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Pablo Morales Dell Writing Class Paragraphs

How to cultivate flowers in your home. The process is fast and easy. First you go shopping and you have to buy sail, flowers, fertilizer, sprinkler, water and flowerpots. The next phase is the preparations in the flowerpots add the soil, after opening on the ground. Next put the flowers in the hole. Third, spray water over the little flowers and them put it under sun. After cutting dead parts in the flowers, add fertilizer on the soil. Finally you have to take of the flowers and repeat phase number three, and then you will have very cute.

The last year I didn’t like to read. In June I read a book and after that I loved reading. The story was very interesting because a native living a war in Guatemala. His escape to Mexico she didn’t fine a job. She lived to beg for food. After a time a family decided help her. After she came back to Guatemala and she went to her community and her home had very much blood on the floot. She cried and decided to kill herself and after that she converted in a Maya’s queen. The story helped me to want to read books law and me conflicts with my country.

The typical food in Guatemala is meat stuffing and chicken. It has a delicious sause and cheese. In Guatemala we made tamales and paches. The tamales are made of Clough and meat or chicken. The paches are made of potatoes and deferments sauces. The hilachas are made of meat and sauce of tomatoes and miltomate. Everything is tasty and are my favorite food. The typical food is delicious for its unique way of preparing it.

The queen has a strong personality the queen is seductive but she is lie woman. She absorbs beauty of the other woman’s to become young. She doesn´t have feelings, and she is a cold person. The queen is very evil because she doesn’t want to lose her beauty. She is a stream evil person because she wanted to snow white. She has magic powers, and by you power has dominate is a queen. The queen has a very stream evil because she has a strong personality


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