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September 2012 | Volume 1, Issue 1


Dear%Res%Life%Community,% % As%the%semester%gets%into%full%swing,%I%am% thrilled%to%welcome%everyone%back%for%a%new% fall%semester.%%Whether%you%are%a%new%or% returning%student,%I%hope%that%you%will%enjoy% being%a%member%of%our%community!%% Residence%living%is%an%important%and%exciting% part%of%the%total%college%experience.%%Living%in% residence%provides%a%unique%environment% which%is%designed%to%enhance%your%classroom% experience.%%I%hope%you%will%enjoy%the%many% fun,%as%well%as%educational%opportunities%the% resident%assistants%and%area/residence% directors%have%been%planning%for%you;%and% more%importantly,%that%you%will%take% advantage%of%every%opportunity%that%comes% your%way,%to%get%involved,%hone%your%personal% leadership%skills%and%make%a%lasting% contribution%to%your%community.! !! I%am%extremely%proud%of%your%RAs%and%RDs% ! who%spent%the%last%precious%weeks%of%their% summer,%back%on%campus,%training%and% preparing%to%welcome%you%as%well.%%While%each% is%a%unique%individual,%they%join%together%with% the%central%office%staff%to%form%the%residential% life%T.E.A.M.,%as%we%work%Together,%so% Everyone%Achieves%More!%%Please%take%the% time%to%get%to%know%these%leaders%in%your% respective%communities%and%work%with%them% to%deliver%service,%create%programs%and% leadership%opportunities%as%we%make%our% campus%and%Pace%University%a%vibrant%and% dynamic%place%to%be!% % In%the%next%few%weeks,%you%will%be%challenged% by%a%strong%and%committed%faculty%to%open% your%mind%to%the%infinite%possibilities%higher%

Debbie Levesque, Assistant Dean For Students and Director of Residential Life. education%can%offer.%%For%those%of%you%in%the! living%learning%communities%focusing%on%first% year%programs,%the%environment,%nursing,% honors,%leadership%and%body%and%mind%(BAM)% initiatives%P%I%can't%wait%to%get%your%feedback% about%collaborations%such%as%Faculty%Chats,%TP Bone's%Takeovers,%yoga%instruction,%and%the% other%exciting%programs%being%offered.%%I%look% forward%to%your%involvement%on%your% respective%Hall%Councils%(congratulations%to%all% the%newly%elected%officers)%and%hope%you%will% stop%by%the%office%in%H.%Johnson%to%let%us%know% how%things%are%going.%%% % Looking%forward%to%seeing%you%around% campus!% % Warmest%regards,%% Debbie%Levesque%% !


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HILLSIDE –HOJO STAFF (left to right) RA Nick, RA Chantel, RA Morgan, RA JJ, RD Sam, RA Victoria, RA Sasha


What Is The Hillside-Hojo Community?

Get to know what we are really about! By RA Nick Many People wonder how it works and if even makes sense. Many people do not know what we are about obviously! Its easy to say that the Hillside House and Howard Johnson (yes that’s what HOJO stands for)

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.:

are two separate buildings that will never share anything. However, Its all completely false! Our staff makes sure that we share everything that happens! If there are events in Hojo we make sure that everyone is informed and vice versa. We are a unique staff and an even greater community! No one comes close to us and we are proud of both residential halls!


“A healthy social life is found only, when in the mirror of each soul the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the whole community the virtue of each one is living”

Events You May Have Missed!

The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side The First Event in Hojo! Those of you who were there have the flowerpots to prove it! You should have joined RA Sasha in decorating you very own flowerpot and growing your own plant. Everyone had their own opinion, but many saw this event as a metaphor as the plant represented their growth at pace and the water was everything they would do during their college career!

OREOS WITH A TWIST Its true what they say in Texas folks, everything IS better when its fried! You heard it right people we had our very own Fried Oreos! They were needless to say were amazing! Then, to work off the yummy snack, a nice fine game of Twister!

Scavenger Hunts!!!! Who ever didn’t make it to this great event missed out on great event! They also missed running around the residential hall looking for marked pieces of paper that Hillside-Hojo’s very own RA JJ gave them clues for. And what better to end with nice full stomach of free pizza! Everything taste better when its free!


! !

MARTIN!HALL! Meet$an$RA:$Ijeoma$Duru$ Ijeoma$was$born$October$4,$1991$in$Boston,$ Massachusetts$where$she$still$resides$when$away$from$ her$second$home,$Martin$Hall.$She$has$2$older$brothers$ and$1$older$sister.$Ijeoma$is$one$of$the$most$eccentric$ people$you’ll$ever$meet.$Her$laugh$can$brighten$up$ anyone’s$day$and$her$passionate$step$routines$are$ amazing.$She$loves$kiki’s$and$is$an$essential$member$to$ our$team.$ !

Program$of$the$month$from$September:$ Martin$had$it’s$first$building$wide$event$on$ Tuesday$September$25th.$The$event$was$a$smash$ hit$with$the$residents.$Everyone$in$attendance$ loved$the$snowOcones$and$had$a$fun$time$playing$ the$political$jeopardy$game$that$was$set$up.$The$ Jenga$was$knocked$over$a$ton$of$times$and$ always$led$to$laughs$by$the$participants.$Many$of$ the$residents$registered$to$vote$in$time$for$the$ upcoming$election.$ !

Martin$Hall$Greenhouse:$ Martin$Hall$has$completed$phase$one$of$our$sustainability$effort$for$ the$first$year$residents$of$Martin$Hall.$We$now$have$the$first$part$of$ our$greenhouse$that$is$located$in$the$lobby$that$the$residents$can$ enjoy$and$raise$awareness$about$sustainability.$We$are$very$excited$ about$this$greenhouse$and$the$opportunities$it$provides$us$and$our$ residents.$ ! 6


North Hall Successful first month! Being a first year building, the freshmen are assimilating to the university culture due to our high spirits and enthusiasm. Despite having a building of diverse students, a sense of community has already flourished. Residents are becoming familiar with each other and creating bonds.

Resident Hall Association-Elections

A interest meeting for those who are interested in running for positions for the Fall 2012 Resident Hall Association eboard was held on 9.18. Many students attended and are excited on how they can enhance the programming an interaction of North Hall’s residents!

Resident of the Month The flight of the title of “resident of the month” has reached new heights due eager students. The RD of North Hall is introducing the resident of the month in which the RAs nominate two residents have displayed outstanding community building skills.

September EVENTS: Some of our events that were created to build Our first event was RA Kim’s Housewarming Party which was a major success. One resident, Brianna, won a prize for having the best decorated room. RA Jordan had Gam3rs Unite event in which students had the opportunity to play various types of video games and bond with each other while experiencing the gaming culture. RA Megan conducted the event “Go Team, GO!” As North Hall has adapted the Women’s Volleyball Team, students got together to make signs for the game on 9/22.


Pace University

1st Month in a New Dorm September 2012

All Hall Event: Condom Bingo Condom Bingo is an educational program that teaches participants about safe sex practices and terms to help them become more aware of the dangers of sex and what they can do to prevent them. There are a total of 25 different 4x4 bingo cards, 1 free space, with different words. Participants get a card and enough candy to use as markers on their card. The first round the terms are read out along with their definition to teach the participants all the terms. Along with the definition, in the first round pictures and information on the terms were given. In the second round just the definitions were read to test whether or not the participants were actually listening and learning the terms as was intended.

Diversity Scavenger Hunt Winners of RA Tiffany and RA Qadry’s Diversity Scavenger Hunt

On Sept.  22nd,  RA’s  Tiffany  and  Qadry  Hosted  a  Diversity   Scavenger Hunt. Students searched for items on campus that celebrate diversity. Items to find included a bible, a Greek, a Jamaican Flag, and a 1st Generation College Student. People of all different types of backgrounds and upbringings were acknowledged and appreciated.


The Townhouse Community September Newsletter

Programs… The Beginning This month the Townhouses started the school year with a BANG!!! The Townhouse Community hosted 3 different programs with turns out that doubled It#kicked#off#on#September#20th,#with#Resident#



whole#hosted#our#“Election”#program.#This# program#had#a#long#line#of#residents#lined#up#











The Townhouse Community has taken the month of September and really used it as a chance to make really family-like bonds and relationships. So far the Townhouse Community has created nothing but programs with record-breaking attendance levels and a positive energy along with a living environment that has everyone smiling. Next month were looking to build on this momentum and grow as a community one day at a time!

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RD Tatiana, RA Alex, RA Edwin, RA Samara, RA Megan

You may have seen him walking around the halls, but have you met Alex Saitta? If you  haven’t,  please  let   me  introduce  you  to  Valley’s  Rockstar  of  the   month! Alex is the 1st floor male resident assistant, a biology major, and your Valley Pub bartender. He can be found hanging around the lobby, in the RA office, or even in the Goldstein Fitness Center. If  you  haven’t   had a chance to meet Alex, I suggest you do so!

Team Captain of Valley House at RA Training


The Valley Pub was the place to be in Valley House. Piña coladas, Shirley temples, root beer floats, and more, were served as students came to learn about the effects of alcohol and drugs. More than half the building showed up to the first Valley House building wide program and we expect to see even more of you at the next one! 10 10

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We’re On Social Media Too! Each and every building is on some type of social media site. For the latest updates, make sure your liking and following your hall! Even our department has a Twitter and Facebook!

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Hillside/HoJo- Dow Hall- New Dorm- “Believe with all of your heart that you will do what you were made to do”Orison Swett Marden

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Pace Residential Life September 2012 Newsletter  

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