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Dipl. Media Artist Pipo Tafel moving images | moving people

Pipo Tafel (1979) I produce videos and performing Arts related works. I am also a freelance lecturer in both fields. I grew up in Stuttgart, studied Media Arts in Karlsruhe (5 years) and contemporary dance in Essen, Brussels, Marseille and Dresden (6 years). I am happy that I can inspire people with my work. I love honesty and trust in my professional and personal relationships, constructive teamwork, non violent communication, dancing, movies, cooking and music. Between 2005 and 2013 I became very involved in the business of arts and film funding. I applied for hundreds of fundings, festivals and prices. Thanks to my collaborators and luck, my applications were awarded two dozens scholarships, residencies and prices in this period. This allowed us to create (produce, direct, perform) works from our ideas. I am very satisfied that we did what felt necessary and that I can share the extensive artistic practice with my clients for the comissioned works and workshops now. I live in Köln since many years and work in different places around Germany and Europe. work examples: CV and projects: Pipo Tafel . Dipl. Media Artist . Darmstädter Str. 2 . 50678 Köln . E-Mail: . Phone: + 49 (0) 176 . 9651 9902 .

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