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Physical Therapy  (DPT)     • • •

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Doctor of  Physical  Therapy  (DPT).   Must  meet  stated  prerequisite,  GPA,  and  GRE  score  requirements.   May  pursue  any  undergraduate  degree,  as  long  as  minimum  requirements  are   met.  There  is  no  preferred/required  undergraduate  degree  to  qualify  for  the   program.     Heavy  emphasis  on  the  science  GPA  and  GPA  in  the  last  60  hours.   Application  deadline  –  October  15th  for  the  following  June.   Accept  40  students  each  summer.  The  program  begins  in  June  of  each  year,  and   takes  three  years  to  complete.   Must  do  volunteer/observation  hours  at  3-­‐5  different  types  of  PT  facilities.  No   minimum  number  of  hours,  but  should  gain  a  good  understanding  of  the  different   types  of  PT  from  each  site.  

Prior to enrollment in the DPT Program, the following courses (or the equivalent) must be completed at Texas State or another accredited institution: BIO 2430 or PT 3400

Human Physiology and Anatomy or Human Structure and Function

4 hrs.* - Asterisk indicates students can take

BIO 3421 or ESS 3317

Vertebrate Physiology or The Physiology or Exercise

3-4 hrs.

CHEM 1341

General Chemistry I

3 hrs.

CHEM 1141

General Chemistry I Laboratory

1 hr.

CHEM 1342

General Chemistry II

3 hrs.

CHEM 1142

General Chemistry II Laboratory

1 hr.

HIM 2360

Medical Terminology

3 hrs.** - Asterisks indicated that Medical

BIO 2430 or they can take BIO 2451 & 2452 to meet the requirement. If they do the split courses, they have to take 8 hours instead of the four for BIO 2430.

Terminology doesn’t have to be 3 hours. It is a one-hour or two-hour course at many other institutions, which PT will accept in lieu of HIM 2360.

HP 3302

Biostatistics (Statistics)

3 hrs.*** - Asterisks indicate that students can take a different statistics course from any department, as long as it covers ANOVA. If it doesn’t cover that, PT will not accept it.

PHYS 1315 PHYS 1115

General Physics I General Physics I Lab

3 hrs. 1 hr.

PHYS 1325 PHYS 1125

General Physics II General Physics II Lab

3 hrs. 1 hr.

PSY 1300

Introduction to Psychology

3 hrs.

PSY 3300 or PSY 3315

Lifespan Development or Abnormal Psychology

3 hrs.

Physical Therapy Graduate Program - Prerequisites  

list of PT prerequisites

Physical Therapy Graduate Program - Prerequisites  

list of PT prerequisites