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Parallel Pilot Projects Public space & Conectivity

David Mendonรงa Jonas Abreu Lucas Alves Tobias Mueller

The region is too divided by flyovers, hitraffic avenues, fences, big buildings and is a “collage� of several urban designs through time. Altough it shows a big potential, giving the demand from the residential areas around, all the free spaces are unconnected, even being near one from another.


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The outlined areas highlighted in red are the ones that need to be preserved, maintaining its residential caracter. The ones in yellow are the intervention areas, to be modified into one big public space, at the city scale.


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As an space used only 4 days a year, the Marques de Sapucai Avenue is a 500m x 20m space that covers a river called Papa Couve, the main idea is the stream restoration project, in a way that both at the week of carnival and the other weeks of year the urban space perform its role.

Apoteose Square is mainly used in carnaval for the dispersion of the parade. And sometimes for concerts and other big/medium events. So it has been poorly used, giving it’s potential for public space. The withdraw of the fences that surround it, and connection with the adjacent areas would bring life to it all year round.

There’s an entire block used as a COMLURB’s truck garage, this is bad for the area, once the trucks are never clean. The idea is transform the block in a green area with a lake.


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Pacc produto 1 david jonas lucas tobias