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Pablo Sandoval


(951) 536-5117

Los Angeles, Ca

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA

Bachelor of Architecture - Graduate June 2013

Danish Institute For Study Abroad, Copenhagen, Denmark


Full Year Architecture Study Abroad - 2010-2011

Studio/ Slab Architects, Echo Park, CA

• Junior Architect - May 2014 - Currently Employed

Heusch Inc Architecture, Beverly Hills, CA

• Junior Architect - April 2014- June 2014

Sandoval’s Auto Sales, San Jacinto, CA

• Salesperson, Advertising, Buyer - July 2013 - April 2014

Neil M. Denari Architects Inc, Los Angeles, CA


• Intern - March 2012

WHITE: Studio 400 Bookshow Installation

•Published: Detail Magazine, Pasajes Arquitectura Magazine •Featured: ArchDaily, Archinect, suckerPUNCH, DesignBoom

ADD XII: Architecture Department Publication

•Published, Danish Cultural Arts Center project

Crit: Journal of the AIAS


•Published, F-Stop Student Lounge project

3D Modelling

Photography and Film


Graphic Design

•Rhino •SketchUp •FormZ •AutoCAD •Maxwell •Vray •Flamingo nXt •Photoshop

Model Making

•Laser Cutting •3d Printing •CNC Router / RhinoCAM •Wood Shop

•DSLR Photography •Cinematography •Adobe Premiere •Adobe AfterEffects •Indesign •Illustrator •Hand Drafting

Office Tools

•Microsoft Word •Powerpoint

Languages •English


san francisco promenade

The San Francisco Promenade emerged from the desire to create an architectural hybrid between landscape and building. The fusion of these two elements brings new life to the Embarcadero. The public is allowed freedom on the site which results in an architecture full of energy and boundless possibilities. The interior cultural spaces, hotel, and park all work together to create a place which is full of life. Like an urban oasis the project floats on the harbor connecting sea to land, land to city, nature to building, and people to culture. The project features a SeaScape inspired by the Irish tessellating landscape of the Giant’s Causeway. San Francisco’s bay is allowed to enter the tessellating canals and form reflecting pools on the site. The dancing of the bay’s water on the site’s pools and canals creates a beautiful experience of reflection, movement, light, sound, and nature.

The SF Promenade also features an elevated RoofScape which provides the public with an open plaza on which to view and enjoy the city from a different perspective. A cultural hot spot is created in which all types of people congregate on the site to enjoy the sun and the spectacular views. Visitors interact with each other on this space before entering the building to enjoy the cultural activities. The interior programming is connected by a spectacular foyer filled with grand staircases and a view of San Francisco’s bay. The interior and exterior worlds are strongly connected by various entrances and a large exterior stairway which bisects the foyer. The design of the main theater takes its inspiration from a majestic cave in order to bring landscape effects indoors.

The hotel towers over the south side of the site and creates a harmonious transition between the bay, Embarcadero, and the towering metropolis. Guest enjoy the best views of San Francisco and are allowed a special connection to the cultural parts of the building. The hotel ensures life on the site day and night and a sense of security during the late nights. All the components of the SF Promenade center are blended harmoniously to create a fluid building which is connected culturally and formatively. The blending of landscape and building creates a new form which brings nature back into the eyes of the public and releases a special cultural energy on San Francisco’s Embarcadero.

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1 Entrance 2 Hotel 3 Theater 4 Backstage 5 Lobby 6 Cafe 7 Gift Shop 8 Multi-Purpose Hall 9 Restaurant 10 Offices

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Located on the central Copenhagen harbor, this project aims to bring new life to the waterfront. The project is a critique of recent monumental developments along the waterfront and instead encourages public habitation of the harbor front by providing a raised public plaza. This attracts the public to the functions inside the building. The project combines film, fashion, art, food, and education, in order to create multiplicities by encouraging interactions within these fields. The site has the extraordinary quality of being bisected by a road that runs through it. In response to these disturbances a grand bridge serves the purpose of binding the programs together. People are encouraged to interact in this shared floating space.

| Gallery | Movie Theater | MultiPurpose

CONNECTIONS The bridge ties the program together. It provides a grand space, with optimal visual connections between levels and the harbor. This space encourages interaction between people and exposes all programs to visitors who may not normally experience all types of arts.

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B o o k Exhibition

Resembling a floating white cloud suspended in air, “White” was a temporary exhibition produced by the 20 students of Studio 400, a 5th year architectural design studio led by professor Karen Lange at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. This space provided a sanctuary in which to read and display the thesis books of the students. Guest were invited

to truly experience the space by walking, crawling, sitting, climbing, reading, and resting over and under the weaved space. Studio 400 designed and produced the exhibition in a total of thirty days. Production was a period of 5 days in which 80,000 square feet of plastic sheeting was sliced, loomed, and weaved by the students in order to create the sculptural climbable

surface. Large circular and linear loom systems were created in order to prefabricate most of the surface’s large scale plastic textile. These pieces were later hand stitched together in order to create a unique continuous surface capable of supporting an abundance of guest. The translucent white surface created a truly ethereal space not unlike walking on clouds.

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Transformative in its appearance the FerroForm chair honors its purpose by complementing the human body in a symbiotic existence. As if carved from the body itself, its sleek sensuous curves gently wrap around you in a comforting embrace. The

striking curves of the FerroForm chair evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue, while it’s dark lustrous finish reflects and transforms the world. Like a Rorschach Inkblob Test, this morphing chair elicits different emotional responses in people almost impossible to

describe. Ferroform is a dynamic and evolving object with living characteristics. FerroForm seems to dance and morph with each changing view. Ferroform’s smooth and curvilinear shape are unlike any other of its kind, making it a rare and special piece of art.

usa pavilion

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F R E E D O M • E X P L O R A T I O N • I N N O V A T I O N A fluid building shaped by forces of site, environment, and programming. A metaphor for the US representing the symbiosis of innovation and freedom. The USA pavilion was designed to exhibit US culture in the context of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Its design welcomes you by allowing entry on all four facades. The form and plan should evoke a feeling of freedom to visitors. The design features a large open atrium in order provide visual and circulatory connections. The galleries are also designed to feel open and free without any hallways.

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Student Lounge The F-stop student lounge serves as an escape, where students can relax, connect with others, and recharge. The space is meant to be experienced as a cohesive piece of design. The 400-square-foot room is organized by a parametrically designed ceiling cloud constructed of 1,000 uniquely fabricated parts, each individually labeled and prefabricated in hexagon assemblies and installed in two days. The design is organized around a minimalist display wall of maple veneer plywood with lighted niches and moveable model stands and pin-up space along with an adjacent window wall with built in sitting boxes.

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Ridge Joint

Valley Joint Bridge Joint



Petal Assembly

Hex Assembly Responsibilities / Collaborated with Stephen Zecher in leading the design, fabrication, and installation of the parametrically designed cloud ceiling. I also participated in the winning conceptual design proposals leading up to the final design solution that was constructed. Ceiling Designer / Rhino Specialist / Laser & CNC Technician Conceptual Design / Design Development / Final Design and Fabrication

CLOUD SURFACE ASSEMBLY The cloud surface is a parametrically designed system comprised of 1000 unique pieces and organized around a hexagonal system.

Origin Assembly The origin has a unique structural system and acts as the focus point and connecting element. It connects the cloud hexagonal system to the ground, wall, and custom built in furniture. (951) 536-5117

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