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WHO ARE YOU? • It is the smallest member of the big cat family (lions, tigers, and jaguars) • They are considered to be the most adaptable to a variety of habitats and hunting styles

CHARACTERISTICS  Large skulls and powerful paws

 Have a long spot body  Male leopards are heavier than females  They are solitary animals

HABITAT Dense bush in rocky surrounding and riverine forest.

Leopards are primarily nocturnal, usually resting during the daytime in tress. The spotted coat provides almost perfect camouflage. Leopards adapt to many places in both warm and cold climates.

CARING FOR THE YOUNG  A litter includes two or three cubs.  The female abandons her nomadic wandering until the cubs are large enough to accompany her.  She keeps hidden them for about the first 8 weeks.  She gives them meat when they are 6 or 7 weeks old and suckling them for 3 months or longer.

THANK YOU! By Miss Virginia Tello


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