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Dce. 22th, 2011

School of Journalism & Communication Chief Editor: Li Meini Wang Yanni

Words from 1 Year Old

It's the 8th time we meet you and we hope you will enjoy today's Special Issue. Today is a special day, because it's the first anniversary of , the first English-language newspapers in the northwest region. Yes! has been published for one year, since December 22th,2010. During the past one year, has been published 8 is鄄 sues, and each focused on differ鄄 ent news events and hot spots. We shared students' exciting in鄄 ternship stories with you in the first issue; we focalized the life of XISU's volunteers in Xi'an EX鄄 PO in the third; we discussed whether the Chang'an campus of XISU should be closed in sum鄄 mer holiday in the forth; we visit鄄 ed the female drillmasters in mil鄄 itary training at the beginning of this semester; and we investigat鄄 ed the noisy water pipe in dormi鄄 tory building 5A. We are trying to unfold every aspect of your XISU life and your university experi鄄 ence, splendid, colorful, happy but also unsatisfactory, annoying and sad. During the past one year, has had many changes. The most important change is that it adjusted its orientation from a " big view" newspaper which in鄄 cluding international, domestic and campus news to a community paper. Today's puts more attention on XISU campus, the surrounding areas and the uni鄄 versity students groups. All four pages, made lots of adjustments according to the new orientation, including the content

The poster for the first anniversary of

Executive Editor: Liu Yuanyuan Gao Shuyue

shows the growth of pace in the past one year. Designed by Cheng Mengyang

has es鄄 and layout. Besides, tablished the New Media Depart鄄 ment, and set new homes on and During the past one year, has obtained many achievements. Broadcasting the 2011 Sports Meeting of XISU in and , made known by most XISU students; cooperating with raised the awareness of What's more, the communication with in State Linden College, America made more professional. However, the biggest achievement is that we never ever give up, even at the most difficult times. You know, it's really a big chal鄄 lenge to write news in our second language -- English. So the re鄄 porters, editors and advisers have to revise every piece of news for many times, even more than 10. But there are still errors and mis鄄 takes; we have to say "SORRY!" to you and hope you will continue to help correct errors. We promise to you we will try our best to improve the quality. On the first anniversary, we want to thank many people, but the one we most want to thank is you, the reader. Thanks for your sup鄄 port! Thanks for your tolerance! Thank you for your love! We hope that one day, when you have grad鄄 uated, when you are looking back on your campus life, you can clear鄄 ly recall the excitement and inspi鄄 ration brought by . Yes! It's your pace, and it's your campus life.

4 Pages of Do you want to know what you need to know on and off the campus? Page 1, ws will tell you what's going on around you. It will give you all the details of the latest news through campus news and photo news.

The past 7 editions of


By Liu Yuanyuan

What is on hot discus鄄 recently? Page 2, , will tell you. It brings you the latest com鄄 sion

Your suggestions and contributions are welcomed!

mentary of topical news, an鄄 alyzing things in a unique way. Meanwhile, the mi鄄 croblog and own-made car鄄 icature will leave you a deep impression. If you like stories, come with me to Page 3, . It will take you into an unexceptionable world, broaden your horizons, and view things in a unique per鄄

spective. Looking for something fun? Do read Page 4, . It provides you with the latest movies, beau鄄 tiful songs, interesting places, and everything that can entertain you. Mean鄄 while, creates a platform for you to express your love.

Proofreader: Liu Yuanyuan Gao Shuyue

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