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Keeping warm this winter With the winter solstice last week, accompa­ nied by a spectacular full moon, we have now reached the halfway mark of 2013. Incredi­ ble to think that the countdown to Christmas will begin soon, but first we have another few months of inhospitable weather to get through. The cold and rain provides all the more rea­ son to indulge in heart­warming events of which there is no lack of in our neck of the woods. In our diary on page 3 we tell you all about the upcoming Bastille Festival in Franschhoek, Christmas in Winter in the Tul­ bagh valley, jazz and fondue evenings at Del­ heim and the winter specials at Simonsig’s Cuveé restaurant. You can also read about Eikendal’s Fri­ day Fondues on page 8, and our fab­ ulous giveaway that will afford two lucky readers the opportu­ nity to not only dine at Erinvale’s sig­ nature restaurant Seventeen07, but to spend the night in one of their luxurious suites and enjoy a scrumptious breakfast the next morn­ ing. What a treat! July is also the month when the Breedekloof Wine Valley hosts their de­ lightful Soetes & Soup festi­ val – get all the details from our 4­ page insert in this month’s edition of Wineder­ ous. If last year’s event is anything to go by, visi­ tors are in for a real feast. And what does it matter if the weekend should coincide with an ill­tempered winter storm, if inside the par­

ticipating cellars you are welcomed with jovi­ al hospitality, roaring fires, foot­stomping music, steaming home­made soup and the Breedekloof’s award­winning wines – most notably the dessert wines this region has be­ come famous for. This is a celebration you don’t want to miss out on, especially at the bargain price of just R50 for a weekend pass. So make a weekend of it, and head out to this incredibly beautiful valley where down­to­earth hospitality meets highly acclaimed wines at equally bargain prices. On pages 10 and 11 we present our top 10 reasons for visit­ ing Paarl, the town that has just won the kykNet/Kwêla Town of the Year competition for the Western Cape. With its rich cultural heritage, spectacular scenery, world­re­ nowned wine farms, premium restau­ rants, quaint shops and interesting mu­ seums, this pictur­ esque Winelands town offers visitors so much that a day trip will certainly not be enough. It is usually at the top of my list when I receive guests from over­ seas and start planning our itinerary, and it is usually proclaimed one of the highlights at the end of their stay in South Africa. Be it for a romantic getaway or a family outing, a visit to Paarl is guaranteed to be a memorable experience. Until next month, keep warm and enjoy!


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dit is dié buitenhuis aktiwiteite wat jy doen en geniet wat saak maak!! Winederous is dié publikasie wat jou op hoogte hou van gebeure rondom jou!

Annemie 021 870 4622 (Boland & Overberg) Ken 023 348 5103 (Breedevallei)

om deel te wees van die jolyt in Winederous!

Diary ­ July

Saterdag 29 & Sondag 30 Junie Tulbagh se Kersfees in Winter­fees: Theu­ niskraalenDrostdy­Hofisnettweevandiewynplase wat hierdie jaar deelneem aan Tulbagh­vallei se jaarlikse Kersfees in Winter­fees. Vang die gees en deel in die pret! Theuniskraal gaan op die twee feesdae spesiale ge­ leenthede aanbied. Sy reeks wyne sal gratis geproe kan word. Op albei dae sal die eerste 30 gaste wat ses bottels wyn of meer koop, ’n gratis Dalewood­ kaasbord vir een kry. Daar sal naby die plaas se proelokaal plek wees om te sit, te ontspan, aan ’n glas Theuniskraal te teug en die landgoed se atmos­ feer in te drink. Die Tulbaghse musiekmaker Ricky Nass sal gaste in die tema­tent vermaak, waar plaaslike kuns en handvlyt te koop sal wees. Kinders sal beslis nie verveeld wees nie –

daar sal ’n springkasteel en trekkerritte wees (as die weersaamspeel)enplaasdieresooseendeenskape om die jongspan besig te hou. ’n Gratis pendeldiens sal elke halfuur tussen die landgoed en die dorp ry (klim in die dorp by die ingang na Kerkstraat aan die sportterrein se kant op), waar Kerskos, Glühwein en eierpons, asook Kers­handvlyt te koop sal wees. Die pendeldiens sal op albei feesdae beskikbaar wees – van 10:00 tot 16:00 op Saterdag en van 10:00 tot 15:00 op Son­ dag. Die eerstes daar kry die beste sitplekke. ByDrostdy­HofsalallerleiKersversieringsen’nKers­ vader vir groot pret sorg. Daar sal wyne wees om te proe, heerlike pannekoek en ’n gratis lekkerny vir elke gas. Wyn kan by die hitte van die kaggel genietword,enwarmsjokoladedrankies,teeenkof­ fie sal ook beskikbaar wees. ’n Feeskaartjie teen R30 elk sluit toegang in tot alle deelnemende wynkelders, die feestelikhede in Kerk­ straat en die museums. Skakel die Tulbagh­toeriste­ kantoor by 023 230 1375 vir meer inligting.

Sunday 7, 14, 21 & 28 July Delheim Jazzy Cheese Fondues: Dip into a melting pot of culinary bliss, fine wines and genuine hospitality when family­owned Delheim Wine Es­ tate, nestling just outside Stellenbosch, wards off the winter chills with their popular Jazz & Cheese Fon­ due indulgences, every Sunday afternoon from 7 July until 25 August. This ultimate winter warmer is the ticket to end your weekend on a decadent high with a taste of resident chef Christine Claasen’s spin on the all­time favourite cheese fonduw. Lashings of piping hot cheese fon­ due meet the toe­tapping tunes of the Pierre­Henri Wicomb Jazz Trio when guests are ushered to the cosy downstairs tasting cellar, the per­

fect hot spot for families and friends to spend their Sundays. The moreish fondue is prepared to an au­ thentic Swiss recipe and is served with farm­fresh bread and crisp crudités. Meat lovers can pimp up their fondues with savoury potato and prosciutto bites and in addition to the dreamy fondue indulgence, starters and desserts – ranging from samoosas, pâtés and carpaccio to grappawithdarkchocolatetruffles–canbeordered separately from Delheim’s Garden Restaurant. The cost is R150 per person and includes a warming glass of Glühwein on arrival, the cheese fondue as well as the live music (starters, desserts and meaty add­ons are extra). The band will be adding rhythm and soul to a relaxed vibe from 12:30 until 15:30. Bookings are essential. Contact 021 888 4607 or send an email to to secure your table. Delheim is located in the Simonsberg sub­region of the Stellenbosch Wine Routes, on the Knorhoek Road, off the R44. Saturday 13 July Simonsig Cabernet & Venison Evening: The winter hunt has begun with a two nights only Cabernet and Venison Evening at Simonsig’s signa­

ture restaurant Cuvée. The first evening of this five­ course venison feast was on 15 June and there is only one more on 13 July. Cuvée’s venison­inspired menu kicks off with a pal­ ate­enticing springbok biltong soup served with Healy’s mature cheddar soufflé, followed by invig­ oratingsmokedkuducarpacciowithbutterpoached potatoesandtruffledhollandaise.Averjuicerefresh­ er will cool things down before diners can tuck into a mouthwatering slow braised springbok shank with parsnip puree, spinach and hydrated peaches for mains. For the sweet tooth a delicious steamed orange pudding with milk and pistachio ice cream will round off the evening. Simonsig 2001 Magnum Cabernet Sauvignon will be served throughout the night and guests will has become the focal point of the festival. A popular meeting place, the marquee al­ lows visitors to meet up with friends while enjoying superb wines from some of Franschhoek’s award­ winning wine estates, and indulge in appetizing dishes created by some of the Valley’s highly ac­ claimed chefs. Entrance tickets to the Food and Wine Marquee cost R150 per person, and include a complimentary tast­ ingglassandabookletoftastingcoupons.Addition­ al coupons can be bought on the day. Booking is essential as tickets are limited. Once the marquee is full no further patrons will be admitted. For avid wine enthusiasts: be sure not to miss out ontheVIPMarqueewhereyou’llhavetheopportuni­ ty to sip, sample and savour complimentary wines from the Franschhoek Wine Valley at your leisure. Included are three complimentary food vouchers to beusedwithintheVIP

receive a 10% discount on all wines purchased on the evening. The event starts at 19:00 and the cost is R295 per person. Bookings are essential. Cuveé also offers a pocket friendly 3­course meal perfect for beating the season’s blues this winter. Chef Lucas Carstens’ signature winter menu promis­ es an exciting selection of Cuvée’s most loved dishes to be enjoyed in the warmth of their inviting fireplace and winelands hospitality. The cost is R195 per per­ son and includes a complimentary glass of wine. Bookings are essential. For reservations or more information contact Cuvée on 021 888 4932 or send an email to cuvee@si­ Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 July Franschhoek Bastille Festival: Dust off your berets, pull on your boots and dress up in your finest red, white and blue for the annual Franschhoek Bastille Festival, now in its 20th year. Join the festivities at the Food and Wine Marquee, openfrom12 noonuntil17:00,whichovertheyears

area, which include a hot, cold and dessert meal voucher. Tickets are R550 per person and provide VIP access, access to the General Food & Wine Mar­ quee, a complimentary tasting glass and wine tast­ ing coupons. General and VIP access tickets can be purchased directly through Be sure not to miss out on the other festival activities, which include the largest, longest­running boules competition of its kind, The Waiters’ Race, the Fran­ schhoek minstrel parade, as well as the popular bar­ rel­rolling contest. A farmers’ market, craft market stalls, musicians and children’s activities are also in­ cluded in the line up of festival celebrations. For more information visit www.franschhoek­ or contact the Franschhoek Wine Val­ ley offices on 021 876 2861.

‘n Smullekker wintergereg Winter is die tyd om briek aan te draai en te kuier met vriende en familie oor ’n heerlike bottel rooi wyn en ’n smullekker wintergereg. Die koskenner Andy Fenner het Zonne­ bloem se 2010 Laureat, ’n ryk, sagte en sap­ pige versnit van cabernet sauvignon en mer­ lot wat onlangs goud op die Decanter World Wine Awards gewen het, gebruik vir ’n langsaam gekookte vleissous. BEESSKENKEL & SHIITAKE­GNOCCHI Die resep neem ’n bietjie tyd, maar dit paar só goed met die bessie­ en speseryagti­ ge geure van die wyn. “Hierdie resep werk uitstekend saam met verskeie toekosse wanneer die vleis en sous gemaak is,” sê Fenner. “Gnocchi is een, maar gebruik gerus ook nat polenta of pas­ ta. Winkel­gnocchi van ’n goeie deli werk ook.” Bestanddele , 1 pak gnocchi van goeie gehalte , 700 g beesskenkel (met been) , Een groot wortel, grof gekap, en ewe veel uie en seldery, ook grof gekap , Vier volle takkies vars tiemie , Een hele takkie roosmaryn , Een 410 g blikkie tamaties , 250 ml Zonnebloem Laureat 2010 , 100 g vars shiitake­sampioene, heel en geskrop , ’n Knypie meelblom , Pietersielie en peccorino, om te bedien

Metode 1. Voorverhit die oond tot 170 ˚C. Be­ strooi die vleis met meelblom en skud af. Voeg olie in diep, oondbestande pot en braai die vleis op die stoofblad totdat dit verkleur (’n paar minute). Verwyder die vleis en sit eenkant. 2. Roerbraai die wortels, uie en seldery in dieselfde pot tot sag maar nie verkleur nie. Voeg die kruie, geblikte tamaties en wyn by. Bring tot kookpunt, verminder dan die hitte tot ’n matige prut en plaas die vleis terug in die pot. (Voeg water indien nodig.) 3. Sit die deksel op en plaas die pot in die oond vir minstens twee uur. (Jy kan dit langer kook teen ’n laer hitte – die ideaal is om dit sommer deur die nag te laat kook.) 4. Haal die pot uit die oond, voeg die sam­ pioene by en kook, onbedek, oor matige hitte totdat die sous met sowat die helfte ver­ minder het. Dit moet lekker dik en klewerig wees. 5. Lig die vleis versigtig uit die sous. Dit behoort teen hierdie tyd van die been te val. Laat afkoel en versnipper. Plaas die vleis (sonder die been) terug in die sous (asook enige lekker murg wat daar mag wees). 6. Kook die gnocchi soos aangedui op die pakkie. Dreineer en voeg by die sous. Roer liggies sodat die gnocchi deeglik deur die sous bedek is. Wees egter versigtig dat dit nie breek nie. Om voor te sit: Skep in diep bakke en garneer met geras­ perde peccorino en grofgeskeurde pieter­ sielie.

You’ll smaak it at this market! Win a copy of Top 100 SA Wines It’s flatter than a Platter, with more con­ tent than a Tattler! The Top 100 South African Wines & Winelists 2013/14, now in its third edi­ tion, features 280 pages of exciting con­ tent including: ­ industry stats and info, ­ GPS coordinates, contact details, smart phone QR codes ­ great wines at affordable prices ­ international commentators ­ top 100 restaurants wine­lists ­ feature articles and wine maps ­ 7 best value wines TO ENTER: Winederous is giving away five copies of Top 100 South African Wines & Wine lists 2013/2014. All you have to do to stand a chance of winning one is to drop us a line, explaining in 50 words or less why you would like a copy. E­mail your entries to Entries close on Friday 12 July. The

judges’ decision will be final. The five winners will be contacted for address de­ tails. Top 100 South African Wines & Wine lists 2013/14 costs R169 per copy. To buy, call 021 787 9880 or e­mail to

A lively new weekend market has Capetonians and Bolanders all abuzz – and with good reason! Root 44 is a traders’ gathering with a dis­ tinct difference: It’s stylish, trendy and fun for families, with live music and kids’ enter­ tainment galore – and most important, it takes place in all weathers, all weekend long. Housed in super cosy marquees on the Au­ dacia Wine Estate along the R44 between Stellenbosch and Somerset West (next to the giant strawberry), Root 44 is the perfect venue for a fun family­outing or a gathering of food­ ie­minded friends. The location is stunning, the entertainment, gourmet food and shopping options varied and everyone stays warm and cosy. Saturday mornings kick off at 08:00 with a weekly 5 km “park run” through the farm’s vineyards. Part of a global initiative, the idea is to follow the trail at your own pace, enjoy the breathtaking views and get the blood flow­ ing. It’s a free event and open to all ages.

Whether you’re in need of a hearty brekkie, light brunch or leisurely lunch, the Root 44 food and beverage selection won’t disappoint. Be it a steaming “cuppa Joe” or a locally brewed beer you’re after, a roosterkoek and egg or a healthy salad, vendors prepare all the goodies to satisfy palates and fill hungry tummies. Browse the colourful stalls for gifts, treats and take home deli products, or kick back at the Blue Moon Bar and enjoy the mellow tunes of the Cape’s finest live musical acts. Root 44 is open every Saturday and Sunday from 09:00–15:30. (See for more information and follow them on Face­ book for regular updates and news.)

Die lewe is soet in die Breedekloof HEDDA MITTNER

Trek ’n sirkel om Vrydag en Sa­ terdag, 19 en 20 Julie. Want dis wanneer die Breedekloof­wyn­ vallei die winterkoue verdryf met hul jaarlikse Soetes & Soup­ fees. Wanneer die kaal wingerstokke oor die uitgestrekte landskap sluimer en die Breedekloof se berge wit van die sneeu lê, is dit die perfekte tyd om jou los te wikkel uit jou besige, alledaagse be­ staan en uit te wyk na ’n wêreld waar jy die rustigheid van die natuur, die aardse gasvryheid van die platteland en die unieke hartlikheid van die mense van die Breedekloof­vallei kan ervaar. Soetes & Soup is alles behalwe ’n sty­ we affêre waar wynmakers vir hulle airs aansit en ’n mens jou storie moet ken om nie af te steek by die ander soge­ naamde wynkenners nie. O, nee, in die Breedekloof gaan dit alles oor pret en plesier. Hier word ook veelbekroonde wyne geproduseer en al wat ’n wynkelder is kan spog met tientalle nasionale en inter­ nasionale toekennings en trofees, maar hier is die wynmakers se voete plat op die aarde. Hulle wyn is nie daar om te impress nie, maar om te geniet. In hierdie geweste lewe mense ná aan die grond, en daar word met dieselfde passie gekuier as waarmee daar wyn gemaak word. Die klem is op samesyn, hartlikheid, gasvryheid en genot. En om seker te maak almal bly warm en die mae word gevul, word smaaklike, tuis­ gemaakte sop by al die kelders bedien, saam met allerhande tradisionele lek­ kernye soos roosterkoek en pannekoek. Maar die ster van dié fees is die Bree­ dekloof­wynvallei se befaamde soetes.

Dit sluit natuurlike soet wyn en edelkeur, en ook versterkte soet wyn soos Jerepi­ go, Muskadel en Hanepoot in. Vir diege­ ne wat nie dikwels dessertwyne drink nie, wag daar ’n heerlike verrassing, want om hierdie lekkerte te ontdek is pu­ re plesier. En die heel grootste verrassing is die pryse van die wyne – dis geen won­ der die Breedekloof se kelders wen ge­ reeld toekennings in die “beste waarde vir geld”­kategorie nie. So los plek in die kattebak vir ’n paar kissies wyn. Die ysige koue en die prentjiemooi winterlandskap is deel van die ervaring, en vorm ’n gepaste agtergrond vir die knus atmosfeer, die brandende kaggels, die gesellige samesyn, die bekers sto­ mende sop en behaaglike soetes. So pak jul winterserpe, ­musse, ­sok­ kies, ­boetse en baadjies in, laat die ge­ woel van die stad agter en kom ontspan in die natuurlike skoonheid van die Bree­ dekloof. ’n Toegangskaartjie vir die Soe­ tes & Soup­fees vir die hele twee dae kos net R50 en kan by enige van die deel­ nemende kelders gekoop word. Dit sluit in gratis toegang tot al die kel­ ders, ’n koeponboekie, program, wyn­ glas en emalje­ sopbeker. Volledige be­ sonderhede oor die program verskyn op die volgende twee blaaie. Wees gewaarsku – een dag is beslis nie genoeg nie en daar is ’n spesiale ver­ blyfaanbod vir die naweek – bly twee aande en jou derde aand is gratis – van verskeie akkommodasie fasiliteite wat wissel van historiese en luukse gastehui­ se tot selfsorg­eenhede in die berge en kampeerplekke langs die Breederivier. Vir meer inligting oor die fees en ak­ kommodasie, kontak die Breedekloof Wyn & Toerisme­kantoor op Rawsonvil­ le: 023 349 1791 / info@breede­ /

Soetes & Soup Badsberg Wine Cellar (Tel: 023 344 3021) Badsberg lies in the picturesque Rawsonville area at the foot of the mountain from which it derives its name. Badsberg’s emblem is the rare and pro­ tected March flower found in the area. At the cellar’s modern tasting centre visitors can sample their im­ pressive range of award­winning white, red and sparkling wines, not forgetting their superb dessert wines. Friday 19 July 09:00 until 17:00: Wine tasting and sales, and a complimentary cup of home­made mushroom & port soup or vegetable soup (first cup free, thereaf­ ter R10 each). Tasting room products such as honey, jams and preserves will be on sale. From 11:00 to 17:00: Kleinplasie Museum will host a free witblits tasting. Saturday 20 July 09:00 until 16:00: Wine tasting and sales, and a complimentary cup of home­made mushroom & port soup or vegetable soup (first cup free, thereaf­ ter R10 each). Tasting room products such as honey, jams and preserves will be for sale, as well as mouthwatering pancakes, great coffee by Café Pronto, delicious cakes and cupcakes. The Kleinpla­ sie museum will host a free witblits tasting, where visitors will also find freshly baked roosterkoeke with various fillings. Specials: There will be a 10% discount on all dessert wines and top quality red wines, and a spe­ cial price on the Badsberg Noble Late Harvest of R49 on both Friday and Saturday. Bergsig Estate (Tel: 023 355 1603) This family estate nestles on the slopes of the Draken­ stein and Hex River mountains. Established in 1843, De Wet Lategan is now the sixth generation Lategan winemaker. They are proud of their superi­ or wines as well as their environmentally friendly farming methods. The impressive tally of awards, medals and trophies won at both local and international wine shows does justice to their slogan “A Tradition of Quality”. Visitors are welcome at their tasting room and the Bergsig Bistro overlooking the vineyards and moun­ tains. Friday 19 and Saturday 20 July 09:00 to 16:00: Wine tasting and sales, compli­ mentary cup of butternut soup or cauliflower & blue cheese soup, decadent chocolate soup and LBV Port tasting, and soup & wine pairing. The Bergsig Bistro will also be open for breakfast and lunch on both days, and on Saturday there will be live entertain­ ment throughout the day. Botha Wine Cellar (Tel: 023 355 1740) Situated at the foorhills of the beautiful Waaihoek Mountains, this cellar is one of the largest in South Africa. A large proportion of its production is ex­ ported overseas, while the wines under the Botha Kelder label are produced for pure enjoyment and offer real value for money. Their range includes red and white wines, as well as more serious reserve wines and delectable full, sweet, fortified wines. Friday 19 July 09:00 to 17:00: Wine tasting and sales and a complimentary cup of chicken curry soup.

Saturday 20 July 09:00 to 16:00: Wine tasting and sales, a complimentary cup of chicken curry soup, pan­ cakes and roosterkoek for sale and live enter­ tainment by Ian le Roux. Special: 10% discount on all dessert wines. Deetlefs Estate (Tel: 023 349 1260) Established in 1822, Deetlefs is the fourth­oldest family­owned wine estate in South Africa. Each generation has contributed in its own way to the creation of the multi award­winning estate Deetlefs is today. Three ranges are produced in this unique micro­climate, optimised by envi­ ronmentally farming practices. Friday 19 and Saturday 20 July 09:00 to 17:00: Wine tasting and sales, complimentary home­made vegetable soup, fresh vetkoek (from 10:00 onwards) with vari­ ous fillings, and light entertainment for a re­ laxed atmosphere. Between 11:00 and 16:00: The highlight is Deetlefs’ food & wine pairing presented by winemaker Ferdi Visser, where visitors can taste five different wines paired with five mouth­wa­ tering soups. These 40­minute sessions are of­ fered every hour on the hour, at a cost of R30 p/p. Visitors need to book, as space is limited at each session. Special: A free weekend giveaway with your purchase of a case of Deetlefs wines. Die Eike Guest House (Tel: 082 451 2231) Saturday 20 July 10:00 to 16:00: This charming guest house is situated on a working wine farm with citrus and peach orchards. The Cape Dutch interior offers a warm welcome with roaring fireplaces and light background music. Here visitors can enjoy pancakes with a variety of fillings, served with a glass of Cape Ruby Port, at R15 p/p. Du Toitskloof Wine Cellar (Tel: 023 349 1601) The wines produced by Du Toitskloof have been voted the best value for money no less than five times – more than any other winery. The vine­ yards are situated in one of the coolest areas in the valley, enabling the winemaking team to create a highly acclaimed range of white, red, sparkling and fortified wines. Wine tastings are offered at the cellar and light meals are served at the Be Fair Deli. Friday 19 July 08:00 until 17:00; and Saturday 20 July 09:00 until 15:30: Wine tasting and sales, complimentary cup of home­made country soup (either oven­roasted mushroom soup or corn and chicken chowder) and roosterkoeke at R5 each. Special: 10% discount on all dessert wines. Goudini Wines (Tel: 023 349 1090) The charming winehouse is situated next to the Smalblaar River amid the tranquility and hospi­ tality of the Goudini Valley farming community. Taste their range of award­winning wines and enjoy light meals at the charming Coffee House next door.

Festival Programme Friday 19 July 08:00 to 17:00: Wine tasting and sales, and a complimentary cup of game & curry or white wine spinach soup. The bistro, with fully li­ censed bar, is open for light meals and gourmet coffee. Saturday 20 July 09:00 to 17:00: Wine tasting and sales, complimentary cup of game & curry soup or white wine spinach soup. The bistro is open with a special festival menu and fully licensed bar. Various crafts and deli products available from the Goudini Slow Country Market until 15:00. Between 10:00 and 12:00: Two tastings are offered at the launch of the Gevonden Hen­ drik de Wet Cape Hanepoot made from vines over 130 years old, the oldest known vines in South Africa. From 11:00 until after the rugby: Big­ screen rugby with fully­licensed bar. Sunday 21 July 09:00 to 14:00: Wine tasting and sales. The Bistro will be open for breakfast and light meals. Jason’s Hill Private Estate (Tel: 023 344 3256) Tucked away at the foor of the Slanghoek Moun­ tains, this family owned cellar has been crafting superior wines for six generations. They offer wine tasting, picnics and light meals at the Bis­ tro@Jason’s. There is also a function venue, res­ taurant and Health & Wellness Centre. Friday 19 July 09:00 to 17:00; and Saturday 20 July 09:00 to 16:00: Wine tasting and sales, complimentary cup of home­ made butternut soup, hiking trail at R25 p/p (hikers to register before 13:00), children’s en­ tertainment, farm stall and bistro open for light meals. Also live entertainment by the Bottomless Coffee Band on Saturday from 11:00 to 15:00 Special: Discount available on various wines. .Kirabo Private Cellar (Tel: 023 349 6764) This boutique red wine cellar is owned by the Le Roux family, the fifth generation to farm this land. They are passionate about winemaking, living and working in harmony with nature and the community. Saturday 20 July 09:00 to 16:00: Wine tasting and sales, complimentary cup of old­fashioned beef & vegetable soup and cupcake tasting (cupcakes baked with wine). Merwida Wine Cellar (Tel: 023 349 1144) Merwida’s roots go all the way back to the first Van der Merwe who settled here in 1840. The family originated in the Dordrecht region of the Netherlands where their ancestors owned a castle next to the Merwede River. The cellar po­ duces superbly structured red and white wines. Friday 19 July 09:00 to 17:00; and Saturday 20 July 09:00 to 16:00: Wine tasting and sales in Merwida’s lantern­lit cellar, and complimentary cup of home­made creamy seafood soup or potato & leek soup. Saturday 11:00 to 16:00: Live music with

Babette Viljoen bluess & jazz. Saturday from 17:00: Rugby on big screen at Merwida Manor, free entry. Special: Discount on selected wines. Opstal Estate (Tel: 023 344 3001) Opstal has a rich history dating back to 1847 when JC Rossouw acquired the farm De Opstal bij de Fonteine. Many generations later this family­run es­ tate still produces outstanding wines, and the res­ taurant’s fine food is part of the Opstal experience. There is also a popular function venue. Friday 19 July 09:00 to 17:00: Wine tasting and sales, compli­ mentary cup of funky roasted tomato soup with a twist, and restaurant open with festival menu. 18:30 till late: Opstal Live presents Stef Bos with Die Omgekeerde Tyd. Bookings essential. Saturday 20 July 09:00 to 16:00: Wine tasting and sales. 09:00 to 17:00: Complimentary cup of funky roasted tomato soup with a twist. 09:00 to 15:00: Opstal Restaurant is closed, but various foods will be available at the Opstal Vars Farmers Market where fresh produce, fresh ideas and people meet. At the Mill Iron Tapas Bar visitors can also try the different foods designed to comple­ ment Opstal’s unique Mill Iron wine. Special: Discount on wines from the Opstal Estate range. Slanghoek Wine Cellar (Tel: 023 344 3026) The cellar is surrounded by the majestic Slanghoek Mountains. Visitors are welcome at the well­ap­ pointed tasting centre. The unique micro­climate and varied soils are reflected in the highly ac­ claimed red, white, sparkling and dessert wines, as well as a Port. Friday 19 July 09:00 to 17:00: Wine tasting and sales, and complimentary cup of Slanghoek’s famous home­ made biltong & blue cheese soup. Saturday 20 July 09:00 to 16:00: Wine tasting and sales, and complimentary cup of Slanghoek’s famous home­ made biltong & blue cheese soup. See glass engrav­ ing artist Jan Winckel in action. 10:30; 12:00; 13:30; 15:00: Free cooperage demonstration by Willem Springveld. 11:00; 13:00: Free barrel wine tasting. Special: 7,5% discount on dessert wines and 25% discount on Slanghoek Noble Late Harvest. uniWines Vineyards (Daschbosch) (Tel: 023 349 1110) The Daschbosch Cellar operates under the Uni­ Wines Group, the largest wine producer in the Breedekloof. They produce a wide range of wines that include red and white varieties, sparkling wine and their famous Nectar de Provision – grape juice fortified with brandy. Friday 19 and Saturday 20 July 09:00 to 16:00: Wine tasting and sales, compli­ mentary cup of home­made cheeseburger soup, and children’s entertainment. On Saturday there will also be pancakes with various fillings. Special: 15% discount on Ankerman Nectar de Provision.

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Winederous ontmoet ... landskapkontrakteur Galvin Lloyd Sy ma was lief vir tuinmaak. Sy oupa het ’n kwekery in Montagu begin. As vyfjarige het Galvin self ’n kwekery in hul agterplaas aan die gang gesit met rye en rye outydse terracotta potjies vol vetplantjies. Hy is steeds terracottapot­ en vetplant­bedinges en leef nou ’n droom uit met ’n tuinprojek, oor ’n area van 5 000 vkm, by ’n boetiek­landgoed in the Hemel­en­Aarde­vallei in Hermanus.

Boeddha-beelde vra ’n rustige, formele omgewing en dit is verkry met die houtdek en reguit lyne van die banke. ’n Ry Nigrescens-struike gee ’n groen aksent.


Oorkant die Boeddabinnehof is daar nog ’n binnehof met ’n kunsinstallasie deur Willie Botha Sculpture (Hermanus). Dit beeld ’n inheemse saad uit wat geval en oopgebars het, met van die sade wat gestrooi lê tussen die graspolle. “Dis ’n uitbeelding van die hele projek. The birth of a new life,” verduidelik Galvin. Agter die saad is ’n ry akasiabome, en links ’n bedding Echeveria-vetplantspesies.

Reuse gras-grondbanke (“berms” in Engels) is geskep om sekere uitsigte te verberg en privaatheid aan die hoofwoning te gee. Die hellings en dalings van die grasperk en tuin balanseer die asemrowende uitsigte oor die vallei. Groen is die dominante kleur in die groot tuin, maar daar is spatsels kleur dwarsdeur die jaar. Die gras is gelê met kitssooie van inheemse buffelsgras.

Groen, groener, groenste groentetuin “Hou op met weggooi en kweek sommer jou eie kos op jou vullis, sonder die spit van ’n sooi. Herwinning is ou nuus. Deesdae praat ons eerder van volledige vaste afvalbestuur en dit geld vir ons tuine ook.” So sê Cobus Smit, bekende tuinont­ werper, vryskut­tuinskrywer en des­ kundige op die gebied van vaste afval­ bestuur en groentetuine. Hy bied ’n slypskool aan by die ‘nuwe’ Paarl

Kwekery met die titel: “Laat jou vullis blom met EM, bokasji en erdwurms”. Daar is twee sessies, een op Woens­ dag 26 Junie en die ander op Saterdag 29 Junie om 09:30 vir 10:00. Belang­ stellendes kan kies watter dag hulle die beste pas. Toegang is gratis. Die werkswinkel word gehou om die Paarl Kwekery­tuinklub te loods. Daar sal van Woensdag 6 Augustus en daarna gereeld op die eerste Woens­ dag en Saterdag van elke maand praatjies en werkswinkels aangebied

word. “Die slagspreuk lui: ‘Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.’ Dié volgorde is nie om dowe neute gekies nie!” sê Cobus. “As almal soveel afval moontlik herwin en kos be­ gin plant op die res van die gemors wat geskik is vir kompos maak, sal ons stortingsterreine nie so vinnig vol word nie en die besoedelingsprobleem nie so groot nie.” Hy is reeds jare lank betrokke by tal­ le gemeenskaps­voedseltuine land­ wyd, asook die uitleg en ontwerp van

privaat kombuistuine soos dié by Paarl Kwekery. Cobus en sy span van Let’s Talk Rubbish behartig ook vaste afval­ bestuur by privaatwonings, hotelle, restaurante, plase en funksies. Bespreek by info@paarlnurse­ of bel 021 8631036/7 en sluit sommer aan by die Paarl Kweke­ ry­tuinklub. Lede kry 10% afslag op al­ le aankope van items soos aangedui en kry gereelde nuusflitse oor spesiale aanbiedinge en tuinklubfunksies by die kwekery.

Galvin, toe Winederous jou bel vir ’n onderhoud het jy onmiddelik gesê “wat van vandag drie­uur?” Is jy altyd so vinnig en presies? Ja! Altyd. En as enigiets nie netjies is nie, is ek onmid­ dellik befoeterd. Verskoon tog my kantoor, dis al plek waar ek nie te pynlik is nie (dit was baie netjies, dalk twee skewe papiere...) Gelukkig is die eienaars van die landgoed net so. Ons kom goed oor die weg! Jy is ’n landscaper/landskapper/argitek... Nee wag, ek is ’n landskapkontrakteur. ’n Landskap­ argitek ontwerp; n kontrakteur installeer, hoewel ek ook kan ontwerp. Wat was jou eerste groot projek? In ‘97, by ’n huis in ou Welgemoed, ook ’n area van so 5 000 vkm soos dié projek nou, maar met heelwat minder grondvul en grondverskuiwing nodig. Ek onthou nog ek het op die dag van Diana se dood begin om te installeer. Vertel van jou huidige projek... Die Bona Dea­projek is ’n fun projek, maar ’n massie­ we uitdaging. Ek was betrokke by die konsep, ontwerp, voorlegging, installering, en neem nou ook die onder­ houd waar. Oorspronklik was dié area ’n groot plaasdam omring met ou fynbos en hordes Port Jackson­opslagboompies. Die eienaars wou ’n moderne en minimalistiese tuin hê in skakerings van groen, grys en wit. Dit was ’n tien­ maand­projek, waarvan die grootste uitdaging die grondverwerking was. Die eienaars het hul nuwe huis hoër op teen die berg gebou. Berge en berge vulgrond en bogrond is verskuif en verwerk om die vloeiende lyne van die grasperk te kry wat die omringende berge en vallei landskap kom­ plementeer. Die grondvoorbereiding het die langste geneem en minstens 50% van die begroting geëet. Ek glo egter vas aan goeie voorbereiding, dan is jy gewaarborg dat die tuin mooi gaan groei. Ons het by die 700 m3 kwaliteitkompos gebruik, en massa­aanplantings ge­ doen met basies vyf plantsoorte. Salvia leucantha ‘Mid­ night’ (Mexikaanse salie), Limonium perezii, Escallonia ‘Iveyi’, Elegia tectorum (Wes­Kaapse dekriet) en Carissa macrocarpa ‘Green Carpet’ (dwergnoemnoem). Jy leef en werk op ’n stukkie paradys... Ja, dis awesome, maar ook harde werk. Ek werk nou op ’n kontrakbasis as die landgoedbestuurder. En leef ’n droom uit, exploring a new path. CILENE BEKKER

GALVIN IN ’n NEUTEDOP Landskappering is soos ’n skildery: daar moet ’n element van surprise en shock value wees. My bynaam is Gietertjie, want my pelle sien my altyd met ’n gieter in die hand. Ek het ’n swak vir terracottapotte; as ek een sien, moet ek hom koop. Ek is ’n boffin in electronic trancedance­ musiek. Mal oor musiek in die algemeen, van Ella Fitzgerald tot Armin van Buuren. Nuutste gadget is ’n mini­iPad, en iPod – dis permanent in my oor. Gunsteling wyn is Creation se Syrah Gre­ nache. Vir aandete met vriende sal daar baie vonkelwyn bedien word. Soesjii, Lamb Tagine. Dalk pasta. En definitief poeding. Stem saam met Nataniël, die lewe is vaal sonder poeding. Ek vrek oor tapioca.

As ek alleen in die kar is, dink ek aan hoeveel vinniger ek nou nog kan ry. Waarom het ek nie ’n rooi Ferrari sodat ek al­ mal kan verbysteek nie? Vir my vrou (Frieda) van (12 jaar) wil ek sê wow, my skat, what a ride! Galvin Lloyd, van Lloyd & Co. epos:

Tien redes om die Paarl te besoek Die Paarl is ’n prentjiemooi dorp met ’n ryk kultuurerfenis wat binne ’n dra­ matiese landskap rus. Dit is omring deur berge – die unieke granietforma­ sies van Paarlberg in die weste en die


2. Paarlberg Natuurreservaat (Tel: 021 872 3658) Die Paarlberg Natuurreservaat, wat deur die Drakenstein­munisipaliteit bestuur word, is reg langs die Taalmonument geleë en bied toegang tot ’n netwerk van wandelpaaie. Die staproetes kan bereik word via die Taalmonument of via die Meulwater­kamp binne die reservaat. ’n Kaart van die reservaat kan gekoop word by die Taalmonument se besoekersentrum of by die reservaat self.

asemrowende Drakensteinberge in die ooste – en die vallei spog met van die oudste wynplase in die land, wat vandag steeds premium wyne produ­ seer.

Sommer met die intrapslag, soos ’n mens die dorp binnery, bevind jy jou in wat waar­ skynlik die mooiste – en langste – hoof­ straat in die land is. Hier word die historie­ se ou geboue in die skadu van eeu­oue ei­ kebome gekoester en bewaar – talle is nasi­ onale monumente en huisves museums, of is smaakvol opgeknap as spesialiteitswinkel­ tjies en restaurante. Dis nie verniet nie dat die Paarl vanjaar as die Wes­Kaap se wenner aangewys is in kykNET/Kwêla se Dorp van die Jaar Kompetisie. Daarmee saam is die Paarl nou ook ’n streeksfinalis in dié landswye kompe­ tisie, en lesers kan van 31 Julie tot 6 Augustus stem vir die algehele wendorp in Suid­Afri­ ka. Daar is talle redes om hierdie pragtige dorp te besoek tydens ’n daglange uitstap­ pie, maar om werklik alles te ervaar, moet jy liewer ’n paar dae, of


ten minste ’n naweek, vertoef. Raadpleeg die webtuiste om jou besoek te beplan. 1. Afrikaanse Taalmonument (Tel: 021 863 4809 / 0543) Dié besonderse monument wat op Paarlberg uitreik na die hemele, is spesiaal so ontwerp dat dit van ver af sigbaar is as ’n baken. Die terrein van 84 hektaar is in 1968 kosteloos deur die eertydse Paarl­munisipaliteit aan die staat oorgedra en die monument is in 1975 voltooi ter ere aan die geskiedenis en voortbestaan van die Afrikaanse taal. Die toegangsfooi is slegs R20 vir volwasse­ nes, R10 vir studente en R5 vir kinders. Die prag­ uitsigte maak dit die ideale plek vir ’n piekniek – bring jou eie, of bestel een van die Volksmond Koffiewinkel. Die monument is omring deur ’n inheemse tuin en ’n wandelpad van sowat 1,2 km wat omtrent ’n halfuur neem om te vol­ tooi en geskik is vir die hele gesin. Die volmaanpieknieks, sterrekykaande en piekniekkonserte is ’n belewenis – skakel Amira by 021 863 4809 of 076 017 6026 vir meer inligting en besprekings.

3. Taalmuseum (Tel: 021 872 3441 of 076 017 6026) Die Taalmuseum is in die hartjie van die Paarl in Pastorielaan. Die museum is ingerig in die voormalige huis van Gideon Malherbe, een van die stigterslede van die Genootskap van Regte Afrikaners. Hier is interessante en interaktiewe uitstallings oor die geskiedenis van Afrikaans, insluitende die drukpers waarop Die Afrikaanse Patriot, die eerste Afrikaanse koerant, gedruk is. Die museum is slegs Maandag tot Vrydag oop en besoekers moet vooraf bespreek vir begelei­ de toere. Besoek Oom Gideon se Winkel waar jy iets van alles sal vind – van Afrikaanse boeke en CD’s tot T­hemde en aandenkings. 4. Strooidakkerk Die strooidakkerk in die Hoofstraat is die oud­ ste NG Kerkgebou wat steeds in gebruik is, en die NG Gemeente Paarl, wat in 1691 tot stand gekom het, is die derde oudste gemeente van die NG Kerk in Suid­Afrika. Die eerste kerkgebou is deur die Franse Huge­ note naby die plaas Babylonstoren gebou, en in 1720 is dit vervang met ’n nuwe kerkgebou op die huidige perseel van die Strooidakkerk. Dié kerk is weer in 1805 herbou in die ou Kaaps­ Hollandse styl, met die pragtige gewels wat mens vandag nog kan sien. Langs die kerk is die kerkhof, met die Tuin van Herinnering en die klokpilare wat in 1811 opgerig is.

Frater Square is a unique shopping experience

Frater Square 9x4_2513 PP


in Paarl. This historic building has been transformed into a Lifestyle Mall. Fater Square varies from outdoor equipment, to unique décor items. It also includes a restaurant, deli, boutique clothing, stylish lingerie and even art classes. Come and visit us for a distinct shopping experience… or simply kick back and relax with a glass of wine and appetizing cuisine.

VISIT US AT FRATER SQUARE | 40 A Main Street, Suider Paarl, 7646 | Fratersquare | Fratersquare |

die Toringkerk, ’n bietjie laer af in die Hoof­ straat. Die historiese Kaaps­Hollandse gebou dateer terug na 1787 en is een van die Paarl se argitektoniese skatte. Dit huisves allerhande antieke ware en artefakte, dokumente en foto’s wat die geskiedenis van die area uitbeeld. Toe­ gang is slegs R5 en hulle is weeksdae oop van 09:00 tot 16:00, en Saterdae tot 13:00.


Grande Roche

5. KWV (021 807 3007/8) In Kohlerstraat, net op van Hoofstraat, is die legendariese KWV, met een van sy wynplase, Laborie, reg op sy voorstoep. Die KWV is in 1918 gestig as die Koöperatiewe Wijnbouers Vereniging en is steeds een van ons land se be­ kendste handelsmerke. Besoek die Wine Emporium en gaan op een van die daaglikse toere wat jou sal neem na die befaamde Cathedral Cellar, een van die grootste kelders in die wêreld. Hier word ook verskeie proeë aangebied, met wyn of brande­ wyn gepaar met biltong en neute, sjokolade of koek. Moenie die Sensorium by die ingang misloop nie – hier kan jy ’n seldsame versameling van Suid­Afrikaanse kuns besigtig, insluitende wer­ ke deur Irma Stern, Pierneef en David Botha. Oorkant KWV is Laborie, waar wyn sedert 1698 geproduseer word. Hulle is oop vir wynproe, daar is ’n gastehuis en ook ’n bekroonde restaurant, Harvest @La­ borie. Hulle is 7 dae ’n week oop vir middagete, en van Woensdag tot Saterdag vir aandete. Skakel 021 807 3095 om te bespreek.

1715 vir amper 200 jaar in besit van die Bos­ man­familie en is in die vroeë negentigs sorgvul­ dig gerestoureer na sy eertydse glorie. Al kan jy dalk nie bekostig om daar oor te bly of in die befaamde Bosman’s Restaurant te eet nie, is dit ’n besoek werd. Geniet tee of koffie op die stoep of ’n ligte maaltyd in die Bistro Allegro, bewonder die tuine en die pragtige uit­ sig, en stap ’n bietjie rond om die gerestoureer­ de geboue te besigtig, onder meer ’n klein ka­ pelletjie wat een van die oudste geboue in Suid­ Afrika is.

6. Grande Roche (021 863 5100) Dié karaktervolle en luukse hotel omring deur wingerde, pragtuine en eeu­oue eikebome is enig in sy soort en herroep die grasie en rustig­ heid van vervloë dae. Die plaas was sedert


7. Paarl Museum (021 872 2651) Hierdie museum is in die ou Pastorie langs



8. Paarl Wynroete Die wynroete sluit verskeie geskiedkundige sowel as moderne wynplase in, en die oorgrote meerderheid is daagliks oop vir wynproe en middagete. Een van die bekendste en mees ge­ liefde wynland­bestemmings is Nederburg, wat al meer plaaslike en internasionale toekennings gewen het as enige ander wynkelder in Suid­ Afrika. Die geskiedenis van hierdie Klein Dra­ kenstein­plaas strek terug na 1791 en die H­vor­ mige Kaaps­Hollandse herehuis is pragtig be­ waar. Proe Nederburg se veelbekroonde wyne voor die kaggel of geniet aandete by die Red Table restaurant – hulle is net Vrydae oop gedu­ rende die winter. Skakel 021 877 5155 vir be­ sprekings. Nog ’n bestemming wat besoekers aan die Paarl nie mag misloop nie, is Spice Route en Fairview, die wynlegende Charles Back se twee wynplase wat langs mekaar geleë is. Fairview se kaas­en­wyn parings is baie gewild, en by Spice Route kan besoekers nie net wyn proe nie, maar ook die kunstige skeppings van glasbla­

sers, sjokolade­ en biltongmakers, ’n mikro­ brouery en ’n stokery geniet. Dan is daar ook nog die Spice Route restaurant met sy asemro­ wende uitsigte en watertandlekker spyskaart. Hulle is Woensdag tot Maandag oop van 11:00 tot 17:00. Skakel 021 863 5222 om te be­ spreek. 9. Windmeul Plaasmark (021 869 8614) Windmeul Kelder se plaasmark het ’n gewil­ de bymekaarkomplek geword en die volgende een vind Saterdag 6 Julie plaas van 08:00 tot 12:30. Hier kan mens alles kry van varsgebakte plaasbrood, koek en beskuit en konfyt tot orga­ niese groente, vrugte, vleis en pluimvee, droë wors en biltong, kaas, plaaseiers, olywe en olyf­ olie. Neem jou koelboks saam en koop vars pro­ viand vir die week. 10. Frater Square (082 899 5318) Hierdie unieke leefstyl­inkopiesentrum is aan die begin van die Hoofstraat geleë in die histo­ riese ou La Concordia­gebou, wat in 1845 op­ gerig is en oor die jare meesal gebruik is as ’n stoor vir vrugte en plaasimplemente. Dit is vandag nog deel van die oorspronklike plaas, Hou Moed, en die eienaars het die ge­ boue gerestoureer en die sentrum ontwikkel op so ’n manier dat die historiese karakter behoue is. Hier sal jy allerhande spesialiteitswinkeltjies vind wat dékor en klere insluit, asook ’n deli en ’n restaurant.


Seventeen07: Get a taste of the Spice Route The Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa, which has been elegantly transformed from a modest Cape Dutch­style homestead dating back to the 1700s into an ele­ gant 4 star boutique hotel, promises guests a memorable experience. Steeped in history, surrounded by the majestic Hottentots Holland Mountains and set among lush gardens and old Oak trees, the distinctive hospitality of Erinvale now also extends to their signature restaurant, Seventeen07. The restau­ rant is named to commemorate the historic date, 1707, when Erinvale was liberated from the orig­ inal governor’s estate, Vergelegen, and presents a unique tribute to the culinary heritage of the Cape. The history of Vergelegen can be traced back to 1699, when Willem Adriaan van der Stel suc­ ceeded his father Simon van der Stel as Governor of the Cape and, a year later, acquired 413 mor­ gen of land in the Hottentots Holland valley with­ out the company’s consent. The farm was origi­ nally called Vergelegen (which means “far situat­ ed”) as it was a good day’s ride from the Castle in Cape Town. Willem was an expert agronomist and soon the soil was producing a rich variety of fruit and vegetables. Some of the camphor and oak trees he plant­ ed can still be found in the area nearly 300 years later. In 1707, Van der Stel’s fortunes changed when a petition was brought against him by Adam Tas for miscon­ duct and corrupt prac­ tices. He was recalled to Holland, whereupon his farm was divided into four sections and sold on auction. The area northwest of the river

was divided into three portions, one of which was purchased in 1868 by Edward Strangman. In memory of his home country Ireland, Strangman renamed it “Erin Vale”. It remained in his family for many years, although the original house was demolished after a fire in 1951. At Seventeen07 homage is paid to this rich history, and the restaurant offers a range of dish­ es commemorating the Spice Route and its influ­ ence on the local cuisine of the Cape. The buffet style feast of Seventeen07 traces the “footsteps” of the merchants that harboured at the Cape of Good Hope on return to Europe after having loaded their ships with exotic spices from Persia, Malaysia, India and Indonesia. Included in the journey of flavours are a selec­ tion of dishes from African countries as these of­ ten formed part of the diet on the return journey during the Age of Discovery. This mouth­water­ ing cuisine includes bobotie with pineapple chut­ ney (South Africa), beetroot and spicy carrot cur­ ry (Sri Lanka), fish palau (Zanzibar) and auber­ gine in a spicy chilli sauce (Indonesia), to mention but a few. The ambiance is romantic and elegant, with the décor evoking a sense of the heritage of this 300­year­old estate. Call 021 847 1160 to book.

Win a magical experience at


One lucky couple can win a stay at the Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa in Somerset West to experience the de­ lights of their new signature restau­ rant, Seventeen07. The magnificent prize consists of an overnight stay for two, dinner at the Seventeen07, and breakfast the next morning. The package applies to Wednesday to Saturday nights and bookings are subject to availa­

bility at Erinvale. All you have to do to stand a chance of winning this magical experience is by answering the following question: In what year and by whom was the estate named Erin Vale? Send your answers and contact de­ tails to be­ fore Friday 12 July. The judges’ deci­ sion is final and the lucky winner will be contacted on 15 July.

Eikendal: Fondue Fridays

Eikendal Vineyards, a pop­ ular Winelands destination which takes pride of place at the foot of the Helderberg Mountain, offers a myriad of family­friendly attrac­ tions, including their mouth­ watering Fondue Fridays, to melt the cold away this win­ ter. Over the last three decades the cheese fondue has always been an integral part of this prominent Swiss owned winery – celebrated for its classic Bordeaux­style reds and acclaimed Chardonnay – and after a short absence it is now back by popular demand in a big way. Every Friday evening until the end of August, you can now ease into the weekend in the sizzling company of Gruyère, Emmenthal and superb estate wines, when Eikendal’s resident restaurant lifts the lid on their ver­ sion of the traditional Swiss cheese fondue, served with an array of dipping delights for two. Chef Mark Radnay also adds sweet satisfaction to this cosy, blues­busting­evening with a royal chocolate tiramisu fondue festooned with fresh fruit, Spanish doughnuts and éclairs to start your weekend on a deca­ dent high. The Fondue Fridays’ bill of fare also offers an array of hearty curries, French onion soup, Thai lemongrass chicken and the restaurant’s signature sweet potato gnocchi enriched with parmesan foam and truffle oil. Bookings are essential so book your spot now! Pri­

vate functions and state of the art conference facilities are also avail­ able. For reservations and enquir­ ies contact Eikendal Restaurant at 021 855 5033 or send an email to In addition to enlightening tours through its prominent barrel­vault­ ed cellar and daily wine tastings, Eikendal also offers unique wine and chocolate pairings. Visitors can relax on the lawn next to the dam while the little ones monkey around on the jungle gym, or take a leisurely stroll through the vine­ yards and fynbos before settling at the restaurant for a laid­back, al fresco lunch. Contact the tasting room at 021 855 1422 or visit Another popular pastime is fly fishing and the two dams on the farm are stocked with all the popular an­ gling species. The estate features a fully equipped, spe­ cialist fly shop to kit you out for a spur of the moment afternoon with your kids or mates at the water’s edge. For more information on Winelands Fly Fishing and their special fly fishing courses hosted at Eikendal con­ tact Philip Meyer at 021 855 2646 or send an e­mail to Attractive accommodation is also available at Eiken­ dal Lodge, a charming conversion from old farm build­ ings equipped with all the necessary creature comforts. For more information on Eikendal Lodge contact 021 855 3617; email, or visit

Winederous 27 junie 2013  

Winederous 27 junie 2013