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Our Community’s Foundation Annual Report 2013



YEARS OF GREATER GOOD Parkersburg Area Community Foundation & Regional Affiliates of Doddridge, Jackson,

Little Kanawha Area, Mason FY 2012-2013 Annual Report / Page 1 of 20

& Ritchie Counties


We are a community of thousands of people committed to improving the quality of life in our hometowns today and for the generations to come. We work together for the good of our region through Our Community’s Foundation, which is the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation, Inc. and its Regional Affiliates (PACF). The Foundation is a single 501(c)(3) public charity that manages more than 430 charitable funds, each representing a unique giving partnership with an individual, a family, or a business, civic or nonprofit organization. Since 1963, we have helped local citizens to support the causes that are most important to them and to touch every aspect of life in our communities in a wide variety of significant and lasting ways. We are committed to improving our collective future by: • Inspiring philanthropy and connecting people with opportunities to make a meaningful difference through their giving • Engaging citizens to address key issues • Delivering results that matter for the people of our area

Our Mission

We serve the people of our region by providing leadership and inspiring people to build permanent resources for the betterment of their communities through the Foundation.


Total Supporters: 1,695 Total Grants, Distributions and Scholarships Made: $1.65 Million • • • • • • •

• •

$295,000 in scholarships for 290 students. 24 jobs for area young people through our summer 2013 Civic Leaders Fellowship Initiative. $417,000 in competitive grants to 113 organizations, including emergency and mini-grants and awards to 10 Humane Societies. Nearly $1 million more in directed, designated and advised grants for a wide array of charitable purposes, programs and projects. 3 new Legacy Society commitments were made. 10 individuals were honored as “Cornerstones of Our Community,” and received $1,000 each to award for charitable purposes, thanks to Superior Toyota. More than 2,500 persons attended Foundation events such as a workshop to discuss Childhood Hunger in our area; training programs for nonprofits; Grants Award programs; PACF’s Annual Meeting, Legacy Society and Cornerstones Receptions; JCCF’s Charity Challenge and Celebration with Kathy Mattea and the Hon. Gaston Caperton and MCCF’s Spirit of Philanthropy Program. Our Civic Leaders Fellows enjoyed meeting Nina Vasan, PACF celebrated its 50th Anniversary by dedicating its headquarters co-author of “Do Good Well”. as The Vasan Family – Center for Philanthropy and with a progressive event hosted by Downtown PKB, the Parkersburg Actors Guild, Parkersburg Art Center, Historic Smoot Theatre and the Blennerhassett Hotel. Approx. $2 million was received in contributions (thank you!) The Foundation’s administrative cost as a percent of net assets was 1.19%.

Serving as stewards of our community’s charitable capital is an awesome responsibility that we take very seriously. We deeply appreciate your trust and support.

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Dear Friends,

We have met the future and it is us.

That’s Ann and me shown, back in 1963, the year in which the Foundation began. As we were growing up, a small handful of people in Parkersburg gathered to give life to a charitable institution that would be built to thrive for all times. The organization for which they laid the cornerstone on October 18, 1963, has come to benefit their fellow citizens for decades in ways that they could only imagine at the time. Fifty years later, the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation has changed in many ways. That’s a good thing. Evidence of change is proof of life. To be alive means to demonstrate the capacity to sense, to learn, to adapt and to grow. Growth requires change. Our organization is constantly gathering knowledge and gaining experience. We use that informed perspective to improve how the Foundation serves our region. Our goal is to ensure that the Foundation will continue to be as relevant for the people of tomorrow as it is for our generation today. As needs and times will change, tomorrow’s Foundation cannot be the same as today’s. Yet, the values at the heart of our community foundation will remain ever-present—generosity, openness, excellence, inclusiveness, innovation and resourcefulness.

During this Fiftieth Anniversary year, we have marveled at all of the goodness and initiative displayed across our region. All that our communities enjoy now is a tribute to the efforts and resources given by those in the generations that preceded us.

It’s our turn to step up now. We invite you to join your hands to this wonderful work. Our first 50 years have provided us with a solid start. To quote from Browning on behalf of the Foundation as we bring on the next 50 years,

“Come grow old with me, the best is yet to be!”


Ann Beck Chairman FY 2012-2013 Annual Report / Page 3 of 20

Judy Sjostedt Executive Director

THE LEGACY SOCIETY On October 18, 1963, five caring people stepped forward to make their community a better place, holding the first Parkersburg Community Foundation** Board meeting. With their actions, that small group of concerned citizens launched a community foundation that continues to be a work in progress with the ongoing help of many, many generous people. As each person adds his or her part to the Foundation, the outlook for our region becomes more hopeful and vibrant. Today, building “Our Community’s Foundation” means working together to cultivate a regional enterprise, the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation (PACF) and each of the Regional Affiliate Community Foundation organizations of Doddridge (DCCF), Jackson (JCCF), Mason (MCCF), Ritchie (RCCF) and the Little Kanawha Area (LKACF) Counties. Legacy Society membership is honorary; it’s our way to say “thank you” to those thoughtful citizens who make a personal commitment to brighten our community’s future through a planned gift to the Foundation; a bequest in one’s will, a charitable lead or remainder trust, or a gift of life insurance, for example.

Gary McIntyre’s Legacy Society commitment will ensure that the Actors Guild can thrive.

Too often, the recognition for these types of gifts comes at the close Society Member Diane Ludwig (LKACF) wants to do of one’s life. Accepting our offer of membership in the Legacy Society her best for future generations. now allows us to honor and thank donors during their lifetimes for their commitment to our area. Participation in the Legacy Society also inspires others to look toward the future and to consider how they too can make an enduring impact on the causes about which they care. Please help improve the outlook for the causes and organizations that are important to you by including a gift to the Foundation in your estate plans. If you have made such provisions, please advise us so that we may offer you our deep appreciation and the honor of membership in the Legacy Society. Your membership is a priceless gift to the people of our area that will last for all time.

Members include (acronyms indicate affiliate relationship): Anonymous, LKACF A Foundation staff member Sharon Morehead Apgar Anna Bowser Bailey Oran S. & H. JoAnne Baker Wanda Bennett* Kitty Brown Jane Burdette Gwen & Rick Bush Jewel Burdette* Gordon Terry Clovis Douglas E. Cochran Mr. & Mrs. Earl Curry, Jr. Paul P. A. Daugherty, DCCF

Sen. Frank Deem Randy & Debbie Dick David & Suzanne Dickens, MCCF Edwin L. D. Dils* Harry H. Esbenshade, Jr. Rob Fouss H. Smoot & Judith* Fahlgren Phyllis K. Fox, JCCF Sheryl & Larry Holdren Lowell Jackson, RCCF Stephen & Karen Kempton Clare L. Kremer Bill & Arlene Kuryla, JCCF Dick & Joyce Ledford, JCCF

Mrs. Helen Lester*, JCCF Diane Ludwig, LKACF Dick Mason* Gary McIntyre Eileen McNeeley, JCCF Tom & Pat Meintel Rose Pfost, JCCF Charles & Rosita Morris, JCCF Mr. & Mrs. Les E. Pritchard Robert & Dottie Radabaugh, LKACF & RCCF Ronald & Donna* Roberts Patricia Roberts*, LKACF Thorn C. Roberts, LKACF

Dr. Robert C. Robinson* Susan Schuchts Fred & Elisabeth* Shipley, JCCF Norman & Judith Smith Ronald V. & Kathryn J. Stoops Joseph* & Barbara Sullivan Greta & Jim Tyler, JCCF Evelyn M. Weirick, JCCF Daniel B. & Sharon Wharton Stephen & Carla Worden A. Bertram & Irene Conaway, RCCF

** ‘Area’ added later

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*In Memoriam

OUR COMMUNITY’S CHARITABLE FUNDS The Foundation holds many individual funds given by caring citizens to improve our local quality of life. Grants are made according to the donors’ wishes for our community’s general good (unrestricted funds) or for specific purposes from restricted funds (field of interest, designated, advised, agency endowment, scholarship, etc.). Funds of the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation, Inc. as of 6/30/2013 (fiscal year / audit close). Affiliate-assigned funds shown by county

acronym: Doddridge-DCCF; Jackson-JCCF; Little Kanawha Area-LKACF; Mason-MCCF; Ritchie-RCCF.

Unrestricted Funds – Make grants for priority

Field-of-Interest Funds –

Community Grantmaking Funds Walter E. & Marie Ausenheimer Fund C. Richard & Jewel W. Burdette Anniversary Fund Robert W. Burk, Jr., Memorial Fund Coldwater Creek Fund Michael Eddy Memorial Fund Dennis & Ruby Farley Memorial Fund Vernon & Bobbie Fisher Charitable Fund (JCCF) Waller C. Hardy, Jr. & Charlotte P. Hardy Fund Marion R. Layton Memorial Fund Dr. Athey & Veronica Lutz Fund Mustard Seed Community Fund Lawrence M. & Margaret Ann Ronning Memorial Fund Mr. & Mrs. Gilmer S. Wharton Anniversary Fund Ira Wharton Memorial Fund II Albert Wolfe Family Funds

Sarajane (Levey) Avidon Fund for the Arts Okey & Wanda Bennett Memorial Fund Dickens Family Fund for Mason County Schools (MCCF) Doddridge County Community Support Fund (DCCF) Galbraith Fund for Mental Health Gilmer County Community Grants Fund (LKACF) Robert T. Goldenberg Trust Fund Robert Gordon Memorial Trust Virginia S. Hackett Memorial Fund for Education Harrisville Civic Club Community Improvement Fund (RCCF) Gail L. Hartshorn Memorial Fund Highmark WV BC/BS Public Health Fund Cathryn Sisson Hoblitzell Memorial Fund Ruth Hornbrook Memorial Fund Jackson County Arts Fund (JCCF) Jackson County Community Support Fund (JCCF) Jackson County Youth Fund (JCCF) Jr. Dept. - Parkersburg Women’s Club Endowment LK Area Grantmaking Fund (LKACF) Local History & Resource Conservation Fund Mason County Arts & Education Fund (MCCF) Mason County Community Grant Fund (MCCF) Mason County Youth Grant Fund (MCCF) Cecile G. Morgan Memorial Fund Proclaimers’ Gospel Quartet Fund for Christian Youth Public Health Initiatives-Diabetes Prevention Fund Ritchie County Community Endowment (RCCF) Dr. David Monroe Ritchie Memorial Fund (JCCF) Ritchie County Emergency Relief / Prather Memorial (RCCF) Dr. Robert Robinson Memorial Fund Aubrey Earl Sands Memorial Fund Senior Arts Fund – Ausenheimer Memorial Shannon Benefit Fund for Wood County Crew Frank Sheppard Memorial Fund O. Eugene & Mary Scott Smith Memorial Fund (RCCF) Jean H. Stephens Fund for Young Women & Girls Ed Stephenson Fund for Animals Ruth M. Tepley Memorial Fund Ray L. & Mabel S. Vannoy Youth Fund Youth Endowment Fund

needs and innovative projects and programs

TOTAL: $ 6,844,429

Support projects in particular interest areas

TOTAL: $ 3,849,285

Students in Mason County benefit from grants from the Dickens Family Fund.

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Our competitive Community Action Grants program meets local needs by funding vital projects in our service region in the fields of Arts and Culture, Education, Health and Human Services, Community and Economic Development, Youth and Family Services, and Recreation. Our service region is: Calhoun, Doddridge, Gilmer, Jackson, Mason, Ritchie, Roane, Pleasants, Wirt and Wood Counties (WV) and Washington County (OH). Three types of Community Action Grants are available:

1. Operating Support Grants – help organizations to meet critical community needs by supplying resources for general operations, enabling organizations to respond to financial or organizational growth challenges.

2. Program Development and Capacity Building/Training Grants – support new programs or services; expand existing programs to meet emerging needs; or provide training and resources to strengthen organizational capacity.

3. Capital and Equipment Grants – deliver funds for building construction or renovation, equipment purchases or other capital needs.

We use a coordinated regional process to make Community Action Grants twice each year. Applications are accepted online with deadlines in March and September. Please see the Grants Section on our website www.pacfwv.com for more details about the grants process, guidelines or to access the online application.

Please direct all questions about grants, regardless of your location, to our Program Officer in the Foundation’s Central Office at info@pacfwv.com, 304.428.4438. Donors’ gifts made without restriction as to recipient or purpose are applied to our communities’ greatest needs through our Community Action Grants Program. In addition, Community Action Grants are supported by several Field-of-Interest Funds. Many Donor Advisors also periodically recommend grants to assist project applications. In the lists that follow, grants from named funds that use separate advisory committees and which award in excess of $20,000 via the Community Action Grants program are distinctly identified. Organizations listed received fiscal year (FY) 2013 Community Action Grant awards from Parkersburg Area Community Foundation (PACF) and/or one or more of the Regional Affiliates (shown by county-level acronym). Lists include mini-grants (up to $1,000) and emergency grants (up to $2,500).

Operating Support Grants (PACF) Actors Guild of Parkersburg CASA of 5th Judicial Circuit (JCCF/PACF) Family Crisis Intervention Center of Region V Heartwood in the Hills Old Man Rivers

Opportunity Council Parkersburg Art Center Volunteer Acton Center of the Mid-Ohio Valley Wood County Habitat for Humanity

Program Development Grants (PACF and/or Affiliate) Big Brothers Big Sisters of Athens County Circles Campaign of the Mid-Ohio Valley Contact Huntington (MCCF) Community Resources (JCCF) Crosslight of Hope (MCCF) Family Crisis Intervention Center of Region V Gabriel Project of West Virginia Hannan High School (MCCF) iBelieve Foundation Marietta College Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home Our Lady of Guadalupe Migrant Ministry Parchment Valley Baptist Church (JCCF/PACF) Pleasant Valley Hospital Point Pleasant Intermediate School (MCCF) RESA V

River Cities Symphony Orchestra Save the Children The Arc of the Mid-Ohio Valley The Children’s Listening Place The Education Alliance Theatre West Virginia Tri-County Partnership Wahama High School (MCCF) Waverly Elementary School WV Br., I.O. Kings Daughters & Sons WV Grantmakers/WV Non-Profit Association West Virginia Health Right WVU Ex. Learn. (JCCF/LKACF/PACF) Wood County Schools Wood County Master Gardeners Wood County Rec. Commission

Parkersburg Art Center received an Operating Support Grant. Its Director, Abby Hayhurst, was honored through our public nominations-awards process as a 2013 “Cornerstone of Our Community.”

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JCCF Support Fund – Charity Challenge competitive grants CASA of the 5th Judicial Circuit GFWC Woman’s Club of Ripley Gilmore Elementary School Jackson County Commission on Aging JCCF Community Support Fund Jackson County Habitat for Humanity Jackson County Special Olympics Jackson General Hospital Kenna Elementary School Main Street Ripley

Ravenswood High School Choral Boosters Ravenswood Lions Club Ravenswood Youth Wrestling Club Ripley Elementary School PTO Ripley High School Athletic Boosters Ripley High School Band Boosters Ripley Youth Soccer League Rotary Club of Ripley Sara Gwisdalla Memorial Scholarship Fund U-Turn Concert Ministries

Ruth Hornbrook Fund (PACF) – grants to West Virginia Humane Societies Representatives of CASA and Community Resources received Spring 2013 awards presented by Greta Tyler of JCCF.

Animal Welfare Society of Jefferson County Berkeley County Humane Society Doddridge County Humane Society Greenbrier Humane Society Humane Society of Morgan County

McDowell County Humane Society Monroe County Animal League New River Humane Society Pleasants County Humane Society Wetzel County Humane Society

Capital and Equipment Grants (PACF and/or Affiliate) Allohak Council, Boy Scouts (JCCF/PACF) Beale Elementary School (MCCF) Calhoun Co. Solid Waste Authority Calhoun County Commission City of Ravenswood (JCCF/PACF) Creed Collins Elementary (RCCF) Doddridge County 4H Foundation Doddridge Co. 4H Teen Leaders (DCCF/PACF) Ely Chapman Education Foundation Elizabeth Volunteer Fire Dept. (LKACF/PACF) Erickson All Sports Facility Corporation Glendale Women’s Cl. (RCCF/PACF) Good Samaritan Clinic Harrisville Volunteer Fire Department Leon Elementary School Living Heritage Museum/New Era School Mason County Alternative Education (MCCF) Mason County Library (MCCF/PACF) Mid-Ohio Valley Day Report Center

Minnie Hamilton Health System New Haven & Com. Vol. Fire Dept. Parkersburg Day Nursery Point Pleasant Intermediate School (MCCF) Pt. Pleasant Jr./Sr. High Sch. (MCCF) Roane General Hospital Fitness Complex Routes 31 and 50 Community Organization Salvation Army Smoot Theatre The BoMar Club (JCCF/PACF) Town of Reedy Waverly Volunteer Fire Department West Virginia Interstate Fair and Exposition WVU at Parkersburg Foundation Wood County 4H Leaders Association Wood County Commission Wood Co. Parks and Recreation Commission/ Mountwood Park Wood County Senior Citizens Association

A Gordon C. and Mildred R. Jackson Foundation Fund grant supported a project honoring Mason County’s law enforcement officers.

Gordon C. & Mildred R. Jackson Foundation Advised Fund (MCCF) – grants to benefit Mason County residents Bend Area Community Center Crosslight of Hope Fort Randolph Gabriel Project of West Virginia Gordon C. & Mildred R. Jackson Library/Media Ctr. Pt. Pleasant Jr./Sr. High Leon Elementary School

Main Street Point Pleasant Make-a-Wish Foundation Mason County CVB Mason County Schools New Haven & Com. Vol. Fire Dept. Pleasant Valley Hospital Point Pleasant Junior/Senior High School

Save the Children Point Pleasant Rotary Club/Law Enforcement Recognition Program Theatre West Virginia Wahama Junior/Senior High School

Mid-Ohio Valley Endowment for Women, Children and Families / Terrapin Park Advised Fund (PACF) Christian Youth in Action Crosslight of Hope Gabriel Project of West Virginia NFS Ministries Old Man Rivers

Parkersburg Day Nursery Parchment Valley Baptist Church Ritchie Co. 4H Program Friends of Mountwood Park Theatre West Virginia

Right Path of Washington County Wood Co. Master Gardeners Wood Co. Recreation Commission YMCA of Parkersburg

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Donor-Advised Funds – Encourage donors’ active involvement in recommending grants (list

includes some funds which benefit local agencies and organizations that have advisory involvement) Kathleen Hammond Adams Fund Anderson-Morgan Advised Fund Anonymous Advised Fund James F. & Ann W. Beck Charitable Fund Blessing-Weirick Charitable Fund (JCCF) Boggs Family Fund for Wood County Soccer William R. & Patricia Boyd Advised Fund Jane E. Burdette Advised Charitable Fund Arthur R. & Judith B. Campbell Advised Fund Campbell Advised Fund Cochran Family Advised Fund Coldwell Banker / Landmark Realtors® Fund City Nat’l Charitable Fund-Jackson Co. (JCCF) Corkrean Community Fund David A. Couch ALS/Neuro. Disease Fund City Nat’l Charitable Fund-Mason Co. (MCCF) Earl & Jeane Curry Charitable Fund Dickirson Community Fund (JCCF) Doddridge Co. 4-H Fund (DCCF) Doddridge Co. Ed. Foundation (DCCF) Dunn Family Fund-Environment & Education Esbenshade Advised Fund FaithLink Endowment Fund William J. & Saundra L. Farson Advised Fund Robert E. Fouss Memorial Fund

Mary Lou Hague Memorial Fund Bruce & Cathy Holmes Advised Fund Gordon C. & Mildred Jackson Fund (MCCF) Lowell & Wilda Jackson Fund (RCCF) Jackson Co. Develop. Center Fund (JCCF) Jackson Co. 4-H Foundation Fund (JCCF) Jackson County Pioneer Fund (JCCF) Jackson County Habitat for Humanity (JCCF) Jackson General Hospital Fdn. Fund (JCCF) Jennifer V. Keup Advised Fund Kiwanis Club of Parkersburg Comm. Fund Leavitts Charitable Fund Angela “Charlie” Lilly Memorial Fund (MCCF) Lion’s Club of Parkersburg Monarch Fund Curtis & Ginger Miller Advised Fund MOV Endow. Women, Children & Families MOV Endowment – Hazel Elliott Fund MOV Symphony Society Advised Fund North Christian-Dr. Sheila Stastny Fund Parkersburg Academy of Medicine Fund Parkersburg High School Foundation Fund Patriot Foundation Fund – PSHS Fund PHS A Cappella Choir Endowment Fund Jan & Charles Pickering Advised Fund Pritchard Advised Fund

PS Project Recovery & Sup. Network Fund Rainbow Advised Fund Ripley Rotary Advised Fund (JCCF) Ritchie County 4-H Endowment Fund (RCCF) Ray R. & Margaret M. Ritchie Char. Fund (JCCF) Rotary-Sour Mash Donor Advised Fund Ronald & Donna Roberts Advised Fund SDR Charitable Fund (JCCF) Charles & Trudy Seita Advised Fund Shimp Family Advised Fund (JCCF) SSJ H & W Foundation School Health Fund Spirit of Giving Fund Ronald & Kathryn Stoops Charitable Fund Swearingen Family Advised Fund Terrapin Park Advised Fund Valentine Family Advised Fund (JCCF) Volunteer Action Center Advised Fund Dave & Donna Warfield Fund for the Arts Daniel & Sharon Wharton Advised Fund Williamstown High School Foundation Fund Todd & Kelly Wiseman Fam. Charitable Fund Wood Co. Christian School Endowment Fund

TOTAL: $ 7,639,087

Donor-Designated Funds – Help specific charitable organizations Allohak Council Boy Scouts Campership Fund Howard A. Bailey Memorial Fund Bell-Kakascik Scholarship Fund for Catholic Schools Cody Campbell Memorial Fund for Make-A-Wish, Inc. Bill Carpenter Memorial Fund Clinton Fund for the Humane Society of Parkersburg Clinton Fund for St. Paul’s United Methodist Women Carole Lewis Craig Memorial Fund for Music Sen. J. Frank Deem Fund for the Boys & Girls Club Erman & Susie Dotson Golden Horseshoe Fund (RCCF) C. Scott Durig Award for Excellence in Criminal Justice David Elmo Memorial Fund Emma Lou Endrizzi Memorial Fund Faithlink Permanent Endowment Fund – Widmeyer Fort Boreman Historic Park Fund Elizabeth Fowler Vacation Bible School Endowment (MCCF) Marvin F. Gilmore III Memorial Fund S. William & Martha R. Goff Memorial Fund Good Samaritan Clinic Endowment Fund – Widmeyer David & Jean Grapes Family Charitable Fund Harrisville Town Park – Mildred Prather Mem. Fund (RCCF) Habitat for Humanity Endowment Fund – Widmeyer Shirley E. Harvey Memorial Fund Susan Beth Harvey Memorial Fund for the United Way Alliance Alice Ray Hovis Chapel Endowment Fund Patricia Louise Blackshire Hudnell Charitable Fund (JCCF) Jackson Co. Anti-Drug Coalition–Chris Rhodes Mem. (JCCF) Jackson County Boy Scout Campership Fund (JCCF) Rick Ledford Memorial Boy Scout Campership Fund (JCCF) Martin/Stephens Memorial Fund Mason County Youth Soccer League Fund (MCCF) Earl & Marie McCoy Memorial 4-H Campership (MCCF)

Leslie “Joe” Menzies BSA Troop 4 Memorial Fund Hermon & Leona Mills Campership Fund B. Louise & Ralph Netser Charitable Fund Parkersburg Art Center Trust Fund Parkersburg Catholic High School Athletic Foundation Parkersburg South HS AFJROTC Prgm. Memorial Support Fund PHS Foundation – Rector Fund Deborah B. Powell/Parkersburg Humane Soc. Spay Neuter Fund Fred Rader-Maxie Blair Memorial Fund Pkbg. Academy of Medicine Fund for Camden Clark/Pediatric Dept. David & Cheryl Ritchie Memorial Endowment Fund Ritchie County HS Golf Team Support Fund (RCCF) Ritchie Co. Historic Cem. – Swadley Memorial (RCCF) Anna Louise Roberts Memorial Fund Lea D. Turner Sakach Parkersburg Humane Society Fund Salvation Army of Parkersburg Fund Rev. & Mrs. R. D. Simmons SPECIAL NEEDS FUND Smoot – Widmeyer Community Fund Sokolow Charitable Fund (JCCF) Benny Stump Memorial Fund for Wood County Recreation Gregory A. Summers Memorial Fund Westminster Presbyterian Church Memory Garden Fund West Union Christian Church Endowment Fund (DCCF) Mary M. Welch Fund for the Parkersburg Art Center Wood County Historic Cemeteries & Preservation Fund Ann E. Wheatley Memorial Fund for Marietta College-Petroleum Dept. Vaught Chapel Fund – Freed Memorial Ira Wharton Memorial Fund I WV Assoc. of School Administrators Fund YABA Youth Bowling Fund

TOTAL: $ 4,548,971

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DESIGNATED & DONOR ADVISED FUND GRANTS The Foundation provides grants annually to agencies for which designated funds have been established. We also work in partnership with donor advisors to award grants from donor-advised funds representing a wide array of donors’ interests and charitable purposes nationwide. The following organizations received charitable grants from designated or donor-advised funds in FY 2013 (organizations receiving grants from donor advised funds through our regional Community Action Grants program are included in those separate lists). List represents funds from PACF and all affiliate sources: DCCF, JCCF, LKACF, MCCF and RCCF. Actors Guild of Parkersburg, Inc. Good Shepherd United Methodist Church Allohak Council Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Grove City College Allohak Council BSA, Crews 300, 43; Pack 364; Howard A. Bailey Memorial Fund Troops 4, 200, 216, 217, 231, 439, 446 Hughes River Presbyterian Church ALS-TDI Humane Society of Parkersburg Animal Rights Forever (ARF) Jackson County Community Foundation Belpre Area Ministries Junior League of Parkersburg Big Reds Football & Facilities Boosters, Inc. Liam’s Lighthouse Foundation Boys & Girls Club of Parkersburg Liverpool United Methodist Church Camden Clark Foundation Marietta College Camden Clark Hospital Marietta College Petroleum Engineering Dept. Children’s Home Society Marshall University Christian Youth in Action Mason County 4-H Leaders’ Association Cindy Curry Memorial Scholarship Fund McKinley Elementary School City of Parkersburg Memorial Church of the Good Shepherd City of Ravenswood Middle Ridge Baptist Church City of Ripley Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home Civic Leaders Fellowship Program NFS Ministries, Inc. Creed Collins Elementary School Nicholas H. Null Memorial Foundation Criss School PTA North Christian School Deborah B. Powell Humane Society of Ohio Valley University Parkersburg Spay/Neuter Fund Old Man Rivers Emmanuel Baptist Church Parkersburg Area Coalition for the Homeless/ Faithlink House to Home Family Crisis Intervention Center of Region V Parkersburg Area Community Foundation FARA Parkersburg Art Center First Church of God Parkersburg Catholic High School First Presbyterian Church, Parkersburg Parkersburg Day Nursery First United Methodist Ch. of Ravenswood Parkersburg High School First United Methodist Ch., Parkersburg Parkersburg High School Thespian Troupe Gabriel Project of West Virginia, Inc. Parkersburg Police Department Gilmore Elementary School Parkersburg South High Sch. AFJROTC Program Glendale Women’s Club Pleasant Hill Cemetery Good Samaritan Clinic, Inc. Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship

A grant to Good Samaritan Clinic supported adoption of an Electronic Medical Records System.

Presbyterian Lay Committee Ripley High School Ritchie County Historical Museum Inc. Roane General Hospital Robert E. Fouss Memorial Fund S. W. Resources, Inc. Salvation Army of Belmont County, Ohio Salvation Army of Washington County Salvation Army, Parkersburg Sissonville Elementary School SMART Bowling Scholarship Fund. Corp. Smoot Theatre St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church St. Paul’s United Methodist Church Tamarack Foundation Town of Reedy Trinity Episcopal Church United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley VanDevender Middle School Vienna Baptist Church Virginia Tech Volunteer Action Center of the MOV WV Independent Colleges and Universities West Virginia Primary Care Association West Virginia Public Broadcasting Women’s Opportunity Fund Wood County 4-H Leaders’ Association Wood County Habitat for Humanity Wood County Sheriff’s Department Wood County Society WV Association of School Administrators WVU at Parkersburg Foundation YMCA of Parkersburg

A grant from the Wedge-Sayre Charitable Fund helped the Busy 4’s 4-H Club purchase two electric ice cream freezers for Baden Community Center to support fundraising events.

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Agency Endowment Funds – Established to benefit the named agency Actors’ Guild Preservation Fund Allohak Council, Boy Scouts of America Fund The Arc of Wood County Endowment Fund Blennerhassett Foundation Endowment Fund Boys and Girls Club Permanent Endowment Fund Rae Brown Sumnerite Endowment Fund Doddridge County Library Fund (DCCF) Family Crisis Intervention Center Endowment Fund Good Samaritan Clinic Fund Horizons Center for Independent Living Endowment Jackson County Library Book Fund (JCCF) Jr. League of Parkersburg Cook House Preservation Fund Mason County 4-H Endowment Fund (MCCF) Mountain Heart Foundation Fund Parkersburg Day Nursery Endowment Fund Parkersburg & Wood County Public Library Endowment Pleasant Valley Hospital Auxiliary Fund (MCCF) Pleasant Valley Hospital Foundation Fund (MCCF) Point Pleasant River Museum Fund (MCCF) S. W. Resources, Inc. Perm. Endowment Fund Smoot Theatre Endowment Fund Special Olympics Endowment Fund (JCCF) United Way Alliance of the Mid-OH Valley, Inc. Endowment West Virginia State Farm Museum Endowment (MCCF) Westbrook Health Services Permanent Endowment Fund Wood County Senior Citizens Fund YMCA Permanent Endowment Fund TOTAL: $ 1,433,947

Point Pleasant River Museum Director Jack Fowler says the museum “represents a collection of artifacts and serves as a reminder of those who worked and lived life on the river—that time and what they did should never be lost. We want this museum to be an educational experience for the generations following us.”

Administrative & Special Project Funds –

Support the Foundation’s operating and program needs

Walter E. Ausenheimer Fund * Suzanne L. Bayley Memorial Fund * Edith Parker Cather Memorial Fund * Civic Leaders Fellowship Program Fund * Dils Community Support Fund * Governors’ Administrative Support Fund * JCCF Admin. Fund (JCCF) * Lilian & Leo Levey Trust Fund * Richard G. Mason Memorial Fund * Technology Projects Fund

Funds holding distributions pending and special projects 50th Anniversary Fund * Benedum Foundation Arts & STEAM Grants * Benedum Foundation Leadership Grant * City of Parkersburg Schools to Pools Fund * Parkersburg Skate Park Fund * Pass-Thru Grant and Scholarships Fund TOTAL: $ 685,694

Support from the Benedum Foundation provided STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) grants for multiple schools in the region, including Evans Elementary in Jackson County and Williamstown Elementary in Wood County.

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Communities that care about tomorrow invest in their future – their local students.

Martin K. Alsup Music Scholarship Fund Ambrose / Ramsey Scholarship Fund Joe Barbarow Memorial Scholarship Fund Beren & Staub Prize Fund Dr. Marie D. Boette Music Scholarship William (billbo) Boston & Harold C. Knopp Scholarship Fund Boys Club of Parkersburg Youth Education Fund Larry Border Memorial Scholarship-WVU School of Pharmacy Larry D. & Margaret D. Brown Scholarship Fund Chester H. Bruce Memorial Scholarship Fund (LKACF) Bryce-Lietzke-Martin Scholarship Fund Freda Burge Scholarship Fund Glen P. Burton Memorial Conservation Fund Brice Michael Byham English Achievement Award Fund Cairo High School Alumni Scholarship Fund Jesse Michael Cayton Memorial Scholarship (DCCF) George H. Clinton Scholarship Fund Douglas E. Cochran Scholarship Fund Mary Jo Cochran Memorial Scholarship Fund (MCCF) A. Bertram & Irene Conaway Fund for Wood County Christian D. O. Conner / Ellen Conner Lepp / Danhart Memorial Fund David A. Couch Memorial Scholarship Fund Jennifer D. Coulter Memorial Scholarship Fund Carole Lewis Craig Memorial Music Scholarship Fund Ami-John Crawford & J. J. & Harriet C. West Prize Fund A. V. Criss, Jr. & L. Gay Criss Scholarship Fund Cindy Curry Memorial Scholarship Fund Todd Daggett Memorial / Winans Services Fund Alberta Mae Davis Memorial Fund Kenneth & Katherine Davis Memorial Scholarship Lawrence & Jean Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund Frances DeFranco/James F. Winans Jr. Scholarship Berdie L. DeVaughn Memorial Fund Doddridge County Promise Scholarship Fund (DCCF) Deborah Gandee Dudding Memorial Scholarship (JCCF) Rex & Judd Dudley Permanent Educational Fund Alexander D. II & Blanche Dulaney Scholarship Fund David Edward Farson Scholarship Fund Robert Foster, Jr. Memorial Fund Fostering Hope Scholarship Fund Harold Fox & Catherine Cook Fox Mem. Scholarship (JCCF) Jack & Babs Fruth Scholarship Fund (MCCF) William E. “Bill” Gallagher Memorial Scholarship Laverne L. Gibson Memorial Scholarship Fund Shane Gilbert Memorial Scholarship Fund S. William & Martha R. Goff Perm. Education Fund Russ Grant Memorial Scholarship for Tennis Richard D. Grissom & E. S. Shannon Memorial Fund Sara Gwisdalla Memorial Scholarship Fund (JCCF) Mary Lou Hague Memorial Scholarship Doyle and Ava Hale Memorial Conservation Fund Clayburn J. Hanna, Sr. & Garnet R. Hanna Fund H. G. Hardbarger Science-Mathematics Award Fund (RCCF) Harrisville Lions Club Scholarship Fund (RCCF) Ruth Harris Memorial Scholarship Fund Harrisville High School Alumni Scholarship (RCCF) Harry C. Hartleben, III Scholarship Fund Dorcas E. Haught Scholarship Gregory Linn Haught Citizenship Award Trust (RCCF) Ella Beren Hersch Scholarship Fund Rev. John L. & Lucille E. Holbert Scholarship Home Builders Assoc. of MOV-Joel Stout Mem. Scholarship Dewey Wilson Hoye Memorial Scholarship Fund Gordon & Mildred Jackson Scholarship Fund (MCCF) Ryan C. Jobes Memorial Scholarship


Irene and Bert Conaway annually treat their scholarship recipients and families to dinner at North Bend State Park. Our Scholars Newsletter, online at www.pacfwv.com, showcases all 2013 scholarship award recipients. Scholarship application information is available on our website www.pacfwv. com, the special regional information website www.morescholarships.org, from area school counselors or the Foundation staff.

Nedra Wilhelm Jones Memorial Scholarship (MCCF) KASA Memorial Scholarship (DCCF) Dr. Charles V. Kelly Memorial Scholarship (JCCF) June Keeper Scholarship Fund Joseph R. Koon, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund Kreinik Family Scholarship Fund Mark & Peggy Kury Scholarship for OVU Langfitt / Ambrose Scholarship Fund Little Kanawha Regional Council Perm. Ed. Endow. Fund Megan Nicole Longwell Memorial Scholarship Lubeck Elementary Teacher Memorial Fund Sam Mandich Scholarship Fund A. F. & Ethel Marple Scholarship Fund Louise Mason Memorial Fund MCCF Scholarship Fund (MCCF) Mason Co. Scholarship of Promise – Leggett Mem. (MCCF) Cathy McClain Nursing Scholarship (DCCF) Ross and Bob McHenry Award Fund David Medley Memorial Scholarship Fund Janice Michels Scholarship Fund (DCCF) Wanda Mitchell Scholarship Jim & Kay Mitchem Scholarship Fund Harry Moats Scholarship Fund Dudley Mullins / Cabot Corp. Scholarship Fund F. O’Donnell “Don” Northrup Memorial Award PACF Scholarship Fund Parkersburg Ch. WV Society of Prof. Engineers Scholarship Pkbg.-Marietta Contractors Assn. – Rose Stemple Scholarship Patriot Foundation – Terri Bragg Memorial PSHS Scholarship Pennsboro High School Alumni Scholarship Fund (RCCF) Pepsi Co. / Wood Co. Tech. Center Scholarship Fund William R. Pfalzgraf Memorial Scholarship Fund Norma S. Phillips Cross Country Runners Scholarship PHS Foundation – Class of 1943 Award PHS Foundation – Wade Hampton McLean Award

FY 2012-2013 Annual Report / Page 11 of 20

SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS Herschel H. Pifer Scholarship Fund (RCCF) Point Pleasant High School Alumni Scholarship Fund (MCCF) James F. Porter Scholarship Fund (JCCF) William R. Reaser Scholarship Fund (RCCF) Mary K. Smith Rector Scholarship Ripley Rotary Scholarship Fund (JCCF) James H. Roberts Athletic Scholarship Fund (LKACF) Susan Kraybill Roberts Library Scholarship Fund Thomas Warren Roberts Memorial Fund Carl M. Rose Memorial Scholarship Fund S. Byrl Ross Memorial Scholarship Fund Harold F. Salsbery Scholarship Fund Sand Plains / Lewis A. and Gurry F. Batten Scholarship Fund Estella Marie Schaber Educational Fund Frank Schroeder Memorial Scholarship Fund SDR Scholarship Fund (JCCF) Nellie Grimm & Paschal Grant Sheppard Scholarship Everett & Beulah Shimp Memorial Scholarship (JCCF) Patricia Shimp Memorial Scholarship Fund (JCCF) Elizabeth Simmons Scholarship Fund Simonton Windows Scholarship Fund Denver Singer Memorial Fund Bill Six Memorial Scholarship Fund St. Joseph’s Hosp. School of Nursing Alumni Scholarship Robert Evans Stealey Scholarship Jack Stephens Volleyball Scholarship Fund Robert L. Storck Memorial Fund

Stout Memorial United Methodist Church Scholarship Fund DLS Educational Foundation Fund (LKACF) Marbie McCartney Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund (LKACF) Jeffrey S. Sullivan Theatre Arts Scholarship Jeffrey R. Swanson Memorial Scholarship Fund Thomas N. Taylor - Sarah Scott Memorial Fund Tebay Family Endowment & Scholarship Fund C. R. Thomas Scholarship Fund Charles A. Townsend Scholarship Fund Vienna Baptist Church Scholarship Fund Viking Voices-Mike Ruben/John Rice Scholarship Fund (JCCF) Dr. Lyle D. Vincent Memorial Fund Ruby Voitle / Winans Services Scholarship Wayne-Meador-Elliott Scholarship Fund (RCCF) Addie Deem Westfall Scholarship Fund (RCCF) Whitaker-Minard Scholarship Fund Helen Marsh White Scholarship Fund Glenn Wilson Broadcast Scholarship Fund Women’s Opportunity – Linda H. Culp Memorial Fund Wood Co. Assoc. of School Admin./Friends of Education Trust Wood County Bar Association Memorial Fund Bill Woofter, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund (JCCF) WV Nurses Assoc. District #3 Prof. Nursing Scholarship Bob Zide Memorial Scholarship

TOTAL: $ 8,136,934

Builders’ Funds – Funds building to create a separate fund (in building status on 6-30-13) Alvis-Morris Charitable Fund (JCCF) Artsbridge Fund for the Arts Andrea Bailes Scholarship (MCCF) Sig & Kate Barker Mem. Scholarship (RCCF) Blubaugh Prize Fund for PHS Boyce Charitable Fund Landon David Butterfield Memorial Fund CASA of Fifth Judicial Circuit Adv. Fund (JCCF) DeSales Heights Alumnae Fund for Catholic Ed. Harris & Holmes Law Scholarship (JCCF) H. Smoot and Judith Fahlgren Advised Fund Brendan & Mary Hazelbaker Sch. (RCCF)

Hino Motors Scholarship Fund Rod Hudson Scholarship Fund (JCCF) JCCF Scholarship Fund (JCCF) Jackson County Players, Inc. Fund (JCCF) JC Anti-Drug Co.-Chris Rhodes Memorial (JCCF) J. Madison Jackson Scholarship-Athletic Fund LKACF Scholarship Fund (LKACF) Conrad & Edra McCoy Memorial Sch. (JCCF) Marcus McPhail Mem. Schol. Fund (JCCF) MOV Oral Health Fund Parkersburg Art Center Advised Fund Powell Law Office Wood Co. Schol. Assist. WVU

RCCF Scholarship Fund (RCCF) Ella Adair Roberts Scholarship Fund Benjamin & Julia Snead Sch. Fund (MCCF) Wedge-Sayre Charitable Fund (JCCF) Mary M. Welch Advised Fund Michael C. Whitlow Scholarship Fund Holly Jackson-Wuller Memorial Scholarship Washington Works-DuPont Community Fund James F. Winans, Jr. Big Red Football Award

TOTAL: $ 382,383

Though not part of this fiscal year’s financial reporting, the following new funds were created from July 1, 2013 to Dec. 31, 2013 (list may include funds previously “building” that shifted to “endowed” status after July 1, 2013): Endowed Funds: Bob & Helen Lester Community Fund (JCCF) Dr. Eldon L. Miller Education Fund Minnie Hamilton Health System Advised Fund (LKACF) Kathryn “Katie” Wilhelm Memorial Fund WV Heroes Fund for Arts in Ed. in Honor of Kathy Mattea (JCCF)

Building Funds or Other (Project) Funds: Angela “Charlie” Lilly Memorial Scholarship Fund (MCCF) Marissa Miller Student Athlete Scholarship Fund

Learn More

Our staff and board members welcome the opportunity to share information about how to customize a giving plan to meet your charitable interests or how to support your community through the Foundation. To create a new permanent fund, all fund types require certain minimum endowment balances. To support local donors who wish to help our communities build permanent resources, we offer a “Building Program,” by which funds can be built over a period of up to five years. For details, please call 304.428.4438 to be connected to the staff or board members serving your local community or visit our website at www.pacfwv.com.

Mary Beth Shea seeks to improve the oral health of area residents and invites others to give to the MOV Oral Health Fund.

FY 2012-2013 Annual Report / Page 12 of 20


Second Year Civic Leaders Fellows

Three Fellows visit Habitat for Humanity’s job site.

Jim Strader presents the Smith Fund Grant to Smithville Elementary

On behalf of the numerous individuals, causes and organizations in our community who benefitted from your generous gifts to Our Community’s Foundation – the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation and Regional Affiliates of Doddridge, Jackson, Little Kanawha Area, Mason and Ritchie Counties this fiscal year, a very heartfelt and most sincere thank you! Your giving gives each day special meaning for the Foundation—please know that we deeply appreciate your great help and support. Your partnership assures that we can fulfill our mission of service to our region. A full list of contributors (fiscal year) will be posted in the online Annual Report on our website www.pacfwv.com. Gifts in Honor Donations were gratefully received in honor of the following persons during this fiscal year Dr. David Avery’s 60th Birthday * Bob Baird’s Service for Mason County * John Baker * Laurie Basabe * Betty Booher * Dorothy Bradley * Guy & Margaret Brasseux * Rick Bush * Cairo High School Class of 1963 * Remaining Members of CHS Class of 1959 * Coldwell Banker – Landmark Realtors® Homebuyers Dr. Pamela Corder on her Birthday * Drs. Steve & Pam Corder * Doddridge County Clerk & Staff, Doddridge County Sheriff’s Tax Dept. * Harry Esbenshade, Jr. Tom & Amy Eschbacher * Bobbie Fisher on her Birthday * Vernon & Bobbie Fisher * Becky Fox * Ruth Gustke * HHS Class of: 1944, 1947, 1948, 1952, 1963, 1964, 1966, 1973 * Dick & Martha Hartley’s 40th Anniversary * Eldon J. Haught * Abby Hayhurst * Larry Johnson * Felice Jorgeson * Lonnie Kelly’s Birthday Joe & Jane Kincheloe * Martha & Jim Kinsler * Sheila & Keith Klienhenz * John Lee on his 83rd Birthday! * Wilda Lockhart * Dr. Mickey Manzo Kathy Mattea * Larry “Mad Max” Maxwell * Beth McNally on her Birthday * Tom & Beth McNally * Edna McVay * Brittany Miller-PHS Class of 2005 * Lexi MillerPHS Class of 2011 * Dr. Alex Minard * Dr. & Mrs. T. L. Mullins * Thelma Oliver * Parkersburg South Theatre Program * PHS Class of 1980 * PHS Tribe of: 1962, 1972 * Pennsboro High School Class of 1958 * Alvin Phillips * Jan Pickering * Fred Rader * Pat Riffle * Carrie Roe * Dessie Romine * Donna Schilling * Gee Gee Schinke * Stephen Schinke * Mary Ann & Jerry Shaw * Mary Beth Shea * Judy Sheppard * Roger & Anna Border Sheppard * Jon Six * Erica Sjostedt Judy Sjostedt * Tonya Skinner * Team Bionic Betty * Thanksgiving * Our Troops who Serve * Evelyn Weirick * Patrice Weirick * Steve & Judy Wheatley * Janet (McCoy) & Roger Wilson 52nd Wedding Anniversary * Bill & Belinda Woofter * Sheila Young

Gifts in Memory Donations were gratefully received in memory of the following persons during this fiscal year Douglass H. Adams * Kathleen Hammond Adams * Alma Jean Taylor Amick * Marlene Taylor Mildren Anderson * Rev. James Arbogast * Grace Arrowood Nina Arthur * Sarajane Avidon (Levey) * Juanito M. Aya-Ay, M.D. * Lorraine James Bannister * Joe Barbarrow * Mary Margaret Beall * Lorene Harper Bloxham Howard S. Borger * Dorothy Bradley * Terry Bragg * Dick & Jewel Burdette on their Anniversary * Joe Burdette * Sammy Burdette * Steven Burdette * Landon Butterfield * Calvin Calendine * Duane Carder, HHS Class of 1955 * Isabelle Chute * Barbara Chutes * Russel Oren Clark * Mary V. Newlin Cline * Dr. Donald E. Coe * Lyndon L. Collins * Dwight Conner & Ellen Conner Lepp * Sara Coors * David A. Couch * Jennifer Coulter * Tom Cowan * Bertie Keith Cox, HHS Class of 1939 * Gladys Rexroad Cox * Carole Lewis Craig * Dr. Robert Crooks * Linda Culp * Dennis Cunningham * Estalee Cunningham * Cindy Curry * Mary Nye Daubenspeck * Lawrence E. & Jean L. Davis * Sally Fletcher Davis * Doris Davitian * Judy Deem * Mary (M. L.) Deem * Sister Mary Josephine DiBiase Evelyn Nichols DiClemente * Edwin L. D. Dils * Samuel S. Dils * Carl Dollman * Leslie Dotson * George F. Drane * Deborah Gandee Dudding * Mary Kay Dulaney-Class of 1946 * R. Ann Dunbar * James F. Dunphy * Bonnie Jeanelle Elder-Class of 1955 * Forrest Elder * David Elmo * Sandy Eschbacher * Evert C. Estep * David Edward Farson * Mahlon L. Fauss * Linda Sue Flaherty * Bernard F. Flood * Robert C. Foster * Elizabeth Fowler * Catherine Fox on her Birthday Harold Fox on his 100th Birthday * Donna Collins Francis * Marvin Freed * Shane Gilbert * Don Gilkeson * Chief Danny Goodwin * Russ Grant * Ruth Grant Dr. Fay P. Greene * Sara Gwisdalla * James W. Guinn * Gene Haer * Mary Lou Hague * Ava Hale * Lucy Harper Hall * Blake Halverson * Clem Harper Robert G. Harper * Gifford Harper * Janice Carol Harpold * Barbara Mitchell Hicks * Hon. George & Lucy W. Hill * Lucille E. Holbert * Molly Harper Houghton Angie Hoyler * Dr. Frank Huber * Marian Hynes * Wilda Jackson * Darel Jameson * Bob Jones (Marc Schultz) * Connie Smith Jones * Homer Jones, Jr. Gayle R. Jones * Benjamin Hoff * Mark Keith * Dr. Charles Kelly * Edna Mae Raber Kerns * Lorraine Enoch Kerns * Monica Kester * Ron Kincaid * John Henry Koehnlein, Jr. * Joseph R. Koon, Sr. * Estelle Kreinik * Jerry Kreinik * Mary Lampert * Delma Whitehair Lane * Louise E. Law * Rick Ledford * Roy C. Ledford & Zelma Z. Ledford * Everett Leggett * Mavadelle Lieving * Carol Leverett * Marie W. Lichiello * Charlie Lilly on her Birthday * Chester Ludwig * Dan Martin Edith Mason * Kathleen Lanham Mason-Class of 1949 * Louise Mason * Robin Mayer * Cathy McClain * Bertha Elder McCoy * Earl & Marie McCoy * Carolyn McCune * Dan McDonald * Sue McKain * Linda Joyce Nay McMullen * Francis “Frank” McNally * Loraine Cox Metz * Wm. “Hank” Middleton

FY 2012-2013 Annual Report / Page 13 of 20

Gifts in Memory Continued

William E. and Mary Carolyn Mildren * Marissa E. Miller * Roberta K. (Bobbie) Miller * Donald E. Minor * Wanda Mitchell * Pete Muscari * John Nichols Ralph & Opal Norman * Don Northrup * Opal H. Northrup * Dale Nutt * Carol Ralsten * James Robert Payne * Franklin Peck * Eloise Perkinson * Mary Ann Pettigrew * William Pfalzgraf * Charles “Buddy” Pickering * James F. (Bo) Porter III * Maxie Lee Phillips Raymond (CHS ‘53) * Audra Fay Reger * Audra Reger & Lynn James E. Richards * Dr. David Ritchie * Thomas Warren Roberts * R. S. “Tin” Rogers * Lawrence & Ann Ronning * Bill Ruehl * Wilbur E. Ruehl * Ruth Rush * Natija Salem * James Sampson * Kevin Sees * Patricia Shimp * Ruth Harper Shook * Gloria Jean Simmons * James F. Simmons II * Bill Six * Mary K. Slevin * Brian Smedley * O. Eugene & Mary Scott Smith * Ed Stephenson Jack Stephens * Joel Stern * Naomi Stewart * Paul Stewart * Jeffrey Sullivan Joe Sullivan * Gregory A. Summers * Ruth Tepley * Charles Thrash, Class of ‘56 * Lindsey Tibbs, Jr. * Jim Tyler * Burl & Kathleen Valentine * Donna Veon * Patricia T. Vincent * Geraldine Wackley * Carl Wade * Robert E. “Bob” Wallbrown * Donna Warfield * Dena Watkins * Gladys Webb * Ann E. Wheatley Kathryn L. Wilhelm * Arnett Wilson, HHS Class of 1947 * Earl Wilson, HHS Class of 1948 * James H. (Butch) Wilson * Janet Wilson * Rosalee Wilson Shirley A. Wilson * Jim Winans * Blanche Wince * Lois Jean Bledsoe Winters Emogene Wolfe * Robert Wolfe * Alma Wolford * Holly Jackson Wuller * Jean LaRose Young * Mary Ann Yuen

The Foundation staff takes great care to ensure these lists are accurate and complete. Please contact us if any error or omission is noted so that we may apologize and correct our records.

Drezdin Johnson carefully places an ornament on the Foundation’s “Honor & Memory Tree” for his great-grandfather, Bill Six.

FY 2012-2013 Annual Report / Page 14 of 20




REVENUES AND OTHER SUPPORT Contributions and Grants $ Interest and Dividend Income Net Realized Gains (Losses) on Investments Net Unrealized Gains (Losses) on Investments Administrative Fee Income Other Income Net Assets Released from Restrictions: Purpose Restrictions Accomplished

1 863 869 1,863,869

(1 832 563) (1,832,563)

(31 306) (31,306)





EXPENSES Program Services Grants, Distributions, and Scholarships


Total Program Services


Support Services Management and General Depreciation Expense Meeting Expenses Office Expenses Personnel Expenses p Professional Expenses Professional Advisor Services Tax Credit Fee Expense Promotional Fundraising Expenses Printing Expenses Postage Investment Management Fees Total Support Services TOTAL EXPENSES CHANGE IN NET ASSETS NET ASSETS AT BEGINNING OF YEAR NET ASSETS AT END OF YEAR


188,303 154,966 684,236 (230,774) 302,038 35,712


2,052,263 552,607 2,501,573 (914,860)



12,674 56,052 (18,876)




2,240,566 720,247 3,241,861 (1,164,510) 302,038 85,862 -00 5,426,064

1,647,488 -0-



11,001 6,934 63,637 264,052 , 33,720 969 7,579

11,001 6,934 63,637 264,052 , 33,720 969 7,579

1,549 7,047 5,463 153,932

1,549 7,047 5,463 153,932
























We know how much people care so we set our standards high. The Parkersburg Area Community Foundation, Inc. (including its affiliate organizations) is recognized by the Council on Foundations as meeting its National Standards. We voluntarily submitted to an extensive evaluation by professionals in our field to ensure compliance with the Council’s highest standards. It is our way of assuring our community that its gifts are handled with integrity and professionalism.

The accompanying notes are an integral part of these financial statements. FY 2012-2013 Annual4Report / Page 15 of 20

VISION OF OUR COMMUNITY’S FOUNDATION Our Foundation will hold a vital role in our region supporting people who work together to build resources and apply leadership, creating a better place for citizens today and tomorrow. This section features the community-building work of the Regional Affiliate organizations of the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation (PACF), Inc. An affiliate benefits a specific geographic area by developing charitable funds dedicated for its own local interests while operating in partnership with a community foundation that holds tax-exempt status for the whole. Choosing affiliation provides a significant and regional economy of scale for administrative and investment services for all partners while freeing local leaders to focus on fund development and grant making. Through our collective enterprise, our organization can serve as our region’s Center for Philanthropy and by focusing on what’s best for our collective community so much more becomes possible for all of us.

Doddridge County Community Foundation (DCCF)

West Union Bank and a generous Doddridge County High School alumnus launched the “Doddridge County Education Challenge” to build the county’s Education Foundation Fund. This fund provides grants to improve the County’s academic programs and facilities. “DCCF’s volunteers are also working to build partnerships with the oil and gas companies that are active in our area’s shale development and to secure lasting contributions for our community’s well-being. DCCF partnered with EQT and Dominion this year, receiving community development grants for the major West Union Streetscape Project,” said Tom Whaling, DCCF’s Advisory Board Chair.

EQT officials present a $25,000 grant to DCCF to assist with the West Union Streetscape Project.

Jackson County Community Foundation (JCCF)

Just after the fiscal year close, JCCF celebrated the arrival of a $2 million legacy gift from the estate of Legacy Society member, Mrs. Helen Lester. Named for the former Ripley pharmacy owners, the new Bob and Helen Lester Community Fund will forever provide unrestricted funding for Ripley area needs and projects in the couple’s memory. According to Carla Parsons, JCCF Advisory Board Chair, “JCCF had a great year! In addition to receiving the Lesters’ bequest, we produced the 11th annual Charity Challenge Matching Program, raising $146,000 for 19 local nonprofits; partnered with the Dickirson Corporation for a third year of arts and education programs in Jackson County Schools, with Grammy Award winner Kathy Mattea in 2013; and announced the new West Virginia Heroes Fund for arts in education at our major community celebration featuring Kathy Mattea and former Governor Gaston Caperton.”

Hundreds of people turned out to hear Kathy Mattea talk about how the arts inspire us, including the Hon. Gaston Caperton, who addressed the crowd. A combined choir of Ravenswood and Ripley High School students provided musical entertainment. Photo Credit: Ann Nester Photography

FY 2012-2013 Annual Report / Page 16 of 20

Little Kanawha Area Community Foundation (LKACF) For a second year, LKACF leaders conducted the Little Kanawha Area Community Challenge Program applying a lead gift from Calhoun Banks to encourage matching contributions. Volunteers worked to build local community grant and scholarship funds for the three county service area of Calhoun, Gilmer and Wirt. “We were pleased to add $4,600 in donations to our funds through a successful Challenge Program. LKACF also established the Marbie McCartney Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund. Created by the McCartney family, this new fund will serve as a legacy to Mrs. Smith’s good works by providing scholarships each year in her memory for Calhoun County High School seniors pursuing higher education,” according to LKACF Advisory Board Chair Jim Bennett.

Mrs. Hartshorn’s Wirt County High School Introduction to Business Class operated a Holiday Business—“TANGLED Tinsel”—with the proceeds supporting the Little Kanawha Area Scholarship Fund.

Mason County Community Foundation (MCCF) The third annual Spirit of Our Community Program held this year in partnership with the Point Pleasant Register generated $12,500 for local grant and scholarship funds. This event shines a spotlight on outstanding community leaders, and business and community service organizations that are working to improve Mason County. MCCF Advisory Board Chair Mario Liberatore said, “The Spirit Program sponsorship funds are earmarked for honorariums in the Spirit Award winners’ names to build our Mason County Community Grant, Fund for Youth, Arts and Education, and MCCF Scholarship Funds. This unique program gives MCCF a wonderful way to highlight community leaders while growing local permanent philanthropic resources to address critical needs and improve the quality of life locally.” Created in 2004, MCCF has grown dramatically in nine short years, wrapping up this fiscal year with assets at $4 million.

Ritchie County Community Foundation (RCCF) “With community fund assets of nearly $1.5 million, the Ritchie County Community Foundation continues to enjoy steady growth and to improve our capacity to meet local needs,” said RCCF Advisory Board Chair Russell Rogerson. This past year RCCF awarded $7,500 in community grants from the Ritchie County Community

Mario Liberatore presents a grant from the Jackson Foundation of MCCF to a Fort Randolph representative.

Grant Fund, new Harrisville Civic Club Improvement Fund, Lowell and Wilda Jackson Community Fund and Senator Frank Deem’s gift of community funds to address a wide variety of programs from health to education. Sixteen Ritchie County High School graduates received $24,200 in scholarship aid from 14 permanently endowed scholarship funds to assist with college expenses. “We are thrilled to be able to provide annual support for both community grants and scholarships. This year, plans are underway to launch a community challenge program to expand our community grant funds so that we can build a stronger local support system for the future needs of our community,” announced Rogerson.

SEE THE INDIVIDUAL AFFILIATE PAGES ON OUR WEBSITE, WWW.PACFWV.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION. RCCF leader and Harrisville Mayor, Alan Haught, presents a grant to Creed Collins Elementary School.

FY 2012-2013 Annual Report / Page 17 of 20

TEAMWORK BUILDS OUR COMMUNITY’S FOUNDATION An extraordinary number of people work together to craft Our Community’s Foundation. In addition to the giving of 1,695 donors last year, more than 200 individuals voluntarily serve PACF or an Affiliate in key roles ranging from board and committee service to providing support for special events and projects. We deeply appreciate all that our partnerships make possible and especially commend the following entities for their extra help with various fiscal year 2013 initiatives such as the 50th Anniversary Cornerstones of Our Community and Legacy programs, our Arts in Education and Civic Leaders programs and Community Celebration events in partnership with our organization. Bowles Rice LLP BB&T Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation Calhoun Banks City National Bank Chapman Printing Constellium Rolled Products Contractor Services, Inc. The Dickirson Corporation Deitzler Foundation Downtown PKB Hartley Oil Company Huntington Banks Highmark WV Blue Cross/Blue Shield Ed Lowe FEG – Fund Evaluation Group The Bernard McDonough Foundation Marietta Community Foundation Marshall University-Mid Ohio Valley Center Mid-Atlantic Construction Curtis Miller Insurance Noe Office Supply Parkersburg Actors Guild Parkersburg Art Center Parkersburg Office Supply Parkersburg Womens Club Ohio Valley Bank Peoples Bank Point Pleasant Register Professional Services of America (PSA)

Sen. & Mrs. J. Frank Deem SDR & Star Plastics Sir Speedy Printing SW Resources Superior Toyota United Bank WesBanco Bank West Union Bank WV Grantmakers Association WVU at Parkersburg West Virginia Media, Inc. WTAP Community Development Div., West Virginia Development Office

ABOVE: Superior Toyota provided a $10,000 boost to the Foundation’s 50th Anniversary Year efforts as sponsor of the “Cornerstones of Our Community” program. LEFT: The Annual Jackson County Charity Challenge is likely West Virginia’s largest collaborative fundraising effort, each year involving hundreds of runners and walkers to generate funds for an average of 20 nonprofit and civic causes with the help of numerous sponsors.

Our Annual Community Sponsors brochure lists those whose additional annual support of the Foundation’s work ensures that we can continue to maintain a strong presence in our region. We are very grateful to each person who gave through the Community Sponsors campaign—your extra support enables us to continually reach and grow in service.

Photography Credits Unless otherwise noted, photos were supplied by grantee organizations or the Foundation. Front Cover Photos

From left to right: Photo 1: Civic Leaders Fellow Josh Minardi chats with Cynthia Brown of PACF’s Grants Committee. Photo 2: “Cornerstone of Our Community” Awardee Pat Riffle works with the Old Man Rivers organization. Photo 3: Civic Leaders Fellows Taylor Cox and Nici Rea visited a grants project in Jackson County. Photo 4: Members of the Vasan Family participate in the Foundation’s 50th Anniversary building dedication. Design Services: Claire A. Berlin

FY 2012-2013 Annual Report / Page 18 of 20


Ann Beck, Chair

Gwen Bush

Linda Gerrard

Robert G. Kent

Donna Smith

Marie Caltrider, Vice-Chair

Becky Deem

Rob Fouss

Dr. Mansoor Matcheswalla

James Strader, RCCF

Curtis Miller, Treasurer

J. Randy Dick

Larry Hancock, JCCF

Fred Rader, LKACF

John Tebay

Dr. Usha Vasan, Secretary

Robert “Beau” Ellison

Paul Hicks

John Ralsten

Tom Whaling, DCCF

Cyndy Brown

Michael L. Fleak

Greg Herrick

Missi Scarberry, MCCF

Daniel B. Wharton

Foundation Staff (as of 12/31/13)

Located in our Central Office – 1620 Park Ave., Parkersburg WV Rita Smith, Office Manager Rita.Smith@pacfwv.com Rachel Brezler, Regional Scholarships Coordinator Rachel.Brezler@pacfwv.com Marian Clowes, Program & Development Officer Marian.Clowes@pacfwv.com Judy Sjostedt, Foundation Executive Director JudyS@pacfwv.com Phone 304.428.4438 / toll free 1.866.428.4438 / fax 304.428.1200

James Crews, Emeritus Member

Located in our Field Office – 716 W. Main St., Ripley WV Jane Winters, Regional Affiliates Manager Jane.Winters@pacfwv.com Phone 304.372.8588 E-Mail for General Information (gifts, grants or scholarships) – info@pacfwv.com

To reach us by mail, the US Postal Service requires use of Post Office Box Addresses (not office street address)

Affiliate correspondence - postal mailing addresses:

DCCF, P O Box 92, West Union, WV 26456 JCCF, P O Box 565, Ripley, WV 25271 LKACF, P O Box 944, Elizabeth, WV 26143 MCCF, P O Box 66, Point Pleasant WV 25550 RCCF, P O Box 178, Harrisville, WV 26362

All administrative functions (gifts and grant processing and receipting) are centralized. To avoid delays in acknowledgement, please mail gifts, forms or information-related requests directly to: Our Community’s Foundation, PACF, P O Box 1762, Parkersburg WV 26102-1762 FY 2012-2013 Annual Report / Page 19 of 20

Our Community’s Foundation Parkersburg Area Community Foundation 1620 Park Avenue • P.O. Box 1762 Parkersburg, WV 26102-1762

Non-Profit Org US POSTAGE


Parkersburg, WV Permit No. 352


Please contact our office if you have received duplicate copies of this report or if corrections are needed. Thank you! Confirmed in Compliance with the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations.

FISCAL YEAR 2013 ANNUAL REPORT Central Office: (304) 428.4438 | Fax: (304) 428.1200 | Toll Free: (866) 428.4438 | Field Office: (304) 372.8588 www.pacfwv.com | Facebook: Our Community’s Foundation FY 2012-2013 Annual Report / Page 20 of 20

PACF Annual Report 2013  

PACF Annual Report 2013  

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