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Enhancing Learning Through GLOW Parental Involvemnt

Windyknowe Primary School Inservice 2 Tuesday 18th September 2012

How to create a WIKI Helpsheet.

Go to GLOW.  


Log onto GLOW.

Find your class page in Pupil Home and go to My GLOW Groups or somewhere else on GLOW you want to add your WIKI.


To add a WIKI click

Modify Shared Page.

Click Add

Web Parts.

Click Search.

Type WIKI and then GO.

Drag and

Click on Virtual

drop GLOW

Server Gallery

WIKI onto your class page.

and then


Access Rights Information. • Private – Only those in your GLOW group. • GLOW Only – Anyone on GLOW. • Public – Anyone.

Only those  in  your  GLOW   group.   Anyone.  

Anyone on   GLOW.  


Name your   GLOW  group   e.g.  class   name.  


You have  now   created  a  WIKI.   Click  to  open.  

Creating new pages on the WIKI.                        

This page is your created WIKI.

To add new pages for each subject/area.


Decide on page layout

(click one, it will highlight   in yellow.)      

Add your own title.      

Save as you go!


Your page will look like this. A tab will appear in the side menu. Repeat the steps again for

additional pages.


Click Edit

Page when you want to add anything to your pages.

Adding an Image.

To add an image (have a folder of images you would like to add already saved).


Click Edit Page when you want to add anything

to your pages.

Classic Uploader – individual file.

Flash Uploader – more than one file at a time.    

Choose what images you wish to upload.

Click to  

attach to your page.


Your image will appear at the bottom of your page.  

Save as you go!

Click to add an    


Choose what image you want to use.  

Click on the image.  

Decide size.

Image will appear like this.


Adding Text                      

You can add text in the  

same way as word a document.

To add a link (link pages to each other, so when you open up your class page, you can click on a symbol i.e. maths picture and it will take you to the maths page).

Add a picture to the page you want to link to e.g. the






Go to the page you want to link to and click on the image.

Click on and copy URL address.  

Edit page.

Go back to original page you want to link to.

Click on image and then LINK.


Paste URL address into LINK TO.

After you have saved the link, click on it and it will take you to the maths page!

Create a Wiki  
Create a Wiki  

Create a Wiki