communities protecting a salmon sanctuary

Indigenous Communities Protecting a Salmon Sanctuary

Dimitry Lisitsyn, Sakhalin Environment Watch

Holding Shell Oil accountable on Sakhalin

Holding Shell Oil accountable on Sakhalin

Sakhalin Islanders raise a red flag over the entry point to Shell's Sakhalin II Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant.

Pipeline Construction across the Tikhaya salmon spawning river.

Marina Rikhvanova, Baikal Environmental Wave

Uniting Russia’s environmental movement

Uniting Russia’s Environmental Movement

China’s Environmental Heroes Raising community awareness Zhao Zhong

Green Camel Bell Leading the student movement Su Jianhua

Green Student Forum

Green Camel Bell

Green Student Forum

Pacific Rim Community

Promoting grassroots activism Supporting communities Reforming international policies

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Thank you! Daniela Salaverry, China Co-Director Wen Bo, China Co-Director Leah Zimmerman, Russia Director Sibyl Diver, Russia Senior Associate

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