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California Rotary/Cal U .5K Fun Run Set for June

Monessen Historical Society May 2019 News

Are you tired of hearing your (fill in the blank) talk about training, getting ready to run, or running in a 5 K race? The sound of spring can sometimes seem to be the splat-splat sound of running shoes hitting the pavement at a rapid pace as fashionably clothed family, friends and neighbors pick up the pace in preparation for the next 5K. Don’t pretend your phone is on vibrate as you excuse yourself to speak with an imaginary friend the next time the conversation (inevitably) gets around to running a 5K. California Rotary and California University of Pennsylvania teamed up to offer everyone who really doesn’t have time for all that hard work a perfect solution: a .5K run. The fun event is set for Saturday, June 8, 10 a.m., Cal U’s Adamson Stadium, Route 88. All proceeds benefit California Rotary student scholarships. Yes, .5K for all those non-runners who need to hold up their end of the next race conversation or who are tired of the smack-downs from “real runners.” The California Rotary/Cal U .5K Fun Run is for everyone who doesn’t want to get up at the crack of dawn to pound the pavement. The most important part of the .5K is the “point” which proudly, if quietly, even surreptitiously, winks that the run is not 3.1 miles (5K) but .31 miles or 1,640 feet, give or take. Not that the “point” takes away from the fun or the ultimate “brag” value of the endeavor. Not in the least. All 546 yards is meant to provide a good time for all those who don’t take themselves too seriously, but who would like to like to put one of those oval decals on the back window of their cars where no one can read the “point” and will just see

The Greater Monessen Historical Society’s annual Spring Exhibit in the Heritage Museum highlights Monessen professional athletes, Hall of Fame awardees, and the strong history of sports in the city. Hours are Wednesday through Friday from 10 AM to 3 PM and admission is always FREE! Mark your calendar! The annual Founders Day Dinner will be held on Saturday, October 19. This year’s theme will be the 100th anniversary of the visit of William Howard Taft to Monessen. The meal will replicate the one served to the former president at the Pittsburgh Steel Company. This is what we are looking for. GMHS is seeking local photographs and memorabilia of the suffragettes. While doing spring cleaning, please keep the historical society on your mind. Save historical memorabilia and photos to donate or loan the Heritage Museum. Also, deposit copies of family genealogies for safe keeping. Ask the museum, before throwing away what may be historical material covering local history. Individual memberships for the historical society are $15 a calendar year with family memberships being $20.00. Business memberships are $50. Membership is based on the calendar year of January through December and include four issues of the newsletter,

5K. A decal will be given to all those intrepid enough to finish the race. Registration is $20 per person or $50 per family. The .5K is a perfect opportunity to get everyone from Grandma to toddler onto the course. Imagine a photo at the end of the grueling run, all arms outstretched in victory, winners all. Other special amenities for the .5K include a carb-packing station (donuts) halfway through the race. There will be no timers on the run because everyone who participates is a winner! It’s all about positive image and self-love. Volunteers will be stationed at the finish line to help take photos of the exhausted runners. They will also have spray bottles with water to make sure you look nice and sweaty. But what about the real slackers who don’t even want to run .5K? Not to worry. VIP registration for only $50 per person ensures everyone who doesn’t want to work up even a little sweat will be driven from the starting line to the finish line where special VIP certificates will be awarded. Of course, VIPs get the fancy decal, too, and the wristband, and a chance at one of the imaginative prizes that will be awarded to some lucky few at the end of the event! For more information or to register for the California Rotary/Cal U .5K Fun Run, call 724-938-7204 or email More information and registration forms and online registration info will be distributed in May.

APPRISE to offer free Medicare 101 presentation APPRISE, the State Health Insurance Assistance Program, will hold a free presentation that will help answer many questions concerning basic Medicare. These Medicare 101 presentations will be held at the following locations and registration is required: May 14 - Westmoreland-Youngwood

Campus, 6-8 p.m. Registration code: PRDX 5019-02 Through these free presentations, participants will learn the basics regarding Medicare. Call 724-925-4204 to register. Space is limited. This program is presented by APPRISE, the State Health Insurance Assistance Program.

“Valley Historian”. GMHS is looking for individuals willing to present a lecture or program on local history or families in 2019. If interested, please contact the museum. Do you have talents to share? Do you have spare time? Do you want to give back to the community? Do you enjoy history? If so, please consider joining our group and volunteering at the Museum. Call for details. The Heritage Museum is also home to the Museum Shoppe, which is filled with the area’s largest collection of ethnic cookbooks. They make great gifts. There are also many books and items dealing with local history that are for sale. The Greater Monessen Historical Society has a Twitter account.  Follow us at @MonessenHistory.  We are also on Facebook and have over 3000 followers worldwide!  We can be located on Facebook under “Greater Monessen Historical Society”.  See our latest events, news and photos of previous events.  Google us and find our webpage filled with all the necessary information to visit, donate, join or learn about us!   The museum is open Wednesday through Friday from 10 AM until 3 PM.  Saturdays by appointment. The address is 505 Donner Avenue, Monessen, PA, 15062. The phone number is 724-684-8460.   Free admission.

Pennsylvanians, GO FISH!

Fish-for-Free Days Pennsylvanians can fish for free on

Sunday, May 26 & Thursday, July 4. Hook a big fish? Send photos of your great catch to us and we may run them in an upcoming issue! Email us at

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