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CAVES Caves are natural underground places that are formed as a result of many years of environmental changes in the Earth. A few factors that have helped form caves are weather and time. Limestone, rock and even glaciers made the caves thatare found throughout the world today.

A Hidden World Scientists study caves to uncover a hidden world of human history. Research shows us that caves were used for a variety of reasons. Scientists have found cave paintings, pottery, tolos, clothing, food and human skeletons inside caves all over the world. These give us clues about the people who used and live in caves.

Humans took advantage of caves for practical purposes. Since caves are closed off, humans used them for shelter and protection. They found caves to be safe areas. Some humans called these places home while thieves made them into places where they could escape from the law and hide stolen goods.

Humans also learned that caves were good places to store food. The dark and cool environment kept food fresh for a long time. You can consider them natural refrigerators! Thus, caves were used to store fruit, vegetables, agred cheese and alcoholic drinks.

Caves had another important purpose, as well. The lack of sunlight and stable temperature were thought to be healthy. Therefore, caves were sometimes used as hospitals. Doctors believed that sick people would breathe better in them.

Researchers and scientists have discovered a lot about caves and their importance to humans. Besides these practical purposes, there is still more to learn. Now, caves are an important part of our studies to help us better understand our ancestors.

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