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FULL GROOMS At Pacetti Road Pet Spa, we want your pet to look and feel their best! Our highly talented groomers are on staff to ensure that your pet receives the best services to help prevent skin and fur dam-

Includes haircut of choice, bath, hand blow dry, complete brush out, ear cleansing, pawdicure and anal glands Small Dogs: Start at $50.00 (examples: Yorkie, Shih tzu, Toy Poodle, Pomeranians, small cockers etc):

age, as well as any pain and discomfort caused by unkempt nails, ear infections, and other disorders.

Medium Dogs: Start at $60.00 (examples: Large Cockers, Shelties, Wheaten Terriers, Australian Cattle etc)

A Few of our Spa Services Offered: ~ Pawdicures (Toenail Trim) ~ Head to Paw Baths ~ Trims to Full Hair Cuts

Large Dogs: Start at $70.00 (Labs, Golden Rets, Huskys, Akitas, German Shepherds etc) **Please note, prices may vary based on The condition of the dog**

Does your dog spend time alone during the day?

~ Teeth Brushing

Is your furry friend bursting with unused energy

~ Flea Treatments

or demanding attention from you?

~ De-Shedding Treatments


~ Soothing Oatmeal Baths

Flea Dip: $10-$20

pet will enjoy lazy days lounging by the pool, long

Teeth Brushing: $10 ($5 with Groom)

walks on our nature trails, and fun filled activities

~ Whitening and Brightening

Anal Sacs: $10

HEAD TO PAW BATHS Includes bath, hand blow dry, complete brush out, ear cleansing, and Pawdicure Small Dogs: (0-20lbs) $20 Medium Dogs: (21-50lbs) $25 Large Dogs: (51-80lbs) $30 X-Large Dogs: (81lbs+) $35

Clean Pads: $10 Trim (face, feet, or privates): $15 Undercoat Removal: $10-$30 Nail File: $15 ($10 with Groom)

Try Doggie Daycare at Pacetti Road Pet Spa! Your

with other daycare guests! At Pacetti Road Pet Spa, we have specially trained caregivers to provide your pet one on one attention throughout the day. After all the fun activities your furry friend can lounge luxuri-

Hand Scissor: $15-$35

ously in a comfortable climate controlled environ-

Hand Stripping per 30 min: $30

ment while he eagerly awaits your arrival. Your

Nail Polish: $10

dog will come home to you happy and fulfilled,

Medicated Shampoo: $5-$15

and you will enjoy having a happier more secure pet.

Daily Daycare Schedule 7am—9am: Meet & Greet: Your dog will be warmly welcomed then escorted to his or her play area to prepare for the days activities. 9am—11am: Morning Recess: Supervised playtime on our outdoor playground where they will enjoy an assortment of fun activities. On fair weather days, we will have doggy swimming for pooches that love water. 11am—12pm: Snack Time: Your dog will be treated to a yummy yappy time treat. 12pm—2pm: Rest & Relax: Quiet time to rest and re-energize. A comfort cot is provided for each guest.

Daycare Rates Doggie Daycare, per day: $25 5 Day Doggie Daycare Package $100 10 Day Doggie Daycare Package $180

2pm—5pm: Afternoon Recess: Supervised nature walk and pool playtime.

15 Day Doggie Daycare Package $225

5pm—6pm: Winding Down: Rest and Reenergizing.

20 Day Doggie Daycare Package $240

6pm—7pm: Parent Pickup! Your dog will eagerly await your arrival and reward you with a nice, relaxing, evening at home

2nd family members receive 50% off 3rd family members receive 75% off.

Daycare Policies Daycare is available Monday - Friday 7am - 7pm and Saturday 8am - 5pm. Male dogs must be neutered after 6 months to participate.

3625-K Pacetti Road St. Augustine, FL 32092 Phone: 904.429.7125 Fax: 904.217.0538

Vaccines and fecal tests must be current according to Pacetti Road Pet Spa Health Requirement policy


Grooming and Daycare Brochure  
Grooming and Daycare Brochure  

Grooming and Doggie Daycare Brochure