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Pablo PACHoN Manzano


Competitions Group Works

Content Projects 1.Housing: new posibilities of living. 2.Public Building 3.Restauration and conservation

Competitions Group Works 4.Textile Workshop 5.Acoustic Workshop 6.Architecture and Beauty


H o u s i n g

H o u s i new possibilities of

n g living

Housing in the bank of Manzanares river, Madrid Projects 5, 3rd year of Architecture ETSAM

The main idea of this project is the investigation of new ways of living, mix of typologies as heigh courtyard houses, two-stories houses and housing heigh, combined with public spaces in the building as cinemas, workshops, etc. The project encourage the revitalization of this bank of the river, death nowadays, and creates a new image for this side.

Section North-South

Level +24m

P u b l i c

B u i l d i n g

Public_building Studio 2: Matter, Space, Structure 5th year of Architecture Exchange year Chalmers University of Technology Public Courtyards

The aim of the project is to reactivate the most central courtyard in the district across the “Long Streets” (between Första Långgatan and Fjällgatan, as example to develope in the other courtyards. The main idea is to create a new entrance to this courtyard creating a very specific function that is able to bring people to this place : a library. In this way, the library becomes the entrance.To enter in the library it´s necessary to get into the courtyard. The idea is to force people to get inside the courtyard, so the building is close in the street side and completely open in the interior.

The project keeps some private areas inside the courtyards for the neighbours and the rest is public .

Moreover, there are two different spaces in the courtyard that already exist: estancial and walking areas with two different pavements. Therefore, the project enhances this contrast creating a pedestrian walking area that links all the entrances becoming a park and two places to stay, one as a extension of the restaurants inside the blocks and the other one as an urban garden, in both ot them restoring and reusing the buildings in the courtyard even the rubish elements incluiding all of them in the design. As the courtyard, the streets around it, have a big role in the transformation of the area. The car traffic in these streets is not very big, thus, the urban intention was to enhance walking and biking reducing the car circulation.

Ground Level

Section North-South

Roof Floor Plan

Nolly Plan

Conservation and Transformation

Conservation and Transformation Transformation and conservation course 5th year of Architecture Exchange year in Chalmers University of Techlonology Transformation of an old Tannery into a cultural and turistic point in Floda, Sweden. The main idea is to generate a very flexible space inside. We want to differentiate between two areas in the building: in the west part, we want to keep the historical character of offices, leaving the walls as they are; in the east part, we want to remove all the walls in order to create a free and diaphanous space. We want the structure to be seen so we build services boxes in order to not divide the space and to have a vision of the whole building every time. To enhance this idea, all the floors of the building are connected in section as well making a hole in the two slabs that works as a main communication element.

Another idea in this building was to create a new and more public entrance as a transition space of both main building and shop. To make it we replace the former damage building by a very simple construction in glass and wood to make the entrance clear. We transform the southeast addition of the building in a sauna due to its closeness to the river replacing the old facade by a more open wooden one. The south floating part added in 1960s has a big quality as it is now, so we want to keep the ambient of this place and use it as a restaurant with the views to the river. In order to allow the view from the chairs of the restaurant we low the old windows 50 cm. We build a fire staircase outdoors in the north of the building in order to leave the space as open as possible.

Section East-West

The old tannery building: on both floors we removed partitions to create two big rooms with bathrooms between. We resized the windows reusing the beams of the old ones. The existing terrace is ended with an external lift. On the eastern side we removed the buildings between the tannery and the garage and located there another terrace as a part of emergency exit. On the ground floor we located an agency renting boats (closed to the river) and cheap-rent room (for meetings, events). Above we situated conference room and lecture hall.

Finishing materials Plan +6m

The two additions of the ‘�old tannery building�: we separated two buildings added to the old tannery building in order to make them independent items two rent for offices, or workshop places. The garage: In the building located the most on the east we planned to put a renting place for bicycles and motorbikes and a room to repair them. The installations in the main building are included in the service boxes. The ventilation of the building will be natural in the ground and second floor and artificial in the first floor in order to ventilate properly the restaurant.

Level +6m

Conservation and Transformation Projects 9, 6th year of Architecture. ETSAM Extension and rehabilitation of an old hospital in Moncloa, Madrid Parking ,Housing, Sports and comercial Hybrid


This project reinterprets the idea of cars storage, that has always been a hidden, dirty, rejected and uncoftable place that we all avoided. From now on, this cars storage become something else. Cars, as machines, mean movement, life, energy, circulations. The project generates a machine of transformations, a building that is always changing, always transforming into something else., a permanent process of program transformation that implies a flexibility between different uses that had been unrelated until now, but also a quimical and energetic transformation ,in short, a transformation of experiences.

Library(2.000 m2) Restaurants (2.000 m2) Cafeteria (2.000 m2) Urban garden (2.000 m2) Comercial/Market (4.000 m2) Sport (4.200 m2) Dormitories (9.000 m2)

Parking (22.000 m2) Ground Level Planta Escala:

+9m 1/200





Once upon a time...

Electricity generation

1_the vehicle traveling at a certain speed 2_ panels down by the weight of by the panels installed in the ramp

Section North-South

the vehicle

3_ the rotation of this shaft makes a turbine spin to produce electric power

Panel secci贸n



Section East-West


C o m p e t i t i o n s

C o m p e t i t i o n s Architectural Competitions 5th year of Architecture Exchange year in Chalmers University of Techlonology External part of a train and bus Station in the centre of the city of Gothemburg, Sweden. This project comes out as a respond to a very axial place with very strong axes above and underground. The idea is to free the square in order to make people be able to cross it and take the buses and trams, so the building is located 6 m above the ground floor housing the restaurant, waiting room, offices, services, and a library.

Level +8m


EXISTENT SITE and program



Free the square to make people be able to cross in every direction

Create a square related to the buildings nearby


connect the two parts of the site and city gate


enhance the perspectives of the main street


Enjoy the sun with a summer terrace

Section North-South

Section East-West

G r o u p

W o r k s

G r o u p

W o r k

Studio 2: Matter, Space, Structure, 5th year of Architecture Exchange year in Chalmers University of Techlonology Acoustic Workshop Gotheburg Riverside Sound has been very often forgotten chitectture. The idea of this workshop is hance Acoustic as challenge for the architecture as an important element configuration and understanding of the

in Arto enfuture in the space.

This new architecture intend to enhance the feelings, the perceptions, the senses. It´s in a way leading to

transform the southeast addition of the building in a sau-

a more holistic architecture.e

Workshop: Architecture and Beauty 5th year of Architecture Exchange year in Chalmers University of Techlonology workshop:

This work aims to manipulate the nature, to order it, something like snow that is temporaly in the soil can become a part of the architecture, can turn into something else: space. Ordinary becomes Extraordinary Suddenly




The project is also working with the idea of nostalgy. Memories come out when we were working with the snow as children building a snow man. The shelter is build with our own hands, feeling the snow in our fingers, the cold, its texture, the combination of snow flakes, shape, reflect, inside-outside, in short we are talking about architecture in a very simple way.

Detaiil Acoustic Elements

General Intervention River Side

G r o u p

W o r k

Studio 1: Matter, Space, Structure 5th year of Architecture Exchange year in Chalmers University of Techlonology Textile Workshop How to create architecture with a piece of fabric This workshop intends to reflect about the idea of temporary and ephemeral architecture. Necessarily, this architecture means movement, flexibility, human interaction, pass of time... The idea is to investigate in this field of textiles, how to deal with the fabric, how to manipulate it, how to be able to create space. The construction of these structures includes the human interaction as a choreography. The human energy is transformed into shape, into space.


Pablo Pachón Manzano

(12/03/1988, Madrid) C/ Juan Ramón Jiménez, 6 28523 Rivas Vaciamadrid 686312250 / 916661829

FORMATION Student of Architecture at the School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM) at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). Awarded with the best student scolarship of the Duque de Rivas institute. 3rd Position in the ETSAM proyects competition March 2010 . Mention in the Architectural Competition in the Master Program of Architecture in Chalmers University of Technology, Gothemburg (Sweden) INFORMATIC Domain of the followings programs: • Autocad (Advanced Course of Autocad at the School of Architecture of Madrid) • Adobe Photoshop (Advanced Course of Photoshop at the School of Architecture of Madrid) • Rhinoceros : subjects of Descriptive Geometry and Informatic Geometry at the School of Architecture of Madrid. LANGUAGES Written and Spoken English : High Level ( One year studing in Sweden, 2010-2011) French: basic level

LABORAL EXPERIENCE Teacher of Maths and Phisics of secundary students, summer 2006 and 2007. Teacher of Spanish in Sweden (2011)

OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION Driving licence, B ,2006. Piano and music classes at the School of Music of Rivas Vaciamadrid, Drums at the music workshops of Rivas Vaciamadrid, 2000-2005. Music band with some actuations and concerts during years 2002 y 2003. Madrid Federation of Football: Team ADPI rivas playing in high categories, 1996-2010. Captain of this team during years 1996 to 2006. Some courses and workshops about the relationship between cinema and architecture. Photography


Portfolio Student of Architecture