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WEDNESDAY 06.06.12








MAGGIE SOLDANO In 4 years she’s changed student life at PACC. As she moves on to new professional challenges, PACC NOW’s exclusive interview looks back on her remarkable tenure. > P2 interview - Ashley Daniel Foot photos - Dominique Brilliantes




WEDNESDAY 06.06.12

When you look back on the four years that you've spent at PACC what comes to mind?

Amazing, dedicated, caring, determined students. Followed by incredibly dedicated, caring teachers. A support staff that is there to support teachers and students. I've never seen that before-- where everyone at all levels in the building works to help the student. Talk about your role at PACC adult. My role is always to support students and that was my starting point-- to be here, to be visible and to work with the students, work with the teachers and the support staff and all of these relationships develop--so that we're all linked to the student at the end of the day How did you come to work at PACC? I was an Adult Education teacher in math for 14 years and an opportunity came up where there was a position in Adult ed. admin and so I went for interview ready for new challenge-and got the job! What is the most surprising or amazing thing about working here? The most amazing things are the ones I never expected: say I get a call from Jordan downstairs -- Well it might take 15-20 mins to get downstairs because its amazing what you can pick up along the way-always something going on-- lot of activity, students questions. That's surprising . I may sometimes forget

to get back to Jordan because it takes so long to get [downstairs]

here cares-- if you can voice your frustrations they will help you find the right person to talk to you.

How is adult different than a typical high school?

“Do not sit silence because there are people who are truly here to help.�

I think that we take the time to meet with the students and the teachers and I think the teachers and admin work together to support the students-- I think the students are surprised when we first intervene with them--that we're here to help you and not here to kick you out of school or suspend you- what we can do to help the student succeed rather than punish them, and I've that the teachers are on board with that philosophy What advice do you have for a student who is struggling? Talk to someone, one person, a teacher, a support staff member, student services, Natasha Reid, even if you are not on Emploi Quebec, anyone on staff here because everyone

What is your educational outlook? Your vision for education? I think as its been since I've been teaching and even before when I was a teacher, when I was a student --you have to look at the individual as more than the person who needs whatever content you are teaching. You have to always look at the whole person and I am confident that will continue; that's just the nature of teaching: to look after the whole person-- when things don't work out its a challenge for a student its not something that cannot be overcome if we work together we come up with solutions for that student--- so its to look at the whole person which is what we've been doing. SEE MAGGIE on P 3


WEDNESDAY 06.06.12

MAGGIE continued from page 2 What drives you to continue? How are you that rock for the PACC community-- over and over again? I think its because I look at a problem as just a challenge and that there is a solution to it if we put our heads together.And so whenever I get approached with a someone who says, "I have a problem!" I don't even here the word problem, I start immediately searching for a solution because I really believe they are out there-- we just have to put our heads together and figure out how. I don't always have all the solutions, but I can tell you when I work with the teachers they've come up with the solution and we support each other; and thats what works, that we're driven by the right reason-- which is student success. So that's how I see it. I never see it as "Oh here's a problem, what are we going to do now?" -- it's you have a challenge, how do we overcome this challenge? What are the top three characteristics a leader should possess? Vision, good listening skills, and caring. What about your future-- where will Maggie Soldano be in 5- 10 years? That's a tough question-- I live in the moment and just take on what's happening now. I never envisioned that I would have left the classroom-- I said i would never stop teaching because I love this job, things happen for a reason and this is the most amazing job-- and so I am taking this as another challenge, something more to learn-- My work will always be in education, in some capacity. Did you always want to be in education? I am going to be a big nerd and say yes! When I was in kindergarten, I wrote that I wanted to be a teacher‌ What will you miss most about PACC Adult? Students-- though I will have some downstairs that I will continue with on their next journey. But I will definitely the miss students they've been incredibly unbelievable and I only have the best things to say about them. These are students who care about each other, the school, fellow students, the teachers-- so caring and full of heart- and of course [I will miss ] the teachers and the staff-- because I work with them-- it's all tough when you leave.

Photo by Ann Moran

PACC Soccer team makes valiant effort by Asad Khan and Mergin Musa, PACC Now The PACC soccer team was defeated 5-1 in a game Sunday against the Cameroons (from Cameroon!) in Riverside Park, located behind our school. Numerous spectators -including parents, children, and PACC's director Ann Moran enjoyed the vibrant game. The PACC-Cameroon soccer game is an annual even that occurs on International Children's Day to help bring the community together in a fun and exciting manner. Lasting about 90 minutes, coach (and PACC staff member) Orville Burrows said that his team "put out a valiant effort" but sadly "came out on the short end." Burrows also said that it was good to see a team that included PACC teacher David Ayala and numerous current and former students "put out such a terrific effort in their first time playing together." Assistant coach (and PACC teacher) Peter Robinson said that it was a "Great day and we had a lot of fun" which was enhanced by the excellent organization from local police officers who served food and drink to the players and spectators. Centre Director Moran could be seen cheering wildly for PACC's motley crew and told them afterwards she was "immensely proud of their exceptional sportsmanship." Burrows maintains that the PACC team will be back to win the game next year. files from Ashley Daniel Foot

Fantastic news: Melissa and Kristina’s positions made permanent PACC students are thrilled to have received the wonderful news that Kristina Tellier and Melissa Wallach, PACC's student service technicians, have become permanent members of the school community whose jobs are now safe. This is great news for all of us, as these phenomenal people support students to excel. We congratulate them on this fabulous victory and are absolutely exuberant at their continued roles in our school. We would like to remind PACC student's that Melissa and Kristina can be found in Room 336 and are here to provide support and guidance in your academic and personal lives. Deanna Brading, PACC NOW




Challenge yourself today by Deanna Brading, PACC Now

Album Review: Montreal native Mugz released his first official EP last week (May 29) titled "Gone One Day" (G.O.D.). It is a seven track project with beautiful vocals and outstanding production. With tracks ranging from “Friday (It Feels Good)” to “Gone One Day” it definitely brings you to the club and to a place where you can sit and think about life and the bigger picture. When listening to the project you get the sense that a lot of work and thought has been put into it and you can really feel it. This is a breath of fresh air for me I haven’t heard anything this good from Montréal since the drop of the late Bad News Brown’s “Born 2 Sin” back in 09’. Follow Eric Silcoff on Twitter: @IAmNocx

PACC > THE MIXUP by Melissa Wallach, special gossip girl guest

• Mrs. Pat was Miss Jamaica 1985. Work it! • Teddy is having a huge party soon… hope we are all in invited! • Mariette was abruptly stopped from buying Justin Bieber tickets for her “daughter” when she was interrupted by the fire drill. • Students should now address Mihaela by her new nickname: RoMiMi • Jennifer Holmes is related to Sherlock Holmes, who is helping to write the 4th Shades of Grey, Mr Foot is not amused. • Melissa was fed pork by Natasha. Sarah and Mr. Foot witnessed the unfortunate event… scandalous!

There are few things in life that have come along and saved me from myself. If you are anything like me you have a few bad habits, things you aren’t proud of. I’d like to take this unique opportunity to share with you something that has had a profound impact on my life, something that has been like magic to my MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. People seem to have a preconceived notions on what yoga is all about e.g that it is boring, that it is only for girls, or that you must be flexible in order to do it. All three of these are misconceptions are wrong. Bikram Yoga is one of the hardest things you will ever do. It starts in what Bikram Choudhury calls ‘the torture chamber’. Imagine yourself stuck inside a sauna (42 c) with dozens of other bodies for 90 minutes, bending and twisting your organ’s, muscle’s, and joints, all the while trying to still your breath and mind. What a challenge! Bikram also says, “You must walk through hell to get to heaven”, “Suffer for ninety minutes, or suffer for ninety years.” If you have back pain, insomnia, joint aches, depression, digestion problems, anxieties, or your just tired of feeling lethargic and lazy Bikram Yoga can help you too! This practice is done worldwide and the community continues to grow bigger each year. Sports athletes and many famous people swear by it. Lady GaGa who recently appeared on The Ellen Show was talking about her practice

If you aren’t afraid of heat and like to sweat (detoxification) and would consider stepping outside of your box for 90 minutes, I would like to extend an invitation to you all. I have free passes for any first timer who would be willing to go to either the west island studio or the walker studio (adjacent lionel grouix metro). Check out their website, learn more about what to expect and how to prepare for your first class at If I’ve piqued your interest at all or you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me at Why not give yourself this gift? Your heart will thank you, and so will mine.

STAY TUNED: The final issue of PACC NOW (for this semester) will be released in two weeks.




PACCLASTWORD MY THOUGHTS > ROGER J. IRVINE And Justice For All? Publisher’s note: The column below reflects the opinions of writer Roger J. Irvine. It is important to remember that none of the allegations against Luka Magnotta have been proven in a court of law, and as such we can only say that he is suspected of a crime. - Ashley Daniel Foot

For years now we have been witness to terrible injustices. So many horrible crimes have been committed without adequate judgment or proper punishment. There is a new monster on the run who goes by the name of Eric Clinton Newman, A.K.A. Lucka Rocco Magnotta and/or Vladimir Romanov. He was being hunted by Montreal Police for allegedly slaying a Chinese exchange student, whom he allegedly dismembered and allegedly later mailed both a foot and hand to two separate Canadian political party headquarters. He was apprehended Monday June 4 in a German cafe. My concern is that now that he has been apprehended will he, like so many others manage to manipulate our flawed judicial system. Although it's too soon to say with any definite certainty, I'm guessing that the old insanity trump card will most likely be brought up in the trail at some point! Not too unlike a recent crime where in 1991 a husband and wife duo sent a bone chilling scare to an unsuspecting few and shocked thousands with the videotaped rape and murder of three teenage girls one of which was her own sister. Karla Homolka only served a 12 year sentence for her part in the crime testifying that there was little choice for her. That the fear she experienced brought on by her deranged husband drove her to doing what she did. The videotapes of the crime however

demonstrated something else entirely. It is notable to state that she is now living as a free woman. Maurice (Mom) Boucher once notorious leader of the Hell's Angels biker gang was directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths of many, including an 11 year old boy who was killed by a car bomb explosion while playing nearby. Boucher is serving out his life sentence in an all female prison. Now there's justice hard at work! Our lawmakers, judges, and lawyers are far too concerned with the civil rights of our criminals these days and not nearly enough about the victims and their surviving families. They are seemingly preoccupied with the needs and comfort of the inmates rather than fulfilling their actual purpose and obligation which is to punish the guilty for their crimes against the innocent. Besides the military or the hospital it is the only other institution where one can get three square meals a day, daily exercise and a chance to watch TV or even maybe play a game of cards, and all at our expense! Our homeless don't even get half as much! That being said, I am distraught to imagine what kind of a sentence Luka Rocco Magnotta might receive. Even though this is an extremely gruesome crime it wouldn’t be the first time a judge was blinded to the truth by the many loopholes within our legal system. It's sad that in an age where mankind thinks so highly of themselves, criminals never get what they deserve and the innocent never deserve what they get!

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Dear Old Dad Roger J. Irvine, PACC Now Today we face a period in history where more and more families are single parent families, most of which are single moms desperately trying to provide a loving and stable environment for their kids, it is one of the hardest jobs on the planet, and also one of the most noble. There does seem to be somewhat of a stigma associated with single parent families however, most of us think single mom and child and forget that there are a lot of single dads out there also

struggling to raise their kids. These men are desperately trying to instill the very same values into their children as their female counter parts. They too need encouragement support and just as much admiration as single moms. So for any of you who might be single fathers out there my hats off to you! Keep fighting the good fight. And for all of you that might know a single dad , perhaps struggling to do his best, and trying to provide for his kids, remind him of how important he is and how it will all pay off in the end.

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PACC Now- Issue 3- June 6 -2012- Maggie Soldano  

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