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PCO’s 17th Annual Meeting

Catoctin Creek Distilling Co.

Organic Valley

Common Ground Farm

Oyler’s Eden Valley Farm

Custom Co-Pak


Dairy Marketing Services, LLC

Phillips Mushroom Farms

Del Grosso Food, Inc.


Frankferd Farms Food Gardens by Grace

Shiloh Farms / Garden Spot Distributors

Harney and Sons Tea Corporation

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Knouse Foods Cooperative Lady Moon Farms

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Mother Earth LLC

Uncle Matt’s Organic

Thursday, February 6, 2014 The Penn Stater Conference Center • State College, PA 16801

About PCO

Annual Meeting Agenda 4:30 to 6:15pm

Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PCO) is a membership-based non- profit organization that educates and certifies growers, processors and handlers of organic crops, wild crops, livestock and livestock products in Pennsylvania and adjoining states. PCO is a USDAaccredited organic certifying agency and is also accredited under International Standards Organization (ISO) Guide 65. PCO was founded in 1997 by a group of farmers who believed Pennsylvania’s organic community needed its own certification organization. We offer individual assistance in understanding and meeting organic standards. We also hold informational meetings and educational workshops throughout the state and organize forums where producers can share their expertise. PCO serves more than 600 organic farmers, processors, handlers, distributors and brokers, including those involved in produce and grain crops, dairy, poultry, mushrooms, maple products, beef and value-added operations. PCO provides certification services in the greater mid-Atlantic region of the U.S., including Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. In addition to U.S. organic certification, PCO certifies products for export to Canada, Europe, and Asia.


Call to Order- Phil Coles, President Approval of Minutes — Kathy Soder, Secretary

4:35 – 4:45pm

Presentation of Annual Report — Leslie Zuck, Executive Director

4:45 – 4:55pm

Presentation on Strategic Plan — Strategic Planning Subcommittee and/or Leadership Team member Other Business

4:55 – 5:00pm

Meeting Adjourned — Phil Coles, President

5:00 – 5:05pm

Introduction to Seth Goldman

5:05 – 5:40pm

Keynote Presentation by Seth Goldman

5:40 – 5:50pm


5:50 – 6:15pm

Awards Presentation of the 2013 PCO Award Recipients Board, Committees & Volunteer Recognition Note: If you were presented with an award, please stay after the meeting for a brief photo.

PCO Staff (Left to right) Front row: Matthew Kelterborn, Certification Specialist; Lee Rinehart, Director of Education and Outreach; Amanda Birk, Staff Inspector; Adam Seitz, Certification Specialist; Penny Zuck, Certification Specialist; Johanna Mirenda, Policy Director; Sabine Carey, Materials Specialst; Marissa Pyle, Certification Specialist/Compliance Manager; Sandie Elder, Office Manager. Back row: Leslie Zuck, Executive Director; Robert Yang, Quality Systems Manager; Joshua Brock, Technology Coordinator; Liz Amos, Staff Inspector; Lia Sandoval, Administrative Staff Assistant; Kyla Smith, Certification Program Director; Diana Underwood, Director of Operations; Heather Donald, Assistant Certification Specialist. Not Pictured: Rebecca Robertson, Outreach Specialist; April Fix, Public Relations Coordinator.


Keynote Presentation Seth Goldman Co-founder, President, and “TeaEO” of Honest Tea, a PCO-Certified organic beverage company

2013 Award Recipients Advisory Board Award We wish to recognize the following outgoing board member for the important work she has contributed to our organization. ■ Kathy Soder, Board Secretary

Outstanding New Organic Producer For attentiveness throughout the certification process, innovative management, and dedication toward creating and maintaining a successful organic plan. ■ The Young Families

Young Crest Farm, Kodru Dairy, & Young Contracting Antwerp, Governour, and Theresa, New York

Seth will discuss trends in organic marketing and share some insights from his innovative and entrepreneurial history. Seth and co-founder Barry Nalebuff recently published a business book in comic format, Mission in a Bottle: The Honest Guide to Doing Business Differently — And Succeeding. The book shares personal insights and lessons about scaling a mission-driven business in a profit-driven world. Mission in a Bottle will be available for purchase, with author proceeds donated to the Rodale Institute. 2

“Farming has always been in our blood. One way or another we’ve been involved with dairy and crops,” says Tommy Young. While Tommy, his brother, Andrew, and their nephew, Adam, may be new to organic certification, they been farming with “just manure and hay” since they could walk. Tommy and Andrew, along with their 2 brothers and 4 sisters, grew up on a small dairy farm in Governeur, NY, where their 72-year old dad still takes 100 acres of square bale hay off the land by himself. Tommy credits his dad along with his eldest brother, Jimmy, who has been organic dairying for 20+ years, as his inspiration to farm organically. Tommy farms 57 acres of hay and corn , although he is planning to add dairy soon too. Adam farms 212 acres of hay, pasture, and corn with 35 dairy cows. Andrew farms 140 acres of hay, pasture and corn with 40 dairy cows and 25 heifers. While they all have their own farms, they are constantly helping each other and working together. Adam, Andrew and Tommy are dedicated organic farmers with strong family ties to the organic community. Hats off to the Youngs.

Terry Ingram

Going the Extra Acre For sharing knowledge and expertise with fellow farmers and the organic community. Great systems are built on collaboration. ■ Alyson and Terry Ingram

Threlkeld Farm Dairy Brandy Station, Virginia A smart man learns from his mistakes, Terry likes to say, but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. “I’ll never claim to be a wise man, but I’m at least a smart man. Once you experience what it’s like to farm organic, your eyes open to how abundant nature is. I am blessed to see it every day. I feel privileged to be able to farm this way.” Terry and his wife, Alyson, their two small children, Terry’s parents, and his brother, live on and work the farm where Terry was born and raised. The Ingrams milk about 220 cows on their 100% grassfed, organic dairy. “I have gotten much more in tune with feeding the soil, and I can actually see the return on that effort. I have grass when other people don’t, because healthy soil retains water so much better.” Terry credits a lot of the farm’s success to his mother, Boo, and his brother, Rush. “They’ve supported my efforts, and we all live right here on the farm. It’s great to raise my kids like this with their grandparents and uncle around them.” Terry and family have welcomed numerous visitors to their farm for the many field days they have hosted and openly shared their farming practices so others can learn from their mistakes and successes. 3

2013 Award Recipients (continued)

Staff’s Choice

Organic Research and Education

Inspector’s Choice

For special dedication to the organic certification process and use of innovative practices.

For furthering the cause of organic farming through research and education.

■ Eli and Floyd Summy

■ The Ranck Families

For excellent management, thorough records, positive attitude towards the inspection process and exceptional effort in creating and maintaining a successful organic plan.

Salisbury, Pennsylvania

Annemarie and Samuel Yoder

Sustainability Award For furthering the sustainability of farms, families, communities, and the environment. ■ Annemarie and Samuel Yoder

Green Alchemy Farm Kutztown, Pennsylvania Annemarie and Samuel Yoder VMD are passionate about and have been integrally involved in educating, facilitating and promoting renewable energy and sustainable living much of their lives. After several years of academic and veterinary ventures, they returned to Samuel’s family farm to found and build from scratch Silver Maple Veterinary Clinic while working toward their life-long goal of self-sufficiency. Toward that end they began operating an organic farm, growing most of their own food, generating most of their electricity from solar photo voltaic and wind, and powering cars and tractors with biofuels. In 2005, Samuel and Annemarie founded the Pennsylvania Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Festival, the first original green festival in Pennsylvania. Samuel has spoken widely at energy and organic farming organizations and has succeeded in promoting a widening perception of green issues in the mid-Atlantic States. In 2010, Annemarie and Samuel started Green Alchemy LLC, an organization driven to supporting self-empowerment of the individual and the local community, producing organic beef and sunflower oil, and conducting “on farm” experimentation on topics from organic parasite prevention to organic sunflower production. Samuel and Annemarie are happy to Live what they Preach! 4

Eli and Floyd Summy farm 260+ acres of hay and pasture, and milk about 30 cows. They are conscientious organic farmers inside and out, with well managed fields, healthy animals, and detailed paperwork. They consistently call the PCO office should they ever have a question regarding compliant practices and materials and have thus been free from any issues of concern and notices of noncompliance for many years. “Floyd and Eli are extremely thoughtful, sincere and open people who enjoy talking about organics,” commented a recent organic inspector. The same inspector noted that when she arrived for an unannounced inspection Eli was in the middle of spreading manure but was not phased at all by the interruption. Instead, he was willing to spend as much time as needed to answer all questions and he recognized the importance of unannounced inspections and residue testing for organic integrity.

Charvin Organic Farm Mifflin, Pennsylvania Charlotte and Elvin Ranck and their son and daughter-in-law Michael and Krystal operate a 180-cow organic dairy and crop farm on 1,000 acres in Juniata County. After years of conventional farming Elvin had the opportunity to observe a biologically managed farm and the soil tilth thereof and so began his inspiration to pay careful attention to the life of the soil. Elvin and family have been farming organically since 1987, are grateful for the healthier crops, healthier animals and healthier environment such practices afford, and are eager to share their knowledge with others. “While we don’t have all the answers to all life’s problems in organic farming, we’ve learned and mastered a few things along the way and would like to pass that along to other people.” From soil consulting, hosting field days, and conducting seed trials to collaborating on research projects, the Ranck families play an important part in furthering organic agriculture research and educating the organic community. In addition to their domestic pursuits, Elvin travels to Africa several times a year to do ministry work and agriculture education. Many thanks to the Rancks for their great work.

■ Mary Jane and Bill Yoder

Mar-Bil Jersey Farm Meyersdale, Pennsylvania Mar-Bil Jersey Farm has been in Bill Yoder’s extended family since the 1700’s, and his grandfather built their big red barn nearly 100 years ago. Now Bill milks 45 organic Jersey cows with help from his wife, Mary Jane, and the two youngest of their six children. Bill and Mary Jane manage their 150-acre farm exceptionally well and keep very detailed records. From 1999–2003 the Yoders extended their management skills beyond their own farm to facilitate the set up of a 20-cow model dairy farm in Mongolia with a vision of putting into practice principles of modern dairying that they knew would work and were unknown in Mongolia. The model farm has since been replicated many times throughout the country and has played a significant part in revolutionizing the Mongolian dairy industry. The Yoders are now training a farm manager to care for their operation in Pennsylvania while they take another two-year trip abroad to Asia to provide missionary care and visit their Mongolian village.


2013 Award Recipients (continued)

Outstanding Organic Producer

Outstanding New Organic Processor

For exceptional commitment to high quality organic production, promoting organic products and supporting the integrity of organic goods in the market.

For attentiveness throughout the certification process, innovative management and dedication toward creating and maintaining a successful organic plan.

■ Ruby and David Troyer

■ Perdue Agribusiness

Meadow View Dairy Lindenville, New York

Salisbury, Maryland

David says, “In all farming you need to stop and think…give it a lot of effort. Put your heart into it. It’s a lot of responsibility, especially in the organic world and with that comes accountability.” When looking at David and Ruby’s 165-acre exemplary dairy farm, it is clear that they take the responsibility quite seriously. From their detailed recordkeeping and maps to their grazing rotation and forage planning, the Troyers’ conscientious manner shines through. Their hard work of reclaiming land that had been conventionally crop/vegetable farmed for 50 years is certainly paying off with rewards of increased soil fertility and organic matter, improved animal health, and augmented dry matter yield — from 500lb per acre in their first year to 2ton per acre just 4 years later! In addition to all the soil and yield benefits, David and Ruby appreciate the safe environment in which their family can live and learn. Their 5 boys are very much a part of the farm. When a driver told the well behaved boys that they were little angels, they replied, “Oh no — we are farmers!” That brought a smile to David’s face. In recounting the story later, David said, “that’s an avenue of sustainability that I can look at.”

Due to delays in approval legalities we were unable to print a biography of Perdue Agribusiness.

2013 PCO Hall of Fame For continuous, extraordinary dedication of time and energy to furthering the mission of Pennsylvania Certified Organic. ■ Bob Eberly

Eberly Poultry Stevens, Pennsylvania Bob Eberly has been involved with the organic food movement since the 1980s and has shown dedication to PCO’s mission from the time of its inception in 1997. A charter member of PCO, Bob has served as Board President, Board Member, and Standards Committee Member. Bob is “very pleased to see how organic has gone from small niche markets to a mainstream growing part of agriculture.” Until June 2013 Bob served as the President of Eberly Poultry, an organic and specialty poultry business, family owned and operated since 1947. After the June sale of Eberly Poultry to Wise/Kosher Poultry and new formation of PA Farm Products, Bob began taking steps toward retirement. Eberly, and now PA Farm Products, take great pride in their passionate tie to the organic movement, as members of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA), the Organic Trade Association (OTA), and PCO. PCO extends a hearty thanks to Bob for his countless hours of volunteering and his fervent dedication to organic and sustainable agriculture.

Check out these great workshops at PASA’s Farming for the Future Conference PCO certified members and board members share their knowledge FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7 8:30am

Improving Soil Health with Cover Crops Charlie White, Penn State Extension


The Best Disease Resistant Varieties for High Quality Organic Apples Jim Travis, Apple Tree Vineyard & Farm


Team Raw Milk: A Case Study of Collaboration & Cooperation Edwin Shank, The Family Cow


Growing Organic Apples Sara Baldwin, Oyler’s Organic Farm


Integrated Pest Management in the Natural Orchard Sara Baldwin, Oyler’s Organic Farm


Testing Cover Crop Mixtures on the Farm Charlie White, Penn State Extension; Wade Ebenshade, Summit Valley Farm; Dan DeTurk, Dan-De Farm; Abram Bucky Ziegler, Paradise Valley Organic Farm




2013 Board, Committees & Volunteers Advisory Board Andrew Batdorf Phil Coles Debra Deis Julie Hurst Dave Johnson Ken Rice Managing Board Bryan Luce Brian Magaro Tony Marzolino Cadie Pruss Kathy Soder James Trankle Charlie White Executive Committee Phil Coles, President Debra Deis, Vice President Tony Marzolino, Treasurer Kathy Soder, Secretary James Trankle, Managing Board Chair Certification Committee Charlie White, Chair Dee Bagshaw Mary Barbercheck Kelle Kersten Christy Mullen Nancy Ostiguy Ed Rajotte Ken Rice Elsa Sanchez Meagan Schipanski John Tooker Christopher Warren-Smith Education and Outreach Committee Debra Deis, Chair Mary Barbercheck Debra Brubaker Gwendolyn Crews Tianna DuPont 8

Julie Hurst David Lembeck Melanie Wertz Finance Committee Tony Marzolino, Chair Ed Barben Phil Coles Joe Fedeli Bryan Luce Tom Murphy Chris Pierce Mike Rosenberry Standards Committee Andrew Batdorf, Chair John Baker Susan Beal Eric Burkhart Bob Eberly David Eyster Mel Gehman Tim Joseph Al Johnson Bob Keller Meghan Klotzbach Andrew Kline Staci Loop James Miller Christy Mullen Nancy Ostiguy Chris Pierce Elsa Sanchez Joel Steigman Bob Vernon PCO Volunteers Raven Althouse Alisha Barton Batdorf Family Lisa Beherec Nicole Bienert Gus Black Nick Brink Jill Buchanan Rhoda and Michael Burgett

Olivia Colish Rachel Creeger Gwendolyn Crews Alissa Daresh Karen Daystar Tina and Ed Dionne Tianna Dupont Nick Engle Sarah Flowers Danielle and Dan Foster CC Gallup Sarah Gildea Seth Gordon Sue Haney Crista Hankey Jay Herrington Eric Hite Martha Hoffman Sherry Huckabee Janie Johnson Barb Johnson Mark Johnson Laura Katunich Mary Kocis Meghan McCracken Erin and Josh McCracken Cristin Mitchell Dana Morrison Caitlin Parker Scot Paterson Zari Perez Abby and Jim Pierce Val Recendez Rinehart Family Mark Rizzo Faith Ryan Catherine Shehan Mitchell Shuey Ben Smith James Steffen Bob Vernon Kristal Watrous Tracey White Linden Williford Jim Zuck

The Certification Committee aids the PCO certification staff by reviewing applications with which the staff has a conflict of interest. The certification committee makes a recommendation to the PCO certification director on those matters and does not make certification decisions. The Education and Outreach Committee sponsors and supports educational activities for growers, producers and consumers that promote learning, understanding and awareness of organic agriculture. The committee also works with the PCO staff to develop and implement educational programs, develop marketing materials, and coordinate events. The Finance Committee is chaired by the treasurer. Its purpose is to identify and seek out sources of funds, recommend dues schedule to the Board, prepare an annual budget, oversee insurance and tax matters. The Standards Committee works with staff to develop recommendations for new and revised certification policies and procedures. PCO Volunteers attend events on behalf of PCO, write articles for the newsletter, provide office support or otherwise provide volunteer support to the organization. If you are interested in joining a committee please sign up at the registration table or contact Lia Sandoval at 814-422-0251 or


PCO Annual Meeting Program 2014  
PCO Annual Meeting Program 2014  

Thanks to our members, supporters and Annual Meeting sponsors!