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Pablo RamĂ­rez PORTFOLIO 2019

Pablo Arturo Ramírez Santamaría GENERAL INFORMATION Nationality Skype Born Address Email

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Mexican Pablo.ars 15 of Februrary 1990 Via Monte Nevoso 15, Milano

FORMAtion Internship @ Studio de Nardo / Melina Light.

| 2018 - 2018

Erasmus @ University of Liege, Belgium.

| 2017 - 2018

Politecnico di Milano, Milano. Laurea Magistrale in Architectural Design.

| 2016 - 2018

Universidad La Salle Cuernavaca, México 5 year Bachelor ´s in Architecture.

| 2008 - 2013

| 2012 - 2013

| 2014 - 2016

Internship @ Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia. Office of historical monuments and restoration.

WORK EXPERIENCE Niz + Chauvet Arquitectos

Junior architect, responsible for maintaining contact with clients and contractors, on site supervision and follow through from the initial sketches until the project is delivered. Projects: - High end apartments and residences. - Stable and country house in Valle de Bravo. - Exterior lobby renovation in Arcos Bosques shopping mall. - Hotel Thompson - Playa del Carmen, Mexico.



-Microsoft Office -Photoshop -Sketchup -Illustrator -InDesign -Autocad -3D Max -Revit

-Spanish -English -Italian -French -German

additional information |Mother tongue |C1+ |B2+ |B1+ |A1

-Photography enthusiast -Self teaching habits -Detail oriented -Organized -Proactive -Attentive

Autorizzo il trattamento dei dati personali contenuti nel mio curriculum vitae in base art. 13 del D. Lgs. 196/2003. Language levels are indicative and approximate.


1.- Experimental theater in Milano Project in collaboration with Damla Sakarya and Seyran Recep, Project supervisor Domenico Chizzoniti from Politecnico di Milano.

2.- Chêneé housing project, Chêneé Project in collaboration with the Université de Liège, Project supervisor Henri Chaumont from ULg.

3.- Eglise du grand Seminaire rehabilitation Project workshop in collaboration with Michael Migeotte, Elodie Schmitt, Nicolas Desart and Maxence Vervloesen. Université de Liège.

4.- Spa In Aquacalda, Lipari island, Italy Project developed at Politecnico di Milano with collaboration with Chie Kawashima, Ivan Sorevo, Anna Dobrokovskaya and Jessica Martinez. Project supervisor Estefania Vavaro.

5.- Abbaye de Villers la Ville, Belgium Project developed in collaboation with Michael Migeotte, project supervisor Francoise Dupperoi at the Université de Liège.

6.- Projects at Niz+Chauvet Arquitectos Excecuting the role as Interior designer and Project manager, several of the projects meant coordinating materials, fixtures and executed works.


in itself conveys this idea of limiting space. Its a limit between the finite and the infinite.´´ Mario Botta

Experimental theater in Milan

The theater Considering the ever changing concept of theater and which elements are chosen for their construction in accordance with the design strategies to compose the spaces in an architectural way, we present the following research and resulting project. The chosen area, located in the historical city center of Milan is one of the most monumental zones in the city, it is surrounded by significant civic and cultural heritage so presenting compatible solutions with the existing structures is one main objective. The links with Palazzo Reale and the Chiesa di San Gottardo to the north, and Teatro il Lirico to the west, were studied so that relevant circulations were designed.

The project proposes 3 main stages and 4 alternate stages that can configure in between themselves in multiple ways, It also proposes a formation and educational wing, administrative offices, gift shops, ticket offices and many other standard equipment and public and private areas. A tower oversees the courtyards and links the rest of the volumes. Conceiving a civic space for meetings and impromptu plays is another aim to further connect with the city.

The facades and general volumes are mildly monotonous while Palazzo Reale and Teatro Il Lirico have more dynamic textures and so the project aims to provide a pedestrian only zone that connects all the textures, volumes and inner courtyards between themselves. The project aims to establish relationship with the city itself as offering to close Via Francesco Pecorari to the traffic to provide pedestrian public area. When the historical maps of the area are analyzed, it is clear that some courtyards dont exist nowadays, namely the Cortile Della Porta Falsa, that was used as court-theatre. The landscape design of the project aims to give one of the court-theaters back to the city which can host the activities from the Palazzo Reale, the experimental theatre, teatro Il Lirico, social gatherings, public and private events or spontaneously by the public.

Chêneé Housing Project

Chêneé Housing Project The town of Chêneé is experiencing a rapid population growth and is currently being absorbed by the city of Liège, this threatens the disappearance of the last big natural reserve in the region. The concept of a barrier or a limit that would halt the expansion of the city is the result of our proposal; a diverse, multifunctional complex belt with housing, transportation and multiple activities on different densities and for multiple economic profiles. Built with local materials and construction techniques with a progressive evolution of the regional morphology.

The project aims to create an open and inviting sustainable public space for the town of ChĂŞneĂŠ, with an inner private area for the residents. Topography presents the multiple horizontal and vertical openings of the project and its geometry resulting in lively perspectives.

Église du grand sÊminaire 24 hr workshop - Adaptive reuse

The administrators of the now unused church -Grand Seminaire- in Liège were looking for new functions to reintegrate the building into the urban context. After studying the surroundings we found an old neighboring sports center, so we decided to propose the rehabilitation of the existing facilities along with the adaptation of an indoor and outdoor climbing space in the church.

Liège - Église du grand sÊminaire The organic shape takes control of the space and redefines it, what a better way to appreciate an old church than climbing inside it? In the top floor there is an elevated pathway that offers visitors a new and unseen perspective of the church, in addition, we use the niches in the windows to create small personal spaces for working and reading.

Thick walls are repurposed into small niches for private activities.

Restoring Lipari - Aquacalda

The conservation of existing elements while providing flexible spaces was one of the main and most important objectives. By excavating 6 meters and making a tunnel exit to the sea we create a horizontal connection to the exterior, several vertical openings link the sky the interior, thus making our sauna spa a node between the sea and the sky.

The vertical connections let a controlled amount of sunlight in, resulting in a meditative space. Lastly the sky terrace with infinity pool absorbs the context and links you towards the surrounding mountains and the sea. Concept Vertical link

Horizontal link

Light in three levels



Current state

Access to the beach

Abbaye de Villers La Ville A new approach to adaptive reuse; while proposing the renewal of ancient functions of the hotellerie of the abbey, this project aims to reshape the 800+ year old building into a modern form of itself, reviving the old functions it had, in this case an ancient hotel, cooking and dining areas that withered away in time and transforming it into a modern brasserie, and a camping zone.

Complementing the camping area and the brasserie, a second building, not pictured, offers shelter to guests that would prefer not camping or have special needs. This new building is connected to the camping zone with a bridge that clears the woods with thin supports and enters through one of the openings of one of the old windows. Immediately after a set of stairs and structure beams conduct the users into the camping zone. This design aims to be a minimal intervention to the historical building, inspired in a bird that lands in a feeble branch.

Niz + Chauvet Arquitectos Project management

Apartment H - 500 smq. Méxtico city

Apartment M - 510 smq. México city

Apartment Z - 525 smq. México city

Exterior lobby renovation in Arcos Bosques shopping mall. México city

For more projects, sketches and photos visit my instagram and 500px sites.

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