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Pécs Subjective: Awofeso Luqman Olukorede


Fit Pécs: The great spring shape up


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Pécs Subjective: Hanna Cserkúthy


The great food delivery test: it’s pizza time!


Going native: let’s go to a bear (leek) hunt!


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EDITORIAL INTRODUCTION In March the world is opening for us. The (hopefully) warmer weather and the ever longer days mean that we can finally reclaim the outdoors. Meanwhile the exam period seems like a distant nightmare, so we also have the time and the mood for something else than the daily routine. Bear leek hunt in the forests of the Mecsek, university parties all around the week; as usual, the Pécs Guide has great tips! And of course we have to be in a great shape in order to enjoy the spring fever, so we show you five great fitness centres around the city. Pécs can be the destination and also the beginning of a great career. Awofeso Luqman Olukorede came to Pécs from Nigeria to fulfil his dream: become his own master. Today he owns a popular and successful hair salon in the downtown. Our other interviewee, the Pécs born Hanna Cserkúthy conquered the international fashion world with her costume designs and now she is heading to the world capital of fashion, New York. We also celebrate the Pécs Guide’s first anniversary in March. We have come a long way during these 12 months with each of our issues, but it’s only the beginning: we have great and exciting things in store for the future. Thank you for your support and be with us in the next year! Miklós Stemler managing editor

PÉCS GUIDE Free magazine | March 2018





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THE MOST UNIQUE HAIRDRESSER OF PÉCS Awofeso arrived to Pécs from the other side of the world as a student, but today he is the owner of a hair salon in the city centre. In the meantime he graduated, and also started his PHD studies. Still, he decided to focus on his own business. As he says: ‘Man proposes, God disposes.’ Awofeso Luqman Olukorede is a Nigerian honorary Pécs resident, as he has been living here for over 20 years. ‘I came to Pécs in the 1990’s; I studied at the Faculty of Business and Economics. After the BA, I started the masters’ programme, and after that I enrolled at the Faculty of Law. When I finished my studies there, I went back to Business and Econo­ mics and currently I am in a PHD researcher status at the faculty.’ The university has a special place in Awosefo’s heart. ‘I love the Pécs University, if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have graduated at both Business and Economics and Law.’ 2

The first thing you can notice when meeting Awofeso is that he is particularly joyful. But maybe this is the best attitude in life when you have to deal with multiple things. In this case it is the economist-hair­stylist combination, which seems un­ usual only for us, as he says there are similarities between the two professions. ‘There are differen­ ces, but also similarities especially in the area of hairstyling and economics. Because the salon is also an enterprise, and the business and economics degree is basically a training for making enterprises. This is the common ground. People are often surprised that I have these degrees and still work in this field. Sometimes they directly ask me if I had a difficulty finding a job with my degrees. Well, I did not start this job because I couldn’t find another one, but because I simply wanted to work for myself, and to be able to do it, I had to establish a business. I am an enterprising spirit and for me this is not simply hairstyling, this is a business. Exactly like British Tobacco or anything else just in small-scale. They have to pay taxes and I have to pay taxes too.’ Just like any other entrepreneur, Awofeso also had to start somewhere. His story begins with the university. ‘It has a very simple reason why I decided to do hairstyling. During university I used to style people’s hair as a hobby, and I rea­­­lized that it’s something that I have a skill for. Then I started to have so called clients whose hair I cut in the dorm next to the restroom. Hairstyling is both work and a strategy for me, which helped me find my place in Europe.’ However sometimes it’s not enough to find the right country, you also have to choose the right city. Some listen to their hearts, some to their heads and others listen to both, just like Awofeso. ‘In the 90’s I planned to start my business in Budapest, because it’s a bigger city, but in the end I didn’t open a shop there, because the real estate situation was rather complicated. I didn’t want to rent, I hoped to buy my own property, but when I started looking I

had to see that buying estate comes with additional costs. Then I came back to Pécs and started to plan, then realize the whole thing. Man proposes, God disposes.’ His view of life comes with an unusual business policy. The saying which goes: Great product needs no advertising – seems to be outdated today. The fast pace of the adverti­ sing business doesn’t leave any store without a slogan or tags; at least it’s rare, especially in the city centre. But Awofeso’s shop is one of these. Although the salon doesn’t even have a name, still it’s one of the most popular ones in the city, as good news travel quickly. ‘I have not one, not two, not three but more new clients every week and everyone is surprised when they call me on the phone and ask what name they should look for. I always say there is no name; you can find me opposite Groupama, house number 18. And when they come here, they ask me what kind of economist I am, if I haven’t got a business card or a sign. The explanation is when I started this shop I could not be bothered by these things for other reasons. But I don’t mind, the number of my clients have grown exponentially from the very beginning, so why would I? I’m at a good place, so I don’t have to spend on advertising. This is a gateway, whoever passes by, sees what’s inside. Some people don’t plan to have their hair cut, but they see that I’m here, come in, ask if I can take them, and sometimes the client before them is late by so much, that I do it. I am lucky that my store is at such a good place. Because even if somebody works well, if they don’t have the right place, their work will remain unnoticed. It’s like when somebody prays, but it’s in vain, because some conditions have to be present so that the prayer gives you what you hope for.’

Széchenyi Square


‘It’s a magical place for me.’

Zsolnay Quarter

Every day I cross this square and it always makes me feel great.

TV Tower

‘I live close to Zsolnay Quarter, so I visit here often.’


A citizen of Pécs In the last 2 decades Pécs has become Awofeso’s home. He feels himself lucky because he lives and works in a great environment.

‘Since I work from morning to night, I have very little time to hike. But when I do, I choose the TV Tower.’

‘The everyday food supply, this is the place of everyday shopping.’ 3

FIT PÉCS The great spring shape up ‚A sound mind in a sound body’, as the saying goes and we definitely can’t doubt it. Strength, stamina and regularity equals good health. Regular exercise helps to shed extra weight and keeps the muscles in great condition. Take your trainers and get moving for your health! We show you where.



Professor’s Gym

Equipped with a café and a shake bar, this gym is going to be your favourite, as the strawberry flavour energizing or protein shakes can be greatly motivating, as well as rehabilitating for your tired muscles. The large hall of the gym always has free machines, so you won’t have to worry about uncomfortable waiting periods. Besides the many different machines you can also rent a gym room or even participate in a gym class in the inspiring environment. Beginners can also feel at ease, as the trainers of Professor’s Gym are ready to help. And if you need the complete package, refreshment of both body and mind, the gym’s masseur and beautician will be there for your service. Let’s take advantage of the most beautiful season and the longer days and take a step towards a new, healthier lifestyle. Web: Telephone: (72) 780 812 Opening hours Monday-Friday: 05:45-22:00 Saturday: 8:00-22:00 Sunday: 8:00-12:00, 16:00-22:00


Mecsek Fitness

A little exercise is always great and a training that moves every part of the body can have straight up miracu­ lous effects. Mecsek Fitness in the heart of Uránváros is a place that offers a great variety of different exercises. Besides the classical machine park there are different separate gym rooms for the visitors looking for classes. Some of the possibilities are Hot Iron, spinning, aerobic, TRX, kangoo jumps, belly dance, and pole dance, which is rather hard to find anywhere else in the city. Mecsek Fitness offers these classes for visi­ tors of both genders. It’ll be your best bet if you decide to join a gym for toning, as the centre also provides lifestyle counselling, personal training and even an infra sauna. If you made up your mind but don’t know what type of exercise suits your needs the best, we recommend Mecsek Fitness, as you will have many options here to choose from. Web: Telephone: (72) 257 258 Opening hours Monday-Friday: 6:00-22:00 Saturday-Sunday: 8:00-18:00

4. Megyeri Str., 8. Jakabhegyi Str. 4

10. Ybl Miklós Str.


Life1 Fitness

In Life1 Fitness the importance of personal trainers is greatly emphasized. We all know that a personal trainer can help us exercise effectively and safely and it is also more entertaining than doing it alone. If you want to achieve your goals in short time, a personal trainer will most definitely be the right choice. They can motivate and encourage you, keep you on the right track and also teach you how to use the machines properly. In Life1 highly qualified trainers work with visitors, whether they are beginners or experienced in the world of gyms. Just like in the movies, there are many treadmills positioned facing giant windows, so you don’t have to stare at an empty wall while running. The modern and thematic gym is there for you to achieve your dreams as quickly as possible, whether it is muscle building, losing weight, or rehabilitation. Web: Telephone: (70) 455 3280 Opening hours Monday-Friday: 06:00-22:00 Saturday-Sunday: 08:00-20:00


Mandala Yogastudio

There are many forms of exercise and if you are not a fan of gyms, you can still find the best option for your needs. The art of yoga has a thousand-year tradition, which is also a proof of its effectiveness. It is rich in stretching and also meditative, and you only have to try it once to feel the beneficial effects on both your body and mind. As some of the yoga positions can be unsafe to perform, the Mandala Yogastudio provides professional trainers and a pleasant environment for its visitors. A great advantage of this form of exercise is that you only need to bring some comfortable clothes. The yoga mat and pillows are already there and there is no need for shoes at all. Moreover, you don’t have to book a ticket, as the studio is very large. Visitors can choose from hatha, spine, astanga and women’s yoga, whichever your heart desires, or your back needs.


World Jumping Pécs

Is there anyone who didn’t enjoy the jumping-board during her/his childhood? It’s a fact that jumping is a liberating feeling, but it’s also a wonderful workout method! Thanks to the professional team of World Jumping Pécs anyone can savor the joy of jumping with the help of a unique training form. The training on special jumping-boards is not just random jumping around, but a series of highly coordinated and highly efficient practices which have beneficial effects for the whole human body and it’s an especially efficient cardio­ vascular training method. Though it’s a high burn training with lots of movements we don’t have to worry about our joints because the jum­pingboard’s elastic surface mitigates the force effects. It’s a very simple training form, we only need a comfortable training wear, towel and of course a jumping-board. The World Jumping Pécs’s team provides the latter and expert trainers as well. The joyful exhaustion is guaranteed. Their slogan is ‘Jump to us!’ Web: Opening hours Monday: 18:15-19:15 Tuesday: 9:00-10:30; 18:45-19:45 Wednesday: 18:15-19:15; 19:30-20:30 Thursday: 9:00-10:30; 18:45-19:45 Friday: 18:15-19:15 Saturday: 11:00-12:00

Web: Telephone: (70) 311 1190 Opening hours Monday-Friday: 9:00-17:00

2. Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Str.

56. Petőfi Sándor Str.

9/a Batthyány str. (Fordan Dance Centre) 5

COFFEE TIME In the last few years some kind of a silent coffee revolution has happened in Pécs. In these days the city is filled with exciting new cafés which offer different kinds of exciting treats for the real coffee lovers. Grab a cup!

Café Paulus

The ambience of the nearly two decades old Café Paulus changes greatly between the different parts of a day. In the mornings the Paulus is a quiet cafe with delicious breakfasts and coffee specialties, but come the midday and the place transforms to a crowded self-serving diner. And the evenings bring yet an­other aspect: a nice pub with friendly faces and friendly conversations. At the time of its founding the Paulus filled a great void as it was the first modern and quality café near the Faculties of Art and Science and the Medical School. Its owners were university students as well, so they knew perfectly their fellow students’ needs. The popularity of Paulus lasts even today; it is still a favourite place among students, who can get here almost anything that keeps them going between two lectures or exams. The Café grew during the years and beside the spacious interior it can boast a great terrace, an ideal place for a coffee (or a beer) in the fresh air. Visiting Café Paulus with a good book, a laptop or with friends: it is a part of being a student in Pécs. 4. Ifjúság Road | Phone: (72) 503 636 Opening hours Monday-Friday: 9:00-24:00 Saturday: 11:00-24:00 6

Made in Pécs Café

If you would like to discover every corner of Pécs and know of all the greatest events in the city, you need to visit the Made in Pécs Café; on one hand because of the chilly weather and on the other hand because of the atmosphere of the café. There is no other place that has this many framed pictures hanging on the walls as this one. Practically all the walls are covered with photos of memorable parties and events of the city. If you recognize familiar faces behind the frames, you can proudly call yourself an honorary resident of Pécs. The Made in Pécs Café offers refreshing caffeinated drinks and classical coffees during the day, as well as great wines and beer specialties during the night. Even if you are craving a simple black in the city, visit the place just to be able to experience the wonderful service. Furthermore we recommend the café for larger groups as well, as it has expanded in recent times and now serves its guests in a bigger space than before. And although the size has changed, the practices are the same; the Made in Pécs is still the host of parties regularly, inviting popular DJs of the city. It is always a good time to visit; somebody is always here to cheer you with a smile, music and of course, delicious drinks. Do not forget to check the photos to find familiar faces! 1. Kazinczy Street Opening hours Tuesday-Thursday 09:00-01:00 Friday-Saturday 09:00-03:00 Monday-Sunday: 16:00-01:00



THE BEAR LEEK GUIDE The benevolent harbinger of spring, the bear leek is not only the brown bear’s favourite snack, but a real darling of the connoisseurs’ as well. This great leek variety is five times more effective than the garlic, and as weird as it may sound, this is a very good thing.

But let’s see first what else waits for us in the markets during March! We should not forget about the fundamental spice of the Italian cuisine, the basil, the great beloved of the Hungarians, the fresh radish, or the 8

carrot, the base ingredient of the fabled Hungarian king, King Mathias’ alleged favourite dish, the meat broth. It’s the golden age of the bear leek, and we can find this marvellous plant in almost everywhere: jams, cakes, pastas, soups, etc. It can complement many dishes, and beside its extraordinary taste and healthiness, its bright green colour the perfect symbol of the spring. Its unique aroma is unmistakable, so it’s fair to say, that the bear leek is a real character. Fortunately for us, we can easily procure our bear leek fix in its season, during March and April. The

most convenient way for it to visit one of the markets of Pécs, where we can buy the required amount in guaranteed quality. And it’s also the safest way, because there are some risks involved in the bear leek hunt: it can be mistaken with the highly poisonous lily of the valley or with the autumn crocus. Also the bear leek is a protected plant it can be harvested only under strict guidelines. But if you do want to collect the bear leek in the nature, we’ve got some great and useful tips for you at page 14-15. After we acquired the bear leek and every other necessary ingredient from the markets, it’s kitchen time! Bear leek flavoured cake, cream cheese soup with bear leek, or a delicious bear leek pesto – check out our recipes in page 14-15! Ready your market-basket, because the bear leek season isn’t a long one and we couldn’t possibly get enough bear leek during these short weeks. But there is also good news: we can store our treasured bear leek hoard in the fridge! Diana square market Diana square Monday-Friday 6:00-18:00 Saturday: 6:00-14:00 Sunday: 6:00-12:00 Farmer’s market Vasarely square Every Saturday 7:00-12:00 Uránváros market 1. Hajnóczy Str. Monday-Friday 5:00-17:00 Saturday: 5:00-14:00 Sunday: 6:00-12:00 Market hall 25. Bajcsy-Zsilinyszky Str. Monday-Friday: 5:00-17:00 Saturday: 5:00-14:00 Fair-ground Megyeri Str. Monday-Friday: 8:00-16:00 Saturday: 7:00-15:00



FROM PÉCS TO NEW YORK Sometimes you start walking on a path and you only realize it’s not the right one after you have taken the first steps. But those who are brave enough to make firm decisions will most likely find their way. Hanna Cserkúthy from Pécs is one of those people who had the courage to make a change. The result: magical self-designed clothes. Fashion is a different world: catwalks, models, extravagant fashion items and artistic creation. For those who get into the craze of fashion, only the sky is the limit. Hanna Cserkúthy is very well aware of this, as she experiences this sphere first hand. ‘I have always been open to fashion because of my family. Everybody is very creative, my mother, aunt and grandfather as well. I loved drawing as a child and I also loved rummaging through my grandmother’s closet, as there were great pieces of clothes. But I didn’t know I will become a fashion designer. To be honest I had never even thought about it, I just went with the flow.’ It was a long journey for Hanna from the first pattern, but she quickly made up for the delay. ‘I’ve always been the odd one out among my classmates, I never really found my place and when after graduation I had to face the question where to continue my studies, I decided to choose the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. I started my German 10

studies but soon I realized it was not the right thing for me. Luckily an idea occurred to me. I switched and started to study to become a stylist, where I could try my hands at fashion and style design. At this point I decided that I don’t want to work with completed pieces but with their design. This is how a little girl turned out to be a fashion designer, although it took me a little long. I had to practice a lot and I still do. In the beginning of my career I was offered help from a rural fashion designer, I learned a lot from her about the craft, she taught me about the little details that are essential in the area of design and creation. Later I’ve worked with other designers, but as we slowly lost contact, I started to understand that I have to walk my own way. I knew that I either give it all I’ve got or not, but then I can say goodbye to my goals. I made my decision to take a brave step, which wasn’t easy at all, but in the end it worked out.’ It certainly did work out, as even the famous Vogue magazine recognized Hanna’s clothes. ‘I remember very clearly, I suddenly got an email from Vogue, they wanted to show some of my designs in the magazine. From this point things started to happen. I got a commission from one of the most popular Hungarian talent shows, they asked me to design the host’s outfit, which has

happened, moreover I created it myself. Suddenly everything started to work out. Later my clothes were shown in Malaysia. It was an inte­ resting experience when one of the models who wore my piece sent me a picture of them with the prince of Cambodia, wearing my creation. And as my pieces started to be worn more, more and more foreign luxury chain stores started to show inte­ rest in my work. The other day I was in Rome with my clothes at a fashion show which was part of a large event.’ However for Hanna the Vogue and the professional recognition are just one of the first steps. ‘I am happy, but I know I still have room to grow.’ And for growing and evolving you need an open mind, to be able to find inspiration. ‘Pécs is a very inspiring city, it was great growing up here, it’s good to be connected here and I always love to come back after my travels. But no matter how much I love Pécs, I cannot neglect the tra­ vels abroad, as they are always good experiences. For this reason currently I started to orientate towards New York.’ And as many others do, Hanna faces unexpected challen­ ges on her journeys. Her positive approach is always helping her in these situations. ‘Of course I have many extreme, sometimes negative experiences, but special events like photoshoots always make up for them. Photoshoots are probably the most enjoyable part of the work. Every occasion is very special to me, but I also have a favourite memory related to taking photos of my clothes, the one occasion in Rome. I love the movie Roman Holiday and I got inspiration from it. Being able to photoshoot at the Spanish Steps was one of my dreams, and it came true. Although we had to start at six in the morning in the chilly air, I was very happy with the result.’ Leaving the undisclosed secrets of fashion behind, we had to ask Hanna whether she wears her own clothes. ‘I only created one piece for myself and I wear it rarely, very rarely.’ Her childhood and current city Hanna is attached to Pécs by many strings, from her earliest childhood memories to today.

Pécsi kávé

Promenade (Sétatér)

When I walk here, it’s like entering a different world. It always shows a different face. I love to come here. It’s special and very much like Pécs. I love it.


Because if coffee, it can only be this place. It has an ambiance, the coffee is great and it has a very special atmosphere. It’s very calm and peaceful for me.

Király-Kazincy Street corner statue/fountain I have plenty of memories of this place and I love to come here to this day. It is also very special and unique.

Havihegy and the church

The favourite fountain of my childhood. I don’t know why this one is the favourite, but I have loved it since I was a child. We used to walk here often with my mother and grandmother, and maybe this is the reason why I love it so much to this day. It brings back lovely memories.’

To me Havihegy belongs to the sce­ nery of the city. I am inexplicably att­ racted to this place and to the view that unfolds before my eyes looking down from there. 11



The easiest way to get dinner is to order it. However if you are from abroad, it is not easy to find your way among the Hungarian sites. But don’t worry: we survey the options and also give you a little review about the restaurants. Let’s start with some pizza!

Don Pepe


The Don Pepe gives us the perfect platform for selec­ ting our dinner. It takes just one click to the UK banner to enter the English section, where we can choose from many types of food, not only pizzas. They not only look delicious, but taste delicious as well and thanks to the surprisingly fast home delivery; the ordered food may burn our hands if we are not careful. Beside the classic pizzas the Don Pepe also offers “pizza boats”. This cousin of pizza resembles a classic pie, but it’s made from pizza dough and has a salty topping sprinkled with cheese. We can order our pizza either with thin or thick crust and there is also a low carb crust option. You can order whatever you desire, but if the great selection bewilders you like us, let the pizzeria choose for you: their pizza of the month is always a great choice and it is also cheaper.

A pizzeria with a name like this must have an English section and the Pizzaboy doesn’t let us down. Though the pizzeria doesn’t offer many and extreme pizza varieties, in our book it’s a plus: we can find our heart’s desire in a relatively short time. And when we talk about the sizes of the pizza, the Pizzaboy is unbeatable. We can order our pizza in five different sizes: the smallest (16 cm) one is great if we are on a diet or eat the pizza as dessert and with the largest one (60 cm) we can feed a whole party. Of course there are some peculiar pizzas among the more regular ones. Our favourite is the one with pork knuckles and hot paprika topping. As this dish demonstrates, the Pizzaboy‘s thick crusted pizzas with their rich toppings are rather manly, but the ladies also can enjoy a great portion of warm food, especially after a long and hard day.

Delivery time Monday-Sunday: 10:00- 22:00

Delivery time Monday-Sunday: 10:30–22:30

Telephone: (72) 411 111 Website:

Telephone: (72) 435 262 Website:


Hungarians call this plant bear leek after its official Latin name (Allium ursinum), but is has many other descriptive names, such as ramsons, wild garlic, wood garlic, etc. According to the zoologists, the bears really dig the plant, both in meta­ phorical and literal sense: their favourite spring snack is the bear leek, which they dig up from the ground. In the last several centuries the bears had moved away from the Mecsek, but they left the bear leek here, so during these days instead of bears, humans hunt the delicious plant.



LET’S GO TO A BEAR (LEEK) HUNT! A strange phenomenon can be observed in the forests around Pécs in March when thousands of locals occupy the hillsides in the search of a vibrant green plant. Their treasured prize, the “bear leek” seems like a weed at the first glance, but in fact it’s a plant with wonderful qualities. And in these days there are no bears in the Mecsek – except for the Zoo – so the bear leek hunt is perfectly safe and fun! 14

And they have very good reasons. The bear leek has many great culinary and medical qualities, it could be a great asset in any food that uses onion or garlic, and it is also very healthy: it helps our digestion, lowers our blood pressure, and has a blood and kidney clearing effect. And it is also free: everyone can harvest a maximum of 2 kilograms in the unprotected areas of the Mecsek. There is also a distinct ritual aspect of the bear leek hunt, as this plant is one of the first harbingers of spring; it’s a great feeling to wander the woods after the long months of confinement, smell the wonderful garlic aroma of the bear leek filled valleys and watch the reborn of nature. We only have to observe a few simple rules, so let’s see those!

Where and how? We hardly have to leave the city for a little bear leek hunt, thanks to Pécs’s proximity to the forests of the Mecsek. The nearest bear leek habitat is literally a few meters away from the north-western edge of the city in the Éger-valley, which can be reached via the Magyarürögi and Fülemüle Roads. It’s an ideal place for hikers and not only in the bear leek season: there is a serene lake in the valley, a spectacular lookout spot a few hundred metres away and if we get hungry or thirsty during the hunt, a friendly restaurant, the Teca mama kisvendéglője (Grandma Teca’s Inn) can be found nearby. Our next best option is a little far­ ther from Pécs, but only a little: one of Hungary’s greatest holiday towns, Orfű is less than a half hour drive from Pécs, and there are regular bus services between the two settle­ ments. It is no exaggeration that Orfű is the capitol of the bear leek: the town’s multi day long bear leek festivals are very popular events (sadly we have to wait a little as the festival’s customary date is the first half of April) and there are several great bear leek habitats around the town. Our best bet is the one near the Pécsi-lake in the neighbourhood of the Dollár Road. During the harvest we have to be careful not to tear the whole plant from the ground. Fortunately there is an easy method for that: we should pick only one or two leaves of the

plant. We must also be very careful not to trample the other protected plants. And if the bear leek hunt seems too much bother for us – or we simply haven’t got the time or the means for it – don’t despair: we can buy the bear leek at the city markets for 100-300 HUF/bunch. There are also certain risks, but if we are careful there is nothing to worry about. The leaf of bear leek is very similar to the leaf of lily of the valley which is highly poisonous. Fortunately there are also easily recogni­zable differences. First of all bear leek grows earlier than lily of the valley, so we are perfectly safe in the first weeks of the season. And during flowering it is easy to spot the bell like flowers and sweet fragrance

of lily of the valley. The leaves of the bear leek plant are 2-4 cm wide, they are long and arched, while the lily of valley’s are 5 cm wide and shorter. However, the most distinctive difference is the aroma! The bear leek has a characteristic aroma very similar to garlic and if you can smell it when you rub the leaves then you are on the right track. How to use it? The bear leek is nearly a universal food ingredient. The simplest way is to add to sandwiches, either whole leaves like lettuce, or in pieces as seasoning. Some people use it in scrambled eggs, but it can be a great flavouring for soups as well. The bear leek cake is a very popular dish, but you can simply prepare it as salad as well. The herb can be preserved in pieces by freezing or you can dry it. The bear leek pesto is a wonderful additive to pastas, and it’s very simple to prepare. Let’s see! Chop a nice bunch of bear leek, and add some grated parmesan according to your taste. Add salt and pepper, nuts or pine seed, and mix it in a blender. As a final step, pour some extra virgin olive oil to the mixture, and you are done! And even if you are not a kitchen expert, not everything is lost: many restaurants offer bear leek flavoured dishes during the spring, give them a chance! 15



THE YEAR’S BEST AND GREATEST PARTY IS COMING! It’s spring, which means that the long wait is over; the city’s – or maybe the country’s – best multicultural party, the International Evening is finally coming on the 10th of March! The International Evening is a testament of the University of Pécs’s successful internationalisation and also more than that: it shows that we have a real need to meet with different cultures and people. And all of it is for the good cause.


The International Evening is a classic success story. It started as a small scale event almost a quarter century ago in 1993 with a few dozen medical students from several countries, and now there are thousands of participants (more than 3 thousand exactly) from more than a 60 countries. And the International Evening has real international appeal, tells us Anikó Berta, the organizer English-German Student Council’s (EGSC) head of office: many ex-students visit Pécs with their families in order to enjoy the International Evening once more. Also the present students’ families and friends usual­ ly time their visit for the International Evening and not only for the party’s sake: they play an important role in the program.

children from suffering hypothermia during a longer operation. The Oph­ thalmology and Dental clinics also received valuable instruments and the Knowledge Centre got a potentially lifesaving defibrillator from the income of the previous International Evening. A sixth year medical student, Márton Sziráki also taught the device’s proper usage to the centre’s workers’ - details Anikó Berta the student council’s charity activity. The students’ social awareness also includes the support of civil organizations. The Charity Woman Society of Pécs’s program, called ‘I don’t have lunch’ received 1 million HUF

from the EGSC last year – the society provides lunch for the children in need. Many students also participate in the charity work of the Faág Baráti Kör (Branch Fellowship): they hold courses for children in need and study and eat with them together. Thanks to the International Evening we will not only meet with new cultures and will have a great time, but we will also help others. It would be a shame to miss it and the organizers hope that in this year even more people gain insight to the Medical School’s intercultural vibe than before. Mark down the date in your calendar: 10 March, Expo Centre!

Which is as you must have already known, is the presentation of each participating country’s culinary culture and also good spirited performances on the main stage (that’s right, in recent years the Inter­ national Evening has become a multi staged affair with many exciting music acts). You can taste almost the entire world during the Inter­ national Evening, but we advise a little moderation: the foods and drinks of more than 60 countries could be overwhelming in a few hours’ time. But if you get a little sick after the 10th great dish, don’t despair: it’s worth it. After all the culinary and cultural experiences are serving a greater cause in the case of the International Evening. The organizer EGSC uses the income from the ticket sales for charity; they support the clinics of the University of Pécs and many civil organizations. ‘The International Evening’s main beneficiaries are the students of the Medical School and Faculty of Pharmacy and also the clinics’ patients. In the last years the Department of Anatomy has received hand painted anatomic models with the worth of more than 1 million HUF, and the Faculty of Pharmacy received new lab devices. The students also donated a patient warming device to the Paediatrics Clinic, which prevents small 17

TOP 5 PARTY The city of parties The spring is upon us, and this also means that university parties are back in full swing. If you have a university in your town, you’ll know, that it means you can party all week long. Fortunately the exam period is only a distant nightmare in March, so grab the chance and dance with us!



If it’s Monday then it’s Szenes


Law and order(less) Tuesday

Pécs’s oldest university club waits for the students of the Faculties of Arts and Science every (second) Monday. It’s no idle boast that the former coal cellar is a national treasure: seve­ral of Hungary’s best alt-rock bands started their careers from here; therefore Szenes is bust­ ling with creative energy.

The Monday night parties here are also legendary with diverse styles and guests. Countless generations of students can attest the awesomeness of these parties and every (second) Monday brings something new. And beside the parties the now traditional Spring Festival is also coming up in the newest addition of the club, the Szenes terrace, where the organizers wait for us with enticing cocktails. Whatever is our faculty, we are always welcomed here, as “every road leads to Szenes”.

Probably many of us know the Trafik, a cozy bar in the middle of Downtown. The Trafik is a great place every time, but there is a night here which is especially suited for the university students. On Tuesday nights the law students throw away their law books, and instead of the proper procedures they make a great party with the help of great DJ-s.

And if the Tuesday night turns out too good and becomes a Wednesday morning, there’s no problem: the law students know perfectly well how to talk ourselves out from trouble in front of our teachers. This party must not be vetoed! Every second Monday 22:00 2. Pacsirta Str. 18

Every second Tuesday 22:00 22. Perczel Str.


Economic Wednesday


Operation Thursday Night

Every Wednesday 22:00 46. Rákóczi Str.

Every night is engineers’ night

The Pollack B-Club has almost as long and revered history like the Szenes and it’s another mandatory university party place. Everything is possible here, like the legendary party after the secret dormitory pig slaughter; yep, it’s a true story.

There is an old saying in the Faculty of Economics: every Wednesday brings a new story. The middle of the week is a critical period: our week starting momentum is long gone and the weekend seems impossibly away. Fortunately for us the economics students found the perfect cure for the midweek blues: throw a great party!

They gather every Wednesday night in the Pécsi Est to collect energy for the second half of the week and of course students from other faculties are more than welcome. After the graduation we probably won’t have a chance for a midweek party, so use this opportunity! Believe us: it is worth to risk the Thursday morning classes for this party.


The med students have notoriously difficult and busy schedule, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have dedicated party nights. Thursday is their night, after all, the week is almost over, and they deserve a little time out. The Pécsi Est is the perfect place for it, and med students have a detailed method for party as it befits the future medical doctors. They know the importance of preparation: they wash… er…warm up in the pub called Vödör with medically app­ roved drinks and then everything is set for a good operation with kickass cocktails and DJ-s.

The Monday nights are especially strong here, but we can come here every weekday except Friday, as here every night is party night. The Club has several resident DJ-s and a unique drink offer: we receive a lottery ticket after every shot.

Don’t worry: the patients’ survival is guaranteed in this case.

The B-Club is highly advised for every student, not just the architects, engineers and IT specialists.

Every Thursday 22:00 46. Rákóczi Str.

Monday-Thursday: 16:30-24:00 Sunday: 20-24:00 2. Boszorkány Str. 19



Punanny TavaCity Túr’18


Farmers’ Market

First-hand products!


Every year from March until December on Saturdays a lovely market is operating at the very end of Király Street. Here farmers offer their first class supply for customers; fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits, pickles, cheese, honey and jams… Choose quality and be a frequenter as you can buy local products, you can keep contact with the farmers asking for advices and details about certain products. Feel the spirit of the place and relax by shopping natural pro­ ducts! Sellers are regulars on the spot; they are very friendly and helpful. So if you are confused about what to cook and how to do it they will definitely help. Eating healthy food results a healthy life!


Have you survived the year until now? Did you complete your exams? Here is an excellent opportunity to forget the grey, hazy winter days! Let us wait for spring together with a Punnany live in concert in the beginning of March. The aim of the group is a concert tour at spring to pep up everybody from winter stagnancy. So take part in and start the season active! Ticket offices: In Made in Pécs Café (1 Kazinczy Street) and in PartyZoo Ticket Office (26 Ferencesek Street) Online ticket purchase



Opening hours: Saturday: 07:00-12:00

3 March 2018, 18:00-23:00 46 Rákóczi Road Pécsi Est Café

Vasarely Square (old Búza Square)


Mystical Power of the Shaolin Monks

Mysterious moves


World Water Day

Special programs in Pécs Zoo

Shaolin is a mythical monk city si­ tuated at the foot of the holy Mount Song in China; the city has been a physical and spiritual center of China for hundreds of years. Shaolin Temple is considered as one of its greatest monuments; it is a perfect place to train in the knowledge of Kung-Fu here. The title of the present show is ‘A mi to fo is’ which presents 19 of the best masters and shamis (students) showing their wonderful talent and abilities beyond physical limits. Du­ ring the incredible live show visitors can learn more about the story of the monastery as well. Shaolin monks performed more than 6000 shows on 5 continents over 23 years, watched by more than 5 million people.

The greatest hits from the 50s until 90s ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ show was named after the famous song of Bob Dylan - not by chance! It’s a journey along the milestones of rock music from Dylan through Janis Joplin, Jimmi Hendrix and the Beatles until Lenny Kravitz. The genuine party feeling is provi­ ded by Chris Mattheisen and the Bonus Track Band, backed by famous names like, Eszter Ónodi, Dorka Gryllus, Kátya Tompos, Kornél Simon and Szabolcs Thuróczy. Their repertoire is an essential selection of Rock ’n’ Roll, Funk, Rhythm and Blues and West Coast hits from the 60s until today.

The World Water Day has been celeb­ rated on the 22nd of March worldwide since 1993. The date was set by the initiation of an international environmental conference held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The goal of the program is to draw the attention to sustainability of fresh water and to the importance and protection of Earth’s water supply. Although, two thirds of our planet’s surface is covered with water, the directly useable fresh water is only 1%! Interesting programs are going to be organized for this occasion between 19-25 March by Pécs Zoo and Tettye Forrásház. The date of the final programs will be at the weekend on 24-25 March. Ticket prices 7900HUF, 6900 HUF, 5900HUF

For more details please follow the link:

Tickets can be purchased at Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, Pécs Point at Széchenyi Square and Kodály Centre

Telephone: 00 36 72 312 788

20 March 2018, 19:00 Kodály Centre 4 Breuer Marcell Promenade


Like A Rolling Stone

E-mail: 19-25 March 2018 Ángyán János Street

Tickets are available either online or at: Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, House of Arts and Literature, Cella Septichora Visitors Centre, Pécs Point at Széchenyi Square, Kodály Centre ticket office Age limits: Not recommended for children under the age of six, and with parental attendance for children under fourteen. Tickets First class: 3990 HUF Second class: 3490 HUF Third class: 2990 HUF 13 March 2018, 19:00 Kodály Centre 4 Breuer Marcell Promenade 23



We can taste almost the entire world in Pécs. The city has a great selection of authentic Hungarian restaurants and more and more exciting international joints pop up everywhere. We offer you two tempting places in each of our issues: one for the home team, one for the guests!

Hrabal pub and restaurant

Of course you know about Bohumil Hrabal the great Czech writer and you have probably read some of his books. But Hrabal was also famous for another thing, his passion for the worldwide loved Czech beers. It is no wonder then that a pub and restaurant named after Hrabal offers us good beers, but the Hrabal which can be found near Széchenyi Square can give us more: a slice of the famous Czech beer culture. The writer’s namesake serves authentic Czech beers and Czech foods in the home country of quality wines and pálinkas and when we enter the place it feels that we travelled hundreds of kilometres from Pécs to Prague or Brno in a blink of an eye. The cavernous underground interior is ideally suited for friendly conversations with a lot of beer or for heated exchanges about beer philosophy, a favourite pastime for the real beer lovers. The Hrabal also has a terrace, which is an ideal place for a delicious and filling lunch in the sunshine or for a nightly beer drinking during the warmer months. A Mediterranean terrace with fabulous Czech beers: the best from both worlds! 2. Irgalmasok Str. | Phone: (20) 222 2431 Opening hours Monday-Thursday: 11:00-24:00 Friday-Saturday: 11:00-01:00 Sunday: 11:00-24:00 24

Apollo restaurant

It is a fact that Hungarian people love to eat. It is also a known fact that Hungarian people sometime eat until they are sick. We simply cannot resist the delicious meats, the heavenly – and usually very rich – soups, or a well prepared stew. And the Hungarian hospitality is also a well-known fact: we like to share our food. The Apollo restaurant which can be found in the neighbourhood of the Medical School and the Faculties of Art and Science gives us a taste from the everyday Hungarian fare: real goulash, traditional meat dishes, or a tasty “túrós csusza”, which is so Hungarian that there isn’t an exact translation; imagine a pasta with quark, crispy bacon, topped with sour cream and you can get a picture. The Apollo also lives up to another mandatory requirement of Hungarian restaurants: its portions are big and filling. And while the aproned, white shirted waiters bring our food we can watch exciting sport games on the huge screen TV-s; after all the sport viewing and commenting is also a well-known passion of the Hungarians. 5. Őz Str. | Phone: (72) 215 170 Opening hours Monday-Sunday: 11:00-24:00



Cake&Coffee Speciality Bistro

Brilliant in every way




The new coffee shop which opened last year in Király Street serves exciting coffee specialities. One can choose from the excellent coffees from all around the world. In the menu beside common offers one finds specialities such as cortado, marocchino, amarena marocchino, affogato, and cold brews as well. Do not forget the coffee&spirit offers of the place. Are you a tea lover? Here are some examples: Vietnamese green tea with a strong astringent infusion; fragrant Chinese tea based on a traditional Chinese recipe which results in an almost peach scent; Indian black tea and Asian lemongrass, etc. Try the cocktail specialities of the place or ask for your own! Are you hungry? Check the menu with classic food and culinary peculiarities. According to an opinion on Tripadvisor: Cake&Coffee Speciality Bistro is brilliant in every way!


The Castle of Szigetvár/ Hungarian-Turkish Friendship Park

Living history

35 km west of Pécs there is a lovely small town called Szigetvár; its main attraction is the castle. Though it was built in the 15th century it became famous for its role in time of the Turkish occupation. In 1566 Suleiman the Magnificent launched his last campaign against Vienna but his line of advance was blocked by the Castle of Szigetvár, The Croatian born captain of the castle Nikola Šubić Zrinski (Miklós Zrínyi in Hungarian) had managed to hold the castle with his 2.500 men against nearly 80.000 Turkish soldiers for more than a month. During the siege both commanders had lost their lives. Suleiman died in his tent from an illness, while Zrinski died heroically, leading his men on a final sally against the overwhelming Ottoman forces. Guests of the castle can visit the Mosque of Sultan Suleiman, and the recently developed museum exhibitions. ’Living castle’ is the main idea of the development – when visitors enter the gate they immediately feel the influence of the concept and the atmosphere of history. Besides visiting the castle do not forget to look up the Hungarian-Turkish Friendship Park nearly 4 km from the town; it was established on the 500th anniversary of Suleiman’s birthday.

Opening hours Monday-Thursday: 08:00-22:00 Friday-Saturday: 08:00-24:00 Sunday: 08:00-20:00

Opening hours Tuesday-Sunday: 09:00-16:00

Telephone: 00 36 70 316 0046


36 Király Street

3 Zrínyi Square Szigetvár 7900

Telephone: 00 36 73 311 802


The Mansion House of Püspökszentlászló

The perfect getaway The village of Püspökszentlászló offers interesting leisure facility. The distance between Pécs and the village is 20 km. The main attraction of the place is the Mansion House which was built in Baroque style as a summer residency by the bishop of Pécs in the 18th century. There is a small chapel near the mansion from the same period. In the 19th century the then bishop renova­ ted the building and established an arboretum around it. The world famous Angster organ of the church is still functioning today. The mansion was completely renovated a couple of years ago. There is a small village near the castle called Hosszúhetény with pretty accommodations and restaurants. The castle can be visited after prior registration.

Telephone 00 36 72 513 057, 00 36 30 373 8900 Web E-mail Püspökszentlászló


Eco Park Bükkösd

Close to nature


Room Bistro

Place of food and art The bistro in Zsolnay Cultural Quarter is a unique restaurant combined with artistic features; it is not only a bistro but offers a contemporary art experience for all guests as the place functions as a showroom as well. The permanent exhibitions show the masterpieces of students from the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts. The main conception of the place is to serve students, tourist groups and individual visitors who need quick, comfortable and quality food. Being a tourist admiring Zsolnay Cultural Quarter or a student studying in Pécs Room Bistro is a perfect choice to have a meal and take a break there.

In Eco Park there are a group of firms and organizations working together to improve their environmental and economic performance. The Eco Park of Bükkösd is a separated area where flora and fauna can flourish, visitors can go to relax, enjoy and learn more about domestic- and wild animals, their natural habitat. Among the park’s wide range of services there are 5 guesthouses, premium quality restaurants, an indoors riding hall and an open barn. Come and enjoy the nature-close lifestyle, stay for one day, for a weekend or even more! Try horseback riding, go on an excursion by horse-drawn carriage or go for a hunt to lurking places. The park waits for its private visitors and groups as well. Accommodation is possible in guesthouses and even in yurts! Opening hours Tuesday-Sunday: 08:00-16:00

Opening hours Monday-Friday: 09:00-16:00 Saturday: 10:00-15:00 Daily menu: 11:30-15:00 Telephone 00 36 20 777 7678 or 00 36 20 555 5592 (for groups)

Telephone: 00 36 73 578 501

Payment is possible only in HUF or by credit card (Maestro Card, Master Card, Visa)






16 Zsolnay Vilmos Street 27



THERE IS NO CIVILIZATION WITHOUT FERMENTATION Lent has arrived, but that doesn’t mean that a real beer friend has to give up her/his favourite drink. The Guide’s beer expert, Gergely Kresák shows us how we can fulfill the Lent’s requirements with the help of beer. The first Lent Fast Beer was brewed in the middle of the 14th century in a place called Einbeck in Lower-Saxony. Their beer had a lasting effect, even Luther mentioned it a few centuries later: ‘The best beer known to man is Einbecker Bier’. This beer, called Aipöchische Bier was brewed in a monastery by the monks of Einbeck and since they lived in a Hansa city they could sell their beer to many places, including the nearby Ba28

varia. After some centuries another monk order, the order of St. Francis of Paola was settled in a monastery in Neudeck ob der Au, a town near Muenchen. These monks take Lent very seriously and they wanted to purify their body and spirit as comp­ letely as it possible. The busy monks realised that the best tool for deepening their retreat is the liquid bread as the solid foodfree diet purifies the body and beer enlightens the spirit. They brewed their beer and sent it for Pope Urban VIII. in order to get a license. The beer naturally was spoiled during the long road but it made it to Rome. After the Holy Father tasted it, he sent word back that ‘this nasty brew was perfect to cleanse the monks from all sins, and they should drink as much as possible.’ The monks were very happy with the permission and the Paulaner Salvator was born, a beer so good that it has been in production ever since. This is the brief origin story of the German doppelbock, the original Lent Fast Beer. Although the style of the beers have changed a little since then, every doppelbock’s name ends with -ator. Alright, there are not only names like Salvator and Illuminator, but also Terminator, Devastator, Perkulator and Emancipator – where else than in the USA? But let’s get back to the pious monks! Their lent diet was quite simple: beer and water. For 46 days. But do not think that this type of fast has gone completely out of style. We have to pay our respects for an American gentleman, J. Wilson, the author of beer blog, who is according to his own words ‘an award-winning homebrewer, BJCP Certified beer judge and pretty good dad.’ This multitalented gentleman made this diet all through the 46 day in 2011 with his self-brewed doppelbock. He states that he lost 12 kilograms, but had a lot new experi­ences and took a dislike for the media. We can check his high-esteemed words at the diaryofaparttimemonk. blog, and the real hardcore beer friends feel welcome to follow the example.

Juicy Lucy Bagel Burgers • BBQ • Freakshakes


+36 30 50 34 925

7621 Pécs, Nagy Flórián utca 11. •








Braindogs Tom Waits tribute band

International Evening Expo Centre

Zsolnay Quarter E78

Music Party Exhibition University




Cosmotropica 12’’

22:00 Launch Tour Nappali


Sikztah, SanFranciscoBeat w/ Daniel Meister




Club Amper


Garage Sale

20:00 Csinos


Metronome Jazz Club: Czirják Csaba Trio Zsolnay Quarter E78



Like a Rolling Stone Kodály Centre 30






17:00 (Opening)


Tenkes Dancehall

French Exhibition


Zsolnay Quarter E78


BreweryNightTales: White Rabbit Brewery Bazár






23:00 4 Years of BETWIXT w/

fwdslxsh (UK), Babé Sila Made in Pécs Café

Spice Girls vs Backstreet Boys


Pécsi Est



The Southern Oracle/

19:00 Stubborn / Longbong /

Wishes Pécsi Est

Mystical Power of the Shaolin Monks Kodály Centre




Korean Movie Club: Vanishing Time House of Civil Societies




Kim Ann Foxman (USA) Club Amper


Fast, inexpensive, safe w w w. v o l a n t a x i . h u

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Pécs Point - Tourist Information Office



Taxi +36 (72) 333 333 +36 (72) 222 222 +36 (30) 9 333 333

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Traffic Information +36 (1) 336 2400

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Money exchange service +36 (70) 3830 696

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