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Friday, May 19, 2017

What Do Measures H and HHH Mean for Homelessness, Skid Row and Black Community? By General Jeff Skid Row Community Activist SKID ROW- Last November, voters passed Measure HHH (also known as Triple H), which will generate $1.2 billion dollars solely for housing for homeless individuals and families. In March of this year, voters also passed Measure H (also known as Single H), which is proposed to generate more than $350 million annually over 10 years (to put it bluntly that’s a little less than $4 billion dollars) solely for services for homeless individuals and families and also for those who suffer from mental illness.To be clear, that’s over $3 billion dollars of NEW funding to help address extremely old issues. This is in addition to the already generated taxpayer funding (in the billions of dollars) that are allocated annually to address the very same issues which include homelessness and mental illness. (For example, the LA County Department of Mental Health has an annual budget of $3 billion dollars). So the question in our community then becomes “How will all of this money help those in need that it’s supposed to be for?” As someone who was born and raised in South Central LA, graduated from Crenshaw High School and now chooses to live in Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles, I have seen the destruction of lives, the destruction of families, the destruction of communities and know from a firsthand experience the overall

Photo by Gloria Zuurveen The homeless line up on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles at “We Are Our Brother’s Keeper” backpack give-away. devastation caused to poor Black and minority communities suffering from extreme poverty. In order to properly analyze these issues, we must first put them in proper context; The on-going existence of “industries” that continuously benefit from significant financial gains at the demise of minorities, is prevalent and the primary bottom layer in the foundation of systemic oppression of Blacks and

minorities, at the hands of White America. These “industries” include-the education-based oppressive system, the prison industrial complex and the homeless industrial complex. While there are many other systems, such as racism, classism and more, we will only focus on the aforementioned oppressive systems in order to confirm with those who already know or suspect this information,

while also bringing those who have been unaware before now up -to-speed, so that we all can begin to communicate with one another on the same spiritual wavelength and with as much real-time information as possible. Let’s begin by understanding that there is a widespread and blatant oppressive infrastructure firmly built into the education-based oppressive system. What’s commonly called the “dumbing down of the masses”

begins in the schools. The formulas created to drive the overall school curriculum were created by White America. The formulas predetermine how many from each community will be exposed to the necessary learning experience which ensures better preparation for a more positive future. It’s commonly known that poor communities have the worse education systems, and have for generations. If minorities don’t connect with (and/or conform to) the school curriculum put before them, percentages say they will lose focus and disengage, thus one of the reasons high-school dropout rates continue to rise. Even middle school dropout rates are also rising. But without a highschool diploma or a GED, how can our children get a job? That’s when many turn to a life of crime to try to survive. That, then, becomes their introduction to the prison industrial complex because it’s only a matter of time before they get caught for a crime and end up in jail. If this criminal road is continued upon, it’s only a matter of time before the jail sentences are “upgraded” to prison. This is the moment when the intertwining of oppressive systems happens- when the education-based oppressive system “grooms” future clients for the prison industrial complex. This is the very reason why only a few oppressive Please see Skid, page 10

LA County Treasurer and Tax Collector Failure to Distribute Public Notices to the Black Press Sends More Than $400,000 of LA County Jail Released Inmates’ Monies to the General Fund By Gloria Zuurveen Editor-in-Chief LOS ANGELES— Years ago when I started Pace News the main goal at the time was to be a vehicle to call attention to the flagrant abuse of our children by a white teacher who thought it nothing to call African American middle school youth “wanna be hoochie mamas and gangbangers” even though they were smart and intelligent young people who had hopes and

"The people must know before they can act, and there is no educator to compare with the press." -- Ida B. Wells dreams to excel beyond the imagination. It was through the power of the pen that the teacher, after having been exposed, voluntarily resigned after an article was published about her repugnant and repulsive behavior toward our children. Today, here we are more than 20 years later and we are still fighting and calling attention to flagrant abuse and disrespect when it comes to public notices in Pace News, a legal adjudicated newspaper of general circulation (NGC). California Government

Code sections 6000 and 6008 are the two statutes that allow a publication to become adjudicated as a newspaper of general circulation (NGC) in California. This entitles the newspaper to publish legal advertising in its particular jurisdiction of adjudication. Pace News is certified as such in both the city and the county. Yet, Pace News, an African American woman-owned newspaper since 1995 specifically and the Black Press generally,

has been consistently and willfully left out when it comes to public notices. Millions of dollars, if not billions, are consistently being passed over when it comes to the Black community because they do not know about projects and programs that are happening right under their noses on a day to day basis. The public has a right to know about many of these projects and programs, especially

since most of them are funded with public tax dollars, However, the public that Pace News and t he Black Press serves is consistently left out due to the practice and tradition of the city and county to continue to use the same white-owned newspapers of general circulation, one of them being the Daily Journal, a newspaper that is owned by Charlie Munger, Chairman of Daily Journal Corporation, a billionaire and who is the best friend of Warren

Buffet to run public notices. The Los Angeles Daily Journal is a newspaper geared toward lawyers and an annual subscription rate $820.00 for one year. Pace News is free to the public with subscription $26.00 annually. I feel compelled to speak out on this issue of public notices after I received an email recently from one of my sources who operates a group home for young women getting out of prison or jail and they are given room and board as well as help in navigating the system so they can become healthy and whole citizens again after having been incarcerated. The email was from the Los Angeles County Please see Inmates, page 3

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Friday, May 19, 2017


Dr. Gloria Zuurveen Founder /Owner/ Publisher Photo by Christopher Bordeaux

Hello Readers, I hope everyone had a very Happy Mother’s Day. I did. I had a wonderful time in Palm Springs with my daughter and grandson Israel. We chilled out and shopped a little after relaxing by the poolside. It was such a beautiful day to praise God for all that He has done. He has been marvelous to all of us. So I pray that Mother’s Day is really a day every day to show your mothers some love in a special way. I ask that you continue to lift up the son and grandsons of Judge Hatchett in prayer. Prayer changes people and things. When we truly look to Jesus the Author and Finisher of our Faith, we can be assured that everything is going to be alright even though it doesn’t appear to look like it will. God’s promises are true and we are to rely on His Truth. For it is God who makes everything possible and with out Him nothing is possible so we are to let go and let God work it out because like my friend Earl Skip Cooper always say. “When we trying to figure it out God has already worked it out.” Trust Him and obey and he will never lead you astray. He said in His word. “This the way, walk ye in it.”


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The Lie About Voter Fraud is the Real Fraud By Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. After President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey because of, as Trump admitted, the “Russian thing,” he struck a new blow to American democracy: He created a commission on “election integrity,” stemming from his fantastical claims of voter fraud in the 2016 election. In reality, fraudulent voting is virtually nonexistent. The claims of widespread voter fraud are a fraud. Voter suppression, on the other hand, is a real, present and increasing threat to our democracy. And all signs are that Trump’s commission will add to that threat. Trump named Vice President Mike Pence as chair, with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a leading advocate of ballot-restricting legislation, as vice chair. Kobach has made a national spectacle of himself as a crazed pursuer of mythical voter fraud. In Kansas, Kobach has led Republican efforts to suppress the vote. As Ari Berman of the Nation reports, Kobach claimed that “the illegal registration of alien voters has become pervasive,” although he could point to only five alleged cases of noncitizens voting in Kansas during the previous 13 years. Kobach helped push through a law that required documentary proof of citizenship to register to vote, such as a birth certificate, a passport or naturalization papers. That requirement disproportionately impacts the elderly, the poor and the young, who often don’t have access to such papers. Since the law went into effect in 2013, Berman reports, “one in seven Kansans who attempted to register have had their registrations held ‘in suspense’ by the state.” To solve the non-problem of voter fraud, in 2015 Kansas gave Kobach the power to prosecute such cases. So far, he’s convicted nine people. Only last month did he convict his first and only noncitizen for voting fraud. The Kansas City Star has noted the paltry results Ko-

bach has to show for his unique prosecutorial powers, mocking him as the “Javert of voter fraud,” a reference to the obsessed police inspector of “Les Miserables.” Now Kobach will be the driving force leading Trump’s commission. Its purpose, no doubt, will be to cry wolf about voter fraud and push more states to pass harsh legislation to suppress the vote. Unlike voter fraud — which every independent study shows is essentially a myth — voter suppression is real and growing. The most significant outside factor in the 2016 campaign was not the scattered cases of voter fraud, or Putin’s hacking, or even former FBI Director Comey’s interventions. The most significant factor was the suppression of the vote — particularly the black vote — in North Carolina, Philadelphia, Detroit and Milwaukee. As Berman has argued, federal court records show that “300,000 registered voters, 9 percent of the electorate, lacked strict forms of voter ID in Wisconsin.” A recent study by Priorities USA, a Democratic PAC, estimated that Wisconsin’s harsh voter ID laws “reduced turnout by about 200,000 votes” — disproportionately black votes. Trump won the state by 22,748 votes. The 2016 election was the first in 50 years without the full protections of the Voting Rights Act. Fourteen states had new voting restrictions in effect for the first time. Now Berman reports, 87 bills to restrict access to the ballot have been introduced in 29 states this year. Arkansas and Iowa have already passed strict voter-ID laws. Republicans claim these laws are needed to stop voter fraud, but the claims of voter fraud is the fraud. These bills are being pushed because they make it harder for certain communities to vote — and Republicans benefit when they vote in smaller numbers. When politicians can pick their voters — by voter suppression laws, by gerrymandering, by big money campaigns — rather than voters picking their leaders, democracy is mocked. Political leaders in both parties should be pushing to make it easier, not harder, to vote. Instead, voter suppression has become a partisan weapon. Our very democracy is under assault.

Know Better, Do Better, Or No Better For Us By James Clingman

The National Urban League’s (NUL) 2017 “State of Black America” (SOBA) report was released on May 2, 2017; it is titled, “Protect our Progress,” and again contains the “Inequality Index. Since 1963 the NUL has used the mantra, “To be Equal,” as part of its overall goal. I have questioned that goal for a long time because, while it may be laudable in an economic sense, it is totally unrealistic. Why should we chase something as elusive as “equality” with Whites on any level, especially when they control upwards of 90% of the resources in this nation. Also, juxtaposing the NUL quixotic venture to “be equal” against the report by the Corporation for Economic Development and the Institute for Policy Studies, that cites, “If current trends persist, it will take 228 years for black families to accumulate the same amount of wealth as whites,” the futility of the NUL goal is more than obvious. To rub salt on our wounds, that same report also stated, “For Latino families, it will take 84 years.” Put that point into your Equality Index pipe and smoke it. I say without equivocation that the NUL report is substantive, informative, professionally written, and packed with statistics from which we all can learn and move forward. It’s not just about economic issues; it also covers criminal justice, housing, education, and other critical issues that need our attention. However, it would be better if it was the first one issued by the NUL, but it has been issued for forty-one years now. Again, it’s good information, but Black folks still suffer from the same problems and have been in the same comparative collective status for four decades. A few more data points from the SOBA and, as the preachers say, “The lesson will be yours.” Of course if we fail to heed the lesson, it’s all for naught. Our penchant for 140 characters belies the necessity to read much beyond that, but I hope you will get a copy of the NUL report, READ it, draw your own conclusions, and develop your own action plans to address our problems appropriately. Here is an interesting paragraph in the report: “Over the past 30 years, the average household wealth of white families has grown 85% to $656,000, while that of blacks has climbed just 27% to $85,000 and Latinos 69% to $98,000. And another: “The report comes on the heels of a detailed

proposal released by Black Lives Matter activists, which outlined specific economic demands including ‘restructuring the tax code’ to ‘raise the estate tax’ and ‘capital gains tax’ and end income caps on payroll taxes that fund Social Security and unemployment.” Trump’s plan does away with the estate tax and lowers the capital gains tax. It also eliminates the Alternative Minimum Tax, which in 2005 added over $31 million to Trump’s tax bill. So how are those “demands” working out for Black Lives Matter? The SOBA states, “The 2017 [NUL] Equality Index provides a veritable ‘line in the sand’ from which to measure where the country goes from here…As the [NUL] continues to press the case for closing the divide in economic opportunity, education, health, social justice and civic engagement…” The report goes on to point out, “Change often happens slowly. The Equality Index offers solid evidence of just how slowly change happens, making it an important tool for driving policies needed in the ongoing fight against inequality.” “Slowly”? I’d say. 228 years is a long time. Finally, the SOBA cites its Main Street Marshall Plan as a “bold, strategic investment in America’s urban communities that protects our progress…a sweeping and decisive solution to our nation’s persistent social and economic disparities.” Dr. Ron Daniels has advocated for a Marshall Plan for America’s “dark ghettos” for longer than I can remember. Dr. Bernard E. Anderson, Professor Emeritus, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and Presidential Economic Adviser, wrote, “The proposed Trump budget would be devastating for the Main Street Marshall Plan…It would do little to accelerate economic growth, reduce long-term unemployment, expand economic opportunity for minority group workers, or ease the burden on low-income families.” Further, Anderson writes, “The budget proposal threatens to truncate the modest, but steady progress the economy has made over the last eight years, and would make the struggle to erase racial inequality increasingly difficult.” I don’t know about the NUL et al, but I’ll take reparations and call it square. Chasing nirvana and Camelot, where all is good and everyone is equal, will continue to be a chase without end as well as a poor use of our precious time. It’s not our place to initiate dialogues and conversations to change the hearts of racists and eliminate racism; operating from a position of weakness and dependency, we will never meet those ideals. We must take care of ourselves and not be diverted by ancillary and peripheral issues. “To be equal”? Naah, I’ll take economic empowerment.

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Friday, May 19, 2017


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EDUCATION & COMMUNITY NEWS YBS Pathways to Success Business Pitch Finalists. Winner th Will Be Announced at the Celebration of Achievement June 4 (Right) Raymond Anderson, University High School; Kimmia Saunders, Junipero Serra High School; Mekai Jordan, California Academy of Math and Science; Erin Warren, Lawndale High School and Zionne Nunez, Culver City High School. (Left) Rev. Jewett L Walker Jr, M.Div. President and Chairman of the Board100 Black Men of Los Angeles, Inc. speaking during a meeting for the Young Black Scholars with members listening. Photo by 100BM

LA County Treasurer, Tax Collector Failure to Distribute Public Notices to the Black Press Sends More Than $400,000 of LA County Jail Released Inmates’ Monies to the General Fund (Continued from page 1) Treasurer and Tax Collector informing my source about monies that if not claimed in 45 days it will go to the general fund. The email said, “Consistent with a recent audit finding and to help ensure potential owners are notified of property currently in the County’s possession that may be theirs, as well as provided an opportunity to claim/reclaim this property this notification is being sent to advise your offices (my source’s offices) that the Treasurer and Tax Collector will publish in the Daily Journal, once a week for two successive weeks, the names, dollar amounts, and dates for approximately 8,800 Sheriff’s Department items totaling approximately $420,000. These items are monies left behind by inmates released from custody at Los Angeles County jail facilities, as well as monies no longer needed to be held intact as evidence by the Sheriff's Department. The TTC will transfer to the General Fund monies remaining unclaimed after 45 days from the first publication, as provided for in Government Code 50051. of a warning and a call for released inmates to claim unclaimed properties.” Government Code 50051 says except as otherwise provided by law, money, excluding restitution to victims, that is not the property of a local agency that remains unclaimed in its treasury or in the official custody of its officers for three years is the property of the local agency after notice if not claimed or if no verified complaint is filed and served. At any time after the expiration of the three-year period, the treasurer of the local agency may cause a notice to be published once a week for two successive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation published in the local agency. Now if the Daily Journal is only distributed by subscription to lawyers for $820.00 annually and it is generally not distributed in the zip codes where Pace News is widely distributed weekly and according to the Inmate Population Graph for 2015 from the Custody Division Year End Review brought to you by Los Angeles

Sheriff Department Jim McDonald, 304,288 arrest resulted in 112,538 bookings in the jail system which is comprised primarily of men (87 percent) and men aged 18-34 is (57 percent) and the racial demographic of the jail population was 49 percent Hispanic and 30 percent African Americans with 17 percent white. Fifty three percent are pretrial inmates with the average daily inmate population (ADIP) total 17, 900. Even with statistics like these, it is a sad commentary that released inmates or their family members will leave over $400,000 to go to the general fund all because the public does not know and the public has a right to know about their monies being given to the general fund. But using the Daily Journal appears to be intentional because if the inmates don’t know to claim their monies, it seems unlikely that they will read a copy of the Daily Journal newspaper to find out about their possessions. Those monies could very well be a life preserver for many released inmates if they only knew they were available. Many released inmates end up in the streets on Skid Row when that money is there and has been there for over three years and instead of using a newspaper of general circulation, like Pace News or other Black newspapers of general circulation that serves the population which is most affected by incarceration, the Los Angeles Treasurer and Tax Collector continues to, as it has been their habit and tradition, for the past 50 years, to use the Daily Journal. It is time to stay woke and watch what is happening to the public dollars and to call attention to, not just released inmates monies that if not claimed in 45 days, which in all probability will not be claimed based on where the Daily Journal is distributed or should I say not distributed, giving the released inmates equal opportunity to claim what is rightfully theirs yet due to what is tantamount to discrimination when it comes to public notices, the released inmates monies will be placed in the general fund.

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Friday, May 19, 2017


HB Charles Will Be First Black SBC Pastors' Conference President in 172 Years By Leonardo Blair From the ChristianPostReporter

For the first time in the organization's 172-year history, a black pastor, H.B. Charles Jr. of Shiloh Church in Jacksonville, Florida, has been nominated to serve as president of the Southern Baptist Convention Pastors' Conference. The largest Baptist denomination in the world, the SBC is also America's largest Protestant group with more than 15 million members. The denomination's Pastors' Conference takes place annually in conjunction with the meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. Charles, described as a "preacher extraordinaire" by former conference president Ken Whitten of the Idlewild Baptist Church in Tampa Bay, is expected to be elected at the SBC's meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, next month as he is currently the only nominee for the position. Oklahoma pastor Brad Graves withdrew his candidacy after Whitten announced last Thursday his intention to nominate Charles to lead the 2018 conference. Graves' withdrawal all but ensures the history making move will be formalized, according to the Baptist Press. Reacting to the news Monday, Charles said in a statement on his website that it would be a "privilege" to serve the SBC in the position. "It has been my joy to preach the pastors' conference on several occasions. It would be a privilege to lead it in 2018. I am grateful and honored that Ken Whitten of the Idlewild Baptist Church in Tampa Bay has agreed to nominate me at the upcoming SBC meeting in Phoenix. I am also grateful for Brad Graves of the First Baptist Church in Ada (OK)," he said. "Graves announced his nomination a month ago. Upon hearing of my nomina-

H. B. Charles Jr.

tion, however, he graciously and humbly withdrew his nomination to clear the way for my nomination. It was a sacrificial act of Christian unity, for which I thank my brother in Christ and give glory to God," he added. Whitten told the Baptist Press that the decision to nominate Charles was an intentional nod to racial reconciliation that came out of an informal gathering of past Pastors' Conference presidents on May 2. "We thought it was time to stop talking about racial unity in positions of leadership within our convention" and "put a president out there at the Pastors' Conference" from among the "African Americans, Hispanics and Asians who are pastoring great churches and are very worthy of being in positions of leadership in our convention," Whitten said. Graves' candidacy for the position was announced on April 17 but when he was informed on May 9 that Charles

Photo courtesy

would be nominated, he told BP that he consulted with others and prayed before deciding to "step aside" in a "a big God moment." "I don't want to be anything divisive" in the SBC, Graves said. "I think it's time to show the culture that there is something that unites [Southern Baptists] more than just a Cooperative Program or a mission statement, but that we really do care for one another. We really are brothers in a fraternity." Charles became pastor of Shiloh Church in 2008. It was previously a predominantly black church until 2015 when it merged with the predominantly

white Ridgewood Baptist Church in Orange Park, Florida. The married father of three says if he is eventually elected next month he hopes to bring change that is more than symbolic. "The Shiloh Church has been a member of the Southern Baptist Convention for five years. I led our congregation to join the SBC for strategic partnership in Christian education, church planting, and world missions. And I give thanks for the partnership in the gospel we have developed," he said. "From my limited perch, I have also seen great

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steps of faith taken toward racial reconciliation. I view my nomination for pastors' conference president as another such step. My possible election would mark the first time an African-American pastor has led the pastors' conference. But I pray my potential election will be more than symbolic. I yearn for the Lord to use this process to lead us forward together as brothers and sisters in Christ. May the watching world know that we are true disciples by our love for one another." In a resolution in 1995, the Southern Baptist Convention denounced its racist past. "Be it RESOLVED, That we, the messengers to the Sesquicentennial meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention, assembled in Atlanta, Georgia, June 20-22, 1995, unwaveringly denounce racism, in all its forms, as deplorable sin," the resolution said. "We lament and repudiate historic acts of evil such as slavery from which we continue to reap a bitter harvest, and we recognize that the racism which yet plagues our culture today is inextricably tied to the past...we apologize to all African-Americans for condoning and/or perpetuating individual and systemic racism in our lifetime; and we genuinely repent of racism of which we have been guilty, whether consciously (Psalm 19:13) or unconsciously (Leviticus 4:27)." Fred Luter was elected as the SBC's first black president in June 2012.

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Friday, May 19, 2017




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Friday, May 19, 2017

HEALTH & COMMUNITY NEWS Home Health Services Help Maintain Senior Independence (BPT) - Staying healthy and out of the hospital is a top priority for the majority of seniors. However, as you age, you may need additional care to meet your medical needs after an illness, injury or exacerbation of a chronic health problem. Fortunately, this doesn't necessarily mean a long hospital or rehab stay, thanks to home health service options. For Yoko and Kenneth Gilbert, both age 84, home health services provided important care when they needed it the most. After an injury caused by a fall Yoko needed nursing care for her wounds. She also needed physical therapy to regain her ability to get around. Her husband's help could only go so far, but he could not provide the professional care that she required, so at her doctor's advice, she decided to get home health services. What is home health care? According to, "Home health care is a wide range of health care services that can be given in your home for an illness or injury. Home health care is usually less expensive, more convenient and just as effective as care you get in a hospital or skilled nursing

facility (SNF)." Every home health plan of care is individualized based on the person's unique medical needs and abilities. The goal is to treat the person's medical condition at home so that he or she can enjoy a high quality of life while receiving professional services designed to restore health, self-sufficiency and independence. For Yoko, this gave her important peace of mind. She decided to work with Brookdale Home Health for her specific needs. "They came every week, changed my dressing and catheter," she says. "Everything was just great." When are home health services used? For seniors residing at home or in a senior living community, both medical and non-medical home care are options. The people most likely to need home health services are those recently diagnosed with a new illness, those who have been injured in a fall or other event, and those who have experienced a major change in health condition such as the worsening of a chronic disease process. To provide these services, a health care professional will come to your place

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of residence. This may include a nurse, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, a home health aide or a medical social worker. Because these professionals come to you, you're able to remain in the comfort and security of your own home. Receiving care at home enhances your physical and mental well-being and promotes dignity and independence. For Yoko, part of her home health care services were provided by a physical therapist named Barbara. "Barbara was wonderful," she says. "She took care of me, she pushed me and because of her I can move around better." Yoko's husband, Kenneth, says the services were more than just health care. "Brookdale Home Health helped her a lot. Her therapists really lifted her spirits," he adds. How can you get home health services? Before Yoko could receive home health care, she got a referral from her doctor. A doctor is in

charge of determining whether you are a candidate for home health services. If you think you are a candidate, it's important to have an honest conversation with your physician to see if home health is the right option for you. If your doctor decides that home health is right for you, begin to research options in your area. With a doctor's prescription, the Brookdale Home Health team of experts can provide care based upon your unique medical needs in the privacy of your home. Learn more by visiting Is home health covered by insurance? Home health services are often covered by health insurance, but you should verify the details with your particular plan provider. Many plans offer 100 percent coverage if certain conditions are met. For example, Brookdale Home Health services may be covered by 100 percent of your Medicare Part A benefit if your

doctor determines that you are homebound and that home health services are medically necessary to treat your illness, injury or change in medical condition. Yoko saw great improvements in her condition through home health services. However, she eventually experienced additional medical complications that require 24 hour care. Her husband could not keep up with the demands and sought respite care in a Brookdale community. After receiving respite services, they have decided to move in to a Brookdale Senior Living community full-time. "My wife got sick and there was no way I could take care of her," says Kenneth. "We moved into a Brookdale community on Valentine's Day and we've been here ever since." Today they are permanent residents of Patriot Heights in San Antonio, Texas, where they receive the full-time care they need, enjoy a full social calendar and have made many new friends.

The NFL Concussion Settlement Gives Former NFL Players a Chance for a Better life

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(BPT) - After years of waiting, the NFL concussion settlement affecting thousands of retired NFL players is now open for registration, which means former players, their family and their representatives can begin to take advantage of the benefits the settlement provides. To be eligible, all retired players and their representatives must register by Aug. 7, 2017 by visiting www.nflconcussionsettlement. com. The NFL concussion settlement provides benefits to thousands of retired NFL players who joined the league because of their unrelenting "love of the game." However, after a career playing in the NFL, many of these retired players left the game with lifelong devastating brain damage due to the many concussions, "dings" and other hard hits they sustained while playing on the field. Today, these retired NFL players suffer daily from neuro-cognitive illnesses that often leave them bedridden and unable to recall some of their most sacred memories. At the same time, their loved ones are forced to watch them suffer from these debilitating brain injuries while simultaneously

grappling with significant medical bills. Unfortunately, even though these retired players dedicated their blood, sweat, and tears to the game, most do not have the financial support or assistance they need to deal with these conditions. Though it is too late to reverse what happened to these retired players, the NFL concussion settlement provides a lifeline to those who suffer from neuro-cognitive illnesses today. It provides immediate compensation for those who are struggling or those who had struggled with conditions like dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or ALS without having to prove their diagnosis was a result of NFL football. Family members or representatives of deceased retired players who suffered with such conditions may also be eligible to submit a claim. The settlement will also help and give peace of mind to those who are currently healthy but fear they may develop symptoms decades into the future. For instance, eligible retired players will be provided with a free "baseline assessment," which is a battery of tests to see how they are doing so they can keep tabs on

their neurocognitive health and better understand if symptoms start to emerge. They will be eligible for compensation if they develop a qualifying condition within the next 65 years. Those who may remain skeptical after enduring other benefits programs can find comfort in the fact that the settlement is not run by the NFL. Instead, the settlement's benefit programs will be run by independent administrators and qualified doctors, working under the court's supervision. The NFL will not decide who is eligible for benefits under this agreement. If you are a retired NFL player or a relative of one, remember that registering for the settlement is a required first step to receive any benefits at all. Registration is a requirement to submit a claim for a potential monetary award or receive a baseline assessment. Failing to register before the Aug. 7, 2017 deadline will make you ineligible to receive any settlement benefits. Again, to register for the settlement with step-by-step instructions, or to learn more about its benefits, please visit www.nflconcussionsettlement. com.

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Friday, May 19, 2017

BUSINESS & COMMUNITY NEWS Ohio Grand Jury Decline To Charge Officer in Shooting of Teen Who Had Pellet Gun By Alex Dobuzinskis A grand jury in Columbus, Ohio, declined to charge a white police officer on Friday in the shooting death of a black 13year-old boy who police said had pulled out what appeared to be a weapon that was later determined to be a BB gun. The grand jury found the shooting to be justified and as a result did not consider charging the officer with a crime, Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Ron O'Brien told Columbus television station NBC4. Columbus police officer Bryan Mason was responding to a report of an armed robbery on

Sept. 14, 2016, when he followed Tyre King, 13, into an alley, Columbus police said last year. Before he was fatally shot, King had appeared to pull a handgun from his waistband, Columbus police said. It was later determined King had only an air pistol that fires BBs which are small, metal pellets not bullets. The teenager's death sparked protests in Columbus, the Ohio state capital, and followed a number of other police shootings of black men and boys in other parts of the United States that generated heightened public scrutiny of police use of force.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther said last year the BB gun looked "almost identical" to the 9 mm Glock semiautomatic handguns carried by city police. Ginther in a written statement on Friday called for the proceedings of the grand jury to be unsealed and for the results of the police investigation into the shooting to be made public "as soon as the law allows." "The death of a 13-yearold under any circumstances is tragic," Ginther added. Sean Walton, an attorney for Tyre King's family, in comments to NBC4 called the

NAACP Civil Rights Group Dismisses Chief in Mission Recast By Ian Simpson | WASHINGTON—The NAACP is dismissing its president as the biggest U.S. civil rights organization tries to recast itself to strengthen its advocacy role and better support local activism, officials said on Friday. Cornell Brooks, who also had been chief executive of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People since mid-2014, will not have his threeyear contract renewed when it expires at the end of June, NAACP Chairman Leon Russell said. Brooks' dismissal comes as the 108 -year-old NAACP is preparing to rebuild itself to face such issues as voter rights, environmental protection, education, police brutality and education, Russell said. "That's why we are launching today a systemwide and strategic revisioning process that will ensure that the NAACP can address these 21st century challenges," he said in a conference call with reporters. Russell and Vice Chairman Derrick Johnson will run the Baltimore-based NAACP on an interim basis during the search for Brooks' replacement. Russell said the process might take a year, during which the group's board would gather comment from members nationwide about the NAACP's future course. The NAACP has

NAACP President Cornel Williams Brooks been a leader of U.S. civil rights since its founding in 1909. Its preeminence has been challenged by the Black Lives Matter movement that sprang up to protest police shootings of African Americans in recent years and by mass protests against President Donald Trump. Johnson said the group wanted to strengthen local and state activism and education and develop local leadership. The decision not to renew Brooks' contract was made by the NAACP national board on Friday. "I'm disappointed and mystified,"

Brooks said in a telephone interview. He said that, including interim leaders, he was at least the 10th head of the NAACP in 15 years. "There's been a revolving door of CEOs at the NAACP and this is a bad moment for it to be spinning," he said. Brooks, a lawyer and minister, said membership and donations had increased during his tenure and NAACP lawyers had won nine court cases in 10 months over voter suppression. (Reporting by Ian Simpson; Editing by Colleen Jenkins and Bill Trott)

What Do Measures H and HHH Mean for Homelessness, Skid Row and Black Community? (Continued from page 1) systems were chosen for this discussion, because we all must be able to clearly see how it is designed and how it intertwines, before we can learn how to properly disrupt and forever end these negative types of oppressive systems which continuously keep Black and minority communities spiritually off balance and in a constant state of confusion. To further reveal (and/or confirm) how the intertwining extends into Skid Row, if a person is found guilty of committing a crime and receives a sentence of 12 months or less, that time is spent in the county jail. If a person receives more than 12 months, they go to prison (to accommodate their longer stay). Unless an inmate has a family structure or is connected in some way to someone who will provide a home upon their release, the inmate will instantly be homeless once they are released from prison. This is where the intertwining of the prison industrial complex and the homeless industrial complex happens. Any just-released prison inmate has 72-hours to report to their parole officer with an address. If a person has been in pris-

on for over a year, how are they supposed to be able to provide an address to their P.O. that quickly? That’s where non-profit homeless organizations are guaranteed to prosper. They get government funding to house parolees which firmly connect them to both the prison system and the Federal Government. So we can now see how these oppressive systems simply pass people off to another oppressive system which then ensures that each system- and we’re talking about jobs, paychecks and funding- exchanges economic benefits amongst those on the side of the oppressors. And on the opposite side are those of us who continue to suffer as White America’s network continues it’s stranglehold on our lives, families and communities. How is it possible to end this negatively systemic and oppressive cycle? THEY wont end it, because they benefit from it. So we MUST learn that while it’s negative for us, at the very same time it’s positive for them. And when we look at Measures HHH and H and wonder if they’ll truly help, all we have to do is look to see if any systemic oppressive systems are

involved and recognize the machine-like operation in which they benefit themselves mightily while only benefiting us as it justifies their reasoning for continuing their systems. So while jobs and economic opportunities continue to benefit one side of America, it is automatic that the other side of America will continue to remain struggling to survive in inhumane conditions. Not only do they benefit before any of us, they also benefit at the same time we demise. That said, 5 billion dollars will now slowly go down the drain and disappear right before our very eyes. White America will buy land, build low-income residential units, house poor people and provide services, while all along making sure that only a few make it completely out because their oppressive systems need to continue providing jobs and financial benefits for them, their families and their allies- and some of them are Blacks and minorities from our communities. To play along and “feed your family” is to sellout your entire race and community. You and your family “eat” while we die in the streets…… And you’re okay with that? Wow!

investigation flawed because Columbus police took part in the probe of their own officer. King's death came nearly two years after the fatal shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was black, by a white Cleveland, Ohio, police officer who was responding to reports of a

suspect with a gun in a city park. An investigation showed Rice, who died a day after the shooting, had been seen holding a replica gun that shoots plastic pellets. (Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis in Los Angeles, editing by Louise Heavens)

Bill to Celebrate 400 Years of Black History Passes U.S. House By Lauren Victoria Burke (NNPA Newswire Contributor)

In a rare display of bipartisanship in Congress, the United States House of Representatives voted to establish a commission to examine 400 years of African American history. House bill H.R. 1242 is designed “to develop and carry out activities throughout the United States to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of Africans in the English colonies at Point Comfort, Virginia, in 1619.” Rep. Bobby Scott (DVa.) sponsored the bill in the House and Senators Tim Kaine (D-Va.) and Mark Warner (D-Va.) sponsored the bill in the Senate, where it’s waiting to be passed. According to Washington insiders, the bill will most likely pass by unanimous consent in the Senate. Once the bill known as the “400 Years of AfricanAmerican History Commission Act,” or H.R. 1242 in the House, passes Congress, it will land on President Donald Trump’s desk. If H.R. 1242 becomes law, the resulting commission would consist of 15 members, who would serve without pay. The legislation would authorize the commission to create grants to communities, nonprofits and other groups to hold events that would commemorate the anniversary of slaves arriving in the U.S. The commission could hire staff and also accept volunteers to perform its mission. The commission would be required to submit a report to Congress and terminate in July of 2020. In a statement about the bill last year, Kaine said that he’s been lucky to be a part of federal commissions that have been formed to study and celebrate English and Hispanic history. “Well, if English lives matter, if Latino lives matter, then African American lives matter and they’ve mattered every day since the landing of those ‘20 and odd’ African Americans at Point Comfort, Virginia,” said Kaine. Kaine continued: “The story has a lot of pain to it, but it’s a story that has to be told to commemorate that we as a nation—had it not been for 400 years of African American history—would be absolutely unrecognizable. What we hope to do with this bill is engage in something we

Rep. Bobby Scott

should do to tell the story in a different way than it may have been told 50 to 100 years ago.” In late March, the Congressional Budget Office estimated, “that implementing the bill would cost about $2 million a year—a total of $6 million over the 2018-2021 period.” In a floor statement about the bill last summer, Rep. Bobby Scott said that African Americans have contributed greatly to the United States and their achievements deserve to be celebrated. “The history of Virginia and our nation cannot be fully understood without recognizing the role played by the slave trade,” said Scott. “Slavery was an abhorrent institution; but for hundreds of years, it was the foundation of the colonial and early American agricultural system and was essential to its economic sustainability.” Scott continued: “The 400 Years of AfricanAmerican History Commission Act will be instrumental in recognizing and highlighting the resilience and contributions of African Americans since 1619. From slavery, to fighting in the Civil War, to working against the oppression of Jim Crow segregation, to the civil rights movement, the rich history of African Americans and their contributions to our Nation began hundreds of years ago but obviously does not end there.” Lauren Victoria Burke is a speaker, writer and political analyst. She appears on “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin every Monday. Lauren is also a frequent contributor to the NNPA Newswire and Connect with Lauren by email at and on Twitter at @LVBurke.

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Friday, May 19, 2017



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Friday, May February 19, 2017 22, 2013



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Friday, May 19, 2017


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ARTS, SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT NEWS Ruben Studdard Digs Deep for Soulful Sam Cooke Classic By Stacy M. Brown (NNPA Newswire Contributor) If anyone’s been asking whatever happened to Ruben Studdard, they probably haven’t been paying too much attention. In the 13 years since he brightened the world of pop music with his American Idolwinning romantic balladry, Studdard has warmed the hearts of his huge fan base with five albums and has toured with the various artists like Peabo Bryson, Melissa Manchester, CeCe Winans and David Foster. And he’s done a whole lot more, including the just completed and powerful new version of Sam Cooke’s classic, “A Change is Gonna Come.” Studdard, 38, said that he initially wanted to sing the song for a civil rights event in Birmingham, Ala. “It was a big event and Dr. Henry Panion III was producing and conducting the orchestra and it turned into a PBS special during Black History Month,” Studdard said. Studdard added that Panion, his mentor, asked if he’d sing and the former Idol champ didn’t hesitate. “I’ve always been a fan of that song and the importance of the material inclined me to do it,” said Studdard. Panion has been lauded for his work with a who’s who in music, including Stevie Wonder, Kirk Franklin, Chaka Khan, the Winans, Aretha Franklin, Tramaine Hawkins, and American Idol Winners Carrie Underwood and Studdard. “Ruben really does shine and I think it’s a great joy working with him,” said Panion, whose works are programmed throughout the United States by many of the country’s major orchestras, including the Atlanta Symphony, Cincinnati Pops, Cleveland Symphony, Philadelphia Orchestra, Detroit Symphony, Baltimore Symphony, San Francisco Symphony, Houston Symphony, and the National Symphony. Panion continued: “He really does love music. I work

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in classical and in jazz and pop, so many when they become popular it has little to do with their musicianship, but how many times can you turn on a national show and you wonder, where in the world did they find this person?” Studdard has always been a student of music and there’s talk of him doing a Christmas Album of Luther Vandross songs, Panion added. Studdard also continues to work on producing a children’s show called, “Uncle Ruben’s House,” that he hopes will debut in the fall. “It’s a labor of love just having to learn the techniques and how to communicate with kids from two to eight; it’s really phenomenal,” Studdard said. “My mom is an educator, she was like a child whisperer and that market has been silent for years. So, we’ll make songs specifically to teach children manners, math, and science and

the guy I’m working with is really big on STEM education and trying to incorporate that into our music to help children in different ways.” Another album also should debut soon, Studdard said. For now, however, he’s pushing the release of “A Change is Gonna Come,” which came on the heels of former President Barack Obama’s final days in office, when he designated Birmingham Civil Rights District as a national monument. “Sam Cooke’s original became an anthem to the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s,” Panion said. “We believe that Ruben’s new version is right on time. Everybody could use a little soul and inspiration.” The single is currently available on iTunes and GooglePlay.

Steve Harvey Reportedly Hit With $60 Million Lawsuit by Ex-Wife for 'Soul Murder' Mary Shackelford, who was previously married to Steve Harvey, is reportedly suing the comedian for "upwards of $60 million." E! News reported Thursday that Harvey is being sued for, among other things, "soul murder." This act is defined in E!-obtained court documents as a "combination of torture, deprivation, and brainwashing." Shackelford has alleged that she's been "suicidal" and selfmedicating in the wake of their divorce proceedings. In addition to "soul murder," Harvey is reportedly accused in the suit of child endangerment, conspiracy against rights, torture, breach of contract, and in-

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Mary and Steve Harvey

tentional infliction of emotional distress. Shackelford and Harvey divorced in 2005. In a statement to TMZ, who first reported Shackelford's suit, Harvey's attorney Brandon Williams rebuked the claims "Mr. Harvey vehe-

mently denies any allegations set forth in the lawsuit," Williams said Friday. "The Complaint is meritless, frivolous, and the allegations are completely false. We will vigorously defend/counterclaim against the Complaint." Harvey is now married to Marjorie BridgesWoods. Harvey, who last made headlines when a leaked list of staff demands inspired a brief Twitter debate, recently finished production on the final Chicago-set episode of his daytime talk show: Harvey's new show, Steve, will tape in Los Angeles and is set to premiere Sept. 5.

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