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Nov. 24, 2011

The "cutback on TV entertainment " regulations limits public right

By Wang Nan

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television 渊SARFT冤ordered 34 major satellite television stations to limit themselves to no more than two 90-minute entertain鄄 ment shows per week. And during the peak hours of 19:30 to 22:00, these TV channels will be allowed to broadcast nine hours of entertainment programs, expanding the pro鄄 portion of news, economic, cultural, science and educa鄄 tion, children's, and docu鄄 mentary programming. The ministry said these new mea鄄 sures aims at easing excessive entertainment and vulgar ten鄄 dencies and boosting public morality. This so -called 野en鄄 tertainment -limited冶 regula鄄 tion immediately stirs up a heated discussion among the public. The most obvious harmful鄄 ness is that the people爷s view鄄 ing habits are ruthlessly bro鄄 ken. Audiences爷 long -time concern towards some partic鄄 ular programs or their accu鄄

mulated acknowledgement to鄄 wards some hosts will be forcefully changed because of

the up-to-down order. Imagine if you like a kind of ice cream, but someday after having searched all supermarkets, you still can爷t find it. You can爷t en鄄 joy it any more What a pity it is! Doesn爷t hunting another program seem like looking for a new lover?

Facing such sudden changes, can you accept it quickly? Further more; just as you

know whether to change an鄄 other taste of ice cream or not is indeed an individual deci鄄 sion, so choosing which type channels and programs to en鄄 joy is similar to the public's decision. The public have been expressing their preference by changing channels. More im鄄

portantly, before enjoying TV programs, people have already paid for watching, so it is their indisputable rights to choose which channel to watch. We don't deny a reason鄄 able change. Although some of the vulgar entertainments re鄄 ally need to be restrained, the whole process of change should reflect the public pref鄄 erence. But in reality, the new regulations, from infancy to maturity, give the public the slightest right to partici鄄 pate---relevant departments didn爷t poll public ---whether it is necessary to clamp down on the number of entertain鄄 ment shows, or what kind of program the audience really need. For example, the min鄄 istry said the number of TV talent show isn爷t permitted to more than 10, while how the exact number 野ten冶 is calcu鄄 lated and what is the reason鄄 able formula? The general public, in this matter, are de鄄 prived of the participation right, decision -making right, and even the right to know.

Is It Proper for Dorm Administrators to Lend Spare Keys to College Students?

By Xu Xiaofeng Li Siying

野The dormitory administrators will not lend the spare keys to the students anymore,冶 says a notice issued

by XISU. However, is it proper for the dorm administrators to lend spare keys to college students?

YES As long as the students show their valid identification, the administrators should lend keys to students. Otherwise, what爷s the point for adminis鄄 trators to keep spare keys?

By Yang Hao, a sophomore from Hebei Industrial University, majoring in Water Supply and Drainage in Building.

It爷s the responsibility of the Dormitory Affairs Office to lend spare keys to the students.

And it is one of the reasons why they collected the stu鄄 dents爷 identifications while the students borrow keys from them.

By Yang Zhiyuan, a teacher from the School of Journalism and Communication (SJC), XISU.

The administrators should do it. They can require the stu鄄 dents use their own effective i鄄 dentification as the pledge.

By Zheng Pei, a teacher from the SJC of XISU, furthering in America.

NO Since we have already given every student a key, we cannot lend our spare key casually in order to guarantee the safety of every dorm.

By a female dormitory ad鄄 ministrator working in 6B Dor鄄 mitory Building.

They should not lend the spare keys. Giving every student a key at the beginning of the a鄄 cademic year is just to improve the independence of college


By Song Ruonan, a sopho鄄 more from International Trade and Business College of Shaanxi, majoring in Accounting Comput鄄 erization.

Unless all the roommates for鄄 get the keys, the spare keys cannot be lent out casually. Every college student should keep their own thing organized. Dorm key is no exception.

By Gong Xiaoqiang, a sopho鄄 more from Weinan Normal Col鄄 lege, majoring in Chemistry.


By Shen Yanan Ji Yuanrong

,a post-grad鄄 Z uouateYangming called "Xuan Ku Ge "

by the netizens, recently be鄄 came a hot web celebrity, for he shares some photos which show how he lose weight by 40 pounds because of his hardness on study, especially the effort to earn tuition.

Comment: It seems more valuable and meaningful to show hardness than richness, anyway, working hard to gain what you want is really a virtue and worthy respecting. Ditan primary T heschoolBeijing football team was defeated by the Russia youth football team by 0:15. The un鄄 convinced Beijing team then asked the Russian team for an鄄 other game, but lose again.

Comment: If the Beijing team never admits defeat, the Russian football team may need to stay in China and keep play鄄 ing to their age of 80. Planning Office in F amily Penghua, Fujian province, violently arrested a gravida from Shenzhen who is still in breastfeeding. She was then detained in a tenement with iron gates and ultimately was imposed on sterilizations.

Comment: No depart鄄 ments in China can catch up with the Family Planning De鄄 partments on the aspect of ex鄄 ecutive power; even the law en鄄 forcement officers do something against the law. express companies M any associated closely with the

online shopping recently an鄄 nounced to raise the deliver prices. The move greatly in鄄 creases the cost of online shop鄄 ping and many sellers, buyers, and online shopping platforms say that they have being suf鄄 fered the impact more or less.

Comment: If the price of the express delivery keeps ris鄄 ing, which do people buy on earth, the goods or the express delivery? Email:

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