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Special Social Class, No Special Treatment

By Yang Hongcheng Gao Zhiyan

Recently, a common case has tightly attracted people爷s attention that a traveler from Japan袁 who plans to travel around the world袁 lost his bike in Wuhan, Hubei province. Eventually, the bike was found just in three days by the local police and almost all the citi鄄 zens of Wuhan. However, this aroused great concern about the atti鄄 tude of police in dealing with domestic business. Hundreds of local people爷s bicycles have been lost when police could hardly find few of them. Social authorities pay much less at鄄 tention to social benefits. We should admit the exis鄄 tence of giving some people priorities both abroad and at home. For example, the dis鄄 abled has priority to get on the train in advance; some unnec鄄 essary processes can be can鄄 celled when a patient needs e鄄 mergency treatment. Some鄄 times better results can be

By Tang Huachao Xu Xiapfeng

gained thanks to some priority; the special economy zone is a good example. Even so, it also should be emphasized that so鄄 ciety cannot operate well if

only with this one principle: special social class袁 special treatment. However, an embarrassing situation still exists. We al鄄 ways show our decent behav鄄 iors to foreigners, but to our own things, we seldom act as a gentleman. Undisputedly, it is

important to show a county爷s warmth to the foreigners, but a real civilized society should not only be enthusiastic to for鄄 eigners' affairs, but also to her

own residents. When the civi鄄 lization of a city is not show to her general public, but to dis鄄 play to foreign personnel, obvi鄄 ously, this is abnormal. Doing nothing but those special things just means nothing to be done in the end, and the majority of people爷s

March. 21. 2012

interests can爷t be safeguarded, either. Sooner or later, people will lose faith on their govern鄄 ment or leader. As some people said: I have lost several bikes, but even one has not been found, then I would not call the police any more. Priority should never be treated as a society爷s princi鄄 ple. We, especially authori鄄 ties, should have an equal at鄄 titude to everyone. Assuming that someone loses his bike, at the same time a BMW also gets lost, and then the second case has the priority to be dealt with. Is it reasonable? No! This means the majori鄄 ties爷 interests can爷t be pro鄄 tected. Kick priority out! Every鄄 thing should be done, both or鄄 dinary爷s small and some peo鄄 ple爷s so-called important. A civilized society should be like this: the most common people's rights should get very good maintenance, not deco鄄 rating civilization.

Do You Agree with the Real-name WEIBO Registration?

The real -name WEIBO registration has been required in many cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. New users of Sina micro-blog need to have real identities upon registration; the old ones al鄄 so need to go into the regulation step by step. If the old users don't check their real name, they could do nothing on the Weibo, like forwarding and making statements, except browsing. As to this issue, public爷s views vary from one to another.


This may be a good thing. There will be less unknown weibo users and ads to bother my micorblog and people will tell the true information like RenRen website.

Zeng, from Higher Vocational school of XISU.

It爷s necessary that the microblog adopt real-name WEIBO registration. There is too much junk information which is pol鄄

luting network environment.

Ma Xiao, a journalist from Chongqing city newspaper.

It is Sina, Weibo's right to de鄄 cide whether to carry out realname WEIBO registration, just like citizens have many kinds of rights. But the public should also show their responsibility for what they said when they are fully enjoying freedom of the speech.

Liu Yu, A government official from Hanzhong city.


I don爷t think it爷s good. People have their own choice, if they don爷t tend to use weibo in that way, they may choose to use twitter by VPN.

A foreign teacher from School of Journalism & Communication of XISU.

I don爷t agree this policy; it re鄄 stricts our freedom of expres鄄 sion. Since it is a mandatory measure, we also don爷t have

the right to choose real-name registration or not. I don爷t feel good about this.

Zhang, from Graduate School of XISU.

Weibo is just a private plat to share my own feelings and ideas. If there is someone monitoring behind me, I won爷t feel comfortable and even fear to say what I really want to say.

He Wenqing, a student from School of Journlism & Commu鄄 nication of XISU.

Think Piece By Dai Simeng Shen Yanan

Kids More Pigs"," "L ess One more child袁family be ruined." "Would rather have ten graves, nor a person". These are ridiculous posters of family planning. These slogans are prevalent in the rural areas of China爷s provinces.

Comment院 Our National

plans actually contain threats, this plan is not to serve but to frighten the public.

Hong, a 47 -years -old L imother, who worked as a

dishwasher in a five-star hotel for four years was dismissed for "theft" because she took Cus鄄 tomer爷s discarded food to her son.

Comment院 It is the modern

version o"The portals of the rich reek of flesh and wine while frozen bodies lie by the road鄄 side".

girls campaigned U niversity for the problem that fe鄄

males have to wait for too long when they get to the toilet on Feb. 26th, 2012. The campaign was called action art, which at鄄 tempts to raise concerns about the phenomenon that the female toilets are not enough and out of proportion.

Comment院 the ladies get

discrimination more or less in the social status, employment opportunities. But this time, the women in the university finally seize the men's room and cap鄄 ture the territory.

two sessions begin C hina's to discuss all kinds of so鄄

cialism with Chinese charac鄄 teristics and representatives have been expressing their own proposals and ideas. Ethnic representatives爷 clothing char鄄 acteristics is always one of the highlights.

Comment院 In fact, the

biggest bright spot in the two sessions is the identity of the representatives and the gold watches, designer bags, valu鄄 able clothes they wear.


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