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Ruin Relics, Ruin Future

By Yang Hongcheng Xu Xiaofeng

Recently, a stretch of old city wall was unearthed occa鄄 sionally in Changsha, Hunan Province. This stretch of city wall is about 120 meters long, which could date back to South Song dynasty (1127-1279). Af鄄 ter six months爷 debate, Changsha municipal adminis鄄 tration finally made a decision which aroused sharp outcries from the public: only 23 meters of the city wall will be protect鄄 ed in the original place, the rest are going to be moved to other places. Most people don爷t ac鄄 cept this proposal. The devel鄄 opment of modern city should not be based on the destruction of relics. "Under the framework of the city爷s planning, constructions have to be stopped or canceled once some relics are discov鄄 ered, especially in those fa鄄 mous historical cities like Changsha." said Sun Jianfei, the mayor of Changsha. Sun's

words reveal the contradictions between relic爷s protection and city's development. At the same time, they also show an

the famous Chinese architects, lived with his wife for 6 years, because this building lies in the reconstructed region. An鄄

Only 23 meters of the ancient city wall will be protected in the original place

embarrassing condition: pro鄄 tection of relics always gives way to city's constructions. Dating back to the early February, a famous former resi鄄 dence in Beijing was tore down, where Liang Sicheng,, one of

other famous former residence where Lu Xun lived before has been ruined in Beijing. We can't imagine how many relies will be ruined when they are regarded as obstacles of cities' development.

Apr. 22, 2012

Why there were so many historical relics been ruined in the process of cities' construc鄄 tions? First袁 some city adminis鄄 trations pay more attentions to present. Let爷s take the old city walls in Changsha for example: In order to get investments from Wanda Cooperation, the offi鄄 cial even never detected relics under earth before selling it. Additionally, officials in Changsha quitted the proposal of regaining the rights of this area just because a have -to compensation to Wanda. What's more, the shortage of responsibilities on relic爷s pro鄄 tections also plays an important role. Apparently, those relics are more likely to be ruined during the process of the cities' reconstruction Relic is to people what com鄄 pass is to ship. Ancient relics can never be copied. Once damaged, they'll permanently lose their values. Ruining relics is ruining the future.

Should we doodle Du Fu's portrait?

By Li Siying Bai Zhixin

Recently, the picture of the famous poet Du Fu (712-770AD) was amused by scrawling in many vulgar ways. These pictures are popular on the Internet and spreaded quickly because many people thought it funny. However, there were also many people think Du is the symbol of Traditional Chinese Culture, and amusing him is improper. Should we restrain this behavior of doodling Du's portrait?


It爷s just for fun. Not a big deal. So take it easy. It爷s just some young students who did so. Maybe their study is too heavy; it爷s just a way for them to let pressure off, actually, not that serious as we think."

Lu Chao, a student major in Biological Science from North鄄 west Agriculture and Forestry U鄄 niversity

Those who graffiti just made fun of Du爷s portray, they don't mean to contaminate Du or tra鄄 ditional culture at all. I think they do respect him, respect his

masterpieces and respect our culture all the time.

Liu Yang, a student major in Japanese袁Xi'an University of Science and Technology.

Indeed, some pictures are too many, and it is only some igno鄄 rant young students who are crazy about it, cannot go as far as dishallowing culture. There is no need to take it seriously with our kids.

Miss.Liu, an office lady from the neighborhood committee Bureau of Geology and mineral resource


Du is one of the famous poets in ancient Chinese. He left many high -quality poems, some of which have greatly influenced us. He is respectable. It爷s im鄄 proper to doodle his image no matter what the motivations is. Xu Bochen, a student from School of Journalism and Com鄄 munication in Northwest Univer鄄 sity

Let爷s see, once these pictures were seen by some younger students, such as primary stu鄄 dents, kindergarten kids袁even foreigners. Those funny pic鄄

tures will absolutely lower Du爷s position in their minds when they first get in touch with Du.

Mrs.Wan, a history teacher from Xi爷an University of Archi鄄 tecture and Technology

This behavior is improper. It may reflect the fact –the lack of spiritual civilization. We should not do such boring things and let them dissemi鄄 nate. So we have to enhance our spiritual pursuits to a higher level. Ma Weidong, Shaanxi Youth Vocational College.

Think Piece By Shen Yanan

Taiyuan Street, R ecently, downtown of Shenyang,

20 hardened thieves' infor鄄 mation, including photos, was stuck on the wall by Taiyuan street district police criminal investigation squadron. Ac鄄 cording to the booth owner booth nearby, the purpose is to warn consumers. Comment: Everyone has the human rights, including thieves. March 23, a female O ncollege student jumped

into the Keli River in Nan鄄 ning after quarrelling with her boyfriend. Then her boyfriend jumped into the river to save her despite he was incapable of swimming. Eventually, he died while the girl was saved by the people passed by. Comment: 野You jump, I jump冶 what a 野great冶 love! The boy might be the 野Jack冶, but the girl would never be the 野Rose冶, who deserved the love defended by a life. March 18, a reporter O nclaimed on his micro

blog that the relief goods which are donated by people from the whole country re鄄 mained unopened in a nurs鄄 ing house in Sichuan province after WenChuan earthquake. The local gov鄄 ernment responded that those are the remaining stuff for the victims after the earthquake袁 which can be reserved for a long time. Comment: If only these relief could multiply, they will be of much more use in鄄 stead of rotting, which is sad on the contrary. Don't let our heart be shelved! -sweeping Day was T omb around the corner, and the sacrifices are 野up -to date冶. Many people sell paper Iphone4 and LV on line. Pa鄄 per Ipad2 are also available. They are all fully furnished with high -simulated charg鄄 ers, even wireless keyboards. Comment: The details of life are more important than the forms.


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Proofreader: Dai Simeng

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