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Donderdag 22 Maart 2012

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SIGN. Stephen Korabie of the ANC points to the space where Mayor Gesie van Deventer must sign a memorandum of demands. Pic: Lise Beyers

Little girl abandoned


Tragedy on mountain pass 3

ANC launches protest against DA Council Lise Beyers

Epic­uitdaag skop af 56

A LITTLE more than 100 ANC delegates and supporters took to the streets of Paarl on Tuesday to express what they called their concern about the manner in which the DA Council is managing the Municipality. The protest was led by Stephen Korabie of the local ANC branch. Although the march was peaceful, aggression started to show when Korabie read out a memorandum of demands to Executive Mayor, Gesie van Deventer, in front of the municipal headquarters. Van Deventer was publicly lambasted for the recent resignations of the municipal manager and two directors. Korabie claims that the disciplinary charges against them where fabricated and that criminal charges were never laid against them. Amongst others, the ANC demanded that the mayor attends to the socio-political and emotional environment of the people.

They demand an open door policy where no one would be turned away at her door and that she attend to all matters with immediate urgency. Another demand is that the Municipality discontinues cutting off the water and lights of those in arrears and that farm evictions are stopped. Shock was expressed by those in the small gathering when Korabie alleged that residents of Paarl and Mbekweni “will in the future have to be buried in Hermon”. And that the Municipality wants to close two clinics. Although it was clear at the end of Korabie’s tirade that the Mayor wanted to reply, he would not allow her to speak and instead said that she had seven days in which to respond to the demands. Failure to do so, he said, would lead to mass action right across the Drakenstein. In a statement released later, Van Deventer said that the memorandum was riddled with gross inaccuracies.

She stated that her door is always open to those who have made appointments and that the Municipality is committed to run like a business in order to make money to look after the needs of the poor. Van Deventer reiterated that although the DA-led council had inherited R166 million, they had also inherited R200 million in unpaid dept. Provisions were also not made by the previous council for the repayment of loans to the amount of R36 million. On the issue of the discontinuing of services, she said that the Municipality already gives a portion of free electricity and water to all families with a combined income of less than R3172 per month. “We give 100 units of electricity, 100% more than what the National Guidelines recommends. Council acknowledges that many people do not have the ability to pay for services and therefore we have an indigent policy for which people can apply.” She stated that no farm workers had been evicted by the Municipality.

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) MA’s sluk nou ’n bitter pil met die Paasvakansie wat vanjaar meer as twee weke lank is. En met Kersvakansierekeninge wat steeds afbetaal moet word, gaan dit Jan-tuisbly se karretjie moet wees vir talle. Maar hulle kan wel hulself besig hou met al die sportbyeenkomste wat tydens dié vakansie hier gehou word. ) Maar skaars is die Paasnaweek verby, of daar is nog vakansiedae om te geniet. En voor jy kan asem skep is dit al Meimaand met nog ’n vakansiedag. Enige besigheidsmens sal kan vertel van die derduisende rande wat uit die ekonomie verlore gaan weens al hierdie vakansiedae, en dit in ’n tyd wanneer die ekonomie reeds sukkel om weer op te staan.

Last days of summer?

Youth............p14 Arts...............p18 Lifestyle.........p17 Motoring........p47 Wellington.....p12 Business.......p20

Plakstuk DIE eerste plakstuk in die Plakvir-jou-Sak-kompetisie waarin ’n leser R1800 kan wen, verskyn vandag op bl 54. Die kompetisie sluit op Vrydag 4 Mei om 16:00.

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Nadine solomons: “Diskriminasie en rassisme is steeds vir my ’n groot probleem in ons land. Ek sal ook graag meer kinders wil sien skool toe gaan, want sonder opvoeding kom mens nêrens.” Foto: Frans le Roux

HERE at the end of March, the summer is still hanging on, tooth and nail. Today will be partly cloudy and mild at 28°C and tomorrow sunny at 29°C. The weather warms to 32°C on Saturday and Sunday, but Sunday may see a bit of rain. Monday is expected to be 29°C with also a rumour of rain. And while most of next week is sunny, rain is forecast for most of Thursday. Could this be a sign of things to come for the Easter weekend, when the weather generally turns towards winter. Especially when holiday-makers are lazing along the coast.


Menseregtedag - wat sê die mense?

Registration No 05/26033/06

AUDIT BUREAU OF PUBLICATIONS PO Box 47189 Parklands 2121 RSA Tel: 011 721 3490 Fax: 011 721 3497 E-mail:

Curt van Wyk: “On Human Rights Day I would like to celebrate the freedom of being and becoming what one wants to be in the new South Africa. Education must reach more people for our country to move forward.”

Lana de Jager: “Ek is baie gelukkig om kos en slaapplek te hê, daar is steeds te veel mense wat nie hierdie basiese regte het nie. Ek sal graag wil sien dat die regering meer geld bestee aan werkskepping en behuising,”

Michael-Jacque Snyders: “Die grondwet sê jy het ’n reg op veiligheid. Ek het egter steeds geen vertroue in die polisie nie, hul is selde beskikbaar en neem altyd hulle tyd. Skool is baie belangrik. Sonder matriek sukkel mens.”

Madga Bowers sê: “Hier in die Paarlvallei is te veel mense wie se basiese behoeftes nie bevredig word nie - mense sonder slaapplek en kos. Daar word mos nie aandag gegee aan hul menseregte nie.”

Whasfey Cornelissen: “Ek voel veilig waar ek bly en die polisie doen net hul beste. Ek sou wou sien dat die minderbevoorregte mense meer nagskuilings het of ander hulp ontvang vanaf die regering.”

Police chief lends Mbekweni an ear

Man loses arm under train

Lise Beyers

A MAN lost his right arm on Friday evening, when he lay down in front of an oncoming train. The incident occurred at 18:30 between Dal Josaphat and Mbekweni railway stations. According to the driver of the MetroRail train, the victim, Monelisi Sibindi (36), was lying on the railway line. The driver told police that he only noticed that a person was lying on the track when he came close to him. It was then too late for the driver to stop the train. The train ran over Sibindi who was then trapped under it. When rescue workers arrived on the scene, they freed him and noticed that his left arm had been severed. Rescue workers on the scene said that he had lost a large amount of blood and had to be stabilised before being transported to Paarl Hospital for treatment. He is in a stable condition. It is yet uncertain whether Sibindi had tried to commit suicide. Police are investigating the matter.

increase in crime in the area over the past few years. MBEKWENI residents made it clear last In response, Mthethwa said the commuweek that they are not satisfied with the nity’s safety must not be compromised by policing of this area. lazy police officers. Residents had the opportunity last “Police officers need to intensify their opWednesday to direct questions and conerations and shut down illegally-operating cerns to Police shebeens in the Minister Nathi area.” Mthethwa, durMthethwa said ing an open questhat a partnership tion and answer between the police session at the and the commuMbekweni Sports nity was crucial in Centre. reducing crime. Apart from “Parents must complaints about also be closely inthe reluctance of volved in their some police officchildren’s upers to respond to bringing and soreports of crime, cial interactions.” serious allega- VISIT. The Minister of Police, Nathi Mtethwa (left) reMthethwa also tions were also cently visited Mbekweni for an open question and an- used the open made against of- swer session with the public. To his left are acting session to explain ficers. national police commissioner, Gen Lucky Mkhwana- to the public the Community zi, and Western Cape provincial commissioner, Lt repercussions of members’ accusa- Gen Arno Lamoer. the Second-Hand tions against Goods Act which some officers included drinking on duty, will come into effect on 1 April. using official vehicles for personal use durThe Act stipulates that any person who ing work hours and favouritism towards buys stolen goods is as guilty as the person members of the community who are particiwho stole the goods. pating in crime. Harsher sentences will thus apply to both This, they claim, is in part reason for the the buyer and the thief.

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Thursday 22 March 2012

BLYDSKAP. Die wenner van die jongste Plakvir-jou-Sak-kompetisie vir Paarl Post-lesers is Edgar Arendse, ’n pensionaris van Wellington vir wie dié meevaller baie welkom is. Foto: Frans le Roux

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Donderdag 22 Maart 2012

DELAYS. This truck recently caused hours of delay on Franschhoek Pass, when it jack-knifed on a hair-pin bend on the summit. Pic: Lodine Maske

Tragedy on mountain pass Lise Beyers A SKATEBOARDER died after ploughing into a truck while racing down the Franschhoek Pass. The 29-year-old Johannesburger, Carlito Trancoso, had been visiting the area in preparation for various extreme downhill skateboarding events. But on Monday afternoon tragedy struck when Trancoso and three friends summitted Franschhoek Pass and were on their way downhill towards the Theewaterskloof Dam. Trancoso was behind the pack. The frontrunners had spotted danger and had allegedly signalled the rest to slow down and stop. It is unsure whether Trancoso did not see the warning signs or whether he lost control. He then collided with an oncoming truck, first striking its side and then landing under its wheels. When emergency personnel arrived on

the scene, Trancoso had been moved to the shoulder of the road. “He had difficulty breathing and had obviously sustained serious internal injuries,” said an emergency worker. “We tried everything to resuscitate him, but he died on the scene.” During the past few months, this pass has become popular for this extreme sport. According to residents it was only a matter of time before tragedy struck. Provincial police spokesman WO November Filander said a case of culpable homicide is being investigated. * Franschhoek Pass is also known for its many collisions involving trucks of which many have been fatal. Recently another large truck caused the pass to be closed for more than six hours, when it jack-knifed on the summit of the pass. Franschhoek residents have for years called for a ban on heavy vehicles using this pass, but these requests have fallen on deaf ears.

Kind verlate gevind in Smartietown-woonbuurt Lise Beyers

ette Wessels, die kind versorg het. Polisielede het oor die volgende twee PAARL-OOS polisiebeamptes was die dae verdere navraag gedoen in Smartieafgelope naweek getown omtrent die skok toe hulle ’n weerheenkome van die lose kleuter in Monikind en het ook Racastraat, SmartiedioKC gevra om getown, verdwaal gevind reeld die publiek om het. hulp te vra oor die Die kind van ongekind. veer twee jaar oud, Maar teen Maanwas stoksielalleen toe dagoggend was daar sy Saterdagaand in die steeds geen teken van donker in Monicaenige familielid van straat gevind is deur haar nie. polisiebeamptes op Maandagmiddag patrollie. het ’n vrou wel by die Hulle het met die polisiestasie aangekind by wonings in die klop en gesê dat sy die gebied aangeklop, kind se ma is. Sy het maar niemand het gesummier agter tralies weet wie sy is of waarbeland en is aangekla vandaan sy kom nie. van kinderverlating. Die dogtertjie, wat Die kind bly tans onAfrikaanssprekend der maatskaplike toeblyk te wees, kon ook sig totdat ’n maginie die polisie se vrae straat oor haar toebeantwoord nie. Sy VERLAAT. Traumakamer-vrywilliger, koms besluit. was koud, honger en Lynette Wessels, troos die klein dog* The mother of a verward. tertjie wat deur haar ma verlaat is. two-year-old child has Die polisie is terug been arrested after her na die polisiekantoor toe, waar ’n vrywiltoddler was found abandoned in Smartie liger wat in die traumakamer help, LynTown on Saturday evening.

Paarl Post



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Thursday 22 March 2012

Hoop vir historiese Dal­plase

Oesfees gevier OPEN. Die Drakenstein Burgemeester, adv Gesie van Deventer, het Saterdagoggend die Wellington Oesfees amptelik geopen tydens ’n kleurryke optog deur die strate van Wellington. Foto: Lise Beyers

OESFEES. Verskeie veteraantrekkers het deel uitgemaak van die optog waarmee die Wellington Oesfees Saterdag afgeskop het. Foto: Deon Steyn

SEËN. Die Wellington Oesfees is Vrydag amptelik aan die rol gesit met die seën op die oes wat uitgespreek is by ’n geselligheid wat in Hoofstraat gehou is. Hierdie wynmakers het van hul eerste gebotteleerde 2012 wyne vir dié geleentheid saamgebring. Van links is Hein Hesebeck (Schalk Burger & Seuns), Francois Rhode (Diemersfontein), Corlia Fourie (Bosman Family Vineyards) en Jacques Theron (Bovlei). Foto: Lise Beyers

TOAST. Janine Cardinal and Tiffany van Rooyen drink a toast to the Wellington Wine Harvest Festival at one of the participating cellars, Bovlei, while Ruan Erasmus looks on. Pic: Lise Beyers

DIE Daljosafat-landgoed Schoongezicht is van verdere verval gered, nadat ’n sakeman hierdie geskiedkundige plaas gekoop het. ’n Voormalige direkteur van HSBC beleggingsbank, Wikus Hanekom, en sy vrou Jacomi het die plaas onlangs bekom en is van plan om dit in hul aftree-woning te omskep. “Ek voel baie sterk oor die kultuur en geskiedenis van Schoongezicht en wil hê dat dit behoue moet bly. “Ongelukkig is die geskiedkundige geboue baie vervalle, asook deur misdadigers beskadig. Dit gaan ’n lang, duur pad wees om alles te herstel. Net om die herehuis tot ’n leefbare toestand te herstel sal meer as R1 miljoen beloop.” Hanekom het verder gesê dat hy geen illusies het oor ’n groot boerdery nie, maar hy wil perde aanhou en ook die waterblommetjiedamme weer op dreef kry. Schoongezicht-plaas is reeds in 1694 aan die Hugenoot Abraham Vivier toegeken. In 1723 is dit aan Francois du Toit verkoop. Die bekende Voortrekker, Sarel Cilliers is op Schoongezicht gebore in 1801. Schoongezicht het deur die jare bekend gestaan as ’n uitsonderlike voorbeeld van ’n Kaaps-Hollandse opstal. In moderne tyd was dit ook bekend vir sy waterblommetjieboerdery en daar het gereeld ’n waterblommetjie-fees hiér plaasgevind. Later is die waterblommetjiedamme gebruik vir die kweek van varswater-kreef. Een van die buitegeboue is reeds in die 1970’s omskep in ’n restaurant wat deur die jare bekendheid verwerf het. Daar is tans geen sprake daarvan dat die restaurant waarvoor die plaas bekend was,

HISTORIES. Die historiese herehuis op Schoongezicht gaan tot sy voormalige glorie herstel word deur die nuwe eienaar. Foto: Lise Beyers heropen sal word nie, maar die perseel mag in die toekoms vir geleentheidsfunksies benut word. * Nog ’n historiese plaas in die gebied, Roggeland, sal waarskynlik weer in die volgende paar maande herleef as gasteplaas. Die Suid-Afrikaanse Erfenis Agentskap, aan wie hierdie plaas behoort, het onlangs ’n tender geadverteer vir die huur en gebruik van die plaas as gastehuis vir vyf jaar. Die plaas is voorheen as ’n gastehuis bedryf, maar dié kontrak het sowat ’n jaar gelede tot ’n einde geloop. * A historic Dal Josaphat farm which has all but fallen into ruin, is set for a new lease of life, after having been purchased by a businessman who plans to renovate it.

BRAND. Verskeie veldbrande het die afgelope paar dae weer chaos gesaai. Maandagmiddag het ’n brand op die grond van die ou provinsiale paaie-kwekery langs Courtrai begin. Verskeie huise is bedreig, maar inwoners het inderhaas gehelp om die vlamme te blus. Dieselfde aand het ’n veldbrand by Drakenstein-gevangenis begin, digby die ou woning van voormalige president Nelson Mandela, wat nou ’n nasionale gedenkwaardigheid is. Die brandweerdienste het wel daarin geslaag om te keer dat enige strukture beskadig is. Daar word vermoed dat albei brande veroorsaak is deur nalatigheid of brandstigting.

JEUGKLUB. Die Paarlse polisie het verlede week hul jeugklub vir plaaslike laerskole bekend gestel. Hierdie is deel van die Veiliger Skole-projek wat reeds ’n geruime tyd gemik is daarop om hoërskole te beveilig. Die fokus van die klub is om verantwoordelikheid by kinders te kweek en om sodoende eienaarskap van hul skoolterrein, en klaskamers terug te neem. Hulle word bewus gemaak van netheid, higiëniese toestande en dissipline asook die bemagtiging wat hulle ontvang deur ’n goeie opvoeding. Die bekendstelling van die klub het plaasgevind by WA Joubert waar 14 skole betrokke was. Enige skole wat by die projek wil aansluit, kan kapt Louise du Plessis skakel by 082 850 9614. Foto: Lise Beyers

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Donderdag 22 Maart 2012

Paarl Post


More armed robberies Lise Beyers

BESOEK. Dr Ivan Meyer (regs), Wes-Kaapse Minister van Kultuur en Sport, het onlangs by die Afrikaanse Taalmuseum besoek afgelê. Hier bekyk hy die ou drukpers waarop die Afrikaanse Patriot omstreeks 1880 gedruk is, saam met museumdirekteur Jack Louw. Meyer het onlangs ’n beroep gedoen op die regering om die Taalgebruikerswetsontwerp wat Afrikaans misken as amptelike taal, te heroorweeg in die belang van versoening, diversiteit en menseregte. “Eie taal is ’n basiese mensereg wat in die grondwet vasgelê is. Ek gaan die Menseregtekommissie nader om die grondwetlikheid van die wetsontwerp te toets en te verseker dat die inwoners van die Wes-Kaap se taalregte nie ingeperk word nie”. Foto: Frans le Roux

Anyone with information can contact the Mbekweni police station at 021 868 9900 or THREE armed robberies have taken place Capt Selma Bredenhann on 082 334 8188. over the last week. On Sunday afterThe most recent noon the Robin was on Monday Hood Tote at Shah’s morning when a liqCorner in New Rest uor store was was robbed for the robbed in Langthird time in less abuya, Mbekweni. than two years. According to the Here seven men complainant, he entered the tote. saw five men loiterFour were armed ing in front of Jumwith handguns and bo Liquors in Mafila a fifth man with a Street at 08:00. shotgun. When he tried to Customers and get into his vehicle staff were ordered on the way to the to lie on the floor, bank, they apwhile the suspects proached him and ARMED ROBBERY. A liquor store in Mbekweni has emptied a till as well one of the suspects become the latest victim of an armed robbery. as the safe. threatened him Pic: Lise Beyers They escaped on with a firearm. foot in the direction He tried to run away, but stopped in his of Mbekweni with R13 000. tracks when one of the suspects threatened And on Friday afternoon, a man who was to shoot him. seated in his vehicle in Colibri Street was They then took the black bag from him robbed when he was paying wages to his which contained R55 000 in cash and fled workers. About R15 000 was taken. on foot. No arrests have been made at this Police have warned the public to be exstage. tremely cautious when dealing with cash.

Hawelose teister Paarlse praktyk

STUKKEND. Vensters van ’n paramediese praktisyn in die Paarl is verlede week weer deur vermoedelik ’n hawelose man stukkend gegooi.

’n PLAASLIKE paramediese praktisyn sit met haar hande in haar hare weens ’n vermeende vandaal wat die afgelope jaar haar teister. Arbeids- en handterapeut Annerie Beukes het ’n jaar en ’n half gelede haar praktyk verskuif na die bekende huis op die hoek van Hospitaal- en Bredastraat waar die Andrew Strauss Musiekskool destyds geleë was. Nadat Strauss oorlede is, is die huis opgeknap as kantore. Maar, vertel Beukes, ’n hawelose man het glo heeltyd op die stoep van die huis geslaap en toe hulle daar intrek, het sy streke begin. “Donderdagoggend is ons begroet met vensters wat met rotse uitgegooi is. Elke nou en dan gebeur dit. Hy slaan snags toe wanneer niemand in die omgewing is nie.” Beukes het gesê dat die ruite van hul motors ook eendag stukkend gegooi was. Die

PRET. Laerskool Courtrai het onlangs kaskarresies aangebied waaraan leerders met oorgawe deelgeneem het. Die wenspan onder die graad dries was klas 3A1. Hier in aksie is Le Roux Roos (links agter), Kobus Volschenk (regs agter) en Jaco Marais (voor). Foto: Shani Marais

motors word agter die gebou geparkeer. “Dit is bloot vandalisme, want geen waardevolle besittings is uit die motors gesteel nie. Hy het al op ons gevloek en ’n dreigende houding teen ons in geneem. “Wanneer ons die verdagte in die omtrek sien, bel ons die polisie. Hulle verwyder hom net en kort voor lank is hy terug.” Die verdagte is nog van geen misdaad aangeklanie,wanthywasnognietydenssydade betrap nie . Die polisie sê dat hulle geen bewyse het dat dit wel hy is nie. Maar Beukes is oortuig dat dit die hawelose man is wat hiervoor verantwoordelik is. Sy het gesê dat die man glo dat die huis syne is. “Hy sê ons moet hom betaal om dit te gebruik. Hy is oënskynlik versteurd.” Tydens die jongste vandalisme van die praktyk, het die verdagte rotse deur twee vensters geslinger. Die polisie ondersoek die saak. * A homeless man has allegedly been causinghavocatamedicalpractice,claimingthat the building belongs to him.

WENNER. Caitlin Cedras (6) van Hugenote Laerskool is deur die Paarl Post se lesers met SMS-stemme aangewys as die oulikste graad-1 leerling in die vallei. Hierdie wennertjie wil graag ’n dokter word. Sy is opgewonde oor haar pryse en gaan heel eerste haar musiekspeler uittoets. By haar is Paarl Post se advertensiebestuurder Ilse Fourie. Foto: Devidean Moses


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6 . Paarl Post

Thursday 22 March 2012

Paarl Post

Practise what you preach

FIFTY-TWO years ago 69 unarmed protesters were killed by police in the small town of Sharpeville, south of Johannesburg. On 21 March 1960 thousands of people gathered to protest the detested pass laws. In short, 69 people were killed on that day, and at least 300 more injured, when they were protesting against gross human rights violations. Rightly so, the Sharpeville Massacre is commemorated by Human Rights Day to honour those whose lives were sacrificed in the fight for democracy. It has become a day to reflect on the progress that has been made in ensuring basic human rights for all South Africans, as written in our Constitution. Internationally Human Rights day has also been observed since the United Nations adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This declaration was born to ensure that the horrors of The Second World War never again recur. With all the fanfare of ‘human rights’, only a small percentage of the world’s population can truly say that they live within a governance of human rights. South Africa is one of those nations who boast that their laws offer human rights to all. But the powers that be are comfortably cuddled up with many countries who are guilty of gross human rights violations. Is one not supposed to practise what one preaches?


Box Hoe groen is u?Bus EK is groen, hoe groen is u? Ek bedoel nie groen van jaloesie of naar op die maag, in ’n nuwe pos of ’n nuwe werk nie. Groen soos: Kennis oor die bewaring en instandhouding van lewegewende bronne. Hoe vasberade u is om ’n bydrae te lewer. Is dit vir u ’n prioriteit? Doen u iets in u onmiddellike omgewing, want dis waar dit begin. My passievolle meewerk, eis baie van my en is moeitevol. Dit veroorsaak soms vir my huisgenote ’n erge pyn op ’n onnoembare plek. Skeel my nie. My pogings mag nutteloos voorkom, maar word gerespekteer en stadig, maar seker spoel dit oor na ander. Selfs my bure met wie ek net oor die heining kuier, doen al mee. Uit huis uit is ek geleer om nie kommoditeite te minag of verkwis nie. Kos, geld, klere ens. Op ons Boesmanlandse plaas was meer as die nodige. Elektrisiteit is opgewek deur ’n kreatiewe en handvaardige pa. Ons kon met vrymoedigheid in alles deel, maar nie vermors nie. Rommelstrooiing is nie geduld nie. Bewaring van die ryk planten dierelewe, was prioriteit. Om dit te vermag het ’n sekere dissipline geverg: nie altyd kosteloos nie. Bewaring verg toewyding en opoffering. Alles begin tuis. Ek weet een swaeltjie maak nie ’n somer nie, maar ook: elke muggie se piepie in die see help. Te veel mense leef argeloos oor die behoud van hulle onmiddellike omgewing. Dikwels uit onkunde. Hulle het geen kennis van die belangrikheid daarvan en wat hulle aandeel is nie. Ek waag om te sê dat slegs 15% van ons Vallei se inwoners iets weet van Drakenstein Munisipaliteit se herwinningstrategie. Nog minder is bewus van groen inisiatiewe van privaat instansies in ons land en oor die wêreld. Elkeen wat kan lees, behoort ingelig te wees én moet meehelp. Dis die verantwoordelikheid van elke mens wat verniet suurstof inasem; ’n verpligting dus, op ál die


inwoners Posbusvan | POdie Boxondermaanse. 409 Groen Paarl denke 7620en toepassing daarvan behels nie slegs ring van water en elektrisiteit, herwinning van glas, blik, plastiek, papier of géén rommelstrooiing nie. Alhoewel dit baie belangrik is en ’n beginpunt. Groen is ook uitroei van onkruid en indringerplante op jou eiendom. Slawearbeid, ek weet. Aanlê van ’n droogte-bestande tuin wat geskik is vir jou behoeftes en omgewing. Dit verg kennis en geduld. Aanplant van inheemse bome, struike, blomme om noodsaaklike voël- en inseklewe te lok is ’n lang en duur onderneming. Kennis sal verhoed dat die noodsaaklike klein dierelewe soos verkleurmannetjies, spinnekoppe, paddas, geitjies, akkedisse, slange ens. voor die voet doodgemaak word HESTER uit vrees, bygelowigDE KOCK heid of bloot grillerigheid. Géén lewende organisme - hetsy plant of dier - is nuttelose geskape deur Einstein se “Liewe Heer” nie. Mense het hulle habitat opgeëis (vieslike tuinslakke was dalk ’n glipsie?). Galoepie, my besonderse skoondogter, woon langs my. Sy is “op roep” vir die vang van geitjies, akkedisse, paddas wanneer hulle te tuis raak in my plek. Een warm Januariedag vanjaar, het sy selfs ’n molslang gevang wat op onverklaarbare wyse in hulle kantoor beland het. Dierbare buurman Willie en sy dogter, het dit ver buite die dorp gaan los. Dit is omgee vir bewaring en liefde vir jou omgewing. So-by-so verwerf ons nie besittings deur ons goedheid nie. Dis ’n geskenk deur ’n liefdevolle voorsiener. Goeie rentmeesters ontvang nog meer. Elke mens kan deel in hierdie voorreg, indien die grondliggende gedagte nie hebsug is nie, maar toewyding aan die Goeie Gewer met ’n opregte begeerte om in vrede en vreugdevol ’n bydrae te maak tot voordeel van almal en alles wat hierdie ruimte met ons deel.



LOOP jy liewer die pad van die goeie mense, bly op die paaie van die regverdiges. Spreuke 2:20

Why do roadworks take so long? WE live at Val de Vie and need to go through the stop & go roadworks on the R301 at least four times a day. The work is done intermittently, and this appears to be delaying completion. On Wednesday afternoon at 3 pm we had to wait for 15 minuPosbus | PO Box 409 were at least six tes while there Paarl at 7620 people the stop & go kiosk and another two at the second Boschenmeer entrance, but no workers on the road. Why are so many man hours wasted and why is the progress so slow? Why is there so little machinery on site? Who is monitoring the situation? Why can’t people start working earlier in the day? It is incredible how slow the progress is on this patch work!


Box Bus

Sue Mostert Riaan Viviers, engineer of UWP Consulting, responds: The works that are currently being carried out entail localised pavement repairs (patches), crack sealing and the application of a texture slurry over the entire width of the road.

POST Box Bus

Posbus | PO Box 409 Paarl 7620

The texture slurry must be trafficked for six weeks prior to constructing the final surfacing seal. These works are being carried out in halfwidth construction under Stop/Go control. All of the current works involve the use of bitumen. Currently there is a country wide national shortage of bitumen and all construction projects are being delayed. The shortage of bitumen is due to several refineries undergoing emergency maintenance. The Contractor is currently continuing with gravel layer works on other sections of both Main Roads 201 and 189 (Klapmuts/Paarl), which are both included under this project. There are also weather limitati-

on. Due to the nature of the bitumen used to seal the road in relation with coldandwetweather,asealembargo period has been specified on all roads projects. This seal embargo period starts on 1 May and finishes on 1 September each year. During these months no final surfacing seal work may be carried out. It is currently envisaged, depending on the availability of bitumen, to complete all of the patching, crack sealing and texture slurry works on R301 (MR201) during May. The road will then be opened to full-width traffic during the seal embargo period while the contractor continues with auxiliary works. Sealing wil resume in early September. The seal works will take 4 to 6 weeks including the lane markings. We are all frustrated with the current delays due to the shortage of bitumen and low production rates achievable due to this. In an attempt to keep the public informed regarding current works, delaysandhappeningsonsiteweare issuing weekly newsletter to the public at all Stop/Go control points and all of the entrances of all of the Estates along MR201 on weekdays.

So many questions... THE discourse between the ANC and the DA the last couple of weeks was very interesting, and left me with some very pertinent questions. The mayor took out a full page spread in Paarl Post, in which she lambasted the ANC and made certain accusations. The ANC’s half page response in countering these allegations leaves one with the question as to who paid for the mayor’s allegations. Apart from that, I found the arguments brought up by both parties quite intriguing. An interesting question would be: 1. One can safely assume that the ANC used its own funds since they are nog governing Drakenstein. Who paid for the DA’s statements? 2. Did the Mayor use taxpayers’ money to fund the DA’s campaign against the ANC, and if so, how much did this cost us taxpayers? 3. In my view taxpayers’ money cannot and should not be utilised for party-political purposes. It is highly irregular, corrupt and should be investigated. The arguments raised by both parties are also of some note. I read that the ANC apparently left the DA with cash reserves and investments of R166 m, and almost all of this was exhausted in the last almost seven months. Should this prove to be true, it is quite disconserting to me as a taxpayer. Is it also true that disadvantaged children who want to study will not receive bursaries anymore. How about informal settlements? Will they still be adequately serviced? Is Drakenstein bankrupt and who is to blame? Lastly, apparently Drakenstein received consecutive unqualified audit from the AG un-

der the ANC, and the finances were sound. This is maybe where I agree with the ANC when they ask for a Presidential Investigation and the DA should do the honourable thing and give us one. This will for once and for all prove to the taxpayer what the state of Drakenstein’s finances is. Concerned taxpayer The Speaker of Drakenstein Municipal Council, Koos le Roux, responds: As the responsible custodian of the integrity of the Drakenstein Council, the Speaker’s Office has noted the recently published statements and letters regarding the financial position of the Drakenstein Municipality. This now necessitates a response to ensure that the distinct lines between party political driven campaigning and councillors’ duties are not blurred. I am of the opinion that a more responsible approach should be advocated in dealing with the matter. In this regard I am guided by the important cornerstones of a democracy: 1. The right of the public to be informed and to question actions of public servants should always be respected; 2. The duty of public servants and Mayor to report to and inform the public; 3. Party politics is a right and important in a democracy, but should not have the result that public servants lose focus and fail to deliver on the demands of service delivery. I intend to address council in this regard with the request that, further responses to be restricted.

Donderdag 22 Maart 2012

SMS ) Burgemeester van Deventer, jy is ’n waardige leier in die vallei, dankie dat jy ons waardes terugbring! Hou so aan! ) Gesie om mense wat werkloos is en pensionarisse se krag te sny, gaan die DA duur te staan kom. ) The Drakenstein Municipality is being run like a Kangaroo Court. ) So kry ’n dief 12 jaar tronkstraf maar ’n raadslid wat twee mense wreedaardig aangeval het, kry slegs ’n boete. Welkom in die nuwe SA. ) Paarl West schools: Go train and compete somewhere else if you don’t like our stadium. Follow your rugby code. ) Die Dalstadion is geleë in die gebied waarheen julle die mense weggejaag het uit Noorder-Paarl. ) Die huis in Ben Bernhardi ontsier die suide van die Paarl en is ’n broeiplek vir dwelms en ’n bordeel! ) Die blou huis is ’n smokkelhuis vir drank en dwelms, die mense daar wil nie werk nie en bly lekker - hulle kry alles verniet ) Daar is selfs ‘n taxi-eienaar wat sy ou sitplekke voor daardie mense se hekke gooi. Waar is die wetstoepassingbeamptes dan? ) Waterfront sounds super, jobs, but no word about catering for the poorer... again for the rich? ) Regtig doodsvonnis by Paarl Hospitaal. )Mnr Genis van Gim was ’n fenomenale skoolhoof - ’n man van karakter wat sy Christelike beginsels uitgeleef het. Sy bedanking is ’n geweldige slag. Ons glo die nuwe pos is die manier waarop God u grondgebied vergroot het en ons berus daarby. )The Waterfront Development will definitely give Paarl’s tourism and economy a boost! S. Swartz.

Briewe · Letters

Paarl Post

New device not active yet ON Saturday 10 March a load shedding device was installed in my house by a company working on behalf of the Municipality. I was told by the electrician who installed it that I no longer needed to put off my geyser. Without a word on how it works exactly, the electrician left. Due to the crippling cost of electricity, in summer I only put on my geyser for an hour per day. After the installation, we left the geyser on, only to find that our electricity consumption increased dramatically. I then put off my geyser and called the number on the pamphlet that was left by

the electrician, only to be told that the project will only start in January next year. I asked the lady repeatedly what she meant, just to be absolutely certain that my ears were not deceiving me. Nowhere in this whole campaign does it mention that this project will only start next year and then when it does, will only be activated in peak times (6-8 pm). So for those of us who keep our geysers off - continue doing so even if the device has been fitted, because heaven knows it will save you very little money and is simply intended to lower peak hour demand. Allison Knight

Municipality killing business MY wife and daughter are running a tyre business in Paarl and submitted a bid to tender for new tyres to the Drakenstein Municipality. They are a 100% black owned company, 100% women ownership, managing and working in the business. They spent more than R350 000 to comply with the municipal criteria and their assets are more than R300 000. The municipality then awarded the tender to two big companies, one of which was involved in BEE fronting a few years ago and was founded guilty in the Cape High court for fraud. It is a white owned compa-

ny and they have been serving this particular tender for more than 30 years now. What a disappointment! Willie Barends


Groot skade aan my motor AAN die onbekende persoon wat op Donderdag 9 Februarie met sy/haar voertuig in my geparkeerde motor in Bainstraat, Wellington, vasgery en versuim het om stil te hou of om hom/haarself te identifiseer of ’n nota op my motor te laat: die skade aan my motor het R20 000 beloop. Ek doen dus ’n beroep op u integriteit om na vore te kom, uself te identifiseer en

verantwoordelikheid vir die skade aan my motor te aanvaar. Kontak my by 021 903 4682 of 082 676 4956. Ek doen ook ’n beroep op die Drakenstein Munisipaliteit om dit te oorweeg om maatreëls in te stel om motoriste se spoed te verminder in Bainstraat (tussen Roseen Bergstraat), Wellington. Jan Steenkamp Kuilsrivier

’n Moewiese sukses DIT is uiters frustrerend om magteloos in jou vragmotor te sit en kyk hoe jou druiwe vermors en gesteel word deur oortreders wat nie vervolg word nie. My simpatie aan die boere met die hopelose hulpeloseheid van ons regstelsel. “Meneer, het jy gesien dat die beskuldigde die vrugte gepluk het?” “Meneer, kan jy bewys dit is jou vrugte?”

Sterkte aan ons polisie. Doen julle moeite om die misdadiger te vang, loop hy lag-lag uit die hof. Tree die polisie te hardhandig op, sit die media hom op die voorblad vir aanranding. Wat het my instrukteur veertig jaar gelede in die klas gesê? Ek weet nie wat hier aangaan nie, maar dit lyk na ’n moewiese sukses. Gawie Malherbe

Die Munisipale Woordvoerder reageer: Daar is wetlike voorskrifte wat gevolg moet word indien daar ’n appèl teen die toekenning van ’n tender is. Hierdie proses is tans aan die gang met betrekking tot die betrokke tender. Die Munisipaliteit kan tans dus nie kommentaar oor die saak lewer nie. Die appellant sal ’n volledige skriftelike antwoord op sy appèl ontvang.

Liqui-Fruit 1 Litre

2forR27.95 COMBO: Super M 200ml & Freshers Cheesy Naks 150g


COMBO: 2x Pepsi Range PET Bottles 500ml & a Nestle Slab 80g


Open 24 hours for your convenience

FRESHSTOP PAARL: 393 Main Road, Paarl, Tel: (021) 872 3118

Specials Valid: Wed 21 March - Sun 01 April Like us on


8 . Paarl Post

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Thursday 22 March 2012

OU GROTE. Bome soos hierdie baie ou peperboom agter die munisipale kantore op Wellington sal uiteindelik deel vorm van die beoogde boomroete wat tans vir Wellington beplan word.

Boomroete beoog Johan Nel DIE Verfraaiingskomitee van Wellington is besig om die moontlikheid te ondersoek om ’n splinternuwe boomroete in en om Wellington te ontwikkel. Volgens Johan Conradie van die Verfraaiingskomitee bied ’n boomroete deur ’n dorp en omstreke ’n wonderlike geleentheid aan toeriste om ’n dorp beter te leer ken. Wellington spog met ’n aantal pragbome soos die tamaai moerasdenne wat in Victoria Park staan en die twee oeroue peperbome by die munisipale kantore op die dorp. “Die ontwikkeling van so ’n boomroete sal Wellingtonners ook meer bewus maak van die skat van ou en uitsonderlike bome waaroor ons beskik. Dit sal ook die munisipaliteit help om veel beter beheer oor die versorging van die bome uit te oefen.” Conradie sê dat die beoogde boomroete ’n geleentheid aan Wellingtonners sal bied om ook uitsonderlike bome wat op plase in die omgewing van Wellington staan, onder die aandag van die publiek te bring. “Op die oomblik weet ons van die pragtige ou akkerbome op Welvanpas en van enkele baie indrukwekkende ou olienhoutbome in die klowe om die dorp, maar daar is sonder twyfel veel meer ou bome op die plase wat groter bekendheid verdien.” Wellingtonners wat van indrukwekkende bome weet wat deel behoort te word van die beoogde boomroete, word gevra om met Stef Venter van die Drakenenstein Munisipaliteit by 082 337 0901 of Johan Conradie van die Verfraaiingskomitee by 082 788 0934 te kontak.

Big tournaments A NUMBER of big tournaments take place in Paarl next week, including the 20th annual u.16 rugby tournament hosted by Paarl Gymnasium High. Twenty eight of the country’s top rugby schools will each play three rugby matches on 31 March, 2 April and 4 April. The tournament includes hockey (boys & girls) and netball. The Gym tournament offers younger players a chance to compete against top schools outside their province on an almost provincial level. Of the 50 players who were included in the SA Under 16 High Performance Squad of 2011, 27 came from the schools which took part in the Gym tournament. Five of the top six FNB Top 20 schools in 2011 participated in the tournament. They were Grey College Bloemfontein (1st), Afrikaans Hoër Seunskool (2), Boys’ High (4th), Monument (5th) and Waterkloof (6th). The wealth of attractions offered by Paarl, the Cape Winelands and the fact that Boys’ High’s Under 15 tournament and Labori Under 15 tournament take place at the same time, contribute to the tournament’s growth in size to something similar to other famous school rugby festivals up-country. Also this holiday in Paarl is the SA Sports Assocation event for the Intellectually Impaired to be presented from 25 March at Dal Josaphat.

Donderdag 22 Maart 2012

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Paarl Post



Boys’ High leads Alumni Association seminar

CONFERENCE. Delegates from 34 prominent schools in South Africa met in Paarl this past weekend during the SA Schools Alumni Association information seminar. Attending the conference were (from left) Dr Etienne van der Spuy, Rinus van der Sluys (chairperson of BHS alumni), Dr Kobus Uys, mayor Gesie van Deventer, Derek Swart (principal), Dr Johan van Deventer and Danie Malan (president of BHS alumni). Topics covered included marketing and fundraising, membership and communications. Pic: Lise Beyers

EIGHTY delegates from 40 prominent schools in South Africa met this past weekend during the SA Schools Alumni Association information seminar hosted by the Old Boys’ Union of Paarl Boys’ High. This association was formed at a gathering of interested parties in Bloemfontein last year. The idea has emanated in the fact that all the alumni have something in common and are not in competition with each other. They all have a captive client in the past pupils. However this client is unique and the alumni associations do not compete for the same market. They however have the same goals, but different methods and means of obtaining these goals. The lessons learnt by one can be shared by all and thus placing all in a better position to strengthen their Associationstotheenhancementoftheir different Alma Maters.

The seminar was opened on Friday evening by the Executive Mayor, Adv Gesie van Deventer in the school hall, followed by a welcoming wine tasting conducted by Charles Hopkins from De Grendel and old boy Wynand Retief of Van Loveren. The official seminar took place on Saturday at Grande Roche in Paarl. Many interesting topics where covered by the guest speakers including marketing and fundraising, membership and communications and organising special school celebrations. Apart from Paarl Girls’ High, La Rochelle and Paarl Gymnasium who also attended, other schools included, Grey College (Bloemfontein and PE), Paul Roos Gymnasium, St Andrews, Rondebosch Boys’ High and Collegiate College. Other schools who are interested in joining this association can contact Esmé du Toit at 021 872 2835.

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Thursday 22 March 2012

KYK! When Paarl Paving was established in March 1982, paving and hard-landscaping were still relatively new concepts. Through the years, Paarl Paving has done a great deal of work in the Paarl, Franschhoek, Stellenbosch and Wellington areas. Some of Paarl Paving's most well-known projects include the Grande Roche Hotel, Zomerlust Estate,

WEM CONSTRUCTION (PTY) LTD Reg. No. 97/09931/07

8 Reservoir Street, Franschhoek Tel: 021 876 3589 Fax: 021 876 3589 Cell: 083 325 0090 e-mail:

PO Box 54, Main Street Post Office PAARL 7622 WEM Construction 5x2 1112

Congratulating Paarl Paving on its 30 year celebration.


Cell 083 321 3442 tel/fax 021 876 2510 |

Villas in the vineyards, Franschhoek


Baie geluk


30th Birth y p d p


met 30 suksesvolle

Steyn Coetzee 5x2 1212 T. 021 872 1968

Baie geluk aan Michael en die Paarl Paving-span met die groot 30! Sukses en sterkte vir die toekoms.


De Hoop Steenwerwe 5x2 1112

95, HUGUENOT, 7645

Opregte gelukwense met 30 jaar van voortreflike diens aan die gemeenskap.

De Hoop Steenwerwe is trots om met Paarl Paving geassosieer te word.

Here’s wishing you success and happiness today and always!!

to Paarl Paving

Baie geluk met jul 30ste bestaansjaar en mag julle daarop voortbou. Voorspoed vir die toekoms.

DALJOSAFAT 021 868 3185/6 021 868 2851

Sue Norman

Contact us Cell: 082 577 7713 | E-mail: Find us on Facebook

Grand Provence, Franschhoek



Paarl Boys' High 5x2 1212

30 Years NICE!

De Oude Renbaan, the Fairview Remembrance Garden, and Grand Provence in Franschhoek. Responsible and sustainable hard-landscaping is at the heart of Paarl Paving's work ethic and we hope to continue in and perfect this tradition in the years to come. Paarl Paving would like to thank its clients and sponsors for thirty years of support.

Congratulations on 30 years of success, loyalty and devoted service to customers, Michael! Thank you very much for your loyal support through the years. We wish you everything of the best for the future.

From the Paarl Boys' High family


Sedert 1954 Since

Baie geluk met jul 30 jaar ( 021 873 1154 • •

Posbus 515, Suider-Paarl, 7646 Tel: 021 863 3016 | Faks: 021 863 3559


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Donderdag 22 Maart 2012

Paarl Post




Bou voort op jul sukses.

Tel: 021 8735482

Berg River Park, Blok C, Eenheid 7 | h/v Jan van Riebeeck- & Borsenbergstraat | Daljosafat, Paarl

"Baie geluk met die 30 jaar! Dankie vir die ondersteuning!”

Ons will net vir mnr Kaden baie geluk wens met die 30 jaar. Mooi so! Alle voorspoed.

Paving doesn't need to be bricks. Cobbles Cladding Pool paving

Bridge House High School

PaarlSlootgrawediens 5x2 1212

Tel: 021 868 2673/4 Faks: 021 868 2697 Selfoon: 079 409 6597 E-pos: Web:

Sprinter Zone 5x2 1112

Alkmaar Street, Daljosaphat, Paarl 7646 021 872 4327

HireCentre 5x2 1012

Wow, voel soos gister!

HIRE Centre

TEL: 021 863 1233 084 44 34333


Johan van Rensburg Bernard Frey AD Muller architects • argitekte

Tel: 021 872 8066


Baie geluk

Finmar makelaars 10x2 1012

met 30 suksesvolle jare in die bou- en plaveiselbedryf

Veels geluk met 30 suksesvolle jare. U is voorwaar ’n waardevolle kliënt om te hê - na vele jare dien die Kaden-plaveisel ons daagliks getrou! Ons heel beste wense vergesel u op die pad vorentoe.

Dit was en is ‘n voorreg om 'n kliënt van julle te wees.


Baie geluk met die groot mylpaal.

Fairview, Remembrance Garden

Almal by Finmar.

12 . Paarl Post

Wellington Nuus

Donderdag 22 Maart 2012

Pretlesers benodig by biblioteek Johan Nel Volgens Anolet Manuel van die biblioteek het die gewildheid van Pretlees hulle stoutste verwagtinge oortref. Die program, wat in 2010 met die hulp van een vrywilliger begin is, maak tans van die dienste van agt vrywilligers gebruik en daar word nou naarstiglik na meer vrywilligers gesoek om Pretlees te help aanbied. Manuel sê dat die program gemik is op skoolgaande kinders wat probleme ondervind om te lees. Alle kinders vanaf graad twee kan by die program aansluit wat gereeld in die middae by die biblioteek aangebied word. Daar word tans dringend gesoek na vrywilligers om die biblioteek te help om die gewilde leesprogram verder uit te brei sodat meer leerders gehelp kan word. Baie van die vrywilligers wat tans ingespan word, is onLEES. Anolet Manuel (links agter) van die Wellingtonse openbare biblio- derwysstudente aan teek is die inisieerder van Pretlees, die biblioteek se gewilde leespro- CPUT op Wellington gram vir leerders wat leesprobleme ondervind. Saam met haar en die en ook enkele afgetreagt vrywilligers wat haar met die program help, verskyn ook enkele de onderwyseresse. van die kinders wat tans die program in die middae by die biblioteek Mense wat belang volg. Die vrywilligers is agter van links Phillida Bantham, Marie Blignaut, stel om as vrywilligers Hayley Fortuin, Shirlynn Thomas en Nadia van Rooyen. Heel links voor in die Pretlees-prois Deniel Moffat met drie van die kinders wat die program volg langs gram op te tree, kan haar met (regs) die ander twee vrywilligers, Sylnine Matthyse en Valdine Manuel by 021 873 Jacobs. Foto: Johan Nel 6038 te skakel. ’n LEESPROGRAM wat in 2010 deur die Wellingtonse openbare biblioteek begin is om leerlinge se leesvaardighede te help ontwikkel, het oor die afgelope twee jaar so in gewildheid toegeneem dat die aantal vrywilligers wat ingespan word om die program aan te bied, nou dringend vermeerder moet word.

SKRYFBEHOEFTES. Die Pottie Potloodprojek is verlede jaar geloods deur CPUT Wellington se onderwysstudente (Grondslagfase). Hulle versamel blikkies, geld en skryfbehoeftes om uit te deel aan leerders van minderbevoorregte skole in die Wellington-omgewing. Hier sit hulle by Blouvlei Primêr. Die ander twee skole wat baat is Groenberg en Bergrivier Primêr.

RUGBYWEEK. Die Laerskool Hugo Rust se o.13A-rugbyspan gaan volgende week saam met 23 uitsoek-skoolspanne vanoor die hele land aan ’n groot rugbyweek by die Marlowe-skool by Cradock deelneem. Altesaam 20 spelers van Hugo Rust vertrek Vrydag per bus na Cradock. Hulle het vroeër die week hul toerusting vir die rugbyweek van die bekende rugbyspeler Schalk Burger jnr (middel) op ’n spesiale plegtigheid by die skool ontvang. Schalk was self op sy dag kaptein van Hugo Rust se o.13A-span. By hom is Herman le Roux (naaslinks) en Alton Cuff (naasregs), die kaptein en onderkaptein van Hugo Rust, asook Bertie Schreuder (regs) en Anton Hoek (links), afrigter en assistent-afrigter van die span. Foto: Johan Nel

ONDERSTEUNING. Ds Jarrett Rogers (naaslinks) van die VGK Wellington was die spreker op ’n onlangse byeenkoms van die Wellingtonse Angs en Depressie-ondersteuningsgroep. Saam met hom verskyn van links Karin Coetzee, Elizabeth Rogers, Adéle Brink, Thiry Daniels en Dalene Lochner. Ds Rogers het in sy praatjie die belangrikheid van byeenkomste wat aan depressielyers ’n geleentheid bied om oor die probleem te praat en om mekaar te ondersteun, beklemtoon. Die volgende byeenkoms van die groep is op 18 April. Meer besonderhede kan by die sameroeper van die groep, Petro Greeff, verkry word by 072 709 8000. Foto: Deon Steyn VOORTREKKERS. Wamakersvallei Voortrekkers se gemengde vlotspan het hul uitstekend van hul taak gekwyt deur 2de in hul klas te eindig tydens die jaarlikse vlotvaart van 10 km. Die Wes-Kaapse Vlotvaart te Velddrif lok jaarliks wye belangstelling. Hier roei (voor) Caitlyn Venter, Lourens de Bruyn, Ursula Voigt en (agter) Willem van Heerden en Van Zyl Venter.

go East is focusing on PAARL EAST When: 29 March All business owners in Paarl East, contact us to advertise your services at very special rates as well as a free photo of your staff. ATTENTION:

Tel: 021 870 4600 Email:

BASAAR. Die NG Moedergemeente Wellington het Saterdag hul jaarlikse basaar gehou. Hier is Peppie Pepler en Dr Fanie Marais (leraar) agter die groentetafel. Foto: Deon Steyn

Wellington Imbizo ’n POLISIE Imbizo vind op Maandag 26 Maart by die Wellington-stadsaal plaas om 19:00. Die publiek word bygestaan met vervoer en ’n bus vertrek om 18:00 vanaf Shah’s Corner, Mannies en vanaf die parkie op die hoek van Mintoor- en Minnaarstraat om die gemeenskap na die vergadering te neem. Tydens die vergadering kan mense hul bekommernisse uitspreek en oplossings gee oor misdaad in hul gebied.

Thursday 22 March 2012

Promotion 路 Promosie

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Jeug · Youth

14 . Paarl Post KRIEKET. By die jaarlikse krieketderby van New Orleans Sekondêr en Klein Nederburg Sekondêr het die NOSS o.19A-span die wedstryd met drie lopies gewen. Hier van links pronk Fernito Mehl, Gino Claasen, Ruben Minnaar, Dale Watts (kaptein), Dillon Afrika, Lintley Hendricks, Sancion Williams, Neil Adriaanse en Justin Pietersen. NOSS het 210 lopies aangeteken teenoor KNSS se 107 lopies. Rubin het 49 lopies, Fernito 23 lopies, Gino 24 lopies en Lintley het 21 (nie uit nie) aangeteken. Dale (3-9-2), Fernito (10-13-2) en Rantin (7-29-3) was uitblinkers met die bal. Fernito is ook aangewys as die speler van die wedstryd.

Donderdag 22 Maart 2012

SA. Gaiwan Jantjies van Ebenezer Primêr het tydens die Wes-Kaap-atletiekkampioenskappe ’n tweede plek vir 1200 m te Oudtshoorn behaal. Hy gaan aan die SA atletiekkampioenskappe te Durban deelneem. Foto: Sammy Davids

Foto: Devidean Moses

ATLETIEK. By die onlangse Prestige-atletiekbyeenkoms het Gimnasium sewe van die 13 trofees gewen. Ander skole wat deelgeneem het, was DF Malan, Paul Roos en Bloemhof. Hier sit die uitblinkers (van links) Bryan Buitendag o.14, Alexa Haasbroek o.14, Suzaan Broodryk o.17 en Alwyn Lombard o.17.

PRET. Hoërskool Franschhoek se leerders het onlangs aan ’n spons-’n-onnie-stryd deelgeneem om fondse in te samel vir hul minibus-fonds. Hier neem die graad agts met oorgawe deel aan die sponsgeveg. Sommige van die onderwysers het ook deurgeloop (en teruggeveg).

PROJECT. The 5 Cent Project in collaboration with Desmond Mpilo Tutu Cares is a Mbekweni based project aimed at collecting five cent coins to support underprivileged children with school shoes. The number of shoes purchased will be determined by the amount of coins collected by local schools. From left are Babalo Mabomba (educator), Andile Human (headboy), Noxolo Ndoboza (secretary of the representative council of learners), Phumelelo Soko (manager of 5c project), Phelisa Juba (treasurer), educator Russel van Sitters educator), Xhanti Nxazisa (disciplinary convener), Nkwenkwezi Sizani (5c project director), Limpho Mpoli (sports, culture and fund-raising convener) and Zimkhitha Ntshangase (headgirl). For enquiries, phone 079 1256 773. Pic: Devidean Moses

ATLETE. Hierdie Boland-atlete van Charleston Hill Sekondêr is gekies om aan die Wes-Kaapse atletiekkampioenskappe te Oudtshoorn deel te neem. Van links is Charlton Samuels (1500 m en 800 m), Jason Koopman (3000 m) en Duran Kriel (10 000 m stap). Duran is ook gekies om aan die SA jeugen junior-kampioenskappe vanaf 29 Maart te Germiston deel te neem.

GALA. Tydens Simond Privaatskool se kleure-swemgala het Friedrich du Toit (links), Mignon Grové, Lara Willemse en Rhae Huddlestone medaljes verower.

LEERLINGRAAD. Hillcrest Primêr se hoofleiers vanjaar is (van links) Jamie-Linn Moses (onderhoofdogter), Marquin Booysen (hoofseun), Roné Raats (hoofdogter) en Juvaan August (onderhoofseun). Foto: Christine Siebrits

TENNIS. Die o.11-seuns van Paarl Primêre Seunskool en die meisies van Hoër Meisiekool Paarl het aan ’n dubbels-tennistoernooi by Eikestad deelgeneem en medaljes ontvang virdie tweede plek wat hulle behaal het.


Carnival 2012 The school wishes to express its heartfelt appreciation for the generous and unselfish contribution towards Carnival 2012. We are overwhelmed with gratitude towards our community and sponsors. This kind gesture is appreciated and seen as a token of strengthening and hopefully increasing good relations between our community, businesses and the school. The function was a huge success and it was great to see that thousands of people could socialise in a way without any major incident.

1. Our parents, learners and Governing Body 2. Community of Drakenstein (Wellington) 3. Peninsula Beverage 4. Davey's Transport 5. Copy Type 6. Fire Brigade - Wellington 7. Trudie (Fire Extinguishers) 8. Paarl Post 9. Appalachee Spur Wellington 10. Bergriver High School Wellington 11. Hillcrest Primary Wellington 12. Wellington Secondary School 13. Butterfly World 14. Boland Drukpers 15. Fochini Paarl Mall 16. Dennis Williams 17. MB Books 18. Drakenstein Municipality 19. Target Security 20. TC Events 21. Mrs A. Africa 22. Overhex Wines 23. Durbanville Hills 24. Bergriver Pharmacy 25. Me Z. Abrahams 26. Wellington Police Service

PRESTEER. Hugenote Hoërskool se eerste meisiestennisspan het die afgelope seisoen uitstekend gevaar en hul afdeling van die liga gewen. Van links is Tertia Roos, Carli Wüst, Mariaan Heydenrych en Esmari Henn. Twee lede van die span, Esmari en Mariaan, is onderskeidelik opgeneem in die o.17- en o.19-Bolandspanne wat gaan deelneem aan die SATA-hoërskoletoernooi van 30 Maart en ’n toernooi op 18 Maart teen die WP.

PROEWE. Die vyf hokkiespelers van Paarl Primêre Seunskool sal volgende kwartaal aan die finale Bolandproewe deelneem nadat hulle die Paarlstreekspan gehaal het. Van links is Igno Ferreira, Christian van der Wath, Anderson Lombard, Handré Coetzee en Sipho Mila.

TENNIS. Tydens die Handri Westron-tennistoernooi in Kaapstad het hierdie leerders van Laerskool Courtrai goue medaljes verower. Hulle is (van links) Wian Dekker, Wynand Hattingh, Clayton van Rensburg en Luan Krige.

St Albans Primary bedanking 15x2 1312

The following people, schools and businesses are worth mentioning for exceptional contributions.

MEDALJES. Hierdie Larries het verskeie medaljes tydens die Boland-atletiekkampioenskappe verower. Agter (van links) is Manilinde Maritz (o.15, goud-90 mH, 13,31s en 300 mH, 44,8s), Sarah Krumbock (o.15 goud driesprong, 9,77 m), Narieke van der Walt (o.17 brons driesprong, 10,13 m), Mandolene Hermanus (o.19 goud en rekord driesprong, 11,47 m) en Giselle Botha (o.19 brons 200 m). Voor is Tanya Schuurman (o.14 goud 100 m 13,01s en 200 m, 26,37s), Anastasia Pieterse (o.14-gewigstoot 10,74 m), Yandi-Lee du Plessis (o.14 brons 200 m, 28,26s) en Angeline Smit (o.14 goud en 3 rekords diskus, 35,74 m, gewigstoot 12,19 m en spiesgooi 34,10 m).

Donderdag 22 Maart 2012

KAMPIOENE. Hierdie vier atlete van William Lloyd Primêr wat onlangs aan die Wes-Kaapse kampioenskappe te Oudtshoorn deelgeneem het, het gekwalifiseer vir die SA-atletiekkampioenskappe in Durban. Van links is Lexton Swiegelaar (o.12, tweede plek in 1200 m), Brithaney Lydick (o.12, eerste plek in 100 m asook ’n tweede plek in 150 m), Jamie-Leigh Oliphant (o.10, eerste plek vir 100 m en ’n eerste plek vir 80 m) en Megan Solomons (o.10, derde plek vir gewigstoot). Foto: Sammy Davids

PUIK. Leerders van Drakenstein Laerskool het puik presteer tydens hul onlangse karate-gradering by die skool en het toekennings ontvang. Agter (van links) is Turlon Adams (beste kata), Scott Nel (sportmanskap) en Vincent Wolhuter (dissipline). Voor is Venico Siebritz (junior kumite), Michelle Britz (“heart of the lion”), Stefan Smit (karateka van die jaar) en Danita Swarts (beste vordering).

SWEM. Swemmers van Hoër Meisieskool Paarl het uitgeblink in die Gimnasium Wynlandgala . Agter (van links) is Robyn McMillan (twee eerste en twee tweede plekke), Cleo Arendse (tweede plek), Lara Baudewig (eerste plek) en Jana Klein (eerste plek). Voor is Aninka Ferreira (derde plek), Elca Zulch (derde plek) en Anneken Viljoen (een eerste plek en een tweede plek).

TOUTREK. By die Boland-toutrekkampioenskappe het verskeie Larries presteer. Voor van links is Sumaré Coetzee en Lizelle Bock. Agter is Cornel Koorts, Darrian Damons en Alachia Wright. Hulle neem eersdaags aan die SA-kampioenskappe op Malmesbury deel.

Youth · Jeug

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16 . Paarl Post

People · Mense

JUNIOR STADSRAAD. Die senior raadslede van die Paarl Junior Stadsraad is vandeesweek ingesweer tydens ’n spoggeleentheid by die Paarlse Stadsaal. Die uitvoerende komiteelede is (voor van links) Nicola Hanekom (junior burgemeesteres), Emma Wiehman (junior burgemeester), Petré Steynberg (junior onderburgemeester) en Imann Malan (junior stadsklerk). Agter is Elmie Odendal, Esté Burger, Waafir Moerat, JP Britz en Elise van der Walt. Afwesig: Warne Nell (junior onderburgemeester). Foto: Frans le Roux

STUDENTE. Hierdie eerstejaarverpleegsters kry tans hul opleiding by Paarl Hospitaal in samewerking met Worcester Hospitaal se Verpleegskool. Agter (van links) is Clinisia Fortuin, Jeanetta Daniëls, Fedelia Booysen, Jacques September, Durin White, Lhara Kock, Candice van Rooy en Trudie Fredericks (operasionele bestuurder). Middel: Alfredah Aanhuizen (kliniese fasiliteerder) Lynne Barker, Letitia September, Lesinda Herradine, Rache Heyns, Cathline Duiker, Anna Solomons, Marda van Wyk, Francisme Twigg en Marlene Swiegelaar (sekretaresse). Voor is Rosaline Mouries, Lee-Anne Warries, Louisa Adams (hoof van verpleegopleiding), Megan Manus, Caryn Clayton en Sammy-Jo Sauls. Foto: Devidean Moses

Donderdag 22 Maart 2012

WOMEN’S DAY. The Women’s Network Committee at the SAPS Academy in Paarl recently celebrated International Women’s Day. The theme for this event was Connecting Girls Inspiring Futures. From left are Ilcke van Schoor, Sharon Janse van Rensburg, Martie Jansen, Capt Charisse Welgemoed, Elizabeth Groenewald and Brigadier Charlotte Kotzé.

SKOONHEID. Boland Kollege Paarl het onlangs Mnr & Mej Boland Kollege aangewys. Hulle is Shamin-Leigh Gaffley en Saligh Dollie. Foto: John Martin

SPORT SCIENCE. Franschhoek academic, Prof Kathy Myburgh, has been invited to serve on the inaugural Expert Panel of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute in the USA. Prof Myburgh, who leads the Skeletal Muscle Biology Research Group in the Department of Physiological Sciences at Stellenbosch University, is one of only 12 members to be selected to join this panel. In addition to the GSSI’s own exercise physiology, biochemistry and exercise sensory labs, GSSI also works with leading scientists from universities around the world to further research in exercise science, sports nutrition and sports performance.

Leefstyl · Lifestyle

Thursday 22 March 2012

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Fun-filled Easter Festival on Saturday

WENNERS. Die Explora-span het vanjaar die meeste geld (R31 000) vir die CANSA Relay For Life deurnag-pretstap ingesamel. Explora het ook die prys gewen vir die span wat die meeste geld voor die aflos ingesamel het en het daarmee ’n naweek vir 15 op Paternoster gewen. Ander pryswenners was Victorious Cross (beste spangees), die Dekselse Deurtrekkers (beste kanker bewusmaking), Spar Paarl-Oos (beste banier) en die Caring Bears (beste stalletjie). Die 65 spanne wat deelgeneem het, het saam bykans R263 000 ingesamel vir CANSA. Saam met die Explora-span is die Relay-bestuur.

CELEBRATE Easter in style with family and friends by heading out to Laborie Wine Farm for their fun-filled Easter Festival on Saturday 24 March. Known as the ‘neighbourhood farm in the centre of Paarl’, this is the perfect opportunity for family and friends to celebrate this popular festivity in a scenic and relaxed setting, with a multitude of fun activities for young and old. Kiddies’ activities will be available throughout the day and include a special appearance by none other than the Easter Bunny, face-painting, jumping castles, a clown show and so much more. A highlight of the day will be an exciting Easter egg hunt at 16:00

where the kids will hunt for golden coins which can be exchanged for a scrumptious hamper of Easter eggs. Live entertainment will ensure that the adults can sit back and relax whilst sipping on a glass of bubbly or wine as the kids enjoy themselves on the lawns of the Laborie Manor House. Gates open at 14:00 with an entrance fee of R100 for adults (includes two glasses of wine) and R60 for children, which includes the Easter egg hunt and other fun-filled kiddies’ activities. Tickets can be purchased directly from For more information, contact 021 807 3390 or visit

Basaar in Pniel DIE Pniel Congregational Kerk hou hul kerkbasaar op Saterdag 31 Maart vanaf 09:30 tot 14:00 op die kerkplein. Daar sal ’n springkasteel wees, speletjies, lekkernye te koop, ’n verskeidenheid van winskopies, gebak uit die boonste rakke en disse om van te kies en te keur. Vir die avontuurlustiges is daar die gewilde wiel waar sakkies aartappels, uie, vrugte, kartonne sigarette en nog vele meer gewen kan word. Daar sal ook ’n teetuin wees waar jy lekker kan ontspan. Vir navrae, skakel die kerkkantoor by 021 885 1300. PERFORM. Singer Byron D will perform at Club Bash on Friday. Other artists performing are Theo-lynne Isaacs, C-key, Christaline Driscoll and many more. Entry is R20 and the doors open at 20:00. For more information, contact 079 953 3326.

Leer meer by fotowerkswinkel

CONCERT. Paarl Rotary held a senior’s concert which was attended by 350 senior citizens from old age homes in the Paarl Valley. The annual event was initiated two decades ago and involves local musicians and comedians including Bram Potgieter, Johan Roos and Koos Koegelenberg who present a free variety concert.
































Offers Valid While Stocks Last. E&OE. Images May Difffer From Actual Product

DIE gewilde sterlig-fotografiewerkswinkel, reeds die derde een van die seisoen, word Vrydagaand by die Afrikaanse Taalmonument in die Paarl aangebied. Tydens dié praktiese werkswinkel leer beginner- tot intermediêre fotograwe hoe om stersirkels deur verlengde beligting af te neem. Die aanbieder is die professionele fotograaf en geregistreerde toergids, Peter Haarhoff. Deelnemers benodig hulle eie SLR-kamera (digitaal of 35 mm). Die werkswinkel vind van 18:00 tot 22:30 plaas. Die fooi van R250 sluit notas en ligte verversings in. Daar is slegs beperkte plek beskikbaar. Belangstellendes moet vooraf bespreek word by Amira Clayton by 021 863 0543 of























Ea st er





18 . Paarl Post

Arts · Vermaak

Dans van die vlamme by die Taalmonument PIEKNIEKLIEFHEBBERS moenie die Psychedelic Theatre se “Dans van die vlamme” ter viering van Earth Hour by die Afrikaanse Taalmonument in die Paarl op Saterdag 31 Maart misloop nie. Vuurdansers sal vlamme eet en uitblaas en met brandende hoepels, vuurballe en swaarde dans. Kinders word genooi om vanaf 17:00 met die kunstenaars se nie-brandende rekwisiete te speel en dit te koop. Die vertoning begin om 20:00 op die verhoog by die grasperk. ’n Begeleide toer van die monument sal om 18:30 aangebied word. Besoekers is welkom om hul eie piekniekmandjies saam te bring of een by Volksmond Koffiewinkel te bestel. Vir navrae, skakel 021 863 2800 of besoek Volksmond sal tot 22:00 oop wees vir koffie en ligte verversings. VLAMME. Die dans van die vlamme is Saterdag 31 Maart te sien by die Geen eie drank word toegelaat nie – bier Afrikaanse Taalmonument. en wyn sal te koop wees. Indien die weer sleg is, word die konsert afgestel. Toegang by die hek is R50 per persoon (R15 vir kinVir verdere inligting oor geleenthede by die Taalmuders en gratis vir kinders onder 1 jaar). seum of Taalmonument, skakel 021 863 0543 of beVeilige parkering is beskikbaar en toegang word besoek heer. Geen honde of vure word toegelaat nie.

Leefstylkalender ) Dans. ACVV NoorderPaarl se Trompie-kleuterskool bied aan ’n dans met die tema “Something Magic” te Le Bac op 30 Maart om 19:00. Kaartjies is R75 per persoon en sluit in ’n vingerete en sap. ’n Kontantkroeg sal beskikbaar wees. Vir navrae, skakel Dalene by 021 872 7076 of 021 872 3487.

GOSPEL. Wilma Brooks will perform along with other artists on 24 March at 19:00 at Encounter Ministries in Pniel. Entry is R30 (children R10). Contact 078 279 8695. Foto: Devidean Moses

) Bonsai. Die Boland Bonsai Kai vergader Saterdag om 09:00 by die Oemf!-restaurant in Stellenbosch. Jy kan nuttige wenke kry oor hoe om jou bome se standaard te verhoog. Die bekende bonsai-kenner Winfried Lüdemann gaan ’n lesing aanbied oor die fynere kunsies van bonsai. Die Stellenbosse Botaniese tuin sal ná die vergadering besoek word. Vir navrae, skakel Willem by 083 260 5696. ) Gawemark. Alle belangstellendes word genooi om aansoek te doen vir die Paarlberg NGK se Gawemark wat vanaf 18 tot 26 Mei by die kerksentrum aangebied word. Voorkeur word gegee aan handgemaakte produkte. Kontak Hilze-Marie Malherbe vir meer inligting by 083 234 3546 of ) Voorgeboortekursus. Mediclinic Paarl bied ’n eendag-voorgeboortekursus op

Saterdag 31 Maart. Bespreek by sr Nel by 021 807 8129. ) Karnaval. NieuweDrift Primêr hou op 23 en 24 Maart hul jaarlikse karnaval op die skoolterrein te Noorder-Paarl. Toegang is R15 (R10 vir kinders). Vir navrae oor stalletjies (R400), skakel Myrtle Apollis by 021 872 4217 of 021 862 5594.

Thursday 22 March 2012

Outentieke oesfees dié plek vir landelike musiek en lekker kos BEKENDES soos David Kramer tree op by die jaarlikse Franschhoek Oesfees en deel op Saterdag vanaf 10:00 tot 21:00 die verhoog by SolmsDelta met ander groot name in die musiekwêreld soos Theuns Jordaan, Emo Adams en Chris Chameleon. Dié fees, wat in samewerking met die ATKV aangebied word, het regdeur Suid-Afrika bekendheid verwerf as die toonvenster van landelike musiek van die Boland en omstreke, asook ’n vreugdevolle viering van die einde van die oes vir die vallei se plaaswerkers. Behalwe Kramer en die weergalose seremoniemeester Soli Philander is daar talle top-kunstenaars, insluitend Chris Chameleon, Emo Adams en Theuns Jordaan. Ander kunstenaars sluit in Tribal Echo met hul vermenging van Afrikaanse hip-hop en volksmusiek, die legendariese kitaarspeler Hannes Coetzee met sy teelepel-glytegniek, die Kaapse jazzmusikante Hot Water, die plaaslike vroulike boereorkes, die Kaapse Affodille, asook Solms-Delta se eie musiekmakers, van die Klein Handjies-voorskoolse koor en die rondlooporkes geskoei op die lees van die Kaapse Klopse tot ’n uitstekende blaas-enslagorkes met ’n vroulike koorensemble. Ook op eie werf is daar die

Gramadoelas, Delta Valley Entertainers, Delta Vastrap Genootskap, Delta Optel Band, Lekker Lekker Delta, Delta Langbroeke, Delta 4 & 5 en die Soetstemme-vrouekoor. Ook by die Oesfees is die Music van de Caab-projek. Dit sluit in Antie Susanna Draaier en Oom Andries Bok wat streekspesifieke weergawes van bekende tradisionele liedjies sing. Musiek en dans vloei saam in boeiende rieldansoptredes. Tussen al die gesing en gedans deur hoef feesgangers nie ver te soek vir lekker Kaapse kos om hulle aan die gang te hou nie. Kosstalletjies (waarvan sommige halaal) sal tradisionele gunstelinge soos hoender- en groente-breyani, ’n braaibord, snoek en patats, wildspastei en beesafval opdis. Dit kan in piekniekstyl op die plaasterrein geniet word en Solms-Delta se eie wyne sal die kos komplementeer. Daar is ook ’n spesiale speelarea vir kinders. Kaartjies is R95 (doutrapperaanbod) of R110 as dit vooraf bespreek word (by die plaas by en R130 as dit by die hek gekoop word. Toegang is gratis vir kinders onder 12 as hulle deur hul ouers vergesel word. Kaartjies sluit nie kos- of drankkoepons in nie, wat by die fees gekoop kan word. Vir meer inligting, besoek of bel 021 874 3937.

) Musiek. Die Boeremusiekgilde se Boland-tak hou ’n dans op 30 Maart met die Kaapland Orkes en Daantjie Kotze, konsertinaspeler van die Sandveld Orkes. Die dans word aangebied by Laerskool Noord-Eind, Paarl. Toegang is R30 (R40 vir nie-lede). Vir navrae, skakel Ciceel by 083 346 7083. ) Reünie. Die 1992-klas van Bergrivier Sekondêr beplan hul reünie. ’n Vergadering vind plaas op 21 April. Vir navrae, skakel Karen by 076 100 1479 of Marcel by 071 689 2345 of Vanessa by 079 454 0759.

Oueradviseurs vir dowes

) Kroning. Mej Paarlzicht word op Woensdag 18 April om 19:0 in die Huguenot Gemeenskapsaal gekroon. Kaartjies is vanaf 11 April by die skool beskikbaar. Geen kaartjies sal by die deur verkoop word nie. Vir navrae kontak juffrou Green by 021 862 2300.

DIEN u gemeenskap deur opgelei te word as oueradviseur vir dowes deur Hi Hopes. Die organisasie verskaf ondersteuning en hulp aan ouers deur oueradviseurs wat tuisbesoeke aan families met dowe babas en kleuters doen. Die opleiding is gratis en geskied van 23 tot 28 April in Bellville. Oueradviseurs word vergoed vir hul besoeke. Indien jy wil deel wees, moet

-LOSSOMS. Alucci Moller (centre) was crowned Little Miss Winelands Beautiful Blossom in the Paarl Town Hall. With her are runners up Amber Rodgers (right) and Ashleigh du Toit (left). They were adjudged on ramp work, talent show, dress code, clothing, accessories and hair, introduction and talking skills.

jy die vermoë hê om met mense te kan werk. Oueradviseurs moet verkieslik, maar nie noodwendig,gekwalifiseerd wees in Vroeë Kinderontwikkeling Spraakterapie/oudiologie, Dowe Onderwys, Maatskaplike Werk of Spesiale Onderwys. Faks jou CV na 086 729 5595 of epos devilliers.renee@gmail. com voor 2 April. Kontak Reneé by 076 891 8188.

Thursday 22 March 2012

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Kom lag saam by Ou Meul-teater DIE komedie “Die vrou, wat ’n simpaBegrafnis” is vanaf tieke oor kom gee en Donderdag 29 Smous, ant VossieMaart tot Saterdag hulle se enigste 31 Maart te sien by seun, wat sy meisie die Ou Meul-teater. van Kraaifontein Vir jare vermaan saambring na die beant Vossie al haar grafnis toe. Intussen man, oom Vierman, neuk Eskom met dat hy sy gewig moet kragonderbrekings dophou, die vet gaan en die SABC se televinog sy einde beteken. siespan daag op om Op ’n warm dag ver’n insetsel van die belaat oom Vierman toe grafnis te maak vir die land van die ledie agtuur nuus. wendes – en dis preDie Begrafnis is gesies hier waar die skryf deur Philna paw-paw die fên KOMEDIE. Die Begrafnis is vanaf Donderdag 29 Maart tot Saterdag 31 Janse. Die akteurs is slaan. Aangesien die Maart (20:00) te sien by die Ou Meul-teater. René Botha (ant Voskamerdeur te klein is sie), Jacques Alberom hom uit te dra, moet mnr Balsening, die begrafnistyn (Balsening), Jaomi Zeeman (Konyntjie), Zelda Furondernemer, ’n plan beraam om oom Vierman in sy stenburg (Patsie), Jeff Wolhuter (Smous)en Belinda de graf te kry. Kock (Vytjie). Die verhoogbestuurder is Zuquina Maar dis warm en Vytjie kan nie voorbly om ys aan D’Emiljo en die regisseur is Vicky Stemmet. te dra nie en die waaiers maak ook nie hond haar-af Kaartjies is R60 en kan bespreek word by Vicky nie. Stemmet by 083 564 0056 of vicky@oumeulteaDie huis word al hoe voller met Konyntjie, die

Konsert op die berg

TREE OP. Melanie Lowe tree op 31 Maart om 20:00 op by die Breytenbach-sentrum se Bôrdienghuisteater. Kaartjies teen R90 kan bespreek word by 082 812 1112.

Wen kaartjies na Jack Parow en Heuwels Fantasties OP Saterdag 31 Maart om 19:00 tree Jack Parow en Die Heuwels Fantasties op in die Amfiteater op Paarlberg. Kaartjies kos tussen R140 en R230 per persoon en kan bespreek word by Computicket. Die hekke open om 17:00 en daar sal verskeie voedselstalletjies wees asook ’n kontantkroeg. Matie FM se plattejoggies sal ook sorg vir lekker musiek. Vir navrae, skakel Dorothy by 083 462 3496. * Drie gelukkige lesers staan ’n kans om elk ’n dubbelkaartjie te wen na die vertoning op 31 Maart. Stuur jou naam en nommer na met die antwoord op die volgende vraag voor Vrydag 23 Maart om 16:00. Wie tree op 31 Maart by die Amfiteater op Paarlberg op?

DIE bekende sangers Juanita du Plessis en Bobby van Jaarsveld tree vanaand om 19:00 op in die Paarl Amfiteater. Hul platinumtreffers sal aangevul word deur Manie Jackson. Treffers soos Wit vlag, Wees lig, Julia, Die hemel weet, Spieëltjie, Net vir jou en vele ander sal sorg vir puik vermaak onder die sterrehemel. Die unieke kombinasie van vermaak, asemrowende uitsig oor die Kaapse Wynland, sowel as heerlike kos- en wynstalletjies op die nuwe kuier-terras sal ‘n onvergeetlike aand verseker. Die kaartjiepryse wissel vanaf R100 tot R150 per persoon en kan bespreek word by 021 872 9754.

Elle Amor in piekniekkonsert DIE groep Elle Amor tree Saterdag om 20:00 in hul vertoning “Soos goeie rooiwyn!” op by die Taalmonument Tuinteater. Die vierstuks bestaan uit Elzeth Germishuys op klawerbord en trekklavier, Johannes Visser op kontrabas en die sangers Andriette de la Harpe en Tereza du Plessis. Elle Amor sluit nie net Afrikaanse gunstelinge in nie, maar vermaak die verhoor ook met Engelse en selfs bekende Franse liedjies - van rock tot klassiek en ballades tot pop. Besoekers is welkom om hul eie piekniekmandjie saam te bring of ’n mandjie by Volksmond Koffiewinkel te bestel teen R170 vir twee persone (021 863 2800). Ligte verversings en bier en wyn sal te koop wees. Geen eie drank word by piekniekkonserte toegelaat nie. Geen honde of vure word toegelaat nie. Indien die weer sleg is, word die konsert afgestel. Kaartjies teen R50 (R20 vir kinders en gratis vir kinders onder 6 jaar), is by die hek beskikbaar of vooraf by die Taalmuseum in Pastorielaan. Vir verdere inligting, skakel 021 872 3441 of besoek

KANTANTE. Die Klein Drakenstein-koor van VGK Huguenot-kerk herdenk die Paasgebeure by wyse van ’n Kantate, “King of Glory”, deur Fred Peace op Sondag 1 April om 18:00 in die kerk. Die toegangsfooi is R20. Almal is welkom.

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A tribute show to Adele A tribute show to the grammy award winner Adele will be presented by Loren Erasmus on Friday 30 March at 19:30. Loren will perform at the


festival Child

(includes earestenr egR60 and activities)g hunt


SAPS Academy Hall, Main Street, Paarl. Tickets at R60 per person can be booked on 073 213 3214 or 078 552 6982.

rch for an anza. Easter Extravag

Join us on 24 Ma

cluding an eeting easter egg hunt,nmny, hop the Easter Bu jumping l, animals, cage bal balloon es, castles, trampolin h much uc moulding, and m 2-5pm more! Saturday at

Fun for all ages in

s t ticketa e .za co s. y et ck a ti l eb p w.w w w h g u la

s R100 (includes 2 gla s of wine and live entersse tainment)

Where yesterday and today meet LABORIE WINE FARM | MAIN ROAD PAARL T. 021 807 3390 | 33 45’ 57.64” S 18 57’ 31.84” E

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Fairview becomes first carbon neutral cheesery FAIRVIEW has been awarded as the first Carbon Neutral Cheesery on the African continent, by The Carbon Protocol of South Africa. Acknowledging the negative effects on the environment through man-made climate change, the Fairview Vineyard Cheesery in Paarl began its quest to achieve carbon neutral status in 2009 with an emissions reduction project to offset this organisational footprint. Under the guidance of Earth Patrol, SA Carbon Management consultancy, the Cheesery became involved in two primary carbon offsetting projects.

GREEN. Fairview has sponsored the planting of trees at a number of local schools to decrease their carbon footprint. WENNER. Hoërskool Labori se Motorlootjieprojek het ná twee jaar tot ’n einde gekom. Hulle het met die samewerking van NTT VW Paarl ’n splinternuwe Polo Vivo as wenprys aan Casey Lucas van Velddrif (middel) oorhandig. Die opbrengs gaan aangewend word om ’n elektroniese telbord by die skool se Bethel-sportterrein op te rig. Ook op die foto is Schalk Marais (regs), voorsitter van die Beheerraad, en Gerrit Nieuwoudt (verkoopsbestuurder van NTT VW Paarl.)

A total of 145 trees were planted on Fairview’s farm, at the Mbekweni and Mboniselo Primary Schools, Ihlumelo Intermediate School, Rusthof old age home and a public park in the Drakenstein Municipality, to actively reduce the amount of Carbon Dioxide (and other harmful GHG’s) in the environment. A total of 7 812 efficient Compact Fluorescent Lamps were installed free of charge, replacing older inefficient, incandescent lamps in the workers’ houses at the Fairview farm, as well as in various areas across KZN and Gauteng - including low income and subsidised housing areas, and special needs centres such as old age homes, orphanages and shelters. The lamp switch contributed to a 60% reduction in the electricity used for lighting across the buildings where the lamps were installed, and this will lead to a financial savings of over R2,6 million in the cost of electricity to these residents over the lifetime of the technology (five years). The Cheesery also erected solar panels which reduce the energy usage by a third, and an economiser was purchased to enable the Cheesery to use steam to heat the water in the boiler, reducing boiler fuel consumption by approximately 130 lt per day. Charles Back, owner of Fairview, says they will continue working towards becoming a greener, more environmentally aware business: “The company will strive towards innovation and education in the interest of protecting the environment for future generations.”

SPLINTERNUUT. Die opgeknapte Bo-Dalpad vanaf Diemersfontein tot by die Swawelstertpad oos van Newton sal binnekort voltooi wees. Nie net sal hierdie pad van 4,66 km nou ’n teeroppervlak hê nie, maar tydens die afgelope jaar is die pad herbou om voorsiening te maak vir swaar voertuie. Dit sal nou ’n vinnige kortpad bied vanaf Wellington na die N1 (tolhek-aansluiting). Die konstruksie van die pad is effens vertraag deur ’n paar administratiewe knelpunte, asook die landwye tekort aan bitumen, maar die kontrakteurs is vasbeslote dat die nuwe pad teen Mei klaar sal wees. Foto: Lise Beyers

Sewage to flow smoother in Wellington SEWAGE flows in Wellington have increased in recent years due to development in the area and in the past few years overflowing of sewage from sewers at the existing Pentz Street Sewage Pumping Station has occurred. Temporary refurbishment of the pumps in the existing pumping station and the existing overflow pond was undertaken to minimise capacity constraints and overflowing until environmental approvals for the permanent works could be obtained. The environmental approvals were received approximately six months ago and the pipelines to the Wellington WWTW were replaced. Construction of a new pumping station could then commence. To accommodate existing flow and future developments a new regional sewage pumping station is being constructed which will service approximately two thirds of Wellington for at least the next 25 years. The new Pentz Street Sewage Pumping Station will replace two existing sewage pumping stations and consequently also reduce the future operation and maintenance costs. This pumping station is located off Distillery Road (R44) opposite the Wellington Golf Club entrance. Outfall sewage from industrial areas in Northern Wellington and Wellington Industrial Areas drain to this pumping station whereby it is pumped to the Wellington WWTW for treatment, via the recently completed pipelines (rising mains). The pumping station will incorporate state of the art technologies such as telemetric controls, variable speed drives for the pumps, odour control etc. It will also have redundancy measures such as standby power generators and an overflow pond which will minimise the risk

UPGRADE. The Drakenstein Municipality is currently upgrading the sewage works in Wellington. of sewage spillage at the pumping station. This is especially important due to the close proximity of the Berg River. The new pumping station was designed by Lyners Consulting Engineers and is currently being constructed by Exeo Khokela Construction (civil and structural work) and S.A.M.E. Water (electrical and mechanical work). Construction commenced in November and is set for completion in March 2013. The pumping station will cost approximately R59 million to construct, of which approximately R24 million will be funded by the National Government through the Municipal Infrastructure Grant. The new Pentz Street pumping station will reduce the risk of environmental pollution and will also provide sufficient capacity for industrial and resident development in the Wellington area for the foreseeable future.

Public sector review THE 13th bi-annual Winelands Conference will be held in Stellenbosch from 2 to 4 April. This international conference focuses on identifying problems in the public sector and bringing solutions to the table. This year the conference is co-hosted by the School of Public Leadership (Stellenbosch University), the Anti-Corruption Centre for Education and Research (SU), and the Zijlstra Centre for Public Control and Governance (Vrije Universiteit, Amdsterdam). The theme is “Integrity and Governance: What is wrong? What is good? What is next?” Some of the speakers are Prof Ed Vosselman of Vrije Universiteit (The Ethics of Accountability in the Public Sector) and Prof Mark Swilling of the School of Public Leadership. For more information, view

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Wanted: the Boss of the Year CALLS for nominations have opened for the annual Boss of the Year Award to identify distinctive leadership. A key objective of the Boss of the Year Award is to pay tribute to leaders in the workplace who see people as the primary assets and invest in them. A contemporary boss is enlightened and values bottom-up input and insights. Nomination forms are available online at

NEW CLINIC. Windmeul Clinic in Agter Paarl now boasts a prefabricated building which was recently installed to increase waiting areas for patients. The space also includes two examination rooms. In front of the new building are Dr Michelle Bowers, Sr Joan Marthinssen, Sr Hildegarde Kleingeld, Staff Nurse Cecilia Petersen, nursing assistant Jessica Daniels, Pharmacy Assistant Stanley de Bruin and Sr Amelia van Zyl. Foto: Liezl Davids

Konsultant kan kleinsakeman raad gee met stelsels Promosie

die eienaar na ’n oplossing te soek wat prakties en eenOM ’n eie besigheid te bestuur voudig is en maklik beheer (veral ’n klein een- of tweemankan word. besigheid) kan baie druk op “Neem voertuie van ’n beenige individu plaas. sigheid as ’n voorbeeld: ek “My ondervinding is dat daar het al soveel keer gesien van te veel onnodige druk deur die besighede wat van een na eienaar op homself gesit word tien voertuie binne ’n jaar en my advies is om stelsels in toegeneem het, met geen plek te sit sodat die besigheid voertuig-kontrakte met hulselfgedrewe kan raak op die le voormanne of drywers lang termyn,” sê Pierre-Henri nie. Olivier van Small Business So“Die voertuie word huis lutions. toe geneem deur werkneHy het ’n nagraadse diploma mers (en meestal misbruik) in besigheidsadministrasie en en die log-boeke word slegs heelwat ondervinding van Pierre-Henri Olivier deur die drywers ingevul. kleinsakeondernemings. “Deur werknemers ver“Om jou besigheid te verbeter, is professiantwoordelik te maak en die kontrakte en onele en unieke sisteme nodig. Dit is waar papierwerk reg op te stel en te bestuur, kan ’n professionele konsultant wat ’n passie duisende gespaar word. het vir wat hy doen, nodig is. “Konsultante kan ook deur besig“Dié persoon behoort sisteme in plek te heidseienaars gebruik word om moeilike stel wat opgestel is met die eienaar se visie besluite namens hulle te hanteer, soos byvir die onderneming in gedagte - hetsy om voorbeeld wanneer dit kom by salarisherdit bemarkbaar te maak of dit vinnig te laat sienings en dissiplinêre verhore. uitbrei. “My eie visie as konsultant is om diens “Wat in my opinie ’n goeie konsultant te verskaf aan klein tot mediumgrootte bemaak, is dat dit van die staanspoor af duisighede (dit sluit loodgieters, elektrisiëns, delik moet wees vir hom dat die eienaar tandartse, tuindienste, restaurante, en die meer kennis het van sy besigheid en meestkleiner boumaatskappye in), wat praktiese al die oplossing self het. oplossings soek sonder om ’n plaas se prys “Jou rol as konsultant is om saam met te betaal daarvoor.”

WATER SUMMIT. The Western Cape Water Quality Summit was recently held at Kronenburg just outside Paarl. With the provincial head of water affairs, Rashid Khan (right), is Ronald Brown of Drakenstein Municipality. The summit was aimed at managing water and controlling the water quality. A deterioration of water quality could have a negative impact on the social and economical development in our region. Pic: Frans le Roux

Bien Donné Agri Cape Week DIE Bien Donné Agri Cape Week word van 19 tot 21 April aangebied te Bien Donné Proefplaas op die R45 Simondium net buite die Paarl. Toegang is R30 (R10 vir kinders onder 12). Vir meer inligting, kontak 021 863 0397 of 021 863 0701 of besoek die webwerf op or from or via fax on 011 616 7401 Apart from the honour of being rated amongst the best bosses in South Africa, the recipient of the Award and his/her nominator, as well as all the finalists and their nominators will receive a constellation of prizes from an A-list of sponsors, including the MTN SA Foundation.

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inligting • info Deadline Tuesday 14:00 How to pay • Cash • Credit card • Direct banking

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BESTUURSKOLE WYNLAND BESTUURSKOOL - Paarl 021 872 4823 • 082 829 6316



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Window cleaning Walk on your carpets in 10 min Upholstery | Couches Persian carpets Blinds & Mattresses Cleaning from R90 per room Car seats | Etc. Premises & Offices

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Kombuis- & slaapkamerkaste, studeerkamerrakke Verandering van bestaande kaste, gelamineerde houtvloere Hang van deure

All areas: Domestic, commercial and industrial

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Turn your muffin pan upside down, bake cookie-dough over the top and voila - you have cookie bowls for fruit or ice-cream.

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BESPAAR TYD EN GELD plaas blokadvertensies landwyd in die publikasie van u keuse. GEEN EKSTRA KOSTES. Skakel 021 870 4600





IMVUSA TRADING cc: For any bricklaying, extensions, painting, tiling, plumbing, carpentry & boundary walls and swimming pools. Big/small. NHBRC Nr: 40312. 072 261 3437. Johan 021 862 4934.

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Marius van Wyk 083 304 9780

Bou & Verfwerk Restourasies Plafonne, hang van deure Dry Walls Attie du Plessis Sel: 082-452-8253

MULTI - S HADE ( (023) 347 3631 / 347 3011 (Sedert 1988

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HEIN LOUWRENS. Renovasie, restorasie, verfwerk en sweis. Hein 073 297 9089 hein.louwrens@gmail. com

DORIAN VAN ROOYEN Cell: 083 299 9355 Email:

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EJ SKOONMAAK DIENSTE. Skoonmaak van huise, vensters, kantore ens. Onder toesig van eienaar. Kontak Yolanda vir gratis kwitasie 079 568 7051

DIEFWERING M O S T E R T SWEISWERKE: Skuif-/Swaaihekke, diefwering, traliewerk & vele ander staalwerke. Gratis kwotasies. Skakel Frank Mostert 021 868 2880 / 072 022 0066. Faks: 021 872 6771.

Vir alle loodgieterswerk, onderhoud, nuwe installasies ens. Kontak Elias de Kock 082 574 6238


Tel: 021 945 4402, 012 683 3336, 021 557 6633, 021 872 8879 • Faks: 021 945 4456 Sonkamer by Stodels Bellville. • www.

ARL SERVICES. We offer the following services at affordable rates. We clean your house, office & windows, wash carpets, do handyman jobs, cleaning of vacant plots & bill boards and any woodwork, build-in cupboards etc. Contact Antoinette at 082-4595625 for a quote. Email:


Spsweiswerke Diefwering • Skuifhekke Traliewerk vir heinings Gratis kwotasies Billike pryse Gewaarborgde werk onder persoonlike toesig Skakel vir S.P. Sel 083 967 3447 Bertus Sel 084 602 9829 Tel: 021 872 7554 (K)







084 522 9449 Secure-a-door suppliers of

MAGNADOR The stronger one 3 year guarantee Driveway Gates • Gate Automation Intercoms • Electric Locks Garage door Openers Automation Repairs

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CONTACT: WYNAND CELL: 072 243 0396 TEL: 021 870 1175 FAX: 021 870 1174

REMO DOORS Supply + install + repair all type of garage doors • Meranti • Aluzink • Fibre glass • Sectional • Tip-up • Roll-up • Garage doors + motors www.

c/o Verster & Synagogue Street, Paarl 021 871 1936

Gratis kwotasies Billike pryse Henk Agenbag 072 269 9934 021 868 0555


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Repair of electrical goods, fridges, stoves, washing machines, tumble-driers and microwave ovens. PHONE 021 862 6861 / 021 862 8100






Put us to the test 021-853-0272 086 108 6101

• Tap washers to pipelines • Bathroom, kitchen renovations • Tiling • Blocked Drains • Sanitary Installations • Geyser Specialists • Leaking roofs • Project Management

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S.N.A. CLEANING SERVICES. Labour & Cleaning Services. Residential cleaning, contract cleaning, undercover security cleaning, office cleaning, window cleaning. We also do pest control. At a price you can afford. Free quotes. Sanet: 072 814 0333. Email: andre muller01





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Kombuis- & slaapkamerkaste Studeerkamerrakke Verandering van bestaande kaste Gelamineerde houtvloere Hang van deure

SKAKEL 082 554 1879 RW HOUTWERKE Ingeboude kaste & kombuisontwerp. Restourasiewerk. Algemene houtwerk. Gratis kwotasie. Regardt 082 847 6333

van matte asook bekleedsels. Skakel Peter Nordin 021 873 3621 / 073 206 8581.





Magic with bricks

WE DO ALL TYPES OF PAVING Domestic • Industrial • Half brick paving • Tileing • Cladding

INGEBOUDE KASTE INBOU VAN KASTE, asook verandering van bestaande kaste. Gratis kwotasies. Skakel JP 083 453 2702.


VERBETERINGS Kombuise- (3D ontwerp) Slaap-, bad-, studeerkamerkaste Rakke • Dry Walls Shop Fitting Kwaliteit gelamineerde vloere



AquaSol. •Water solutions• • Plumbing • Solar Installations • Irrigation • Tiling • Tanks + pumps Contact: Emil @ Cell: 082 954 0809 Tel/Fax: 021 875 5756 Email: 24 HOUR SERVICE

PLAVEISEL: 450 x 450 x 40mm Paver R32,53 inkl. Kontak vervaardiger of besoek ons vertoonlokaal Afristone 021 873 5482.

RECYCLE VS TECH RECYCLE DEPOT. We buy all recycle material, shredding; Issue of recycles certificate 021 868 3544 / 082 409 7909


THE ROOF DOCTOR • Water-proofing and painting. • Free quotes and work guaranteed. 083 252 1054


PLUMBING MB SERVICES Morné Bester 084 412 2543 All household plumbing maintenance Electrically powered drain & sewerage cleaning Root removals / storm water drain cleaning Drain /gulley cleaning (40-110 mm) Blocked showers, toilets & basins

LOODGIETERWERK Plumbing en regmaak van dakke @ billike pryse. Werk gewaarborg - 7 dae per week! Skakel Johan 082 672 2949/ 021 872 5979.


Moeg vir tapyte en teëls wat gou weer vuil word?


076 337 4848 Sentraaal geleë 1,5 km vanaf die N1 Paarl Hoofweg 100% waterdig, stof- & rotvry Sluiteenhede met 4 slotte vir ekstra veiligheid Assuransiemaatskappy goedgekeurd Vir meubels, dokumente, karavaan of boot

SWEMBADDENS 021-872-0306/082-651-4930 * Teël - & Steenskoonmaak en beskerming

Plumbing Blocked drains Leaks Bathrooms Geysers New Installations Septic tanks Vacuum suction Cell: Chris 076 080 4903 Elsabe: 076 838 3566 CN PLUMBING & DRAIN LAYING Danie Paulsen Repair manholes, remove blockages, also painting, tiling & paving. 15 Bo Burg Street, Wellington, 7655 021 873 1466 / 084 473 1466


Tel: 021-873-5482


Pool Paving Cladding Sleepers Stepping Stones Cobbles

vir muur tot muur matte, novilon en viniel teëls en alle tipe blindings. Skakel Billy en Marlene 021-873-4540 of 083-242-4740


RITTER PAVING & PRECAST For all your paving & precast wall requirements (incl. extentions). No deposit required. MARTIN 082 875 1806 or 987 6926

HEIN LOUWRENS. Glasvesel en herstel van pompe, motors, sandfilters en pype. Hein 073 297 9089 hein.louwrens@gmail. com Everything for your Swimming Pool/Spa Spares, Repairs & Chemicals, Services & Service Contracts

86 Breda Street, Paarl Tel: 021-872-0747 Fax: 021-872-7691 Email:paarlpoolservices




This is what we have to offer: • Affordable weekly pool maintenance • All pool repairs • Pumps • Filters INCREAS your E • Solar panels temp bypool 12ºC • Heat pumps • Solar blanket & covers • Roll-up stations Call us for a quotation! Office 021 863 3885 082 776 1700 Fax 021-863-3886 Email:

TEËLWERK TEËLS: Fabriekswinkel te Wellington. Kontak vervaardiger of besoek ons vertoonlo-kaal. Afristone 021 873 5482.

30mm granite & Engineered tops from R810 to R1


per linear meter incl. vat + installation + templates

Tombstone from R850 Full package from R4 500 + 7 New Designs Incl. installation + vat FACTORY & SHOWROOMS ATHLONE 021 638 0531 BELLVILLE 021 949 6070

Africotta Quality Hand Made Tiles & Pavers

Indoor/Outdoor FLOOR TILES & Pool/Garden PAVERS Visit our showroom: 7 Industrial Road Wellington Tel: 021-873-1989 THE ORIGINAL ‘AFRI’

Geen stoom, sjampoe of poeier gebruik

Cell: 072 409 1207 email:


Sambo Granite


083 654 9318 LOODGIETERS

MONDAY - SATURDAY For a FREE quotation, call Yolanda on 079 568 7051


MUBEEN 084 887 0851 021 873 7802

All areas: Domestic, commercial and industrial Window cleaning Walk on your carpets in 10 min Upholstery | Couches Persian carpets Blinds & Mattresses Cleaning from R90 per room Car seats | Etc. Premises & Offices


TUINDIENSTE BESPROEIING Nuwe en herstel Top Soil, Roll-on lawn, Kompos


084 300 4275



* CIAL SPE6 380 R Incl. VAT

For a free quote call 021 863 2788 or

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Donderdag 22 Maart 2012


Maverick Trading 1207 cc h/a

robbelaar vervoer Tel/faks: 021 873 1551



Vervoer van sand & klip.

Beste kwaliteit

6 m Sand - R850 6 m Klip (19 mm) - R1530

Billike pryse!

Rib & Block Decking Vibracrete walls Tel/Faks: 021 868 3787 k/u 021 873 3609 n/u 083 459 5989



V E RW Y D E R I N G van rommel en vullis 1-6m³. Algemene vervoer met 8-ton trok. Vir billike pryse en gehalte diens skakel JACQUES 082 579 2998/ 021-872-6029.


DURR PAINTERS For the painting of homes and offices. Free quotations. Wayne 084 592 7907

FOURIE-VERVOER van meubels - klein of groot. Landswyd of lokaal. Skakel 082 821 5234 of 021 876 2440.



Coenie 076 286 4440 Susan 071 674 1891 Tiaan 076 894 8108


• Landscaping • Rubble removal • Estate maintenance • Irrigation • Tree felling & shaping • Site clean ups • Compost • Garden services For more info please contact 083 306 5310

Verwydering van tuinvullis Removal of garden refuse Skoonmaak van geute Cleaning of gutters

Free quotation


082 772 4675 Email:



by Louis

Huis binne en buite, omheiningsmure, verf en afspuit van dakke. Teen bekostigbare pryse. Vir gratis kwotasie SKAKEL 082 554 1879

Flambeau Bou Projekte • Verfwerk (binne & buite) Skoonspuit van dakke Geute Persoonlike toesig. Attie 082 452 8253


REMOVALS Household Furniture Office Furniture Single Items Storage

Anja 073 986 3077

3 TON TRUCK with driver. R1000 p/day or R300 p/hour + diesel. Phone 082 538 4012.


082 453 3344

PERSOONLIKE WE KEEP YOU MOVING FORWARD TOESIG FREE DUMPING SITE: Clean building material and soil only. Phone Louis 082 829 5542.

TEL/FAKS 021-872-6610 073-161-3709

Stoorplek beskikbaar Vir die vervoer van meubels Kort- en langafstand.

Plaaslike & Landwye Meubelvervoer

Vir navrae & inventaris: Tel: 076 673 7059 082 478 0963 E-pos:



Ons klop enige tasie! skriftelike kwo GRATIS KWOTASIE KONTAK JOHN VRAAGOM 083 563 1717

VLOERE PA A R L V L O E R SKUUR DIENSTE Sedert 1978. Jaco Geldenhuys 084 493 6696. paarlfloors@

WOLMATRANS * Gratis Transito versekering Tot en met R400 000

082 5747 489 FAKS: 021 872 8536

• Groot, medium & kleiner vragmotors • Deeltrekke onderhandelbaar • Persoonlike toesig & bestuur • Ervare personeel • Verpakking & materiaal • Stoorgeriewe


ONS spesialiseer ook in vervoer van klein trekke en enkelitems. JC Dreyer Removals. Skakel Jacques 082 453 3344 of jcdreyer@


NICO MOSTERT 082 413 1216 6m³SAND........................R 6m³ KLIP 13mm........R1 6m³ KLIP 19mm........R1 6m³ OPVULGROND......R

750 450 450 420


SKAKEL NICO BY 082 925 3680 vir verwydering van tuinvullis of bourommel en lewering van klip ens. Goeie diens gewaarborg.


PROTEA TUINDIENSTE Kontak: 072 084 6434 of 021 872 4144.



Afsaag van bome, snoei van struike, aanplant van gras, rommelverwydering, skoonmaak van erwe, sny van gras en randte, Alle instandhouding teen die beste pryse. Kontak my gerus vir ‘n gratis kwotasie 082 065 0837


Tree-felling & Roll-on lawn Garden Services

SPERTYD is B. R VERVOER. Tipper trok vir vervoer 6 m³ Sand van bourommel, tuinR866,40 dINSdag vullis ens. Sand - R560 6 m³ Klip 19/25 Klip - R760 per 3 ton R1 580,04 trok. Skakel Bennie 072 208 6943. 14:00. TJ MOSTERT Skakel EN SEUN Zeta 021 870 4609 HERWIN AFLEWERING IN PAARL (SLUIT BTW IN)

OOK BESKIKBAAR: 13/19 mm klip, filling sand, G4 & G5 basecourse.

Aflewerings vir kleiner hoeveelhede en areas Wellington, Klapmuts, Simondium & Franschhoek ook beskikbaar.

Diggers & excavators te huur. Skakel 021 868 2169 Email:

021 863 2400 021 86 30123

6m³ SAND..................R855,00 6m³ KLIP 13mm.......R1 653,00 6m³ KLIP 19mm.......R1 653,00 6m³ OPVULGROND..R478,80 Afgelewer in Paarl en BTW ingesluit. Asook aflewerings in Wellington, Klapmuts, Simondium en Franschhoek


08 Sterfgevalle Deaths

Roberts: Irvin Gebore: 15 April 1939 Oorlede: 14 Maart 2012 Met liefdevolle herinneringe neem ons afskeid van ons geliefde. Word diep betreur deur familie en vriende. Begrafnisdiens vind plaas op Saterdag 24 Maart 2012. Huis: 09:00 - Mossiestraat 498, Amstelhof Kerk: 10:00 - Holy Trinity Kerk Navrae: 083 665 6945 / 078 074 5466 Begrafnis word onderneem deur: Willy's / Gallico Begrafnisdienste BK TEL: 021 862 0948 | NA URE: 083 947 6347 Lid van N.B.O.V.

Opperman: Everton Ashley Gebore: 9 April 1983 Oorlede: 18 Maart 2012 Met liefdevolle herinneringe neem ons afskeid van ons geliefde. Sag heengegaan in die ouderdom van 28 jaar. Word diep betreur deur familie en vriende. Begrafnisdiens vind plaas op Sondag 25 Maart 2012 Huis: 12:00 - Aurorastraat 60, Newton Kerk: 13:00 - VGK Newton Navrae: 074 428 3511 / 073 233 6452 Begrafnis word onderneem deur: Willy's / Gallico Begrafnisdienste BK TEL: 021 862 0948 | NA URE : 083 947 6347 Lid van N.B.O.V.

Alexander: Jacobus Gebore: 04/05/1947 Oorlede: 14/03/2012

Skielik heengegaan in die ouderdom van 64 jaar. Word diep betreur deur vrou, kinders, kleinkinders en familie. Begrafnis vind plaas Son: 25/03/2012 By die huis: 11:00 - Bloekomlaan 118, Wellington By die kerk: 12:00 - Timura Ministries, Louwstr, Wellington Begrafnisreëlings: Aubrey Solomon Begrafnisdienste Tel: 021 862 5346 / 082 953 9919 LID VAN NFDA.

Marcus (neé Minnaar): Jeseline (Jessie) 28/06/1966 – 12/03/2012 Die begrafnisdiens van wyle Jessie (45 jr) van Wellington het reeds op Saterdag 17/03/2012 om 11:00 vanuit die VGK Kerk Wellington plaasgevind waarna sy te Hillcrestbegraafplaas, Wellington ter ruste gelê is. Paarl 021 872 1591 L.V.N.B.O.V.

Advertisements you can count on! Phone Zeta or Sharon 021 870 4600 to advertise

Donderdag 22 Maart 2012

Sake Post Geklassifiseerd

Paarl Post



10 In memoriam In memoriam SOEK dringend geld? Swart­ lys welkom. Konsolidasies. Skakel Lucia: 079 954 9226 of stuur please call me.

Dollie (neé Festus): Ragmat 21 March 1965 24 December 2011 This your first birthday away from us. We can't believe that you are gone, but God had greater plans in store for you. Your life was a blessing to all of us. Lovingly remembered by your mother, father, brother, sisters and family.

SAMAJOOR LUDICK B E N JA M I N. G e b o r e : 1972.12.08. Sterf: 2012.03.17. Vandag is ons woordeloos met die heengaan van 'n pa, man, seun, broer en goeie vriend. Sy heengaan is vir ons 'n verlies. Met hartseer en liefde neem ons afskeid. Van vrou, kinders en familie.

De Vries: Gail

NONTES: RINA. 21 Maart. Jou eerste verjaarsdag weg van ons. Ons verlang elke dag, maar berus by God se wil. "Wat sy kon, het sy gedoen." Oupa, Ernest, Libby, Cindy, Juandre en Josephine (London).

AUBREY SOLOMON Begrafnisondernemer: Hermitagestr, Huguenot. Tel: 021 862 5346. 24­uur diens.

21 Maart Gail, dit is jou 21ste en ook jou 1ste verjaardag weg van ons. Ons dink elke dag aan jou. Ons mis jou vreeslik, maar ons troos onsself dat jy in vrede by God is. Dankie vir al die wonderlike herinneringe. Liefde Dedda, Mammie, Dameka, Dawn, Ferdie, Nadia, David en familie.

NACKERDIEN Begrafnis­ dienste, Fransstraat 7, Paarl. Tel: 021 862 1450.

ADAMS: PERCY. Every day in some small way memories of you come our way. Though absent for 21 years, you are always near. Still missed, loved and always dear. Billy, Ona, Candice, Celéste & Herschell.

De Vries: Gail My Memory Library Imagine if I was given one moment, just a single slice of my past. I could hold it close forever, and that moment would always last. I'd put the moment in a safe, within my heart's abode. I could open it when I wanted, and only I would know the code.

For me to only pick one moment, to cherish, save and keep, is proving really difficult, as I've gathered up a heap!

KURTZ: INGRAM. 20 March. Happy birthday Daddy. With loving memo­ ries, we are thinking of you, Daddy, on your 10th birthday in heaven. Miss you lots. From your wife, children and grandchildren.

Your chance to be a winner. Don’t delay advertise today!


Phone Zeta or Sharon at 021 870 4600 to advertise

Payout (lump sum only) Same day pay out

021 949 0930

MORRIS: MORRIS. Jou eerste verjaarsdag weg van ons op 23 Maart. Die vermis­ ting is steeds groot. Van: Vrou, kinders & kleinkinders.

NOORDER­PAARL: Groot, gemeubileerde kamer. Deel leefareas ­ R2000 pm, 50% dep. 083 298 5801.

1­SLPK. WOONSTEL in Wellington in sekuriteitskom­ pleks met swembad ­ R2 700. Geen kinders en troeteldiere. Skakel Sandra: 084 664 3743.

Die professionele leningskantoor waar u volkome privaatheid en vriendelikheid geniet.

Backmin Sentrum Lady Greystraat (in deurgang tussen Totalsport en Vee’s Video)


TATUM entrepreneur. Sell your car, photography, com­ puter upgrades, cabinet­ making. 076 254 5323.

PAARL R7 500 - 3 slpk, 2 bad, m/h, beskik 1 Mei R15 000 - 4 slpk, s/bad, onmid. beskik Vicky Bester 021 872 2223/ 074 158 8016 BOSCHENMEER R17 000 - 3 slpk, s/bad, beskik, 1 April Thys 021 863 2109/ 082 646 0932 WELLINGTON KOMMERSIEEL R2 400 - Kantore Kerkstraat R4 400 - Kantore Kerkstraat HUISE R4 600 - 2 slpk, plaaskothuis R5 000 - 2 slpk, sek.kompleks R5 200 - dupleks + m/h in kompleks R11 000 - 4 slpk, s/b, plus, plus. WOONSTEL R3 500 - 2-slpktuinwoonstel André 082 788 7746 Mari 083 626 8567 Kantoor 021 864 2948

BudgetLoans_275BE 7x1 bw Setting new Standards Smalls of Service 4 feb • FAST and EASY cash • SAMEDAY cash payment • EASY repayments (6 months) Dial: 021 872 2114 or visit us @ 387 Main Street, Paarl

Sentraal: Kothuis, gemeubi­ leerd, onmiddellik beskik­ baar. 1 Slpk, volledige bad­ kamer, sitkamer, toegeruste kombuis, onderdakbraai, veilige onderdakparkering ­ R4 000 per maand. Kan deel. of skakel Lizelle: 082 784 9967. BACHELOR Wellington: R2 300p.m. + dep. 23m² ­ fully furnished + fridge, cooker, DSTV. Parking, braai area. Available immediately. Phone 082 538 4012.



Advertise in the Classifieds!

Phone Zeta or Sharon at 021 870 4600 to advertise

Pietie: 079 346 1343/021 873 3651.

while waiting for

ISAACS: SARAH. 25.03.11 ­ 25.03.2012. It's a year and we wish heaven had a phone so that we could hear your voice again. God had blessed us with great memories we shared. There will always be a special place in our hearts. We will always miss you even when we talk about old times, we miss you more. Yulanda, D'metri, Cheslin, Stephanie, Clint and greatgrandchildren.

ABSOLUUT SENTRAAL: Wellington. Netjiese kamers, woonstelle vir jong werken­ des/studente. Uitstekende waarde ­ R1 400 tot R2 100. 079 517 1666.

Self­catering, upmarket, furn­ PaarlPostADVERTISERS_21426 ished flat. Serviced. Suitable for the business man or tourist 9x1 bw ­ R4 000 pm or R400 per day. Smalls FIND lost life policies, un­ 082 551 8569. claimed monies etc. Remove 17 sep name from criminal record. AKKOMMODASIE Paarl­

12 10 CASH LOANS: Len­ ings tot R200 000. Swartlys welkom. Goed­ keuring in 5 min. 021 696 8028.


I can open it up whenever I like, pick a moment and watch it through My little library acts as a promise, I'll never ever forget you. From your cousin Valda.

We bring you the best in: Properties, cars, vacancies and bargains every week.

ADVERTISERS It is the responsibility of the advertiser to make sure his advert is correct on the first day of publication and placed according to his instruction and that mistakes are corrected before the next edition. The Paarl Post does not accept responsibility for more than one faulty placing. No credits will be allowed for insignificant typographical or typing errors which do not affect the value of the advertisement. No advertisement may be reproduced without the permission of the owner, according to article 12 (7) of the Copyright Act of 1978. NB: ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE DONE IN WRITING. NO CREDITS WILL BE PASSED WITHOUT WRITTEN PROOF OF CANCELLATION.


I could choose a time of laughing, a time of happiness and fun. I could choose a time that tried me, through everything I've done. I sat and thought about what moment, would always make me smile. One that would always push me, to walk that extra mile.

Paarl Post

PAARL­SENTRAAL: Losies vir enkelpersoon. Skakel 072 560 2462 enige tyd of 082 800 8310 ná 17:00.













WELLINGTON FLAT RIVERSIDE 2 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom. R3 600/month water included. Available immediately. WELLINGTON: STUDENT ACCOMMODATION 3 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, available immediately. R4 000/month water included. Pre-paid electricity. WELLINGTON: STUDENT / BUSINESS ACCOMMODATION 4 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, big living area. Available immediately. R6 600/month or R1 650,00/room. Pre-paid electricity. CONTACT PETER 083 641 0808 Fax: 086 529 6107

RUIM 1½­slpk. noordfront­ woonstel + motorhuis. By Monte Rosa ­ R3 500 p.m. + 1 maand dep. Beskikbaar 1 Mei. Jeanette: 083 467 9497/ 021 864 3043.


WELLINGTON: Middedorp - R4 600 Ruim 3-slaapkamerw/s, bo-op besigheid. Eie tuin. Beskikbaar: 1 April 2012 Sonja: 082 891 8548

PAARL: De Oude Werf R3 100 1-Slpk loftwoonstel beskikbaar in kompleks, skadunet parkering. Wassery in kompleks. Beskikbaar: 1 April 2012 Charlene: 021 871 1241

Woonstel op plaas: R5 000 Ruim, gemeubileerde woonstel op plaas. 2 Slpk, 1,5 badkamer, oopplan kombuis. Parkering vir 2 motors. Eie tuin. Bediende 1 keer per week. Beskikbaar: Onmiddellik Charlene: 021 871 1241

PAARL: La Perla R3 350 Newly renovated 2 bedroomed flat in security complex. No pets, parking bay. Available: Immediately Desiré: 021 871 1241

Paarl - East 2 Bed Flat ground floor 1 April

R3 200 Chrizane 0824172487 WELLINGTON: Piano Factory. Bachelor, 1­slpk­ & 2­slpk woonstelle te huur. Skakel 021 862 6363.

218 Main Street, Paarl, 7646 Tel: 021 871 1481 • Fax: 021 872 4848 VAL DE VIE POLO ESTATE 4 Bedroom home with all en suite. Open plan kitchen, dining room and living room. 5th room without built-in cupboards, can be used as study or 5th bedroom. Separate scullery. Big undercover patio with braai and garden. Available: 1 April 2012 R23 000 per month. WEB ACCESS: TKL77899

WINELANDS ESTATE 3 Bedroom home with 4th big room that can be used as study or bedroom. Three of the rooms have their own en suite. Garden and double garage. Front patio with braai. Double garage. Available: 1 May 2012 R17 000 per month. WEB ACCESS: TKL77898 BOSCHENMEER GOLF ESTATE - FULLY FURNISHED TOWNHOUSE 2 Bedroom, fully furnished home with open plan kitchen, living and dining room, walking out onto patio with pool. 2 en suite bathrooms and main bedroom walking out onto balcony. Single garage Available: 1 May 2012 R10 500 per month. WEB ACCESS: TKL77897

WELLINGTON: 2­Slpk oopplan w/s. W/E ingesluit, onderdakparkering ­ R4 000 pm. Beskikbaar 1 April. Kontak Martie: 083 653 8297.

SOUTHERN PAARL COURTRAI Spacious 4 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms and large granny flat. Very large garage and garden. Available: 1 April 2012 R12 000 per month. WEB ACCESS: TKL77896

WELLINGTON: Tweeslpk. woonstel vanaf 1 April ­ R3 300 + helfte dep. Skakel 021 873 4180/072 978 5233.

NORTHERN PAARL 3 Bedroom family home, 2 bathrooms with main bedroom ensuite, 2 reception rooms. Big pool, garden and undercover braai area. Single garage. Available: 1 April 2012 R 9 600 per month.


GUESS who's 21 on 27 March. Congratulations: Love Mom, Dad, sister & brothers.

C L A A S E N : P E T RO ­ NELLA (Nens). 29 Maart. Petronella, dit is jou eerste verjaarsdag weg van ons. Jy sal altyd in ons harte wees. Van jou beste vriendin Mabel.


STORAGE, short or long term for household contents etc. Storage Masters. Fred 084 741 6023.

2­SLPK. HUIS te huur op plaas, 12 km vanaf Fransch­ hoek. Geen diere ­ R2 500 pm. Kontak 082 462 5767. 2­SLPK. KOTHUIS in Simondium te huur. Geen kinders, geen diere. Kontak 082 779 3999. AKKOMMODASIE: Paarl­ Sentraal. 4­Slaapkamerhuis. Alleenlik vir jong werkendes of studente wat wil deel. Gemeenskaplike toegeruste kombuis met wasmasjien, gemeubileerde eetkamer en sitkamer. Ander meubels kan voorsien word. Voldoende veilige parkering ­ R2 000 per persoon per kamer. R1500 per persoon indien 2 persone 'n k a m e r d e e l . of skakel Lizelle 082 784 9967. CHARLESTON HILL: Jan van Riebeeckweg, 3­slpk eenheid te huur ­ R5 200 pm. Elektrisiteit­/water ingesluit. Deposito ekstra. Beskikbaar vanaf 1 April. Kontak 072 435 4399. COURTRAI: Huis naby laerskool. Lieflike binnehof, oumawoonstel, dubbelmotor­ huis ­ R11 000 pm. 1 April. 076 181 7369.

DENNEBURG - PAARL 4 Bedroom home with 2 bathrooms. Big open plan living room, dining room and braai room. Separate kitchen and scullery. Big back garden with pool and braai area. Three garages. Available: 1 May 2012 R7 000 per month WEB ACCESS: TKL 77901 DENNEBURG - PAARL 3 Bedroom house with one bathroom. Big living room with fireplace. Separate dining area and kitchen. Store room with outside toilet. Single garage. Big garden. Available: 1 May 2012 R6 000 per month WEB ACCESS: TKL77900 Helena Grobbelaar or Tammy Rose Tel. Office: 021 871 1481

SUIDER­PAARL: 2­Slpk igk, stoof. Onderdakparker­ ing ­ R4 550 pm + 1½ maand dep. Water ingsl. 021 932 6655/082 681 3437. WELLINGTON: 2­Slpk. Hoofslaapk. (eie badk) + aparte badk. Oopplan sitk/komb. Motorhuis. Groot, omheinde erf. Baie netjies ­ oorgedoen binne. Vanaf 1 April ­ R5 200 p.m. + dep. Kontak Wendy by 082 744 9796. Watch your business boom when you advertise the best way! The Classifieds! Phone Zeta at 021 870 4600

48 Woonstelle te huur Flats to rent

021 873 3400

PAARL 2-Slaapkamerwoonstel te huur in Paarl-Oos - Mount View @ R3 400 p/m Beskikbaar 1 April WELLINGTON Moderne 2-slaapkamergrondvloer- eenheid te huur in intieme kompleks @ R4 400 p/m Beskikbaar 1 April Ruim eerste vloer eenheid ook beskikbaar @ R2 500 p/m Beskikbaar onmiddellik 1-Slaapkamerduplekswoonstel te huur in Piano Factory @ R3 300 p/m Beskikbaar onmiddellik Pragtige studentewoning. Ruim kamers met en-suite badkamers, swembad en veilige parkering. Loopafstand van kampus @ R1 980 p/m. Beskikbaar onmiddellik 2-Slaapkamerduplekswoning met ruim vertrekke in gesogte kompleks @ R5 300 Beskikbaar 1 Mei 2012

Sake Post Geklassifiseerd

26 . Paarl Post

Lew Geffen

WELLINGTON: • Garden Cottage – 1 Bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 parking, small garden. No pets – R2 800p/m • Apartment – 2 Bedrooms, bathroom, open plan lounge / kitchen, 1 parking, secure complex. Walking distance from all amenities and college – R3 600p/m • House in secure complex – 2 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 garage, 1 parking. Open plan lounge / dining room / kitchen. Garden – R5 200p/m • House – 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 garages, undercover parking for four cars – R11 000p/m • House in secure complex 2 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms – R5 300p/m We are looking for rental properties to manage in Paarl and Wellington. Please contact our experienced rental agent for all your rental property needs. ESTELLE DENYS – 072 141 4117

2 OFFICE SUITES to let in Masonic Centre in Church Street, Wellington. Size 48 m² & 71 m². Contact Rose on 021 434 6307

INDUSTRIËLE RUIMTE in veilige Versaillestraat, Wellington @ R7 000 pm, BTW ingesluit 2 (±300 m , eenheid 2). Onmiddellik beskikbaar. Skakel Liesl van Vuuren 021 873 1154 k/u

Office space to let: Boschenmeer 50 m², doctors, dentists, professionals. Contact Reon van der Merwe 082 896 2747 OFFICES TO LET: Prime position in Main Street, Paarl, opposite McDonalds. Rental from R1 500 pm. Contact Pat: 021 447 3665.


COMPUTER INK We refill your printer cartridges from R20 - R110, black and colour, while you wait. WE SELL: Refilled, new and compatible Ink Jet and Laser cartridges. WE BUY EMPTY cartridges R5 - R40.

Behind ‘Oak Tree Lodge’. 32 Main Street, Suider Paarl opposite KWV h/office.

WELLINGTON: Kerk­ straat. Stalletjie­ ruimte te huur. Kontak 082 573 6654.

Erf - Wellington. Puik ligging in sekuriteitslandgoed, 726 vk m. Winskoop R395 000.

Computerink_212AF Navrae: Cobus 083 4405172 6x1 | bw smalls Aalwynprodukte 17Vansep skoonheidsmiddels









PAARL HUIS - GROENVLEI UITSTEKEND GEPRYS! 3 Slaapkamers, 1½ badkamer, studeerkamer, swembad & dubbelmotorhuis. Prys: R1 795 000 SKAKEL: 072 924 2974

SUIDER-PAARL WOONSTELLE (GRONDVLOER) 2 Slaapkamers, badkamer, sitkamer, kombuis Prys: R400 000 elk SKAKEL MARIE: 083 261 4875

tot die beste medisyne.

SENTRAAL-PAARL WOONSTEL (GRONDVLOER) 1 Slaapkamer, badkamer, sitkamer, kombuis Prys: R620 000 SKAKEL MARIE: 083 261 4875

Produkte vir die hele gesin! Geskenk- en toetspakke ook beskikbaar.

PAARL - WOONSTEL 3 Slaapkamers, kombuis, badkamer, houtvloere Prys: R580 000 SKAKEL MARIE: 083 261 4875

Kontak Elsabé Strauss (sel) 082 850 3736

GROENHEUWEL: Drieslpk, met ouma­ woonstel. Ruim erf ­ R450 000. Kontak 082 779 4001.

TELEFUNKEN kleur­ televisie, 70 cm skerm ­ R600. Skakel 072 063 5931.

BMW 318 EXCLUSIVE, 2004. 140 000 km, silwer, diensrekord. Prys: R92 000. 084 519 0523 / FORD TELSTAR 2.0, 1994, 5­spoed. Lugreëling, krag­ stuur, in uitstekende toestand. Lig op brandstof, volle diensgeskiedenis by Novel Ford. Een eienaar ­ R29 000. 083 734 1445. ISUZU 2.3 4x4, petrol. Power steering, canopy, bullbar & towbar. Excellent running condition, roadworthy, licence. Full service history ­ R54 995. 072 626 7260. KADETT 1.6 GL, 5­spoed. Goeie oorspronklike toestand met towbar. Betroubaar ­ R14 500. 074 793 5102. OPEL ASTRA 140i, 1996. Lig op petrol, uitstekende toestand. Skakel 082 371 1621. TOYOTA CAMRY 200Si, 1998, 153 000 km. Full service history, s/steel exhaust, towbar, gearlock ­ R42 000. Paarl 083 273 8104. TOYOTA CAMRY 2.2, 1995. Blou. Toestand: Baie goed. Prys: onderhandelbaar. Kontak John: 072 106 1409.

R399 000 2-Slaapkamerwoonstel in kompleks R440 000 Ruim eenmanwoonstel R750 000 3-Slaapkamerhuis met braaikamer

Lake Brenton, Knysna 315 vkm. skouhuis te koop. 3 Slaapkamers, 2,5 badkamer / dubbelmotorhuis. Groot stoepe en ingeboude braai. Swembad (opsioneel ekstra). Loopafstand van die meer. Bootlanseringsfasiliteite.

R1 975 000 Chris 082 4188 671 Webwerf:

NEW ORLEANS Spacious 3 bedroom house with b.i.c., I full bathroom, living room with fireplace, dining room, large kitchen with solid Cherrywood cupboards, TV room, braai room with toilet, carport with motorised garage door and under-roof braai. Knotty pine ceiling in living, dining and TV room.

Owner: 082 341 4903

WOONWA gesoek, betaal kontant. Kontak André: 082 584 7533.

PAARL: R4 000 000 Hardware shop for sale. Contact agent for further details. Werner: 021 871 1240

PAARL: R410 000 Coffee shop for sale Contact agent for further details. Werner: 021 871 1240


PLAAS - PAARL 91 ha bestaande uit 52 ha wingerd & ±39 ha berggrond, 4slaapkamerhuis, pakstore. Prys: R16,5 miljoen SKAKEL MARIE: 083 261 4875 KLEINHOEWE WELLINGTON, 4 ha, praguitsig op berge, Eskom-kragpunt op grond, baie sterk boorgat. Prys: R2,2 miljoen SKAKEL MARIE: 083 261 4875 BOTTELSTOOR - WARE GOUDMYN! Op groot erf gelëe Prys: R2 250 000 SKAKEL MARIE: 083 261 4875

Kontak Danie 072 250 5804


082 880 1470 WELLINGTON: Kerk­ straat. Kantoor­ruimte/ winkelspasie te huur ­ R1 800 pm. Kontak 082 573 6654.


PAARL HUIS - LEMOENKLOOF 5 Slaapkamers, 4 badkamers, 2 studeerkamers, TV-kamer, eetkamer, kombuis, dubbelmotorhuis, swembad, kelder. Pragtige uitsig. Prys: R4 700 000 SKAKEL: 072 924 2974

PHONE GERD Tel: 863-3951/ 082-7744-098.

TE HUUR 43 m², 101 m². Sentraal geleë, Hoofstraat, Paarl, langs McDonalds hamburgers.

SOMERSET WEST: Hair salon for sale: Successful, established hair salon on the premises of a beautiful Wine­ lands Estate Hotel. Estab­ lished client base includes golf estate residents, clients from Somerset West and surrounding areas, hotel guests and functions guests. Price: R500 000. Contact Penny: 082 491 0047.

NEW ORLEANS: 3 Slpk, 1 volle badk. Volledig toege­ ruste kombuis, groot sitk/ eetk, studeerkamer, buite­ kamer, garage, swembad ­ R850 000. 082 702 0727.

Start your business in the right way. Phone Zeta or Sharon at 021 870 4600 to advertise

AANDAG WAARSKUWING Paarl Post lesers moet asb. alle finansiële advertensies, deeltydse werk, geldmaakskemas en besigheidsgeleenthede behoorlik ondersoek voordat 'n besigheidstransaksie aangegaan word. Dieselfde geld waar van die lesers vereis word om 'n deposito in 'n adverteerder se rekening in te betaal. Dit bly die verantwoordelikheid van die koper of verbruiker om die aanbod en die betroubaarheid van die adverteerder met wie hulle sake doen behoorlik te ondersoek.

Aandag_21427 ‘n Top sekuriteitsfirma 8x1 in diefc Wes-Kaap is Smalls huidiglik op soek na sekuriteitspersoneel 17 sep wat woonagtig is in die Stellenbosch-area:

GRAAD C OFFISIERE Die kandidate moet voldoen aan die volgende vereistes: • Moet PSIRA geregistreerd wees met geen kriminele rekord • Goeie Afrikaans en Engelse kommunikasievermoë • Kontakbare verwysings Aansoeke kan na die volgende nommer gestuur word: 086 617 2696 (Teken asseblief die posisie waarvoor u aansoek doen aan op die dekblad)

ARMED Response Officers needed. Must be PSIRA registered, fire arm compe­ tency certificate and a valid driver's licence. Fax CV 021 862 6526 or e­mail CV BY­NES Daycare Paarl. Teacher needed for 1­2 yr class. Requirements: Educare qualification. Fax/E­mail CV with certified copies of qualifications with refe­ rences. Fax: 086 562 6552. E ­ m a i l : Closing date: 30 March 2012.

Cape Safety Glass Wellington is op soek na ‘n “auto glass fitter” met ten minste vyf jaar ondervinding. Genoemde persoon moet ook plat glas kan pas, sy verwysings moet absoluut kredietwaardig wees, asook woonagtig wees te Wellington of Paarl. Faks CV’s na: 086 543 3868 of e-pos na: sales@capesafety

Donderdag 22 Maart 2012

VERDIEN 'n ekstra in­ komste! Sluit aan by Typperware en verdien ± 30% kommissie. Kontak 073 199 3900. VINNIGE Akkurate tikwerk. Word vertroulik hanteer. Skakel Marita 073 318 6425.

3 DAYS domestic work needed. Call 078 655 7034. ANY general work needed. Tel: 073 046 8990. ANY general work needed. Tel: 073 684 6091. BETROUBARE huishulp soek inslaapwerk. Francina: 073 584 6638. BETROUBARE tuisver­ sorger soek werk. 071 964 0181. DO you need a domestic worker? Contact 021 868 3669 / 082 838 8292. DOMESTIC work needed. 073 697 5794. DOMESTIC work needed. (4 days). 078 486 8907.

CHEF required for 40 seater winer y restaurant in Wellington. Open Tues ­ Sun 9am ­ 4pm and 2 evenings a week. If you are energetic, creative and love using fresh ingredients, send CV to / 021 864 1504.

DOMESTIC work needed. 083 983 6934.

DATA­INSKRYWINGS­ WERKERS benodig. Werk vanaf die huis met of sonder rekenaar. SMS naam en adres na 074 470 0796.

HOUSE cleaning job needed. Phone 078 833 2135.

DRAKENSTEIN LION PARK: Receptionist / front of house. Salary: R4000 pm. Working hours 08:30 to 17:00 & every 2nd weekend. E­ m a i l C V t o

NUTSMAN/HANDYMAN soek werk. 071 537 8968 /021 872 5851.

DRIVER and client services representative. Code 10, valid PDP, Grade 12, own transport. References. Fax CV to 086 693 6985.

TUISVERSORGER soek werk, insluitend kinders oppas. 074 560 9779.

GRADE C Guard Posting Officers with a valid driver's licence. Fax CV 021 862 6526 o r e ­ m a i l C V GRADE D & C security guards needed. Fax CV 021 862 6526 or e­mail CV KLAPMUTS SENTRA is op soek na betroubare kassiere en bakker met toepaslike ondervinding en raadpleegbare verwysings. Doen persoonlik aansoek by Klapmuts Sentra. MARKETING & Operations Assistant. Own transport, driver's licence, computer literate. Referen­ ces. Half day. Fax CV to 086 693 6985. NEW franchise restaurant in Paarl requires services of waiters. Please send CV to simplyasiapaarl@hotmail NEW franchise restaurant in Paarl requires the services of kitchen staff. Please send CV to simplyasiapaarl@hotmail PROMOTORS benodig vriendelike, goed­gema­ nierde persone (manlik of vroulik) tussen die ouder­ dom van 18­60 jaar, vir verskillende promosies in plaaslike winkels. Kontak Verena by 021 591 4245 of e­pos reception@nspro motions. TECHNICIANS needed. Must have a valid driver's licence and technical experience. Fax CV 021 862 6526 or e­mail CV

DOMESTIC/CHAR work needed 1 or 2 days. 078 783 0196. Contactable ref avail. EXP domestic worker need 3 days (Mon, Wed, Fri). Ref avail. 073 956 4307.

I need domestic work, please. Ph: 078 865 6458.

SIGNWRITER, general or supermarket work needed. 073 577 8106.

From egoliving to eco-living with Green Office Week A generation of living in a throw-away culture has made it difficult for people to accept that our resources are finite, but once people see that wasting less, buying eco-efficient products, reusing and recycling not only save trees, energy and water, but can actually save jobs by ensuring the organisation’s financial health, it suddenly has personal meaning. That’s why Green Office Week (GOW) is celebrated annually to demonstrate the need to change from ego-living to eco-living: Sustainability Materialism and consumerism has to be replaced with thoughtful purchasing. Sustainability issues are now top-of-theagenda and whether the organisation is large or small, ‘green’ behaviours have to form a part of everyone’s work habits. GOW this year takes place from Monday 16 April to Friday 20 April with the theme You make a difference. Ana-Maria Valente, Green Office Week spokesperson, says: “The week aims to get all of us, at our workplaces, to look or relook at how we can recycle, reduce and reuse more, and save more. “Our goal is to get EVERYONE involved – it is not just about the executive suite; it’s about ‘Joe’ on the third floor and ‘Thandi’ the PA and ‘Iviwe’ in Graphics and ‘Pamela’ in accounts, and ‘Suzette’ the events co-ordinator and “David” the stationery buyer ....” To make the planning of activities as simple as possible, all the tips and ideas that you and your colleagues need to get started can be downloaded free from the website Fuel

The fastest way to advertise your business. Contact Zeta or Sharon at 021 870 4600

For example on Monday 16 April the suggestion is to make a difference by finding more ways to save on printing with practical ideas like greyscale printing documents for in-house use; make a difference on Wednesday by driving green – take all that extra stuff out of your car boot, it saves on fuel. The Green Heart award has also been launched this year to recognise the ecoheroes who implement green changes Book nowthe @ office 082 6752 952 or pampurrtan@gmail.c within environment. To find out more or enter a colleague to win great prizes, please view the website. For tips and updates, like our facebook page, follow GOW on twitter @greenofficeweek and visit for the toolkit.


KINDERPARTYTJIES EN VERHURINGS Jumping Castles & Slides for Hire! Full-day or half-day rentals Wide variety of jumping castles & slides available Vir enige navrae kontak Erech by 083 461 7912 of Carrin by 083 241 1817. E-pos: Website: DON’T DELAY - PLACE YOUR BOOKING TODAY!


L & C Hiring Ons verhuur tafeldekor! Tafeldoeke, runners, strikke, stoeloortreksels, servette teen bekostigbare pryse. Kontak Lynette Afrika Sel: 082 775 0081 | Tel: 021 873 7664



Paarl Post

[ Windmeul Eiers, geleë in die Paarl, beskik tans oor die bogenoemde geleentheid vir ’n persoon met bestuursvernuf wat ten volle tweetalig is, goeie menseverhoudinge handhaaf, ’n uitstekende kommunikeerder is, georganiseerd, onder druk en baie noukeurig kan werk. Vyf jaar toepaslike ondervinding in ’n soortgelyke pos, goeie beplanningsvaardighede en ’n toepaslike naskoolse kwalifikasie is verdere vereistes vir hierdie pos. Hierdie betrekking behels die volgende bestuursfunksies: • bestuur van produksieprosesse • opstel en aanpassings van die produksie- en tydskedules • toesiening dat produkte van hoë gehalte en kwaliteit vervaardig word • implementering van kwaliteitstelsels (HACCP) • toepassing van Gesondheids- en Veiligheidsriglyne volgens wetgewing • koste effektiewe produksiesisteme • opstel en bestuur van produksiebegrotings • koördinering van die instandhouding van alle masjinerie en toerusting • skakeling met ander departemente om produksiedoelwitte te bereik • bestuur en motivering van personeel • identifisering van opleidingsbehoeftes en prestasie-evaluasies van ondergeskiktes asook alle ander ad hoctake verwant aan die pos. In ruil vir u bydrae, bied Windmeul Eiers ’n mededingende vergoedingspakket aan. Rig u CV en dekbrief (met verwysingsnommer LLR350 in die onderwerplyn) vóór 20 Maart 2012 aan Mallies Le Roux, Laker & Le Roux Menslike Hulpbronpraktisyns, per faks 086 589 3425 of per e-pos na of doen aanlyn aansoek by Diensaanvaarding: 1 Mei 2012 NS: Indien u geen terugvoering binne twee weke na die sluitingsdatum vir aansoeke ontvang nie, kan u aanvaar dat u aansoek onsuksesvol was.



Proudly Paarl since 1905! Support our advertisers!



To advertise 021 870 4600

Donderdag 22 Maart 2012

paying the right social grant, to the right person at the right time and place. NJALO!

CANCELLATION OF BIDS Bid number SASSA 04/11/CS: The South African Social Security Agency hereby invites proposals from service providers for the provision of physical security services for a period of three years at SASSA North West, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and Western Cape including Local, District offices and Service points as advertised on the 17 October 2011 with a closing date of 17 November 2011 is hereby cancelled. Bid number SASSA11/11/CS: The South African Social Security Agency hereby invites proposals from service providers for the provision of physical security services for a period of three years at SASSA Head office, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Free State, Kwa-Zulu Natal, and Gauteng including Local, District offices and Service points as advertised on the 13 November 2011 with a closing date of 19 December 2011 is hereby cancelled. Visit us at or toll free: 0800 60 10 11 5934

28 . Paarl Post


Donderdag 22 Maart 2012

Gee BEMARKING jou HOOFPYN? PAARL POST se bemarkingspan is opgelei om u met raad en daad by te staan in al u advertensies vir PAARL POST. Skakel Ilse Fourie - 021 870 4600

INVITATION TO ALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SERVICE PROVIDERS The Department of Economic Development and Tourism has a mandate to promote, develop and support the development of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME’s) within the Western Cape Province. The Department has conceptualised, as part of its strategy in meeting this objective, the Legacy Mentorship, the Business Competitiveness and the Co-operative Support Programmes. PROGRAMME OBJECTIVES: • Increase survival rates of both start-up and existing business operating in the Western Cape • Increase skill levels of beneficiaries of the various programmes • Increase the productivity and operational efficiencies of beneficiaries • Facilitate access to specialised business support services to beneficiaries • Expose small businesses to cutting edge skills which are normally not accessible to them. Critical to the successful implementation of the Programmes (Legacy Mentorship, Business Competitiveness and Co-operative Support Programmes) is a comprehensive support network of service providers (mentors, consultants, trainers, facilitators, advisors, etc.) which will be used as a referral base and network for SMME’s at the Department. TARGETED SERVICE PROVIDERS: • Professional mentors/business coaches/consultants/trainers/facilitators/ advisors. An intensive assessment of qualifications and experience will be done prior to acceptance on to the database • Retired and semi-retired executives, with business owner/manager or corporate experience, interested in dedicating some of their time to mentor and coach • Corporates willing to avail their expertise. SERVICE PROVIDER EXPERTISE - LEGACY MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME: • Business Management Skills: transfer of general business management, financial management and resource management skills • Systems: development and implementation of financial systems as well as the transfer of skills to effectively utilise the implemented systems • Marketing/Branding: development and implementation of marketing strategies and plans • Operational Management: implementing cost-efficient production lines, developing costing systems, implementing cost minimisation operational models. SERVICE PROVIDER EXPERTISE - CO-OPERATIVE SUPPORT PROGRAMME: • Proven track record of working with co-operatives • Experience in co-operative set-up and the provision of advisory services to co-operatives • Experience in the implementation of training and capacity building interventions for cooperatives. SERVICE PROVIDER EXPERTISE - BUSINESS COMPETITIVENESS PROGRAMME: • Conceptualisation and implementation of turn-around strategies • Conceptualisation and implementation of business improvement strategies • Accredited for the implementation of business improvement processes (e.g. ISO 9001/HACCP) • Implementation of business improvement systems (Financial, HR, Operational etc.). As a first phase for engaging service providers, the Department would like to invite all business development service (BDS) providers as well as volunteers to register their services and expertise on the Department’s database. There is no cost for registration and all potential service providers are welcome to register. The bidding documents are available for collection between 08:00 and 15:30, Mondays to Fridays, from the Department of Economic Development & Tourism, NBS Waldorf Arcade, 9th Floor, 80 St George’s Mall, Cape Town. The following documents must be submitted with the bid documents: a cover page of not more than one paragraph indicating your particular research field(s) of expertise; why you think you are suitable for the position. A detailed CV and contact details of three work related referees who are qualified to comment on your work must also be included. In accordance with the Provincial Government Preferential Procurement Policy HDI candidates will be given preference. The closing date for submission of bids is Thursday, 3 May 2012, strictly at 11:00. For bid enquiries kindly contact Ms Samantha Berry: 021 483-9157. For technical enquiries kindly contact Mr Keagan Carr: 021 483-9437. Human Communications C94136E

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Biggest and Best Property guide in the Boland

1922 • 20 August • 23 March2010 2012

Building starts at Brandwacht on River


UIILDING has begun at Brandwacht on River, the new secure lifestyle development located on the banks of the Brandwacht River in Stellenbosch. Launched to market by Pam Golding Properties (PGP) in late 2010, the development sold remarkably quickly, with over 100 of its total 120 erven being snapped up in the first three weeks. Transfer took place in November last year, and several of the plots have already been resold, with owners earning a tidy profit on their initial investment. There are now just eight erven still available for purchase. Louise Varga, PGP’s project manager for the development, says all services and roads on site have been completed, and construction has begun on the first few homes. Numerous other owners have submitted their plans, and await approval to start building. “Owners are working within attractive architectural guidelines, which will ensure a cohesive appearance for the estate, using a palette of natural colours that blend harmoniously with the environment,” Varga says. “The Brandwacht River runs the length of the entire development, creating a backdrop for extensive common areas, including lawns for children to play on, as well as walkways and bridges for all to enjoy – all of this within a secure perimeter protected by electric fencing. “It is no surprise that buyers

At the “Meet your neighbour” function of the new owners of Brandwacht on River, were (back row, from the left), Neil du Toit, Judge Antonie Gildenhuys, Elna Gildenhuys and Mariana Puddu, (front) Louise Varga (PGP) and Vittorio Puddu. Neil and his sisters Elna and Mariana are the developers of Brandwacht on River. Pic: Elbé van Heerden

to date have included a number of families with younger children, as well as couples wanting to downscale from existing Stellenbosch homes now that their own children have grown up. “There has been widespread recognition of the quality of lifestyle on offer in this development, as well as the benefits of living so close to the town of Stellenbosch, with its rich history, renowned educational facilities and wealth of sports and cultural

activities to enjoy.” Annien Borg, PGP’s MD for the Boland and Overberg regions, says it is extremely rare to find vacant land so close to the centre of Stellenbosch. “For those who enjoy the view of the mountains, and who want to live in a safe, tranquil and attractive natural environment yet still be within reach of the town’s amenities, this is the ideal home. As a result, the development sold extremely quickly in the early phase, and

has already seen excellent return on resales. For example, of those owners who took transfer in November 2011, one resold a 487 m² plot, bought at R995 000, for R1,22 million. Another sold a 632 m² plot, bought at R1,6 million, for R1,75 million. Our most recent resale saw a 556 m² plot, bought for R1,4 million, sold last month for R1,52 million. That’s growth of between 9 and 22 %, within just one year.” Varga says the last eight erven,

ranging from 628 m² to 999 m², are located above a dam, with scenic mountain views. Prices range from R1,7 million to R2,75 million, including VAT. To view the remaining eight erven, or for more information on Brandwacht on River, contact Louise Varga on 082 552 4118 or 021 887 1017, or email her at You can also visit the PGP website at brandwacht.







R2 650 000



PLOT EN PLAN Kamers 3 Badkamers 2 M/huise 2 WEB 261488 Die enkelvlak noordfront huis is in aanbou en sal voltooi wees einde April. Oopplan kombuis met skuif deure na patio. Pragtige uitsig op golfbaan en berge. [K] 021 863 2109 LYNETTE 071 109 2669 SKOU: 25 Maart - Skakel vanaf hek 1


R5 500 000


R2 550 000


GOEIE LIGGING MET UITSIGTE Kamers 3 Badkamers 2 M/huise 2

WEB 260831

Enkelvlak country huis, oopplan kombuis/leefarea met onderdak patio. Die pragtigste uitsigte oor golfbaan en berge. [K] 021 863 2109 THYS 082 646 0932


R2 895 000


KOM ONDERHANDEL Kamers 3 Badkamers 2.5 M/huise 3



COURTRAI ADRES WEB 193584 Kamers 3 Badkamers 2 M/huis 2

Alles op groot skaal. Oorspronklik net vir ‘n egpaar ontwerp, maar kan gesinshuis wees. [K] 021 872 2223 LITA 083 498 1018 SKOU: Sondag 25 Maart vanaf 15h00 - 17h00



R1 495 000


R695 000



UIT VERGANGE SE DAE Kamers 3 Badkamers 2 M/huise 1

WEB 261199

WEB 259764

Moderne onthalersdroom. Privaat patio’s, swembad, oopplan kombuis en skuifdeure na dek. Fantastiese uitsigte. [K] 021 872 2223 RACHELLE 084 400 4525 SKOU: Sondag 25 Maart vanaf 4 - 6nm.

FAMILY HOME WITH FLAT Beds 3 Bathrooms 1 Garages 1

WEB 261150

Facebrick house offers separate lounge and dining Alles wat jy verwag van ‘n Victoriaanse huis circa areas with one bedroom flat + bachelors in Newton. 1880. Outentieke “wrap around” en oregontrap na onontwikkelde solder. BERENICE 072 423 1455 [K] 021 872 2223 VOSSIE 082 444 7003 [O] 021 872 2223


R1 270 000

HUGE POTENTIAL! Beds 3 Bathrooms 2 Garages 1

WEB 235952

Well build family home in quiet cresent. Spacious living area’s and bachelor flat. [O] 021 864 2948


IDEALE GESINSWONING Kamers 4 Badkamers 2 M/huise 1

R855 000

RETIRE IN STYLE ... Beds 2 Bathrooms 2 Garages 1


LINDA 083 379 3769

R1 350 000

OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME ... WEB 260908 Beds 6 Bathrooms 4 Garages 2

Enjoy the tuscan style living in the stunning retirement village. Private situated with patio to manicured garden. [O] 021 864 2948 TERTIUS 082 877 7534

RENTALS Boschenmeer - Thys 082 646 0932 Paarl - Vicky Bester 074 158 8016 Wellington - Mari 083 626 8567

WEB 259011

Ruim woning met swembad in baie stil woonbuurt. Huis bo-gemiddeld netjies.

CARMEN 082 490 0994 [K] 021 864 2948


R1 700 000

WEB 156203

Modern student home on campus with excellent income. Excellent buy. [O] 021 864 2948

MARISA 079 877 4177

FOLLOWING a recent valuation of the will have to face the consequences of property of a particular body corporate, under-insurance in the event of a claim. the following questions were put to me: Q: What is the position if the trustees Q: Once a valuator has submitted his know nothing of the improvements? valuation, may it be verified? If so, by A: The duty of the trustees is to ensure whom? that the property is insured A: An insurance broat replacement value. Beker will assist in arrangfore the improvements ing a valuation on behalf were implemented, the trusof the body corporate, tees insured the property as but ultimately the valuasuch and cannot accept liation is a matter between bility when an owner nethe trustees and the valuglects to arrange additional ator. The trustees are at insurance. liberty to request a secQ: Are the other owners ond opinion, but bear in thus prejudiced? mind that all costs are for A: In terms of PMR the account of the body 29(b)(ii) it is clear that the Talk Property with aspect of under-insurance corporate. Q: What stand should Rian Pienaar (the average clause in the the trustees take should insurance policy) applies to an owner wish to lower the insured value each section separately and not to the of their section? building as a whole. A: The total sum insured is allocated Q: What “right of access” do the trusto sections according to registered par- tees have in these circumstances? ticipation quotas and at a value deterA: PMR rule 70 of the act is clear on mined by the trustees as being the re- this point. Where a section is destroyed placement value – see section 37(1)(f) and or damaged by an insured peril and the prescribed management rule (PMR) owner is under-insured and unable to 29(1)(a) of the Sectional Titles Act. An make good (repair) the underpaid part owner may increase the insured value of the loss, the body corporate is entitled of their section, but cannot reduce the to “. . . remedy the owner’s failure and to insured value. recover . . . from such owner.” Q: Is the owner responsible for informThis is a very short summary of what ing the trustees and bond-holder after was discussed. To deal with these quesupgrading the section at some cost? tions more comprehensively would enA: PMR 29(1)(d) specifies that an tail a workshop of some hours. owner may increase the insured value, ) Contact Rian Pienaar by phone but the act does not compel them to do on 082 925 8339, or send an email to so. However, if the owner does not, they

Biggest and Best Property guide in the Boland



SOLD is die mees koste-effektiewe, hoë-impak keuse vir die bemarking van eiendom in die Boland



Strand | Gordon’s Bay | Somerset West | Stellenbosch | Grabouw | Elgin

021 841 4282

021 887 2840

021 870 4600


PAARL/WELLINGTON | March 22 A fine result:

The personnel of Fine & Country’s Paarl office – situated at 165 Main Street – were overjoyed when the office received the award for best location and richest history at the company’s recent annual gala, held in Sandton. Fine & Country has a global network of licenced real estate offices, and specialises in marketing luxury residential properties. Seen here are Annemie Senekal (left) and Marie-Louise Aucamp (owner).






WOONSTEL VAN DIE WEEK Kompakte eenmanwoonstel: bied met trots ’n goedbeplande eenmaneenheid (35 m²) in Akkerhof aan. Die leef- en slaapgedeelte word deur ’n veeldoelige muureenheid geskei, die kombuis het voldoende ingeboude kaste en ’n waterpunt vir ’n skottelgoedwasmasjien. Die badkamer is ruim en netjies. Die eenheid beskik oor ’n parkeerruimte binne die kompleks. Sekuriteit is baie goed, aangesien die kompleks met ’n elektriese heining omhein is. Die hekke word met ’n afstandbeheerkontrole beheer. Daar is ook snags en oor naweke ’n sekuriteitswag aan diens. Vraprys: R695 000. Daar is ’n huurkontrak tot einde Desember en huur beloop R3 400 per maand. Vir besigtiging, bel alleenagent Roline by 083 459 5934 of die kantoor by 021 886 5212.

Mari 082 457 2319

Cell: 082 788 6181 | Tel: 021 886 7800 Email:

38m² 32m² 58m² 25m² 29.5m²

Spacious one bedroom flat in sought after complex on campus. Neatly renovated. R1 170 000

R685 000 R750 000 R899 000 R950 000 R995 000

Netjiese 1 slpk woonstel no transfer fees The(ruim Merriman 32m²in 2 slpk's R985 000 genoeg om omskep te word) stapafstand na kampus en TWEE SLAAPKAMERS besigheidskern. Mullerhof 52m² R895 000 Die Rand 68m² R995 000 R995 000 (Geen hereregte) Bosman’s Crossing 60m² R1 100 000

Baie ruim eenmanswoonstel in die hartjie van die middedorp. Naby kampus. Uitstekend geprys met huurkontrak tot November 2012. Goeie beleggings geleentheid. Prys: R680 500

Cyrus 55m² R1 260 000 De Watergracht 56m² wooneenheid R1 300 000 in Tweeslaapkamer Aquarius 82m² R1 750 van 000 die uitstekende kondisie –R1 weg 34 On Merriman 51m² 800 000

geraas – vir2afgetredenes jong FLATS to LET: Bedroom R6 of 200. werkendes. POA

R2 190 000


R2 275 000



TASTEFUL AND CHARMING! Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2 Garage 2 WEB 258761 A home decorated with taste and passion for living. Open your doors to olive groves and Stellenbosch Mountains. Walk in and feel at home!

HOME WITH VIEWS Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 3 Garage 2

[O] 021 843 3438

GERHARD 076 590 7758 CLAUDINE 072 610 1416


R3 950 000

WEB 256386

Open your doors to a green belt with trees and birds and Table Mountain as back drop. Ideal living areas, large kitchen and bedroom with balcony. [O] 021 843 3438 CLAUDINE 072 610 1416 GERHARD 076 590 7758


R2 020 000

Moderne 2 slaapkamer woonstel op kampus. 24h Sekuriteit en kelder parkering R1 260 000


BACHELOR Westside Boschenpark Moltenopark 34 On Merriman Banghoek



LA PASTORALE GEM Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2 Garage 2

WEB 260708

PLOT AND PLAN: DIGTEBY ESTATE Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2 Garage 2 WEB 258376

Immaculate home in quiet area with quality finishes. Amazing mountain and vineyard views.

Security Estate on the edge of Stellenbosch. Mountain views and tranquil surrounds. No transfer duties.

[O] 021 886 7905 HETTIE 083 263 0559

[O] 021 886 7905 LEON 082 575 7356 LISBE 084 666 0011


R7 900 000


R2 460 000

Lizzie 082 788 6181

STELLENBOSCH Office 021 882 8960

FRANSCHHOEK Office 021 876 4968



R699 000


R899 000



DE ZALZE WINELANDS GOLF ESTATE Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 4 Garage 2 WEB 256114

NABY HOSPITAAL EN SKOLE Kamers 3 Badkamers 2 M/Huis 2

Pretty as a picture and in a nice quiet spot. This double volume stunner can be yours.

Pragtige berguitsig en baie parkering op groot erf 1072m². Drie leefareas. Volg borde vanaf R44.

[O] 021 886 7905

[K] 021 886 7905 LEONIE 082 773 0655 Op Skou, Son 25 Maart 14h00 - 17h00

SOPHIA 082 824 6798


WEB REF: 144871 FIRST TIME INVESTOR Bachelor Apartment situated walking distance to the centre of Stellenbosch, ideal to rent out to students and young working people. Gerhard Oosthuizen 072 635 3893


R1 095 000


WEB 259509

R2 495 000

WEB REF: 143871 GOOD INVESTMENT Three bedroom house situated in quiet area offers entertainment area plus two extra flatlets. Guaranteed rental income Chris Theunissen 076 341 9001

R3 950 000 SENTRAAL

R6 600 000


CAMPUS!!! Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1 Garage 1

WEB 253856

Secure, 35m² open plan bachelor unit with garage. Nestled between girls hostels and classes. [O] 021 886 7905 ON SHOW

JACQUES 083 989 1249


R1 395 000


WEB 257714

900m² erf met groot bome naby hospitaal. [K] 021 886 7905 LEONIE 082 773 0655


R1 995 000 ALLEEN

WEB REF: SL0782 STYLVOL EN MODERN Ideaal vir onthaal. Goedbeplande leefhuis met drie en-suite slaapkamers. Gevestigde en vrolike tuin met swembad. Drie parkeerings. Johan Hugo 071 675 9240


WEB REF: 114071 NETJIESE DORPHUIS Netjiese drie slaapkamer dorphuis met twee badkamers geleë in sekuriteitskopleks. Eiendom bied ooplan kombuis en leefarea wat vloei op stoep en grasperk. Gerhard Oosthuizen 072 635 3893


R1 700 000



GREAT POSITION IN TOWN Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1

SOEK GESIN WEB 256087 Kamers 2 Badkamers 1 Parkering 2

Sought after apartment in the heart of Stellenbosch. Close to popular coffee shops, business centre and US campus. [O] 021 886 7905 JACQUES 083 989 1249 WEB REF: FR148571 COUNTRY ESTATE Lovely family home situated on eastern shore of Theewaterskloof Dam. 9hole golf course, spectacular views.24/h access control. Adell Ferreira 083 964 1155

WEB REF: FR147491 PRIVATE AND MODERN Upstairs apartment with beautiful view and top end finishes. Fully air conditioned, under floor heating, heated towel rails. Adell Ferreira 083 964 1155

WEB 256330

Hierdie woning op ruim erf met swembad, 2 leefareas en lugversorging in natuurryke area is ideaal vir jong gesin. [K] 021 886 7905 DROEKS 082 685 9189




| March 22 - 2012

Kerkstraat 21 Church Street • Tel: 883 8255 • Fax: 887 1813 • E-mail:




DIE RAND R850 000

Goed geleë in doodloopstraat. Ruim familiewoning met 2 woonstelle, 3 motorhuise, swembad en hope parkering. Web Ref # 2948417

Goeie belegging. Netjiese 2 slpk meenthuis naby kampus. Wassery in kompleks en goeie sekuriteit. Onmiddellik beskikbaar. Web Ref # 2936079



OP SKOU: Vry 11vm-3nm en Sat 11vm-1nm





OUDE HOEK R1 395 000

NYASAHOF: PRIME, central, opp beautiful university botanical gardens in historical old town. Secure, 2 bedr flat, recently refurbished and immediately available. R6300 incl levy, water, building lift, glass top stove and satelite dish. Four minute walk to mid-town restaurants and shops. Preferably mature tenant around 50yo, as it is a quiet building.

SKOU Sondag 2 – 5 nm

Pragtige, ruim eenmanwoonstel (35m²) in middedorp. Uistekende sekuriteit. Alle meubels, toebehore ingesluit. Web Ref # 2909348

BACHELORS Tuinwoonstel, sentraal @ R3 900 2 SLAAPKAMER WOONSTELLE: Emerald Court – 2 badk, 1 park @ R4 950 Nooitgedacht – 1 badk, 1 park @ R5 200 Bosmans Crossing – 2 badk, 1 park @ R6 000 Boschenpark - 2 badk, 1 park @ R6 800 Wag ‘n bietjie - 1 park @ R7 400 Zimbabwe - 1 park, semi gemeub @ R7 800 Eikehoff - gemeub, 2 badk, 1 park @ R9 200 Decameron – 2 badk, 1 park @ R14 800 HUISE Eden – 3 slpk, 2 badk @ R9500 La Colline – 4 slpk, 2 badk @ 9 500 Berg-en-Dal – 4 slpk, 3 badk @ R11 000 Paradyskloof – 4 slkp, 2 badk @ R16 500 Le Hermitage – 5 slkp, 4.5 badk @ 30 000 JOHN SILVA 073 162 3817 (NAWEEKDIENS) JOHN SILVA 073 162 3817 (NAWEEKDIENS)


Kantoor 021 886 4108 Faks 086 620 3478 CAMPUS


SKOU SON 2-5nm

SKOU SON 2-5nm

R1 900 000 CAMPUS

R620 000 CAMPUS

R1 450 000







Bed 2 Bath 1 Web 2674301

Bed 1 Bath 1 Web 657582

Bed 1 Bath 1 Web 2937199

Sole Mandate New listing. Excellent opportunity in Victoria Street! Irma 083 651 0390

Joint Mandate. Student apartment just off campus. Safe parking. Louise 083 549 5521

Sole Mandate. Excellent location in Die Laan. Close to Coetzenburg. Irma 083 651 0390



Slpk 4 Bad 4 Web 2629966 Alleenmandaat. Franse flair. Heerlike vloei. Goeie afwerkings. Charles 082 658 9797 MERLOT

R795 000

R3 150 000


R3 800 000

Slpk 4 Bad 3 Web 2955420

Slpk 3 Bad 2 Web 2671482

Alleenmandaat. Ruim huis met privaat kuierstoep en swembad. Charles 082 658 9797

Prime location. Stunning views. Close to schools. Outdoor bedrooms Dawid 082 323 8110


La Rez Bach R 475 000 Westside Bach R 695 000 Eikehoff Bach R1 150 000 Bergzicht 1 Bed R1 180 000 Het Begijnhof 1 Bed R1 495 000 La Rez 2 Bed R 590 000 Prinspark 2 Bed R 660 000 De Eike 2 Bed R 785 000 La Belle Vie 2 Bed R 875 000 Molteno Park 2 Bed R 895 000 Bed 2 Bath 1 Web 2952624 Zambezi 2 Bed R 895 000 Shiraz 2 Bed R1 045 000 New listing. T/house R 850 000 Neat apartment close to campus. Die Rand Roodezand T/house R1 350 000 Excellent buy. Simonsrust T/house R1 850 000 Irma 083 651 0390 Irma 083 651 0390


R1 275 000

Bed 2 Bath 1 Web 2742796 Excellent location on US Green Route. A rare find at this price. Irma 083 651 0390






from R1.7 million


R3.65 million

Security estate. Build your dream home in the prestigious Brandwacht aan Rivier.

Parks, schools and tranquillity. The ideal family home. Modern open plan lifestyle.

Web Access

Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2 Garages: 2 Web Access ST1049004

Di van Graan 082 569 2429, Office 021 887 1017

Di van Graan 082 569 2429, Office 021 887 1017

STELLENBOSCH R14 million Unique atmosphere, style in De Zalze. Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 4 Garages: 2 Web Access ST1061235 Pam Snyman 082 800 0867, Office 021 880 1545

STELLENBOSCH R4.8 million Spacious home on De Zalze. Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 4 Garages: 2 Web Access ST1067168 Pam Snyman 082 800 0867, Office 021 880 1545

STELLENBOSCH R2.2 million Upmarket, peaceful and central. Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 2 Parking: 1 Web Access ST1077510 Vanessa Johnson 082 588 7007, Office 021 887 1017

STELLENBOSCH R1.35 million Exclusive, modern with garage. Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 Garages: 1 Web Access ST1062604 Vanessa Johnson 082 588 7007, Office 021 887 1017

STELLENBOSCH R1.3 million Garden apartment in security complex. Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 2 Parking: 1 Web Access ST1053941 Odette Collins 083 625 5423, Office 021 887 1017

STELLENBOSCH R1.095 million Stylish apartment in top spot. Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 Parking: 1 Web Access ST1043234 Deanne Kriel 083 531 7827, Office 021 887 1017

STELLENBOSCH R990 000 Great investment with private garden. Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 Parking: 1 Web Access ST1075507 Lizanne Fourie 079 047 8585, Office 021 887 1017

STELLENBOSCH R985 000 Student living on campus. Bachelor Bathrooms: 1 Parking: 1 Web Access ST1067588 Vanessa Johnson 082 588 7007, Office 021 887 1017


Bachelor Bathrooms: 1 Parking: 1 Web Access ST1076294

Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 Parking: 1 Web Access ST1056152

Andringahof Het Begijnhof La Rez Lindenhof Camelot Kabbels Akkerhof Stellenbosch 101 Ten on Langenhoven Bosman's Crossing Schoongezicht Aquarius Het Heerenhof Molenzicht Twee Pieke

Deanne Kriel 083 531 7827, Office 021 887 1017

Deanne Kriel 083 531 7827, Office 021 887 1017

Vanessa Johnson 082 588 7007, Office 021 887 1017

STELLENBOSCH Upmarket. Close to campus. Great investment.

R820 000

STELLENBOSCH Ideal for students. Excellent value.

R790 000

1-Bedroom 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom

61-64 m² 55 m² 43 m² 62 m² 63 m² 69 m² 74 m² 62 m² 58 m² 81 m² 68 m² 82 m² 201 m² 125 m² 83 m²

From R1.05 million R1.59 million R640 000 R695 000 R720 000 R799 500 R1.05 million R1.15 million From R1.28 million R1.3 million R1.35 million R1.68 million R2.1 million R2.995 million R1.8 million



Assosieer jy jou eiendomsagentskap met die volgende stellings?


Julia Lewis 021 8876717 082 627 0268

25 years personal service


R2 550 000


plus romantic family room with fireplace and braai, anduJacuzzi - set in Dan playroom adverteer vir seker ina beautiful manicured garden with pool and entertainment lapa.

Indien nie, kontak of


DistrictMail of Strand | Gordon’s Bay | Somerset West | Stellenbosch | Grabouw | Elgin

021 841 4282

021 887 2840

021 870 4600

SOLE AGENT Stunning position with gorgeous mountain views. North-facing with two lounges, 4 bedroom mes, and 2 roomed flatlet. Wine cellar.

Neat 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom with double garage family home with large 1 bedroom self-contained flat. Business Opportunity


R Professioneel R Verskeidenheid prysklasse JOINT MANDATE. R Uitmuntende diens. R Gewaarborgde resultate FIRST TIME ON SHOW! JOINT MANDATE R Tevrede kliënte BE SURPRISED 395 000 STELLENBOSCH 395 2-5PM. 000 STELLENBOSCH You STELLENBOSCH will love the versatileR1 accommodation ON SHOWR1 SUNDAY Follow boards R44 Beste blootstelling R offered. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 lounges

Contact Jim 082 496 5929 R2 500 000

JOINT MANDATE Three lounges and a separate flatlet make this 3 bed home with study and staff accommodation, so desirable. Lovely garden with pool and lapa. Wesley


Luxury tree-top living set in the heart of town. Spacious Bachelors close to Campus. Prime location. # 294376 Taryn Breytenbach 084 504 6286 RE/MAX Oaktree 021 883 2388

Good size plot,oregon pine kitchen and a new pool. Dog friendly.

Would you like to wake up to this view? Put your own stamp on this townhouse with spacious bedrooms. # 492154 # 474053 Marelize 082 683 3228/Carey 078 451 4688 Madelyn van Aswegen 083 635 1100 RE/MAX Oaktree 021 883 2388 RE/MAX Oaktree 021 883 2388




R1 200 000 DIE

Tel: 021-886 5212

Margie 082 967 0745

Pleinstraat 27


finishes and in an excellent condition. / Open plan Dining Room / Family Room / Margie for directions - 082 967 0745. b Ref: 3376

Op Skou: Saterdag 13:00 - 15:30


Prys Verlaging

Louise Brink 082 578 5085


00 ONDER PAPEGAAIBERG RE/MAX Oaktree 021 883 2388 R2 200 000


R2stil, 990 000 PAARL In ‘n boomryke doodloopstraat, naby tweee parke. Pragtige houtvloere. Gesellige kuierarea. Webverw: 3380.


de rf m Gedeelde Mandaat

‘n Moet om te sien. Afwerkings van hoogstaande kwaliteit. Pragtige uitsigte. Webverw: 3318


Your spacious Tuscan country villa in lovely area. 3 bedr/2 bathr/ double garage, 530 sq m plot. # 300651169 # 300645237 # 483193 Marlize van Schalkwyk 083 379 4060 Marlize van Schalkwyk 083 379 4060 RE/MAX Country Living 021 873 7242 RE/MAX Country Living 021 873 7242

R6 750 000 PAARL

R2 050 000 Neat as a pin, just move in! Ideal family home. Modern kitchen. Space for all. Web Ref: 3377

R1 985 000




R3 900 000

R2 150 000


Pragtige INCOME POTENTIAL! gerestoureerde huis Needs TLC. 4 bedr/1 bathr, covered Ruim noordfront 3 slaapkamer eenheid in met Oregonkombuis veranda, large store for flats, large plot. veilige aftree oord. Stapafstand van en sprankelswembad. On Show: Sunday 16h00 – 18h00 supermark en sakesentrum. Webverw: 3248



Joint Mandate


R1 395 000

Roline 083 459 5934

R895 000

ALE – R3 950 000


Elmarie van Huyssteen of Chas Everitt International in Stellenbosch has for the second time won two coveted awards as the top Chas Everitt agent in both the Western Cape (non-Metro) and nationally (non-metro) for her sterling work in 2011. Before she founded the successful Chas Everitt International franchise in Stellenbosch seven years ago, she won the award as top national agent at the estate agency she was involved with at the time.

Excellent value for money. 3 bedroom townhouse with lock up garage. 72m², situated in a secure complex with pool. Web Ref: 3353


. hs. me

Pack leader:

082 040 4744 PARADYSKLOOF




PARADYSKLOOF Move right into this perfect property. Quality finishes and spacious rooms throughout. Entertainer's delight! #484 991 Madelyn van Aswegen 083 635 1100 RE/MAX Oaktree 021 883 2388


R3 000 000

PARADYSKLOOF Akkommodasie vir die nasie! Vierslaapkamerhuis en 2 woonstelle. Swembad en nog erf waar uitsig en ruimte benut kan word. Geprys om te verkoop teen R3m. #502136 Madelyn van Aswegen 083 635 1100 RE/MAX Oaktree 021 883 2388 021 883 2388





3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, a private pool with braai & much much more!

All amenities with stables & groom quarters. This newly renovated 4bedroom home is Tranquil setting!! ideal for young & old! # 300630437 # 300239225 # 300630317 Louis 072 873 6974 Trevor 083 286 3386 Lynne 083 283 8098 MARIE DERCKSEN RE/MAX Winelands 021 863 2046 RE/MAX Winelands 021 863 2046 RE/MAX Winelands 021 863 2046 082 574 0052

Cyrus Gebou 53 Merrimanlaan % 021 887 8760 · Faks: 021 887 1138

SIMONSRUST R1,995m Luxury 2bed townhouse in secure complex A cut above the rest!

CARIN 082 254 6144

BASTMOLEN R995,000 New development, historical centre of town Spacious, sunny, n/facing 1bed units 55sqm No transfer fees



Excellent buy for immediate occupation or investment

3Bed 2bath + garage and garden

2Bed 1 bath with basement parking

Close to all schools and amenities

Melina: 072 888 7808






Web ref: hdk135

Web ref: hdk168

Web ref no: hdk181

Web ref no: hdk185

Web ref no: hdk176

R6 990 000


Huis wat alles vir jou bied - op die drumpel van al die top skole in Stellenbosch! Fantastiese uitsigte! Skakel Nicolette 083 290 4441/ Lezette 082 975 9597

R4 990 000


Hierdie woning is in ‘n sekuriteitskompleks vir kieskeurig koper. Heerlike huis met oop ruimtes, baie lig en spasie. Skakel Nicolette 083 290 4441/ Lezette 082 975 9597

R2 670 000

R5 680 000

R4 500 000

Tussen wynlande is die prag 3 slaapkamer woning wat vele bied. Skakel Hannes 078 533 1016

VERSKRIKLIK VERRUKLIK!!! Onbeskryflik meer ambiance & flair in hierdie asemrowende 5 slaapkamerhuis as wat jy ooit kon verwag. Ek wed jou my kommissie jy gaan nie van my verskil!! Skakel Melina 072 888 7808

Huis vir die groot gesin genoeg spasie vir elkeen met lieflike swembad en kuierplek Skakel Nicolette 083 290 4441/ Lezette 082 975 9597

HELDERBERG | March 22 -




HELDERBERG | March 22 -


HELDERBERG | March 22 -



HELDERBERG | March 22 -


3 3


1 3

3 3



2 2



SOMERSET PLACE R 599TH web ref: 031226

SOUGHT AFTER AREA R 8M web ref: 0112442

BIZWENI R 1.4 M - Neg. web ref: 0212445

NEW RELEASE Spacious & modern unit in secure complex. Communal pool and braai facilities. Call now for a viewing.

We are proud to offer you this property, where you will find the setting for an undisputable quality standard of living. Completely re-constructered in an established garden on a spectacular site. This home was designed by a well known Cape Town architect and built according to Master Builder standards.

Elegant & modern home with many special features. This is a secure gated estate with only 9 units. 152m² Quality living we all longed for.

208 Main Road, Somerset West

021 852 3480

Lynne - 083 272 0528

HELDERBERG | March 22 -



HELDERBERG | March 22 -


TALLE huiskopers is onder die indruk hulle moet eers ’n lae aanbod maak en dan later toegewings maak om nader aan die verkoper se verwagte prys te kom. Ervare eiendomsagente weet egter dat te veel aanbiedinge en teenaanbiedinge ’n transaksie kan kelder. Dit bly ’n kuns om ’n geslaagde koopaanbod te maak, en voornemende kopers wat die regte huis teen die regte prys wil koop moet dié kuns aanleer, sê Berry Everitt, besturende direkteur van Chas Everitt International-eiendomsgroep. “Om te begin, behoort ernstige kopers eers die mark in hul geteikende gebied te bestudeer en inligting oor heersende verkooppryse, eerder as geadverteerde pryse, in te win. Terselfdertyd moet hulle die bedrag wat hulle met gemak kan be-

kostig, bepaal en dan formeel aansoek doen vir voorafgoedkeuring vir ’n huislening. Dit sal verseker dat verkopers hul aanbieding in ’n ernstige lig beskou.” Everitt skryf in Property Signposts, die volgende stap is om alle eiendom met pryse wat ooglopend buitensporig is, van hul besigtigingslys te skrap. Hy meen ernstige verkopers in die heersende mark sal waarskynlik indringend met hul agente saamwerk om ’n billike prys te bepaal en nie veel beweegruimte vir laer aanbiedinge hê nie. “Dit beteken dat voornemende kopers wat ’n geskikte huis binne hul prysbeperking raakgeloop het, ’n eerste aanbod maak wat naby die vraprys is sodat uitgerekte onderhandelings – of selfs ’n summiere weiering – vermy kan word.”

Biggest and Best Property guide in the Boland

SOLD bied die grootste en maklikste toegang tot die mark vir eiendomkopers en -verkopers in die Boland.


Maak só ’n geslaagde aanbod

Strand | Gordon’s Bay | Somerset West | Stellenbosch | Grabouw | Elgin

Michelle Marston 021 841 4285

Geraldine Menellevie, Justin Cupido of Salomie Haskins 021 887 2840

Ilse Fourie 021 870 4600


HELDERBERG | March 22 -



HELDERBERG | March 22 -





Biggest and Best Property guide in the Boland

R1 650 000 Family home in popular area. With flatlet, big garden & views Deon 083 539 8136

R1 460 000 New development, buy without transfer fees. Centrally situated. Philip 082 264 9842

SOLD is die mees koste-effektiewe, hoĂŤ-impak keuse vir die bemarking van eiendom in die Boland

R750 000 Starter home, 2 bedroom townhouse with open plan kitchen / living area / study. With garage. Johlene 082 324 5890

R650 000 Property high in demand. Ground floor unit close to town Philip 082 264 9842


Office number: 021 851 1193 Shop 20, Rola Centre, Caledon Str, Somerset West

Strand | Gordon’s Bay | Somerset West | Stellenbosch | Grabouw | Elgin

021 841 4282

021 887 2840

SA se gekose tuiste vir meer as 33 000 eiendomme te koop of huur.

021 870 4600




16 UNITS SOLD Luxury Retirement 14 IN


Catapult SRV047

Houses from R1,725m


two bed apartments le still availab


Claim your stake NOW!

Apartments from R950 000 Show units open: Monday - Friday 10:00 to 17:00 Sundays 11:00 to 17:00 Tel: +27 (021) 852 0821 • Russell: 083 457 2007 • David: 082 410 7465 • Willis: 083 269 1014 • Lizette: 082 783 9743 E-mail: or • Website:

The village is constituted in terms of the Retirement Act No. 65 of 1988.

DistriksPos | EikestadNuus | PaarlPost

Grootsteen enBeste BesteEiendomsgids Eiendomsgidsin indie dieBoland Boland Grootste



ierdie prag ontwikkeling van 14 huise oorkant 'n natuurpark & digby kampus, bied 'n luukse, moderne interpretasie van die beste ou Stellenbosse kwaliteite. 24-uur bemande sekuriteit. Drie en suite-slaapkamers met lugverkoeling in elk asook ondervloerse verhitting in al die badkamers.

Jets in die swembad, ingesink in duursame Gerappahout en ingevoerde sanitêre ware is maar enkele van die puik kwaliteite van hierdie splinternuwe spogwoning. Vir meer volledige besonderhede besoek ons webtuiste by Verw# hdk184, of skakel die alleenagent Melina Greyling by 072 8887 808.

23 Maart 2012 12 •22 13• Augustus 2010

Car of the Year - Hyundai Elantra The Hyundai Elantra 1.8 GLS has won the Car of the Year prize for 2012 in the prestigious annual competition of the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists and WesBank. The elegant Elantra – Hyundai’s medium luxury sedan with its exciting and eye-catching “fluidic sculpture” styling and with driving dynamics to match – was announced as the winner at the SAGMJ and WesBank’s Car of the Year banquet at Gallagher Estate in Midrand. It is the first time that a Korean car has been awarded the South African Car of the Year prize, and it follows two years where Hyundai Automotive SA had been knocking hard at the door.

KOREAN PRIDE. It has been a wonderful year for Hyundai. The all­new Elantra won the coveted North American Car of the Year and South African Car of the Year. Pic: QuickPic

In the 2011 competition Hyundai had two finalists – the ix35 and Sonata – and the i20 was a finalist in the 2010 Car of the Year competition. This has turned out to be a golden year for the Elantra: In January, at the Detroit Motor Show, the Elantra was also announced as the North American Car of the Year, and it also won the overall prize in the Canadian Car of the Year competition. South Africa’s CAR Magazine named the Elantra as the Best Compact Saloon in their Top 12 Best Buys for 2012, and in their latest edition the topCar magazine chose the Elantra as their Best Compact Sedan in their Best Buy edition for 2012.


March 22 - 2012

• Wheel Alignment • Shocks • Exhausts • CV Joints • Ball Joints Met ‘n halwe eeu se bandeondervinding kan u nie verkeerd gaan nie.

BEKENDSTELLING. Handelaars en adverteerders van Auto Sold, Boland Media se motorgids, is verlede week tydens ’n ontbyt by Olivello bekend gestel. Van links is Riaan van der Merwe en Carlo Hoffman (Battery Centre Stellenbosch), Esmé Smit (Bestuurder Paarl Post), Faye Hendricks (Wheelworx Paarl) en Rainier Talbot (NTT VW Paarl). Foto: Sieb Sieberhagen



Henry Stephan Johannes Willem André Kom doen ‘n gratis padveiligheidstoets voor jy die langpad aandurf.


As u nog nie by Kilotreads/Speedy ‘n kwotasie gekry het nie, gaan u meer betaal as wat u moet en ons kwotasie sluit alle kostes in nie soos ander handelaars nie.

Arrive alive with Kilotreads.

All Prices Includes Vat.

*23 March til end of April

Benodig u ‘n uitlaatstel, bande, skokbrekers, remme, batterye, ‘n trekstang, of wielsporing?

Exide Batteries


Kom na KILOTREADS vir professionele en volledige diens!

KNOCK OUT TYRE SALE!!! KLOP DIE PRYS VERHOGING! prys sluit btw in. slegs beperkte vooraad

Birdstraat 182, Stellenbosch • Tel: 021 887 3115 • Na-ure: 079 888 6088

617/8/9 610/1 630/1 12 Months Nationwide Warranty Return Old Battery

Besoek ons vir ‘n gratis veiligheidstoets.

Besoek ons vir ‘n gratis veiligheidstoets.


Easter Special

Radiators For All Types Of Cars Available Here. Prices Vary 135 BIRD STREET, STELLENBOCH - DU TOIT STATION OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK (021) 887 2233 (021) 887 1506/7

Kry die toonaangewende Nuwe Generasie C-Klas, gelaai met meer as R40 000** se asemrowende ekstras. Dis altyd lekker om meer te kry as wat jy verwag het. Van nou af tot einde Maart, kan jy die toonaangewende nuwe C-Klas, met COMAND Aanlyn,’n geïntegreerde GPSStelsel wat jou ook met die internet verbind***, musiek kan stoor en veel meer kan doen, asook die sportiewe AVANTGARDE Stileringspakket, als ter waarde van meer as R40 000**, heeltemal gratis kry. Die Nuwe C-Klas, waarom met minder tevrede wees? Vir meer inligting skakel die nommer hieronder.

Orbit Motors Boland 138 High Street, Worcester, Tel: 023 342 2420 . Eikestad Motors 113 Cnr Adam Tas and Bird Street, Stellenbosch, Tel: 021 861 3600 . Paarl Motors 37 Jan Van Riebeeck Drive, Huguenot, Paarl, Tel: 021 872 1531 **Voorwaardes geld. Aanbod geld tot einde Maart 2012, terwyl voorraad hou. *** Internettoegang aansluitbaarheid via selfoon. Standaard met MobiloDrive 120. Finansiering verskaf deur Mercedes-Benz Finansiering en *Versekering, ’n afdeling van Mercedes-Benz Finansiële Dienste Suid-Afrika (Edms.) Bpk., ’n Gemagtigde Finansiële Diensverskaffer (Lisensienr. 18 604) en Kredietverskaffer (Lisensienr. NCRCP80). * Onderskryf deur óf Regent Versekering (FSB. 25 511) óf Alexander Forbes Versekering (Lisensienr. 30414). Voertuigspesifikasies mag verskil vir die Suid-Afrikaanse mark. Deelnemende handelaars alleenlik.

March 22 - 2012



March 22 - 2012

Iconic Honda Ballade now even better Tel: 021 887 4599 Fax 021 887 4585 Sel: 083 234 7988 Bellstraat 2 Stellenbosch 7600 E-pos:

Reeds 12 jaar tot u diens

10% Afslag aan studente en pensionarisse Paneelklop & meganies op alle voertuie met 6 maande of 10 000km waarborg.

THE return of the Honda Ballade nameplate to South Africa in February 2011 was a particularly significant event for Honda Motor Southern Africa, because the original Ballade established Honda as a passenger car brand in SA. In the process, it cemented Honda’s reputation for class-leading style, performance, quality and unrivalled customer satisfaction. The new-generation Ballade has retained those attributes of a 21st Century package, while placing new emphasis on environmental responsibility, and value for money. The 2012 Honda Ballade is set to underscore the core values of the nameplate even more convincingly. This latest version remains essentially unchanged under the skin, with the focus on sharper aesthetics, revised interior trim, and detail changes to the standard specification. Marrying a strong road presence to compact dimensions, the sedan’s relatively long wheelbase continues to ensure class-leading interior space, linked to exceptional ease-of-use and manoeuvrability. The styling displays a clear resemblance to Honda’s other contemporary offerings. Its smooth profile is emphasised by the progressive flow of the roofline, the raised rear deck, and the smoothly sculpted surfaces. The 2012 Ballade benefits from a series of subtle changes to the exterior, without compromising the essence of the design. (next page)

March 22 - 2012

(Honda Ballade continued). Its smooth formance, impressive fuel efficiency and profile is emphasised by the progressive a high level of environmental compatibiliflow of the roofline, the raised rear deck, ty. Producing a credible 88 kW of power at 6 600 r/min and an equally impressive and the smoothly sculpted surfaces. The 2012 Ballade benefits from a series 145 Nm of torque at 4 800 r/min, the Ballade of subtle changes to the exterior, without rewards with eager performance in both compromising the essence of the design. standard five-speed manual and advanced These include revised front and rear bum- five-speed automatic. The features list includes a tilt-adjustapers, a new grille, and bolder headlights. ble steering wheel, cruise control, front The result is a keener, sportier look. Subtle improvements have also been and rear electric windows, electrically admade to the 2012 Honda Ballade’s cabin. justable door mirrors, manual air-conditiThese include slight changes to the stan- oning with cabin filter, flat-folding rear seats (60/40 dard specifisplit) and a cation, as trip compuwell as a reviter. sed array of Entertainupholstery ment on the colours and move is profinishes. The vided by a result is even full-featured smarter and four-speaker upmarket audio sythan before. stem on comAs before, fort models efficient use of the availa- PERFORMANCE. The Ballade rewards with eager performance and six-speable space in in both standard five­speed manual and advanced five­speed au­ ker on Elegance mothe embra- tomatic. cing cabin has allowed class-leading levels dels. The CD receiver is equipped with an of interior comfort. This is matched to a integrated USB port, and an MP3 auxiliary high degree of sophistication in terms of connection. Bluetooth for hands-free cellbuild quality, materials used, creature phone use is standard, too. Also on the list are dual front, side and comforts and overall refinement. Versatility remains a further key trait curtain airbags, Isofix child seat anchors, of the new Ballade. Aside from being able a full-size spare wheel, a factory-fitted to accommodate five adults in comfort, it alarm system linked to remote central locboasts an impressive array of innovative king and rolling-code ECU engine immostorage areas and, most notably, a 506-litre biliser. Prices include a four-year/60 000 boot which outclasses even most executi- km service plan and three-year/100 000 km ve sedans. The Ballade employs the re- warranty. Service intervals are every 15 nowned 1,5-litre i-VTEC unit also found in 000 km. The pricing is: 1,5 Comfort Manual the award-winning Jazz. It uses sophisti- R184 900, 1,5 Comfort Auto R196 900, 1,5 Elecated drive-by-wire electronic throttle gance Manual R197 800 and 1,5 Elegance control and achieves superb all-round per- Auto R210 000.



March 22 - 2012

Kia launches new Sedona VQ 7-seater THE new Sedona VQ 7-seater was launched by Kia Motors South Africa recently. It replaces the previous 2,9 diesel model. The new model features an all-new 2,2 diesel engine, which delivers impressive power and torque of 143kW @ 3800 rpm and 436Nm @ 1800-2500 rpm. The new, modern Common Rail Turbo-charged engine provides more power with less noise and fewer emissions through optimal combustion. The new model has one transmission option, which is a new 6-speed automatic transmission, that features neuro-fuzzy artificial intelligence. Neuro-fuzzy artificial intelligence processes information on driving styles and conditions, and accurately predicts the engine response you prefer. An advanced Powertrain Control

SPACIOUS. The all new Kia Sedona has more that enough space for you and your family. Pic: Quickpic

Unit makes for smoother gear shifting. The result of these various technological advancements to the engine and transmission is an efficient engine that delivers the right power and torque while remaining quiet and environmentally friendly. Another addition on the new Sedona VQ is the new electric powered tailgate, a switch in the tailgate and on the remote, which rounds off the ease of opening and closing for the driver. The new Sedona VQ retails at R419 995, and comes standard with a 5-year / 100 000 km warranty as well as a 5-year / 100 000 km maintenance plan. It is also launched with a limited offer, which includes a free Jurgens trailer and towbar to the value of R13 000 for those large family outings.

Laat wiel! Wiele Ekspo 22 – 25 Maart

Bewonder die nuwe Bentley en ander rygoed! m u s t a r d s e e d / 2 012 / P M 9 3 8 9

· Luukse motors · Nuutste tegnologie · Groen produkte · Klank-toerusting · Bybehore en meer T: 021 863 5360

F: 021 863 5370

Cecilia Straat, Paarl, 7620

Thursday 22 March 2012

Sport Nuus

Paarl Post

Rugby op Wellington DIE Boland-rugbyunie se Paasnaweekrugbytoernooi vir klubs en skole in die Boland word van 5 April tot 9 April op Wellington aangebied. Dit word op die Newton-sportvelde en op die Boland-stadion aangebied. Die wedstryde vind plaas op Donderdag 5 April, Saterdag 7 April en Maandag 9 April. Die klubs wat op die Newton-sportgronde kragte gaan meet, is Saldanha, Newton, Roses United, Young Gardens Paarl, Abbotsdale, Moorreesburg en Evergreens Paarl. Die skoolspanne wat gaan deelneem, is Bergrivier Sekondêr, Paulus Joubert Sekondêr, Wesbank Sekondêr, Weston Sekondêr, Hoërskool Langenhoven, Zisukhanyo Sekondêr, Skurweberg Sekondêr en Emil Weder Sekondêr.

SO MAAK MENS. Stiaan van Zyl, Cobra-kolwer en tans die voorste lopievraat in die MiWay blitsreeks (393 lopies in net 9 wedstryde) en met ’n gemiddelde van 49,12 en ’n verstommende treftempo van 152,91, sit hand by om vir Camalitha Pieterse van Pniel die fyner kunsies van kolfwerk te leer tydens die KFC-krieketfees wat verlede Saterdag op Bolandpark plaasgevind het. Meer as 500 kinders van regoor die Boland het daaraan deelgeneem. Foto: Sieb Sieberhagen

STYWE DRAFFIE. Ruan Zeeman van die Paarl op Danven Alex het op ’n stywe draffie die 80 km uithourit by Darling aangepak. Hy het ’n 9de plek behaal in ‘n tyd van net meer as 5 uur en het ook gekwalifiseer om vir die WP span in Julie in die Suid-Vrystaat aan die 200 km Fauresmithuithourit te gaan deelneem.

Record field for Two Oceans A RECORD field of over 25 000 runners, including the defending champions and over 1 500 international runners, will line up on Easter Saturday 7 April for the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon. The 56 km ultra-marathon has attracted a field of just under 9 200, making it the fourth biggest in the event’s history. The largest field was in 2004, when the race made a welcome return to Chapman’s Peak and attracted 9 769 runners. The 21 km half-marathon will see 16 000 runners tackle the new route over Edinburgh Drive, making it the biggest half-marathon in the country and in Africa. The Two Oceans Marathon Association introduced a new route for the first ten kilometres of the half-marathon, which will see participants make their way to the M3, up Edinburgh Drive, which will not only provide spectacular views over Muizenberg and one ocean, but also help to alleviate some of the congestion experienced at the start. From the M3 runners will meet up with the old route in Constantia. “There is always roughly a twenty percent

non-start ratio on race day so we expect there to be in the region of 13 000 runners on the half-marathon route and we have made all the necessary provisions with regards to medical and traffic services to handle a field of this size,” said race director Rowyn James. Runners and walkers not doing the 56 km, 21 km or trail run events can still be part of the world’s most beautiful marathon by taking part in the fun runs on Easter Friday 6 April at the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) sports fields. Participants can choose from a 56 m Nappy Dash (children 1 to 3 years), 300 m Toddlers’ Trot (children 4 to 6 years), a 2,5 km and a 5 km fun run or walk, which start from 12:00 onwards. Enter online for the fun runs at Fun Run number pick-up and late entries will take place either at the Expo at the Good Hope Centre on Wednesday 4 and Thursday 5 April or on Friday 6 April at the UCT sports fields from 09:00 onwards. Call 021 699 0615 for more information. op Saterdag 17 Maart 2012 by die Fairbridge Mall in Brackenfell gehou.

’n Reuse pampoen van 390 kg het vir Henri du Plessis van Worcester ’n maklike oorwinning, sowel as R10,000 prysgeld verseker, teen 21 ander pampoengroeiers wat meegeding het om die titel as: “GROOT PAMPOEN KAMPIOEN 2012”. Tweede plek en ’n prysgeld van R5,000 is aan Pinkie Swart van Heidelberg toegeken en derde plek met ’n prysgeld van R2,000 aan Johan Louw van Clanwilliam.


335,5 kg


357,5 kg

390 kg  

TEKEN DOEL AAN. In die onlangse basketbalwedstryd tussen Franschhoek Vipers (silwer) en die Paarl Vaardigheidskool (blou) was die Franschhoekers baas met 30-10. Hier teken Stefan Barnard van Vipers ’n doel aan terwyl ’n spanmaat Orefile Sethoabane toekyk.

OP DIE AANVAL. Wilmorne Andrews van CPUT se vierde netbalspan is hier op die aanval in hul wedstryd verlede Saterdag teen Genuine Connection tydens die Boland se openingstoernooi op die Zanddrift-bane. Foto: Sieb Sieberhagen



54 . Paarl Post

Sport News TOERNOOI. Tydens ’n onlangse uitklopsokkertoernooi wat op Malmesbury aangebied is, het die Eleven Brothers sokkerspan met die louere weggestap. Ses spanne het aan die toernooi deelgeneem. In die semifinaal het hulle Doolhof Warriors met 4-2 geklop en in die finaal vir Tomi’s (Hermon) met 1-0 geklop. Christopher Pietersen het die wendoel aangeteken.

Rugbytelbord VIOLETS SE SPANNE WEN Die afgelope naweek het Violets die span van Kylemore 15-8 gewen, die 2de span 19-7 en die derde span 28-7. STONES MAAL BROODKRAAL FYN In ’n aanskoulike wedstryd het United Stones vir Broodkraal met 51-9 verslaan. ’n Totaal van 9 drieë is gedruk. Die driedrukkers was Eston Veldsman (2), Elroy Alexander (2), Auburn Thomas (2), Jeremy Mentoor, Hilton Meyer, Donny Galant en Jerome Thomas. Thomas het ook met 3 doelskoppe geslaag. Stones se tweedes het met 10-0 gewen.

Polo Classic in Paarl AN exciting new polo event, the Val de Vie 5 Nations Invitational Polo Classic, is set to take place this Saturday 24 March at Val de Vie Estate. This annual event will feature an invitational of some of the top international polo players from countries such as England, Holland, Pakistan and Poland. It starts at 15:00 until 21:00 and the cost is R250 per person. The tickets are available direct from Val de Vie Estate or contact 021 863 6191 or email Corporate packages are available upon request.

Donderdag 22 Maart 2012

Sportdagboek ) KRIEKET * GMT Paarl-Oos I speel Saterdag weg teen Maties in ’n liga-wedstryd. Dié klub se feesdans is op 30 Maart (19:00) by die Annunciation-saal in Van der Stelstraat. Koste beloop R80 en die Interludes-orkes tree op. Skakel vir Elroy Abrahams (078 223 8117) of Mark Goliath (084 991 4672). Hulle gholfdag word op 12 April by die Paarl-gholfklub aangebied. ) RUGBY * Hillcrest speel Saterdag 24 Maart teen Hopefield op Hopefield. Die bus vertrek om 11:00 en die vervoergeld is R50. * Albions oefen elke Dinsdag en Donderdag om (18:00-19:30) en almal is hartlik welkom. Saterdag speel hulle ’n vriendskaplike wedstryd teen Paarl Rangers op Daljosafat se E-veld. Hulle algemene vergadering word Maandag (26 Maart) om 19:30 by James Green se huis gehou. * Die Paarl Rugbykode se algemene vergadering vind plaas op Woensdag 28 Maart om 19:30 by die Huguenot Gemeenskapsaal. Alle klubs word versoek om die vergadering by te woon. Vir verdere besonderhede, kontak 082 731 4879. * Young Standards bied op Saterdag ’n familiedag by die Boy Louw-sokkerklubhuis aan. Alle lede, oud-lede en ouers van juniors is welkom. Verversings sal in die klubhuis aangebied word. Die Stormers en Bulls-wedstryd sal vertoon word. Vir navrae kontak 082 731 4879. * Violets bied Vrydag ’n hoenderbraai aan teen R40 by Grebestraat 36 (Kenneth se woning). Die spelers vertrek hierna op ’n oefenkamp na die Paardeberg-terrein (gratis). Op 31 Maart speel Violets vriendskaplike wedstryde teen die Titans op die Faurestraat-stadion. * United Stones speel Saterdag weg teen Wamakersvallei. * Newtons-rugbyklub speel Saterdag 24 Maart weg teen Coronations Malmesbury. Busse vertrek vanaf Newtonpark om 10:00. Bespreek jou plek. * Young Standards bied Vrydag 30 Maart dié klub se jaarlikse Fish King Tens-toernooi by die Faurestraat-stadion aan. Op 7 en 9 April neem hulle deel aan die Klapmuts-sportforum se Paasfees-toernooi. Alle junior spelers word versoek om in die April-skoolvakansie by Ebenezer Primêr aan te meld vir oefening. Vir navrae, kontak 082 731 4879.

* Alle Paarl-klubs wat belang stel om ’n Boksmart-kursus te voltooi, kan vir Aslam Abrahams by 083 234 3988 skakel. ’n Minimum van 15 persone word aanbeveel en die kursus sal op Woensdagaande aangebied word. * Albions speel op 24 Maart teen Paarl Rangers (Boy Louw E-veld). Op 30 Maart speel die klub in ’n Tienaan-’n-kant-toernooi wat deur Standards aangebied word. * Young Gardens se oefeninge is Dinsdae en Donderdae vanaf 18:00 by Daljosafat. Die juniors oefen (Dinsdae en Donderdae) om 16:30 tot 18:00 by Nederburg Primêr. Kontak vir Mario William by 021 870 1081 of 082 380 2680. * Franschhoek-rugbyklub se ledevergadering verskuif na die Groendalsportgronde. ) SOCCER * Paarl United het met ’n sokkerakademie vir spelers tussen 9 en 17 jaar begin. Kontak vir Danwell (078 956 1767). Dit sal Dinsdae en Donderdae vanaf 16:00 op by die MCM-sportpark aangebied word. * Paarl Soccer Club’s junior practice is every Tuesday and Thursday at 17:00. All current and new players to attend for the start of the 2012 leagues. Contact Alan Carpenter at 083 437 9507 for more information. ) POOL * The Boland Pool Association is hosting trials for registered players. On conclusion of the trials, teams will be announced to represent Boland at the upcoming South African championships to be held at Kleinplasie in Worcester. Seniors and masters are playing on 24 March at Bacchus Sports Pub (09:00). Contact Edmund Lewis at 082 923 2196. ) REFEREE COURSES The WP Rugby Referees’ Society, in association with SARU and WP Rugby, will be hosting two special courses for potential referees. The courses are 2830 March and 25-27 June (from 08:00) at the Jan Kriel School in Kuilsriver. The cost is R600 which includes accommodation, meal and refreshments, a goodie bag, law book and IRB Rugby Refereeing in Practice manual. It also includes a WP Rugby Referees’ certificate and BokSmart licence and certificate. Learners from age 15 can take part. Contact Lindsay Booysen (021 659 4502) or Ben Theron at 083 269 3590.

WENNERS. Die span van Hotshots het die 2011 Top 8-kompetisie van Drakenstein Poolunie gewen het en in die proses hul titel suksesvol verdedig. Van links is Jaftha Julies, Lovell Samson (kaptein), Hurgen September, Theo-Neale March, Brian Abrahams en Adam Appollis.

KOM HIER. Liam Hendricks (regs) van Boishaai se o.19Brugbyspan probeer een van Schoonspruit se spelers laagvat in Saterdag se wedstryd tydens ’n rugbydag op Porterville. Damian Stevens kom sit hand by. Boishaai het die wedstryd met 28-17 gewen. Foto: Sybe Bakker

Sport Nuus

Thursday 22 March 2012

Paarl Post



Almost a white wash for BHS HAKKE IN. Die 520 kg span van die Paarl-toutrekklub is hier in aksie tydens Saterdag se SA kampioenskappe wat op Malmesbury aangebied is. Dié span het ’n goue medalje in dié gewigsklas verower en daarmee die eerste seunspan geword wat die prestasie behaal vandat die klub twaalf jaar gelede gestig is. Die span is van links Braam Storm (Hugenote), Tiaan Kotze (Tersia Theron), Abri van den Berg (afrigter), Ryno Kotze (Tersia Theron), Tiaan Visagie (Boishaai), Kenneth Olivier (Gimnasium), Tiaan van Wyk (Labori), Darius Louw (Labori) en Gerdus van Rhyn (Labori).

IN the recent annual Cricket Interschools 15 teams from Boys’ High and Gymnasium battled it out on the cricket field. Boys’ High came out on top in twelve of the games with only losses at u.14A, u.14B and u.19G levels. The 1st XI game was played on a difficult pitch that assisted the bowlers. Nelis Janse van Rensburg again showed his teammates the way and scored 40 out of a total of 85. The pick of the Gymnasium bowlers was Heinrich Nel (6.2-2-4-20). Any thoughts of an easy victory for Gymnasium were quickly erased as they were left struggling on 11 for 6 shortly after lunch. Gymnasium rallied bravely, but were bowled out for 54 by amazing performances from Jean-Luc du Plessis (6-3-6-9) and Warren Stoman (6-2-3-7). Boys’ High therefore recorded their second successive interschools victory by a remarkable 31 runs.

KAMPIOENSKAPPE WAG. Vineyard-swemklub se vlak 2-seunswemmers neem van môre af deel aan die SA kampioenskappe op George. Agter van links is SJ Groenewald, Danro Marshall, Francois Marais en Van Zyl Groenewald. Voor is Tiaan Kellerman, Christoff van Zyl en Martin Kotze. Eimee Fuller was afwesig toe die foto geneem is.

Kleiner skole het ook rugbyweek DIE leemte onder kleiner skole om rugbyweke aan te bied het daartoe bygedra dat Hoërskool Labori vanaf 23 tot 28 Maart hul eerste o.15 Mc Carthy Toyota Rugbyweek op die Cheve-velde aanbied. Die kleiner rugbyskole kan nie altyd kompeteer op die groter skole se rugbyweke nie, sê sportorganiseerder Janus van Zyl van Hoërskool

Labori. “Hierdie week gaan ook goeie voorbereiding bied vir spanne vir die komende seisoen,” sê hy. Daar is 10 spanne wat aan die week deelneem en die eerste wedstryde begin Saterdag 24 Maart. Die skole wat gaan deelneem, is Labori, New Orleans, Knysna, Charlie Hofmeyer, Montana, Mo-

nument Park, Parel Vallei, Hopefield, Klein Nederburg en Hermanus. Alle spanne speel elkeen drie wedstryde wat op die Saterdag, Maandag en Woensdag beslis word. Dinsdag word daar ’n rugbykliniek aangebied deur Boland Rugby en die Stellenbosch Rugbyakademie.

BAIE MEDALJES. Die Boland Paalspring Akademie se atlete van die Paarl, onder leiding van Louis Nienaber en JP van As, het hierdie jaar weer eens baie goeie uitslae en hoogtes behaal tydens die Boland Skolekampioenskappe wat vroeër die maand by Daljosafat plaasgevind het. Van links is Wilhelm Brönn (Gim) goud 3,7 m, Kulthoom Gaidiem (HMS) brons 3,10 m, Natasha Obermeyer (HMS) goud 3 m, Leanne Lourens (HMS) Brons 2,5 m, Lukas van der Watt (HJS) goud 3,2 m, Nadia Gilliomee (Gim) silwer 3,2 m en Hennie Beukes (Gim) silwer 3,6 m.

JOY. Boys’ High 1st XI celebrated after another wicket was taken in their interschools match against Paarl Gymnasium.

Paarl Post Sport

Paarl, Wellington, Franschhoek, Klapmuts, Simondium, Gouda & Saron Voorheen die Afrikaanse Patriot

Volume 107

Donderdag 22 Maart 2012

Tel: 021 870 4600

SMS 32363

R5,50 (incl)

Blues vier 75 jaar DIE Lower Paarl (Blues) Rugbyklub, wat vanjaar sy 75-jarige bestaan vier, bied eerskomende Saterdag ’n rugbyfeesdag by die Boy Louw-velde aan. Die verrigtinge begin om 09:30 met verskeie wedstry-

de wat teen Villagers van Pniel gespeel gaan word. Behalwe die drie senior spanne wat mekaar gaan pak, sal spanne van o.12 tot o.20 ook kragte meet. Die toegang is R10 en verskeie kosstalletjies word aangebied.

Boland­ Kavaliers se kombinasies geolie DIE Boland Kavaliers wat hierdie naweek met die SWD Arende in ’n Vodacombeker-wedstryd te doen gaan kry, gaan hulle beste span inspan. Die wedstryd word in Mosselbaai beslis en begin om 16:00. Abé Davids, afrigter van die Bolanders, is baie tevrede met die kombinasies wat hulle in die eerste twee wedstryde op die proef gestel het en vertel dat die dinge nou uitgesorteer is. Die Bolanders het verlede naweek die Blikore in die doodsnikke van die wedstryd met 32-30 geklop. Dít nadat Jacquin Jansen met ’n 50 m strafskop geslaag het. “Gelukkig het Bolla ook herstel van sy besering en hy sal Saterdag weer die kapteinskap

oorneem,” vertel Davids. Davids waarsku dat hulle nie nou op hul louere kan rus nie en waarsku dat SWD ’n gevaarlike span is. “Ons sal by die strukture moet hou as ons dié een ook wil wen,” sê hy. Die span wat na Mosselbaai reis is; 15. Jacquin Jansen 14. Adam Barlow 13. Jonathan Francke 12. Siviwe Magaba, 11. Brendon April, 10. Elgar Watts, 9. Bolla Conradie (k) 8. Zandre Jordaan 7. Alwyn ‘Junior’ Bester 6. Franzel September (o/k) 5. Nolan Clark 4. PJ van Zyl 3. Ross Geldenhuys 2. Hans van Dyk 1. Charl du Plessis 16. Ashton Constant 17. BJ Julies 18. Jaco du Toit 19. Jerry Sefoko 20. Neil Papier 21. Ricardo Croy 22. Cheswin Williams.

TWEEDE KEER. Johan Malherbe, 57, (regs) en Natie Ferreira, 40, (middel) neem vanjaar vir die tweede keer deel aan die ABSA Cape Epic-bergfietsuitdaging in die Wes-Kaap. Saam met hulle is Hendrik de Kock, ’n fietswerktuigkundige van die Paarl, wat na die twee ryers en verskeie ander ryers se fietse sal omsien. Dit is vanjaar die negende keer dat dit aangebied word en duur van 25 Maart tot 1 April. In die agt dae word 781 km afgelê waarvan 16 300 m se klim ingesluit word. Ander deelnemers van Paarl en Wellington is Erik Knoetze (50), Dawie de Villiers (41), Dennis du Toit (41), Noel Droomer (44), Alberto Prins (33), Joritha Prins (31), Michael Scharrighuisen (34), Lieb Loots (55), Bossau Boshoff (28), Werner Joubert (27), Andries Aucamp (33), John Randal (38), Petrus Malherbe (28) en Ryal de Waal (46). Foto: Sieb Sieberhagen

National games in Paarl THE National Summer Games of the South African Sports Association for the Intellectually Impaired (SASA-II) will be hosted in Paarl from 25 March to 31 March. The participating provinces will be Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, North West and the host province, Western Cape. This is an annual national event for persons with an intellectual disability, where the above-mentioned provinces will be competing in the codes of athletics, cross country, swimming, cricket, tableennis and indoor rowing. The program is as follows: 25 March - arrival of provinces 15:00-17:00 executive meeting Dal Josaphat Stadium, 19:0020:00 SASA-II general meeting, PROTEAS. Die Paarl Toutrekklub se 480 kg o.19-meisiespan wat die afgelope naweek by die SA Junior Toutrekkampioenskappe koning gekraai het, is gekies om Suid-Afrika gedurende September in Switserland tydens die Wêreldkampioenskappe te verteenwoordig. Agter van links is Abrie van den Berg (spanbestuurder), Cheré Zoghby, Simaré Abrahams, Sonika Nel, Ina Gerderblom en Doreen van den Berg (afrigter). Voor is Anesta van der Linde, Sumaré Coetzee, Annerika Verwey en Chandre Louw. Die Paarl Toutrekklub se 520 kg seuns- en meisiespan het ook tydens die kampioenskappe as wenners uit die stryd getree.

20:00-21:00 SASA-II Codes’ Meeting 26 March - 08:30-10:00 games opening ceremony - Dal Josaphat Stadium, 10:00-18:00 athletics. 12:00-18:00 - swimming Long Street Swimming Pool, Cape Town. 27 March - 09:00-18:00 athletics Dal Josaphat Stadium, 10:0018:00 swimming - Long Street Swimming Pool, Cape Town, 10:00 -18:00 table-tennis - Thusong Indoor Sport Complex, Paarl, 10:0018:00 cricket - Dal Josaphat A & B, Paarl Parys A,B and C Paarl and 20:00-22:00 Mayoral Welcome Function - Paarl Town Hall. 28 March - 09:00-12:00 Cross Country Dal Josaphat Stadium, 10:00-18:00 swimming - Long Street Swimming Pool, Cape Town, 10:00 -18:00 table tennis - Thusong Indoor Sport Complex, Paarl, 10:00-18:00 cricket Dal Josaphat

A & B, Paarl Parys A,B and C Paarl. 29 March - 10:00-18:00 swimming - Long Street Swimming Pool, Cape Town, 10:00 -18:00 tabletennis - Thusong Indoor Sport Complex, Paarl, 10:00-18:00 cricket Dal Josaphat A & B, Paarl Parys A,B and C Paarl 10:00 - 16:00 Indoor Rowing - Thusong Indoor Sport Complex, Paarl 30 March - 10:00-18:00 swimming (finals) at the Long Street Swimming Pool in Cape Town, 10:00-18:00 cricket (semi-finals) will be held at the Paarl Parys A,B, fields and Faure Street Stadium, 10:00-18:00 table-tennis (finals) Thusong hall, 10:00 -14:00 indoor rowing - Thusong hall. 31 March - 10:00-13:00 cricket (finals) - Parys A,B, Paarl and Faure Street Stadium, 14:0017:00 games closing ceremony Faure Street Stadium.

Paarl Post 21 March 2012  

Paarl Post 21 March 2012

Paarl Post 21 March 2012  

Paarl Post 21 March 2012