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What’s Happening In Your Halls? November 2013

Pace University Residential Life Westchester Campus

Body And Mind

November 2013

“The Greatest Wealth is Health.” -Virgil

Programing Highlights Residents Of The Month • Alana Pepe • Nicholas Iannacone • Samantha Henry • Melissa Bergholz • Jake Armstrong • Katie McGoldrick

Resident Assistants of Hillside & Howard Johnson had a great programing month! RA Ryan started the year off with a program discussing eating orders with guest speakers from in town. RA Jordan and RA Meg held an alcohol awareness program where residents participated in playing Dance Central with the three variations of beer goggles. RA Jessica made mock tails for her residents while RA Raevin had a pancake breakfast for hers. Hall Council was busy with Programing this month with events such as P4K shirt decorating, Dance marathons to fund raise for P4K, and holiday decorating contest which we placed first! Upcoming Programs for H2 consist of The Hillside and Howard Johnson study break for students with dunkin donuts coffee and munchkins on Dec 10 at 9:30 pm in their respective buildings. With the close of this month we look to acing our finals getting the building ready to closed and have a safe holiday.

November 2013

H2’s Proud Setters

Hillside/Hojo & P4K H2 is proud to say that we were rewarded with the Highest Fundraising Team and Best Overall Team awards for the first ever 2013 Pace 4 Kids Event. Pace 4 Kids, or P4K, Dance Marathon is a philanthropic event held on Pace University's Pleasantville campus to benefit Maria Fareri Children's Hospital in Valhalla, New York, part of the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. H2 was proud to dance the night away till 6am and help with raising the final total of $19,700.39

Mucho Taco Night!

Hillside/Hojo residents enjoying healthy turkey meat Tacos and Chips meal for Mucho Taco Night!

MARTIN HALL What’s going on this month is Martin Hall?

November Building Wide The Martin Hall Staff had their November building wide which basically allowed residents to sign up for advisement appointments and register for classes for the spring semester. Many of the residents signed up and the event was very successful. Also at the event, the Martin Staff provided cupcakes, apples, apple cider, and pizza for students and advisors to take.

Resident of the Month RA Ijeoma’s Wine Tasting Event

For the month of November, Nicholas Wang was resident of the month. Nick is a member of the Martin Hall, Hall Council, on the e-board of Future Educators of America, a member of the Glee club, and a brother of Alpha Phi Delta. Nick is very active within the Martin Hall Community and does his best to remain involved by frequently hanging out with friends in the lobby. He is always willing to help and does his best to participate in events.

RA Ijeoma had a wine tasting event in the basement of Martin Hall. Only residents that were 21 and older were allowed to attend. Her event was very successful as residents were able to taste different wines and learn about it’s history. Great Job on the event Ijeoma!!


The Martin Hall staff would just like to recognize RA Alex. He works really hard on his bulletin boards and always does his best to help his staff. He is always seen throughout the building and is a great staff member with a wonderful personality. Thanks Alex for always being around and lending a helping hand!


NEW DORM November

Resident of The Month

Building Wide For the month of November New Dorm held a make your own Turkey Hand event. Not only was this event a great way to take a break from classes and revert to childhood with peers but also it was for a great cause. The Turkey hands went to the children at Maria Fareri Children's Hospital. With P4K approaching New Dorm wanted to do all we could to show our support.

Jessica is a sophomore environmental studies major and the VP of NATUR. Jessica is the November resident of the month because f how involved she is. Jessica goes to most of the events and is very active within the building. At the events she makes it a point to talk to the RAs and other residents

Holiday Decorating Competition

For the RHA Holiday decorating competition New Dorm went all out! We had everything From Christmas, to Hanukah and even New Years. We had cookies lights and holiday music. RHA, RAs and residence all collaborated to make this a great event and we also made great memories.

Ice Cream RA Ashley and RA Manzo teamed up to have an ice cream social on the night of P4K as a way to thank residents for attending P4K and for those preparing to go


Make Your Own Chalk Board Mug RA Jess hosted a make your own Chalk Board Mug event where residents got to create their very own chalkboard mug with whatever creative idea they could think of.

Upcoming Events

North Hall

RA Sungi’s Tag Along: Battles of the Klassez December 5 9:00 PM Pool Tournament with RA Jonathan December 6 7:00 PM Movie Night with RA Yarlie December 7 7:00 PM Dangers of Drunk Driving: Mario Kart Edition with RAs Kim and Pat December 12 8:00 Pm Make a Card, Make a Child Smile with RA Hannah December 14

The Month of November November was a month to remember with the multiple events held by both Residential Life staff and North Hall Hall council. From creating custom candy apples to learning about sex facts with a game of Jeopardy, North hall residents were able to gear up for the holiday season and the upcoming finals. May the odds ever be in your favor. We also hoped everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and would like to wish all our residents Happy Holidays! We know our residents will finish the semester strong! We’d like to give an honorable mention to all those who showcased North Hall pride during Pace 4 Kids. As well as a special shout out to our Resident of the Month, Kayla Graniero. Sincerely, North Hall Staff

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All resident halls will close at 5:00 pm on Friday December 20, 2013 All residents must be checked out by this time.


Townhouses 2013 IN THE NEWSLETTER

Chocolate Wasted!



RA of the Month




Building wide


Upcoming Events

 Clutch  Steady break  Stress reliever

Learning about alcohol awareness can get a little repetitive for college students. We hear the same statistics and information that we have learned before. Our very own RA Anthony found a creative twist on teaching the residents about alcohol awareness. Residents came and enjoyed hot chocolate and other chocolate treats while they learned about how alcohol affects the body and mind. It was great to see residents participate in the program while they sipped on some hot chocolate.

...But I could still drive How many times have you heard that saying above? Heard it from the friend you went out with or some stranger? Sometimes people may not realize how even one drink could effect their judgment and impairment. RA Tyler challenged his residents to play Mario Kart while wearing beer goggles. Residents were able to experience the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol. The beer goggles were used to weaken the drivers vision while playing the game.

Meditation with Sister Susan Meditation with Sister Susan has been a very successful event here in the townhouse community. She will be visiting for the third time this semester next month. We appreciate her time and the meditation will be great for residents who are stressed about finals or just need a minute of relaxation.

Upcoming Event

Next month the townhouse staff will be holding a building wide study break. Townhouse residents can take a 10 min break or even a 30 min break for some treats and coffee. Its crunch time and taking a break is always helpful. We will also be helping residents make stress balls which might come in handy in the next upcoming weeks.

RA of the Month! CONGRATULATIONS to Sammi on winning RA of the month. Sammi is a great asset to the RA Staff and constantly makes an effort to assist other RA’s if needed. Sammi is a second year RA in the townhouses. It is great to have her as a part of the team. We know you will do great!

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Valley House

A beautiful Autumn afternoon in front of Valley WHAT IS GOING ON IN VALLEY?

In the month of November, there were many successful programs. As Valley’s all hall program, the RA’s were auctioned off to help raise money for P4K. There were items being auctioned off such as meal plans, home cooked dinners, Flex dollars, tutoring, and salsa lessons. Residents even put their money together to be able to win what they wanted. In the end the staff was able to raise nearly $100 toward P4K. It was great to see all the residents come together and do whatever it will take to get what they want. A few of our very own winners were Gabe, Amber, Mackenzie, Stephanie, Nicole, Tyrah, Niki, Brian, Jordan, Delany, and many more. In terms of P4K Valley has reached their goal of raising $500 by the end of the night of P4K.

Throughout the semester, Valley Staff did all that they can to motivate the residents to do well in school and have a successful first semester of the year. To make sure this happened, we began to do Academic Section Wars. Academic Section Wars require any resident who receives an 85% or higher on exams, papers, quizzes, etc. in school get a tally on the chart. The section with the most tallies by Sunday will win a pizza party. The residents have been doing extremely well and are glad to show their good grades to the rest of the building. Currently RA Joanna is ahead by just a few but only time can tell to see who will truly win. The war ends on Sunday, at that time there will be a section announced as the winner.

In November, the second movie of The Hunger Game series came out. Joanna planned a FIG related trip to the movies to see the movie premiere of Catching Fire. The trip was free of cost and included snacks for the ride there. Many residents came out and it was a huge success. The residents were very excited and pleased to be given the opportunity to attend.

This year in Valley, RA Joanna has the opportunity to work with students who are interested in the FIG they are a part of. Joanna is in charge of the first floor and basement girls whose FIG is Pop Culture and Social Media. Joanna has been trying to do something for the residents to go away and yet still be related to her FIG.

Kaitlynn is a wonderful resident to have in Valley. She is on the softball team and with her busy schedule with practice and school she still manages to be a presence to the building and all the programs and events it has to offer.

Paula is an international student from Columbia who has been able to learn a new language, stay on top of her school work, and excel throughout her swimming practice. Paula also has been getting along with other residents of the building and has been giving it her all to become a part of the Valley House community.

Lee has been a visible resident since the beginning of the year. He is always around hanging out in the lobby getting along with other residents. He attends all and any programs that he can and makes an effort to bring his fellow residents and friends to join him. We are happy to have him a part of our community.

Dow Hall

November 2013

Check out some of what happened in Dow Hall this month! Beer Olympics with RA Jasmine! Making Hand Turkeys with Hall Council! Pie with the Dow Hall Staff !

What is going on in December‌

Pace Residential Life November 2013 Newsletter  
Pace Residential Life November 2013 Newsletter  

What's Happening In Your Halls?