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Volume 1, Issue 6 December 2009

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Gearing up for an incredible event inMay 2010.. Be there!

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Dance to Be Healthy Did you really think dancing is only for fun? Its much more!

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From the Foundation’s Director’s Desk Welcome to our Magazine ! I hope to be able to share my/ our love for Salsa and Dance with you from now on. Being the Chairman of Dance Aruba Foundation it is my pleasure to be able herewith, to contribute to your knowledge of music and dance. Wishing you Happy Holidays, for the non believer and for the Believer Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Now to our editorial subject: Salsa Dance Instructors. Teaching Salsa Dancing is not a business .. It is a passion for the Music and the Rhythm that you cannot copy and paste into anybody who wants to be a Salsa Dance Instructor. You need to have that special ability to not only dance almost perfectly to the music, but you MUST be able to teach people with (sometimes) two left feet how to dance to the best they can achieve.

BTW dancing salsa is not only knowing the steps! Anybody can teach you THAT! It is feeling the music and hitting the breaks as soon as you see them coming. The true Salsero (a) will see the breaks coming a mile away, even when he/she does not know the song by heart. Many a dance school claim to be the  biggest and the best on the island but they show off their product using students from another dance school. Doing as the saying goes: Sleeping in a bed someone else has made up. But the truth will eventually show its face and the marketing overkill will fail. The real professional schools do not have to say they are the best all of the time, people will know they are from the product they have delivered over time. Therefore seeing the performance of

Franklin E. Kock, Dance Aruba Foundation Chairman has been dancing for over 48 years and has performed all over the world including the famous Superbowl half time show in Miami Florida, also in NY city, Europe, Caribbean and Latin America.

the Pachanga students your best bet on where to learn how to dance Salsa in Aruba would be at Scol di Baile Pachanga. Known for excellence in teaching and guiding their students. But its up to everyone to try the rest. You will eventually still come back to the BEST! Happy Holiday’s

YÜtÇ~Ä|Ç ^Év~


Merry Christmas to All of You

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End of the year Celebration, Gaita X-clusivo, Message from Janice & Oslin




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Salsuri 2009


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Star signs for salsa dancers Raffle, Miss Universe


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We cant get enough of their music, you won’t be able to either once you listen to them. On the Cover the SHO, an orchestra that in a very short time has shown the world that they have what it takes to produce Excellent Salsa Dura songs.

This could be Your ADD Space. For more info Contact us @ + 297-563-3393 PAGE 3

Close Up: Artist of the Month

Since their arrival in 2000, Spanish Harlem Orchestra (SHO) has established itself as a standard bearer of contemporary Latin music. Directed by world‐renowned pianist, arranger, and producer Oscar Hernández, the thirteen member allstar ensemble has reintroduced the classic sounds of New York City Salsa to music lovers worldwide. United We Swing, SHO’s third album, is a stunning follow‐up to their 2004 Grammy ward ‐winning album Across 110th St., and their 2002 Grammy nominated debut, Un Gran Día En El Barrio. On United We Swing, Spanish Harlem Orchestra continues in the same Classic ‐meets ‐contemporary sound, but with refreshing originality. Nine of the songs are original compositions grounded in the unique identity the band has forged based on the musical legacy of El Barrio, a pulsating Eastside community in NYC located to the south of 125th St that gave rise to Boogaloo, Latin Soul, and Salsa. “Our music style is the original sound of New York old school "Salsa dura" (heavy salsa) that was played in the early years by our pioneers,” says Oscar.

“That sound has been lost and we want to keep it alive while educating the new generations (and music lovers in general) on the true musical roots of our culture.” Oscar adds, “we’ve brought back the essence of what makes this music great and are keeping the salsa spirit alive in our recordings and shows.” From the opening horns of “SHO Intro,” you know you’re in for an aural party. The song is upbeat and features Oscar introducing the members of the band and opening the show. “Llegó La Orquesta” (The Orchestra Has Arrived) was Ϫ cowritten by Oscar and Gil Lopez. It sets up a ballroom scene that will have listeners jumping out from their seats to dance. “I have a lot of colleagues who helped me on this album and who I feel have their finger on the pulse of what this music should be. The arrangers include Sonny Bravo, Gil Lopez, Angel Fernandez, Jose Febles and myself,” says Oscar. SHO pays tribute to the legacy of Manhattans Palladium Ballroom, “the home of the mambo,” with “En El Tiempo Del Palladium” (In The Times of The Palladium), that catered to Mambo dancers and featured the bands of the BIG‐3: Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez and Machito. Tipica 73 icon, Sonny Bravo, arranged the Willie Tórres tune, “Se Forma La Rumba” (The Rumba Has Begun). Oscar advises “Sácala Bailar” (Take Her Dancing) and leads into the classic 1970s Fania‐era hit,

“Ahora Sí” (Now’s The Time). The rest of the album will satisfy Salsa lovers with “Que Bonito” (How Lovely) and “Salsa Pa’l Bailador” (Salsa For Dancers). The Joe Cuba cha‐cha‐cha, “Mujer Divina” (Divine Lady), is done in doo‐wop three‐part vocal harmony. “Soy Candela” (I Am Fire) keeps the pace burning and segues into a smoking “Plena Con Sabor” (Tasty Plena). “Danzón For My Father” is a piece originally recorded by Dave Valentin that Oscar composed as a tribute to his dad, Emilio Hernández.

Saving a surprise for the finale is always a great way to end a party and Oscar Hernández and SHO certainly do that with special guest Paul Simon. “Late In The Evening/ Tarde En La Noche” is a reconfiguration of a Simon Top Ten hit from his 1980 One‐Trick Pony album. GE









Hernández, who collaborated with Simon on his Broadway musical, “Cape Man,” arranged the piece with Simon singing the classic refrains. “I was talking to Paul and asked him if he would want to be a guest on our album. No sooner had the words come out of my mouth and he said, ‘I’d love to. What are you thinking about?’ I was floored and completely honored. Paul Simon doesn’t just record with anybody.” “The first verse that he sings accapella is distinctively different. He told me to leave it like that because he didn’t want it to sound like the original. It’s more like a dream years later. The combination is really cool. I was going to do it with the original horn lines but in this case I took it to the realm of what we are all about.” From their 2002 debut album,

Un Gran Día En El Barrio, SHO revived the classic 1970 NYC sounds with a new hard hitting oint‐of‐view. Fueled by great singers Frankie Vasquez, Herman Olivera, Ray De La Paz and special guest Jimmy Sabater, the songs were hot and included back ‐in ‐the‐day hits like Tito Rodriguez’s “Mama Guela,”

Willie Colon’s “La Banda,” and others. It launched the band and garnered them a 2003 Grammy nomination for “Best Salsa Album” and a Latin Billboard Award for Salsa Album of the Year‐Best New Group. On their 2004 follow‐up, Across 110th St., the Spanish Harlem Orchestra was augmented by the roaring trombones of Jimmy Bosch and Dan Reagan, singers Marco Bermudez, Willie Torres, Ray De La Paz and special guest Ruben Blades, who Hernández worked for in the 1990s as his musical director. It was slamming and garnered the group its first Ϫ in 2005 for “Best Grammy Award Salsa Album.” Today, United We Swing, places Spanish Harlem Orchestra among Latin music’s greatest bands by paying due to a neighborhood romanticized in Leonard Bernstein’s “Westside Story” and Ben E. King’s, “A Rose in Spanish Harlem.” El Barrio is a hard urban incubator as described in Piri Thomas’ book, “Down These Mean Streets,” that in the midst of social despair has given the world unique Caribbean musical mixtures. “I’m from the Bronx,” concludes Oscar, “but if you’re a Latino in NYC you always have a connection to Spanish Harlem. It’s a place where a lot of stuff has happened that for me is kind of a microcosm for Latin New York. As a community it is an important part of the fabric that makes up the city, and we’re compelled to share the power of

the music and culture with the world.” The Scol di baile Pachanga Crew has met and befriend the SHO and found out that these musicians can also DANCE Salsa so they are excellent candidates to be our Artist of the month.

Musicians of SHO are: *Oscar Hernández PIANO MUSICAL DIRECTOR *Ray de la Paz VOCALS *Marco Bermudez VOCALS *Willy Torres VOCALS *Maximo Rodriguez BASS *Luisito Quintero PERCUSSION *George Delgado PERCUSSION *Jorge Gonzalez PERCUSION *Jimmy Bosch TROMBONE *Dan Reagan TROMBONE *Pete Nater TRUMPET *John Walsh TRUMPET *Mitch Frohman FLUTE/SAX


End of the Scol di Baile Pachanga school year Celebration with This year to close our 2009 Dance School Year the Scol di Baile Pachanga Team opted to have a our usual celebration a little different than other years, this time we will celebrate in front of the dance school itself. Yes at Scol di Baile Pachanga your Salsa Dance School in Aruba! Gaita X‐clusivo is going to take care of the entertainment together with the Pachanga DJ’s. Gaita X‐clusivo is a new Gaita

group with young people who are very talented and dynamic. Last Saturday November 21st, they gave an appearance in Mr. Jazz during which they presented their first CD to the Aruban public. Now they will participate in our closing of the Dance School Year Celebration, which will take place on December 17th 2009. This event will start around 7 PM and for your dancing pleasure we will have a Dance Floor.

As mentioned before you can also dance on the music played by the Pachanga DJ’s. You are hereby cordially invited to join us in this Celebration so come, relax, drink, eat and dance with us as one BIG Pachanga Family. ALSO TO BE NOTED ON YOUR YEARS END ACTIVITY CALENDER: The Scol di Baile Pachanga


New Years Celebration Party X that is right, on Friday January 1, 2010, Scol di Baile Pachanga will have its New Year Celebration Party at Perle d’Or, starting at 10 PM with lots of surprises for all our family, students, friends and Fans. So X. do not forget to come and join us and let us start this our 10th Anniversary Celebration Year with a Salsa BANG ! =====================================================================================

My Friends and Family, with each passing year time seem to be getting shorter. So my wish for you all is .. that next year the time we can give to the things we like and the things we love be more than what we had in ’09. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Dance allot next year and long live Salsa! Oslin W. Boekhoudt. Boekhoudt. My dearest friends, students , fans and of course my family. Another year is coming to an end and as I look back on the year gone by, I am grateful for all I have received and all I was able to give. It has been a year full of challenges . Yet here I am full of hope and getting ready for another year. I wish You: All the Best and may GOD bless Us all.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you! With Love Janice Boekhoudt Kock

Special points of interest: • Every Friday practice night, “Latin Night”, at Perle d’Or • Every Saturday live Latin music at Grand Café Tropical • Every Saturday, between 1 and 3 PM, and Sunday, between 12 and 2 PM, Pachanga on Mi FM • December 17, 2009, end of the year party starting at 7 PM • January 1, 2010, New Year Party at Perle d’Or, 10 PM • January 2010, free workshop week • May 5 - May 9, 2010: 10 year anniversary Pachanga


PACHANGACTIVITIES November (too) was a very busy month for Scol di Baile Pachanga, in our Pachangactivities section we will highlight our monthly dose of PACHANACTIVITIES. We try to document all activities with pictures and some commentary for your information, viewing and reading pleasure. Like with all what we do here at Scol di Baile Pachanga, with lots of FUN. But do not worry, you will get used to the fun and you may even join in!!

Quota Club workshop Scol di Baile Pachanga was requested to give a orkshop to members of the Quota Club Aruba. This event was held in the Radisson Resort Ballroom. We all had a Blast: Pachanga teaching and the participants learning to dance Salsa with Swing y Sabor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Performers Casting


The first of two planned Performers Castings was held on November 14th, 2009. As you can see on the attached pictures the interest was high and there were some pretty good prospects in the group. Pachanga’s second and final casting for this year will take place on Saturday December 19, 2009 from 3pm to 7pm. This is an invitation for male and female dancers to apply if you want to be part of the winning team of Scol di Baile Pachanga.

MISS UNIVERSE ARUBA We have a full account in another section so we will keep this one short.

Fun During the Funwalk Our Cultural Home (Center) Cas di Cultura recently held a Funwalk of which proceedings would go the maintenance of the building. Scol di Baile Pachanga who always gives a helping hand during such events, was requested and of course complied to bring a delightful dance presentation to all who were there supporting the event. Well done guys. In the pictures you can see the Pachangueros Dancers in action.

SALSAMBA/ZUMBA Workshop Dwayne Wever of Zumba Step it Up invited Scol di Baile Pachanga to give a workshop consisting of Salsa and Samba wrapped in a Zumba package. This event took place on Sunday November 29, 2009 at the Club Estrella in Santa Cruz Aruba. Pachanga Instructor Franklin Kock took this challenge and made the ladies and gentlemen attending dance and shake away many calories.


Saturdays Salsa program: Pachanga con Swing y Sabor is BACK on Mi FM Your weekly shot of ommercial salsa on Saturday is back on Mi FM 107.5! Changes for the better in the Mi FM organization keep on happening and one of the changes is a new station manager. Almost a month after the final program of Pachanga con Swing y Sabor was transmitted on September 26, Mi FM management requested the Pachanga DJ’s to start the radio show again on Saturdays. “Why do Station Manager Frans Solognier you replace a good program while With two of the Pachanga DJ’s you don’t have a better radio show in return”, said the new station manager Frans Solognier. Frans This could be Your ADD has a lot of experience in producing Space. For more info radio programs, in the past he has Contact us produced radio shows in Aruba as @ + 297-563-3393 well as in Holland. Now he is turning Mi FM into a radio station that gives you a smile throughout the day. You can now listen to the ʳ to dance music you like, from pop music, from salsa to gospel. However you can only hear the BEST Salsa Music on Saturdays (between 1 and 3 PM) Sundays (between 12 and 2 PM) by X who else X the Scol di Baile Pachanga This could be Your ADD DJ’s. The new Mi FM programming Space. For more info is now even more very varied. On Sunday evenings, for instance Contact us Frans has programmed easy @ + 297-563-3393

listening music with love songs from all over the world between 10 PM and 12 AM but on Sunday mornings from 12 to 2PM the Pachanga DJ’s will blow your senses with the Best Salsa on the airwaves. The new station manager is full of other ideas and is going to build a radio station that is hard to compete against. Both DJ’s of Pachanga were delighted with the request and decided to take this opportunity (again) to provide you the salsa music you like most! A new addition to our program is that the music of the “Artist of the month” will be aired in both salsa shows. If the Artist’s music is Salsa Dura or Salsa Commercial, that does not matter, the music of the Artist of the month will be aired during both programs. The Saturday program will be spoken in Dutch and the Sunday edition of “Pachanga cu Swing Y Sabor” will be and will stay in our Dushi Papiamento. However whatever the spoken language is during our programs if you are not able to understand X no worries because today’s salsa comes from all over the world, so if you like Salsa Music X. It does not need any language.

December 19 The Pachanga cu Swing Y Sabor program on Saturday December 19 will be an extended one. You can listen to 4 hours of “Salsa Music from around the world”. This will be between 12 and 4 PM on Mi FM. Both Pachanga DJ’s will be present and will play and have exchange of ideas and experiences with several guests about the salsa produced in traditional and non traditional salsa countries like Holland, Italy, Aruba, Japan, Puerto Rico and so on. So tune in for this special event on your favorite radio station MI FM! The program planned for Sunday December 20 will be taken over by DJ Cecelito. He will air, together with DJ Jerall, a special Christmas show.

Scol di Baile Pachanga the Most copied Salsa Dance School in Aruba PAGE 8

This could be Your ADD Space. For more info Contact us @ + 297-563-3393 Wednesday October 21, 2009, Janice and Oslin Boekhoudt left en route to Surinam for the 2009 Salsuri Salsa Congress. They were INVITED to give workshops and to DJ at the at this important Salsa Congress. They also represented our Island as the true Aruban ambassadors of Salsa. I must say that to attend any salsa congress you can register and pay the fees charged by the organizers, however to teach at a congress you need to have something special to offer! Last years performance by the Pachanga Crew impressed the organizers in such a way that they invited the Pachanga Crew to return again one As for Oslin’s DJ’ing activities, he was invited to DJ year in advance. Janice and Oslin departed early at the top locations in Paramaribo like The Havana because of promotional activities prepared for Lounge and Het Vat dance Clubs, additionally he them by the SALSURI Crew. As you may had to DJ during all Congress night time events. remember the SALSURI Congress takes place in ʳ Three members of the Pachanga Dance Team “Los Paramaribo, the Capital of Surinam, which is Pachangueros” also traveled to Surinam to situated approximately 45 minutes drive from the represent Aruba by giving dance presentations airport. As a promotion for the event they were during the SALSURI Salsa Congress Dance invited to various TV stations and TV programs like Shows/Exhibitions. The Pachangueras Shewska “in the Spotlight and Panorama” there the didn’t Verberne and Davina Kock traveled together with only promote the SALSURI Congress but also with Jordan Kock (Janice’s Baby Brother) to Paramaribo pride presented themselves as true a few days later. The Congress started on October Aruban and World Champions promoting their 29th with a get acquainted party so all of the beloved island Aruba. Their agenda was pretty dancers and instructor could meet the local hectic and touring the Paramaribo Salsa Dance Salseros and Congress attendees. There were 55 Schools promoting the congress was a main invitees and of course the Pachanga Crew was activity on this program. The nice part is that amongst them. As Aruba’s Best, Scol di Baile the TV programs were really effective since the Pachanga achieved once again international people we met on the streets recognized us and recognition and this is another milestone for our wished us well while wanting to share time and island to have its children recognized, this is also a ideas with us, said Janice after returning home. milestone for Scol di Baile Pachanga. On the morning of October 30th the Pachangueros were summoned to a rehearsal in preparations for the Congress Shows and Exhibitions. These shows and dance exhibitions are presented Especially for the sponsors who supported the congress as well as the general public. There were 15 shows in total from many renowned world class Dance Crews, after seeing the rehearsals the organizer made the line up. The Pachangueros gave 3 presentations, one Zouk and two salsa dance shows were performed. Janice and Oslin in Action during a workshop





SALSURI 2009 And the awesome part of this is that in during Congress Shows Nights the best performances are saved for last and the Pachangueros were chosen to perform as number 14 of the 15 Dance Crews present. The number 15 Dance Crew was the Santorico Dance Crew from New York City, USA. As you can see in the pictures the workshops given by the Pachanga Crew were sold out, one workshop in Ladies Styling and one workshop in partnering was given. All in all another successful participation of Scol di Baile Pachanga in this great Salsa Congress and of course the invitation for the 2010 SALSURI was already received by Pachanga and God willing they will be there once again to make things happen as they are used to doing. As for the 2010 Pachanga 10th year celebration there are already groups in Surunam preparing to join Scol di Baile Pachanga in this event. Scol di Baile Pachanga as it is widely known has been teaching Aruba how to dance a proper Salsa for almost ten years already. Contrary to some beliefs this does not consist of just going through dance steps and patterns but at

SALSA DANCE ETHIQUETTE This is our newest Article Series that is called Salsa Dance Etiquette and its based on 9 basic rules that if done correctly will make you not only a complete dancer but also someone that many of the opposite sex would love to dance with. In the first edition of this new article series we focus on the very start of any dance: The dreaded procedure of asking someone, man or woman, to dance with you. We will cover both sides of the coin so both ladies and gentlemen would have the tools to succeed. Read on and have fun the next time you go dancing, which should be soon! The fun part of this is that you can apply these advices to any dance environment and style.

Pachanhga they teach you to really dance with Swing y Sabor on the music. Next year in May from the 5th to the 9th they will be Celebrating this milestone. So make a note on your agenda to join Pachanga, as they celebrate their success, by giving back to their fans, students and friends with a big celebration as a thank you for their invaluable support during this time. Scol di Baile Pachanga hopes to count on you for many years to come as we keep on teaching Aruba HOW TO REALLY DANCE SALSA!!


Gentlemen When you are asking a lady to dance, it is best to stick to Traditionally known phrases like: • ``May I have this dance?'' • ``Would you like to dance?'' • ``Care to dance?'' • ``Shall we dance?'' Avoid repeatedly asking the same partner to dance with you, unless she requests it or has given a clear indication that it is OK to do so. You are strongly encouraged to ask many different partners to dance, including beginners. This will not only improve the social dynamics of a dance, it also helps you become a better leader. Keep in mind that the good dancers can make any partner feel good.

Ladies Feel equally comfortable asking a gentleman for a dance, even in a formal setting. You are strongly encouraged to dance with many different partners, as this will make you a better follower. Keep in mind that the good dancers can make any partner look good.


Focus on a Pachanguero


This month in our Focus on a Pachanguero section we will feature Jimmy Tromp. Personal facts of Jimmy are: Name: Jimmy G. R. Tromp, born in Aruba on the 8th of May, 1969. Jimmy is tells us that his passion for dancing began as a little boy; it’s a local tradition that during family parties or gatherings dancing would not be left out. Like many other traditions dancing (especially our local dances) would be taught from generation to generation by older brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles or many times the parents themselves. My first experience at an early age with performance type of dancing came about when I started dancing Hip Hop with a performing Hip Hop dance group. Soon after that I joined a Carnival Show group that goes by the name: The Coco Rico Dancers. I performed with this dance group doing Carnival Shows in many hotels on the island. The Coco Rico Dancers still exists and have recently completed an important milestone in their career. experience and did quite well, well enough to be scouted by the Pachanga Management and requested to join the “Los Pachangueros” professional dance Team.

I was also dancing in a folkloric dance group belonging to Lia Lopez during that period, but salsa soon took over completely. It has since been 7 years from my first Salsa steps with Scol di Baile Pachanga and have acquired allot of experience during this time. This experience has made my dancing enjoyable and fun, you meet many people of different backgrounds and characters. I have also had the privilege to perform on stage with many Local andʳInternational Artists the likes of: Oscar de Leon, Son de Cali, Robert Jean d ‘Or, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Tsunami Claudius Phillips, Tito Nieves and many more. Dancing with Pachanga I also acquired enough expe-rience to participate in many Local and International Salsa dance

Pachangueros Edwin, Jimmy & Jordan

competitions as listed below: * In Aruba with Cathy Maduro, Analia Rasmijn. * In Puerto Rico with Eraina Abdul, we also competed in a Bachata Dance Competition and I must say that I also enjoy Bachata dancing allot as well as dancing the Merengue. * And in 2005 I competed in the IDO World Championship Salsa held right here in Aruba, I then danced with our own Miss Aruba finalist Ivana Werleman. My Passion for dance is BIG! I love to dance and I can see that this gene is also found in my 3 children who love to dance too. I believe that dancing is healthy so whenever you want to start dancing you have to get in touch with one of the dance schools in Aruba or wherever you may live. However if your passion is Salsa X then in Aruba Scol di Baile Pachanga is THE latin (Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Zouk etc.) dance school that will not only teach you the steps (anybody can do that) but they will teach you how to DANCE with Swing y Sabor and very importantly dancing on the Music. And after you do this I’m sure we will meet on the dance floor because for dancing there are no distinctions in race, age or belief, dance is for everyone.


Star Sign for Salsa Dancers Sagittarius 22nd November to 20th December Ruling planet: Pluto Ruling element: Fire Favorite chocolate: Kit Kat

You are honest, straightforward and perceptive. You attract good fortune through your genuine concern for others. You are generous with friends but implacable with enemies. Sagittarians are the World’s grudge holding champions and your unfailing honesty is often your undoing. You need to learn that, “That was an adequate dance, you could do better,” is not likely to be taken as a compliment. This month You may find a mobile phone. If it rings. It’s a wrong number.

Scol di Baile Pachanga congratulates Ivana Werleman In 2009 the Scol di baile Pach-anga Dance Team Fe-male dancers aka Las Pachangueras scored exceptionally well during the different beauty pageants held in Aruba throughout the year. That we deliver the best female salsa dancers on the island is no secret but that they are also knockouts in the beauty area has been shown too with all the pageant titles they conquered this year. First it was our miss Pachanguera Shewska Verberne, who was crowned as the First Runner Up in the Best Child Model of The World Pageant held in Bulgaria.

During the Miss Teen Aruba Pageant the Pachangueras almost took home all the crowns. Starting with our miss Pachanguera Christine Vinck who ʳ was crowned Miss Teen Aruba 2009, then follows the miss Pachanguera Jeanique de Palm who was crowned Second Run-ner Up and also miss Pachan-guera Davina Kock who took the prize for the Most Beautiful Hair in this pageant. Last but surely not least miss Pachanguera Ivana Werleman was crowned finalist in the Miss Universa Aruba 2009, Ivana will represent our beautiful island in either the up coming Miss World or the Miss International

Pageant. So it is a well deserved congratulation to all our queens and especially to our most recent queen Ivana Werleman. You dance awesome you’re a great person and now a true Queen X YOU are a Pachanguera at heart and like we say here in Aruba Masha Pabien !!!!!!!

Raffle Shewska, Davina and Jordan of the Scol di baile Pachanga dance group ‘Los Raffle Pachangueros’ have just participated in the Salsuri Salsa & Zouk Congress 2009 in Paramaribo Surinam. To help them with their participation Scol di Baile Pachanga and the already mentioned fantastic Trio organized a raffle. And here are the lucky winners: The 1st price was won by Maikel Kock; The 2nd price went to Nany Puntje; The 3rd price was won by Price‐Waterhouse Coopers. The raffle took place on Sunday November 1st in the presence of our accountant, Mr Othmar Matos, Dance Aruba foundation Chairman, Franklin Kock and Salsaruba team member, assistant editor and Pachanga DJ Arjen Homan, during the Pachanga cu Swing y Sabor” program at the Mi FM 107.5 studios in Balashi.To all winners: Thank you for your purchase and Congratulations!!


Lets Dance our way to a Healthy Life Dancing can be magical and transforming. It can breathe new life into a tired soul; make a spirit soar; unleash locked‐away creativity; unite gene-rations and cultures; inspire new romances or rekindle old ones; trigger long‐forgotten memories; and turn sadness into joy, if only during the dance. On a more physical level, dancing can give you a great mind‐body workout. Researchers are learning that regular physical activity in general can help keep your body, including your brain, healthy as you age. Exercise increases the level of brain chemicals that encourage nerve cells to grow. And dancing that requires you to remember dance steps and sequences boosts brain power by improving memory skills. There has been some promising research in this area, according to Rita Beckford, M.D., a family doctor and spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise. For instance, a 2003 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that ballroom dancing at least twice a week made people less likely to develop dementia. Research also has shown that some people with Alzheimer's disease are able to recall forgotten memories when they dance to music they used to know. Whether it is ballet or ballroom, clogging or jazz, dance is great for helping people of all ages and physical abilities get and stay in shape. There ʳ is even chair dancing for people with physical limitations. A 150‐pound adult can burn about 150 calories doing 30 minutes of moderate social dancing. Benefits abound Like other moderate, low‐impact, weight bearing activities, such as brisk walking, cycling or aerobics, dancing can help: • strengthen bones and muscles without hurting your joints • tone your entire body • improve your posture and balance, which can prevent falls • increase your stamina and flexibility • reduce stress and tension • build confidence • provide opportunities to meet people, and • ward off illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure • Heart disease, osteoporosis, and depression

So if you're tired of the treadmill and looking for a fun way to stay fit and healthy, it might be time to kick up your heels! Dipping and turning Dancing is a great activity for people age 50 and older because you can vary the level of physical exertion so easily, according to Marian Simpson, a retired dance instructor and president of the National Dance Association. For instance, people just getting back into dance or physical activity can start out more slowly, then "step it up a notch" by adding things like dips and turns as they progress, says Simpson. The more energy you put into a dance, the more vigorous your workout will be. Although some dance forms are more rigorous than others ‐ for instance, jazz as opposed to the waltz ‐ all beginners' classes should start you out gradually. Ballroom dance, line dancing, and other kinds of social dance are most popular among people 50 and older. That's because they allow people to get together and interact socially, while getting some exercise and having fun at the same time. Dancers who have lost partners can come alone and meet new people, since many classes don't require that you attend as a couple. If your doctor hasn't restricted your activity in any way, you're ready to rock, says Beckford. If you haven't been active or seen the doctor in a while, ask yourself the following questions:



CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE • Folk dancing, which can reconnect you to your ethnic roots or introduce you to a whole new culture 1. Has your doctor ever said you have a heart • Ballroom condition and that you should only do physical activity • Belly dancing recommended by a doctor? • Salsa 2. Do you feel pain in your chest when you do • Flamenco physical activity? • Jazz 3. In the past month, have you had chest pain when • Tap you were not doing physical activity? • Modern 4. Do you lose your balance because of dizziness, or • Clogging (double‐time stomping and tap steps) do you ever lose consciousness? • Contra (square dance moves in lines with men and 5. Do you have a bone or joint problem that could get women switching places) worse from a change in your physical activity? Where to Boogie 6. Is your doctor currently prescribing drugs (for Some dance schools or dance halls hold social dances example, water pills) for blood pressure or a heart that are open to the public on certain nights of the condition? week. Often, you can take a class before the dance 7. Do you know of any other reason why you should begins. You also can join a dance club that meets not do physical activity? regularly at different places, or join an amateur or Source: Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire professional dance troupe. Jim Maxwell, 61, helped (PAR‐Q), Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, form a dance troupe seven years ago that performs at Inc., 1994. You should make an appointment to see local retirement communities, nursing homes, and your doctor if you answer "yes" to any of the questcommunity events in the Northern Virginia area. The ions above. 37 members, who perform clogging and Irish dance Choosing a groove routines, range in age from 9 to 62. The group gives If you don't know what kind of dance you might like, Maxwell and his fellow cloggers an opportunity to the best thing to do is experiment. If you used to perform a useful community service while having fun dance and are getting back into it, you can pick up ʳ and staying fit. where you left off. Some adults decide to resume "We get the benefits of physical activity, but we also ballet classes after years of having had them as serve our community," says Maxwell, who started children. If you take a class, give it some time before dancing because he needed physical activity but hated deciding you don't like it, recommends Colleen Dean, to exercise. To help recruit people for the program coordinator for the American Alliance for troupe, Maxwell began teaching clogging, tap, and Irish Health, Physical Education, Recreation and dance to all ages at local recreation centers. He now Dance. Try going with a friend and keep with it for at teaches six classes. "Dancing is a lot of fun, and I like least a month. You can find dance classes at a dance performing," says Maxwell. "[Plus], we actually do school, dance studio, health club, or community rethings for people. It's not just exercising as an -creation center. Some YMCAs, churches, or indulgence.“ Synagogues offer group dance classes followed by a Doing our own thing social hour. Here are some forms of dance you If you are afraid you have two left feet or are short on might want to explore: time, you can do your own thing just by turning on • Square dancing some music and dancing around the house. Or turn a • Swing (traditional or West Coast, which is more night on the town into a dance party by finding a hot technical) spot with a good dance band. You also can "sweat to • Line dancing, which can be done to country, rock, the oldies“ or sashay around your living room with pop, or salsa music dance videos that you can buy or rent from your local library or video store (check to see if they're available). So crank up the volume and shake a leg. Once you start dancing, you might not want to stop!

Lets Dance our way to a Healthy Life


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