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Educate. Empower. Inspire. The mission of the PBCC is to find a cure for breast cancer now... so our daughters and granddaughters won’t have to.


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The PBCC staff is available to answer any questions. Heather Hibshman Executive Director Carol Burkholder Office Manager Kim Eubanks Data Manager Tricia Grove Director of Finance and Administration Sarah Lightman Community Outreach Director Dolores Magro Director of Patient Advocacy and Conference Development Jennifer Pensinger Program Director Kevin Smith Communications Director

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PA Breast Cancer Coalition 344 North Reading Road Ephrata, PA 17522 1-800-377-8828 717-721-2580

Welcome Message from Pat Halpin-Murphy President & Founder, PA Breast Cancer Coalition

Breast cancer survivors must be heard. They must have a voice in the medical, legislative, insurance and corporate communities throughout this state. The PA Breast Cancer Coalition is the voice for breast cancer survivors in our Commonwealth. We know that the only way to end the breast cancer epidemic is to find a cure for breast cancer. Since 1993, when we founded the PBCC we have dedicated our lives to this mission. The PBCC is the only statewide grassroots breast cancer organization, and we represent patients, survivors, families, medical professionals, government, labor, and industry leaders.

Our highly acclaimed statewide outreach efforts include Friends Like Me; our traveling photo exhibit, 67 Women - 67 Counties: Facing Breast Cancer in Pennsylvania; Refunds for Breast Cancer Research; and the PA Breast Cancer Coalition Conference. These vital life-saving programs raise thousands of dollars for research, create awareness, provide free care packages to new survivors, and educate the public. My battle with breast cancer ignites my resolve to make certain that our generation is the last to ever fear breast cancer. As a grandmother, I thank you for joining the PBCC’s efforts “to find a cure now... so our daughters and granddaughters won’t have to.”

Board of Directors Pat Halpin-Murphy, President & Founder Leslie Stiles Honorary Chair Leslie Anne Miller, Esq. Executive Vice President Sandra Christianson Corporate Secretary G. June Hoch Treasurer


Madlyn Abramson Rosemary Boland Deborah Freer John Glick, MD Gary Gurian Andrea Mastro, Ph.D. Denise Robison Alice Sanders Jeanne Schmedlen Mary Simmonds, MD, FACP Pat Stewart Ted Williams Norman Wolmark, MD

The first PBCC Annual Conference was October 17, 1995 at the Harrisburg Hilton and was called the “Keystone Breast Cancer Conference.” 240 people attended. Today nearly 1,000 attendees join us each year at the Hilton.

Programs FREE Treatment for Breast Cancer

Today in Pennsylvania, because of the efforts of the PA Breast Cancer Coalition and our grassroots advocates, uninsured women of low or moderate income who are diagnosed with breast cancer can get FREE TREATMENT through the Commonwealth of PA’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Program (BCCPT).

REFUNDS FOR BREAST CANCER RESEARCH Each year tens of thousands of Pennsylvania tax payers donate their state tax refund to breast and cervical cancer research. The average donation is only $8 and as of December 2010 over $2.75 million has been raised. One hundred percent of the money is distributed as grants to breast and cervical cancer researchers in Pennsylvania. In 2010 the PBCC awarded 6 grants to:

Sandra Fernandez, Ph.D. Fox Chase Cancer Center

Allan Lipton, M.D. Penn State University College of Medicine Hershey Medical Center

Hannah Rabinowich, Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh

Janet A. Sawicki, Ph.D. Lankenau Institute for Medical Research

Richard Steinman, M.D., Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh

Marius Sudol, Ph.D. Geisinger Clinic, Weis Center for Research

Each October at the Harrisburg Hilton, the PBCC hosts the premiere breast cancer conference in PA. This highly acclaimed event offers Grand Rounds for Physicians and Healthcare Professionals, educational workshops and a Pink Ribbon Awards Luncheon. This conference is designed for breast cancer survivors, caregivers, medical professionals, community and corporate leaders, legislators and advocates.

In June of 1994, the PBCC traveling photo exhibit, “67 Women - 67 Counties: Facing Breast Cancer in Pennsylvania�, made its debut at the PA State Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg. Today, this educational work of art is still spreading the message of early detection. It has been displayed everywhere from shopping malls to colleges and hospitals to county fairs. In 2010 the exhibit received a face-lift and began its 16th year of touring the state celebrating the life, courage, hope and dignity of women who have battled breast cancer. This exhibit is funded by the PA Department of Health.

Programs For the latest breast cancer information or to find out when the PBCC is coming to your neighborhood, visit You can also request a Friends Like Me Care Package for a newly diagnosed woman, find a support group in your area, read stories of survivorship in our “Survivor Spotlight” and show your support by ordering a pink ribbon pin or t-shirt.

For the latest in breast cancer research, community education activities, advocacy updates, patient resources and mammogram screening opportunities be sure to subscribe to the PBCC’s newsletter FrontLine. Previous issues of this quarterly publication are always available at:

Patient Advocacy - You are not alone. Whether you are facing a breast cancer diagnosis or need a mammogram, the PBCC’s Patient Advocate is here to help. In 2010 our full-time Patient Advocate directly served 76 women with issues including mammograms, prosthetics, wigs, and insurance. She also helped educate nurse navigators and other healthcare providers about the free treatment available in Pennsylvania through the Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Program (BCCPT).

Helping breast cancer survivors across the Commonwealth one woman at a time. That is the mission of the PBCC’s Friends Like Me program. Through this outreach initiative we provide care packages to newly-diagnosed women at no cost to the woman or her family. We also provide resources including a statewide listing of support groups and a suggested reading list for the patient and her family.

PBCC In Action

791 newly diagnosed women received Friends Like Me care packages completely free of charge.

218 Grassroots Partner events were held across PA and thousands of people at these events helped hope grow.

219,211 copies of the PBCC print newsletter Frontline and 117,735 e-mails of PinkLink helped people stay connected to the PBCC.

369 people became a driving force in the fight against breast cancer by ordering a Pink Ribbon License Plate.

283 individuals volunteered at PBCC events.

76 women received the help they needed from our on-staff Patient Advocate.

15,500 people learned about early detection from the traveling photo exhibit 67 Women - 67 Counties: Facing Breast Cancer in Pennsylvania.

3,663 copies of Breast Cancer: Covered or Not? A Guide on Insurance were distributed.

Social Networking The PA Breast Cancer Coalition, the source of action and information for Pennsylvania women with breast cancer and their families, has a wide array of information and materials available in multiple mediums.


The PA Breast Cancer Coalition was formed in 1993 by a dedicat a cure for breast cancer. Every program, event and campaign is s Pennsylvania women with breast cancer, and their families.

Awards & Recognition 2010 Tempo Award

Presented by Adagio Health PBCC President & Founder, Pat Halpin-Murphy received the Tempo Award for outstanding advocacy and awareness work in the breast cancer field. Adagio Health presents the Tempo Award to individuals and organizations who improve the health and well-being of women and families in the Pittsburgh region.

PBCC & Martin’s Chips

Featured on Times Square billboard Since the fall of 2009, Martin’s Potato Chips has donated an astounding $91,587 to the PBCC through the sale of their Kettle-Cook’d chips packaged in an eye-catching pink bag. Butch Potter, President & CEO of Martin’s, based in York County, received the PBCC’s Pink Ribbon Award in 2010 for his efforts and incredible generosity towards finding a cure. This award garnered national coverage when it was featured on a huge electronic billboard in Times Square.

ted, active and effective group of breast cancer survivors who had one common mission: to find still carried out with that goal in mind. Today, we are the source of action and information for

Special Events Martin’s Potato Chips, Inc. The Pennsylvania-based snack food company Martin’s Potato Chips, Inc. produces over 1 million bags of chips every month in its Thomasville facility. In 2009, Martin’s created a breast cancer fundraising and awareness campaign featuring their most popular product, the 9 ounce bag of “Kettle-Cook’d” chips. At Mother’s Day and throughout October Martin’s turned their logo pink and the PBCC received 25 cents for each special pink ribbon bag sold! This innovative project raised over $60,000 this year. Not only did it help fund PBCC programs but it also increased breast cancer awareness across PA. Through their dedication to quality and commitment, Martin’s went above and beyond and reached out to families across PA with breast cancer awareness when they’d least expect it; while shopping at their local stores and snacking at home. The Martin’s Potato Chips Company’s commitment to community involvement is reflected in this remarkable initiative and the PBCC salutes them for their efforts to bring the PBCC’s message to a larger audience.

L-R Paul McLanahan, Pat HalpinMurphy, Chatney Almoney and Mike Stringent display the pink chip bag.

Take A Swing Against Breast Cancer

Forty-one home runs was the final tally recorded in July during the Take a Swing Against Breast Cancer Home Run Derby. Eleven stadiums throughout the state hosted the PA Association of Community Bankers and the PBCC, as well as all of the batters, sponsors, fans and volunteers who turned out to take part in the event’s third year.

Grassroots Partners

Making hope grow across the state.


In 2010 the PBCC’s Grassroots Partners raised over $273,000.

2010 Financials

Pie Charts

2010 Revenue In‐Kind Donations, 2.50% Other Grants, 2.77%

Community Health  Charities, 1.34% Interest, 1.17%

Donations, 2.91%

Government Grants Home Run Derby, 5.73%

Grassroots Partners Refunds for Research (DOH Grant) Refunds for Research (taxpayer contributions) Conference Government Grants, 34.04%

Conference, 9.01%

Home Run Derby Donations Other Grants

Refunds for Research  (taxpayer contributions),  10.86%

In‐Kind Donations Community Health Charities Interest

Refunds for  Research (DOH  Grant), 12.86%

Grassroots Partners,  16.82%

General/Administrative, 2.34%

Pink Link, 2.28%

2010 Expenses License Plates, 0.44%

Friends Like Me Care  Packages, 2.92% Website, 4.16% Insurance  Guidebook, 4.25%

Conference Conference, 17.77%

Refunds for Research ‐ Grants Home Run Derby

Refunds for  Research, 4.40%

Outreach/Grassroots Partners Exhibit Newsletter

Patient Advocacy/Treatment  Program, 5.35%


Fundraising, 5.50%

Refunds for Research ‐ Grants,  15.71%

Patient Advocacy/Treatment Program Refunds for Research Insurance Guidebook Website Friends Like Me Care Packages

Newsletter, 5.85%

2% 15%

General/Administrative Exhibit, 6.58% Outreach/Grassroots Partners,  11.15%

Program Fundraising General & Administrative 83%

2010 Expense as a Percent of Revenue

Home Run Derby,  11.30%

Pink Link License Plates

2010 Financials Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition

Statement of Financial Position

Statement of Financial Position December 31, 2010 and 2009



Assets Current Assets Cash and cash equivalents Money market accounts Accounts receivable Grants receivable Prepaid expenses


Total current assets Investments Furniture and Equipment, Net Total assets

1,547,492 612,075 11,842 190,006 3,612


1,165,181 421,274 2,636 465,357 3,501












5,459 33,830 989 28,222


5,810 27,391 2,130 24,251

Liabilities and Net Assets Current Liabilities Current portion of obligation under capital lease Accounts payable Payroll taxes withheld and accrued Accrued payroll and vacation Total current liabilities







Net Assets Unrestricted Temporarily restricted

1,928,269 767,873

1,557,194 818,213

Total net assets



Obligation under Capital Lease Total liabilities

Total liabilities and net assets


See notes to financial statements





2010 Financials

Statement of Activities

Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition

Statement of Activities Years Ended December 31, 2010 and 2009

2010 Unrestricted

Support and Revenue Contributions Grants Fundraising In-kind contributions Interest and dividend income Sales Miscellaneous Gain on sale of investments Net assets released from restrictions


Total support and revenue



Expenses Program and related services Supporting services: Management and general Fundraising Total supporting services Total expenses Excess (deficiency) of support and revenue over expenses

175,653 139,619 5,637 (380,351)


674,105 583,700 112,442 40,657 19,056 3,464 2,148 292 1,435,864




30,662 219,281


30,662 219,281







7,153 $




Unrealized Holding Gains on Investments Changes in net assets

498,452 444,081 112,442 40,657 13,419 3,464 2,148 292 380,351

Temporarily Restricted










2010 Financials

Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition

Statement of Functional Expenses

Statement of Functional Expenses - by Natural Classification Years Ended December 31, 2010 and 2009 (See Independent Auditors’ Report on Supplementary Information) 2010 Supporting Services

Salaries and wages Supplies Occupancy expense Printing and publications Travel and meals Postage Advertising Contract services Payroll taxes Dues and subscriptions Insurance Automobile expense Depreciation and amortization Professional fees Telephone Database maintenance and training Retirement expense Awards Audio video rental Registration and meeting expense Bank service charges Video and photo expense Banners and signs Miscellaneous expense Licenses, taxes, and permits Cost of sales Interest expense

Program and Related Services

Management and General


313,592 91,101 48,789 79,192 61,155 58,211 42,000 18,083 25,260 21,772 19,124 11,038 11,218 11,740 9,944 10,734 8,765 10,291 7,781 5,081 4,405 5,686 2,915 2,454 715 395


18,455 1,007 1,985 260 893 201 100 185 1,501 1,043 1,211 593 660 599 521 393 484 230 234 6 55 25 21


70,575 13,720 44,855 11,496 6,140 4,489 10,146 25,545 5,733 3,208 5,294 2,888 2,525 1,685 2,179 807 1,952 1,738 952 1,061 514 327 445 915 92


402,622 105,828 95,629 90,948 68,188 62,901 52,246 43,813 32,494 26,023 25,629 14,519 14,403 14,024 12,644 11,934 11,201 10,291 9,519 6,263 5,700 5,692 3,429 2,836 1,185 915 508











PA Breast Cancer Coalition 344 North Reading Road Ephrata, PA 17522 1-800-377-8828 717-721-2580

Pat Halpin-Murphy President & Founder

How can a baseball help find a cure for breast cancer? Visit or call 800-377-8828 to learn more!

Stay connected to the PBCC! Connect with us on Twitter ( and Facebook ( for news, events, specials and contests. Share your thoughts with us!

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Profile for PA Breast Cancer Coalition

Annual Report 2010  

The 2010 Annual Report for the PA Breast Cancer Coalition

Annual Report 2010  

The 2010 Annual Report for the PA Breast Cancer Coalition