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[SOLVED] Money Making Ideas: How To Sell On Amazon [Newly Revised] By Deborah J. Stone As We All Know, Promoting Amazon Products Is One Of The Easier Ways To Make Money Online These Days. The Competition Is Low, The Commissionsare Decent And For Many Newbies It Was The First Time They Actually Made Any Money Online. Click Here Now To Find Out More:


Using Amazon To Research A Niche Market How To Make Money Blogging With The Amazon Affiliate Program Make Money On Facebook With Amazon Affiliate Program How To Make Money With Amazon How To Make Money With Amazon - The Simple Solution Make Easy Money From Home With Amazon Make Money With Amazon, Yahoo And Ebooks

Using Amazon To Research A Niche Market

Another valuable, and free, tool available for researching a profitable niche is Amazon.AMAZONAmazon has a wealth of information readily available for the savvy researcher. You should use Amazon to see how the books in your niche areas are performing. The following tips will help you determine the viability of a niche for an eBook, print book, or both. Tips include:• Reading the reviews of the top selling books in your niche (Amazon Rank of 1 is the top seller and a rank of 5,000,000 rarely ever sells). Reviewers often provide valuable information on how to improve the book, which you may be able to incorporate into your book.• Using the Search Inside This Book tool when possible to see how many pages and the quality of the information that is provided. If the niche topic/book title is How To Make Money On EBay, it is often interesting to see how much of the book is truly dedicated to making money on EBay. The book may spend a third of the book on rehashing how to start a business with the same info that is in thousands of books already. If all books on this topic only dedicate a small amount of the content on exactly how to make money on EBay, then perhaps there is a market for a concise and highly targeted guide on this topic. I was looking for a niche topic for a whitepaper and decided to buy a book on the topic, but guess what? There were no books that went into any detail on exactly how to find a niche topic. There are eBooks with a page of good information here and there, but not one complete eBook. So, I found my niche because I knew from looking at internet marketing forums that many people were looking for help on this exact topic. Demand with no supply = my whitepaper. • Buying the books that receive positive reviews and sell well. This method will give you a good feel for the quality of your competition.• Using the Amazon search feature to determine the amount of competition, the quality of the competition, and the demand for your product. ◦ Competition: ▪ How many books are being sold that are on your subject matter? ▪ How many books were written in the past year? ▪ Do the sales of quality books from a few years ago still sell well?▪ How many pages are the books? If all the best selling books on your topic are 200+ pages and you are only looking to create an 80 page book, then perhaps another niche is better suited for you.◦ Quality of Competition:▪ Do the titles and subtitles include lots of appropriate keywords?▪ Are the authors considered experts in their fields?▪ Are there many books highly rated, which will make it tough to break into, or is there a need for a quality book on the topic?◦ Demand:▪ Are there at least two or three books with an Amazon Rank of less than 5,000? If so, there likely good demand. Check out Foner Books for information on how to understand the Amazon Rank and what volumes correlate to Rank.This is an except from the Write & Sell Ebooks Guide where you will find hundreds of valuable tips to help you start a profitable online business in record time, even without lifting a finger. Click here now for more information.

How To Make Money Blogging With The Amazon Affiliate Program The Amazon affiliate program abounds with niche products that can be used as a means to make money blogging. The really nice thing about using blogs to promote Amazon affiliate program products is that they are so easy to set up. You can build and launch an entire self supporting source of income in a day and it can literally become a small cash machine that is hands-off thereafter. All you have to do is find a method that works and copy it over and over again for micro-niche products with low competition. How is this done, you ask? Simple. Through Amazon affiliate program product reviews. Here is the technique step-by-step.First, find yourself a micro-niche. When I say micro-niche, I am referring to a product whose name gets between one and two thousand exact match searches per month. Search for that keyword in Google and check the number of competing pages for that term. We are looking for two things. The first is a competing page count of less than one million and a series of results on the first page that are not heavily keyword optimized meaning that you do not see your keyword of interest heavily spread throughout the titles and excerpts. If you find it, this is a niche that can be dominated. The right micro-niche finder can help.Once you have found your niche keyword, purchase an exact match domain name for it. If you can, buy the dot com version of the domain name. If the dot com version is not available, you can use the dot org or the dot net of even the dot info since we are going to set up a review site on it.After you have acquired your domain name, get hosting your four niche review site. Free hosting is discouraged for review websites because you want to make sure of several things such as uptime, available bandwidth and the ability to set up an autoresponder if you will be using your site to build a list of targeted prospects.Once you have a domain name and hosting, reset the Domain Name Servers (DNS) listed with your registrar to those of your new hosting service which your hosting service will provide.After your servers have refreshed and access to the domain name is available via a web browser, install the Wordpress blog PHP script under your root domain using the Fantastico De Luxe script installer in your control panel. Fantastico is pretty much standard these days.Next, write about ten articles. In only one of these articles will you actually be reviewing that product. Next, post them to your blog. The review that you post should be fairly long. Generally, around 800-1000 words is normal and your reviews should provide value to your visitors. Key to writing a good review is performing extensive research for each product you are reviewing before you actually write the article and then provide all the details you found while researching the product. You will need also to create a few supporting posts on the same blog that will be linking internaly to the review post. That way you will boost rankings of the review post.Next write ten more articles on this subject and submit them to the top article directories. This will help drive traffic and build your backlinks.There are plenty of webmasters making money this way. If you are going to pursue building niche review sites, the key is to be persistent and stick to it while at the same time keeping a close eye on your analytics to see what works and what doesn't. If you stick to this program, you can definitely make money blogging with the Amazon affiliate program.

Make Money On Facebook With Amazon Affiliate Program The only caveat is without a doubt that U. S. residents from certain states will not qualify for the course, due to differences during state tax legislation. Read carefully Amazon's operating agreement and make certain you, or a legal rep, can qualify. <u>2. Know more about what your friends desire and like</u>This is where Facebook starts that come into play. Facebook incorporates a wealth of information by what your friends like. You should check their profile and learn what are their interests. It can be a certain artist, it claims to be an activity, or a pasttime. Also look what's widely used, see if friends of friends like the same principle. You can also directly ask friends and family what they need or understand and take notes if they post about something they really want. <u>3. Find Products to Share</u>Find stuff on Amazon that matches what your friends need or like. Find a way to create a backlink to the product with your current affiliate ID, and share that link for your wall or on your folks wall. An affiliate program should have a good conversion ratio plus a provable track record to do cross promotions or form teams with Joint Venture associates. You also must have an arsenal of articles in line with the topics affiliated with any market. You must educate people of what you're promoting so they may have an understanding about what it is you experience and why it's important to acknowledge what you can be promoting and how it'll ultimately benefit them. Your affiliate network is after that determine how successful you in turn become with your affiliate merchandise. Based on the company you choose to affiliate yourself with along with the percentage they offer for you, makes a big difference how much growth in all probability. In addition, the development of getting a list and having people in your market opt-in or double opt-in towards your mailing list. You list is usually the goldmine and the diamonds hidden as part of your backyard underneath the enormous oak tree. You can have all the affiliates on the globe, but if you don't work out your affiliate partners along with guide them down the right road of achievement, ones program will collapse ahead of it even begins. There are major network organizations enjoy Click Bank, Commission Junction, AvantLink to mention a few, that contain huge marketplaces to be able to tap into. You can partner with publishers, identify Joint Ventures, build-up considerable lists, exchange links, and improvise SEO and Article advertising methods to increase a affiliate revenue. Quite some individuals do very well for affiliate of Amazon. com and other marketplaces who has a large selection of products to select from. One industry that is growing at a rapid pace and will be offering affiliate programs is the apparel industry. You can see shopping malls that offer thousands of products like Amazon and begin earning a monthly recurring income. One of the most famous lines of product to recommend for a family, friends, and co-workers is jewelry, watches, shopping bags, toys for kids, costume shoes, ties, wallets, sun shades, eyeglasses, prescription glasses and much more. The greatest part of selecting the best qualified affiliate program is the joy behind it.

How To Make Money With Amazon Amazon is one of the most popular online shopping centers in the world. Thousand of people shop there every day placing orders for various items from different categories. Amazon made the way of shopping really easy. Within a few clicks of mouse you can get the item you are interested in, delivered to your door in a few days.So keeping in mind the popularity and ease of shopping on Amazon you could use it to make money. Literally you can generate decent income with Amazon as an associate selling Amazon products and getting paid commission for every single sale generated.Selling Amazon products is a great option for people who want make some extra cash, without the need of owning the product. Also it might be a great way for network marketers to offset the costs of paid advertising that they can fund using the income generated from Amazon sales. So it might be a great way to make money for different people, no matter what kind of niche they are interested in as the Amazon offer wide range of products to sell from different categories. So everyone will surely find the item in his own niche to make money from.The way to become Amazon associate and to get started is quite easy and should take no more than several minutes.Here we go:1. Visit Amazon site and scroll down to the bottom where you can find JOIN ASSOCIATES link. Click it.2. Then you can take GET STARTED tour and at the final stage, join the program by filling out the form with required information.3. After you application will get approved, you will be ready to go.Once you've logged into your associate area you can find plenty of tools that you can easily use to promote Amazon products such as: product links, widgets, slideshows, banners etc. Usually you have html code prepared for all of those tools that you can just copy and paste into any website you are about to use for promotion.And here we come to the most important aspect of selling Amazon products.You need to drive traffic to the website you are using to promote stuff in order to convert visitors into customers. There are many ways to promote Amazon items online.1. You can create free websites and place links, banners and widgets to Amazon products on them. A good example here are squidoo lenses. You can create free squidoo lenses ( websites) in several minutes each and use them to promote stuff. These websites are really easy to create, and you can have as many of them as you like. This way you can come up with several squidoo lenses, each for different Amazon product.2. Blogging is another effective and free way to advertise. You can create a free blog and monetize it by placing, links, banners and making posts on Amazon products.3. Writing articles is another way to generate sales from. For instance you can write review of particular product and direct reader to your squidoo lens to purchase it.4. Also if you already have a website you can add to it proper banners and links to Amazon products relevant with the content of your website. So this way you keep all content and promotion material related to the one topic. What it means is that you don't want to promote Amazon items as for instance: shoes on network marketing website.Those above are just examples of many ways to promote and sell Amazon products. Driving the traffic to your promotional campaign is that what it's all about.

How To Make Money With Amazon - The Simple Solution If you are tired of working too hard to make little money then I have a secret that most people will never tell you. The best way to make money with isn't trying to sell your own products or sell Amazon products, it is actually by just getting more people to promote the product under you. What I mean by this is that all you have to do is get people to sign up to be Amazon associates using your affiliate code. Doing this is the best way to make money because you don't have to actually spend your time trying to make sales, once you get the initial signup it is all up to that person to sell things because you will get a percentage of the commissions for life. One of the things I love about doing pure signups is that you don't have to try to sell products. I like this method because if you think about it creating websites and promoting products can take a long time but if you have 10 people all promoting products under you then you are more likely to create an online presence while not really being online.If you aren't too sure about getting signups and you would rather make money from Amazon by selling products then get to it. Amazon is bigger than Ebay and have better rates so really there is no better place to be selling online that can reach that many eye balls each and every day. The best part about selling your products of Amazon's products is the fact that you can thousands of products each day and it is all because you spent the time creating the opportunity to make money qiuckly with all your effort and hard work. So no matter what, just keep up the hard work and you will make a lot of money throughout your time selling Amazon products.

Make Easy Money From Home With Amazon To make easy money from home with this method, all you need to do is sign up for an Amazon Affiliate account and a Google Adwords account. Now, before you get any silly ideas, I will tell you up front that this way to make money does not require very much of your own money to be successful. Let's get started.The next step in the easy money making process is to find some popular items that people purchase. To do this, I use the keyword discovery tool. You can find this tool by searching google for it. What this excellent tool does is show you how popular a search term is. You will need to think of some items that people buy online frequently to get started. Think about new electronics that are hot, new home products like vacuums or kid's toys that are hot, or home appliances that are new and popular. Once you have a list of the items, plug those into the search tool and make sure you select the most popular ones. Try to accumulate a list of about 20 items.The next step to succeed with this method of making easy money from home is to set up your Adwords campaign. I will assume, in explaining this, that you are familiar with adwords. Create a new campaign for each catagory of product you have in your list. Set up your campaign budget. When you create your ad, you MUST include these things in the wording of your ads: Exact product name/model, exact price that it costs on Amazon, and a way to tell the buyers that they are clicking that ad to purchase the item. This will ensure that the people clicking on your ad want to buy that product.Creating a list of keywords is quite simple. You want to include your product name with model number in all the variations you can think of and with the word BUY added. Let's say your product is an 8 GB Ipod Touch. Your keywords would be 8gb ipod touch, buy 8gb ipod touch, ipod touch 8gb, buy ipod touch 8gb, ipod touch 8g, buy ipod touch 8g, etc. Then you want to add keywords that you DO NOT want your ads to come up for, such as Review, Rating, Information. To disinclude these items, add them to your keywords like this: -review, -rating, -information. This will weed out all of the potential people that would click on your ad but not purchase. For keywords like these, you will not have much competition. This means you should be able to pay anywhere from.10 to.75 per click and get plenty of clicks.For the display url, you can put For the actual URL, you want to get the link from your Amazon Affiliate account. You want the link that is directly to that product.Start your campaign and watch your commissions fly.

Make Money With Amazon, Yahoo And Ebooks The internet has opened up many new ways to earn money. Now almost everyone can easily start making money online. While there are many methods and techniques to earn money on the internet, selling ebooks, using the Amazon affiliate program and starting your own Yahoo Store are some of the easiest for people who do not have much experience in internet marketing. Making money with ebooks Ebooks are basically informational content that is being sold online. Most of the ebooks being sold on the internet are instructional how-to guides which answer people's questions about a specific need. These could be guides on making money online, fixing computer problems, training your dog, relationship advice and more. What most people don't realize is that while the sales pages may tout the guides as being the ultimate sources of exclusive, top secret information that is impossible to find anywhere else, this is actually far from being actually the case. The same information found in these guides can usually be located by spending a few hours of searching and putting together your findings. All that the authors do is rewrite common methods, advice and information, and sometimes add their own advice based on their knowledge of the subject. This means that you do not have to be a professional writer to put together a successful ebook, but you should at least have some knowledge and interest in the topic of the guide you are writing. Once you have your ebook written, you need a way to sell it. You will need to set up a website with a sales letter that tells people what your product is about and most importantly why they should buy it. While writing good sales copy takes some practice, you can get some ideas from the sales pages of other products on the internet. To take payments and deliver the product, you can set up a "buy it now" button in your PayPal account that will redirect buyers to download your ebook once they have made the payment. To sell your ebook, you can buy text advertisements and banner ads on sites which deal with the topic your ebook is written about, such as forums. While it may seem like a challenging task at first, after you gain an understanding of the details of how to write and promote ebooks, you can have a lot of success. For more information, you can visit popular internet marketing forums such as The Warrior Forum ( and Digital Point ( How to make money with the Amazon affiliate program offers an affiliate program with which you can earn money by placing links to Amazon products on your website or blog. Depending on the item that was bought by the client, you will receive a commission ranging from 4% to 15% of its price. Joining the Amazon Associates program is easy, and can be done by visiting their website at . To make money from Amazon's affiliate program, you first need to have a website or a blog. For example, if you have a blog that talks about books, you can put Amazon affiliate links to the books that you recommend. You will then earn money if one of your visitors makes a purchase using your link. How to start your own Yahoo Store A Yahoo store is a great tool that lets small businesses sell their products online. To start building your store, simply go to You will then be able to choose the package which suits your needs. Packages start at $39.95 and up, and vary depending on the features offered. Once you have signed up, you can begin designing your store front, adding items, as well as customizing options such as available payment methods. Yahoo makes it brain-dead easy for you to accept payments online, prepare orders for shipping, track sent orders, as well as manage your customer's information To Get More Information click here

[SOLVED] Money Making Ideas: How To Sell On Amazon [Newly Revised]  
[SOLVED] Money Making Ideas: How To Sell On Amazon [Newly Revised]  

As we all know, promoting amazon products is one of the easier ways to make money online these days. The competition is low, the commissions...