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Donderdag 1 Maart 2012

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“IF the ANC had remained in charge of Drakenstein for another five years, the Municipality would almost certainly have gotten into serious financial trouble.” These were the words of executive mayor Gesie van Deventer last week after the 2011/12 adjusted budget was tabled during the council meeting in Paarl. According to the municipal ratings agency, Ratings Afrika, the financial stability rating of the Municipality had steadily declined on all indicators during the reign of the ANC. It was also revealed that outstanding debt owed to the Municipality had escalated from R209 million to R298 million. Money that should have been spent on service delivery was being spent on paying salaries and benefits. By 2011, the Municipality’s salary and wage bill had risen to nearly 30% of the operational cost. Since 2009, the money the Municipality had in the bank had dropped from R182 million to just R166 million, while total creditors for the same period increased from R160 million to R220 million. “In fact, by the time the ANC’s five-year term had come to an end, the Municipality

had become experts in what can only be called ‘creative accounting to hide the financial decline in Drakenstein,” said van Deventer. By July at the end of the financial year, when the DA took over, Drakenstein was facing an actual shortfall of R53,8 BUDGET. Mayor Ge- million on its comsie van Deventer ta- mitments. bled the adjustment “In the seven and a budget last week. half months the DA has been in charge, major steps have been taken to get Drakenstein back on track.” The Mayor went on to relate with what hostility the DA-led council was met in the Municipality when they took over power in March last year: “On the very first morning we arrived at work, we were faced with offices where the filing records had been dumped in a mess in the middle of the floor. “For the first few months, vital information requested by us on the Municipality’s finances was not forthcoming.” To add to their dilemma, from day one

they did not have sufficient telephone lines or computer equipment. They then often had to bring there own equipment and stationery work, van Deventer said. And on top of this, the newly elected Mayco members had real concerns for personal safety as their offices were unlawfully entered a number of times and documents were removed. But despite this, van Deventer said, “things are coming together and we have made many improvements. “We have already acted against officials suspected to be involved in financial misconduct. We were able to save R97 million on operational expenditure, by cutting luxury items. “Savings on the capital budget to the value of R35 million were also made, in some instances by identifying poor planning and budgeting by the previous administration. ”To keep capital projects going, we will seek a loan of R70 million that will be paid back over time and in a responsible manner. We will also ensure that under the DAled council, the Municipality will now register for all grants and subsidies due to it for infrastructure development. “I commit to the Council and Community today, that by the end of the DA’s term of office, this will be among the best-governed municipalities in the country.”


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2 . Paarl Post

Hoorsê | Hearsay ) ’n Senior munisipale beampte, wat glo ’n ou hand in die ANC is, het verlede week kopskuddend sy kwade gevoelens teenoor die DA-beheerde raad getoon tydens die publieke raadsitting. En met gerugte dat verskeie senior koppe nog gaan waai by die Munisipaliteit, kan ’n mens nie help om te wonder of hierdie uitbarsting dalk hierdie amptenaar se vaarwel gaan bespoedig nie. ) Hoekie vir eensames: gesoek, een jong hupse bobbejaanwyfie vir een eensame, druifvretende Paarlberg-bobbejaan.

Full sun for March MARCH kicks off today with bright, sunny and warm weather. The maximum temperature is expected to be 30°C, tomorrow 31°C and Saturday 29°C. But Sunday brings a surprise of rain and maximum temperature of only 25°C. The long term forecast for March looks much the same, with pleasant summer weather continuing and the odd rainy day in between.

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Plakstuk DIE vyfde plakstuk in die Plak-vir-jouSak-kompetisie waarin R1800 gewen kan word, verskyn vandag op bl 54. Die kompetisie sluit op Vrydag 16 Maart om 16:00.

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Thursday 1 March 2012

Begroting ’n groot kopseer vir jan publiek Frans le Roux VERLEDE week het die minister van finansies in die staatsbegroting vir 2012 aangedui dat verbruikers deeglik die gordel sal moet intrek. Ten spyte van die skerp verhogings op kragkoste die afgelope paar jaar, is huiseienaars ook gestraf met ’n heffing van 1c/kWh op elektrisiteit. Motoriste betaal van 4 April ’n bykomende heffing van 28c per liter op brandstof. Dierokerswordswaargetrefmet’nverhoging van 58c op ’n pakkie van 20 sigarette. Die aksynsbelasting op drank is ook weer eens verhoog. Wyn kos 13,5c per bottel meer en bier styg met 9c per blikkie. Die aksyns op spiritualieë styg met 20% ( R36 per bottel). Meer welvarende mense word getref deur die verhoging in kapitaalwinsbelasting (van 10% tot 13,3%) en belasting op dividende (wat styg van 10% tot 15%) Die goeie nuus is die verhoging van R60 wat staatspensionarisse kry (hulle ontvang voortaan R1200 per maand), terwyl persoonlike inkomstebelasting ook effe verlaag is en rompslomp vir kleiner besighede verminder is.

PETROL. Paarl Taxibestuurder Hazley Boonzaaier sê: Die petrol self is al te duur en om die taxi vol te maak kos al meer as ons daaglikse “targets”. Foto’s: Frans le Roux

ELEKTRISITEIT. “Die kragprys wat weer styg sal ’n effek hê op my inkomste. Ek woon by my ma en betaal die elektrisiteit. Dit raak nou te duur,” sê Heico Jacobs, ’n sportwinkel-assistent.

SALARISSE. “Die petrolprys styg aanhoudend, maar ons salarisse bly dieselfde. Dit raak al hoe moeiliker vir ons om te oorleef,” kla Avron Jefthas.

SIGARETTE. “Ek drink en rook, maar ná die onlangse verhoging gaan die regering my dwing om een of selfs albei te staak, sê Raymour Hendricks,” kelner by ’n koffiewinkel.

Franschhoek wine tram here Anne Kruger THERE was great excitement in the town of Franschhoek on Tuesday, when a traditional tram was dropped onto the railway line at the Franschhoek wine cellar. The unique new Franschhoek Wine Tram, which is propelled by a diesel engine, is due to start running in September at the start of the next tourism season. Tram testing will be carried out this week by the Rail Safety Regulator on the portion of the line that has already been reinstated between the Franschhoek Cellar and La Motte siding. This is the culmination of several years of hard work by tram owner David Blyth who has obtained a Spoornet lease on the rail section, to create an iconic new Western Cape tourism experience. The idea is to provide tourists with a safe method of travel while wine-tasting in the Franschhoek Valley - the only wine-growing area in the world where wine estates can be directly accessed by tram. According to Blyth, the Western Cape Government aims to use the tram project as a catalyst to promote tourism development in the area. The service will include a narrated tour of two to three hours focusing on the history of Franschhoek and wine cultivation in the Franschhoek Valley. The sleek vehicle was designed and constructed by Prof Engineers in Johannesburg, one of South Africa’s leading specialist engineering companies involved in the development, design and manufacture of bespoke equipment for rail, mining and industrial applications. The newly constructed tram is loosely

The self-propelled wine tram which will be launched in Franschhoek in the spring, was delivered this week. Pic: Lodine Maske modelled after the open-sided Brill Trams of circa 1890 and seats approximately 30 passengers on eight comfortable benches, six of which have flipped-over, tram-style seatbacks that allow passengers to enjoy the views in both directions. The tram will be able to attain a leisurely speed of 18 km/h and is fitted with rolldown awnings to protect passengers from any inclement weather Passenger access it via two low non-slip fixed steps along both sides of the tram allowing for safe and easy passenger access and includes wheelchair access as well. For safety reasons, the tram will carry two flagmen who will assist the tram at all road crossings. The tram will come to a full stop before each crossing, where the flagmen will then flag any traffic to ensure that the tram can

cross safely. The tram houses a self-contained hydrostatic propulsion system that utilises the latest in bio-diesel engine technology to reduce greenhouse gas, particulate matter, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide emissions when compared to fossil fuel and emissions by a steam train. “The tram service will provide another hugely popular and distinct reason to visit Franschhoek, further strengthening Franschhoek’s appeal locally and internationally,” says Blyth. “The Franschhoek branch line was opened in 1904 and because of our project it will be preserved. Our company will support rail preservation through donations to heritage groups.” For more information, visit

Donderdag 1 Maart 2012

Nuus · News ONDER ARRES. Die bekende akteur Merlin Balie (middel) het vandeesweek “agter tralies” beland tydens die verfilming van ’n opvoedkundige rolprent oor dwelmmisbruik. Balie was in Amstelhof saam met lede van Paarl-Oos polisie en verkeersbeamptes vir die rolprent wat namens die Kaapse Wynland Distriksmunisipaliteit verfilm word. Dit sal by skole en gemeenskapsentrums vertoon word om veral aan jeugdiges die gevare van dwelmgebruik uit te wys. Foto: Lise Beyers

Kees maak amok Lise Beyers

afkom.” Maar met die be’n GROOT mannesoek van die manne tjiesbobbejaan het in blou, het Kees Vryinwoners van Paarl dag weer vinnig verlede week op hol skuiling gesoek in gehad, nadat hy die die berg toe hy hulle lekkerte van druibespeur het. we agtergekom het. Kees is sowat twee Vrydagmiddag, jaar gelede vir die net mooi tydens eerste keer op Paarletenstyd, het Kees, berg opgelet. Hy soos die bobbejaan wandel dikwels by nou heet, ’n wingerd Meulwater-piekniek Bellevue-proefplaas area op soek is na in Bergstraat binneeetgoed wat mense gedring om aan drui- KEES. Hierdie mannetjiesbobbejaan wat sy in- agtergelaat het. we te smul. trek geneem het op Paarlberg, het nou die lekVan den Bergh het Inwoners van die kerte van druiwe agtergekom. Foto: Lise Beyers gesê dat dit die eerste plaas het uit vrees vir keer in die tien jaar hul veiligheid die polisie hieroor in kennis wat sy woonagtig is by Bellevue, dat sy hiér gestel. ’n bobbejaan sien. “Ons vrees vir ons en ons honde se veiligCape Nature het gesê dat bobbejane nie heid,” vertel Sandra van den Bergh. beskermde diere in dié gebied is nie. “Hy sit heel oggend hier en druiwe eet en Maar tensy hierdie alleenloper-bobbedan is hy smiddae weer terug.” jaan ’n gevaar raak vir mense, sal hy toeVan der Bergh vertel dat die bobbejaan gelaat word om op Paarlberg aan te bly. ook dikwels op die rand van die nabygeleë Hulle waarsku egter dat mense baie verreservoir sit en water drink. sigtig moet wees teenoor wilde diere en hul“Maar hy kom al hoe nader aan ons wo- le nie mag voer of teister nie. nings. My dogter is te bang om alleen werk Die bobbejaan sal hom na verwagting betoe te stap en ek is bang dat hy een van ons perk tot die die berggebied, behalwe om ’n honde kan verskeur as hulle op mekaar sou paar trosse te gaps in parstyd.

Dirkie dinamiek Lise Beyers

“Teen hierdie tyd was ek paniekbevan’n VYFJARIGE seun ge. Ek het weer gebel van Wellington het en op daardie stadibykans die hele land um het hulle stilgese aandag getrek, nahou by ’n rooi verdat dit aan die lig gekeerslig in Kerkkom het dat hy ’n hele straat.” paar kilometer op die Intussenhet’nmosleepstang van ’n betoris langs die bakkie wegende sleepwa gein Kerkstraat stilgery het. hou en die bestuurDie situasie het der in kennis gestel verlede jaar op 16 Dedat ’n kind op die sember ontvou toe sleepwa se disseldie Lochners van boom sit. Berg-en-Dal hulself ’n Uitasem-fietsryvoorberei het op ’n er wat die voorval Weskus-vakansie. NUUSMAKER. Dirkie Lochner het voorblad- vroeër ook gesien het, Hul Toyota Fortu- nuus gemaak met sy rit op ’n sleepwa se dissel- het by die bakkie nerwasreedsaanhul boom. By hom is sy sussie Marli. Foto: Lise Beyers aangekom. karavaan gehaak en Die Lochners was langs dié het ’n bakkie met ’n aangehakte blitsvinnig op die toneel en baie verlig om te sleepwa gestaan waarmee familielede sou ry sien dat Dirkie niks oorgekom het nie. wat saam met hulle op pad was. “My swaer en sy vrou was bleek geskrik. Marinda en Francois Lochner het finale Dirkie was effe geskok en was vir ’n lang tyd veiligheidsmaatreëls getref terwyl hul kinhierna baie stil. Hy wil eintlik glad nie oor ders, Dirkie (5) en Marli (3) opgewonde om die voorval praat nie.” die karavaan gespeel het. Dirkie se pa, Francois, het gesê dat hy glad “My swaer het gesê dat hulle solank in die nie opsetlik so wou saamry nie. pad gaan val, terwyl ons die huis toegesluit “Hy hou daarvan om op goed te klim. Terhet,” vertel Marinda. wyl hy gespeel het, het die bakkie weggetrek, “Maar toe ons wou ry, was Dirkie skoonsonder dat enigiemand gesien het dat hy op veld.” die disselboom sit. So het die Lochners oral gesoek. “En gelukkig het die mannetjie kop gehou “Dirkie mag dalk ’n tipiese woelwater- en styf vasgeklou toe hy besef dat hy aan die seuntjie wees, maar hy sal nie van die huis beweeg is. Ons is baie dankbaar dat hy niks af wegdwaal nie.” oorgekom het nie en ook aan die mense wat Marinda het haar swaer geskakel om te die bakkie aangekeer het.” hoor of Dirkie nie dalk saam met hulle in die En dit is seker maar net nog ’n bewys dat bakkie geklim het nie. Hulle het nee gesê en seunskinders beslis ’n engel het wat oor hul die soektog het voortgegaan. waak.

Paarl Post

Vyfjarige sterf op pad

’n VYFJARIGE meisie is Vrydag doodgery op die Wemmershoekpad. Lee-Ann Duikers se ma, Michelle, vertel dat sy en haar dogter Vrydagmiddag die Wemmershoekpad wou oorsteek nadat hulle ’n winkel naby hul huis besoek het. “Ek het Lee-Ann se hand styf vasgehou,



maar toe ons in die middel van die pad kom, het Lee-Ann losgekom en voor ’n motor beland.” Lee-Ann het in haar ma se arms gesterf terwyl daar gewag is vir die polisie en nooddienste. Sy word oorleef deur haar ma, pa Martin Greeff en broer Marco (11).

News · Nuus

4 . Paarl Post

Thursday 1 March 2012

Skrikbewind op bergpas DIT blyk asof ’n bende motorkaskyning gemaak. Die bestuurder pers doenig is in Dutoitskloofvan die Audi is deur die gewapende pas, nadat nog ’n aanval die afgeinsittendes van die Nissan gedwing lope naweek in die pas plaasgeom by die afrit na die Paryspad stil vind het. te hou. Maar hierdie keer het die aanval Hier is die slagoffers van hul in ’n wreedaardige verkragting ontbeursies en selfone beroof. Die man aard. is vasgebind en in die kattebak van Die voorval het laat Saterdagdie motor toegesluit. aand plaasgevind toe ’n man en Een van die verdagtes het hierna vrou van Bellville in ’n grys Audi by die vrou verkrag, terwyl die ander ’n uitkykpunt aan die Paarl-kant man glo na ’n kitsbank gery het om van die pas stilgehou het. Hulle is glo kort hierna deur polisiebeamptes wat op ’n roetine-patrollie was, gewaarsku om SMS jou mening (Maks. 20 woorde) SMS kos R1 die toneel te verlaat. Volgens polisie het die slagofgeld uit die slagoffers se bankrekefers egter net ’n ent aangery en weer ninge te onttrek. stilgehou op die pas. Toe die man terugkom, is die vrou Hiér het ’n Nissan Sentra by hulle in ’n motor gelaai en albei motors stilgehou en die bestuurder van die het weer by Dutoitskloof opgery. Audi het onraad vermoed. Hiér is die vrou uit die motor gelaai Hy het weggejaag en toe hy nie en weer verkrag. meer die motor gesien het nie en geSy is daar gelaat en ’n kilometer dink het dat dit veilig is, het hy weer verder is die man uit die motor gein die rigting van die Paarl gery. Die bestuurder het na die geSMSN1 your viewsgooi. (Max. 20 words) ’n Vragmotorbestuurder het op SMSsy costs R1 ry, maar die Nissan het weer ver-


die vrou afgekom en die polisie is in kennis gestel. Die verdagtes het gevlug in die Nissan en Audi. Die Audi is Sondagoggend verlate gevind op die R300. Hierdie aanval kom kort op die hakke van ’n soortgelyke voorval voorverlede naweek. Toé is daar ook ’n man en vrou in die middel van die nag op die pas aangeval deur gewapende mans terwyl hulle in ’n motor gesit het. Hulle beursies is ook gesteel en terwyl hulle gevangene gehou is, het ’n verdagte geld vanuit hul bankrekeninge by ’n OTM in die Paarl onttrek. Die verdagtes het ontsnap met die slagoffer se motor. Hulle is ongedeerd gelaat. ’n Woordvoerder van Paarl polisie, kapt Louise du Plessis, het die gemeenskap gemaan om baie versigtig te wees wanneer hulle Dutoitskloof veral na sonsondergang gebruik. * Another attack has taken place on Du Toits Kloof Pass, this time leading to the rape of a woman.




Six-year-old child still missing MORE than a month has dered her, before dumping her passed since the disappearbody in a dam adjacent to the ance of a six-year-old child nearby Paarl water treatment from Mbekweni, and still there works. is no sign of her. But despite the dam being Asemahla Ntsabo went scoured by police divers and missing without a trace on Satthe area searched with the help urday evening 21 January afof a police helicopter, no sign of ter she had been playing with the child has been found. friends close to her home in an Langa Mbinyana (27) has informal settlement in Drombeen arrested and charged medaris Street, close to the with kidnapping. He remains Mbekweni railway station. in custody. Intensive searches by mem- STILL MISSING: AsemahA murder charge can only be bers of the police, the K9-dog la Ntsabo. instituted once evidence of a unit, the police diving unit, the murder, or DNA material linkcommunity and even a search helicopter, ing the suspect to the missing child, is have produced no sign of the missing girl. found. Mbijana worked as a casual labourer A week after Asemahla’s disappearance, onhousingprojectsinMbekweni,butiscura man came forward and told the police that rently unemployed. He was allegedly living he had abducted the child, raped and muramongst bushes along the Berg River.

PARS. Van uiters warm weer wat brandskade aan druiwe in sekere gebiede veroorsaak het in Januarie, tot matige tot koel weer in Februarie wat veroorsaak dat druiwe se suikervlak laag bly, is waarmee wingerdboere vanjaar worstel. Die goeie nuus is dat die gehalte van die druiwe goed is, hoewel die oes dalk laer as gemiddeld sal wees. Hier word nog ’n vrag druiwe by Windmeul Kelder afgelaai en reggemaak vir die pars. Foto: Lise Beyers

Rock around mountain with OmmiBerg festival FEEL like bathing in a swimming pool filled with red wine, pairing vintage wines with sumptuous savoury treats or just lazing amongst the vineyards listening to the tunes of headline bands? Well then the annual OmmiBerg ‘Round the Rock’ wine festival is just the place to be on 10 March. The Paarl winelands are ruffling their feathers in preparation for OmmiBerg and a jam-packed programme will ensure that young and old will have their fare share of entertainment in the heart of the winelands. On Saturday 10 March, 12 local wineries right around Paarl Mountain will be dishing up an array of wine-related entertainment. A day long indulgence in sweetly seductive part-fermented wine, sumptuous savoury treats, live music and ambient tranquillity can be expected. Kick back with a grape skin foot massage, swirl your toes through a red wine bath, or work off some energy in a grape vat filled to your knees. Nibble on crisp fresh bread with charcuterie and cheese and find a cool spot on a vine-bedecked lawn, glass in hand, to enjoy the best of the winelands. Sample some bubbles with savouries, relax in a red wine bath or recline a bit to treat your feet to a grape skin foot massage. Renowned cellars such as Fairview, KWV, Nederburg and Windmeul Cellar will be participating, as well as smaller wineries

such as Druk-my-niet, Mellasat and Ridgeback. Each estate will be offering a unique array of activities, as well as tastings of their young wines. Live music from, amongst others, the Schalk Joubert Band, Luna Paige, Zebra and Giraffe, Gerald Clark and Albert Frost will be entertaining festival-goers at various venues.Festival-goers will also have the opportunity of visiting the new kid on the block, Spice Route. This estate next to Fairview, was previously known as Seidelberg and apart from the excellent Spice Route wines which can be sampled here and outstanding restaurant by the same name, it is now home to the already well-known DV Artisan Chocolate, hosting a tasting room and visual factory. Paarl is thus definitely the place to be on 10 March, so head for the hills and taste a wide array of unique wines which are produced all around Paarl Mountain. Early bird tickets for adults are priced at R60 from, or R70 on the day at participating estates, while accompanied children aged under 18 enter for free. Unfiltered wine, live music and Zwiebelkuchen (onion tart) tastings are free throughout the event, while sit-down meals and special activities should be booked in advance and are payable separately. See for details.

Donderdag 1 Maart 2012

Nuus · News

Mr fix-it heads for Drakenstein Lise Beyers

bours in Park Street. His uncle, Daimon de Vries, is a retired minister of the Huguenot NEGOTIATIONS are underway between VGK in Paarl. the Drakenstein Municipality and their He said that he is very excited at the possipreferred candidate bility of joining the Drakfor the post of municienstein Municipality. pal manager. “I look forward to beThe candidate, Jocoming part of the curhann Mettler (46), has a rent vision of the Municilegacy of ‘rescuing’ mupality and opening up opnicipalities who have portunities for all its fallen prey to dodgy adresidents. ministration. “All residents deserve With this announcehealthy and safe condiment at last week’s tions in which to live and council meeting, it came work and to have access to light that the Drakento social and economic stein Municipality is in development. The Mudire straits. The DA alnicipality thus has a very leges it has inherited a specific role to play in sinking ship from the those opportunities. BeANC. cause of this it is also imMettler is an executive TEAM-PLAYER. Drakenstein’s top can- portant to have a healthy, director at the SA Local didate for municipal manager, Johann working Municipality in Government Associa- Mettler, looks forward to being part of place. This is going to retion(Salga).Hespecialis- a winning team. quire much attention.” es in policy and legislaMettler added that not tion relating to local government and municonly is it very tempting for him to work in ipal restructuring, with an emphasis on Drakenstein because of his close family ties institutional reform relating to water and with the area, but he has long awaited an electricity services, municipal institutional opportunity to make a real difference in local governance, strategic planning for local au- government at municipal level. thorities and inter-governmental relations. “Drakenstein has tremendous potential He is a qualified attorney who studied at and with the right leadership it can be the the University of the Western Cape, before leading municipality in the country. I really obtaining a master’s degree in law at Swelook forward to being part of a winning den’s Lund University. team.” In 2010 Mettler’s services were called in * A second ANC councillor, former mayor to sort out the administration of Msunduzi Wilhelm Nothnagel, has resigned from the Municipality (Pietermaritzburg), after this municipal council. He will be succeeded by municipality had been placed under adminCupido Appollis of Saron. This follows the istration by the KwaZulu-Natal provincial resignation of Former ANC mayor Chargovernment due to maladministration. maine Manuel. Here a can of worms was opened with PieThe DA has announced two changes in termaritzburg falling into bankruptcy, their mayoral executive committee. Lutisia drowning in millions of rands of debt. Daries (Human Settlements and Land DeMettler brought change into the adminis- velopment) has handed over her portfolio to tration and was therefore dubbed Mr Fix-it. Wendy Philander, and Jonathan Qebenya He is no stranger to the Drakenstein. His (Sport, Welfare and Youth Affairs) has been parents, Rev Jan and Johanna Mettler, were replaced on the executive by Aidan Stowboth from Wellington and grew up as neighman.

Paarl Post



Help só kragkoste spaar by jou huis HUISEIENAARS wat nog nie die geleentheid gekry het om ’n sender op hul warmwatersilinderstelaataanbringwatkragverbruik besnoeinie,krynoudiegeleentheidomdiekosteloos te laat aanbring namens die Munisipaliteit. Hierdie sendertjie word op die verdeelbord van die huis aangebring en skakel die verhittingselement in spitstye (tussen 18:00 en 20:00) af via munisipale afstandbeheer. Hierdie huishoudelike lasbeheerprojek (HLB) vorm deel van die Drakenstein Munisipaliteit se aanvraagbestuursinisiatief in die streek. Nasionale wetgewing wat vroeg in 2012 in werking getree het, noodsaak munisipaliteite om tegnologie, wat die afstandbeheer van elektrisiteitsvoorsiening na onder meer warmwatersilinders, swembaddens, ver-

warmings- en verkoelingstoestelle en ventilasie moontlik maak, te implementeer. Warmwatersilinders dra tot tussen 30% en 50% van die elektrisiteitsverbruik in ’n huishouding by en is daarom ‘n ideale fokuspunt vir elektrisiteitsaanvraagbestuur in die huishoudelike sektor. In Paarl en Wellington is Powertech IST, ’n energiedienstemaatskappy, deur Eskom aangestel en deur die Drakenstein Munisipaliteit goedgekeur om die program te implementeer. Die gebiede wat besoek word, is Paarl (insluitend Vrykyk, Boschenmeer en Pearl Valley), asook Wellington en Groenberg. Huiseienaars word gemaan om slegs toegang te verleen aan kontrakteurs wat die identiteitskaarte vertoon. Vir meer inligting, skakel 083 228 0268.

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6 . Paarl Post

Thursday 1 March 2012

Paarl Post

Maak Drakenstein ’n geoliede masjien DIE vonke het behoorlik gespat verlede week tydens ’n Drakenstein munisipale raadsvergadering, toe die burgemeester die benarde toestand van die munisipale finansies uiteengesit het, asook die teenstand wat ervaar is van die kant van sommige amptenare. ’n Munisipaliteit is ’n besigheid wat professioneel bedryf moet word. Dit is een ding om ’n suksesvolle maatskappy te bestuur, maar ’n woelige gebied soos Drakenstein waar meer as 200 000 mense woonagtig is, is ’n perd van ’n ander kleur. Daar moet onder andere gefokus word op dienslewering aan die inwoners van die gebied, gehalte-infrastruktuur, asook maniere om die plaaslike ekonomie volhoubaar te laat groei ten bate van die gemeenskap. Die droom is om ’n lewensvatbare, volhoubare en leefbare gebied te skep, waar gemeenskappe die beste lewensgehalte kan geniet. Maar daar is ook net soveel geld om hierdie reuse take uit te voer. Daar’s nie ’n pennie om te mors nie. Dit is duidelik dat die nuwe bestuur van Drakenstein hierdie saak ernstig opneem. Dus moet almal wat hierby betrokke is, saamspan om van die Drakenstein Munisipaliteit ’n goed geoliede masjien te maak.


Boxfirst We were all here GRATITUDE is becoming an increasingly scarce commodity in our modern mendacious and grasping world. If we cannot grab, beg, buy or steal under a “people’s” government, then capitalism rears its seamier side by only caring for the greedy bottom line: bottom line or bottom feeders? After surviving a horrendous tailgating recently, I realised that we continuously should simply say thank you for just being alive in this wonderful land we share. Let us stop focusing on those who try to destroy our country and our peace of mind! Like our Proteas cricket team there is no adversity we cannot overcome if we would just work together, instead of arguing about who was here first. There is no end to the misery that comes from making the race card the joker in the pack. If Darwin is to be believed, we all originated in Africa, even if many eventually became settlers elsewhere. So, even the forebears of the Vikings were also here first. Our farmers know that their bottom line depends very much on how they treat their animals and the people who care for them. Being close to nature, they know that all living creatures respond to love (and gratitude). So, they are a little alarmed at the constant onslaught on their reputation, sometimes by foreign do-gooders who accuse them of abuse of farm workers, animals and the environment. Most of these allegations remain unproven, but as we all know, no farmer can survive economically when idiotically at war with his nearest neighbours (his workers) or his source of income (his animals and his crops). Hunger (famine and malnutrition) is killing Africa. So, instead of stupidly arguing about ethnicity, let us help our farmers of all colours to produce the food we need at prices we can afford. To quote five Western Cape brothers who run one of the most successful dairy enterprises in


Soul Food


the country, their strength lies in their unity and an intelligent diviPosbus | PO Box 409 sion of responsibility. Paarl 7620 They enjoy their work and te all their energy to it. Agriculture is their passion because it is concerned with growth, conservation and sustainable production. It enables them to experiment and learn from their risks. It has enabled them to lead and train their workers to achieve their optimal potential and, by so doing, improve their lot and contribution to the welfare of all South Africa’s people. They currently employ 850 people (only 30 in 1959) and one family at least has been on the farm for four generations. At least two families helped raise and baby-sit the present owners. “We treasure all our farm workers. They are an essential and precious part of our undertaking, our farm community and REG the country’s food seWEISS curity chain,” says Villiers Loubser. “If only everyone could be more like our farm workers at Welgegund. Without them, we could not farm.” Among the deceased farm workers with more than 40 years’ service at Welgegund, Viljee paid tribute to Johannes Esselaar, Klaas Klaasen, Willem Gerse, Setman Jonkers, Mishek Macupe, Modonelle Mnazana and Jamangilie Madlolo. Instead of railing at farmers, let us refrain from negative populist pronouncements and seek ways to reward the loyalty of farm workers and their employers with an integrated rural development programme. What about providing farmers with the same housing and infrastructure subsidies as our municipalities get and better education facilities? In farm workers we have a solid core of hard-working citizens who have proven their worth over many generations. Surely, there is some merit in trying to keep their children in a proud tradition on or near the land. That would benefit the whole of South Africa!



ALWAYS try to be kind to each other and to everyone else. 1 Thessalonians 5:15

Druiwediewe baljaar darem tog te lekker


DIT is alweer oestyd in die Boland vir die druiweboere en ook vir die “diewe”. Tonne druiwe word in oop bakke op vragmotors en agter trekkers vervoer na verskeie kelders. In die afgelope jaar is hierdie Posbus | PO Box 409 oes beskerm teen siektes. Paarl 7620 Nadat die boer sy oes gepluk het, is sy volgende bekommernis om sy oes veilig by die kelders af te laai en dat hy nie te veel van sy oes as gevolg van diefstal tydens sy rit verloor nie. Ons sien daagliks hoe kinders en volwassenes by verkeersligte waar hierdie voertuie met hul vragte moet stop of stadig beweeg, op die voertuie spring en hul plastieksakke volmaak met druiwe.

Box Bus

POST Box Bus

Posbus | PO Box 409 Paarl 7620

Ek dra kennis van ’n boer wat verskeie kere by senior bestuur van die polisie gekla het, maar dit bly net eenvoudig by beloftes en intussen ly hy skade as gevolg van hierdie diefstal van sy oeste. Ongelukkig is dit so, dat indien so ’n boer in konfrontasie moet kom met ’n dief terwyl hy poog om sy oes te beskerm, hy

Sevens was a joke WHAT a joke the Young Gardens sevens tournament was which was held last Sat-urday! The two teams (Vineyards and Young Standards) that looked to be the favourites at the tournament were disqualified after winning their respective quarter final games and being unbeaten in their pools. The reasons were that Vineyards allegedly used 11 players and not 10, and Standards played with an unregistered player (which 99% of the teams did anyway). The best team did not win that tournament. Anonymous Mario Williams van Young Gardens reageer:

Ons is trots daarop om weer ’n suksesvolle sewestoernooi te kon aanbied. Op 18 Februarie was die trekking gehou waar al die spanne teenwoordig was. Die toernooireëls was voorgelê aan al die klubs vir bespreking en al die klubs het besluit dat slegs tien spelers per span geregistreer kon word vir die dag. Ongelukkig het Violets, Young Standards en Vineyards die reëls oortree en moes hulle gepenaliseer word. Omdat jy ’n gunsteling is om ’n toernooi te wen, beteken nie dat jy die reëls van die toernooi mag oortree nie. Die beste span, Laer Paarl, het inderdaad die toernooi gewen.

Sien ek reg? EK weet nie of my oë my bedrieg nie, maar is ek reg wanneer ek sê dit lyk vir my asof ons dorp se strate (veral Hoofstraat) skoner is? Ook op ander terreine merk ek positiewe dinge. Ek wil die Munisipaliteit bedank vir hierdie merkbare verbeteringe. Natuurlik kan mens nie oornag ’n groot verandering verwag nie. Dit sou onregverdig wees om ná jare se agteruitgang binne enkele maande ‘n radikale verandering te verwag. Dit is reg om klein te begin met veranderinge en suksesvol groot te eindig. Ons as inwoners wens u alle sterkte toe vir hierdie grootse poging wat vir u voorlê. David

net eenvoudig aan die kortste ent sal trek en binne minute sal daar tien polisievoertuie op die toneel wees. Die volgende dag sal dit op TV uitgesaai word “boer rand onskuldiges aan” en vakbonde sal betoog voor die hof. Ek weet die polisie se standpunt sal wees van “maak ’n saak” en ons sal dit ondersoek en die uitslag sal later wees “onopgespoor” wat sal beteken “jy weet nie wie die dief is nie, hoe sal ons dit dan weet?” Die polisie behoort te weet dat hulle ingevolge die land se konstitusie verplig is om die burgers van die land se lewe en eiendom te beskerm. Neville Botha

Welgedaan, aan dié lede van die polisiediens OP Donderdag 23 Februarie is ’n battery by my besigheid gesteel. Ek het eers twee ure ná die voorval daarvan gehoor en het dadelik vir Hein Salzmann van die Paarl polisie gebel en vir hom gevra om uit te kyk vir ’n verdagte (waarvan ek geen beskrywing kon gee nie). Om twee ure ná ’n diefstal te begin soek vir iemand waarvan daar geen beskrywing gegee kan word nie, is in almal se oë ’n onmoontlikheid, maar so waar as vet, minder as ’n uur later staan adj Mekeur en konstabel Pietersen van die Blitspatrollie met die verdagte en my battery by die polisiestasie! Welgedaan! Chris Nieuwoudt (DC Auto Elektries)

Thank you traffic cops I WOULD like to sincerely thank two provincial traffic officers who came to my assistance late Tuesday afternoon 22 February on the N1 just outside Paarl. I was en route to Paarl and about 1,5 km from the Paarl Main Road turn-off, when I experienced major gearbox problems and, with smoke billowing from my engine, I pulled into the emergency lane. Traffic officers D Adams and SJ Evans were quick to assist and,

above and beyond the call of duty, both personally escorted me to a friend nearby where I could make arrangements with towing and mechanical assistance. I am so grateful to these two officers. I was on my own and they really, really helped to make a very unpleasant and frightening experience a lot easier to manage for me as a woman. Nicky Raknes Gordon’s Bay

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Donderdag 1 Maart 2012

SMS 32363 ) Daar is niks met Daljosafat-stadion verkeerd nie, hy is verlede jaar mooi opgegradeer - die meisieskole kan maar weer hier kom meeding. ) Dankie, dis hoogtyd dat ons ouers moet opstaan vir ons atlete, want wie gaan? Onderwysers mag niks sê nie. ) Dankie vir Saterdag (25/02) se atletiekbyeenkoms wat beter georganiseerd was. Wys jou net hoe goed dit is om die pen op te tel. ) Die ouers wat so kla oor die atletiekbyeenkomste moet asseblief ophou kla en die werk self gaan doen. Als gaan nie net oor wen nie. ) Mnr Matheyse jy is 100% reg, ek het ook al daai paralaksfout gemaak! Baie ouers is slegte verloorders! ) Waarom moet laerskool-atlete wat in Bolandspan opgeneem word R1 500 binne ’n week betaal? Kan atlete nie verniet deelneem nie? )Baie dankie vir Magda se sopkombuis en vir die harde werk wat hul insit om vir so ’n klomp mense kos te gee. )Werknemers se motors staan heeldag voor besighede in Lady Greystraat onderkant die gebied waar parkering betaalbaar is. Hulle verhoed ander om die parkeerplekke te gebruik. ) Opvoeders veral in die Grondslagfase wat uitstekend vaar met leerders se leesvaardigheid verdien ’n dawerende applous en waardering. ) Laerskole kan eerder Lentedag vier as Valentynsdag. )Huis- en motorsleutels drie weke gelede opgetel in FlambeaustraatNoord. Kontak 021 863 2700. )Wat van ’n vullisherwinningspunt by Paarl Mall? )Ek dink dit moet ’n vereiste wees om by ’n verkeersirkel uit te passeer! )Die ouers wie se arrogante jong dogters Vrydagaand 3 Februarie Russellstraat in Noorder-Paarl se padoppervlak met graffitti bemors het, voed hulle op en mors voor julle eie deur. ) Baie dankie aan die munisipale werkers wat nuwe lamppale geplant het in Bloekomlaan, en Marlon Claasen se kruis wat aan die ou ligpaal was, in die grond geplant het wat die ou paal gestaan het - die familie waardeer dit opreg. )Ai tog Boys’ High - ’n coach en nog coaches vir bowling en conditioning en batting; lekker om geld te hê! )Onderwysers wat nie ouervergaderings bywoon nie moet aan WKOD gerapporteer word. ) Nou verstaan ek hoekom apteker by Paarl Hospitaal nie medikasie wil uitreik al het die dokter dit voorgeskryf nie. )Geen wonder SAPD kan nie die nagtelike jaery stop nie, want een van hulle kollegas, die een met die metaal blou-grys Toyota, jaag soos ’n padvark helderoordag.


vloeiprobleme. Die Paarl sal slegs tot sy volle potensiaal as ’n aangename leef-dorp kan ontwikkel indien diegene wat wel hier woon volwaardige inwoners is wat hier werk, hier spandeer en hier hulle bydrae tot gemeenskapsaktiwiteite lewer. Die vallei kan ongelukkig net ’n beperkte aantal mense sinvol akkommodeer voordat ons doodgewurg word en verstik. Kwalitatiewe en nie kwantitatiewe ontwikkeling nie, moet ons strewe wees! Ons stadsvaders en alle gemeenskap sektore moet hierdie uitdaging aanvaar voordat dit te laat is. Om groot te wees mag bepaalde voordele inhou, maar om te groot te word kan in ons beperkte vallei verdoemend wees.

EK het op Vrydagoggend 24 Februarie om 09:25 in Versterstraat in die Paarl gery op my bromponie, in die rigting van Game. Voor my ry ’n wit Tazz (CJ5521*). Sy gooi ’n brandende sigaretstompie by haar ruit uit. Ek skuif langs haar in by die stopstraat en vra haar hoekom

sy dit gedoen het. Haar antwoord was: Hoekom kan ek dit nie doen nie? Waar is mense se omgee en maniere? Jy kon dit in my oë gegooi het. Dink voor jy iets onverantwoordeliks doen en meem almal in ag asseblief. Ontstelde Paarliet

Pieter Kilian

SMS 32363 )Die res van Drakenstein Munisipaliteit kan darem ’n paar lesse gaan neem by die Verkeersafdelings, oor vriendelike dienslewering! BiBi )Wanneer word Mountain View en Riverside se sypaadjie geteer - ons woon al amper ‘n jaar hier en dis nog net klip en sand. )Wie sou 9 babakatjies sonder hul ma in ’n stormwaterpyp los by Malan- stasie se afdraai buite Wellington? Ek sorg nou vir hulle. ) Polisie in Paarl moet dringend begin werk om die dwelmprobleem hok te slaan, daar is baie min of geen optredes teen die tikhuise en onwettige dranksmokkelhuise wat grotendeels die agter- geblewe gemeenskappe teister. Hulle moet vasgevat word terwyl hulle nog net begin, anders raak hierdie probleem buite beheer. ) Die res van Drakenstein Munisipaliteit kan darem ’n paar lesse gaan neem by die Verkeersafdelings, oor vriendelike dienslewering! BiBi ) Ons park in Klein Parys word glad nie na gekyk, ouers weet nie wat hulle kinders hier in park aanvang nie. ) Ek sal nie betaal vir parkering nie. ANC het hul dik geëet saam met grondeienaars, nou met ons boet. ) Was Newton se inwoners geraadpleeg met die beoogde kuierplek bo-op Kristals in Newton? NEE. ) Mnr Honda CN580* jou padvarkmaniere in Pentzstraat-Wes moet asb tot ’n einde kom. Moenie dat Mnr Spyt eendag vinniger gaan ry as jy nie. PRICES VALID AT DC MEAT MARKET UNTIL SUNDAY 04 MARCH 2012. WHILE STOCKS LAST. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES. E&OE.

UNBEATABLE VALUE 500g Chicken Livers


5.95 each

Chicken Braai Cuts

19.95 p/kg

Pork Braai Chops

36.95 p/kg

Pork Shoulder Ribs (Plain or Spiced)


Swak gedrag van motoris met haar sigaretstompie

Word die Paarl deur ontwikkeling gewurg? ONS het toegelaat dat die Paarl residensieel oorgroei het met al die negatiewe gevolge daarvan. Pragtige wynplase word deur ontwikkelings vervang. Die Paarl het grootliks ’n slaapdorp vir Kaapstad geword. Te veel van ons inwoners slaap net hier, maar beoefen hulle dagtaak in Kaapstad. Dit beteken onder andere dat hulle ook ’n groot deel van hulle inkomste dáár in plaas van plaaslik spandeer en weinig bydra tot die aktiwiteite van die plaaslike gemeenskap. Die oorbevolking bring ook talle ander probleme soos werkloosheid, misdaad, die oorbesetting van ons infrastruktuur (onvoldoende en gebrekkige elektrisiteits- en waterverspreiding) en oorbevolking van voertuie op ons strate met gepaardgaande verkeers-

Paarl Post

19.95 p/kg

3kg Smoked Russians


49.95 each

1kg Country Mix Veg

9.95 each

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8 . Paarl Post

Thursday 1 March 2012

Paarl maak sy hart oop vir Klawervlei

BESOEK. Leerders van Klawervlei is verlede week heel bederf tydens ’n weeklange besoek aan die Paarl, Wellington en Kaapstad. Hierdie besoek is moontlk gemaak deur die hulp van Imma Grobbelaar (agter naaslinks) en Sandra Vorster (agter naasregs). Foto: Lise Beyers

PAARLIETE het vandeesweek hul harte breed oopgemaak vir ’n byna vergete Karoo-skooltjie. Klawervlei Skool is geleë bo-op die Nuweveldberge, sowat 50 km vanaf Beaufort-Wes. Die skool huisves 48 leerders, meestal vanaf arm plaasgemeenskappe, wat onderrig word in twee multi-graadklasse (grondslagfase en intermediêre fase). Die kinders gaan tuis in ’n koshuis, maar hiér is geen warm water nie. Hulle gaan een maal ’n maand huis toe en kom dalk slegs een keer ’n jaar op Beaufort-Wes. . Verlede jaar het Paarliete Imma Grobbelaar en Sandra Vorster kennis gemaak met die skool en is so geraak deur die kinders dat hulle besluit het om ’n uitreikprojek te loods vir die skooltjie. Hulle het ’n groep plaaslike universiteitstudente genader om in November verlede jaar vir ’n week besoek af te lê by Klawervlei om interaksiesessies met die kinders te bied.

En Sondag, te danke aan borgskap van die Hanlie Rupert Getuienistrust, is die kinders per bus na Drakenstein gebring vir ’n weeklange kulturele en opvoedingsuitstappie. Skoolhoof Celia Vorster het gesê dat min van die kinders al ooit uit hul distrik was. “Toe ons die geleentheid gebied is vir so ’n toer met die kinders, het hulle almal gesê hulle wil graag die see sien.” Ingesluit in die toer was ’n besoek aan die Taalmonument, die Toringkerk en die Afrikaanse Taalmuseum in die Paarl. Hulle het ook Tafelberg die Waterfront besoek. Grobbelaar en Vorster het gesê dat dit hartroerend was om te sien hoe Paarliete hul harte oopgemaak het vir die kinders. “Klere is geskenk van Pep, Paarliete het sakgeld geskenk en Molly Minitzer het die kinders genooi om by Mini-Max te gaan fliek. Dit is die eerste keer dat hulle ooit ’n rolprent gesien het.” Die kinders het vir hul week in Drakenstein tuisgegaan by Bergkroon.

Wellington wynoesfees – vaatjies vol plesier OF jy nou ’n passievolle foodie is, of ’n entoesiastiese natuurliefhebber, ’n kultuur-guru met ’n voorliefde vir ’n verskeidenheid musiek of ’n wynconnoisseur, die 6de Wellington Wynoesfees bied jou ’n propvol, jolige spyskaart. Vanaf 17 tot 18 Maart gooi sowat 20 wyn- en brandewynkelders hul deure oop sodat jy kan kom proe, saammetvriendeenfamiliekankuier en die mooi van hierdie omgewing kan geniet. Feesvieringe en verruklike kos is mos vennote en hier word die tafel gedek met die beste uit die Boland: oorweeg ’n seekosbraai by Nabygelegen, oesters en vonkelwyn by Bovlei, wildevark op die spit by Bontebok Ridge; of word bederf met ’n soveel-

jy-kan-eet roomysuitdaag by Diemersfontein. Gryp ’n ietsie te ete in die verbygaan of sit aan vir ’n deftige affêre; kies gesonde handgemaakte geregte of bederf jou sintuie met dekadente soetgoed. Eersteklas-musiek en vermaak is hoog op die agenda: ervaar top SA sanger Arno Carstens unplugged by die Bosman Family Vineyard se Lang Middagete, geniet die klanke van Idols-wenner Elvis Blue by die Bôrdienghuis-teater, luister na Gerhard Steyn van Baby Tjoklits-faam by Kleinevalleij, of hou ritme saam met Die Heuwels Fantasties by Schalk Burger en Seuns. Kom vier die wynoes en die ryke verskeidenheid van wyne en bran-

dewyne by die deelnemende kelders. Meng jou eie wyn by Napier Kelder, sluit aan by die kenners van Jorgensen’s Kelder vir ’n interessante paringe van kos en spiritualieë, en proe Diemersfontein se nuutste oesjare reg uit die vaatjie. Indien sport en sports jou hart warm laat klop, is jy in vir ’n ding: laat neem jou foto saam met die Super Rugby trofee wat die Stormers verlede jaar in die Suid-Afrikaanse Franchise-afdeling gewen het. Vir verdere inligting, die volledige program, ’n lys van deelnemende plase en spesiale akkommodasieaanbiedinge, kontak Peter by tel 021 864 2479, e-pos of besoek

DONATE. Animal lovers are asked to keep an eye open for the SPCA trolley when shopping at Checkers supermarkets. Here the public can donate much needed dog food to the SPCA, as well as any other petrelated goodies like blankets which are also much needed. Here Riaan Titus of Paarl SPCA holds two adorable mutts which are looking for a home. Pic: Lise Beyers

Nuus · News

Donderdag 1 Maart 2012

SKADELOOS. Die reënspinnekop mag dalk skrikwekkend lyk, maar hy is eintlik heel skadeloos.

Leef saam met daai spinnekop Lise Beyers KLOKSLAG, enkele dae voordat dit gaan reën, lê reënspinnekoppe besoek af aan talle Paarliete, veral in wonings teen die hange van Paarlberg. Hierdie grillerige gediertes wring hulself in wonings in, selfs deur die kleinste krakie, en veroorsaak dan byna histerie tussen die mens-diere. Maar hoekom kom soek hulle juis voor die reën skuiling? Eintlik, sê die kundiges, soek hulle nie skuiling nie, maar hulle kom jag insekte. Dit is juis insekte wat skuiling soek teen die reën. En wat merkwaardig is, is dat reënspinnekoppe ’n ingeboude sensor het wat die reën voorspel, dae voordat dit sy verskyning maak. Dr Gerhard Verdoorn van die Griffon Gifinligtingsentrum sê dat alhoewel die kake van dié spinnekop baie dreigend lyk, byt hierdie groot dierasies byna nooit nie, tensy hulle seergemaak word. “Hulle jag graag kakkerlakke en krieke, dus is hulle ’n bonus in die huis. “Baie mense hou hulle as troeteldiere aan omdat hulle so lekker mak word. Hulle kan gemaklik hanteer word as hulle eers mak is. Dit is werklik ’n plesier om so ’n mak spinnekop in die huis aan te hou.” Verdoorn het bygevoeg dat in terme van die ekologie is spinnekoppe bitter belangrike skakels in die voedselketting. Hulle is

GESOEK. Elvizo Stoffels word gesoek in verband met die besit van dwelms. ’n Lasbrief is uitgereik vir sy inhegtenisneming. Kontak Charleen Fortuin by 083 574 5665 met enige inligting. COUNTERFEIT. Paarl police require the assistance of the public regarding the whereabouts of Siyahamba Rukato who is wanted in connection with the sale of counterfeit goods. Anyone with information can contact Const Xolani Ndongeni on 078 742 8631.

predatore wat jag maak op ander diere, soos insekte en selfs klein voëltjies, reptiele, soogdiertjies, vissies en ook ander spinnekoppe. In die landbou lewer die spinnekop ’n waardevolle, maar onopsigtelike diens, vertel Verdoorn, deurdat hulle in hul groot getalle as natuurlike plaagdoder optree. Ook om die plaasopstal is dit ook nodig om spinnekoppe te akkommodeer om die verpestelike huisvlieë, brommers, kakkerlakke, motte en ander plaaginsekte in toom te hou. “Tensy die spinnekop werklik ’n gevaar vir die mense inhou, behoort hulle met rus gelaat te word. “’n Mens moet wel aanvaar dat die meeste spinnekoppe wel giftig is, maar die kans dat selfs die giftigstes onder hulle mense sal byt, is uiters skraal.” “Seker die grootste bedreiging vir spinnekoppe is mense se onnodige vrees vir hulle, want die plaagdoderkannetjies word te vinnig gegryp as spinnekoppe hulle verskyning maak. “As ons ons vennote in die plaagbeheer – dis nou die spinnekoppe – doodmaak, gaan ons die stryd teen peste en plae verloor.” Dus, as die reënspinnekop kom inloer, probeer met hom saamleef. Maar as dit heeltemal onmoontlik vir jou familie is, neem ’n groot fles en skep die spinnekop met die roerspan daarin. Laat hom dan eenvoudig buite weer los en slaap rustig.

Koester top gehalte – smag na die waarheid

plaasmark 3 Maart

08:00 tot 13:00 (onderdak). Direk van die plaas: Groente, vrugte, vleis­ soorte, tuisgebak, kaas, konfyte, druiwepit­ olie, heuning, ens. Eetgoed. Kindervermaak.

Vars kos en puik wyn. Ontbyt – R35 (tot 11:00)

Smaaklike feite uit die kelder Platter SA Wines: 1 x 4,5 sterre; 6 x 4 sterre; 2 x uitsonderlik drinkbaar teen goeie prys Veritas: 1 dubbelgoud, 3 goud en 4 silwer Absa Top 10 Pinotage: Top 10 wenner en twee finaliste in top 20 Michelangelo International Wine Awards: 1 dubbelgoud, 5 goud en 3 silwer Winemakers’ Choice: Beste produsent (tweede jaar agtereenvolgens), Trofee vir Top Rooiwyn en 4 diamant-toekennings WINE tydskrif: Pinotage Reserve 2009 - 4,5 sterre; top waarde en voorsitter se nr 1 keuse

DWELMS. Die polisie is op soek na William Fortuin in verband met ’n saak van die besit van dwelms. Sers Charleen Fortuin kan gekontak word by 083 574 5665.

Paarl Shiraz Chenin Uitdaging: Top Chenin blanc en een van top 10 Shiraz-wyne


Hoek van R44 en Agter-Paarl pad. Moderne fasiliteite vir: Konferensies, Seminare, Funksies en Troues. Tel. 021 869 8100,



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10 . Paarl Post

Thursday 1 March 2012

Jeron wil jeug so help Lise Beyers

SKADE. Tik-koppe het onlangs toegang tot die perseel van die Bôrdienghuis-teater by die Breytenbach-sentrum op Wellington verkry en skade aan verskeie gloeilampe gerig en koper waterpypies uit fonteine gesteel. Tikverslaafdes gebruik juis gloeilampe om hierdie dwelm mee te rook. Heinrich von Wielligh, bestuurder van die Bôrdienghuis-teater, het gesê dat pakkies Tik in die verlede voor die teater se stoep opgetel is. Foto: Lise Beyers

OP tienjarige ouderdom was Jeron Roux maar nog net een van baie seuns wat polisieman wou word. En nou, byna elf jaar later, is hy nie net besig om sy drome te volg nie, maar hy trap al diep spore in die SA Polisiediens. Roux, wat in 2010 by Hoër Jongenskool gematrikuleer het, het reeds op die jeugdige ouderdom van tien jaar juis vir die Minister van Gemeenskapsveiligheid ’n handgeskrewe brief geskryf om voorstelle aan hom te gee oor hoe jeugdiges betrokke kan raak in die bekamping van misdaad. “Ek kon om my sien hoe die jeug uitmekaar val. Baie van hulle het geen rigting nie en ek het van kleins-af gevoel ek wil die jeug help.” Kort voor lank is Roux in kennis gestel dat die minister hom hieroor wil spreek, en daar het sy paadjie met die gereg daadwerklik begin. Vir die volgende tien jaar het Roux vrywillige diens gelewer aan die gemeenskap van Paarl-Oos

deurdat hy ’n junior voetpatrollie op die been gebring het wat middae verskeie gebiede gepatrolleer het. Hy het ook begin jeugprogramme vir die polisie skryf oor hoe om die jeug se betrokkenheid by die bekamping van misdaad te bevorder. Hierdie programme word oral in die Wes-Kaap geïmplementeer. En twee maande gelede is Roux as Junior Stasiekommissaris van Paarl-Oos polisiestasie aangewys. Roux se daaglikse pligte is om saam met sosiale misdaadbeampte konst Lance du Plessis lesings by skole en jeugsentrums aan te bied oor misdaadbekamping en dwelmmisbruik. Roux wag ook tans vir sy aanvaarding as permanente lid van die polisie. Hy is hierdie naweek ook onderweg na Swede waar hy lid sal wees van ’n munisipale jeugdelegasie wat dié land gaan besoek. Maar Roux se talente is weer op nasionale vlak raakgesien en hy is vanaf die einde Maart aangestel om jeugprojekte te bestuur by die Provinsiale Kommissaris se kantoor. “Hier sal ek voortgaan om op provinsiale vlak met die jeug te werk.”

Motor ry oor vrou ’n VROU van ’n plaas in Klein Drakenstein is Sondagaand dood nadat ’n voertuig letterlik oor haar gery het. Die vrou, Sarah Kock, het volgens ’n ooggetuie omstreeks 22:20 in die middel van die Sonstraalpad gesit. ’n Motoris het stilgehou om die vrou na veiligheid te bring, maar voordat hy die vrou kon help, het ’n ander motor oor haar gery. Kock is op die toneel oorlede. ’n Saak van strafbare manslag, asook roekelose bestuur, word deur Paarl polisie ondersoek.

DEKSELS. Daar word deesdae gekla oor die stort van rommel op Bainskloof. Selfs die deksels van die dromme word gesteel - en beslis nie deur bobbejane nie! Foto: Deon Steyn

BESOEDEL. Die pragtige Bainskloofpas gaan al hoe meer gebuk onder besoedeling. Hier ry twee fietsryertydens die Lions prettrap verby ’n hoop bande wat geruime tyd gelede teen die skuinste onderkant die pas gestort is en ’n brandgevaar is. Foto: Deon Steyn

GELUK. Die junior stasiebevelvoerder van Paarl-Oos polisiestasie Jeron Roux, skud hiér blad met die senior stasiebevelvoerder, kolonel Enos Maseko. Foto: Lise Beyers

Donderdag 1 Maart 2012

Beware of cyclists MORE than 4 000 cyclists will compete in this year’s Columbia Grape Escape and Cape Argus Pick n Pay Mountain Bike Challenge this weekend. For the safety of cyclists and the general public, traffic will be controlled in areas where the competitors make use of public roads. Expect traffic delays on Friday 2 March from 07:15 to 07:45 on the R45 at Voor Paardeberg and from 08:40 to 13:00 between Bainskloof and Diemersfontein. On Saturday, cyclists will travel between Paarl and Boschendal on the R301 past Pearl Valley (09:00-12:00), and on the R45 09:20 and 13:00 past Bien Donné. Contact the organisers on 083 5555 028/27 for emergencies. For more information, visit

Winkel besteel van tien rekenaars ’n SAKEMAN in die Paarl middedorp het Vrydagoggend die deure van sy besigheid wawyd oop gevind. Frits Brits wou om 07:30 sy rekenaarwinkel op Jan Phillipsplein oopsluit, toe die deure reeds oop was. Eers het hy gedink dat die winkel nie die vorige middag ordentlik toegesluit is nie, maar by nadere ondersoek het hy skade aan die deur opgelet. En dit was ook toe dat hy met skok ontdek het dat tien skootrekenaars uit die winkel gesteel is. Beide die sekuriteitshek en die deur is deur middel van gereedskap oopgedwing. “Dieselfde oggend is vasgestel dat ’n nabygeleë bank se wieletjie-vullisdrom gesteel is. Ons vermoed dat hulle dié gebruik het om die rekenaars te vervoer.”

Suspect arrested AFTER a spate of burglaries recently hit De Zoete Inval in Paarl South, the police have made a major breakthrough in beating crime in this area. Bradley Fortuin was identified as a suspect in these burglaries, when his identity document was found in a sports bag at one of the crime scenes. Information was received by Paarl detectives from the public about Fortuin’s whereabouts. When they visited the address where Fortuin resides, he fled through the vineyards. But upon his return, police were waiting for him and he was arrested. Police spokesperson Capt Louise du Plessis said that Fortuin is currently being linked to six burglaries in the past month.

Is your firearm licensed? THE South African Police Service in the Western Cape would like to remind licensed firearm owners that during 2012 many licences issued in terms of the Firearm Controls Act will expire and need to be renewed. This process is not automatic and a licensee will have to submit an application 90 days prior to the expiry date at his or her local police station in terms of this legislation. They would also like to encourage firearm owners to make an enquiry at the police station where an application was submitted, for issued licences, as these licences are often left uncollected for many months. The ownership of a firearm is not only governed by legislation, but is also a huge responsibility and they therefore appeal to firearm owners to take the necessary care in this regard.

WANTED. This suspect is wanted by Wellington police for questioning in connection with an armed robbery by four men that took place at the Colibri factory shop in Blignaut Street, Wellington, last year. Contact Capt Klaas Cloete on 021 864 8440.

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Thursday 1 March 2012

There is nothing to it, but to do it!

BIGGEST LOSER. Die wenners van die metronooddienste se ‘Biggest Loser’-kompetisie is verlede week aangekondig. Die Paarl ambulansdienste swoeg en sweet die afgelope vier maande, om lede aan te moedig om meer bewus te wees van hul gesondheid. Hulle het ’n hewige fiksheiden gesondheidsprogram gevolg wat spesiaal saamgestel is vir hulle deur ’n apteekgroep en ’n bekende gimnasium. Die wenner is Aldrin Mackier (middel) wat 10,3 kg verloor het. Tweede was Jessica Rogers (4,1 kg) (naaslinks) en Lynne Lombaard (3,8 kg) (naasregs). By hulle is Margo Claasen van Dischem en Theo Smouse van Virgin Active. Foto: Lise Beyers

WEIGHT LOSS. Laieqah Moerat at 78 kg after losing 20 kg (inset: Laieqah at 100 kg).

NO surgery, no gimmicks... real success! Laieqah Moerat joined Convenient Fitness’s Cardio Blast, a group training session, in September 2010. Weighing in at a hefty 100 kg she was ready to change her life. She started training twice a week and followed a well-balanced eating plan. To date Laieqah has lost over 20 kilograms and more than 100 centimetres. She changed her life by changing her lifestyle. She works out with Convenient Fitness three times a week and once on the weekend and is well on her way to her goal. “I have learnt to be patient, as I have a very slow metabolism and battle to lose weight,” says Laieqah. “Even though the weight comes off slowly, I have not gained any weight back since I have joined Convenient Fitness.” Says Olivia du Plessis, owner of Convenient Fitness, “Invest in your health and fitness. Find out what works for you personal or group training, and commit to yourself! When we’re healthy, we’re happy!” For details, phone her on 073 028 5502.

Donderdag 1 Maart 2012

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Thursday 1 March 2012

Wellington­oesfees fokus op skole Christine Siebrits

wees by die lokaal oorkant die toerismekantoor DAAR is ’n spreekwoord waar kaartjies vir die oeswat lui dat jy eers na jou fees verkoop word. eie kinders moet kyk voor Die Landbouvereniging jy na andermanskinders maak ook voorsiening dat omsien. daar ses vlotte vir die ses Die Engelse spreekskole sal wees, in samewoord verduidelik dit beter werking met die boere. Dit - “charity begins at home”. sal deel vorm van die reuTydens die Wellington- Plaasskole ly dikwels aan ’n tekort aan fondse, omdat hul se optog wat Saterdagogoesfees word daar in same- geboue in private besit is en fondse om dit op te knap, ont- gend 17 Maart om 10:00 werking met die plaaslike breek. Soetendal Primêr bou broodnodige klasse aan soos deur die dorp sal ry. museums en die Landbou- hul fondse dit toelaat. Daar word ’n beroep op vereniging gefokus op die elke besoeker gedoen om behoeftige plaasskole in ’n boek te skenk wat gedie gebied (Blouvlei, Bergskik sal wees vir laerskoolrivier, Groenberg, Soetenleerders. Donasies van dal, Voor-Groenberg en enige aard sal ook welkom Wagenmakersvallei). wees. Kontak Christine Aangesien die geboue Siebrits by 021 873 3093, van hierdie skole aan die 083 231 7027 of epos d.j.s VGK behoort, kry hulle nie hulp vanaf die onderwysWellington Museum en departement vir die geOuma-Granny’s Huisboue nie. Hulle is almal ook BIBLIOTEEK. By Bergrivier Primêr is ’n vraghouer wat die museum beplan ook ’n in“vry” skole en kan dus nie biblioteek huisves, maar daar is geen krag nie en dus geen teressante uitstalling by aanspraak maak op skool- rekenaarverbinding of ligte nie. Fotos: Christine Siebrits Bovlei Wynkelder wat die fondsbydraes nie. Die skogeskiedenis van Bainsle, wie se kinders uit behoeftige huise kom, is dus aan- kloof sal uitbeeld, die inhoud van Ouma-Granny’s en gewese op donasies en borge. ook die interessante geskiedkundige geboue in KerkDaar sal ’n uitstalling van foto’s van hierdie skole straat.

School governing body elections soon THE school governing body elections that are scheduled to be held over the length and breadth of South Africa in March are of enormous importance to education in our country. It is generally regarded as the third biggest election in our country. There will be more than 24 000 polling stations and more than 300 000 governing body members will be elected. Every parent has a vested interest in the governance and management of the school that his child attends. However, many South African parents are still apathetic towards governing body elections. Notwithstanding extensive publicity campaigns, schools struggle to achieve the quorum of 15% of parents required to have a legal election. This could be interpreted as meaning that less than 15% of parents of learners attending a school are really interested in their children’s education. Parents invariably only become aware of problems in the governance and the management of their schools once it is too late. It consists of parent members (parents are always in the majority), teachers, administrative staff and in the case of secondary schools, even learners. A number of parents or com-

munity members may be co-opted to the governing body for their specific skills. Co-opted members do not have voting powers. School governing bodies have a wide range of powers that can change the character of a school. They can make binding decisions about the language and admission policy, the code of conduct, the available subject options, the school times, the extra-curricular activities and even the school uniform of a school. Many of these tasks will be delegated to the staff and consultation with parents will take place. The governing body is also responsible for the management of the school’s buildings and terrain as well as the school’s finances. Further it is also responsible for recommending the appointment of staff members, even the principal. School governing bodies are not mandated to become involved in the core teaching activities of the school. This is the exclusive domain of the principal and his staff who report to the head of education of the province and the governing body. If you want to have a positive input in your child’s education, take part in the elections in March. Do not leave your child’s future in the hand of strangers.

PRESTEER. Anneke Raubenheimer (naaslinks) was verlede jaar die topstudent by Hugenote Kollege op Wellington en het die Rektorsmedalje vir die beste prestasie ontvang. Sy het in die derde jaar Maatskaplike Werk ’n gemiddelde persentasie van 81,36% behaal. By haar is (van regs) prof Naas Swart, uitvoerende hoof van die kollege, en Anneke se ouers, Raubie en Ronelle Raubenheimer.

CRICKET DEVELOPMENT. Boland Cricket received a welcome boost when the Provincial Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport, Dr Ivan Meyer (secon dleft), handed over cricket kits to 16 Boland and West Coast cricket clubs. Pictured with him are (from left) Aiden Stowman (Drakenstein Municipality sport representative), Omar Henry (Boland Cricket CEO) and Alfred Minnaar, chairman of Bergrivier Cricket Club. Pic: Frans le Roux

TEACHERS. Teachers from several schools and nursery schools in and around Wellington attended a recent meeting of the Early Childhood Development Forum of Wellington held in the town’s city hall. Sally Meyer (fourth from left) from the Western Cape Department of Education and Samsunisa Dalwai (third from right) of the South African Congress of Early Childhood Development were the guest speakers. With them are (from left) Klaas Morkel, treasurer of the forum, Julius Williams, head of Pauw Gedenk School, Happiness Mkhize (manager of Nedbank in Mbekweni), Loretta Lewis, chairperson of the forum, and J.Dunster, health inspector at the Winelands District Municipality. Pic: Johan Nel DONASIE. Shoprite Wellington het vir St Albans Primêr versoek om ’n behoeftige leerder in hul skool aan te wys, sodat hulle die leerder se skoolgeld kan dek as ’n donasie. Marko Daniëls (middel) is genomineer en het ook ’n rugsak met skryfbehoeftes ontvang. Saam met hom is (links) winkelbestuurder André Williams en skoolhoof Hilton Bailey.

Thursday 1 March 2012

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PERDRY. Jacques James Wiggins van Laerskool Slot van die Paarl het deelgeneem aan Riversdal se Landbouskou en ’n eerste plek behaal in die o.10-Saalperd-afdeling.

LEIERS. St Albans Primêr in Wellington se hoofleiers vanjaar is Lyrisha Albertus (voor links), hoofmeisie, Steven Abrahams (voor regs) hoofseun, en (agter) Themlynn Paulsen onderhoofmeisie en Ruben Daniels onderhoofseun. Foto: Liezl Davids

MEDALJE. Luke van Vuuren van WA Joubert Laerskool het by die o.13-Boland Opemuurbaltoernooi ’n goue medalje gewen.

PRESTEER. Rochelle Visagie van Laerskool Courtrai het aan die WP Lewensreddingskampioenskappe in Kaapstad deelgeneem. Sy is vir die o.10 WP Lewensreddingspan gekies en spog met ’n trofee vir Victrix Ludorum o.10.

Education games

TOPLEERDER. Christopher Gertse, voormalige hoofseun van Weltevrede Sekondêr, was ook die skool se Dux-leerder verlede jaar. Sy beste vakke was Lewensoriëntering (88%), Besigheidstudies (84%), Afrikaans (75%) en Ekonomie (73%). Christopher doen vanjaar ’n oorbruggingskursus by Stellenbosch Universiteit en pak volgende jaar die B.Rek. kursus by die universiteit.

MUURBAL. Hoër Jongenskool Paarl se top ses het onlangs skitterend presteer by die St Andrews muurbalfees in Grahamstad. Die seuns het uitstekend gevaar deur vier wedstryde te wen en een gelykop te speel. Hulle het vir Selborne Kollege (wenner van die topskoletoernooi die afgelope drie jaar) asook vir Grey Kollege Bloemfontein, Michaelhouse en Westville Boys’ High geklop en 3-3 gelykop gespeel teen Menlopark. Van links is James Hockey, Justin Wesson, Danie Greeff, Pieter Ruthven, Marius van Rensburg en Jan-Hendrik Malan (HJS se topspeler).

ENTRIES are open for World Education Games which takes place from 6 to 8 March. Individual learners or classes will be able to test their spelling, maths and science skills and compete in live challenges in real time against learners from all over the world using the online World Education Games websites. Entries close on the day before the event. Log onto Registered learners (4 to 18 years of age) already have the opportunity to start practising. World Spelling Day will take place on 6 March, World Maths Day on 7 March, and World Science Day on 8 March. The competition is easily accessible as all learners require is internet access. Entry is free. Learners and classes are divided into four age categories: 4 to 7 years, 8 to 10 years, 11 to 13 years and 14 to 18 years.

Thursday 1 March 2012

ATLETE. Gimnasium Hoërskool se atlete het aan die Tuks Toptien-byeenkoms in Pretoria deelgeneem. Daar was 84 skole en 1050 atlete wat deelgeneem het aan uitstekende atletiek. Gim se span het ’n agtste plek uit 84 skole behaal. Die 10 Gimmies het 13 medaljes behaal (2 brons, 6 silwer en 5 goud) en verbeter twee rekords. Heel agter (van links) is Gustav Marais (spiesgooi 59,32, goud, rekord) en Alwyn Lombard (400 m 48,78, silwer). Voor hulle sit Nielké Matthee (skyfwerp 36,78) en Frederik Louw (110 m hekkies 14,33, brons (1021 punte). In die middelry is Keenan Abrahams, Alexa Haasbroek (90 m hekkies 14,10) en Helene Swanepoel (400 m hekkies 63,21, goud). Voor sit Marina Swanepoel (400 m hekkies 60,96, goud (rekord), JanLouw Kotze (skyfwerp 57,04, goud) en Dylon Fairbridge (110 m hekkies 14,35).

LEADERS. Mbekweni Primary recently selected their leaders for this year. From left are Ayanda Somdaka (headgirl), Mbulelo Makhasi (headboy), Zandisiwe Ndevu (deputy headgirl) and Khanyisile Mtebele (deputy headboy). Pic: Devidean Moses


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JHB 35394

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Thursday 1 March 2012

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Larrie selected for New York Devidean Moses

A STUDENT of La Rochelle Girls’ High School, Raphaela Böhmer, has been selected to visit New York as a member of the South African Model United Nations debating team. Raphaela was the only member of the Western Cape team selected for the SA team. “I am very excited to participate with students from schools across the world, but also saddened that the rest of my team couldn’t go through. We’d been through so much together and had formed a closeknit group,” says Raphaela. She is a Grade 11 learner who performs well in Maths, Science, History, French, Biology, Afrikaans and English. She does German as an extra subject. Raphaela has participated in debating since Grade 8 and joined the league debating in Stellenbosch on Monday evenings. “It really taught me confidence, fast thinking and reasoning. It makes me eager to do more and I jumped at the chance when my English teacher asked me if I was interested in participating in the provincial Model United Nations debate in 2010,”

GEWIGSTOOT. Marli Marais, o.12-gewigstoot-atleet van Drakenstein Laerskool, is opgeneem in die Boland-atletiekspan wat op 10 Maart aan die Wes-Kaapse kampioenskappe in Oudtshoorn gaan deelneem.

OPGENEEM. Cameron Collins van Klapmuts Primêr is opgeneem in die Boland-atletiekspan wat van 10 tot 12 Maart in Oudtshoorn meeding om die louere van die WesKaap.

SELECTED. Raphaela Böhmer from La Rochelle Girls’ High School has been selected for the SA team to participate in the Model United Nations debate in New York. Pic: Devidean Moses she says. During the 2010 competition Raphaela helped with research and preparations, attending the training workshop and the actual competition to get a feel for it. Then, in 2011, she became a fully fledged member of the team.

At the South African Model United Nations Debating conference weekend she learnt much more than just debating skills and met many interesting people across cultural barriers. “It was an amazing and life altering experience to be part of the United Nations debating competition in Johannesburg.” Her parents Hermann and Christa and sister Alexandra are very proud of her selection. Raphaela is not only a good student, but also enjoys sports like swimming and hockey. “I also love reading, travelling, cooking and baking, going to youth events at Christ Church, and being active in general in many extra-mural activities,” says Raphaela. She has a great interest in current affairs, music, movies and photography as well as science. She hopes to one day become a doctor. In the middle of March, Raphaela will travel to Johannesburg to join the team for the preparation work, before departing for New York on 25 March. The debating competition will be held at Cornell University until 4 April.

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LOOPBANE. Die jaarlikse Paarl-loopbaanuitstalling word vir die afgelope 21 jaar deur die Kringspanne 2 en 3 van die Kaapse Wynland Onderwysdistrik aangebied in samewerking met die Paarl Tafelronde vir leerders van graad 10 tot 12. Van die gaste by die openingsgeleentheid was (van links) Ernest Petersen (voorsitter van Paarl Tafelronde), Linda Marais (hoofonderwyskundige Paarl), dr Fernoldt Gelant (hoofonderwyskundige Wellington), Gesie van Deventer (Drakenstein se uitvoerende burgemeester), Douglas Petersen (voorsitter van die Kaapse loopbaanuitstallingsvereniging) en dr Gerhard Barkhuizen (hoof: gespesialiseerde onderwys en ondersteuning van Kaapse Wynland Distrik). Foto: Devidean Moses

Donderdag 1 Maart 2012

VERBETERING. New Orleans Primêr het vanaf die Wes-Kaapse Onderwysdepartement ’n toekenning ontvang vir ’n 23,4% verbetering in gesyferdheid vir graad 3 vir die tydperk vanaf 2008-2011. Saam met die trotse skoolhoof Herman Adonis (middel) is leerkragte (van links) Sonia Williams, Beverley Adams, Lynette Julies, Pamela van Wyk (departementshoof grondslagfase), Luzinda Solomon en Sylvia Carlse. Hulle het R20 000 prysgeld ontvang. Foto: Devidean Moses

SKENKING. Onderburgemeester Conrad Poole (middel) het as deel van ’n wykstoekenning R10 000 elk aan Amstelhof en LK Zeeman Primêre Skole oorhandig vir jeugontwikkeling en opgradering van die sportvelde. By hom is skoolhoof Claude de Jager van Amstelhof en opvoeder Adriaan Kock, LK Zeeman se finansiële beampte. TOEKENNING. Dr Michael le Cordeur (links) het onlangs ’n toekenning ontvang van die WesKaapse Minister van Kuns en Kultuur vir sy bydrae tot veeltaligheid en die bevordering van Afrikaans en isXhosa as amptelike tale in die Wes-Kaap. Hy het onlangs as voorsitter van die Wes-Kaapse Taalkomitee ’n voorlegging gedoen in die parlement oor waarom die Wes-Kaap drie amptelike tale (Engels, Afrikaans en isiXhosa) moet hê. Hy is onlangs verkies tot voorsitter van die Afrikaanse Taalraad wat meer as 40 Afrikaanse organisasies verteenwoordig. Hy is ook tans die ondervoorsitter van die Afrikaanse Taalmuseum en Monument, voorsitter van die Trusteeraad van die Breytenbach Sentrum en ondervoorsitter van die Media24 Rachel’s Angels Bemagtigingstrust.

VISITORS. The Rotary Club of Paarl recently hosted visitors from the United Kingdom. From left are Johan Johannsen a fellow Rotarian from Torquay Rotary Club, Paarl president June Kroukamp and Martin and Lucille Dawson of Oldham Metro Rotary Club.

VYF-STER. Gaste by die fondsinsamelingsdinee vir Amado, die Paarlse perdry-terapiesentrum vir minderbevoorregte kinders, het Saterdagaand aan die lippe gehang van die spreker, kardioloog dr Wouter Basson (links), tydens ’n vyf-ster ete by Pontac Manor. Hier saam met Basson is (agter) M’Lani Basson (stigter van Amado) en Liza du Toit (seremoniemeester vir die aand) en (voor) Esmie en dr Johann van der Merwe van die Paarl

ACHIEVEMENT. Charleston Hill Primary has won an award for the most improved Grade 3 numeracy over the last three years. They had the greatest improvement (22,2%) among schools with with more than 600 learners. From left are proud educators Ursula Pegram, Carol September, Celeste Minnaar, Emma van Wyk, Vincent Parrott (principal), Martha Prins, Liezel Swaan and Celeste Bartley. They received a prize of R20 000 from the education minister Donald Grant to buy learning and teaching materials. SUCCESS. The second annual mother and daughter conference was held in Mbekweni. With organiser Dr Gcwalisile Cynthia Kabanyane (rear centre) are learners and parents from Desmond Tutu High, Weltevrede, Charleston Hill, Noorder Paarl High, Mbekweni Primary, Imboniselo Primary and Langabuya Primary who attended the conference.

SWANGERSKAP. Mediclinic Paarl het as deel van Nasionale Swangerskapbewustheidsmaand ’n gratis inligtingsoggend vir verwagtende moeders aangebied met dr Greg Grobler (ginekoloog) as een van die sprekers. By hom is Jackie Botha (links) en Marina Jephtha.

POPPEKAS. Sanca onder leiding van Marlene Mitchell het onlangs ’n poppekasvertoning in Hermon aangebied by die Bosplaas-skool. Die kinders is gewaarsku oor die gevare van alkohol- en dwelmmisbruik.

Wellington Nuus

Thursday 1 March 2012

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Ope dag

SKOONHEID. CPUT Wellington Kampus het onlangs Mnr en Mej Karnaval gekroon tydens ’n glansryke vertoning wat volgepak was met studente wat uit volle bors hul gunstelinge aangespoor het. Wayne van Deventer, inwoner van Huis Navarre, is aangewys as Mnr Karnaval, Mnr Fotogenies en Mnr Persoonlikheid. Louise Fourie (Friedenheim-privaatwyk) is aangewys as Mej Karnaval en Mej Fotogenies. Foto: Frans le Roux

DIE Eden Alternatief-versorgingsmodel word binnekort by Silwerkruin ACVV Huis vir Bejaardes in Wellington geïmplimenteer. Dit bied aan inwoners ’n gelukkige en sinvolle bestaan. Op 3 Maart om 10:00 sal Rayne Stroebel die Edenbenadering bekendstel, gevolg deur ’n toer. Om 11:30 kuier almal om die braaivleisvuur. Daar sal ook worsrolletjies, pannekoek en drinkgoed te koop aangebied word. Almal is baie welkom.

Voetesleep met historiese blokhuis Johan Nel

Moths se aansoek om dit te restoureer word ondersteun deur die Wellingtonse Toerisme-komitee wat sê dat hulle besig is om Wellington as ’n belangrike toeriste-bestemming te bemark, maar hulle planne word in die wiele gery deur ’n erg bouvallige blokhuis by die dorp se ingang. Moths het reeds met ’n suksesvolle gholfdag en ’n groot boeresportbyeenkoms geld ingesamel vir die restourasiewerk en verdere insamelings word tans beplan om seker te maak dat daar genoeg geld sal wees om die restourasiewerk sukses-

BUROKRATIESE rompslomp is besig om die Moths van Wellington se planne om die blokhuis buitekant die dorp te restoureer, ernstig in die wiele te ry. Volgens Siebert de Bruyn, voorsitter van die Moths van Wellington se Shellhole Komeshu, het hulle verlede jaar begin om fondse in te samel om die erg verwaarloosde RESTOUREER. Die verwaarloosde blokhuis buitekant Wel- blokhuis buite Wellington wag, as gelington volledig te restou- volg van burokratiese rompslomp, reer. Amptenare van die nou reeds baie maande om deur die Drakenstein Munisipali- Moths-organisasie van die dorp geteit het hulle egter ge- restoureer te word. Foto: Johan Nel waarsku dat daar vooraf by Erfenis-Wes-Kaap toestemming gevra vol te voltooi. sal moet word voor restourasiewerk by die De Bruyn sê dat daar ander projekte is blokhuis aangepak kan word. waaraan die Moths van Wellington ook “Ons het aan die begin van Oktober verlegraag aandag wil gee, soos die monument de jaar aan Erfenis-Wes-Kaap geskryf en in Victoriapark ter ere van gevalle soldate toestemming gevra. Die versoek is egter uit die Eerste Wêreldoorlog. deur dawerende stilte beantwoord. Die meeste name is reeds uit die monu“Ons het ons versoek ’n paar weke later ment gekrap en as skroot verkoop en Moths herhaal en ’n adjunk-direkteur van Erfewil graag al die name met ’n materiaal vernis-Wes-Kaap het laat weet dat ons versoek vang wat nie deur skrootjagters gebruik sal binne die volgende dag aandag sal ontvang. kan word nie. Dié dag is nou reeds al amper vier maande “Die park is egter ook ’n erfenisgebied en lank!” het De Bruyn die afgelope week gesê. as ek dink hoe Erfenis-Wes-Kaap met die Volgens hom het lede van Moths nou blokhuis voete sleep en bewaringsgesindes reeds twee keer die terrein om die blokhuis kwaai raak oor planne om munisipale parskoongemaak. Die eintlike restourasieke te omskep in parkeergebiede, dan raak werk kan egter nie aangepak word nie, want ons al by voorbaat kopsku!” hulle mag nie sonder die nodige toestemShellhole Komeshu het volgens hom oor ming aan die gebou werk nie. die afgelope twee jaar dramaties gegroei, Intussen het ’n sakeman van Wellington nuwe lede bygekry en ’n splinternuwe byverlede jaar reeds aangebied om die dakmekaarkomplek in Van Riebeeckstraat kappe van die blokhuis wat inmekaar geontwikkel. stort het, gratis te vervang sodat die dak Die organisasie is daarop gerig om die geherstel kan word. meenskap van Wellington met projekte Die blokhuis is volgens De Bruyn nie alsoos die restourasie van die blokhuis te leen 'n belangrike historiese gebou nie, die dien.

TOPSTUDENTE. By die amptelike openingsplegtigheid van die Hugenote Kollege op Wellington is die 11 toppresteerders van 2011 by wyse van ’n sertifikaat en prysgeld deur die Kollege erken. Voor (van links) is Nadia Hector, Letisha Snyders, Antoneen Erasmus en Michelle Schippers. In die middel staan Willem du Toit (dosent), Nuraan Adams, Noleen Kuswayo, Charlotte Meyer, Anneke Raubenheimer en Letitia Ockhuis. Agter is dr Marichen van der Westhuizen (waarnemende departementshoof Maatskaplike Werk), Stephanie Swart, Christina Manqana, Obert Ntandane en Nelleke Keet (dosent). Die studente is almal vanjaar besig met die finale jaar in Maatskaplike Werk en is deel van die laaste klas studente wat aan die Hugenote Kollege grade in Maatskaplike Werk sal ontvang.

STUDENTE-ATLETIEK. Die interkoshuis-atletiek van CPUT Wellington is onlangs aangebied op Daljosafat-stadion. Hier vier inwoners van Navarre-manskoshuis hul oorwinning as die sterkste manspan. Die vroue-afdeling is gewen deur Val du Charron. Foto: Frans le Roux

ROTARY. The recent induction dinner of Wellington Rotary was attended by (from left), District Governor Deon van Zyl, Wellington President Reg Cowie, and newly inducted members Andrew May, Arie du Toit and Jaco and Yolanda Mostert. The guest speaker was the vice-president of Rotary International, Noel Bajat (third from right), from Louisiana, USA.

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20 . Paarl Post

Koinonia hou tienerkamp DIE Koinonia Gemeenskapsentrum hou van 16 tot 18 Maart ’n leierskapskamp vir tieners saam met World Vision. Hierdie kamp word aangebied by Drakenstein Korrrektiewe Dienste en betrek heelwat plaaslike vennote om ’n onvergeetlike avontuur aan die jeug te bied.

Skole en kerkjeugorganisasies word genooi om met hulle kontak te maak indien hulle kampe beplan of hulp benodig met beplanning en programme benodig. Vir verdere navrae, kontak Eddie Williams by 076 168 2617 of stuur ’n epos na eddie

Donderdag 1 Maart 2012

Drummies hou musiekaand DIE William Lloyd Drummies bied op 16 Maart om 20:00 by William Lloyd Primêr ’n musiekaand aan. Liedjies soos Namakwa Daisy, Ek is lief vir jou sal deur The Rockets gesing word. Daar sal ook kosstalletjies en ’n biertuin wees. Kaartjies is R50 (kinders R20, en kinders onder ses jaar gratis). Vir navrae, kontak juffrou Thomas by 021 862 5593 (tussen 08:00-13:00). Bring jou eie kampeerstoel en kombersie saam.

Boekedag DIE kinderboekskrywer Fanie Viljoen kuier op Woensdag 7 en Donderdag 8 Maart by Laerskool Hugo Rust op Wellington. Hy is die skrywer van boeke soos Nova, 13 Spookstories en Slym. Daar sal ’n boekuitstalling wees van Woensdag 7 Maart om 14:00 tot Donderdag 8 Maart vanaf 08:30 tot 15:00. Hoofsaaklik kinderleesboeke, maar ook kook- en handwerkboeke vir volwassenes word uitgestal deur Lapa Uitgewers.

Bridge building SOMETIMES big problems require different approaches and Drakenstein Municipal Council hopes to make a difference. Mayor Gesie van Deventer has called on all Drakenstein women to meet on the bridge across the Berg River near the Florida Farm Stall on Thursday 8 March at 11:00. “A human bridge can change lives if we all take hands and stand together to make a tangible difference in people’s lives,” says van Deventer.

SENIORS. Die Charleston Hill senior burgersklub het ’n Cowboy-fondsinsamelingsdag gehou. Die lede het hulle uitgevat in hul beste Cowboy-uitrustings en lekker saamgekuier. Voor van links is Peter Bodkin, Lucy Adams, Gerald Botha en Elize Alexander saam met van die ander lede. Foto: Liezl Davids

Kaalkop of kleurvol vir Kansa DIE Kankervereniging van Suid-Afrika (Kansa) se jaarlikse Shavathon vind plaas van 1 tot 3 Maart. Jy kan enigiemand wat ooit deur kanker geraak is ondersteun deur deel te neem. Baie Suid-Afrikaners wat aan Kansa Shavathon deelneem, skeer of kleur hul hare namens ’n geliefde wat met kanker gediagnoseer is of wat die stryd teen die kanker verloor het. Kansa moedig maatskappye, organisasies en kolleges aan om ’n Shavathon op 1 of 2 Maart aan te bied. Lede van die publiek kan hulle hare laat skeer of kleur by Paarl Mall op Saterdag vir ’n donasie van R50 (R25 vir kinders onder 12). Nuut vanjaar is ’n aanlynplatform vir vrywilligers en maatskappye om deel te neem

as aanlyn-‘kampioene’ deur fondse te in en pryse te wen – neem deel deur die ‘like’ knoppie op hul Facebook te kliek. Skakel 021 873 6358 of besoek * Op 17 en 18 Maart vind die Kansa Relay For Life deurnagpretstap by die Boy Louw-velde plaas. Dié deurnag-spanbyeenkoms bevorder die bewusmaking van kanker en genereer fondse om kanker te bestry. By dié geleentheid word diegene wat reeds die stryd teen kanker verloor het onthou en word die lewe saam met elke kankeroorwinnaar gevier. Vir navrae, skakel by 021 870 1355. Die volgende spankapteinvergaderings is vandag om 19:00 by Allandale-gevangenis se ontspanningsaal en op 15 Maart (19:00) by die Boy Louw-velde.

Leefstylkalender ) Manne. ’n Mannebyeenkoms word by Schoongezicht Restaurant te Klein Parys, Paarl, aangebied saam met Retha McPherson vanaf 2 to 4 Maart gehou. Die tema is innerlike genesing en geestelike groei en kostes is R300. Skakel Piet Fouchee by 082 454 9469. ) Brunch. The St George’s Presbyterian Church presents a Summer Brunch on Saturday 3 March in the garden of Leeuwrivier Farm outside Wellington from 09:00 to 12:30. A jumping castle and a water slide will provide entertainment for the children while there will also be handicraft stalls and an exhibition of table settings for the adults to admire. Tickets are R60 (R30 for children and free for children younger than 12 years old) from 021 873 2021. ) Picnic. The Paarl Boys’ High Music Department will present a picnic concert on the field in front of the school on Wednesday 7 March at 19:00. Tickets are R50 (R20 for scholars and pensioners) available at the school. Contact cburger@paarlboys ) Talk. On 7 March from 09:00 to 11:00 there will be a talk and a demonstration with the theme ‘Laat jou vullis blom’ by Cobus Smit at the Pink Geranium. The talk is free, but booking is essential. For more information, contact Arné on 021 884 4313. ) Vertoning. Die orkes @DICTD wat bestaan uit Dave Feldtman, Ian Visser, Cobus Steenkamp, Trevor Moller en Dean Spangenberg bied ’n vertoning “Tribute to Rodriguez (Cold Fact & After Fact) aan te Klein Parys Vineyard Paarl in samewerking met Paarl Round Table op Vrydag 16 Maart om 19:00. Kaartjies is beskikbaar teen R60 by Cobus Steenkamp by 082 711 4133 of

) Reünie. Die 1982-matriekklas van Hoërskool Noorder-Paarl hou hul reünie-vergadering op Dinsdag 6 Maart om 19:00 in die skoolsaal. Belangstellendes is welkom. Vir navrae, skakel Deon Pick by 082 897 7119. ) Weight loss. Dr Adriaan Liebenberg, well-known local neurosurgeon is hosting a free motivational talk about weight loss at Simonsvlei Tasting Room on 7 March at 19:30. The talk will be about getting yourself into a healthy lifestyle. To help the community to get into a healthier lifestyle by giving them the knowledge to do it themselves is one of Dr Liebenberg’s passions. Book with Maryke on 083 390 3481 or at ) Concert. William Henecke (also known as Kokstad or Big Will) will be in concert with Hein Poole and other musicians like Donnie Meyers and Marshall Hartogh on Saturday 3 March at 20:00 at the Old Mill Theatre. To book, phone Lydia on 084 251 5960 or Miriam on 073 671 5771. ) Uitstalling. Ses Paarlse kunstenaars stal van hierdie naweek af uit by die Woordfees op Stellenbosch. Die kunstenaars is Johann Burger, Adèle Claudia Fouché, Kervin Cupido, Gideon Nel, Jake Watson en Victor Harley. Die amptelike opening is Vrydag om 18:30 in die PJ Olivier Kunssentrum. ) Opvoering. Plaaslike musikant Laurinda Hofmeyr tree hierdie naweek as deel van die Woordfees by die Oude Libertas Teater in Stellenbosch op in die opvoering, Skeer op Richmond. Hierdie opvoering word beskryf as ‘n ‘road movie, chick fliek’ vir Suid-Afrikaanse teater. Laurinda deel die verhoog met Leonore Bredekamp, Frieda van den Heever en Stephanie Hough. Die opvoering vind Saterdag en Sondag om 12:30 plaas, asook 8 Maart om 18:00.

Vermaak · Arts

Thursday 1 March 2012

Afri-Franse basaar DIE jaarlikse basaar van die NG Kerk Franschhoek vind plaas op Saterdag 10 Maart (08:00) op die kerkterrein. Vanjaar trek dié gewilde basaar ’n Franse baadjie aan en is gereed om inwoners, besoekers en toeriste met vriendelike Franse flair te ontvang. Daar gaan 60 stalletjies wees met eetgoed, drinkgoed, mooigoed, lekkergoed en allemansgoed. ’n Mini-bouleskompetisie word aangebied en die wenspan sal automaties gratis ingeskryf word by die Bastillefees Bouleskompetisie. Om 11:00 sal daar ook ’n veiling gehou word met ’n paar uitsonderlike items op die platform, soos ’n vliegtuigrit oor die vallei en vele meer. Onder die groot ou eikebome is die gesellige teetuin met watertand soetgebak en natuurlik die kleurvolle basaarpoedings, pasteie, kleinkoekies, brode, marktafel, hope vars vrugte en groente. Die kinders word getrakteer met ’n spesiale kindertafel. Die gewilde wit olifant-tafel is altyd vol verrassings en spotgoedkoop huishoudelike artikels en klere. Kontak Karen Minnaar, by 021 876 2431 of 083 976 5353.

CELEBRATE the last few days of summer in style and head off to Leopard’s Leap Vineyards on 31 March, set in the picturesque Franschhoek Wine Valley, for the inauguralFranschhoek Summer Wines. Known as one of SA’s leading wine destinations, some of the valley’s top wineries will be showcasing their finest summer wines at this exclusive event from 12:00 to 17:00. Participating wineries include La Bri, Morena, Colmant, Môreson, Anthonij Rupert’s Cape of Good Hope and Terra del Capo, Franschhoek Cellars, Bellingham, Noble Hill, Leopard’s Leap, La Motte, SolmsDelta, Graham Beck, Haut Espoir and more. Wine lovers will have the opportunity to browse at their leisure or engage with the winemakers, who would just have finished the 2012 harvest. Relax and unwind, taking in the scenery of the valley as live entertainment ensures an unforgettable experience throughout the day.

Celebrity chef Liam Tomlin, who has recently launched Liam Tomlin Food at Leopard’s Leap Vineyards, and which has been receiving rave reviews, will ensure you don’t go hungry as he prepares sumptuous food to purchase whilst enjoying the day. Liam Tomlin Food Demos will be presented at R110 per person per demonstration. They are (12:00) How to make a perfect Risotto; (14:00) How to make the perfect Duck Confit; and (16:00) How to make the perfect Pork Belly. Guests need to have an admission ticket in order to attend a demonstration. Tickets cost R180 per person which includes a tasting of all the wines on show. Tickets can be purchased directly from .za and booking is essential as tickets are limited to 350 people only. For more information, contact Franschhoek Wine Valley events co-ordinator Darielle on 021 876 2861.


GRAPE-STOMPING. Freddie and Charlotte Bieldt enjoyed themselves stomping the grapes during Laborie’s harvest celebration. This event was held during their Lazy Days Farmers Market. The market takes place every Saturday from 09:00 to 14:00 at Laborie Wine Farm in Paarl South. Pic: Liezl Davids

Hou konsert op die berg

Maart is R15 (R10 vir kinders), en Saterdag 17 Maart is dit R25 (R15 vir kinders). Voorafverkoopte kaartjies vir die Saterdag teen R20 (R10 vir kinders) is beskikbaar tot Vrydag 16 Maart om 17:00. Rittekaartjies is by die skool beskikbaar teen slegs R8. Skakel die skool tussen 08:00 en 14:00 by 021 873 2441 vir meer inligting of as jy belang stel om ’n stalletjie te bespreek.

DIE bekende sangers Juanita du Plessis en Bobby van Jaarsveld tree op 22 Maart om 19:00 op in die Paarl Amfiteater. Hul platinumtreffers sal aangevul word deur Manie Jackson. Die drie kunstenaars sal sorg vir topklas-vermaak in die amfiteater wat ook onlangs verbeter is met ’n grasterras waar ’n verskeidenheid kos- en wynstalletjies sal wees. Die kaartjiepryse wissel vanaf R100 tot R150 en kan bespreek word by 021 872 9754.

Sluit aan by kunsvereniging

VERTONING. Die Gospel-groep Awesome Ministries tree saam met ander groepe op in die Huguenot-gemeenskapsaal op 18 Maart om 17:00. Toegang is R25 en vervoer sal beskikbaar wees op die taxi-roete teen R5. Vir navrae, skakel Abel Toti by 079 713 8394. Foto: Ernest Kilowan

DIE Drakenstein Kunsvereniging, gebaseer by die Breytenbach-sentrum in Wellington, gee aan lede die geleentheid om prikkelende werkswinkels by te woon en later in die jaar deel te neem aan ’n groepuitstalling in dié sentrum. Lidmaatskapgeld vir die jaar is R100. Indien jy jou fooi voor 30 Maart betaal, staan jy ’n kans om ’n skildery van Fanie Marais (voorsitter) te wen. Aansoekvorms vir lidmaatskap kan verkry word by die Breytenbach-sentrum (h/v Burger- en Malherbestraat), by Frame-ithere (Stokeryweg), of per e-pos by die Chantal Matthews by Vir navrae, kontak Fanie Marais by 083 225 5076 of

Friday 30 March 2012 @ 21h00 No under 18’s

Karaoke on Thursdays DJ’s on Saturdays From 21h00 No under 18’s


Franschhoek wine fest

St Albans hou karnaval DIE St Albans Primêre Skool op Wellington hou hul 21ste karnaval op hul skoolterrein op Vrydag 16 Maart en Saterdag 17 Maart. Dit beloof om ’n naweek propvol vermaak te wees vir jonk en oud. Daar sal bekende sanggroepe en sangers optree, verskillende soorte stalletjies wees, mallemeule, heerlike kos, ’n biertuin en vele ander vermaak. Die toegang vir Vrydag 16

Paarl Post

Freence Entra

A tribute to


For more information please contact us on Tel: 023 348 7261 or email: • Between Brandwag and Roux Roads, Worcester 6849


22 . Paarl Post

Vermaak · Arts

Propvol program by Bôrdienghuis­teater OP Vrydag 2 Maart is dit die Blues-kitaarmaestro, Dan Patlansky, se beurt om die gehoor by die Bôrdienghuis-teater weg te voer. * Die jongspan kan Saterdagoggend 3 Maart om 10:30 nader skuif vir die kinderproduksie Poppie en Bongo. * The Lysyrd Kyngs met Piet Botha en die Akkedis Broers kom kuier op Saterdag 10 Maart met hul oorspronklike klanke. * Dinsdag 13 Maart is dit ’n gedigtefees aangebied deur die Hollandse duo, Dan Patlansky Sjon Brands en Dorith van der Lee van die Theater van de Verloren Tijd, spesiaal ingevoer na Wellington. * David Kramer kom kuier op 14 Maart wanneer hy in gesprek tree met die twee skrywers van sy biografie, plaaslike aka-

demikus, Dawid de Villiers en Mathilda Slabbert. * Op 16 Maart is dit die nie-amptelike afskop van die Wellington Oesfees met ’n buitelug-vertoning deur Elvis Blue. * Op 20 Maart kan jy jou lagspiere kom oefen met Wayne McKay en Brent Niemandt se Afrikaanse stand-up komedie, Ons Joke Net. * Die beeldskone sangeres Melanie Lowe sluit hierdie propvol maand van topgehalte produksies af op 31 Maart met musiek van haar splinternuwe album, I Choose Me. Alle besprekings kan gedoen word by 082 812 1112.

Donderdag 1 Maart 2012

aKing to rock on stage in Paarl THE rock band aKing will perform at the Old Mill Theatre in Paarl on Friday at 20:00. aKING is currently one of South Africa’s top rock acts, drawing capacity crowds at venues and festivals across the country. Over three years, their energetic live sets and articulate, intelligent lyrics have won them scores of loyal fans across generational boundaries. aKING is a melodic, alternative pop-rock band based in Cape ROCK. aKing will perform at the Old Mill Theatre on Friday at 20:00. Town. The band was aKING consists of Laudo Liebenberg formed when Hunter Kennedy and Jaco (lead vocals and lead guitar), Andrew DaVenter from Fokofpolisiekar joined musical venport (rhythm guitar and backing voforces with friends Laudo Liebenberg and cals), Hennie van Halen (bass guitar) and Hennie van Halen in making music that expresses their shared experience of growing Jaco “Snakehead” Venter (drums). Tickets at R120 (students R80) can be up in Cape Town’s northern suburbs, and booked with Vicky Stemmet on 083 564 a poetic take on South African life as a who0056 or at le.

Komedie­aand met Gemengde Vrugte DIEAfrikaanse“stand-up”kose gehore. mediegroep Gemengde Vrugte Besoekers is welkom om hul tree op 16 Maart (20:00) by die eie piekniekmandjie saam te Afrikaanse Taalmonument se bring of ’n mandjie by VolksTuinteater in die Paarl op. mond Koffiewinkel te bestel Die komediante wat deelteen R170 vir twee persone (021 neem, is oud-Paarliet en skry863 2800). Ligte verversings en wer Jurie Prins, wat as gasbier en wyn sal te koop wees. heer vir die aand optree, “jongGeen eie drank word by piekmaar-los-tong” Schalk Bezuiniekkonserte toegelaat nie. denhout, “die Koning van Veilige parkering is beskikKraaifontein” Piet Potgieter baar en toegang word beheer. (ook te sien op Kyknet se Geen honde of vure word toege“Skerp”), strokiesprentkunlaat nie. Indien die weer sleg is, stenaar en “Idees Vol word die konsert afgestel. Vrees”-skrywer Kobus Gallo- Melt Sieberhagen Kaartjies teen R85 is by die way met as die hoofkunstehek beskikbaar en vooraf by die naar vir die aand niemand anders nie as die Taalmuseum in Pastorielaan of by die Taalbriljante, snaakse Melt Sieberhagen van monument. Bespreek by Amira Clayton by “Proesstraat”. of 021 Volgens Prins beloof hulle “om gehore uit- 863 0543. bundig, luidkeels en spontaan te laat skater” Die Tuinteater Somerkonsertreeks word methuloorspronklikeenonortodoksebenaten bate van die Taalmonument se Leesprodering tot komedie. jek aangebied. “Gemengde Vrugte bevorder Afrikaanse * Op 24 Maart tree Elle Amor (klassiek, komedie en die Afrikaanse taal. Die komediballades en rock tot pop) by die monument ante se uiteenlopende style maak hierdie ’n op. Vir verdere inligting oor geleenthede by produksie wat jy nie wil misloop nie. die Taalmuseum of Taalmonument, skakel Hierdie vertoning is egter slegs vir volwas021 863 0543.

Afro­musical under the stars at Classics THE RMB Starlight Classics, an evening of Afro-symphonic musical entertainment, will once again be held under the stars on the Great Lawn of Vergelegen wine estate in Somerset West on 2 and 3 March. Conductor Richard Cock will embrace the audience with his style and ability to make classical music accessible to everyone. Exceptional musical talent includes performer Joseph Clark with a tribute to Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury, sensational South African-born and Berlin-based opera star Musa Nkuna, young soprano Friedel Mitas, flamboyant saxophonist Andrew Young, songbird Nomfundo Xaluva and

Charlize Berg, the 19-year-old Afrikaans vocalist. Accompanied by the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra and the SA Youth Choir, are dancers from the Cape Town City Ballet and the Ubuntu B-boys. This line-up promises a magical mix of Afro-symphonic music and movement. The audience is invited to bring their own picnics, blankets and low fold-up chairs. On Friday 2 March the show starts at 19:30 and on Saturday 3 March it starts at 19:00. Gates open at 16:00. Tickets at R170 (R150 for children/pensioners) can be booked through Computicket.

Wine producers stagger under excise duties

BEGROTING. Die Paarlse Sakekamer het verlede week ’n bespreking aangebied oor die jongste regeringsbegroting. By die spreker, dr Charl du Toit (links), belastingspesialis van PWC, is Frances Niewoudt (Sakekamer) en Hardie Malan (gasheer namens PWC). Dinsdagaand om 18:30 word die Sakekamer toegespreek deur die bekende ekonoom van RMB, dr Rudolf Gouws. Hy sal by die Historium-konferensiesentrum van die Afrikaanse Taalmuseum praat oor die implikasies van die Europese finansiële krisis vir Suid-Afrika. Foto: Anne Kruger

Wine producers welcome at Technical Day at Bien Donne ON Friday 20 April, the Bien Donné Agri Cape Week will again host the VinPro and Winetech Technical Information Day. Wine producers and role players in the wine industry are invited to this event where prominent experts will talk. A key issue under discussion at the Information Day is the importance of harvesting grapes at the right stage of ripeness in accordance with the type of wines that will be produced. This is easier said than done and Professor Alain Deloire from the University of Stellenbosch, who is currently in the third season of his research on “berry sugar loading”, will discuss this procedure to determine optimum ripeness. Another guest speaker, Dr Philip Myburgh from Infruitec, Nietvoorbij, will share his thought on irrigation scheduling for wine grapes following the dry 2012 season.

Costly production losses, due to the presence of nematodes in fruit and wine grapes, will be highlighted by Dr Johan Fourie from ARC-Infruitec Nietvoorbij. He is currently researching this phenomenon and especially the utilisation of specific covercrop-species to eradicate or manage nematodes. Members of a touring party of viticulture scientists who recently visited Chile and Argentina will provide feedback and highlight key areas on which the South African industry should focus to remain an international trend setter and a sustainable producer. For reservations and bookings contact Reinette Basson on 021 807 3322 or eventsadmin @agtrimega. For more information about Bien Donné Agri Cape Week, contact Mega Events at 021 863 0397 or visit www.agrimega. o. za.

SOUTH AFRICAN wine producers will be forced further down on their knees by the latest increases in excise duty announced by the Minister of Finance, particularly the excessive increases for brandy, says wine industry advisory body Vinpro. “The combined effect of these will be a vital blow to many, undoubtedly with accompanying job losses,” according to MD Rico Basson. “Producers have already had to absorb stiff excise increases in recent years, amidst serious financial pressure, and the latest increases of 7,8% on natural wine and 20% on spirits, the latter including the important brandy component, are a further blow. Fortified wine increases by 6% and sparkling wine 8%. “VinPro has noted with disappointment and concern that – despite continuous discussions with the government – not enough consideration was given to the wine producers’ critical position and pleas. “The increase for brandy amounts to more than three times the inflation rate, while the expected producers’ income will move sideways this year. “In reality, proper control over illegal alcohol distribution in the form of so-cal-

led “ales” would have resulted in substantially lower increases. “This, while the government has for considerable time earned more from excise and VAT from wine products than the total wine grape producers’ income – certainly not a sustainable situation for the government or the industry. •Excise duties on wine have risen

from R0,89 per litre in 2003, to R2,50 per litre. The wine producers’ revenue is hereby reduced by more than R1 100 per ton. The primary producers already earn only R2,55 from a bottle of wine that retails at R27 – thus less than 10%. After production costs this leaves 38 cents for expenses.

Interviews for bursaries THEe Athlone Bursary Fund will be arranging evening interviews during the month of March with those who submitted their applications for bursaries. Students will be notified of their date and time slot via e-mail and post. Also view details on after 3 March. Register on Athlone Bursaries on facebook for further updates.



Thursday 22 March @ 12pm, The One&Only Hotel, 1 Dock Road, Waterfront

Thursday 22 March @ 12pm, The One&Only Hotel, 1 Dock Road, Waterfront

WEB REF 18534

WEB REF 18529

29 Hospital Street

60 Breda Street

Erf size: 2 356m2. GBA: 2 491m2. Zoning: General Residential Sub-Zone B. Proposed plans for frail care facility. In close proximity to Paarl Hospital.

Erf size: 1 575m2. GLA: 767m20KLHSMVYV^ULYVJJ\WPLYJVYWVYH[LOLHKVMÄJL Ample on-site parking.

Gareth Currie 079 490 6470 |

Gareth Currie 079 490 6470 |

The rules of auction are available at

24 . Paarl Post

Business Post

Thursday 1 March 2012

New CEO for Monte Christo Miqlat Ministry Liezl Davids

LAUNCH. The Cure Day Clinic St Stephen’s is due to open in School Street, Paarl North, later this year, offering affordable surgical day care. At a recent function in Paarl to launch the day clinic among the medical fraternity were (from left) Dr Oscar Shimange (chairperson of the Cure Day Clinics Group), Sr Anina de Bruyn (Cure Day Clinics Operational Manager), Dudley Annenberg (Annenberg Property Group), Bert von Wielligh (MD of Cure Day Clinics) and Fanie Theron (Chianti Construction). The Cure Day Clinics Group has a number of successful clinics in Gauteng, and plans to expand into a number of towns in the Western Cape.

“My family and I are so happy that we can FOR the first time give more to the comthe Monte Christo munity. I think the Miqlat Ministries’ biggest adjustment (MCM) staff will be for me will be the au100% South African thority that I now carwith the appointry,” Grundling said. ment of the new She is looking forCEO, Aletia Grunward to seeing the dling. Ministry run like a Grundling who ma“well- oiled machine” triculated at Paarl with the help of variGirls’ High School, has ous partnerships, fobeen part of Monte cussing on integrated Christo since 2008 sustainable developand according to Gary NEW CEO. Paarlite Aletia Grundling (left) is ment. This will adHelling, the previous the new CEO of Monte Christo Miqlat Minis- dress all the different CEO, through a selc- tries in Paarl. She succeeds Gary Helling needs within the comtion process done by (right) who will soon return to his home in munity and make a an industrial psychol- California, USA, after six years in Paarl. significant impact. ogist, it was decided “Every day we are that Grundling is the best candidate to lead trying to build the trust of the community the ministry to greater heights. and teach them skills to care for themGrundling is also the co-founder of the selves. The disintegration of the family Jepsa (Jesus Peace South Africa) non-prof- structure is increasing and we want to reuit organisation, which was launched with nite families and bring back dignity. We also her husband Ockie Grundling in 2000. need to train people holistically to become She was later the initiator of the three digood employees and citizens. mensional poverty transformation project She thanked Helling for his leadership: through entrepreneurship development, “He is a visionary person and always has the Jepsa Bakery. The owners of this the bigger picture in mind. He is also very project are poverty transformation benefistructured and that helped to put Monte ciaries. Christo Miqlat on a professional standard.” In 2008 the Jepsa Bakery merged with According to Grundling and Helling they Monte Christo Ministries and is now known are supported by staff who are all there with as the Monte Christo Miqlat Food Centre. a calling to make a success of the Ministry. Last year the centre served over a million Helling and his wife plan to return regumeals to the poor. Helling, who is returning larly to South Africa around Christmas. to the United States, said that they were al“In Paarl I have learned how important most at the point where no-one has to go relationships with people are and have beto bed hungry. come a more caring person.”

SPESIALE TUIN. Daar word tans hard gewerk aan die uitleg van die tuin by Huis Ina Rens, die nuwe tuiste vir demensie-lyers wat vandeesweek in ’n afsonderlike gebou by Huis Vergenoegd in die Paarl open. Die multi-sensoriese tuin word volgens die Eden-beginsels só uitgelê dat dit vir bejaardes ’n interessante omgewing skep waarin hulle kan ontspan, met plante wat hulle aan hul kinderdae sal herinner. Daar sal ook voorwerpe uit toeka se tyd in die tuin geplaas word. Die ontwerp word gedoen deur die landskapsargitek Danie Steenkamp. Die gesellige huis wat 18 inwoners sal hê, is vernoem na die bekende Paarliet, wyle Ina Rens, wat haar as voorsitter van die ACVV beywer het vir die welsyn van bejaardes.

Donderdag 1 Maart 2012

Business Post Service Guide

Service Guide

inligting • info Deadline Tuesday 14:00 How to pay • Cash • Credit card • Direct banking Tariff 1-15 words R260 for 4 weeks 5cm x 3cm block R642 for 4 weeks black & white R32,10 per cm for 5cm or more





Microwave your own popcorn in a plain brown paper bag. Much healthier and cheaper than the packet stuff.

86 Breda Street, Paarl Tel: 021 872 0747 Fax: 021 872 7691 Email:

Everything for your Swimming Pool/Spa Spares, Repairs & Chemicals, Services & Service Contracts

Klein hoeveelhede beskikbaar

Faks/e-pos jou nuttigste, praktiese wenk na 086 297 4465 •

Tel: 021 862 7065 Cell: 083 704 5393




Tel: 021 868 2169 / 021 868 3185 E-pos: CIVILS AGRI PLANT DE HOOP STEENWERWE De Hoop Steen Pad, Bo Daljosafat, Paarl

AKF Aluminium Tel: 021 871 1789 Cell: 082 372 7066

Replacement: • Wooden & steel • Windows & doors Repairs: • Aluminium doors & windows Custom built: • Windows & doors



Ons naam is u waarborg Vir die beste diens, skakel 021-863-3535 083 556 6359 Gratis kwotasies & installasies. Asook herstelwerk.

BOME U PROBLEEM? Afmaak, snoei ens. Ook geregistreer as indringerplantbeheeroperateur. Skakel Sieg 021-873-5541 of 082 745 9810 vir raad en kwotasie.

BLINDINGS Vir alle tipe blindings. Ons poog vir die beste diens en ons produk is van hoogstaande kwaliteit. Tel: 021-873-4540 Sel: 083 459 5986

TDMC BLINDINGS Vir alle tipe blindings & shutters. Skakel Theo vir gratis kwotasies & installasies. Taylor Agent Sel: 082 076 5565


Est 1988


Verskaffers van: Alle tipe blindings en hortjies Suppliers of blinds, exterior and interior Shutters

021-557 0725

Tel: 021 872 4308 Sel: 082 781 2210



Builders & TI - SHADE Renovators (MUL (023) 347 3631 / 347 3011





BAKSTEENVERKOPE Kom besoek ons nuwe vertoonlokaal vir al u behoeftes op sierstene, plaveistene, boustene, boublokke, tuin plaveisel, sand & klip.


Fax 086 297 4465 • E-mail: • Website:

Face Brick R1 950 per 1000



Ska 021 kel Zeta 870 460 9

Die beste gids om die diens te vind wat u sak pas The best guide to find the service that meets your budget

ROK R1 250 per 1000


Paarl Post


BIBC & MBA member

Quality cement building products Building blocks 190mm 140mm 90mm

Maxi bricks Cement bricks Tel/Fax: 021 868 1774 o/h Cell: 082 779 9229

EXECUSTRUCT Sedert 1954 Since

MB 190 MB 140 MB 90 Stene


• VERWYDERING VAN STOMPE • GEEN BESKADIGING VAN GRASPERKE • HARK DEKLAAG TERUG Poena Malherbe Tel: 021 862 4575 Sel: 083 460 2329 E-pos:


Specialising in: Building Painting Plumbing Electrical Tiling Renovations

Motorafdakke Patio-afdakke Verstelbare louvres Shadeports Sonkappe


Aanbouings Restourasie Plafonne Dry walls Verfwerk Loodgieter Teëls Badkamers en kombuise Plaveisel Afdakke Dries Viljoen 082 804 4613 NHBRC geregistreer


We’re just a

TEL: 021 875 5365 Old Paarl Road, Klapmuts

190 blocks 140 blocks 90 blocks Maxis7mpa Maxis 14mpa


Bouwerk Restourasies Afdakke Vir gratis kwotasies kontak: Greg Abrahams 073 255 3246/021 862-3734

BOUTEKENAAR call away To advertise in the Classified section call Zeta at 021 870 4600

S.N.A. CLEANING SERVICES. Labour & Cleaning Services. Residential cleaning, contract cleaning, undercover security cleaning, office cleaning, window cleaning. We also do pest control. At a price you can afford. Free quotes. Sanet: 072 814 0333. Email: andre muller01 ARL SERVICES. We offer the following services at affordable rates. We clean your house, office & windows, wash carpets, do handyman jobs, cleaning of vacant plots & bill boards and any woodwork, build-in cupboards etc. Contact Antoinette at 082-4595625 for a quote. Email:


DORIAN VAN ROOYEN Cell: 083 299 9355 Email:




Tel/Fax: 021 872 0116 Cell: 084 524 5911 Building Contractors

( 021 873 1154

FAX/TEL: 021 873 5271 / 021 856 3360 CELL: 083 274 2646

• Building • Painting • Plumbing • Plastering • Skimming • Tiling • Electrical • Bathrooms • Kitchens • Maintenance • & upgrading

Sedert 1988


CARSTENS BOUTEKENAAR Bouplanne, kommersiële en residensiële. Inhandiging en goedkeuring van planne. Kontak André 082-076-6454

M O S T E R T SWEISWERKE: Skuif-/Swaaihekke, diefwering, traliewerk & vele ander staalwerke. Gratis kwotasies. Skakel Frank Mostert 021 868 2880 / 072 022 0066. Faks: 021 872 6771.

Spsweiswerke Diefwering • Skuifhekke Traliewerk vir heinings Gratis kwotasies Billike pryse Gewaarborgde werk onder persoonlike toesig Skakel vir S.P. Sel 083 967 3447 Bertus Sel 084 602 9829 Tel: 021 872 7554 (K)


Put us to the test 021-853-0272 086 108 6101 Secure-a-door suppliers of

MAGNADOR The stronger one 3 year guarantee Driveway Gates • Gate Automation Intercoms • Electric Locks Garage door Openers Automation Repairs

Tel/Fax: 021-872-4308 Cell: 082-781-2210

Gratis kwotasies Billike pryse Henk Agenbag 072 269 9934 021 868 0555

ELEKTRIES WASMASJIENMAN. Ons herstel die volgende: wasmasjiene, stowe, yskaste, mikrogolfoonde, tuimeldroërs en skottelgoedwassers. Skakel Frik 082 682 2432.

Sake Post Diensgids

26 . Paarl Post

ELEKTRIES ELECTRICAL REPAIRS: Stoves, plugs, fridges, gas refills. POOL REPAIRS: Installations, heating. R E N O VAT I O N S : Tiling, Painting. AIRCONS: Factory prices. 083 708 4950.


Tel: 021 873 5792 • Johan 083 284 6793


Kombuis- & slaapkamerkaste Studeerkamerrakke Verandering van bestaande kaste Gelamineerde houtvloere Hang van deure

Speed Queen, Whirlpool etc.

SKAKEL 082 554 1879

All work guaranteed. Jan 076 919 0596

R E PA I R S TO fridges, freezers, coldroom & restaurant equipment. Buy and sell fridges & freezers. Contact Neels 079 5730605


by Louis

RW HOUTWERKE Ingeboude kaste & kombuisontwerp. Restourasiewerk. Algemene houtwerk. Gratis kwotasie. Regardt 082 847 6333


LOODGIETERS PLUMBING MB SERVICES Morné Bester 084 412 2543 All household plumbing maintenance Electrically powered drain & sewerage cleaning Root removals / storm water drain cleaning Drain /gulley cleaning (40-110 mm) Blocked showers, toilets & basins


Plumbing Blocked drains Leaks Bathrooms Geysers New Installations Septic tanks Valuum suction Cell: Chris 076 080 4903 Elsabe: 076 838 3566

MATTE STOOMSKOON -MAAK van matte asook bekleedsels. Skakel Peter Nordin 021 873 3621 / 073 206 8581.

J.J. DRY CARPET CLEANING Window cleaning Walk on your carpets in 10 min Upholstery | Couches Persian carpets Blinds & Mattresses Cleaning from R90 per room Car seats | Etc. Premises & Offices

MONDAY - SATURDAY For a FREE quotation, call Yolanda on 079 568 7051





Moeg vir tapyte en teëls wat gou weer vuil word?




Geen stoom, sjampoe of poeier gebruik

* Teël - & Steenskoonmaak en beskerming


c/o Verster & Synagogue Street, Paarl 021 871 1936

plaas blokadvertensies landwyd in die publikasie van u keuse. GEEN EKSTRA KOSTES. Skakel 021 870 4600

INGEBOUDE KASTE COMBRINCK KASTE Ontwerp, bou, verbeter, vergroot alle kaste en kombuise. Gratis kwotasies. Betroubare toesig. Boet: 072 243 9323

For all your paving & precast wall requirements (incl. extentions). No deposit required.


WE DO ALL TYPES OF PAVING Domestic • Industrial • Half brick paving • Tileing • Cladding

HUIS VERBETERINGS HDM. Huis Verbeterings, Aanbouiings, Loodgieter, Verf, Teëlwerk, Groot of klein. Hugo Dell 071 604 2033

INGEBOUDE KASTE INBOU VAN KASTE, asook verandering van bestaande kaste. Gratis kwotasies. Skakel JP 083 453 2702.


VERBETERINGS Kombuise- (3D ontwerp) Slaap-, bad-, studeerkamerkaste Rakke • Dry Walls Shop Fitting Kwaliteit gelamineerde vloere


083 654 9318




PLAVEISEL: 450 x 450 x 40mm Paver R32,53 inkl. Kontak vervaardiger of besoek ons vertoonlokaal Afristone 021 873 5482.

DURR POOL SERVICES. Repairs on pools, pumps. Pipes, filters etc. Special rates for pensioners and clients whose pools we service. All hours. Contact 084 592 7907.


FREE QUOTES | ALL WORK GUARANTEED Painting Roofing Torch on Waterproofing Industrial Roof clean & coat Minor Renovations Gutters & facias Domestic Carports & pergolas Swimming pools Glass work 083 252 1054 | 078 637 5178

THE ROOF DOCTOR • Water-proofing and painting. • Free quotes and work guaranteed. 083 252 1054

SWEMBADDENS Everything for your Swimming Pool/Spa Spares, Repairs & Chemicals, Services & Service Contracts


Tel: 021-873-5482 Pool Paving Cladding Sleepers Stepping Stones Cobbles




• Tap washers to pipelines • Bathroom, kitchen renovations • Tiling • Blocked Drains • Sanitary Installations • Geyser Specialists • Leaking roofs • Project Management

24 Hours Andre 072 158 9604 CN PLUMBING & DRAIN LAYING Danie Paulsen Repair manholes, remove blockages, also painting, tiling & paving. 15 Bo Burg Street, Wellington, 7655 021 873 1466 / 084 473 1466

40 VERSAILLES STREET WELLINGTON TEL: 021 864 3204/6 CELL: 082 411 3663



TEËLS: Fabriekswinkel te Wellington. Kontak vervaardiger of besoek ons vertoonlo-kaal. Afristone 021 873 5482.

3 TON TRUCK with driver. R1000 p/day or R350 p/hour + diesel. Phone 082 538 4012.

30mm granite & Engineered tops from R810 to R1


per linear meter incl. vat + installation + templates

Tombstone from R850 Full package from R4 500 + 7 New Designs Incl. installation + vat FACTORY & SHOWROOMS ATHLONE 021 638 0531 BELLVILLE 021 949 6070


vir muur tot muur matte, novilon en viniel teëls en alle tipe blindings. Skakel Billy en Marlene 021-873-4540 of 083-242-4740



Sambo Granite

MUBEEN 084 887 0851 021 873 7802


& Diff Centre




BELANGRIK SPERTYD is Dinsdag 14:00. Skakel Zeta 021 870 4609


For a free quote call 021 863 2788 or

MARTIN 082 875 1806 or 987 6926



* CIAL SPE6 380 R Incl. VAT







Supply + install + repair all type of garage doors • Meranti • Aluzink • Fibre glass • Sectional • Tip-up • Roll-up • Garage doors + motors



Magic with bricks

All areas: Domestic, commercial and industrial

Repair of electrical goods, fridges, stoves, washing machines, tumble-driers and microwave ovens. PHONE 021 862 6861 / 021 862 8100



Cell: 072 409 1207 email:

• Kombuise • Ingeboude kamerkaste • Soliede meubels • Kroeë en meer




Donderdag 1 Maart 2012

86 Breda Street, Paarl Tel: 021-872-0747 Fax: 021-872-7691 Email:paarlpoolservices

Driveways to Highways Teerwerk, gedoen binne 24 uur. Helfte goedkoper as plaveisel. Tel: 021 862 0486 of 084 089 6888

TREK MOVING? TREK? 083 708 4950




Tree-felling & Roll-on lawn Garden Services AUTHORISED POOL & SPA CARE CENTRE



This is what we have to offer: • Affordable weekly pool maintenance • All pool repairs • Pumps • Filters INCREAS your E • Solar panels temp bypool 12ºC • Heat pumps • Solar blanket & covers • Roll-up stations Call us for a quotation! Office 021 863 3885 082 776 1700 Fax 021-863-3886 Email:


Africotta Quality Hand Made Tiles & Pavers

Indoor/Outdoor FLOOR TILES & Pool/Garden PAVERS Visit our showroom: 7 Industrial Road Wellington Tel: 021-873-1989 THE ORIGINAL ‘AFRI’

Afsaag van bome, snoei van struike, aanplant van gras, rommelverwydering, skoonmaak van erwe, sny van gras en randte, Alle instandhouding teen die beste pryse. Kontak my gerus vir ‘n gratis kwotasie 082 065 0837

Verwydering van tuinvullis Removal of garden refuse Skoonmaak van geute Cleaning of gutters Anja 073 986 3077 ROMMEL- & VULLISVERWYDERING: Vervoer van bourommel & tuinvullis. Kontak Louis 083 713 9599. SKAKEL NICO BY 082 925 3680 vir verwydering van tuinvullis of bourommel en lewering van klip ens. Goeie diens gewaarborg.


6 m³ Sand R866,40 6 m³ Klip 19/25 R1 580,04 OOK BESKIKBAAR: 13/19 mm klip, filling sand, G4 & G5 basecourse. Aflewerings vir kleiner hoeveelhede en areas Wellington, Klapmuts, Simondium & Franschhoek ook beskikbaar. Diggers & excavators te huur. Skakel 021 868 2169 Email:

TJ MOSTERT EN SEUN 021 863 2400 021 86 30123 6m³ SAND..................R855,00 6m³ KLIP 13mm.......R1 653,00 6m³ KLIP 19mm.......R1 653,00 6m³ OPVULGROND..R478,80 Afgelewer in Paarl en BTW ingesluit. Asook aflewerings in Wellington, Klapmuts, Simondium en Franschhoek



Maverick Trading 1207 cc h/a

Landscaping Free quotation

082 772 4675 Email:

VERVOER B. R VERVOER. Tipper trok vir vervoer van bourommel, tuinvullis ens. Sand - R560 Klip - R760 per 3 ton trok. Skakel Bennie 072 208 6943.

robbelaar vervoer Tel/faks: 021 873 1551


Vervoer van sand & klip.

6 m Sand - R850 6 m Klip (19 mm) - R1530

Billike pryse!

V E RW Y D E R I N G van rommel en vullis 1-6m³. Algemene vervoer met 8-ton trok. Vir billike pryse en gehalte diens skakel JACQUES 082 579 2998/ 021-872-6029.


Business Post Classifieds

Thursday 1 March 2012

Paarl Post





GOLD ONS KOOP MOSES: DAVID CLIVE. Gebore: 11 Maart 1963. Oorlede: 23 Feb 2012. Begrafnis: 10:00 Saterdag 3 Maart 2012, Kanariestraat 157.

SWARTS: GERITTE. 21.03.1968 ­ 22.02.2012. Sy heengaan is vir ons 'n groot verlies. Met groot hartseer neem ons afskeid. Ons gaan jou baie mis. Liefde van jou vrou Charmain, kinders Megan, Faizel en Cammy. Begrafnis: Saterdag 3 Maart. Tuis: 10:00. Kerk: 12:00, Ou Apostoliese Kerk, Klein Drakenstein Weg. Regular advertising in the Classifieds will always be noticed! Phone Zeta at 021 870 4600 to advertise

ARENDSE: RICHARD­ DEAN. 03.03.1990 ­ 15.12.2003. Ons sal jou altyd liefhê en die mooi herinneringe onthou. Reggie, Rochelle en Jeff.

CUPIDO: ANDREW CYRIL. 28.02.2012. 2 Jaar weg van ons. Die verlange is groot. Mis jou baie. Van: Mammie, susters, Bradley en familie.



08 Sterfgevalle Deaths

FRANKE: ELIZABETH. Gebore: 02.03.1960. Oorlede: 11.11.2011. Dis jou eerste verjaarsdag in die hemel. Jou plek is leeg. Die stilte bring soms 'n traan. Die verlange is groot. Van: Man en familie.

FREDERICKS: AREND. Daddy, gone is that special smile. Even though, I will always love and treasure you. Miss you. Jo­Anne.

JOHANNES MAY: Een jaar alreeds verby. Ons mis Daddy baie. Jou vrou, kinders, kleinkinders en agterklein­ kinders

MATTHEWS: MONICA. Gone for 14 years (23.02.1998), but not forgotten. Paul, Hambly, Manfred, Christelle, Elveira, Thomas and grandchildren.

HARRIS: SYLVIA OLIVE. 09.01.1936 ­ 28.02.2011. A year has passed. We miss you Mamma. In the house where you used to be, we wanted so much to keep you, but God willed it not to be. We treasure the beautiful memories and will never forget. You are in God's safe keeping now. Children and grandchildren.


YOUNG: CRAIG. 02.10.79 ­ 03.03.03. Gone forever, but in our hearts always. Dad & Ma, Clare, Justin, Chloé & Craig, Granny & Grandad Young ­ Scotland. Missing is endless, time is long. Thoughts are constant, but you are forever with us. Tracey, Kurt, Kimi & Dillon. YOUNG CRAIG: 2.10.79 ­ 03.03.03. Grandson, nephew, cousin. Always in our minds and in our thoughts and conversations and forever in our hearts. Grannie and Grandad, Lee, Sohndra and Cyhan, Michelle, Philip, Scott and Jessica.

AUBREY SOLOMON Begrafnisondernemer: Hermitagestr, Huguenot. Tel: 021 862 5346. 24­uur diens. NACKERDIEN Begrafnis­ dienste, Fransstraat 7, Paarl. Tel: 021 862 1450. PA S TO O R S A M U E L MORRIE. Ons sou op 27 Februarie Daddy se 81ste verjaarsdag vier, maar ons gun Daddy die rus. Vermis­ ting is groot. Mavis, Colin, broers, skoonsusters, klein­ en agterkleinkinders.


BESTE PRYSE Eilandstr 3, Paarl (oorkant SASKO)

021 872 2913 JJCash_ 213A5 7x1 yellow smalls Setting new Standards of Service 10 Sept

LOAN PROVIDERS • FAST and EASY cash • SAMEDAY cash payment • EASY repayments (6 months) Dial: 021 872 2114 or visit us @ 387 Main Street, Paarl


Persele te huur Premises to let

10 In memoriam In memoriam




Hierdie foto is geneem tydens die 75ste reünie van die Stellenbosse Universiteitskoor in 2011, wat bygewoon was deur wyle Frieda (Fritzi) Holzapfel (Kotze) en haar seun Helmut Holzapfel, ook tans afgetrede operasanger van Stuttgart in Duitsland. Mev Holzapfel was 'n inwoner van die Paarl sedert 1955.


GUESS who are March Babies. Lauren Carmen 5th. Leezhaane Tameryn 31st.

It is the responsibility of the advertiser to make sure his advert is correct on the first day of publication and placed according to his instruction and that mistakes are corrected before the next edition. The Paarl Post does not accept responsibility for more than one faulty placing. No credits will be allowed for insignificant typographical or typing errors which do not affect the value of the advertisement. No advertisement may be reproduced without the permission of the owner, according to article 12 (7) of the Copyright Act of 1978. NB: ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE DONE IN WRITING. NO CREDITS WILL BE PASSED WITHOUT WRITTEN PROOF OF CANCELLATION.

12 10 CASH LOANS: Lenings tot R200 000. Swart­ lys welkom. Goedkeuring in 5 min. 021 696 8028.

W P TA B A K S T O O R , Suider­Paarl: Goedere wat gestoor word, moet voor of op PaarlPostADVERTISERS_ 30 Maart 2012 opgeëis word. 9x1 bw889 6330. Skakel 021


Smalls 17 sep

while waiting for

Adams: Anna Saterdag 3 Maart 2012 is Mamma se 89ste verjaardag. Ons sou graag geluk wou sê, maar God het dit anders beskik. Op 27 Desember 2011 was Mamma tien jaar van ons geskei. Mamma is uit ons hande geneem, maar nooit uit ons harte. Verlang Mamma baie. Dogter Lenie, Kenny, kleindogter Lee-Anne, Julhiane, Annika, agterkleinkinders Pearl-Anne, Cody, Akeisha, Tashwin en Kay-Lee.

PENSION/ PACKAGE Payout (lump sum only) Same day pay out

021 949 0930 We’re just a call away To advertise in the Classified section call Zeta at 021 870 4600

AVAILABLE: Student or any other. Route: Paarl & Wellington to Malmesbury (vise versa) When: Daily. Cost: R750 pm. Route: Paarl (Wellington) to Worcester Centre (vise versa). When: Daily. Cost: R1 000 pm. Contact number: 074 117 1238 or sms your contact number and name.


Business Post Classifieds

28 . Paarl Post

SAAMRYGELEENTHEID gesoek vanaf Paarl na Willowbridge (Tygervallei). Maandae ­ Vrydae (Saterdae). Tye: 08:00 ­ 17:00 (o.h.b). Skakel asb 079 355 3887.

Jumping Castles & Slides for Hire! Full-day or half-day rentals Wide variety of jumping castles & slides available

STUDENT soek geleentheid va n a f We l l i n g t o n n a Stellenbosch Ma­Vry. Vanaf 08:00 ­ 16:00/17:00. 082 511 9980.

Vir enige navrae kontak Erech by 083 461 7912 of Carrin by 083 241 1817. E-pos: Website: DON’T DELAY - PLACE YOUR BOOKING TODAY!

CARWASH @ Home. Con­ tact Wayne for appointment. 084 592 7907. DRUMMING lessons for beginners and advanced. 072 522 9784. VERANDER van huis, woonstel, kantoor? Ek sal u meublement vervoer. Toebak, met billike tariewe. Kontak Nic: 082 400 1201.

HJN ACADEMY: Ons het nog beperkte plek vir studente wat wil registreer vir die jaar se kurses van Polisiëring. Kom besoek ons so gou moontlik! Kontak 076 150 9369. The fastest way to advertise your business. Contact Zeta at 021 870 4600

Sit back and take it easy. Ask the professionals to do it for you! To be one of the professionals advertise in the Classifieds by phoning Zeta at 021 870 4600

WELLINGTON KOMMERSIEEL R4 400 Kantoorruimte. Kerkstr. HUISE TE HUUR R10 500 - 5 slpk, studeerkamer, s/bad. R9 000 - Sek kompleks, modern R5 200 - Dupleks, m/h R5 000 - Ruim 2-slpk, pragtig R4 200 - Dupleks, 2 slpk, kompleks R3 500 - Serenata aftree-oord. Studentekamers vanaf R1 100 André 082 788 7746 Mari 083 626 8567 Kantoor 021 864 2948 PAARL R8 600 - 4 slpk, 3 bad, dubbelm/h Vicky 021 872 2223/ 074 158 8016 BOSCHENMEER R16 000 - 3 slpk, swembad R17 000 - 3 slpk, studeerkamer Thys 082 646 0932/ 021 863 2109

ABSOLUUT SENTRAAL: Wellington. Netjiese kamers, woon­ stelle vir jong werken­ des/studente. Uitste kende waarde ­ R1 400 tot R2 100. 082 970 1245.

021 873 3400

Thursday 1 March 2012



Olyfbos Woonstelle PAARL • Bachelor vir 2-Slaapkamerduplekswoning R2 640 pm, beskikbaar in bekende sekuriteitskompleks - De Oude Park dadelik beskikbaar. SENTRAAL­PAARL: @ R4 600 p/m. Gemeubileerde kamer vir • 1-Slpk vir R3 630 Beskikbaar onmiddellik. enkel professionele persoon WELLINGTON pm, dadelik of student. Onmiddelik of 1 2-Slaapkamerwoning te huur in beskikbaar. Book now @ 082 6752 952 or  Maart. 021 872 7626 / 076 Versailles Village Life @ R5 300 p/m. Beskikbaar 1 April. • 2-Slpk vir R4 675 673 3805. 1-Slaapkamertuinwoonstel te huur pm, dadelik half-gemeubileerd @ R2 220 p/m. Beskikbaar onmiddellik. beskikbaar. Woonstel - Bainsig Skakel 2-Slaapkamergrondvloerwoonstel @ 021 872 1608/9 R4 600 p/m.

STORAGE, short or long term for household contents etc. Storage Masters. Since 083 261 1051.


1 KAMER W/S te huur in Middedor p. R2800pm. Koopkrag. 082 580 0379. 1­SLPK. WOONSTEL in Wellington met swembad en waskamer. Baie veilig, 400 m van kampus ­ R2 700 p.m. Skakel Sandra: 084 664 3743. BACHELOR Wellington: R2 300p.m. + dep. 23m² ­ fully furnished + fridge, cooker, DSTV. Parking, braai area. Available immediately. Phone 082 538 4012. CENTRAL PAARL: 3­ Bedr flat, lounge, kitchen. Parking behind security gate. Available 1 April ­ R3 400 pm. 082 409 7855. Paarl - Denneburg R3 300 1-Slpk tuinwoonstel, baie ruim, veilige parkering. Beskikbaar: Onmiddellik Elmarie: 083 273 5582

WELLINGTON Pragtige loftwoonstel R3 850 - ongemeubileerd of R4 400 - gemeubileerd Moderne 1-slpk woonstel met balkon, kombuis met leefarea en tuin. Beskikbaar: 1 April 2012 Sonja: 082 891 8548

Regular advertising in the Classifieds will always be noticed! Phone Zeta at 021 870 4600 to advertise

WOONSTEL te huur: Onmiddellik beskikbaar ­ R3 900 pm. 082 342 9312.



WELLINGTON: STUDENT ACCOMMODATION 3 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, available immediately. R4 000/month water included. Pre-paid electricity. WELLINGTON: STUDENT / BUSINESS ACCOMMODATION 4 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, big living area. Available immediately R6 600/month or R1 650/room. Pre-paid electricity. WELLINGTON: VERSAILLES VILLAGE 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 garage. Available 1 March 2012 R6 600 / month CONTACT PETER 083 641 0808 Fax: 086 529 6107

NOORDER­PAARL: Ruim, gedeeltelik gemeu­ bileerde tuinw/s. Verkieslik enkelpersoon ­ R2 700 pm. Onmiddellik beskikbaar. 083 245 6933.

WELLINGTON: Upmarket bachelor & 1 bedroom flats, secure, in centre of town, tiled, oven/hob, shower. From R2 100 to R2 400. Permanent Trust 021 441 8800.


WELLINGTON FLAT RIVERSIDE 2 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom. R3 600/month water included Available immediately

LEILANI HEIGHTS: Sentraal­Paarl. Moderne, oopplan 2­slpk woonstel. I.G.K. Beskikbaar 1 Maart ­ R4 500 pm. Maretha: 079 306 4242.

WELLINGTON: Berg­ en­Dal. Ruim 1­slpk tuin­ woonstel. Eie krag, water ingesluit. Beskikbaar 1 Maart ­ R2 500 pm. 083 568 6568 of 083 270 9671.



Beskikbaar 1 April. Bachelor grondvloer-woonstel @ R3 000 p/m. Beskikbaar 1 Maart. Woonstelle - Piano Factory 2-Slaapkamereenhede @ R4 200 p/m. Beskikbaar 1 April 1-Slaapkamerduplekseenhede ook beskikbaar @ R3 300 p/m. Beskikbaar onmiddellik. Pragtige studentewoning. Ruim kamers met en-suite badkamers, swembad en veilige parkering. Loopafstand van kampus, @ R1 980 p/m. Streng keuringsproses. Beskikbaar onmiddellik. Kamer te huur: Rustige omgewing, ideaal vir senior persoon, baie bekostigbaar. Beskikbaar onmiddellik.



Worcester - Du Toitskloof (1km van tonnel Worcester se kant) - R4 000. Ruim 2-slpk huis op plaas. Goeie sekuriteit. Beskikbaar: 1 April 2012 Tittie: 076 507 1118

Worcester - Du Toitskloof (1km van tonnel Worcester se kant) - R5 000 Ruim 3-slpk huis op plaas. Goeie sekuriteit. Beskikbaar: 01 April 2012 Tittie: 076 507 1118

Boschenmeer: 3-Slaapkamerdorpshuis, 2 badkamers, motorhuis, klein tuin. Beskikbaar 1 April. R7 500 per maand. Kontak Amanda 084 763 0221

3­SLPK. DUPLEKS: E/garage, nuut, omhein. Klapmuts ­ Paarl ­ R5 995. Kontak Leney: 084 254 0686.


BOSCHENMEER: Imma­ culate 3­bedr townhouse in original development. aircon, underfloor heating, 2 balconies, single garage ­ R7 500 pm. 082 650 6515.

Advertise in the Classifieds.

COURTRAI: 3­Slpk, 1,5 badk, eetkamer, motor/h en afdak ­ R7 750 pm. Kontak 082 076 5944.

Phone Zeta at 021 870 4600 for full details

8 Sterfgevalle Deaths

Thyssen: Sherall

Smith: Dina Wilhelmina

Bailey: Christian

Adonis: Eva Johanna

Kruger: Adam

Gebore: 23 Oktober 1961 Oorlede: 26 Februarie 2012

Gebore: 4 Augustus 1942 Oorlede: 25 Februarie 2012

Gebore: 17 September 1952 Oorlede: 15 Februarie 2012

Gebore: 19 Februarie 1945 Oorlede: 26 Februarie 2012

Gebore: 19 Junie 1971 Oorlede: 21 Februarie 2012

Met liefdevolle herinneringe neem ons afskeid van ons geliefde. Word diep betreur deur familie, vriende en gemeenskap.

Met liefdevolle herinneringe neem ons afskeid van ons geliefde. Word diep betreur deur familie, vriende en gemeenskap.

Met liefdevolle herinneringe neem ons afskeid van ons geliefde. Word diep betreur deur familie, vriende en gemeenskap.

Met liefdevolle herinneringe neem ons afskeid van ons geliefde. Word diep betreur deur familie, vriende en gemeenskap.

Diens vind plaas op Saterdag 3 Maart 2012 Navrae: 073 423 7366

Met liefdevolle herinneringe neem ons afskeid van ons geliefde. Word diep betreur deur familie, vriende en gemeenskap. Diens vind plaas op Saterdag 3 Maart 2012 Navrae:076 138 0904 / 084 310 8047

Miller: Hennie

Juries: Jacob

Gebore: 13 Februarie 1941 Oorlede: 23 Februarie 2012

Diens vind plaas op Sondag 4 Maart 2012 HUIS: 12:00 Ranonkelstraat 18, Bellvue, Wellington KERK: 13:00 AME Kerk, Voorstraat, Wellington Navrae:072 624 8468 / 079 296 6290

Met liefdevolle herinneringe neem ons afskeid van ons geliefde. Word diep betreur deur familie, vriende en gemeenskap. Diens vind plaas op Sondag 4 Maart 2012 HUIS: 12:00 Coodestraat 9, Van Wyksvlei KERK: 13:30 AGS Newton Navrae: 084 627 3763 / 072 277 1729

Diens vind plaas op Saterdag 3 Maart 2012 Navrae: 072 135 7371

Diens vind plaas op Sondag 4 Maart 2012 HUIS: 09:00 Welvanpas Plaas Navrae: 076 618 1409 / 073 399 8034

Jackson: Albert

Coetsee: Mona Rix

Kalse: Johannes

Gebore: 13 Junie 1947 Oorlede: 23 Februarie 2012

Gebore: 1 Januarie 1921 Oorlede: 23 Februarie 2012

Gebore: 3 Mei 1930 Oorlede: 25 Februarie 2012

Gebore: 17 September 1976 Oorlede: 23 Februarie 2012

Met liefdevolle herinneringe neem ons afskeid van ons geliefde. Word diep betreur deur familie, vriende en gemeenskap.

Met liefdevolle herinneringe neem ons afskeid van ons geliefde. Word diep betreur deur familie, vriende en gemeenskap.

Met liefdevolle herinneringe neem ons afskeid van ons geliefde. Word diep betreur deur familie.

Diens vind plaas op Saterdag 3 Maart 2012 HUIS: 08:00 Berloizstraat 20, Groenheuwel KERK: 10:00 VGK Huguenot Navrae: 078 647 5185 / 071 072 8677

Diens vind plaas op Saterdag 3 Maart 2012 HUIS: 09:00 Santanastraat 15, Milky Town KERK: 10:00 Fairyland-saal Navrae: 084 907 1803

Diens vind plaas op Saterdag 3 Maart 2012 KERK: 10:00 Gereformeerde Kerk, Sterlingstraat, Paarl Navrae: 082 785 5866 / 021 873 4841

Met liefdevolle herinneringe neem ons afskeid van ons geliefde. Word diep betreur deur familie, vriende en gemeenskap. Diens vind plaas op Saterdag 3 Maart 2012 HUIS: 09:00 Mooikelder Plaas Navrae: 078 634 6975 / 073 053 2450

Begrafnisdienste word waargeneem deur Willy’s/Gallico Begrafnisdienste Kontaknr: 021 862 0948 / 083 947 6347 (alle ure) Faksnr: 021 862 1391 • e-pos:

Thursday 1 March 2012

Paarl Central Above Main Street: Large semi-detached house with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two entertainment areas, small granny flat and off-street parking for one car. R8 300 p/month Available 1 April. 5521   Tel: 082 464 5521     

INDUSTRIËLE RUIMTE in veilige Versaillestraat, Wellington @ R7 000 pm, BTW ingesluit 2 (±300 m , eenheid 2). Onmiddellik beskikbaar. Skakel Liesl van Vuuren 021 873 1154 k/u


TE HUUR 2 Church Street, Wellington Tel: 021 873 4557 | Fax: 021 864 3828

FARM COTTAGE HERMON ROAD Spacious, fully furnished 2 bedroom cottage with 2 bathrooms. Large kitchen, open plan dining and living room. Private garden. Access to swimming pool. Safe parking. Available: Immediately R10 000 per month FARMHOUSE HERMON ROAD Charming 3 bedroom farmhouse with 3 bathrooms. Open plan kitchen and dining room. Separate scullery and laundry. Living room with wood fireplace. Undercover patio leading to swimming pool and garden. Safe parking. Available: Immediately R16 700 per month MALANOT PARK WELLINGTON 2 Bedroom cottage with 1 bathroom. Open plan kitchen and living room. Separate scullery. Patio with enclosed back garden. Automated garage. Available: 1 April 2012 R5 000 per month CENTRAL WELLINGTON 2 Bedroom semi-detached home with 1 bathroom. Living room, kitchen and safe parking. Available: Immediately R3 500 per month UITSIG - WELLINGTON Bachelor's flat with separate bathroom. Water and electricity included. Access to private garden. Off-street parking. Available: 1 March 2012 R2 000 per month FLAT - PAARDENBERG 2 Bedroom flat with 1 bathroom. Lounge/kitchen and laundry. Water and DSTV included. No cats or dogs. Available: 1 April 2012 R3 500 per month Elsa Dauth Tel office: 021 873 4557

124/m² KANTORE @ R68.40/m² p.m. (2 X on­ derdak parkering), 1ste vloer, Lady Greystraat, 98/m² Winkel of Banksaal of Koffiewinkel @ R114/m² op Lady Greystraat. Beide persele in die "Towers" gebou Paarl. Kontak M Mostert 021 981 6030 (epos: DALJOSAFAT: Werkswin­ kel te huur, 120 m² teen R4 300 pm. Riaan: 074 345 3893.

Paarl - R4 000 000 Hardware shop for sale. Contact agent for further details, Werner: 021 871 1240

Paarl - R410 000 Coffee shop for sale. Contact agent for further details, Werner: 021 871 1240 OFFICES TO LET: Prime position in Main Street, Paarl, opposite McDonalds. Rental from R1 500 pm. Contact Pat: 021 447 3665. WELLINGTON: Industriële ruimte, Versailles­/Industrie­ straat. ±200 m² plus oop ruimte ­R4 500 pm. Onmid­ dellik beskikbaar. 082 213 6120/021 864 3579.

126 m². Sentraal geleë, Hoofstraat, Paarl, langs McDonalds hamburgers.

082 880 1470

Business Post Classifieds

2DE HANDSE & nuwe klere, skoene, beddegoed, gordyne, breekgoed, potte, panne, elektriese ware. Betaal kontant. Johan: 074 474 4275.

NISSAN SENTRA te koop. Puik toestand ­ R27 000. Skakel 021 872 8080. OPEL CORSA 130 LITE, 2002. White, g/lock, 140 000 km. Good condition ­ R36 995. RWC, L/C + reg incl. 021 886 6686/083 890 3300.

COMPUTER INK WOONWA gesoek, betaal kontant. Kontak André: 082 584 7533.

WOONSTEL te koop in Kaapstad ­ R620 000. Distrik 6 / Zonnebloem. 500 m van Behind ‘Oak Tree Lodge’. CPUT hoofkampus. 2 Slpk en 32 Main Street, Suider Paarl ruim sit/eetkamer. Moontlike opposite KWV h/office. huurinkomste: R5 800 ­ R7 000 per maand. Onmiddellik beskikbaar. Sondag op Computerink_212AF ALL sales & repairs on skou! (14:00 ­ 17:00) Kontak Coretha: 082 802 8875. fridges 6x1 |andbwdeep freezers. Regassing, best prices. Tel: 021 872 7113/082 727 3147. smalls

The best guide to find the service that meets your budget.









PAARL HUIS - GROENVLEI UITSTEKEND GEPRYS! 3 Slaapkamer, 1½ badkamer, studeerkamer, swembad & dubbelmotorhuis. Prys: R1 795 000,00 SKAKEL: 072 924 2974 NOORDER-PAARL HUIS 3 Slaapkamers, 1½ badkamer, enkelmotorhuis, sit-eetkamer, voorstoep met braai, groot erf. Prys: R1 180 000,00 SKAKEL: 072 924 2974 PAARL HUIS - LEMOENKLOOF 5 Slaapkamers, 4 badkamers, 2 studeerkamers, TV-kamer, eetkamer, kombuis, dubbelmotorhuis, swembad, kelder. Pragtige uitsig. Prys: R4 700 000,00 SKAKEL: 072 924 2974 SUIDER-PAARL WOONSTELLE (GRONDVLOER) 2 Slaapkamers, badkamer, sitkamer, kombuis. Prys: R400 000,00 elk SKAKEL MARIE: 083 261 4875 PAARL HUIS 3 Slaapkamers, 1½ badkamer, sit/eetkamer, kombuis, 1 motorhuis, Wendyhuis, swembad, alarm & waskamer. Prys: R999 000,00 SKAKEL MARIE: 083 261 4875 PLASE 32 ha, mikrobesproeiing, oeste uitgesluit, huis 450 m². Woonhuis en 6 ha kan apart gekoop word. Prys: R6,5 miljoen SKAKEL MARIE: 083 261 4875 KLEINHOEWE WELLINGTON, 4 ha, praguitsig op berge, Eskom-kragpunt op grond, baie sterk boorgat. Prys: R2,2 miljoen SKAKEL MARIE: 083 261 4875 KLEINHOEWE WELLINGTON, gewaarborgde inkomste van R120 000/pm, pragtige gerestoureerde woonhuis en ander geboue geskik vir verblyf -erhuring. Prys: R8 miljoen SKAKEL MARIE: 083 261 4875

PHONE GERD Tel: 863-3951/ 082-7744-098.

VARKTJOPS: Halwe vark (jonk) opgesaag @ R34 p/kg. Varksosaties @ R55 p/kg. Aflewerings gratis. 082 084 2279/082 214 9082.

LAS VEGAS R429 000 4 Slaapkamer, Dubbelverdieping huis, 2 badkamers met bediende kwartiere.

NISSAN 1400 bakkie, 5­ spoed met kappie (canopy). Goeie kondisie binne & buite. Baie betroubaar ­ R19 000. 084 470 6054.

EK soek voertuie om aan te koop vir kontant. Skakel 083 630 4737.

SKUIFDEUR: 2,4 m swartland houtdeur met glas. Goeie toestand ­ R2 400 ohb. 083 774 6978.

GROENHEUWEL R329 000 2 Slaapkamer beginners droom, baie netjies!

MAZDA SOHO, 1997 ­ R10 000. 073 421 3608/ 071 917 1925.

VOLKSWAGEN GOLF CHICO, 1996, white. Good condition ­ R19 995. RWC, L/C + reg included. 021 886 6686/083 890 3300.

MILLENNIUM WENDYS: Beste pryse op Wendyhuise en afdakke. Kontak Craig: 082 577 8235.

KLEIN PARYS R850 000 NEG Gerieflike 3 slaapkamer huis, ruim erf. Kort bietjie aandag.

FORD RANGER BAKKIE 2.5 TDi, 2006. Super Cab 4x2, black, 164 000 km ­ R107 000. 084 235 6067.

TOYOTA COROLLA 1.3, 1988. Cream, excellent condition. One owner, service books, 159 000 km ­ R29 995. RWC, L/C + reg included. 021 886 6686/ 083 890 3300.

17 PVR sep dekodeerder ­ HD R1300 (nuut), 1131 deko­ deerder met installering ­ R650. Pentzstraat 38, Wellington. 072 354 6188.

Contact Lee 079 282 8267

BMW 525i parte ­ deure, towbar, vensters. Mercedez Benz 300 SE ­ R6000. Skakel 079 229 6378/074 509 0954.

TOYOTA CONQUEST 1.3. Cream, good condition, wedge shape ­ R19 995. RWC, L/C + reg included. 021 886 6686/083 890 3300.

We refill your printer cartridges from R20 - R110, black and colour, while you wait. WE SELL: Refilled, new and compatible Ink Jet and Laser cartridges. WE BUY EMPTY cartridges R5 - R40.


GREENFIELDS: Hophuis te koop ­ R85 000. Kontak 083 669 0336. KONTANT: 2­Slpk ­ R150 000. 3­Slpk ­ R450 000. 2­Slpk ­ R350 000. 3­Slpk ­ R650 000. 3­ Slpk ­ R750 000. 073 421 3608. KO N TA N T W I S KO O P : 2­Slpk ­ 260 000. 3­Slpk ­ R340 000. 3­Slpk ­ R240 000. Groenheuwel, Weltevrede en Carter­ ville. Geen agente asb. 072 805 3574. NEW ORLEANS: 3 Slpk, 1 volle badk. Volledig toege­ ruste kombuis, groot sitk/ eetk, studeerkamer, buite­ kamer, garage, swembad ­ R850 000. 082 702 0727.


Are you passionate about wines and have a great overview of SA wines and wine industry knowledge? Vineyard Connection is looking for a dynamic person to join our team and run our wineshop. You should be sales and marketing driven, have previous wine sales experience and be computer literate for this position outside Stellenbosch. Wine writing and tasting skills essential. Non-smoker and own transport. Fax short CV to 021 884 4361 A S S I S T E N T­ B E ­ STUURDER, Paarl (retail), 4 jaar ondervinding t.o.v. koste­ berekening. Rekenaarge­ letterd. Faks CV 021 862 6925. B E S T U U R D E R / Toesighouer vir groente­ en vrugte­afdeling en slaghuis, asook sekuriteitspersoon. Bring CV's tussen 09:00 en 12:00 na 7 Days Supermarket, Hoofstraat 470. DRIVER and client services representative. Code 10, valid PDP, Grade 12, own transport. References. Fax CV to 086 693 6985. EARN extra money with Avon. Be your own boss. Work from home. Work your own hours. Contact Maria (after 14:00) 084 669 6393. HAIR STYLIST for rent a chair. 082 855 6695. LOOKING for honest, reliable, mature English speaking lady as domestic worker in the Paarl area, nanny to school going kids, Mon­ Fri. Must have references. Phone 082 760 8508. MARKETING & Operations Assistant. Own transport, driver's licence, computer literate. Referen­ ces. Half day. Fax CV to 086 693 6985.

QUALIFIED finishing hand carpenter for permanent position. Please contact 082 375 5236 or 082 807 0831. TEACH ENGLISH in Thailand. No teaching exp required. Full TEFL training provided. Major intake April 2012. Info sessions in Brackenfell. Min Salary: 30 000 Thaibaht. Max cost of living 12 000Tb. Relocation costs will apply. Linda:

Paarl Post lesers moet asb. alle finansiële advertensies, deeltydse werk, geldmaakskemas en besigheidsgeleenthede behoorlik ondersoek voordat 'n besigheidstransaksie aangegaan word. Dieselfde geld waar van die lesers vereis word om 'n deposito in 'n adverteerder se rekening in te betaal. Dit bly die verantwoordelikheid van die koper of verbruiker om die aanbod en die betroubaarheid van die adverteerder met wie hulle sake doen behoorlik te ondersoek.

BETROUBARE Christen dame soek charwerk. 078 750 0378. CAREGIVER with 5 yrs experience, looking for work. 078 739 4686. CASHIER / security job needed. 078 271 5439/ 078 691 2225. CLEANING work needed. 078 745 8596. DAME soek charwerk. Verwysing beskikbaar. 071 969 3446. DELICIA is looking for domestic worker. Tel: 078 774 1181. DOMESTIC needs 2 days work, Wed & Fri. 078 326 9954.


DOMESTIC worker/ nanny. 078 217 8009.

E-pos CV aan of skakel 021 868 1652

DOMESTIC worker needs 2/3 working days please. 076 164 1789.

Ingenieursfirma in Parow benodig ‘n gemotiveerde, goed tweetalige persoon met goeie kommunikasie- en leierseienskappe. Diploma in meganiese ingenieurswese is minimum vereiste met ten minste 10 jaar ontwerp-, vervaardigingen projekbeplanningsagtergrond. Faks verkorte CV na 021 931 9344 of e-pos na PAARL: STOORKLERK benodig. 3 Dae per week. Moet tweetalig & rekenaar­ geletterd in SAP wees. Kontak 021 871 1238.

I AM looking for driver or gardening work. 072 577 7511. LOOKING for char work. Call 078 542 1820.

LOOKING for domestic work. Mon & Fri. 078 733 2073.

DOMESTIC WORKER looking for work. Call Thumeka: 073 576 9564. DOMESTIC/CHAR work needed 1 or 2 days. 078 783 0196. Contactable ref avail. ELIZABETH benodig 4 dae charwerk. 076 025 6724. EVELINA is looking for domestic work. 082 086 5432. EXPERIENCED cashier needs work/housework. 071 916 2095. EXPERIENCED domestic worker needs a job. 084 261 2628. EXPERIENCED lady needs housework. 078 302 2968. GARDERNER looking for general/domestic work. 078 155 6854. GENERAL work needed. 071 788 2471.

Are you looking for a new home or car?

MABUTI is looking for Code 10 driving work. 082 210 9425/083 883 6455. MARI is op soek na tuisver­ sorging­ of kindersorgwerk. 072 957 1410.

PRINCESS (experienced) ­ domestic work needed. 073 750 4697. QUA L I F I E D NA N N Y looking for work. Call 074 607 0965.

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Phone Zeta or Sharon at 021 870 4600 to advertise

DOMESTIC work needed. 078 314 1797.

gesoek, ideale pos vir skoolverlater.



PHUMZA is looking for domestic work. 072 986 2450.


HOUSEKEEPING needed. 073 283 5508.

Contact 083 254 3732 or send CV to

4 YRS' experience as domestic worker. 084 868 6546.


HERBERT is looking for work as butcher or assistant boiler maker. 078 023 9285.

LOOKING for domestic work. Call 073 431 9373.

VANDA COSMETICS benodig agente. Alle areas. Aansluitingsfooi slegs R50. Verdien 24% kommissie plus pryse. Skakel Alice: 021 873 4649/084 210 2717.


GERTRUDE is looking for domestic work. 078 332 7971.

Trustworthy, loving & hardworking nanny and housekeeper wanted for looking after a baby. Cleaning, laundry, ironing + cooking experience essential. References AND min 5 yrs’ experience.

MIDWIVES needed in Saudi DOMESTIC work needed. Arabia. Great benefits and tax 078 448 0022. free salaries. Call now: 021 782 6753/076 974 9363. DOMESTIC work needed, j o b s @ t h y m i c . c o . z a Mon­Fri. 079 390 4955. Book now @ 082 6752 952 or DOMESTIC WORKER (experienced/contactable ref.) needs a job. Call 021 872 Ontvangsdame 6045/072 312 2207. 3 POSTE beskikbaar vir afspraakgeoriënteerde bemarkingspersone wat ook hou van groei. Indiens­ opleiding word verskaf, asook 'n basiese salaris. Skakel Chantelle by 021 911 2108.

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Donderdag 1 Maart 2012

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Biggestand andBest BestProperty Propertyguide guidein inthe theBoland Boland Biggest

March 2010 2012 1901 • •2002August

The water­wise garden A

S THE hot summer months roll on, giving us a constant reminder of the prevalent concern of global warming, it’s not hard to see why water shortages have become one of this century’s most burning environmental issues, says Dot Foster, broker and owner of RE/MAX Oaktree, whose offices are in Stellenbosch. “Water is a precious commodity and a resource that we all need to survive, so saving water is vital for the sustainability of our environment,” says Foster. “With homeowners in South Africa consuming an estimated 30% to 50% of water on maintaining their gardens, it seems that this is the area where the most water can be saved. While an attractive, established garden can add considerable value to a property, a water-wise garden that takes less water to maintain but is still beautiful makes sense from an environmental and financial view point.” Adrian Goslett, the CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, says: “With water a dwindling resource and many consumers becoming more environmentally conscious, a greater emphasis has been placed on green properties. More and more buyers and tenants alike are placing a higher value on eco-friendly properties. “Homes with water-wise gardens are attractive because they reduce cost and waste while still maintaining aesthetic appeal.”

According to Foster, an established garden can be made waterwise with relatively little effort. However, ideally, a garden should be designed to be waterwise from the start. The more water-wise the garden is from the outset, the easier and cheaper it will be to maintain and keep beautiful. Foster gives a few tips that homeowners can use to establish their water-wise garden:

) Choose the right plants: Once the decision has been made to concentrate on water-wise plants for your garden, go down to the local nursery and discuss which ones will work in your garden. As a general rule, only indigenous plants should be used as they consume very little water and require minimal maintenance. Certain bedding plants can consume a lot of water, but adding mulch to the bed

and water retention granules to the soil can substantially reduce the need for water. ) Group plants together: Grouping plants that require more water together will mean that only certain areas of the garden will need to be watered regularly. Showcase these plants and have them as a prominent feature of the garden. Once these plants are established, watering can be reduced dramatically.

Plants that require less water can then be considered for the rest of the garden. ) Reduce lawn areas: The fewer areas that require watering the better – and lawns guzzle water. Assess how much lawn is needed for things such as entertaining, children’s playing and pets’ exercising, and consider reducing these areas without reducing the enjoyment. Consider adding hardscaping features such as a paved or cobblestone footpath, which will reduce watering areas and add to the aesthetic appeal of the garden. The lie of the land may influence placement of hardscaping features, particularly if drainage is affected, and water features should be in shaded areas to reduce evaporation. ) Lawn maintenance: It is important not to cut the lawn too short during growing season. As a general rule, sprinklers should only water areas that need it, and sprinkler timers should be set to early mornings and late afternoons. If it rains, override the system because too much water results in shallow root growth and will encourage fungal and other attacks on the lawn. “With soaring temperatures and lack of water that Stellenbosch endures this time of year, water-wise gardening is essential,” Foster says. “It is not just about saving an important resource, but also sustainability and of course saving money with the higher cost of living today.”







Positive points of the 2012 budget


ITH the information in Finance minister Pravin Gordhan’s recent budget speech still making headlines, many consumers are waiting to hear and understand exactly how they will be affected. Harcourts Real Estate SA CEO Richard Gray shares his views on the aspects that will affect people positively when it comes to their most sought-after and cherished asset – property.

“A really exciting announcement is one affecting the lowerincome market,” says Gray. It was announced that property developers in the under-R300 000 segment would get some tax relief to encourage the development of houses in the more affordable range. He continues, “The government recently announced an insurance scheme for lenders in this range, which is really good

news. This will allow banks and other lenders to be more aggressive with regards to lending in the lower portion of the market. More importantly, activity at the lower ends of the market can possibly act as a catalyst to the whole market, ultimately leading to some positive momentum.” The reduction of taxes at the lower-income levels is another point that will affect the property market positively. “If people

have more disposable income, they will be more likely to be successful in applying for bonds, and also more likely to save money for a deposit on a home, which could ultimately bode well for the property market overall,” says Gray. For those who do not form part of the lower-income market, relief will come in the form of changes to the capital gains tax policy. “For individuals whose

The Pam Golding Properties, Boland

threshold on primary residences has been raised from R1,5 million to R2 million the capital gains tax changes will be very welcome,” explains Gray. However, properties owned by legal entities will attract more capital gains tax. Gray mentions he is disappointed at the fact that there were no further cuts in the transfer duties, as this would have had a direct and positive influence on the property market. “Overall a good to average budget for the property industry,” concludes Gray.

& Overberg

Property Showcase

Paarl - R3.864 million

Franschhoek - R3.9 million

Pringle Bay - R7.5 million

Stellenbosch - R1.4 million

Let us bring our world to you. We are ON SHOW at the Paarl Mall

28 February to 5 March, Woolworths Court Oude Westhof - R9.5 million

Somerset West - R21.8 million

We would like to extend an invitation to you to visit our stand. Talk to one of our area specialists on duty and find out more about how PGP can help you. If you are looking to sell or would like a market related evaluation of your property, give us a call. For more information on the benefits of an Exclusive Mandate with Pam Golding Properties please contact 021 871 1480 /boland-and-overberg







R2 950 000

GESOGTE LEEFSTYL Kamers 4 Badkamers 2 M/huise 3

WEB 209266


R1 610 000

LUUKSE DUPLEKS Kamers 3 Badkamers 2 M/huise 1

WEB 208516

Ruim familiehuis met prag uitsigte oor Boschenmeer. Privaat en rustig.

Pragtige dupleks met privaat tuin in “ou” deel, weg van verkeer.

[K] 021 863 2109

[K] 021 872 2223

LYNETTE 071 109 2669


R1 530 000

LITA 083 498 1018


R495 000


HOU KINDERS GELUKKIG Kamers 4 Badkamers 3 M/huise 1

WEB 258810

NUUT! TREK NET IN! Kamers 3 Badkamers 1.5

WEB 237348

Naby Boishaai-velde, met groot swembad en baie plek vir maats. Stewige, ruim gesinswoning.

Dadelik beskikbaar. Goed vir beginners en beleggers. Ook ideaal indien u wil afskaal.

[K] 021 872 2223

[K] 021 872 2223

VOSSIE 082 444 7003


R2 700 000

STYLVOL Kamers 3 Badkamers 2 M/huise 1

[K] 021 872 2223

BERENICE 072 423 1455


R550 000

JONG YUPPIES GESOEK WEB 258509 Kamers 2 Badkamers 1

WEB 259829

Lieflike vloei, smaakvolle afwerkings en uiters modern. Lieflike tuin en sprankelende swembad.

Ruim pragtige woonstel met mooi uitsig. Naby toegangsroetes.

SONJA 082 788 7748 [K] 021 872 2223


R220 000

HAD the privilege of being invited 32 (2) (b) and 32 (3) (a) – of the Sectional to address a trustee meeting where Title Act, the definition of participation a claim was repudiated as a result of quotas is clearly dealt with and particia policy schedule that had not been cor- pation quotas would refer to the units rectly issued. and not the common proOn the schedule a sum perty. It must be pointed out insured was indivithat this particular body dually allocated to the corporate did not make use sections according to the of either a managing agent participation quotes or an insurance broker. submitted to the insurer. This ruling by the insurIt was confirmed by the ers again emphasises the insurer’s assessor that important role trustees these quotas were also have to play in insurance. registered with the Prescribed management Deeds office. At the botrule 29 (1) (a) clearly stated tom of the schedule an in“the trustees shall take Talk Property with that scription read: “Comsteps to insure … to the full mon property included.” Rian Pienaar replacement value…” Even worse, the secIt is clear that the trustees tions were insured for R7 864 m², which did not ensure that the complex was inmeant they were under-insured by a con- sured as required, and that the owners siderable margin. If the intention was to could have recourse against them. PRYS VERLAGING include common property, and considerIn practice, of course, insurance mating the fact that the removal of debris ters are handled by an insurance broker is a standard inclusion, the complex was who makes recommendations to the hugely under-insured. trustees. It is so important that sectional Initially the trustees argued that it was title insurance matters be dealt with by the intention that common property was insurance brokers who are specialists in to have been included. Had the insurers this particular field. Specialist brokers decided to accept this argument, only will also only arrange insurance with 38% of this particular claim would have recognised sectional title underwriters. been entertained. The insurers argued Contact Rian Pienaar at 0 that, in terms of section 32 – especially 082 925 8339; 2

LITA 083 498 1088


R740 000



BEGINNERS DROOM Kamers 2 Badkamers 1

WEB 259004

2 Prima erwe in gewilde Bainsvallei sekuriteits kompleks.

Netjies dupleks met privaat tuintjie. Graniet oppervlaktes in kombuis. Lugverkoelde hoofslaapkamer.

[K] 021 864 2948

[K] 021 864 2948

MARISA 079 877 4177


R1 299 000

LINDA 083 379 3769


R1 395000

BOSCHENMEER - R2 550 000 “There’s no place like home!” PRICE REDUCTION

TYREE 083 261 2722

PAARL - NEW RELEASE - R1 530 000

PAARL - R2 895 000 “Hello gorgeous!” New release in Courtrai! JOINT MANDATE

PAARL - R2 599 000

“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” ALLEEN MANDAAT


BIED JOU BAIE OPSIES Kamers 3 Badkamers 2 M/huis 2

STAPAFSTAND SKOLE TOE WEB 257446 Kamers 3 Badkamers 2 M/huis 2


Hierdie huis het baie potensiaal om aan te bou. Groot erf met prag uitsigte.

Netjiese familiehuis met twee leefareas. Swembad.

[K] 021 864 2948

[K] 021 864 2948

TERTIUS 082 877 7534

RENTALS Boschenmeer - Thys 082 646 0932 Paarl - Vicky Bester 074 158 8016 Wellington - Mari 083 626 8567

TYREE 083 261 2722

PAARL - R715 000

“Why don’t you come up some time and see me?”



TYREE 083 261 2722

TYREE 083 261 2722

WELLINGTON - R1 195 000 “The stuff that dreams are made of.”

“I am big! It’s the picture that’s small.”

CARMEN 082 490 0994

TYREE 083 261 2722


TYREE 083 261 2722

For easy, upup-toto-date property browsing, visit




Boschenmeer kies Chas Everitt Government’s gap housing plan lauded D GOVERNMENT’s announcement of the R1 billion housing fund to assist home buyers who fall above the RDP housing bracket, but do not qualify for mortgage loans, has been welcomed by Seeff chairperson Samuel Seeff as a step in the right direction. The fund, which comes into effect in April, will provide a subsidy of up to R83 000 for buyers who earn between R3 500 and R15 000 per month. The main objective is to enable these buyers to obtain housing finance from an accredited bank. Seeff says this is indeed great news for first-time home buyers, and should also instil some confidence in the affordable home market while assisting banks in making more funding available to this sector of the market. He says no price can be put on owning the roof over your head, and home-ownership is important for all South Africans. Owning your own home creates long-term security and stability, and is a foundation upon which to build a life and

raise your children. Investing in your own home is also one of the most effective ways to build wealth. Paying off a mortgage loan is in many ways a forced saving, and while home-ownership is not just about the investment potential, it is still a comparably safe way of investing. If you hold on to it long enough, history has shown, it will accumulate capital appreciation. It creates a foundation for future growth and will have a positive effect on the country’s GDP. This announcement, Seeff adds, has come at the right time, and will inspire more people to invest in their own homes. Now is indeed a good time to buy, with market conditions heavily weighted in favour of buyers. Mortgages are more affordable than ever, but Seeff warns first-time homeowners to ensure they buy within their means and build in a buffer to allow for possible interest rate and basic utility cost hikes. Start small and add as your circumstances improve.

IE huiseienaarsvereniging (HEV) van die vooraanstaande Boschenmeer-gholflandgoed naby die Paarl het die Chas Everitt International-kantoor op die perseel as die landgoed se alleen “voorkeuragentskap” vir die volgende twee jaar aangestel. “Dis ’n groot pluimpie vir ons,” sê Chas Everitt International se besturende direkteur, Berry Everitt. “Boschenmeer is een van die top-gholflandgoedere in die land en ons is baie trots op Reon en Jaco van der Merwe, eienaars van ons Notebook®-lisensie vir die landgoed, se prestasie.” Reon van der Merwe, ’n veteraan van 25 jaar in die eiendomsbedryf, is ’n spesialis in die bemarking van gholf- en leefstyllandgoedere. Hy het ’n paar jaar gelede besluit om hom eksklusief op Boschenmeer toe te spits en het sy Chas Everitt-kantoor op die landgoed, wat in die wynlande van die pragtige Paarl/ Franschhoekvallei geleë is en waardeur die Bergrivier vloei, geopen. Hy verduidelik dat die voorkeurstatus wat deur die HEV toegeken is sy agentskap eksklusiewe regte gee tot verkoopswenke wat deur die HEV deurgegee word, en beteken ook dat dit die

’n Wooneenheid by Boschenmeer

enigste maatskappy is wat verkoopsborde by die hek mag aanbring, bemarkingsmateriaal in die landgoed mag versprei en op die Boschenmeer-webblad mag adverteer. “Die regte dek ook huureiendom in die landgoed en ons sien uit daarna om van die uitstaande huise hier by ons huurportefeulje te voeg.” Boschenmeer, wat sowat 140 ha beslaan en spog met ’n 27putjie-gholfbaan wat deur David Frost ontwerp is, bied sowat 520 wonings wat in verskillende style gebou is om in ’n verskeidenheid leefstylbehoeftes te voorsien. Die wonings, wat elemente van

Toskaanse, Victoriaanse en Kaaps-Hollandse style insluit, wissel van meenthuise met twee slaapkamers tot ruim gesinshuise en indrukwekkende herehuise, en talle eiendomme bied aanskoulike uitsigte oor die Drakensteinberge en die gholfbaan se skoonveld. Pryse begin by sowat R1,4 miljoen en geriewe op die landgoed sluit ’n gholfakademie en -dryfbaan, ’n moderne klubhuis, ’n swembad en tennisbane met spreiligte, sowel as konferensiegeriewe in. Sekuriteit is uitstekend en die landgoed is binne maklike bereik van Kaapstad sowel as die talle uitstekende skole in die Paarl.







Effective personal productivity ANYONE can work longer and harder, but smart people strive to work smarter and achieve more in less time. With this in mind, the Cape Chamber of Commerce will present a personal productivity workshop on 13 March. “We can repeat the mistakes of 2011 and get the same results, or we can improve how we work and get a better result in 2012,” the organisers say. The course includes: ) The difference between efficiency and effectiveness.

) The importance of business and personal goals. ) Time management. ) The 80/20 principle. ) Identifying high-payoff activities. ) Crisis-mode management versus proactive management. ) Benefits of planning and prioritising. ) Useful tips to incorporate in your daily activities. Contact Chantal: 0 021 949 8352 or 2

TROTS MOSTERTSDRIFT! R7 495 000 5 Slaapkamers, 4 Badkamers. Hierdie pragtige eiendom, gelee op die Meulsloot, se hartlike atmosfeer tref jou met die intrapslag. Die oopplan sitkamer en eetkamer het 'n kaggel en 'n wonderlike uitsig op die lower-tuin, met sy 60jaar oue wingerd en swembad. Die moderne kombuis (met aparte opwas- en waskamer) en 'n ruim familiekamer met kaggel, voltooi die prentjie.

Mari 082 457 2319


R1 995 000 Enjoy penthouse living in this popular security complex. 2 Beds, 2 baths, gorgeous kitchen, all newly renovated. Large garden, beautiful views. Walking distance to campus.

4 Slpk/2 Badk, eie titel huisie met uitstekende huurinkomste vanaf ± R11 000pm.

STELLENBOSCH MIDDEDORP R3 390 000 'n Fantastiese geleentheid! Geniet die kombinasie van gister se prag-argitektuur met moderne leefruimtes en gemak. 4 Slaapkamers, 2 Badkamers met vele meer!

R1 500 000 (ohb) OP OP OP O O O RK RK RK VE VE VE

Hennie van Heerden 082 477 6464




Luxury tree-top living set in the heart of town. Spacious Bachelors close to Campus. Prime location. # 294376 Taryn Breytenbach 084 504 6286 RE/MAX Oaktree 021 883 2388

Good size plot,oregon pine kitchen and a new pool. Dog friendly.

Would you like to wake up to this view? Put your own stamp on this townhouse with spacious bedrooms. # 492154 # 474053 Marelize 082 683 3228/Carey 078 451 4688 Madelyn van Aswegen 083 635 1100 RE/MAX Oaktree 021 883 2388 RE/MAX Oaktree 021 883 2388






R1 200 000





Ruim noordfront 3 slaapkamer eenheid in veilige aftree oord. Stapafstand van supermark en sakesentrum. # 483193 Louise Brink 082 578 5085 RE/MAX Oaktree 021 883 2388

Needs TLC. 4 bedr/1 bathr, covered veranda, large store for flats, large plot. On Show: Sunday 16h00 – 18h00 # 300651169 Marlize van Schalkwyk 083 379 4060 RE/MAX Country Living 021 873 7242

Your spacious Tuscan country villa in lovely area. 3 bedr/2 bathr/ double garage, 530 sq m plot. # 300645237 Marlize van Schalkwyk 083 379 4060 RE/MAX Country Living 021 873 7242


R2 990 000 PAARL


R6 750 000 PAARL


R1 985 000





3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, a private pool with braai & much much more!

All amenities with stables & groom quarters. This newly renovated 4bedroom home is Tranquil setting!! ideal for young & old! # 300630437 # 300239225 # 300630317 Louis 072 873 6974 Trevor 083 286 3386 Lynne 083 283 8098 RE/MAX Winelands 021 863 2046 RE/MAX Winelands 021 863 2046 RE/MAX Winelands 021 863 2046



2012 STELLENBOSCH 086 657 3264

FINE & COUNTRY MAAK WEER SO ‘Ons is net dankbaar vir die steun en same-werking van getroue kliente wat duidelik tevrede is met ons diens.

VERWELKOM NUWE AGENTE Jeniley Anthony, gekwalifiseerde aktesekretaresse, was as student op die SR van Boland Kollege.

Die toekenning is vir Jannie se 7 verkope in 3 maande. Ons sien baie uit na die komende jaar en wil nou ons wenresep in die res van Stellenbosch toepas naamlik eerlike waardasies gevolg deur onoortreflike diens op mandaateiendomme.

Dit is haar leierskap en professionaliteit wat haar laat presteer met 2 verkope in 2 weke! Haar areas is Idas Vallei, Cloetesville, Pniel en Kylemore.

Ons nuwe agente is ambassadeurs van hierdie leuse.

Pieter Schoonhoven,

Van Zyl Voges,

’n gedugte sakaman (voorheen ook geboer) wil potensiaal in die mark ontgin deur plase, kommersiele eiendomme en ander interessante ontwikkelingsmoontlikhede te bemark.

menslike hulpbron spesialis, is in beheer van die verhuringsportefeulje.

Hy bring onblusbare entoesiasme en gemoedelikheid,

Hul beoog groot groei in hierdie marksegment.

Melanie het eiehandig MyHouseProperties - Verhurings begin en opgebou tot ‘n gedugte agentskap, wat Van Zyl nou bestuur. Sy geniet die eiendomsverkope baie en gaan in Welgevonden werk,asook woonstelle bemark. Sy nooi eienaars wat gesteld is op puik diens in bemarking, om haar te kontak.

Ilze Bredel Lombard, oud-Bloemhoffer, is alom bekend en bemind. Haar gekombineerde passie vir eiendom en mense kan net op sukses uitloop.

’n Streng kontrak, voortreflike diens en professionaliteit is hul wenresep.

Haar spesialisareas is Die Boord, Dalsig/Krigeville, Brandwacht en Paradyskloof. Sy behaal reeds bo-gemiddelde sukses.




R6 995 000

Volle pakket – stylvolle karakter ruimte, gevestigde tuin, groot s/bad uitsigte, by skole/dorp Ilze 082 717 5912 | Web: 89386




R2 495M

Modern en mooi, 4 slp, deure op s/bad area, veilig, ideal gelee. Uitsonderlike waarde. Ilze 082 717 5912 | Web: 90507



Hierdie is ‘n inkomstegenererend entiteit. Doen gerus navraag! ALLEENMANDAAT • Pieter 082 717 5912 LUXURY PENTHOUSE, STRAND


This is unequalled exuberance - For the corporates! Best location. With gym, pool, squash/c, 4x allocated Parking (2x u/c) Pieter 082 717 5912 | Web: 89666 STUDENTEHUIS - STB


Meenthuis by Ingenieurs met tuin, Parkering 5 motors,ontwikkelingspotensiaal Jannie 084 626 0017 Web: 85312

R2 150 000

Trek net in – netjies en karaktervol, Lekker speeltuin, s/bad, kaggel, lugreelaar, 3/4 slpk 3/4 leefk 2gar studeer. Ilze 082 717 5912

Hierdie eiendom is baie goed geprys! Afwerking is puik, PRAGTIG met vloei tussen ruimtes. Ilze 082 717 5912 | Web:89482



R1895 000

R1 370 000

Enjoy space, modern finishes, breathtaking views Pieter 082 717 5912 Web: 90546 NUUT IN WELGEVONDEN

R1 795 000

Sprankel netjies, modern, hoekhuis Tuin, praguitsigte Jannie 084 626 0017

Ruimte en luukse teen parkie-2 leefk Kwaliteit afwerkings,moet sien! Melanie 071 688 1858 | Web: 89541

Hoekhuis, droomuitsigte, potensiaal - modern en mooi. Melanie 071 688 1858 | Web: 89320



Welgev 3 slpk Welgev 3 slpk Welgev 3 slpk Simonswyk 4slpk Sentraal (studente) Woonstelle: LBV 2 slpk Boschenpark 2 slpk Mullerhof 2 slpk

R7 700 R8 500 R9 600 R13 000 R8 000 R5 600 R6 900 R5 500

Van Zyl 083 299 0608


3 slpk, s/bad

R630 000


2 slpk, a/dak

R495 000


1slpk wnstl

R250 000


3 slpk 2 slpk wnstl

R1295 000


vanaf R795 000

Jeniley 076 395 5435





R2 600 000



SPACIOUS WITH VIEWS! Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 3 Garage 2 WEB 255350 What a stunning new release on this very popular boutique wine estate! New house with unspoiled Table Mountain views. Directions on R102. [O] 021 843 3438

GERHARD 076 590 7758 CLAUDINE 072 610 1416 On Show: Sun 4 March 14h00 - 17h00


R2 750 000

Wynland Eiendomme se keuse vir dié week is ’n uitstekende belegging teen R695 000. Die twee-slaapkamer grondverdiepingwoonstel is baie netjies en bied ook ’n badkamer, leefarea met oopplan-kombuis sowel as kelderparkeerruimte. Die woonstel is reeds verhuur vir 2012 met ’n maandelikse bruto inkomste van R4 800. Die kompleks bied 24-uur sekuriteit, ’n wassery en skoonmaakdienste. Vir inwoners is daar ’n gimnasium en ontspanningsarea met potspeltafel en’n vending-masjien. Elke woonstel is ook toegerus met telefoonlyne, DStv- en Internet-verbinding. Die beheerraad se kantoor is in die blok geleë asook die verhuringsafdeling. Vir 2012 is die okkupasie reeds 100%. Vir besigtiging bel Elsa 082 823 6556 of tydens kantoorure na Wynland Eiendomme by 021 883 8192 / 3.

R2 500 000


STYLISH AND MODERN! Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2.5 Garage 2

WEB 179328

Beautiful home with modern finishes and styled to perfection. Neat as a pin with entertainment around sparkling pool and open plan living area. Be inspired! [O] 021 843 3438 CLAUDINE 072 610 1416 GERHARD 076 590 7758


R5 500 000

WALK TO TOWN Bedrooms 8 Bathrooms 8

WEB 214120



Kompleks bied lekker ekstras:


LA PASTORALE Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2 Garage 1

WEB 258106

Sunny north facing home in sought after area offering lounge, diningroom, covered patio and established garden.

Gracious home with wooden floors and high ceilings. In good condition and filled with character. A must see!

[O] 021 886 7905 HETTIE 083 263 0559 On Show: Sun 4 March 14h00 - 17h00

[O] 021 886 7905 LEON 082 575 7356 LISBE 084 666 0011


R4 900 000


R2 460 000



UNINTERRUPTED VIEWS Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 3 Garage 3

WEB 259547

NABY SKOLE EN WINKELKOMPLEKS Kamers 3 Badkamers 2 M/Huis 2 WEB 259509

Within walking distance of the city centre. This home Goed ontwerpe siersteen woning met groot erf en offers everything you need!!! berguitsig. Oopplan leefarea/kombuis. Ekstra parkering en afdak.Volg borde vanaf R44

[O] 021 886 7905

SOPHIA 082 824 6798


R4 990 000

[K] 021 886 7905 LEONIE 082 773 0655 Op Skou: Son 4 Maart 14h00 - 17h00


R2 000 000

Kerkstraat 21 Church Street • Tel: 883 8255 • Fax: 887 1813 • E-mail:





EXCLUSIVE ESTATE LIVING Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2 Garage 2

WEB 257907

Beautifully finished home situated in an exclusive estate. The home offers open plan living. Ideally for the executive family that loves entertaining.

WALK TO TOWN! Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1 Parking 1

North facing apartment opposite Botanical Gardens. Ideal for scaling down and available for occupation. Make your offer! Available to rent! [O] 021 886 7905

[O] 021 886 7905 ON SHOW Here is a home that has it all in beautiful condition and in a super location! Make an appointment to view this without delay. A family home and great entertainment venue. Four bedrooms and an income producing flatlet. Large kitchen, diningroom with views and super garden with a lovely pool. This home is really a must if you want to live in Stellenbosch windfree.

Geleë in stil straat naby skole. Noordfront huis met groot erf en hope potensiaal.


APARTMENTS TO LET NYASAHOF PRIME, central, opp beautiful university botanical gardens in historical old town. Secure, 2 bedr flat, recently refurbished and immediately available. R6300 incl levy, water, building lift, glass top stove and satelite dish. Four minute walk to mid-town restaurants and shops. Preferably mature tenant around 50yo, as it is a quiet building. EIKEHOFF Stylvol gemeubileerde 2 slaapkamer woonstel in middedorp naby gewilde restaurante en winkels, 2 badkamers, balkon wat op binneplein uitkyk, 1 kelder parkering, onmiddelik beskikbaar @ R9200 pm, water ingesluit.

A Home offering diverse accommodation and in great condition. Lovely views and interesting possibilities for work from home. A pool and lovely garden with views onto mountain complete this property.

Emerald Court – 2 slpk, 2 badk, 1 park @ R4950 Bosmans Crossing – 2 slpk, 2 badk, 1 park @ R6500 Boschenpark – 2 slpk, 2 park, 1 kelder park @ R6800 Wag & Bietjie – 2 slpk, 1 badk @ R7400 Stb 101 – 3 slpk, 2 badk @ R6500 JOHN SILVA 073 162 3817 (NAWEEKDIENS)

WEB 254759

KARINE 082 772 8610

HETTIE 083 263 0559


R1 875 000


R1 995 000 ALLEEN



MEENTHUIS NABY KAMPUS! Kamers 3 Badkamers 2 M/Huis 1

SY TYD IS NOU! WEB 259651 Kamers 4 Badkamers 2 Parkering 2

Eie titel huis okkupeerbaar oorkant US. Ingenieurs fakulteit met ekstra parkering. Goeie potensiaal! [K] 021 886 7905

JACQUES 083 989 1249

WEB 256330

Netjiese gesinswoning in stil area met woonstel, tandem motordak, swembad, 2 leefareas en lugversorging. [K] 021 886 7905 DROEKS 082 685 9189



Assosieer jy jou eiendomsagentskap met die volgende stellings?



R Professioneel R Verskeidenheid prysklasse R Uitmuntende diens. R Gewaarborgde resultate R Tevrede kliënte Beste blootstelling R Dan adverteer u vir seker in


DistrictMail Strand | Gordon’s Bay | Somerset West | Stellenbosch | Grabouw | Elgin

Indien nie, kontak of of

021 841 4282

021 887 2840

021 870 4600

Tel: 021-886 5212

Wesley 082 040 4744

Pleinstraat 27


Hierdie nuwe vrystelling moet besigtig word! Heerlike erf met gesellige buite onthaalareas in ‘n boomryke straat.

Roline 083 459 5934


Stylvolle lushof:

Chas Everitt bied dié week met trots die stylvolle en uiters netjiese eiendom in die immergewilde Welgevonden-landgoed aan. Die eiendom bied twee slaapkamers, elk met ’n en suite-badkamer, oopplan- kombuis, eetkamer, leefvertrek en ’n enkelmotorhuis. Die tuin is ’n ware lushof, privaat en maklik om te onderhou. Die spesiale tuinarea is ideaal vir enige geleentheid – ontbyt, ’n teeparty, middagete, aandete of ’n skemerparty, of net om ’n boek in stilte te geniet! Die ruim hoofslaapkamer met aparte aantrekkamer (wat selfs as babakamer aangewend kan word) open op ’n balkon met parkuitsig. Dié besondere eiendom is langs ’n stil groen area geleë, met bure slegs aan die een kant. Die omgewing is boomryk en die sekuriteit van uitstaande gehalte. Hou gerus heerlik piekniek in die natuurtuin, of langs die dam. Vraprys is R1 495 000. Skakel Karin Stadler 082 456 2568 om die eiendom te besigtig. Skouhuis: Sondag 4 Maart: 14:00 tot 17:00. Webverwysing: 2929316

Sole Mandate

Immaculate 3 bedroom luxury home with views from all angles.



Ernstige verkoper. Netjiese huis met swembad in rustige omgewing.

Priced to sell. Cheapest 2 bedroom flat in Bosmans Crossing. Newly renovated and ready for occupation or a tenant.

NUUTGEVONDEN vanaf R689 900


Bouwerk begin binnekort! Ruim 2 slaapkamer, 2 badkamer eenhede. Swembad en klubhuis in kompleks.

Excellent rental investment. 2 Bedroom flat with 2 basement parkings located on campus border. 2012 rental income – R7 200.00 per month.

Oopplan-kombis en eetkamer van die dorpshuis in Welgevonden

’n Kuierpatio in die mooi tuin

OP SKOU/ON SHOW Cyrus Gebou 53 Merrimanlaan % 021 887 8760 · Faks: 021 887 1138 MARIE DERCKSEN 082 574 0052

CARIN 082 254 6144

hierdie naweek/this weekend

CHAS EVERITT Holly Oak 12, Welgevonden Skou Son 2-5 Karin Stadler 082 456 2568

Biggest and Best Property guide in the Boland

SOTHEBY’S 46 Jonkershoek Street, Mostertsdrift. Marelise Visagie 072 776 2645


SIMONSRUST Spacious 2 bed double-storey luxury townhouse in secure complex, walking distance to campus. Newly renovated. R1,995m

CYRUS, MERRIMAN AVENUE Excellent buy for immediate occupation or investment. 2 Bed 1 bath with basement parking. R1,285m

FURNISHED BACHELOR UNITS. CAMPUS R599,000 directly from the Developer

Strand | Gordon’s Bay | Somerset West | Stellenbosch | Grabouw | Elgin

Biggest and Best Property guide in the Boland

SOLD bied die grootste en maklikste toegang tot die mark vir eiendomkopers en -verkopers in die Boland. HELDERBERG

DistrictMail Strand | Gordon’s Bay | Somerset West | Stellenbosch | Grabouw | Elgin

Michelle Marston 021 841 4285

Geraldine Menellevie, Justin Cupido of Salomie Haskins 021 887 2840 TOWNHOUSE IN SOUGHT-AFTER AREA 3 Bed 2 bath + garage and garden Close to all schools and amenities. R1,9m

Ilse Fourie 021 870 4600

Michelle Marston 021 841 4285 Geraldine Menellevie, Justin Cupido of Salomie Haskins 021 887 2840

Ilse Fourie 021 870 4600





R17.5 million


R2.59 million

23 Ha Olive farm in perfect location. Boasts majestic mountain views.

Charming lock up and go. Neat as a pin with great views.

Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 Garages: 0 Web Access ST1074473

Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 3 Garages: 1 Web Access ST1075285

Chris Baker 083 407 5024, Office 021 887 1017

Lizette Botha 084 440 1057, Office 021 887 1017

STELLENBOSCH R3.65 miljoen Uitstekende ligging. Slaapkamers: 4 Badkamers: 2 Motorhuise: 2 Web Access ST1049004 Di van Graan 082 569 2429, Kantoor 021 887 1017

STELLENBOSCH R3.6 million Well-presented family home. Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2.5 Garages: 2 Web Access ST1066247 Lizette Botha 084 440 1057, Office 021 887 1017

STELLENBOSCH R1.59 million Campus gem. Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Parking:1 Web Access ST1062560 Deanne Kriel 083 531 7827, Office 021 887 1017

STELLENBOSCH R1.35 MILLION Walking distance to campus. Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 Garages: 1 Web Access ST1054438 Deanne Kriel 083 531 7827, Office 021 887 1017

STELLENBOSCH FROM R1.35 million Where the birds sing. Web Access

STELLENBOSCH R1.3 million Facebrick. On top floor. Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 Parking: 1 Web Access ST1073908 Vanessa Johnson 082 588 7007, Office 021 887 1017

STELLENBOSCH R1.3 million Stylish apartment, bedrooms all en-suite. Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 2 Parking: 1 Web Access ST1037297 Odette Collins 083 625 5423, Office 021 887 1017

STELLENBOSCH R1.2 million Secure townhouse living. Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 2 Parking: 2 Web Access ST1053941 Odette Collins 083 625 5423, Office 021 887 1017

Di van Graan 082 569 2429, Office 021 887 1017


Immediate occupation. Close to campus.

A pleasant surprise. Cycle to class.

Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 Parking: 1 Web Access St1050646

Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 Parking: 1 Web Access St1067231

Boschenpark Son Vida Oude Hoek Andringahof Lindenhof Camelot Mullerhof De Kluisters Stellenbosch 101 Ten on Langenhoven Dalsighof Barlinka Twee Pieke Cyrus Molenzicht

Deanne Kriel 083 531 7827, Office 021 887 1017

Vanessa Johnson 082 588 7007, Office 021 887 1017

Deanne Kriel 083 531 7827, Office 021 887 1017


R1.05 million


R640 000

Bachelor Bachelor Bachelor 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 2-Bedroom

32 m² 46 m² 37 m² 61-64 m² 62 m² 63-68 m² 52 m² 59 m² 62 m² 58 m² 118 m² 55 m² 74 m² 56 m² 125 m²

R820 000 R1.299 million R1.425 million From R1.05 million R695 0000 R720 000 R790 000 R990 000 R1.15 million From R1.28 million R1.58 million R1.64 million R1.64 million R1.75 million R2.995 million


HELDERBERG | March 1 -


HELDERBERG | March 1 -



170 Main Road, Somerset West, 7130 Tel. 021 85 22942 Fax. 021 85 12515 Cell. 083 675 3012 email.

Quality Home Top area with Sea & Mountain Views R4,5 m


Top quality home, “ Blue Chip “ area, Stunning Sea & Mountain Views R18,5 m Move right into this magnificent home of the highest standard and attention to details. Offering 5 bedrooms en - suite, superior main bedroom (200m²), 3 large reception rooms, study, state of the art kitchen with AEG appliances. Large heated indoor pool, garaging for 6 cars, auto & access Size: ±1200m2

Web ref. MD 220

Plot: ±2000m2

This home has many extra’s, therefore viewing is a must ! Monique - 083 675 3012 Joint Mandate

DUAL LIVING AT IT’S BEST 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms all en suite, 2 open plan kitchens, laundry/ scullery, dining room, study, braai terrace, double garage, auto & access, 2 covered carports, plunge pool, private garden - with a braai area, Plus Plus …… Size: ±460m2 Plot: ±914m2

Monique - 083 675 3012 Web ref. MD 154

23 FEBRUARY 2012

SA se gekose tuiste vir meer as 33 000 eiendomme te koop of huur.


HELDERBERG | March 1 -


HELDERBERG | March 1 -


Slypskool kyk na sake­uitgawes OP Vrydag 16 Maart is daar ’n slypskool waar jy die raad van kundiges sal kry oor hoe om jou besigheidsuitgawes te verminder. FinFocus Finansiële raadgewers bied hierdie slypskool by DataVoice House in Tegnopark, Stellenbosch aan. Sprekers van Ou Mutual, Incresco

en Mutual & Federal sal teenwoordig wees. Ofskoon die werkwinkel in Engels aangebied word, kan vrae wel in Afrikaans gevra word. Vir nader besonderhede of om besprekings vir die slypskool te doen. bel Hannes by 0 021 886 8987 of epos 2



HELDERBERG | March 1 -


HELDERBERG | March 1 -



The Secrecy Bill: what it means for you THE Helderberg branch of the Cape Chamber of Commerce holds its next networking breakfast on Wednesday 7 March. The topic of the networking breakfast, set to be held at Erinvale Estate in Somerset West, will be The Protection of State Information Bill: How Much of a Threat is It?. Journalist and commentator Norman McFarlane will be the guest speaker at the meeting.

Rooted in apartheid-era legislation, the Protection of State Information Bill is designed to protect state secrets – or is it? The ANC is showing unwillingness to include a public interest defence clause, and the draconian penalties provided for in the bill make it difficult to pretend that the impending legislation isn’t more a mechanism to prevent a light being shone into the dark corners of state administration than it is a genuine attempt to protect

state secrets. Anybody who, in the course of their personal or business life, may be in possession of classified state information is advised to attend. For more information, or to book, contact Corlia on 0 021 851 2886 or send a mail to 2 The Helderberg chamber will not accept any cash at the door on the day of the event, so be sure to fax your proof of payment to 086 600 6503.


HELDERBERG | March 1 -


DistriksPos | EikestadNuus | PaarlPost

Grootsteen enBeste BesteEiendomsgids Eiendomsgidsin indie dieBoland Boland Grootste

STELLENBOSCH ONDER-PAPEGAAIBERG eautifully renovated family home in the leafy suburb of Onder-Papegaaiberg.


with a double shower. Enjoy some "time off" from the kids on your private patio leading off the main bedroom.

This welcoming home is perfect for entertaining guests with its 3 open plan living rooms, with a fireplace, that flow out to the paved braai area and inviting swimming pool. You are able to breathe and relax in the spacious bedrooms with large windows letting the light stream in.

There is ample space in the triple garage for all your toys and cars. The neat and light kitchen has a built-in oven and gas hob with an extractor fan.

The main bedroom has an immaculately finished en suite

To view, call sole mandated agent Taryn Breytenbach on 084 504 6286 or 021-883-2388 at RE/MAX O a k t r e e o r s e e web reference 490450.

01 • 02 March 2012 12 • 13 Augustus 2010

Subaru’s will blast life into race TEAM Sasol Racing will field two Subaru WRX STI’s for Hennie Groenewald and Richard Pinard in the 2012 Bridgestone Production Car Championship which blasts into life at Zwartkops Raceway this Saturday 3 March. New rules and new cars will enhance the already competitive racing that is a feature of the series, something which lead driver Hennie Groenewald and team-mate Richard Pinard are relishing getting to grips with. The cars will feature a striking new Sasol livery and reflect the additional support from Subaru, AutoZone, MIR Sports Clothing and Shatterprufe windscreens. SP Race Engineering has tweaked their cars, concentrating on suspension and shock absorber improvements to improve handling even more. Team Principal Carel Pienaar said: “We haven’t re-engineered our cars, but rather looked for small incremental enhancements to improve what was a competitive package last year. We have a slight drop in boost pressure this year, but until we test just before the race weekend I have only an educated guess as to what the effect will be.”

Hennie picks up on the boss’ comments: “We had a great package at the start of last year and led the championship until the season mid-point, before reliability issues cost me a lot of points. The series’ Technical Working Group has started to address the insane speeds and resultant development costs which threatened the series’ sus-

PREMIER EVENT. Team Sasol Racing’s Hennie Groenewald and Ri­ chard Pinard start their quest for the 2012 Bridgestone Production Car Championship at Zwartkops this Saturday.

tainability.” It’s a new season and a fresh start for the team, including the use of a new specification Bridgestone tyre. “During tyre testing, the new rubber is reported to have improved lap times by around a second without any spend from the teams,” Hennie explained. “I had some very good races last year and I want to build on what I achieved. I’ve done a lot of karting to hone my race-craft and I’m looking forward to putting everything into practice. I think driver conduct will be an issue again as it is such a close-fought championship. There are driving standard rules in place, but it’s a double edged sword,” adds Richard. For 2012, races will feature 2 back-to-back sprint races of 6 laps each and a longer feature race over 12 laps. Qualifying will determine the starting positions for Race 1. The winner of the first sprint race will pick a card to decide whether 3, 4 or 6 cars are inverted for the second sprint race. The fastest lap time from Race 2, irrespective of finishing position, will start from pole position for the longer 3rd race.


IS 20 JAAR OUD Eienaars van Wellington Exhaust Centre, Jacques en Mariaan Walters, is al sedert 1992 in besigheid. Hierdie jaar is hul 20ste bestaansjaar en die besigheid is steeds aan die gang. Jacques is oorspronklik van Hermon waar hy in die laat 80's sy plaas verkoop het en hom in Wellington kom vestig het. Sy vrou Mariaan kom van Malmesbury af en is die sekretaresse. In 1992 het hul aanvanklik skokbrekers, bande en knaldempers gedoen. Vandag het hul besigheid uitgebrei en bied hul ook meganiese reparasies aan die meeste voertuie. 'n Plaaslike vervoerbesigheid, JL Walters Transport, word ook vanaf die perseel beheer. Indien jy 'n pap wiel of enige motorprobleme het, bied hul ook 24-uur velddienste om jou te kom bystaan in die tyd van nood. Jacques en Mariaan het 2 kinders, Annelie (23) wat op Wellington werk en 'n seun Pieter (15) wat in Laborie Hoërskool is.

2 Industria Street | Wellington 021 873 2120 | 082 573 7258 Jacques, Mariaan & personeel by:

Wellington Exhaust Centre

Baie geluk met julle 20ste bestaansjaar!!!


Dankie vir julle getroue ondersteuning deur die jare. Ons sien uit daarna om die volgende 20 jaar die paadjie saam met julle te loop. Van Kevin, Diane & al die personeel by:

Baie geluk aan



Beauty @ Annelie

vir 20 jaar se suksesvolle handeldryf

(Agter Salon Michelle in Wellington)

Annelie Walters Cell: 071 264 0042 • • • •

Beauty @ Annelie5X4_1012

Tubestone (Pty) Ltd - Trotse verskaffers van alle Nankang- en BKT-produkte in Suid-Afrika.


Baie geluk Jacques & Mariaan!

WellingtonExhaust_20x8_1012_1BC0W2V ads

• • • • •

R100 Mani en pedi............................................ pedi............................................R100 R70 Pedicures................................................. Pedicures.................................................R70 R80 - R120 Facials..................................................... Facials.....................................................R80 (en kry ‘n mini manicure en pedicure pedicure by) R20 - R60 Waxing..................................................... Waxing.....................................................R20 R40 - R70 Massages ................................................ ................................................R40 vanaf R50 Make-up .................................................. ..................................................vanaf R40 Reflexology .............................................. ..............................................R40 Aromatheraphy......................................... R60 Aromatheraphy.........................................R60

Kiffie Henderson Broker • Makelaar Authorised Financial Service Provider Gemagtigde Finansiele Diensteverskaffer FSB Licence Number: 34909 • RFD Lisensienommer: 34909 Tel: 021 872 1289 • Fax /Faks: 021 872 1939 S/C: 083 301 5156

March 1 - 2012


Benz G-class still an off-road legend AFTER almost 33 years of unbroken production, the either a particularly environmentally-friendly V6 diesel drive with a low-range ratio, the electronically controlled Mercedes-Benz G-Class remains unparalleled. engine featuring BlueTEC technology and with an output traction system, three differential locks that can be engThis was the opinion of the “Off Road” magazine rea- of 155 kW and 540 Nm of torque, or a powerful 5,5-litre aged at the push of a button and the 7G-TRONIC sevenders, who voted the G-Class “Off-roader of the year 2012” V8 petrol engine developing 285 kW with a torque of 530 speed automatic transmission. in two categories repeating last year’s success for the off- Nm. The flagship G 55 AMG model – available only as The G-Class Professional model, which won the award road legend. a four-door, long-wheelbase Station Wagon is powered in the “Classic” category, is a pared-down utility version The G-Class eased to victory in the “Luxury off-roader” by a V8 supercharged engine developing 373 kW with an with the emphasis firmly on robustness and reliability. category and defended its top spot in the “Classic” catego- impressive peak torque of 700 Nm. It is aimed at extreme professional applications such as ry. The new M Class, eligible for the first time having The superstar among off-roaders uses high-performan- rescue services, although private customers also choose been unveiled just last year, achieved second place in ce drive technology and dynamic handling control sy- this particular classic for tough off-road use. the “Luxury SUV” and “Newcomer” categories. stems to deliver outstanding on-road and off-road perforFurther strengths of the premium SUV include exceptiThe latest-generation G-Class features an impressive mance. onal safety and well-balanced ride comfort as well as exmix of state-of-the-art drive technology and high-calibre Standard equipment includes permanent all-wheel cellent driving dynamics both on and off the road. interior appointments whilst also maintaining its highly valued, hallmark attributes such as extreme robustness and outstanding offroad capability. This is the ninth time it has won the “Off Road” magazine reader survey. The “G” family currently has three body variants: shortwheelbase Station Wagon, longwheelbase Station Wagon and Convertible, which can be UNBREAKABLE. After 33 years in production, the G­class is still at the top of its game. This robust off­roader combines unriveled Pic: QuickPic combined with performance with amazing luxury.


March 1 - 2012

TITLE. Paarlberg BMW has been awarded the prestigious title as After Sales Dealer of the Year 2011. This award draws attention to all BMW dealers in South Africa who exhibit exceptional after sales perfor­ mance in their dealership. At the rear from left are Eugene Morkel (after sales manager) and O’Brien Patience (production manager). In front are Bongani Radebe (after sales regional manager) and Karl Dahl (managing director). They received this highest honor out of 58 dealers from across the country, while their associate company, Worcester BMW, did equally well by ending in the top 5.

Sport News

Donderdag 1 Maart 2012

Paarl Post



4M Telbord

ONDERSTEUN. Tamryn Cupido (regs) en Rouvé Viljoen van HMS het onderskeidelik eerste en tweede geëindig in die 100 m vir o.19-meisies.

DIE finale puntestand van die 4M-atletiekbyeenkoms wat verlede Donderdag op Coetzenburg plaasgevind het, is: Bloemhof - 412 (44 medaljes - 1 rekord) HMS - 346 (37 medaljes - 3 rekords) La Rochelle - 329 (38 medaljes 5 rekords) Rhenish - 167 (21 medaljes - 0 rekords)

REKORD. Tanya Schuurman (La Rochelle) breek die 200 m rekord vir o.14meisies met ’n tyd van 26,4 sek. Sy het ook die o.14-100 m gewen en was ook ’n lid van die o.14aflosspan wat gewen het. Foto’s: Sieb Sieberhagen

KORREL. Christine Snyman, o.19-spiesgooier van Larries, wen die kompetisie met ’n gooi van 32,92 m.

EINDPOGING. Elze Barnard van Larries slaag net-net daarin om vir Tameron Antonie van HMS om ’n derde plek te klop in die 800 m vir o.15meisies.

DRIE KEER. Marise Malherbe (HMS) het behoorlik skoonskip gemaak en die o.19-meisies 400 m, 800 m en 1500 m gewen.

LOS VOOR. Marikie Bruwer (HMS) eindig eerste in die 400 m vir o.17-meisies.

BLITSIG VIR REKORD. Die o.19-meisies 4x100 aflosspan van HMS het ’n nuwe byeenkomsrekord opgestel. Hulle is van links Marise Malherbe, Rouvé Viljoen, Bea Lambrechts en Tamryn Cupido.

GEESVANGERS. HMS se dirigente het gesorg dat daar genoeg aksie op die pawiljoene was. Agter van links is Dene Nel en Carle Latsky. In die middel is Jana van Niekerk en Chantelle du Plessis en voor is Yvette Roos.

KLEURVOL. Dié Larrie-dirigente se kleurvolle skeppings het die oog gevang by die 4M-atletiek. Van links is Lesley Arenz, Monique Uys, Lushain Abrahams, Annieka Mostert, Rina de Villiers en Athina Kenned.

VATSO! Janke Visagie van HMS behaal die eerste plek in die gewigstoot vir meisies o.15.

Foto: La Rochelle

OP DIE WENPAD. Die o.14-4x100 aflosspan van La Rochelle het ’n nuwe rekord (52,3 sek) opgestel. Van links is Tanya Schuurman, Yandi-Lee du Plessis, Christy Nell en Joa Bloem.

TROFEË. La Rochelle het twee Victrix Ludorumtrofeë verower. Hier is Marianna Schoeman (atletiekorganiseerder) saam met Angeline Smit, links (drie 1ste plekke o.14- diskus, 37,32 m (rekord) gewigstoot 12,73 m en spiesgooi 36,44 m) en Nicky Ras (drie 1ste plekke o.17- diskus 34,56 m (rekord), spiesgooi 35,92 m en gewigstoot 11,93 m). Foto: La Rochelle

NUWE REKORD. Mandolene Hermanus van La Rochelle het in die o.19-meisiesdriesprong die eerste plek verower en ’n nuwe byeenkomsrekord (11,34 m) opgestel.

Sport News

54 . Paarl Post

Paarliete by Grape Escape TWEE Paarliete, Adriaan Louw en Petrus Malherbe, gaan as ’n span in aksie wees om kragte te meet teen van die beste bergfietsryers in die wêreld tydens die Grape Escape, ’n driedaagse bergfietstoer, wat hierdie naweek in die Boland plaasvind. Die eerste skof van die wedren begin Donderdag in Durbanville en eindig 74 km later by Hoër Landbouskool Boland in Agter-Paarl. Dag twee is oor 68 km van die Landbouskool na Diemersfontein net buite Wellington. Die laaste 66 km is Saterdag van Diemersfontein tot by Boschendal

buite Stellenbosch. Jaers kan as individue of in spanne van twee ryers deelneem. Boschendal is ook waar Sondag se Argus-bergfietswedren sal plaasvind. Groot name soos die huidige wêreldkampioen Christoph Sauser, voormalige wenners van die Cape Epic Karl Platt en Stefan Sahm van Duitsland en Suid-Afrika se beste bergfietsryer Burry Stander sal in aksie wees. Kevin Evans en David George, wat verlede jaar onderskeidelik eerste en tweede geëindig het, is vasbeslote om die internasionale aanslag

af te weer en weer met die algehele louere weg te stap. “Die Wellington-enkelspoor van die tweede dag is in ons agterplaas en ons sal dus baie graag ’n goeie posisie op die dag wil behaal,” het Malherbe gesê. Volgens Louw, wat onlangs die Tulbagh-wedren oor 70 km gewen het, is die vernaamste doelwit net om hulself te geniet en om die beste van die geleentheid te maak wanneer hulle teen van die beste bergfietsryers in die wêreld deelneem. Sien berig oor roetes en padsluitings op p11. Vir meer besonderhede besoek

Donderdag 1 Maart 2012

Qualifying for the Boland team THE first opportunity for athletes to qualify for the 2012 SA 10 km championships took place at the Prison to Prison 10 km race in the Swartland on 4 February. Athletes still have three more

Gholf uitslae DIE Boland Senior 2012 Gholf Ope het die afgelope naweek by die Paarl-Gholfbaan plaasgevind. In die A-afdeling het Jock Wellington met 137 (68 en 69) die septer geswaai, gevolg deur Roland Adams 140 (71 en 69) en Francois le Roux 140 (71 69). In die B-afdeling het Pieter Matthee (34 punte), Charles Glesser (32 punte) en Isaac Sameuls (29 punte),die beste gevaar.

GRAND MASTER. Paul Davids (64) of the Paarl Athletics Club was the first grand master in 2012 27 For Freedom 10 km race.

opportunities to qualify for the Boland team. They are MKB Swartland 10 km Road Race in MoorreesSoloburg on 3 VETERAN. March, the mon Ross of Paarl was the second veWorcester teran in die recent Rainbow 10 km Ro- Prison to Prison 10 ad Race in km race. Worcester on 10 March and the 2012 Boland 10 km Road Race Championships which will form part of the APL De Doorns 10 km Road Race in De Doorns on 19 May. If no athlete achieves the above standards before or at the 2012 Boland 10 km championships, only the champions of the senior and junior races at the 2012 Boland 10 km Championships will be considered to represent Boland Athletics at the SA Championships.

Pics: Sieb Sieberhagen

Online entries will close shortly FONDSE MET FIETSRY. Die Wellington Lions se fietswedren het Saterdagoggend 1300 fietsryers na Wellington gelok. In die 94 km ligawedren het Stefan Ihlenfeldt (Smith & Assosiate) eerste geëindig met Jaco Venter (NuWater/CTM) tweede en David Garrett (Daikin GU) derde. Paarl-ryer Bradwin Daniels (o.19) was derde in sy afdeling. In die 54 km wedren het Ivan Venter eerste, Graeme Ockhuis tweede en Nicol Carstens derde geëindig. Die fondse wat hiermee ge-in is, word deur die Lions aangewend vir gemeenskapsprojekte soos kospakkies en Kerspartye vir mense in nood, hulp aan kankerlyers, prestasietrofeë en klerasie aan skole en ’n bingo-dag eenmaal per maand by Silwerkruin-ouetehuis. Foto: Deon Steyn

NEW RECORD. Paarlite Ernst van Dyk, winner of the men’s hand cycle division in the recent 10th Outeniqua Wheelchair Challenge (OCC) in George, celebrates after the gruelling marathon with race director Esther Watson. Van Dyk set a new course record, finishing in a time of 1:08:29, with second and third placed athletes only seconds behind him.

RUNNERS only have two weeks left to enter the Old Mutual Two Oceans Ultra Marathon, which takes place on Saturday 7 April. Close to 5 000 entries have already been received and there is every indication that this year will attract another field in excess of 8 000 runners. Online entries close on Wednesday 7 March and those runners posting their entries must make sure they are mailed by 29 February to ensure they re-

ach the race office by the deadline. Cape Town runners without access to the online entry facility can drop off their entries at the race office in Claremont. All substitutions, upgrades, downgrades and seeding changes must also be done by 7 March and detailed instructions on how to do these processes online are available on the website

Sportdagboek ) KRIEKET * GMT Paarl-Oos II speel Saterdag teen Paarl op die Parysvelde. Die klub se feesdans is op 30 Maart. * Inligting oor Young Peoples-krieketklub se “Old Boys Klub” kan met Graham Rooks by 079 796 3336, Trevor Davy 082 497 3884 en Mervin Alexander 074 180 8890 bespreek word. ) RUGBY * Violets speel sy eerste vrienskaplike wedstryde op 10 Maart teen Pniel Villagers weg, op 17 Maart teen Kylemore weg en op 31 Maart teen Titans op die Boy Louw-velde. * Violets bied op 3 Maart ’n dans aan by Charlie’s. Die klub is ook besig met beplanning vir ’n derby in 2013. Kontak vir Roger Uren by 082 228 0470. * Hillcrest United speel Saterdag sy laaste vriendskaplike wedstryd teen Bloues van Malmesbury. Die eerste ligawedstryd vind plaas 10 Maart teen Moorreesburg. Die busse vertrek om 13:00 vanaf Mannies en ritte kos R40. * Young Standards speel Saterdag ’n vriendskaplike wedstryd teen Rangers (Boy Louw B-veld), op 17 Maart teen Retreat (weg) en op 7 en 9 April neem hulle deel in die Klapmuts-sportforum se Paasfeestoernooi. Sy jaarlikse “The Fish King Ten”-toernooi word op 30 Maart vanaf 18:00 by die Faurestraat-stadion aangebied. Prysgeld vir die verskillende kategorieë sal toegeken word. Vir meer besonderhede en deelname, kontak Kevin Benjamin by 082 731 4879. ’n Span word na afloop van die toernooi aangewys vir deelname aan ’n provinsiale tienman-toernooi. * Alle Paarl-klubs wat belang stel om ’n Boksmart-kursus te voltooi, kan vir Aslam Abrahams by 083 234 3988 skakel. ’n Minimum van 15 persone word aanbeveel en die kursus sal op Woensdagaande aangebied word. * Albions speel op 3 Maart teen

Franschhoek United (tuis), 17 Maart teen Windmeul United (weg) en op 24 Maart teen Paarl Rangers (Boy Louw-velde). Op 30 Maart speel die klub in ’n Tienaan-’n-kant-toernooi wat deur Standards aangebied word. * Roses United se vriendskaplike wedstryd teen Newtons is gekanselleer. Hul eerste ligawedstryd is op 10 Maart teen Vredenburg op Pelikaanpark. * Young Gardens se oefeninge is reeds volstoom aan die gang by Daljosafat om 18:00 op Dinsdae en Donderdae. Die juniors (o.12, o.14 en o.16) se oefeninge is op Dinsdae en Donderdae om 17:00 by Klein Nederburg Primêr om 17:00. * Windmeul hou uitkloprondes op 4 Maart by Windmeul Primêr. Kontak vir Jannie Williams by 083 627 9576. * Riverstones se vriendskaplike wedstryde is op 10, 17, 24 en 31 Maart. Skakel vir Sammy Paulse by 079 627 2999 vir meer inligting. * Franschhoek-rugbyklub se ledevergadering verskuif vanaf Club le Roue na die Groendal-sportgronde op Dinsdae ná die kluboefening. * Violets speel op 10 Maart ’n vriendskaplike wedstryd teen Pniel Villagers (weg) en op 17 Maart teen Kylemore (weg). Op 23 en 24 Maart hou die klub sy oefenkamp ter voorbereiding van die seisoen en op 31 Maart speel hulle tuis teen die Titans. Op 3 Maart hou hulle ’n dans by Charlie’s vanaf 20:00. * Wellington CPUT speel op 3 Maart ’n vriendskaplike wedstryd teen Helderberg. Die liga begin op 10 Maart teen Vredenburg (weg). * Paarl Rangers speel Saterdag (15:00) ’n vriendskaplike wedstryd teen Young Standards op die Boy Louw B-veld. ) NETBAL * Die Paarl-netbalklub se oefeninge het reeds begin. Dit word elke Dinsdag en Donderdag om 18:30 op die Boland-bane in die Paarl aangebied. Kontak vir Bennie

Zaayman by 083 462 6311 of Annelie Lukas by 083 377 2232 vir meer inligting. * ’n Besigheids-netbaltoernooi word op 5 en 7 Maart vanaf 18:00 by die Bolandnetbalbane aangebied. Kostes beloop R300 per span. Skakel vir Lize Wiggins by 028 271 3061 of epos haar by vir meer inligting. ) GHOLF * On 29 March Du Plessis Motors will be hosting a fundraiser golf day in aid of Sunfield Homes Wellington. The tee-off time is at 10:00 and the costs are R265 per person or R1 060 for a 4-ball at the Wellington Golf Club. Contact Du Plessis Motors at 62 Church Street, Wellington, no later than 20 March (083 460 3395 or 021 873 3838). * As jy deel wil wees van die Stormers Gholfdag by die Worcester Gholfbaan op 8 Maart skakel vir Jaco van Wyk by Boland Rugby by 021 873 2317 of 084 645 3775. ) SOCCER All current and potential members of the Paarl Soccer Club are informed of the annual general meeting on Wednesday 7 March at 19:00 in the Clubhouse at the Boy Louw sports grounds. The club is also seeking junior coaches and sport administrators for the new season. For any info, please call Lionel Matthee at 072 239 2181. * Paarl United beoog om ’n sokkerakademie op die been te bring vir spelers tussen 9 en 19 jaar. Kontak vir Danwell (078 956 1767). Dit sal Dinsdae en Donderdae vanaf 16:00 op 15 Maart by die MCMsportpark aangebied word. Sokkerklinieke deur Ajax Cape Town word ook vanaf die einde Maart aangebied. * The first matches in the Fritos Soccer Challenge will be held this Saturday, 3 March, at the Mbekweni Stadium. It starts at 10:00 with 11 Ideas vs Sundowns and at 11:30 City Killers vs Cosmos. The final is at 15:00.

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Thursday 1 March 2012

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Talente droog net nie op nie

EERSTE PLEK. Leon Loubser, o.17spiesgooi-atleet van Hoërskool Gimnasium, trek los met die wengooi in die Boland-Sentraal-byeenkoms op Coetzenburg met ’n afstand van 60,88 m. Eerskomende Saterdag word die Boland-byeenkoms op Daljosafat in die Paarl aangebied. Foto: Sieb Sieberhagen

NOUDAT Keagan Whitten (13), graad 7-leerder en hoofseun van William Lloyd Primêr, hierdie week aangewys is as die kaptein van die Wes-Kaap o.13-krieketspan wat eersdaags in Dubai krieket gaan speel, wil dit voorkom asof sporttalente en leiersposisies maar net nie vir dié begaafte sportman gaan opdroog nie. In ’n baie kort week waar hy ook uitblink in sy skoolwerk (gemiddelde van 91%), hou hy hom besig met krieket, atletiek, tennis, tafeltennis en rugby. En in al dié sportsoorte blink hy uit. Dit is ook geen wonder dat hy in 2010 en 2011 die Bolan-skoletoekenning vir die mees veelsydige sportster ontvang het nie. Keagan, die seun van Yolande Whitten en Trevor Jacobs, wat Februarie 2012 se Paarl Post en Let’s Play se Sportster is, sou dalk baie meer sportprestasies ingeryg het as daar meer ure in die dag was. Party aande stap hy eers halftien by die huis in ná ’n baie besige dag, vertel hy. En dan moet die skoolwerk nog gedoen word. Vandat hy as 10-jarige aktief aan sport begin deelneem het, het die prestasies in verskeie sportsoorte begin opstapel en sal sy naam in die toekoms nog baie gehoor word. In 2011 het hy die Boland as o.12-atleet in die 100 m en hoogspring verteenwoordig. Vanjaar behaal hy weer ’n eerste plek in die 0.13-hoogspring tydens die onlangse Bo-

land-atletiekbyeenkoms met ’n persoonlike beste hoogte van 1,6 meter. Daarmee kwalifiseer hy vir die Wes-Kaap-atletiekkampioenskappe, maar oor ’n paar weke, wanneer die kampioenskappe aangebied word, is hy in Dubai om Suid-Afrika in ’n

BAIE BLINKGOED. Keagan met trofees en medaljes wat hy in sy kort sportloopbaan verower het. Foto: Sieb Sieberhagen

o.13-kriekettoernooi te verteenwoordig. Verlede jaar het hy ook in dié kriekettoernooi gespeel, as onderkaptein en is hy as die beste kolwer van die toernooi aangewys. Keagan beskou homself as ’n veelsydige speler wat baie daarvan hou om veldwerk te doen. Sy kriekethelde is Graeme Smith, die Proteas se toetskaptein, Dale Steyn, Proteas-bouler en Kumar Sangkakara, ’n Sri Lankese kolwer. Hy was ook verlede jaar die Bolandspan se o.12kaptein en die Wes-Kaap se onderkaptein. Hy vertel met ’n glimlag dat sy tafeltennisspelery teen sy ma aanleiding gegee het dat hy daarin begin uitblink het en in 2011 is hy as die Boland en die WP se o.13-kampioen gekroon. In 2011 was hy ook die Boland o.12-rugbyspan se onderkaptein en wil hy graag vanjaar as senter die o.13-Bolandspan in die Cravenweek verteenwoordig. Boishaai glimlag seker al, want volgende jaar wil Keagan by dié gesogte skool inval en sy rugby, krieket en atletiek nog tot volgende hoogtes vat. Keagan het ook ’n baie spesiale woordjie vir sy ouma Joan wat hom daagliks na sy verskillende aktiwiteite toe rondry en vir Eugene Collins, sy hoogspringafrigter.

Young Peoples gly in T20­wedstryde YOUNG PEOPLES se eerste en derde spanne het Saterdag nederlae in hul onderskeie T20-wedstryde gehad. Peoples I het op Daljosafat met Wellington kragte gemeet en eerste gekolf. Die verlies van hul mokerman, Lorenzo Jacobs, reeds in die tweede beurt, het die span gekniehalter en die Tiere kon net 111 lopies in sy 20 beurte aanteken. Wade October het moedig probeer en sy 42 lopies het 1 ses en 4 viere ingesluit. Puik boulwerk deur Harry Ramsden, 2/10 en Warren Groeneveldt, 2/23 tesame met goeie veldwerk het die Wellingtonners op die voorvoet geplaas. Peoples het die telling met mening verdedig en veral Charlton Daniels, 2/16 het met ’n vurige boulskof die Tiere hoop gegee. Die keerpunt van die wedstryd was egter die

verbroude vangkans toe Wellington se topkolwer, Mushi Khan, slegs 4 lopies op die telbord gehad het. Hy het ’n verspot maklike vangkans aan halfweg gebied, en is misgevang. Khan het daarna alle verdediging oorboord gegooi en 5 sesse en 9 viere op pad na sy 82 lopies gemoker. Hy het veral die draaiers geteiken en uiteindelik man-alleen die wedstryd vir Wellington gewen. Die besoekers het op 114/6 geëindig, ’n oorwinning met 4 paaltjies. Die Tiere se derde span het op Allandale ook gesukkel om genoeg lopies aan te teken teen Paarl-Oos II. Peoples III kon net 114/7 op die telbord plaas met die Andrewsbroers, Jonty, 31, en Shaun, 33, die uitblinkers met die kolf. Peoples II het egter verwoed geveg en PaarlOos kon eers met net 4 balle oor die wenlopies aanteken. ’n Paar ver-

Cricket Festival MORE than 500 cricket playing children are expected at the Boland Provincial Cricket Festival which will be held on 10 March at Boland Park. A few pre-primary school teams, which is a new initiative from Cricket SA, will also join in the fun. Disabled kids playing for the LSEN schools will also take part.

Henry Williams, organiser from Boland Cricket, said the purpose of the festival is to say thanks to coaches and kids for participating during the year in mini cricket. “It’s about enjoyment, meeting new friends, learning the game, meeting heros at the festival and have autographs signed by them,” he said.

broude vangkanse was ook die derdes se ondergang. Grant Tomlinsen het met die bal uitgeblink deur 2/28 in sy 4 beurte te neem. Saterdag reis die eerste span na Vredenburg vir sy T20-wedstryd daar teen die Weskussers, die tweede span skop sy T20 veldtog af op Daljosafat A teen Drakenstein Edu se eerste span, terwyl Peoples III ’n loslootjie het. * Paarl-Oos se eerstes het Saterdag hulle T20-wedstryd teen Worcester United met 52 lopies gewen. Hulle het 177/4 aangeteken met Bruce Miller (69 10x4 1x6) en Bjorn Hollenbach (41 4x4) die beste kolwers. Boulwerk deur Elroy Abrahams (3-0-19-2) en Waylin September (4-0-27-4) het die United-manne deeglik vasgepen. Die derdes het met 6 paaltjies teen Wellington II gewen.

Lighthouse race THE tenth Lighthouse 10 km night race takes place on Wednesday 7 March. Runners are advised that the start and finish point has moved from the lighthouse to the lawns near Rocklands Beach, opposite the SABC studios in Beach Road, Cape Town. The event starts at 18:15 and participants can enter on the day from 16:45 onwards. Contact Tony Breslin on 082 888 2307 or visit for more information.

GELYK OOR. Shaun van Rooi (links) van Hugo Rust Laerskool spook dit hier uit vir ’n derde plek in die 80 mH tydens Saterdag se Bolandatletiekbyeenkoms vir laerskole op Daljosafat-stadion. Hy was ook derde in die 200 mH vir seuns o.13. Hy en Linford Maree (ook van Hugo Rust Laerskool) wat Saterdag in dié items die eerste plekke behaal het, gaan op 10 Maart op Oudtshoorn deelneem aan die WesKaap-kampioenskappe. Foto: Sieb Sieberhagen

ACTION. The annual 4M swimming gala was held in Paarl on 28 February between four competing girls’ schools (Paarl Girls’ High, Rhenish, Bloemhof and La Rochelle). Pictured here in action is the u.16 winner of the 50 m breast stroke, Bernitia Hess of La Rochelle. The final results saw Rhenish finish first, followed by Bloemhof in second place, then La Rochelle, with Paarl Girls’ High in fourth place Pic: Frans le Roux

Paarl Post 1 March 2012  

Paarl Post 1 March 2012