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Annual Report Fiscal Year 2010-2011

Executive Message

Carla, Speech-Language Pathologist, and George, PACE School Student

2 In 2012 and beyond, PACE’s focus will be on expanding our mission through program collaboration and mergers in order to provide an expanded lifetime continuum of care and quality of life for individuals with disabilities and their families. A significant highlight in the final quarter of FY 2010-2011 was our merger with FACES, a behavioral early intervention program in Redwood City. The outstanding services that FACES has provided for the past sixteen years will be a huge asset to providing the most comprehensive high quality services for individuals with Autism in the Bay Area. In addition to expanding resources for our youngest clients, the merger has also positively impacted our School and Residential programs by providing a skilled Behavioral Support team that has demonstrated new strategies for our older students and residents. Exemplifying the power of community connections, this merger was made possible in part with a generous grant from the United Way Silicon Valley’s Non Profit Effectiveness Fund, the purpose of which is to provide support for nonprofit agencies considering transition activities such as mergers, acquisitions and consolidations.

Brad, PACE Resident, & Ruby, Residential Staff, Mahalo House

Additional community connections allowed us to secure grant funds to hire a music therapist to expand the breadth of our programs in our School and Children’s Services. In the PACE Impact section of this report, you’ll read how the therapist worked with Steven, one of our School students, to develop an impressive musical piece which he performed to a full house at our annual Gala. All of our programs continue to benefit from partnerships with local supportive businesses like the Children’s Discovery Museum and Tony & Alba’s that provide community and work experiences for our students and clients. Of course, one of our most important collaborations in the community is with you, our generous donors. Thank you for helping us connect, support and educate individuals with Autism and their families. Sincerely,

Kurt Ohlfs, PACE Executive Director

PACE Connections therapy swing purchased through Mercury News Wishbook

Highlights: 7/2010-6/2011 ► ►PACE officially merges with

FACES , a behavioral early intervention program in Redwood City

► ►PACE School is recertified with flying colors as a Non-Public School (NPS) by the California Department of Education, citing compassionate, enthusiastic teachers, a cohesive team approach to behavior management, and inspired use of technology ► ►Residential

co-op housing model

is initiated, with expected implementation in 2014

► ►PACE receives grant from California Communications Access Foundation (CCAF) to create a

iPad tablet application Parent Clinic

trains 10 families in 2010-2011



for children on the Autism spectrum

► ►The PACE Youth Leadership Committee (YLC) raises over $8,000 for PACE in their 2nd year; YLC is recognized as the 2011 Outstanding Philanthropic Youth by the Association of Fundraising Professionals - Silicon Valley Chapter

► ►Sunny Days Preschool



launches (

► ►San Jose Mercury News Wishbook 2010 series features PACE and raises over $7,000 for PACE Early Intervention (now PACE Connections) in order to buy therapeutic swing and accessories ► ►On Rebuilding Together Day in April 2011, the Cupertino Rotary Club volunteers to make improvements in and purchases appliances for our children’s homes ► ►The 2010 Gala and 2011 Golf Tournament together raises close to


► ► Dell features PACE as part of their “Take Your Own Path” small business advertising campaign, telling a story of technology and service between Dell, TechSoup and PACE in a 3 minute video ► ►Lamar House’s backyard is redesigned by landscape architect volunteer, Christine Reed, specifically for the needs of individuals with Autism

John, PACE Resident, & Stephanie, his mom, in Lamar House’s redesigned backyard

The PACE Impact PACE School: Steven

“When Steven first came to PACE, he had trouble communicating and connecting with the world, which resulted in behaviors. Staff had to 4-point restrain him multiple times a day. He had to receive nine months of extensive full-time behavioral training before transitioning back to PACE. “But at PACE, everything changed.


“PACE understood the special qualities of our son. The beauty of PACE is that they have allowed each individual with Autism to be unique. They try to bridge the child with Autism’s world to our world so that there are ways to go between both. Speech therapy, music therapy, art therapy, occupational therapy, and training in life skills are all couched in love and delivered through the hands of aides, teachers and staff who truly care. Undaunted by meltdowns, physical outbursts, and inappropriate noises, sounds and words, PACE makes headway and leads our kids to success. It allows the students to like school, to learn vocational training and to value work. They value each other and value life. “We saw our son’s successful days at PACE turn into successful years. By receiving the continued support of a one-on-one aide, practicing social stories in therapy, participating in social events like prom and plays, and more, Steven was able to connect to our world. For example, Steven has always loved music. With the help of his aide and speech and music therapists, he gave a wonderful performance of the song ‘Through My Eyes’ at the PACE Gala in front of a huge crowd. We were so proud of him. “Steven has grown so much. He has a new value of work from his vocational training. He is trying things that he did not try before and tolerating new situations (albeit in chunks). He is making progress with his social skills and finding happiness in being who he is. “We are tearfully appreciative of all PACE has done for us–and for Steven.” –Terry & Rosie, PACE parents

PACE Connections: Mark PACE Connections = formerly PACE Early Intervention “Mark came to PACE Sunny Days Preschool when he was five after a few unsuccessful years in other settings. Before, he only had single words, was not interested in other kids, and was not even potty trained. He has been with Sunny Days for almost a year now, and the change has been remarkable. He shortly became fully potty trained. Now he is talking in short sentences, playing well with adults and his younger brother, and is even interested in other kids! Academically he is ready for kindergarten. We are so happy with what Mark has achieved so far. Not only is Mark walking out of his own world to join us, but as parents we also got proper training for how to work with Mark through the Parent Clinic. We will continue the same method in our daily life and grow with Mark together. Thank you PACE!” –Thomas & Dawen, PACE parents

Adult Day Program: Gregory “Gregory is very detail-oriented. He knows going into a job site what needs to be done and doesn’t need constant prompting. He is capable of doing specific tasks and participates in all activities. ADP has enabled him to use his skills in the workplace!” –Beverly, PACE parent

Financial Summary FY ’10-’11 Revenue


Residential Program: Kevin


“Before the FACES program, JJ was bright but disconnected from the world. We were exhausted trying to guess what he wanted. He was extremely cautious, which limited his ability to play and learn. We feared for his future. But thanks to you, everything has changed. He is communicating in full sentences, engaging with the world, and playing with other children on the playground. JJ progressed more in the first six weeks at FACES than he had in the previous six months. Thank you for giving us our boy back.” –Scott & Michelle, PACE parents DDS: Department of Developmental Services CDE: California Department of Education


“Kevin has been in the PACE residential program for 15 years. He recently moved from the children’s home Miracle House to the adult home Lamar House. In March, Lamar House’s backyard was the beneficiary of a pilot project in which the backyard area was specifically redesigned and landscaped for individuals with Autism. This new space provides a safe and tranquil place for Kevin to enjoy the outdoors. Kevin has always been treated with respect and has received excellent care while in PACE’s residential programs, and for that I am forever grateful.” –Scott, PACE parent

Total Revenue: $8,547,580 *The FACES merger became official financially in July 2011, for the fiscal year ‘11-’12. As a result, the financial impact of the FACES merger is not represented here.


Thank You Annual Fund Donors, Grantors Donors for Supporting PACE

PACE Philanthropic Community: Individual Donors to Our Annual Fund


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Anonymous - Affleck Employee Anonymous - Johnson & Johnson Employee Hany Abedelwahed Daniel Adams Dave Alaimo Marie Alcarez Megan Aldana Donovan Allen Joann Alvarez Ana Alvarez Jack & Barbara Ambuul Flora Anecito Sean Ang Christopher Apolinar Ryan Bailey Dennis E. Bane Kenneth & Sharon Barber Brad Barranti Janice Baucom Willard & Barbara Baxley Donald & Veronika Beck Adele Behn Jeff Bell Nicolle Berrocal William Blevins William & Patricia Boersma Rachel Bouman Lorine Brown Jack & Nancy Brown Nancy Burgess Sergio Campos Martin Cavanaugh Adrian Cerda Will Chang Gordon Chapin Lily Chen Youjun Chen Shane Christine Judith Clark Angela Cleland Matt & Nancy Collett Javier Contreras Etta Copeland Mario Cruz Hendrik & Linda De Groot Alice DeGroot & Elizabeth DeGroot David Delage Patricia Delanoy Anthony Delossantos Jack Dexter Jerome & Annie Dodd Alexa & Rick Du Brow Jonathon Dyer Reginald Ellis Tracy Elloyan Charles Ernest & Joanne Tanner Edwin Estrada Shangnon Fei Hailing Fei Greg Fisher Dave & Suzan Foreman Jocelyn Garcia-Thome Brandon Gardere Richard Garza Steven & Mary Ellen Gibbs Norma Goble Arnold Golz & Patsey Stowers Yvonee Gomez

Tarlochan Grewal Peter Guidotti Roseann Guzman Mark Hage Gary & Xenia Hammer Peg Harke Mark & Ruth Hedman Ken Henley Melissa Hernandez Alissa Hiland Robert Hodges Bridget & Matt Holian Louis & Ellen Hoppe Kuei-Ting Huang Brenda Ikemoto Brian Imlach Shreya Indukuri Jason Ioane Matt Jasper William Jen Marie Johnson John & Cynthia Johnson Michael Jordan Deborah Karels Gary Katz Randy Kempf David Knapp Ray Kodres & Elizabeth Kodres Chris Lam Jonathan & Kate Lazarus David & Kathy Lee Jane Li Prudencia Librea Eric Lin Anthony Lontayao Larry Luna Roland Mailhot Ronald Martin Nora Martin Jacqueline Matagulay David & Shirley Maxwell Georgia McCall Terry & Ginny McCall John & Jennifer McCall Katie McCarthy Mark McDonald Moana McManus Rolando Medina Christopher Mendoza Daniel Mendoza Raymundo Mendoza John & Kristine Miller Scott Miller & Janet Burdrick Karen Mitchell Arturo Montijo Joe Montoya Alissa Mullinix Greg Nelson John & Laura Netto Loralee Netto Thanh Nguyen Hannah Nguyen Duc Nguyen Maggie Nixon Sean O’Hara Tiffany O’Hara Eugene John Opinski Justin Owens Todd Pacioni Nikhil Parthasara Marina A. Pavlova Brenda Perez Robert Perez Kimberley Peterson Clara Pieracci & Barbara Toschi Roberta Pina Franco Pincilloti Jesus Ponce Carmen Ponce Gregg Preston Paul & Norma Quilici Juan & Carmen Ramirez John Rankin Timothy Reif Graham & Zona Rice Ken Richards

Art & Mary Robyn Sean Ros Betty Rosa Christine Rosalejos Lisa Rose Tina Rucker Richard & Roberta Rudman Jeff Russakow & Katherina Russakow Tim Ryan Candace Rylant Robert Salas A. E. Saunders & D. J. Bell Adam Schwaninger Lee Scott Violet Silveus Amrik Singh William & Lorraine Smith Jessica Son Nalani Soohoo Sarah Steinbach Chace Suess Verle & Dorothy Swinney Yuko Taki Marc Tan Arlene Tiersma Angel Tjitradjaja Patricia Tolaio George Torres Pordina & Barbara Toschi Richard & Pat Turini Guillermo Valenzuela John Valerio Kathleen VanValen Justin Ward Dan Williams Joel & Kelly Witmer Laura Yau Sok Yun Chunbin Zhang

Believers ($100-$499) Anonymous County of Santa Clara Employees Anonymous Fidelity Employee Anonymous Western Digital Employee Ignacio Altamirano Lou Auckman & Jane Veenendaal Jarek Azevedo Lance Barrett Ryan Barwacz Terri Bonwell Peggy Brabson William & Teresa Cappiello John Caravalho Mike Carvalho Joseph Cea Steve Chisholm John & Peggy Christgau Sean Connolly Patrick Coyle Jeff & Veronica Dabak Pablo & Sophia D’Anna Naomi Davis Donald & Carmel de la Pena Edgar & Linda De Meo Art & Renae DeJager Joseph & Cheryl Dermer Bill & Linda Desler Johannes & Donna DeVries Michael & Elizabeth DeVries Pete Diepersloot Willy & Adrian Diepersloot Jim Dimitrios Reynaldo Dizon Douglas Donofrio Cheryl Downing Sterling & Kay Drazich Kim Dunford Robert Emerson Josh Fagin John Falkowski

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Sustainers ($1,000-$4,999) Anonymous Anonymous IBM Employee Netta Anderson Jeffrey Andrews Bill Berridge Robert & Janet Brabson Jeffrey & Christabel Carlton Dinesh Chandra & Kalpana Krishna Edward & Cobi Dejager Sheila & Martin Dermer Mike & Trucie DeWit Janet & Wylie Greig Gail Hashimoto & Joseph Galgano Albert Howard Gary & Laura Lauder Ricardo & Stephanie Ramirez Ramaswamy & Madhu Ranganathan Liz Simons & Mark Heising Andrew Verhalen & Janet Brownstone

Innovators ($5,000+) Patrick & Penny Barrett Shantala Chandra & Chitresh Narasimhaiah Ken Kuwayti Youth Leadership Committee


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In-Kind Individual Donors Jennifer Abidori Greg Adams Aaron Ashkenasy Betty Barranti & Chuck Schmit Patrick & Penny Barrett Kaberi Bhattacharjee Bill & Lynn Binch William Binch Keith Bromberg Jack & Nancy Brown Tom & Valerie Burniece Priscilla Cassasquilla Pete & Stacy Congdon John Connolly, DDS Bob Cowsert John & Pay-Yin Day Nate Deaton Joseph & Cheryl Dermer Martin & Sheila Dermer Bill & Linda Desler David Estrada Stoney & Ann Feeney John & Marcia Goldman Michael Goldstein Bill Gould Robert Gronski Sam & Bea Haddad Beth Harmon Gail Hashimoto & Joseph Galgano Matthew & Bridget Holian Mike Ingster Scott Johnson Robert & Judy Jurkowski Kelli Kawashima Karen & Wayne Kennan Heidi Klein John Koval & Felice Rebol Sharon Lee Mona Litman Dennis Lorette & Patti Wilson Lisa Marks-Ellis Jerry & Jan Matranga Judith Mayes Adam & Michele McKenna Mick Menigoz Kati Miller & Michael Shea Franklin & Khanh Nguyen Carmen Pascual Margie Pedroni J.R. & Liz Petrus Christian & Jill Picone Project Linus Anthony Ramirez Ricardo & Stephanie Ramirez Ramaswamy & Madhu Ranganathan Victor & Olga Rivkin Rosenstein Kent Russel Ron & Bonnie Shipper Susan Simpson Ray Tinnin Uyen Tu Jeff & Christine Walker Cathy Weeks Dennis Whittaker Cheryl Williams Diane Wilson

Corporate Supporters 3CK Group LLC DBA Cartridge World Alliant Insurance Service, Inc.

Community Partner: Above and beyond community supporter who frequently connects with PACE throughout the year

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PACE Board of Directors Madhu Ranganathan, President Geoff Davis, Vice President Harry Lopez, Treasurer Kurt Ohlfs, Secretary Valerie Burniece Stephanie De Raynal Joe Dermer Jeff Fallick Jocelyn Garcia-Thome Tom Hayes Scott Johnson Matt Moran Christian Picone

PACE Executive Staff

PACE Development Department

Kurt Ohlfs Executive Director

Bridget Holian Development Director

Karen Kennan Assistant Executive Director

Caitlyn Nguyen Development Associate Julie Myers Gonzales Event Planning Consultant Jennifer Welling Grant Writer Consultant

Annual Report Editor Nora MartÍn Marketing and Communication Manager

Mission PACE’s mission is to provide high quality programs for individuals with Autism and its related developmental disabilities, so they may experience the satisfaction and fulfillment that accompany learning, self-expression, self-care, productive work and interpersonal and community experiences.

Pacific Autism Center for Education Connect • Support • Educate

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PACE Annual Report 2010-2011  

Pacific Autism Center for Education's 2010-2011 Annual Report presents PACE highlights over the past year, a list of our donors and communit...

PACE Annual Report 2010-2011  

Pacific Autism Center for Education's 2010-2011 Annual Report presents PACE highlights over the past year, a list of our donors and communit...