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Professional Development  and  Service       Professional  Organizations:   NACADA  –  National  Academic  Advising  Association   TEXAAN  –  Texas  Academic  Advising  Network     Professional  Service:   Association  of  Inter-­‐Mountain  Housing  Officers  (AIMHO)  –  Diversity  Committee     Professional  Networks:   LinkedIn     Research:     Free  Speech  Zones  on  College  Campuses,  2008.   Functional  Area  Study  of  Tallahassee  Community  College  Athletes,  2008.   Lack  of  Hispanic  Athletes,  Administration  and  Coaches,  2010.   The  Spirit  Drum:  A  Prominent  Seminole  Tradition,  2009.     Professional  Literature:     Code  of  Ethics,  National  Association  of  Athletic  Academic  Advisors     Counseling  College  Student-­‐Athletes:  Issues  and  Interventions,  Transitions  of  the       Student-­‐Athlete:  Theoretical,  Empirical,  and  Practical  Perspectives,  Brewer,  B.,     Petitpas,  A.,  &  Van  Raalte,  J.,  Ch.  6,  pp.  137-­‐156.     Developmental  Academic  Advising,  Ender,  S.,  Grites,  T.,  Miller,  T.,  Winston  Jr.,  R.,  &       Associates,  1984.     Education  and  Identity,  Chickering,  A.  W.,  &  Reisser,  L.,  1993.     Journal  of  College  Counseling,  Responding  to  the  Developmental  Needs  of  Student       Athletes,  Taub,  D.,  &  Valentine,  J.,  Vol.  2,  1999.     More  Than  Listening,  Harper,  R.,  Wilson,  N.,  &  Associates,  2010     Pocket  Guide  Series,  What  is  Academic  Advising?,  National  Academic  Advising     Association,  2006.     Student  Development  in  College:  Theory,  Research,  and,  Practice,  Evans,  N.,  Forney,  D.,     &  Guido-­‐DiBrito,  F.,  1998.      

Professional Development & Professional Service  

Professional Development, Service, Networks, Research, and Literature

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