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To whom it may concern: I know Pablo Casanova both professionally and personally since 2009, in the final stage of his training as an Architect. I was able to follow closely his Senior Thesis as I went his tutor. I can say that is a person with initiative and determination, hardworking, organized and responsible. His interest in and commitment to continue learning and sensitivity to global problems, among which is the deterioration of the environment, make to pay particular attention to the implementation respectful with the environment of their projects, having been these very diverse integrating such technical vision, formal reflection and planning approach. This extensive training, linked to its high capacity and proactive teamwork as key personal strengths, makes him an ideal person to fill positions of responsibility as well as academic and professional face new challenges. He also manages a wide range of related architecture software, which significantly improves his work and communication skills. For all the above recommend Pablo Casanova, unequivocally, for any position of professional work, and I remain available to any person to provide additional information or clarification.

Mariano Bolant Serra. Arquitecto Superior

Vicepresidente del Colegio Territorial de Arquitectos de Valencia CTAV Profesor de Proyectos Profesor de Edificación y Régimen Jurídico del Espacio Habitable Departamento de Expresión Gráfica, Proyectos y Urbanismo Escuela Superior de Enseñanzas Técnicas – ESET Universidad Cardenal Herrera - CEU / Tel.: (+34) 963423454 / (+34) 670331960

Valencia, 15 March 2012

To whom it may concern: This letter is to certify that Mr. PABLO CASANOVA has been working at NYC ARQUITECTOS as an Architectural Assistant from September 2011 to April 2012. During his service at NYC ARQUITECTOS, Mr. Pablo Casanova has proved to be efficient, very punctual, hardworker, with big initiative. We would like to stand out his high communication and drawing skills and his ability to work as a part of a team. He has performed all tasks assigned to him to the best of our satisfaction and so, we highly recommend him to be part of any good architecture team. Kindest regards,

NYC arquitectos

Valencia | Calle JJ Domine 20, planta 5ª, puerta 17 | 46011 Valencia | España | Madrid | Calle Alvarez de Baena 4, planta 2ª, puerta 19 | 28006 Madrid |España| José Andreu Cortina | Arquitecto | email: | Teléfono: (+34) 627 77 50 63. Javier Cortina Saus | Arquitecto | email: | Teléfono: (+34) 609 54 09 90. Jorge Cutanda Ballester | Arquitecto | email: | Teléfono: (+34) 661 42 82 25. Álvaro Navarro Gómez-Ferrer | Arquitecto | email: | Teléfono: (+34) 635 39 22 11.

Vicente Casanova Carratalá 96-369.96.80 - fax 96.361.00.83

Arquitecto e-mail

c/ Alvaro de Bazán, 13-29ª. 46010 Valencia.

Dear sirs,

I am writing you in favor of Pablo Casanova Cánovas. I am Vicente Casanova Carratalá, an architect from the Madrid, Spain, School of Architecture, having graduated in 1970. I am a specialist in Urban Planning, Building and Building Pathology and have my office in Valencia on calle Alvaro de Bazán, 13. I have known Pablo Casanova Cánovas for several years, since he was a student. I can affirm that he is a good professional and makes every effort to finish any work given to him efficiently and with quality. He has collaborated with my office on several different issues referring to building pathologies for trial. His observations have always been well focused and highly valued, demonstrating his knowledge of the construction process in Spain. I hope my personal opinion can be used by whom it may concern. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information. Sincerely,

Vicente Casanova Carratalá

Valencia 15th September, 2013

I am very pleased to write this reference letter on behalf of Mr. Pablo Casanova. Pablo has worked within several projects for our business, from design and planning of the furniture for the whole area of the VIP area for the F1 European World Championship in Valencia, to the design and drafting of various briefings and renders for several projects. He has also worked as a supervisor in various projects and events and I can assure you that Pablo is an efficient, hardworking, perfectionist and decisive person. I would recommend Pablo to any Company and for any task, since in the years we have worked with, has demonstrated their professionalism and effort to make everything perfect and attention to detail. From Talentum Group appreciate all the work that has brought Pablo Casanova during these three editions (2009, 2010 and 2011) the VIP Hospitality Meeting Point F1 Valencia ( and highlight his great leadership in coordinating logistics and team that had charge. Best Regards

Francisco Larrey General Director Talentum Group +34 669 814 219

Refence letters nycarchitects paul innes  
Refence letters nycarchitects paul innes