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Hello! I am Pablo, an industrial designer from San Sebastian, Spain. You can find a selection of my works in this portfolio.

The content and materials in this booklet are designed by Pablo Odriozola during 2013/2017. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the written permission of Pablo Odriozola.

Place / date of birth: San Sebastian, Spain 22/09/1994

Contact info:


Mondragon Unibertsitatea Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering (2013 - 2017)

E-mail: Telephone: +34 618 233 862 Address: Paseo del Urumea 10, 2A. 20014 San Sebastian, Spain.


Computer skills:


SolidWorks Siemens NX Rhinoceros 3D AutoCAD KeyShot V-Ray

Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign MATLAB

Junior project chief (September 2016 - July 2017) Antic Pays Basque, France

Spanish Basque English French -

Native or bilingual proficiency Native or bilingual proficiency Full professional proficiency Limited working proficiency

Design Competitions:

Masterglass Design Contest 2017 Masterglass Design Contest 2016 1st Prize (See 4D Wine in this portfolio)

CES Edupack

The 24H of innovation (ESTIA) 2016 SolidWorks Design Award

Microsoft Office

NimbleBee Design Competition (Fall 2015)

4D Wine This project was carried out for the Masterglass Design Contest organised by Vidrala in collaboration with the University of Deusto and EIDE (Designers’ Association of the Basque Country). The objective was to design an innovative, original and viable glass container within a sustainable and environmentaly efficient process. My contribution: Background research, mockup building, packaging design, creation of the logo and 3D modelling and rendering.


Duration: 3 months (Spring 2016) Project type: Group project Partners: Nestor Guisasola Aritz Hernani Inge Urionabarrenetxea




Target user


To design an innovative glass bottle and its brand

Bring wine to young audiences

The millennial generation

The studies on the consumption of wine are conclusive: every time less wine is drunk. Spain, although being a world power in both production and exports, has recently reached historical lows of consumption. The wine industry has not been able to adapt to the youth the same way other drinks as beer have. After an extensive analysis, it was concluded that the main factors why young people do not drink wine are the following ones: Perception: Young people are not identified with wine. They do not consider it suitable for a pottage, to consume between friends. It is not comfortable to drink: Its consumption requires external utensils, drinks in glass and the formats do not fit the context.

High alcoholic graduation: The amount of alcohol per dose is higher than beer's, preventing the same level of consumption. Bottle Size: The current units are too large for consuming it in outdoor places.



Advertising campaign

In response to the demand of young people, an innovative and lawbreaker bottle has been designed, with the aim of making the wine a closer drink to them. Let's break stereotypes. Now the wine is drunk straight from the bottle! Forget about the cup and the corkscrew.

Our proposal: • Unitary bottle • Easy to open • Improved grip • Alcohol reduction • Flavoured



4D Wine bottle render

The proposed minimalist packaging gathers two bottles with the minimum amount of cardboard. The whole pack is lightweight and perfect for sharing it with friends.


Cardboard packaging


2 unit pack


DIP: the diver The objective of this project was to obtain a design proposal for an easy-tointegrate filter pump for an inflatable pool. The starting point of this process was an already given filter, sold by INTEX. The product needed to be designed for children, applying a User Driven Innovation design philosophy. My contribution: Background research, mockups & 3D modelling and rendering of the selected model.


Duration: 2 months (Autumn 2015) Project type: Group project Partners: Amaia Alcelay Carla Carreira Garazi Conde




To re-design a filter pump for an inflatable pool

Give an added value to the machine and integrate it in its environment

Target user Families with children


Nowadays, the filter pumps available in the market have the aesthetics of a machine rather than a finished product's, and it is believed that changing this will bring a new product opportunity. In this particular case, the chosen target users were children, and a design brief was carried out taking into account their special needs, as summarized in the next four points:

Design: An external case needs to be designed to give the product an appealing look and to integrate it in its context of use.

Music: While kids are in the pool and the filter pump is off, an external loudspeaker could play music for them,

Games: Kids can't stay in the pool while the filter pump is working, so an alternative method for entertaining them could be implemented.

Safety: Special safety measures need to be taken as children are not completely aware of the danger.




Volumetric mockup of the selected model


Wooden mockup


Sketches and fast mockups created with children in modelling clay


As this project was user-driven, children were asked for their opinion in each stage of the design process. As a result, three designs were selected (see the other two on the next page) and volumetric mockups were made in order to better understand the size and shape of the selected models, as well as to help in the process of 3D CAD modelling.

Render of the selected model



Discarded designs

The model which the users and buyers liked most was the diver, so finally this was the one to take into further development. The CAD model was divided into manufacturable parts and all the inner components were propperly fit, both the old ones (filtering system) and the new ones (loudspeaker and motion sensor related parts). The result is DIP, the filter hat allows you to entertain your kids and clean the pool’s water at the same time. It is both functional and safe, plus your kids will love the games and music you will be able to play thanks to the independent bluetooth loudspeaker connected to the exclusive INTEX app.



Aizpurua Aizpurua is a local bakery from Zarautz, near San Sebastian, and they wanted a new design for the packaging of the traditional roscรณn (round cake) of the Three Wise Men, which is traditionally eaten in Spain on this celebration after christmass. My contribution: Sketching, mockup building & 3D Modelling of the shown package


Duration: 2 weeks (Spring 2016) Project type: Group project Partner: Aritz Hernani




To design a new packaging for the bakery

Create a renewed image for the business

Target user Local clients


The especifications required for the design of this packaging could be summarized into the following four, which gather those requested by the bakers and our own propositions. Opening: The owners of the bakery want the packaging to open in a different way so it gives the feeling that it is a special ocasion.

Assembly time: When the day comes, they have to assemble a lot of boxes, so it is key that the boxes can be packed in a short time.

Visibility: Since the packaging contains food, it is considered of great importance that the content is visible from the outside.

Design: They want to put aside the conventional boxes and have their own box designed meeting their particular needs.


v Sketches

Cardboard mockup


After representing some ideas through sketches, two of them were developed into full-size cardboard mockups (see the one built by me above).


The packaging consists of 5 parts: the box, the tray, the transparent plastic part and two ropes. The round cake will be put in the tray and by pulling on the small strip it will be taken out the box. Fast assembly in only 7 steps. Parts are easily stackable, and once the packaging is assembled, boxes can be stacked on top of each other.

v Packaging by parts


As established in the design brief, the graphic part had to be minimalist and elegant, so instead of covering the whole package with graphic details, a patterned band was placed in it, preserving the current colours of the bakery as well as the typography of the logotype.



Three Wise Men detail


Label design


Final packaging render


& BEER This project was presented to the second edition of the Masterglass Design Contest organised by Vidrala. As in the first one, the objective was to design an innovative, original and viable glass container within a sustainable and environmentaly efficient process.


Duration: 1 month (Spring 2017) Project type: Individual project




To design an innovative beer bottle

To place a product in a growing market

Target user Beer consumers


The beer market is divided in two groups: The generic ones, which aim the general population with standard flavours that usually please the great majority of people, and the more minoritary ones, that have a more original flavour but only reach those with such special tastes. The challenge we are facing, therefore, seems obvious: How could we make a beer that everyone would love? Customization: Beer lovers should be able to try a product that truly meets their tastes.

Exotic: Rare flavours should be available for those who like to experiment new sensations.

Money: Craft home-made beer is expensive to produce, and this prevents consumers from brewing it themselves.

Time: Not everyone is willing to spend the time they would need to brew their own beer at home.


The proposed bottle is composed of 3 separate sub-containers, which are joined together by some plastic bands similar to those in plastic zip bags (they are added to the bottle in the labeling process). The consumer will buy separately as many as he wants, and will assemble his bottles combining up to 3 different aromas.


Bottle disassembly

Once the bottle is set up, the individual caps will have snapped together to form a single cap that can be opened with a single movement, and the beer will be ready to be served.

v Cap disassembly


While still an industrial beer but in many ways approaching the artisan phenomenon, & BEER allows consumers to create a beer according to their personal tastes. The more than 20 available containers have the same beer as a base, but each of them is distinguished from the rest in its particular aroma. Consumers will be able to choose their favorites and combine them in the way they want to create a beer with a unique combination of nuances (more than 8000 possible combinations). But that is not all. The concept of "beer tourism", tasting local beer when traveling abroad, remains intact in a single beer, since each country, each region, will have one or more local flavours that will be sold only in them. This way, & BEER also becomes the perfect souvenir. As the three sub-bottles would have a label with the logo in them, something needed to be ideated so that it did not seem repetitive. That is how the idea of the "&" symbol came, which would give continuity to the list of chosen aromas by conecting them.

Example of two labels next to each other






Advertising poster No.1


Advertising poster No.2


v +34 618 233 862 For more concepts, visit @odridesign

Š Pablo Odriozola 2017

Industrial Design Portfolio 2017 - Pablo Odriozola  

Portfolio for applying to FHNW Academy of Art and Design

Industrial Design Portfolio 2017 - Pablo Odriozola  

Portfolio for applying to FHNW Academy of Art and Design