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Local Women Honored at Grace Hopper STEM Academy Women’s History Month Celebration By Cramil Clark with Contributing Writer Jordynn Brown INGLEWOOD—Grace Hopper STEM Academy culminated Women’s History month with a Women in Career’s Celebration to honor local women who are positively impacting our society on Wednesday, March 30, 2016 at Grace Hopper STEM Academy located at 601 Grace Avenue in Inglewood, California. During the celebration we were graced to have two incredible women who came and shared their stories, Kaprisha Vallecilla, an associate attorney at the Bloom Firm and educator and activist Juanita Chavez. Compton native and a product of the Los Angeles Unified School district, Ms. Vallecilla graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University and received her Juris Doctorate from USC. She also is an entrepreneur and serves as a master designer for her company DanPri Designs. Juanita Chavez is the daughter of Richard Chavez and Delores Chavez, better known as Delores Huerta. Her mother was the co-founder of the United Farm Workers with her uncle, Cesar Chavez. As an educator for many years, Juanita had the opportunity to impact the lives of youth across the city. More recently she has joined her mother in the fight for the rights of all as the media coordinator for the Delores Huerta Foundation. Our special guest speaker was Dr. Gloria Zuurveen, founder and publisher of the PACE NEWS. Dr. Zuurveen, is also the founder and CEO of Parent Action Coalition for Education (P.A.C.E.), a 501 c3 nonprofit organization that serves youth and parents. She currently teaches an after-school Journalism Educational Enrichment Program called J.E.E.P to students at Grace Hopper. She is a mentor and inspiration to future journalists. She to spoke about her humble beginnings Mississippi and how although things may not go according to our plans, we

must never give up. Each of the speakers inspired the young women of GHSA to work hard and to strive for our goals. They also emphasized that no matter where you come from you have the potential to realize your dreams. For more information about Grace Hopper STEM Academy contact Yesmin Ortiz or Adelle Walker at (310) 953-2626.

(Above) Juanita Chavez, niece of Cesar Chavez, speaking with GHSA students; (center) Attorney Kaprisha Vallecilla inspiring the young ladies of GHSA as they listen intently and (Below) Dr. Gloria Zuurveen speaking.

(Top right) Juanita Chavez and Kaprisha Vallecilla; (below right) Adelle Walker, Juanita Chavez, Dr. Gloria Zuurveen and Yesmin Ortiz; Jackie Gichohi, GHSA Teacher, Karen Anderson, Principal, GHSA, Kaprisha Vallecilla, Juanita Chavez, Margo Wainwright and Yesmin Ortiz at GHSA Women’s History Month Celebration on March 30, 2016. Photos by Gloria Zuurveen and Yesmin Ortiz,

Dr. Gloria Zuurveen To Be Honored by Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc. at Annual Status of Women Luncheon Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc., City of Angels Chapter will be hosting its Annual Status of Women "Celebrating Change" Luncheon on Sunday, April 24, 20l6. We will be honoring outstanding women and men who have gone above and beyond the call of duty throughout their various communities developing a legacy by providing services as needed. Honoring: Dr. Gloria Zuurveen, Mr. Michael Guynn, Rev. Shirley

LaCour, Mr. Marquis and Mr. Mario McKinley, Mr. Ladale Johnson and Ms. Gwen Wilson. This special occasion will be held at The Four Points by Sheraton LAX, 9750 Airport Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045 at 1:30p.m. For 50 years, Top Ladies of Distinction Inc. has achieved SERVICE distinction in the are of Youth Development, Enhancement of Status of Women, Service to Senior Citizens, Community Beautification and Community Partnerships.

Dr. Gloria Zuurveen

Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc. is committed to being a viable catalyst of change and to bring "Top in Service." All proceeds will benefits our Top Teens , outreach programs and further the charitable work in our community. Membership in Top Teens of America shall be granted to any teenager sponsored by an active member of Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc or any two active members of Top Teen of America, in good

standing. The officers are elected and some are appointed. Top Teens of America is supported entirely by the Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc., who is responsible for providing opportunities for wholesome development through involvement in programs and projects which promotes educational, spiritual, social, moral, cultural and economic development for youth in this organization Call (310)337-9978 for more information.

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Friday, April 1, 2016

EDITORIAL/OPINION Publisher’s Column

Dr. Gloria Zuurveen Founder /Owner/ Publisher/Photographer

Hello Readers , We have come this far by faith and leaning on God’s everlasting arm. He is our provider. He is our everything and without Him we can do nothing. So after this Easter holiday we are to reflect on God’s goodness and mercy that He sent His only begotten Son to serve as a substitute for us so that we can have the freedom to live to in fellowship with Him as we were suppose to from the beginning. Thank God for Jesus Christ, our Redeemer. He is to be praised with our voices. We are not to be ashamed to call on His great name. He is the one who gives us the victory on all that is going on in this world today. The murdering and mayhem all the divisions and disunity, through Christ we have the victory over all that is not like God. Let us remember the beginning of spring is a time of renewal and reflection on where God has brought us from and where He will take us if we stay close and in fellowship with Him and not get side tracked by all the sideshows that we are hearing and seeing daily. He Is Risen!

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By James Clingman I remember a line from Gil ScottHeron, whom I often quote in my articles. In his rendering called “The Bicentennial Blues,” he was discussing the Nixon administration and this nation’s penchant for getting in on the economic action of other nations. He called Henry Kissinger the “International Godfather of Peace, a ‘piece’ of Viet Nam, a ‘piece’ of Laos, a ‘piece’ of Angola, a ‘piece’ of Cuba.” KissingerThat line is so fitting forty years later as the POTUS goes to Cuba and takes a dozen business executives with him. I certainly support entrepreneurship and business development, especially for Black people, and the opportunities for such abound in Cuba if the militaristic government allows it to flourish unfettered. After all, the monthly income for Cubans is around $20.00, so they could use the sales and marketing opportunities that will surely come with increased tourism and business. Additionally, forward-thinking entrepreneurs from the U.S. can take advantage of these opportunities as well; I trust that many Black business persons will act accordingly. The protracted embargo against Cuba can now be reversed to such a degree that all sides can win. But there are caveats. An article in the International Business Times, by Elizabeth Whitman, stated, “Some American businesses are positively salivating at the prospect of finally tapping into Cuban markets, and now, U.S. President Barack Obama’s three-day trip to the island nation is offering a tantalizing taste of the possibilities — particularly for the select crew of business leaders who are tagging along.” That statement conjures up visions of lions going to visit a few sheep to show them how to take better care of themselves. Black Cubans have suffered discrimination and mistreatment for decades. They are at the bottom level of the Cuban economic strata. If our revised friendship fails to bring positive economic change to Black Cubans, baseball, boxing, and entertainment notwithstanding, then once again, as we saw in South Africa, Black folks will be relegated to a narrow and crowded path to Cuba’s new prosperity. Haiti and the Dominican Republic are examples of what happens to Black people, especially when it comes to economic discrimination, preference, and skin tone. The island, historically called Hispaniola, is now divided into two countries, separated by a mountain range and skin tone, those who are lighter skinned and those who use bleaching cream

to get that way versus darker people. The Dominican Republic has flourishing tourism and accommodating infrastructure, far from what we see across the border in Haiti. But, you do remember who stepped in to “help” Haitians, don’t you? In January 2010, Time Magazine featured an article by Alexandra Silver, Haiti and the Dominican Republic: A Tale of Two Countries, which stated, “Haiti had long been exploited, by foreign powers, neighbors, and its own rulers. France not only milked Haiti for coffee and sugar production but also extracted an indemnity from it: the young nation had to pay a burdensome sum [reparations] to its former colonizer in order to achieve France’s diplomatic recognition. The lighter-skinned Dominicans looked down on the darker-skinned Haitians: in 1965, even as the Dominican Republic was embroiled in civil war, Haitians were working in Dominican fields and not the other way around.” Jalisco Lancer wrote, “Today, to be a Dominican is above all else not to be a Haitian. Schools and newspapers spread propaganda with the goal of dismissing the African heritage of the Dominican Republic and to distinguish between Dominicans and Haitians. The Dominican people are described as a White people of Hispanic descent.” Cuba and Black Cubans especially, should be wary and of what is being proposed as help for their island and be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities when they appear; so also should small Black business owners in this country. Charlie Rangel said, “As soon as our multi-national corporations start receiving the benefits of the profits that will be made with trade, I think in the next election we will move any impediments to bring peace, tranquility, and trade to our brothers and sisters in Cuba.” Really? An article titled, Amid sweeping changes in US relations, Cuba’s race problem persists (August 2015) cited, “When Soviet subsidies ended…racial inequality became more pronounced… [Employees] in the country’s lucrative tourism industry were also white.” The article continued, “Blacks spearheaded more blackmarket activities; jails held 85% darker-skinned Cubans. In Cuba’s particular version of stop-and-frisk, Blacks were stopped on streets at far higher rates than whites.” Aljazeera America, Julia Cooke Cuban expert, James Early, offers outstanding perspective on the opportunities that exist in Cuba for Black entrepreneurs. He surmises, “Despite much racial progress since 1959, the period… has revealed the yet unbridged fissures around racial identity and racism in today’s Cuba.” Lions and sheep The lions are at the Sheep Gate. Be prepared to get your “piece” of the action.

Americans Often See Cuba Upside Down By Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. President Obama’s historic trip to Havana, Cuba – the first American president to visit since Calvin Coolidge in 1928 – opens the door to a new era in relations not only with Cuba, but with our neighbors across the hemisphere. Extensive press coverage of the trip featured the president’s meeting with Cuban leader Raul Castro, the Tuesday baseball game pitting the Cuban national team against Tampa Bay, the president’s meetings with business leaders and with Cuban dissidents. We’ll get pictures of aged Chevy’s held together by duct tape, of lovely but crumbling Havana mansions, of Cuba’s lively culture and its widespread poverty. Cuba surely is a poor country. Its government, while still enjoying popular support, is a far remove from a democracy. Freedom of speech and assembly are greater than most realize, but still severely policed. But much of what we think about Cuba is upside down, and inside out. First, in many ways, the president’s initiative to normalize relations with Cuba isn’t so much ending their isolation as ending ours. Cuba has enjoyed good and growing relations with our neighbors across the hemisphere for years. In recent years, those countries have threatened to exclude the U.S. from hemispheric meetings if we continued to demand that Cuba’s exclusion. We have sought to isolate Cuba for over 50 years; we ended up isolating ourselves. Second, for many across the world, Cuba, not the U.S., has been on the right side of history. Cuba stood with Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress while the U.S. was supporting the apartheid government and labeling Mandela a terrorist. When South Africa invaded Angola in the mid-1970s to block the independence movement there, it was Cuba, not the U.S. that sent troops to force South Africa’s withdrawal. One of the first visits Mandela made after he was freed was to Havana to thank Fidel Castro for his support, hailing the Cuban revolution as “a source of inspiration to all freedom-loving peoples.” Similarly, for many across Africa and Latin America, Cuba is known for supplying doctors and teachers, aiding in the development of nations emerging from colonialism. America, too often, has been either allied with the former colo-

nialists or hostile to the emerging independent movements. Third, while some of Cuba’s poverty is self-inflicted, some is also the direct result of 50 years of the embargo. Cuba is a small island, 90 miles off our coast, without its own oil. Before the revolution, tourism was a leading industry; foreign investors were central to the economy. The revolution upended that order. The embargo severed those and any new ties. In the Cold War years, the Soviet Union alone provided a lifeline for the regime. Since the end of the Cold War, more and more countries have chafed at the American embargo and begun to deal with Cuba. Fourth, most popular leaders in South America see Cuba as an example of proud, national independence. In many ways, our hostility to Castro elevated his stature across the world. Emerging populist leaders in South America don’t plan to imitate Cuban socialism, which is being slowly reformed. But they are envious of Cuba’s health care and education systems that provide Cubans with a standard of health and educational opportunity far above most developing countries. Fifth, Cuba has not been closed to us; we have been closed to Cuba. The Cubans have been looking for a dialogue for years. When I went to Cuba in 1984, I met with Fidel Castro and even took him to church. We negotiated the release of 22 American and 26 Cuban political prisoners. He was ready for a dialogue then, but the U.S. continued its no -talk policy until President Obama finally launched his historic initiative. Reform will come slowly in a Cuba that is still proud of its revolution and anxious to preserve its gains in health care and education. Its foreign policy will remain proudly independent. The regime remains on guard against U.S. efforts to undermine it from within. But reform also will come slowly here. To this day, Congress refuses to lift an embargo that punishes a small neighbor off our coast. To this day, our arrogance and ideological blinders make it hard for us to see Cuba whole. The president has opened the door. Increased travel, cultural exchanges and the beginnings of business investment will push it open further. Most Americans already support normal relations and an end to a policy that has failed for over half a century. And one day, we can hope, even the ideologues and zealots in the Congress will get the message. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. is founder and president of the Chicagobased Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

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Friday, March 25, 2016


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EDUCATION & COMMUNITY NEWS Top Ladies of Distinctions, Inc. City of Angels Teens Host & Hostess

(First row) Rashaud M. Brown, David Bryant and Myles Griffin. (Second row) Engrid Smith, UNCF Chair, Teens Sarari Clark, LisaRaye M. Allen, Kobe, Wagner, Desean Overton, Kaylan Brinkley at the 2016 Martin Luther King Breakfast Celebrating with the HBCU. Photo courtesy Essie Mc Swain

By Israel Matthews Contributing Writer Hello Readers, Michael had a great Easter vacation and He spent it with family and friends. Michael is on the move and getting ready for his splash in the spring. He had a wonderful time in the warm sunshine over the weekend while visiting the Westin La Paloma Hotel and Resort in Tucson, Arizona. “Boy”, he said, It was amazing to see how the cactus grow in the hot weather but they do.” He said he was also a little afraid of all the lizards crawling all over the place. “They were in the garage where my mother parked her car. They were on the sidewalks and they were even near the swimming pool,” said Michael. “It was really creepy,” he said. He said the lizards reminded him of little alligators but they are twice as fast. Michael is always getting around to see interesting things as he travel. He likes to take trips and especially trips with his mom because she is so generous and she takes him to lots of fun places like the museums, the movies, and shopping for new clothes. Michael said, “I am having so much fun during my spring break it is hard for me to get in shape for going back to school and buckle down for all that studying.” He said he is looking forward to getting his report card so that he can be rewarded for all the good grades. He said, “My good grades are just like money to me because my mom, my mom’s friends and other people give me nice things and sometimes money for getting good grades.” He said, “It is an incentive for me.” Stay tune for next weeks. God Bless. :)

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Friday, Apil 1, 2016

CHURCH & COMMUNITY NEWS ‘The Story of God’ Shares Morgan Freeman’s Questions of Faith By Emily McFarlan Miller CHICAGO (RNS) It all started about seven years ago when actor Morgan Freeman visited the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Noticing the mosaics of Jesus inside the museum, Freeman asked his tour guide, who was Muslim, if the tiles had been covered over when the building, originally a Greek Orthodox church, was used as a mosque. No, the guide said, because Muslims view Jesus as a prophet. Freeman never had heard that. And if the actor — who has said he is fascinated by God and even has played the deity in the movies “Bruce Almighty” and “Evan Almighty” --– was unaware, how many others were, too? What else didn’t he know? Those and a few other questions — “Who is God?” and “Where do we come from?” — led him on a personal journey to 20 cities in seven countries around the world. They’re questions Freeman explores as host of the six-part television series “The Story of God,” premiering at 9 p.m. Eastern on Sunday (April 3) on the National Geographic Channel. “In some places I found answers, and others led to more questions,” Freeman said in a statement from the National Geographic Channel. “The constant through it all is that we’re all looking to be part of something bigger than us. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that we are.” Each episode of “The Story of God” explores a different question, and Sunday’s premiere starts with one of the biggest: “Where do we go after we die?” “Beyond Death” took Freeman to the pyramids in Egypt, to Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico and to a spot on the Ganges River in India where Hindus believe they can die and be cremated and end the cycle of reincarnation. Another episode, “Apocalypse,” asks why people draw comfort from the idea of an end of days -– and it brought Freeman to a science lab in Chicago, where the episode screened Wednesday (March 29). Afterward, a panel of faith leaders from Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian traditions discussed their religions’ apocalyptic beliefs and the episode’s approach. Azam Nizamuddin, co -chair of the Interfaith Committee at the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago, expressed disappointment the show focused on the

BCOM WEEKLY MINISTRY Christ’s Resurrection Solved Our Sin Problem By Dr. Gloria Zuurveen Romans 3:23-26;

Morgan Freeman from “The Story of God,” airing on the National Geographic Channel. Photo courtesy of National Geographic Channels/Miller Mobley

“The Story of God” with Morgan Freeman. Photo courtesy of National Geographic Channels/Matthew Paul Turner

so-called Islamic State rather than on centuries of Islamic theology. And Rabbi Frederick Reeves of KAM Isaiah Israel in Chicago said the Jewish beliefs shared in the episode didn’t represent “the Jews who live down the street from you.” Bishop Wayne Miller of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America pointed out that not only is there a great diversity of beliefs among world religions, but also within each religion. “I’ve always found that one of the great values of a piece like this is not that it answers all the questions but that it invites us to open the questions and continue the conversation,” Miller said. James Younger, who produced the series with Freeman and Lori McCreary, said “The Story of God” isn’t meant to be a theological treatise, but a reflection of Freeman’s “personal journey” and a response to “this apparent discord and disconnect between different faith traditions around the world and even within the U.S.” That includes atheists and agnostics, as well — both people of faith and no faith are asking these big questions, the producer said. “We have a lot more in common than we think we do,” he said. (Emily McFarlan Miller is a national reporter for RNS)

Praise God for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For it is the resurrection of Jesus Christ that gave all of us the right to be righteous again through faith in the work of Christ Jesus. Since the beginning when we, through the sin of Adam and Eve, became lost in our trespasses and sins God, through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, put an end to our sin problem and gave us a way back to Him by faith in the finished work of Christ Jesus. That is good news and it is news that we can all use because we were all born in a sinful state. Paul says it so plain and clear in Romans 3. He says in the 23 verse, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. The redemption is what we needed. To be brought back into a right relationship with the blood of Jesus is the price that was paid. So now, after Easter, we can rejoice because we have been set free from our sin problem. God did it. He set us free through Christ Jesus whom He set forth as a propitiation by His blood, through faith, to demonstrate His righteousness, because in His forbearance God had passed over the sins that were previously committed, to demonstrate at the present time His righteousness, that He might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus. So as dear children we are to be glad for the grace of God and for the opportunity to praise His wonderful name for the work He done and the victory that He has won and we now have the privilege and the power to claim our inheritance as heir to the throne all because Jesus, through His resurrection, has given us the key to set us free. Now we can truly say like Paul said in the book of Philippians 38-10, “Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ and be found in Him, not having my own righteousness, which is from the law, but that which through faith in Christ, the righteousness which is from God by faith; that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His suffering, being conformed to His death. “


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Friday, April 1, 2016




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Friday, April 1, 2016

HEALTH & COMMUNITY NEWS The Water War & The Cost to African-American Communities By Madlen Grgodjaian/ California Black Media The drought has taken a toll on many communities, including disadvantaged communities, and the pain may just be starting. Recent reports in the Los Angeles Times and San Diego Union Tribune indicate new water rate hikes across the state. While every Californian has felt the effects of the five-year-old drought in their everyday living, with higher food prices, increased water rates and strict state demands for water conservation backed with fines. Those water problems may worsen when our state’s population reaches 43 million by 2030 but still relies on a water storage system built in the 1960s to serve just 19.5 million. The Metropolitan Wa-

ter District of Southern California provides drinking water to 19 million residents in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties. In 2010, when the drought first began, the water district paid $250 per acre-foot to buy water from farmers in Northern California. The price last year doubled to $500 and this year there were reports it reached $700 an acre -foot. This year more than 37 billion gallons of water could be sold to Metropolitan and other buyers. “We’re hoping to grow this pie larger,” said Steve Hirsch, the agency’s manager of water transfers and exchanges. “We’re still pursuing sellers.” Lance Tennis is a rice farmer who owns about 900

Allergic Reaction By Dean L. Jones, CPM Increasingly, people across the country are suffering from seasonal allergies, particularly from the spring pollens. Buying and taking over-the-counter and prescription drugs to alleviate the discomfort from allergy symptoms frequently come with negative side effects. The impact from extra pollen in the air triggers a histamine (immune system) response from our body, and thereby the stronger the immune system the easier spring and summer allergies can be averted making hay fever a former ill. A number of allergy sufferers turn to avoiding certain foods that may trigger allergic responses, which is a good process as there is a link between consuming processed sugars and seasonal allergies. This is because seasonal allergies come about mainly from a weak immune system. Researchers have documented studies showing how eating just 3 ounces of processed sugar suppresses the immune system within 30 minutes of consumption. Even worst, this immune system response can last up to 5 hours. So, for those who binge on sugar sometimes weaken the immune system for days. You may have noticed how some people believe eating artificial sweeteners make a difference in avoiding the dangers of eating processed sugar. Nevertheless, an artificial sweetener like sucralose (brand name Splenda) is severely misleading in regards to being a better health alternative than processed sugar. Last year PepsiCo made a big deal about their decision to discontinue adding aspartame to its Diet Pepsi and have replaced it with Splenda. PepsiCo capitalized on Splenda's slogan that it is made from sugar so it tastes like sugar. Unquestionably, it is safer than the artificial sweetener aspartame, but that only means it is the lesser of two evils. Sadly, products like Splenda are added to more than 4,500 products, as artificial sweeteners

Photo by Gloria Zuurveen

Dean L. Jones

are scientifically linked to contracting various cancers, specifically leukemia. Splenda gets to say it is a natural substitute since its makings start with a sugar molecule, which is strange since sugar is processed. It then goes through a secret five-step process of making sucralose where three chlorine molecules are added to a sucrose or sugar molecule. A sucrose molecule is a disaccharide that contains two single sugars bound together: glucose and fructose. This type of sugar molecule does not occur in nature and consequently the human body is incapable of properly metabolizing it. This is where the makers take advantage of this fact and make the bold claim that Splenda is not digested or metabolized so it has zero calories. Artificial sweeteners are chemicals that do not pass straight through our body and about 15% or more is absorbed into the digestive system and wrongly stored in the body. So why not attempt to eliminate processed sugars from your diet for perhaps 7 consecutive days. This will give an opportunity to strengthen the immune system and see if allergies subside from eating SugarAlert! www.SugarAlert.com As a strategic alliance strategist, Dean shares his best viable practices on behalf of a public benefit organization named the Southland Partnership Corporation.

acres in Butte County. “You can’t turn it away. It’s too much money,” Tennis reportedly said. Metropolitan is dedicated to boosting their reserves and is willing to pay $71 million for 100,000 acre-feet of water. The lucrative offer to purchase water may be more than what rice farmers make from their crops sales. “Just follow the money. Northern California farmers stand to make more money by leaving their equipment in the barn and fallowing fields so they can sell their water instead. Growing rice costs about $1,600 an acre, and at end-of-2015 prices, they could sell it for $1,208, a loss of $392. Selling water looks good by comparison,” said Mario Guerra, former President of the Independent Cities Association (ICA – Represents 50 cities in the County of Los Angeles, including Compton, Inglewood, Glendale, Monrovia, Claremont, Redondo Beach, etc.) and Mayor of Downey. Twenty-five years ago many Northern California farmers fought against Metropolitan purchasing their water. Agriculturalists today are more apt to cut deals with the water giant. “Transfer of water rights from one entity to another may need modern laws, monitoring and simplified regulations for better utilization of our previous natural resource”, said Michael Harris, California Black Agriculture Working Group, chair. Board of Equalization board member George Runner and state senator Bob Huff (RSan Dimas) are gathering signatures for an initiative to derail the state’s High-Speed Rail project and use its money for new water storage.

Which they say establishes people as the top priority for the state’s use of water in a constitutional amendment. The measure redirects $10.7 billion in existing bond funds, so it incurs no new debt. Taking about $8 billion from rail system bonds and $2.7 billion from the 2014 Proposition 1 Water Bond, it funds building two new dams and increasing the size of two existing reservoirs. It also funds stormwater runoff capture and reuse projects that will help stop Los Angeles from dumping pollution into the ocean each time it rains. “This initiative does not raise taxes, it does not ask for additional revenue or add any more debt,” vice chair Runner said. “It reallocates unused money from past bonds to make better use of the money in our dire drought for the purpose of providing groundwater recharge and treatment facilities and infrastructure to store new water for California families, businesses and food production.” On February 22, the California Rice Industry Association (CRIA) and Northern California Water Association (NCWA) formed a new political committee to oppose the Huff/Runner “Water for All” ballot measure named, “Stop the Special Interest Water Grab, a Coalition of Farmers, Water Organizations, Labor, Fishermen and Conservationists.” Opponents believe the initiative would disrupt the California Water Commission’s current process of allocating the bond funds early next year and jeopardize prospects for major new reservoirs. “We’re fully engaged

in the process that’s been created by Prop. 1,” Tulare County Supervisor Steve Worthley said. “This constitutional amendment would basically change the whole dynamic, pull the money out from under the commission and give it to another authority that doesn’t even exist today.” The water initiative would create a new State Water and Groundwater Storage Facilities Authority to choose the projects to be funded by reallocated bond amounts. Executive Director Aubrey Bettencourt of the California Water Alliance believes such concerns are misplaced. The initiative being circulated for signatures includes a “grandfather” clause that would allow the new water authority to adopt and approve the projects under consideration under the California Water Commission’s process. “California’s ongoing water crisis continues to stress our reservoirs and groundwater basins and has led to mandatory water cuts and fines on all Californians,” said Bettencourt. “This initiative offers a meaningful way for California to address its chronic problems stemming from aging water infrastructure, increasing population and the ramifications of climate change that will continue to stress our already fragile water system.” Metropolitan has a responsibility to ensure that our communities have access to reliable and clean drinking water. If this water in-balance continues, where Metropolitan pays more for our water each year, African-American communities could become innocent bystanders who will see those rising costs passed along, in ever-increasing water rates.

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Friday, April 1, 2016

NEWS Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science to Host 4th Annual Legacy Leaders Spring Gala on April 14, 2016 LOS ANGELES, CA —Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science (CDU) will host its 4th Annual Legacy Leaders Spring Gala— Honoring Legends, Championing Our Mission— on Thursday, April 14, 2016 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel, 9876 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California 90210. The reception starts at 6 p.m. The Annual Gala pays

Dr. David M. Carlisle Nola Carter

through Saturday Science Academy II, an impactful pipeline program that encourages K-12 South Los Angeles

When he came back to LA he

CDU, Pomona College, the

community in South Los Angeles a better place. A leader of her local block club in the 1980’s, she could be heard

Dr. Robert Tranquada

Toni Guinyard.

Eloise Laws

tribute to individuals who have helped CDU fulfill its mission to train healthcare leaders to provide care with excellence and compassion. This year, the Gala will honor lifelong South Los Angeles Activist Nola Carter and CDU Trustee Emeritus Robert Tranquada, MD, a leading founder of the Watts Health Center. Dr. David M. Carlisle, President and CEO of CDU said of the honorees: "Both Dr. Robert Tranquada and Nola Carter have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to expanding healthcare access in South Los Angeles. CDU would not be where it is today without their tireless support. The Gala is one way we hope to show our appreciation.” The evening will include the Jazz Marlonius Quartet followed by performances by legendary recording artist Eloise Laws and R&B singer Jesse Campbell, best known for serving as a contestant on Season 2 of “The Voice” on NBC. Returning as mistress of ceremonies is NBC4 veteran general assignment reporter Toni Guinyard. Proceeds from the event will benefit CDU in its mission to train diverse healthcare professionals

students to excel in math, science and technology as well as provide support for Student Services which enhances Students’ experience here at CDU. Make your online ticket purchase by April 4th at http://www.cduat50.org/ events/april-2016-4th-annuallegacy-leaders-spring-gala/, or by phone by calling the Office of Strategic Advancement at 323.357.3669 or email advancement@cdrewu.edu. For updates, follow #CDUat50 on social media. So that no one is left out, CDU has launched the “#Give50”, a campaign which encourages everyone to contribute $50 or more toward the University’s 50th Anniversary celebration. More information will be available at the hashtag. The gala is one in a series of events throughout the year that will honor CDU’s 50 years of training outstanding health professionals. On August 22, 1966, CDU was founded following the Watts Revolt, to address the inadequate access to healthcare in the community of Watts and greater South Los Angeles. Honoree Nola Carter is a leading South Los Angeles advocate for CDU and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Hospital. During every social movement since the 1950’s, she would mobilize to make her

protesting “Don’t Move, Improve” to her neighbors leaving the community. She worked with the Neighborhood Adult Participation Program (NAPP) providing social services for homeless youth and later became director of its Florence-Firestone Center until 1982. Shortly thereafter, she started working with the Lillian Mobley South Central Community Service Center as a volunteer providing needs for senior citizens, eventually becoming Assistant Director. In 2013, she received CDU’s President’s Medal for her extraordinary and unique service to the University. A leading founder of the Watts Health Center, Dr. Robert Tranquada has a decades-long track record of supporting CDU and quality healthcare in South Los Angeles. As an associate dean of USC School of Medicine, and a CDU board member, he was influential in developing and strengthening student education. He also established and directed the Watts Health Center from 1965-68 (now the Watts Healthcare Corporation). In 1976, he became Associate Dean of the UCLA Medical School. He then left UCLA in 1979 to become Chancellor and Dean of the University of Massachusetts Medical Center and was there until 1986.

Jesse Campbell

served as Dean of the USC School of Medicine in 1986 and he served again on the CDU board until his retirement in 1995. In 1991, he was a member of the Christopher Commission (The Independent Commission on the Los Angeles Police Department) and he chaired the Los Angeles County Task Force on Health Care Access from 1992 to 1993. Currently, he is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Southern California and serves on several boards, including Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital, Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, Good Hope Medical Foundation, Huntington Medical Research Institutes and St. San Antonio Gardens. In addition, he is an emeritus board member at

Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Science, National Medical Fellowships, Inc. and the Local Initiative Health Authority for Los Angeles County. Sponsors for the CDU Spring Gala include: Platinum Sponsor: Los Angeles County Supervisor, Mark RidleyThomas, Second District, Gold Sponsors: The California Wellness Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, the Stith Hope Fund, and UCLA Health/ UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and Silver Sponsors: Comerica Bank, and Daniel, Russell & Charles, Co., LLC. For more information, visit http://www.cdrewu.edu/, and follow CDU on Facebook, Twitter (@cdrewu), and Instagram (@charlesdrewu).

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Friday, April 1, 2016


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Friday, April 1, 2016

BUSINESS & COMMUNITY NEWS National Convening United African Americans and Black Immigrants Black Immigration Network Heads to Los Angeles, CA to Address Racial Justice and Migrant Rights LOS ANGELES — The Black Immigration Network (BIN) will convene its national membership in Los Angeles, CA April 8-10, 2016 as it tackles the tough issues facing Black immigrants and African-Americans in the fight for justice in the U.S. With the theme, Black Love Beyond Borders, this convening will be an opportunity for people of African descent to participate in training, networking and strategizing at the historic Holman United Methodist Church — known for its leadership in civil and human rights, and social justice. “This is a very important time for Black communities to come together,” said Tia Oso, National Organizer with Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI), which supports the coordination of BIN Network. “The movement for Black Lives is bringing to light structural racism, and because Black immigrants are faced with both anti-Black racism and complicating factors of their immigration status, we must work together to address these issues.” Often overlooked in the immigration discourse, over 4 million Black immigrants from countries in the Caribbean, Africa, Europe and Latin America live in the

U.S., comprising 10 percent of the American foreign-born population and a rapidly increasing share of the Black population in the U.S. BIN has successfully raised Black immigrant issues and leadership in immigrant rights. In January 2016 BIN members organized the first ever convening of Black un-

documented immigrants in Miami, FL. After five years of advocacy, the Reunite Haitian American Families Campaign led to the Department of Homeland Security creating

the Haitian Family Reunification Parole Program for expedited family visas for 5,000 Haitian American families. In March 2013, the network led the effort to hold the first Congressional Briefing on Black immigrants, which convinced the Congressional Black Caucus to create its task force on immigration. “We’ve built this network because Black communities are among the most marginalized in this movement for immigrant justice,” said Opal Tometi, Executive Director of BAJI and cofounder Black Lives Matter. “We are tired of not being at the policy table, nor provided with resources to uplift the voices of the Black community. Black immigrants and African Americans have the highest unemployment, highest incarceration, lowest wages and many more challenges facing us! This is our attempt to rectify that because our communities deserve justice and dignity, and we should have a fighting chance.” The BIN Kinship Assembly will be welcomed by many local organizations, including Los Angeles Black

Workers Center, African Communities Public Health Coalition, Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), SCOPE, Community Coalition South LA, and the Black Community Clergy and Labor Alliance. “In a day and age where African Americans are being pit against immigrants, we are a group that says this must stop,” said Trina Jackson of the Boston, MA based Network for Immigrants and African Americans in Solidarity. “We embrace and love one another, and know that our commitment to justice is a commitment to all of us!” The Black Immigration Network (BIN) is a national network of people and organizations serving black immigrant and African American communities who are focused on supporting fair and just immigration, as well as economic and social policies that benefit these communities and all communities of color in order to create a more just and equitable society. For more information, visit www.blackimmigration.net/ kinship

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Friday, April February 1, 2016 22, 2013


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NATIONAL/STATE & REGIONAL NEWS Defense: Former Beauty Queen Flight Attendant in Cocaine Case Might Not Have Known By Larry Neumeister and Amanda Lee Myers Associated Press (Los Angeles Airport Police via AP) NEW YORK (AP) — A JetBlue flight attendant accused of trying to sneak a suitcase full of cocaine through Los Angeles International Airport and making a dramatic dash to escape says she might not have been sure what was in her bag, a spokesman for her said Thursday as prosecutors suggested she had smuggled before. Marsha Gay Reynolds, a former Jamaican beauty queen and college track athlete, turned herself in Wednesday to face a federal drug charge. Authorities said they found 70 pounds of cocaine in her luggage at LAX on March 18 after she was flagged for a random security screening, flung off her high heels and bolted barefoot down an upward-moving escalator. They said she ran out of the terminal and crossed the country to New York. Reynolds’ spokesman Allan Jennings, representing her family and her defense lawyer, said, “She may not have been fully aware of what was in the bags.” But Assistant U.S. Attorney Alicia Washington told a court that last week was “not the only time the defendant has engaged in this conduct.” Washington didn’t elaborate, and Jennings said he was surprised by the claim. A U.S. magistrate judge set bail for Reynolds at $500,000 and then warned her parents and two friends from her church they could lose their homes if she flees. He gave prosecutors a day to appeal before Reynolds can be freed. Reynolds, a 31-year-old Jamaican-born U.S. citizen, graduated from New York University and ran track there. She was a runner-up in the Miss Jamaica World

2008 pageant, which sends the country’s representative to Miss World contests. Leaders of the Jamaica pageant were “shocked and surprised” at news of Reynolds’ arrest, said organizer Laura Butler, who doesn’t know Reynolds. She said Reynolds apparently had traveled to Jamaica to compete while living in New York, as the

contest allows for women of Jamaican heritage living elsewhere. Reynolds arrived last week at a security checkpoint in LAX’s Terminal 4 wearing jeans, heels and a black suit jacket and carrying her known crew member badge, an FBI agent’s sworn statement said. She was off duty at the time. Asked to step aside for a ran-

Ridley-Thomas and Kuehl Calls for Justice for Youth When children and teenagers cannot afford an attorney, the County provides a public defender. If there is a conflict – such as when a public defender or, in some cases, alternate public defender is already representing another party in the case – the County hires a private “panel attorney,” who gets paid a flat fee of $340-$360. In 2014, Supervisor Ridley-Thomas urged the County to commission an unprecedented analysis of the juvenile indigent defense system to ensure at-risk youth receive fair treatment in court. The Warren Institute at UC Berkeley School of Law conducted extensive interviews and surveys, case file reviews, and billing and payment analysis before

reporting to the Board of Supervisors this month. The analysis found the flat fee could be a disincentive for panel attorneys to spend additional time and effort on a case. It also noted the County has minimal to no oversight on its juvenile indigent defense system, including around panel attorneys’ caseloads and training. Nor does it monitor whether panel attorneys advocate for their young clients to receive services like housing, special education, and treatments for abuse, trauma, substance addiction and mental illness. The report showed this resulted in disparate outcomes, with youth represented by panel attorneys more likely to be sent to probation camps or transferred

to the adult system. Supervisors Ridley-Thomas and Kuehl called for reform, saying the structure of the juvenile indigent defense system has not changed in the 20 years since contracts with panel attorneys were first developed. “The time has come for the County to take a serious look at how youth are represented and find that reform is critically needed,” they said in a motion. “It is now clear that the quality of legal representation of children in the County’s juvenile delinquency system is markedly uneven, and that a key element of the current organizational structure involving panel attorneys is insufficient and lacks oversight.” The Board of Supervisors will hear the full motion on April 5.

Tighter Regulations for Oil and Gas Wells The Board of Supervisors is looking into tightening regulations for oil and gas facilities in Los Angeles County’s unincorporated areas. Acting on a motion by Supervisors Mark Ridley-Thomas and Hilda Solis, the Board unanimously called for being proactive in ensuring that existing oil and facilities operate safely, as well as for enhancing the regulatory process for future well sites. The motion incorporated slight amendments by Supervisors Michael Antonovich, Don Knabe and Sheila Kuehl. “We have spent far too much time reacting to environmental catastrophe after catastrophe – from the former Athens Tank Farm, to the Aliso Canyon methane leak, to the Exide Battery Recycling Facility in Vernon,” Supervisor Ridley-Thomas

said. “These incidents highlight the dire environmental, economic and public health repercussions when industrial facilities are not properly operated.” “The significant community disruption, coupled with consequential environmental impacts, provides ample justification for a proactive approach,” Supervisor Ridley-Thomas added. More than half of the 1,687 oil and gas facilities in unincorporated areas already operate under strict regulatory requirements created by the Baldwin Hills Community Standards District. At the Inglewood Oil Field, for example, the District restricts the amount of drilling allowed; monitors air quality, groundwater, noise and seismic activity; and requires emergency response protocols and monthly meetings with members of the com-

munity. An estimated 800 facilities in unincorporated areas, however, operate with a lack of consistency in permit conditions, and under regulations that vary from project to project. The motion calls for creating a “strike team” to inventory those facilities and conduct on-site inspections and safety audits. Supervisor Ridley-Thomas said, “The objective is to ensure that these facilities are appropriately monitored and are operating in a manner that protects the health and safety of surrounding communities.” The motion also sought to update zoning and other regulations to ensure that future well sites minimize environmental impacts and pose no danger to surrounding populations. An initial report is expected this fall.

dom check, Reynolds nervously looked around and made a cellphone call as she was led to a screening area, the statement said. When a Transportation Security Administration officer asked her for identification, she dropped her bag, ditched her Gucci shoes and took off, an affidavit said. A TSA officer said he didn’t pursue her because his primary concern was her abandoned luggage. In it was just over 68 pounds of cocaine, worth as much as $3 million on the streets of Los Angeles, authorities said. JetBlue Airways Corp., which suspended Reynolds, said it was cooperating with the investigation. Prosecutors said Reynolds “took advantage of her position as a crew member” and “abused the trust” she had. If convicted, Reynolds could face at least 10 years in

prison, prosecutors said. The TSA has been concerned about security threats from insiders, including airline and airport employees, particularly after several baggage handlers were arrested in December 2014 on charges of smuggling guns from Atlanta to New York. The TSA has said it would be too expensive to screen all employees fully. Instead, it has urged airports to increase random screenings of workers and to keep background checks up to date. Myers reported from Los Angeles. Associated Press writer Jennifer Peltz in New York contributed to this report. Follow Amanda Lee Myers on Twitter at https:// twitter.com/AmandaLeeAP. Her work can be found at http:// bigstory.ap.org/content/amanda-lee -myers .

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Friday, April 1, 2016


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ART&ENTERTAINMENT NEWS The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation Presents the 9th Annual Congo Square Rhythms Festival By Ricky Richardson The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation, a nonprofit organization that owns the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, presented the 9th Annual Congo Square Rhythms Festival. This huge two-day cultural celebration was held on Saturday, March 19th and Sunday, March 20th. The festival was held in historic Armstrong Park to celebrate the music, and cultures of the African diaspora featuring a stellar line-up of local musicians. Armstrong Park is name after the legendary Ambassador of New Orleans Louis Armstrong. The park was also called Congo Square, which our Ancestors used to gather to have a great time (listen to music and dance) and browse through the variety of vendors, in what is currently called an African Marketplace or bazaar. The eclectic line up featured New Orleans brass bands, Mardi Gras Indians and African percussion and dance ensembles representing various countries in the African diaspora. The festival had a musical line-up to satisfy any music lover’s taste. Two popular artists on the schedule featured The Voice contestant Tonya Boyd- Cannon and Tank and the Bangas (pictured). Both vocalists wowed the crowd with a powerful-show stopping performance during their time in the

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(424) 200-1930 Photo by Ricky Richardson Tonya Boyd- Cannon

Christian Facility Available for Charter Schools, Meetings, Seminars and Banquets Seats Up to 100 People Equipped With Full Kitchen For More Details Call:

Cell: (310) 903-7972 Photo by Ricky Richardson Tank and the Bangas

spotlight. There was also an array of delicious food for sale, arts marketplace and interactive kid’s area. Raincoats,

ponchos and other gear were needed on Saturday, as light sprinkles came down throughout the day. Sunday was clear and much cooler.

David & Tamela Mann Return for More Laughs As Season Two of Popular Bounce TV Comedy Series Mann & Wife ATLANTA PRNewswire - David Mann, Tamela Mann and company are bringing a brand new assortment of hysterical family situations and laughs to television this spring when the second season of their hit comedy series Mann & Wife world premieres Tuesday, April 5 at 9:00 p.m. ET, 8:00 p.m. CT on Bounce TV, with new episodes debuting Tuesday nights in that time slot for 10 weeks. The real-life husband and wife team star and serve as executive producers of Mann & Wife. The half-hour situation comedy follows their characters - newlywed, second-chance sweethearts Daniel and Toni Mann -- as they laugh and love their way through the ups and downs of life as a blended family, each with two children from previous marriages. In addition to the show's popular stars, also returning for season two is Vivica A. Fox as Daniel's first wife, Tony Rock as Daniel's partner on the police force and JoMarie Payton as Lorraine, Daniel's overbearing mother. The Mann kids are played by Steven Walsh (Daniel, Jr.), Amir O'Neil (Darren), Lauren Kennedy

Hardy (Terri) and Jadah Marie (Tosha). John Marshall Jones joins the cast as Daniel's new Lieutenant. Guest stars this season include Clifton Powell, Kim Coles, Rolanda Watts, Cocoa Brown, Eric Roberts, Michael Lewis Montgomery II, Elise Neal and Jonathan Slocoumb. Mann & Wife co-creator Roger Bobb (The Rickey Smiley Show, House of Payne) serves as executive producer and director of the series. The first season of Mann & Wife was a smash success, setting network records for viewership. Bounce TV is the

only emerging broadcast network producing original scripted series, which in addition to Mann & Wife includes the current mega-hit drama Saints & Sinners and the popular comedies In The Cut and Family Time. Bounce TV is the fastest -growing African-American (AA) network on television and airs on the broadcast signals of local television stations and corresponding cable carriage. The network features a programming mix of original and off-network series, theatrical motion pictures, specials, live sports and more. Visit Bounce TV.com for more information.

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BUSINESS DIRECTORY Notice of Certificate of Acceptance and Declaration of Land Patent Assignee. To all to whom these presents shall come, Greeting: Know that the live man, one, Mark Lynn Crumpacker, does hereby certify and declare that: 1.One is a lawful "Assignee" in the federal Land Patent # 737246. Dated, February 27 in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty [A.D. 1920]; that one has brought up said Land Patent In one’s name as it pertains to that portion of the land described as Lot 40 of tract 26801 near the city of Santa Clarita Los Angeles county, California, as per book 174 pages 48-50, inclusive. The character of said land so claimed by the patent, and legally described and referenced under the Patent Number listed above is: Township four, north of Range fourteen west and the south half of the northeast quarter and the northeast quarter of the southeast quarter of Section twelve in Township four north of Range fifteen west of the San Bernardino Meridian, California. Containing one hundred sixty-five and thirty-eight-hundredth acres." 2.One is an Assignee at Law and a bona fide Assignee and lawful “absolute owner” by way of valuable consideration, only for the certain legally described portion of the tract of Land, which is duly authorized to be executed in pursuance of the supremacy of Treaty Law, citation and Constitutional Mandate, herein referenced, whereupon a duly authenticated true and correct lawful description, together with all hereditament, tenements and pre-emptive rights appurtenant thereto, the lawful and valuable consideration which is appended hereto, and made a part of this Notice of Certificate of Acceptance and Declaration of Land Patent Assignee. 3. Said tract of Private Land is located in California and is not “in this state” (as defined under California

Revenue and Taxation Code, Section 130(f)) 4. The filing of this Notice of Certificate of Acceptance and Declaration of Land Patent Assignee shall not deny or infringe upon any right or privilege, or Immunity of any other Heir or Assigns to any other portion of the tract of land covered in the abovedescribed federal Patent Number 737246. 5. If this duly certified copy of the Land Patent is not challenged by a lawfully qualified party having a lawful claim, lien, debt, or other equitable interest in a lawful court of competent jurisdiction within thirty days from the date of the filing of this NOTICE then the above described property shall become the allodial Freehold of the Heir or Assignee to said Patent, the certain lawfully described portion of the private Land of the federal Land Patent shall be considered henceforth perfected in one’s birthright Title: "Mark Lynn Crumpacker", and all future claims against this private Land shall be forever waived.

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2016057655 The following person (s) is/are doing business as: Integrity Property Management, 216 Myrrh, Compton, CA 90224, LA County; P.O. Box 6153Compton, CA 90224 Registered Owner(s): Catherine Anderson, 216 E. Myrrh Street, Compton, CA 90220 This business is conducted by an individual. The date registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name or names listed above on N/ A. I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows to be false is guilty of a crime.) SIGNED: Catherine Anderson Title: Managing Member Registrant Signature This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Los Angeles County on March 9, 2016 Expires March 9, 2016. Notice-This fictitious Name Statement expires five years from date it was filed in the office of the County Clerk. A new Fictitious Business Name Statement must be filed prior to that date. The filing of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a fictitious business in violation of the rights of another under federal, state, or common law (See Section 14411 et seq., Business and Professions Code). (First Filing) Pub March 18, 25, April 1, 8, 2016PN

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2015290119 The following person (s) is/are doing business as: All Children Unite, 9451 La Salle Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90047; P.O. Box 6153 Compton, CA 90224 Registered Owner(s): Catherin Anderson, 9451 La Salle Los Angeles, CA 90047 This business is conducted by an Individual. The date registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name or names listed above on N/A. I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows to be false is guilty of a crime.) SIGNED: Catherine Anderson Title: Owner Registrant Signature This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Los Angeles County on November 13, 2015 Expires November 13, 2020. Notice-This fictitious Name Statement expires five years from date it was filed in the office of the County Clerk. A new Fictitious Business Name Statement must be filed prior to that date. The filing of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a fictitious business in violation of the rights of another under federal, state, or common law (See Section 14411 et seq., Business and Professions Code). (First Filing) Pub December 4, 11, 18, 25, 2015PN

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2016060197 The following person (s) is/are doing business as: Green Works Construction, 8306 Wilshire Blvd, #221, Los Angeles, CA 90211-2304 LA County Registered Owner(s): Timothy Campbell, 8306 Wilshire Blvd, #221, Los Angeles, CA 90211-2304 This business is conducted by an Individual. The date registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name or names listed above on 01/01/2012. I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows to be false is guilty of a crime.) SIGNED: Timothy Campbell Title: Owner Registrant Signature This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Los Angeles County on March 11, 2016 Expires March 11, 202021. Notice-This fictitious Name Statement expires five years from date it was filed in the office of the County Clerk. A new Fictitious Business Name Statement must be filed prior to that date. The filing of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a fictitious business in violation of the rights of another under federal, state, or common law (See Section 14411 et seq., Business and Professions Code). (First Filing) Pub March 18, 25, April 1, 8, 2016PN


Case #GT000752

Daren DiNicola, 3545 El Lado Dr., Glendale, CA, 91208 Attorney for Daren DiNicola, In ProPer in the matter of the Adoption Petition of Daren DiNicola. Application is hereby made for an order directing service of the abovecaptioned summon, citation or notice of hearing on defendant, respondent, or cite James Douglas Hodgson by publication of said summons, citation or notice of hearing in the PACE NEWS which newspaper is adjudicated a newspaper of general circulation in California and most likely to give notice to defendant, respondent, or cite because the citation, complaint or petition, which is for Adoption, was filed herein on October 9, 2015. A copy of summons, citation or notice of hearing and the complain or petition could not be served by any of the following methods for the reasons shown: 1. Personal service-section 415.10CCP 2. Service on a corporation, partnership, association, or public entity-section 415.20 (a) CCP). 3. Service on natural person, minor, incompetent, or candidate-section 415.20 (b) CCP. 4.Service by mail-section 415.30CCP 5. Service by mail outside the State of California-section 415.40 CCP 6. Other-Section 413.10, 413.3 Executed October 9, 2015 at Glendale, California. I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct. Pub. Oct. 16, 23, 30, Nov. 6, 2015PN

6. Therefore, said land remains unencumbered, free and clear, and without liens or lawfully attached in any way, and is hereby declared to be private land and private property, not subject to any commercial forums (e. g. U. C. C.) whatsoever. Additionally, a Common Law courtesy period of thirty calendar days is stipulated for any challenges hereto, otherwise, laches or estoppel shall forever bar the same against said allodial freehold estate; assessment lien theory to the contrary, notwithstanding. Therefore, said declaration after thirty calendar days from verified date of receipt, if no challenges are brought forth and upheld, perfects this allodial Title for the Declarant and his heirs or assigns forever. Pub. March 25, April 1, 8, 15, 2016 PACE NEWS

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2015306405 The following person (s) is/are doing business as: 1.Gladstone Rocks, 2. Bahati Books Publishing, 6074 Pickford St. #2, Los Angeles, CA 90035 Los Angeles County Registered Owner(s): 1. Amiekoleh Usafi, 6074 Pickford St #2, Los Angeles, CA 90035. This business is conducted by an Individual. The date registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name or names listed above on N/A. I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows to be false is guilty of a crime.) SIGNED: . Amiekoleh Usafi Title: Owner Registrant Signature This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Los Angeles County on November 4, 2015 Expires November 4,2020. Notice-This fictitious Name Statement expires five years from date it was filed in the office of the County Clerk. A new Fictitious Business Name Statement must be filed prior to that date. The filing of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a fictitious business in violation of the rights of another under federal, state, or common law (See Section 14411 et seq., Business and Professions Code). (First Filing) Pub December 4, 11, 18,25 2015PN

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