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The museum is located in one of the most Logroùo’s privileged spaces, between the old quarter (East) and the new city (South & West), looking over the park (North) which accompanies the Ebro river while it passes through the town. A place of encounters surrounded by old ruins which tell us the history of Logroùo. Nevertheless, this three layers of the city have grown without any agreement, a clash of different geometries, shapes and sizes. The result is a shapeless void only inhabited by the remains of old buildings: the St. Isabel convent (15th century), the pilgrims hospital after reconverted in the Inquisition headquarters (13th century) and some fragments of the medieval wall containing a defense tower and a fortified door (16th century). As a result of this, the urbanization of the area aims to restructure it regaining the continuity between the old and the new city by creating a big square able to contain the different geometries and also looking to the river perched from a high position. The museum adopts a lineal typology for working as link element between the historic remains adding, in this way, this structures to the collection that is displayed inside.

The decision of mix with the ruins it is not exhausted in the elevation plan, it is extended to the section. The museum is merged in the platform over which is placed the square, liberating the views over the park and river, linking the different heights where we find the ruins and fusing with the old wall giving it continuity along all the archaeological park. This operation is completed with the materials that compose the faรงade, the same sandstone which with the wall and archaeological remains are made out of. Abundant and cheap in the region, nevertheless, a tough material as the ruins can assure. The building is not anymore a mere spectator of the history, it has become part of it.


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Architecture Portfolio 2018 _ Pablo J. Marrodán  
Architecture Portfolio 2018 _ Pablo J. Marrodán