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9th Dec, 2011

Issue No: 6



9th Dec, 2011

Issue No: 6

Palestinian Weekly Report is a periodical insight into the latest developments of the Palestinian Issue. It’s issued by The Palestinian Cultural Organization Malaysia and it focuses on the most important news and analysis about the happenings of the Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation in the Holy Lands of Palestine. The views expressed in this report do not necessarily reflect PCOM's editorial policy. poli


News Tour: Two Palestinians killed in Israeli raid rai .............................…….......... .............................. 3 Grand Mufti of Jerusalem warns of threat from construction of synagogue under AlBuraq Wall ……………………......………………………………… ……………………... ……………….. 3 IOA razes Palestinian home in Beit Hanina ...……………………… ……………….. 4 Hamas, Fatah officials renew commitment to reconciliation ...……… …………..……….. 5 OIC condemns Israeli decision to expel MP from Jerusalem ……… …….....……….. 6 Archaeologist rebuts Jewish claims about their alleged temple templ …… ……….……….. 6 Israeli military court, for first time, admits use use of torture against prisoner prisone ……….. 7

Caricature: Judaization of Al-Qudds……………………………………....…………………... …………………...... 8


9th Dec, 2011

Issue No: 6

News Tour

Two Palestinians killed in Israeli raid sources told the PIC reporter that the Israeli warplanes fired one missile at the car while in a main street in Gaza city, adding that the bodies were disfigured in the blast. The reporter pointed out that Israeli warplanes were still hovering over the coastal enclave spreading fears of further air strikes. 08/12/2011

Media sources said that one of the martyrs was affiliated with the Hamas armed wing while the other was affiliated with the Fatah armed wing.

Two Palestinian operatives were killed in downtown Gaza city on Thursday in an Israeli aerial raid while two citizens were wounded, medical sources said. The

Source: PIC

Grand Mufti of Jerusalem warns of threat from construction of synagogue under Al-Buraq Wall boundary of the Noble Sanctuary of AlAqsa. In a statement issued on Thursday, December 1, Sheikh Mohamed Hussein said that the Israeli scheme constitutes a great danger as the excavations being carried out for the synagogue undermine the sanctity and safety of the Sanctuary of Al Aqsa. Sheikh Hussein accused the Rabbis behind the plan for a synagogue for Jewish women under the Buraq area of being complicit in the "comprehensive Judaisation policy" of the Israeli government. Such policies, added the Grand Mufti, seek to destroy the Islamic

5/12/2011 The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine has warned of the dangerous repercussions that could result from Israel's plan to build a synagogue under the Buraq ("Wailing") Wall on the western 3

9th Dec, 2011

Issue No: 6

and Christian heritage of Jerusalem to pave the way for the establishment of the "Third Temple" on the site of Al-Aqsa.

from the very real threats it is facing from the policies of the right-wing Israeli government.

The preacher at Al Aqsa Mosque called on the international community to intervene immediately to stop Israel's aggression against Al-Aqsa and protect the mosque

Source: MEMO.

IOA razes Palestinian home in Beit Hanina and tore down the house of Majdi Salayma at the pretext of lack of construction permit. The 50-square-meter house provided shelter for Salayma, his wife, and four sons the eldest 10 years old and the youngest 5 years old. The municipality bulldozers had earlier Monday leveled a Palestinian home in Yasul in Silwan town, south of the Aqsa Mosque.

05/12/2011 Bulldozers of the Israeli municipality of occupied Jerusalem razed a Palestinian home in Beit Hanina, north of the holy city, on Monday the second in a single day. Large numbers of policemen, special forces, and border police encircled the Ashqariya neighborhood in Beit Hanina

Local sources said that the 150-squaremeter house owned by Zakaria Burqan used to shelter eight individuals. Source: PIC


9th Dec, 2011

Issue No: 6

Hamas, Fatah officials renew commitment to reconciliation The officials discussed arrangements for the Hamas-Fatah meeting in Cairo on 18 December that would be followed by a meeting for all factions, Barhoum said. For his part, Abdullah Samhadana, a Fatah leader attending the meeting, said that an agreement was made by which both parties would table names of their political detainees to a committee that would determine whether the detainee was held for political or other reasons.

05/12/2011 Hamas and Fatah officials concluded a meeting in Gaza on Sunday evening with assertion that the reconciliation process was irreversible.

Earlier on Sunday, Osama Hamdan, in charge of international relations in Hamas, told the PIC that reconciliation steps were moving in the right direction.

The PIC reporter said that the meeting progressed amidst a positive atmosphere, and that officials of both factions agreed on activating work of joint committees.

He said, however, that resolving all differences needed time, and called for popular backing to the reconciliation agreement to push it forward.

Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman, told the PIC that his movement renewed demands for ending the political detention and releasing all those detained for political affiliation in the West Bank.

Asked to comment on the reported statement of PA chief and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas that arms were forbidden in the West Bank, Hamdan said that defending the Palestinian people in the event of an Israeli aggression was not for discussion.


9th Dec, 2011

Issue No: 6

OIC condemns Israeli decision to expel MP from Jerusalem infringement of the Palestinian people."




In a media statement issued by the OIC on Wednesday, Dr Ihsanoglu also condemned the "so-called national garden project which could cut the link between ElEsaweya, Tur and Sawana Districts adjoining the north-eastern walls of AlAqsa Sanctuary." This Israeli project could end up by cutting-off the City of Jerusalem and isolating it from its Palestinian environs, he added.

08/12/2011 The Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has condemned the Israeli decision to expel Palestinian Member of Parliament Ahmed Attoun from Jerusalem. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu described the move as "a flagrant violation of international law, and the Fourth Geneva Convention, excessive disregard for the international will and an

The Secretary General also called on the UN Security Council and the Middle East Quartet to take seriously their responsibilities for stopping Israel's repeated rights violations in Jerusalem. Source: MEMO

Archaeologist rebuts Jewish claims about their alleged temple and belief of Jews about their alleged temple in occupied Jerusalem. The coins date back to 16 AD, which means they were minted 20 years after the death of Herod the Great whom the Jews allege he built the second temple, Amro added. He demonstrated his finding on Monday in a news conference held by the IslamicChristian commission for the support of Jerusalem and the popular national congress of Jerusalem in Ramallah city.

06/12/2011 Palestinian archaeologist Jamal Amro declared he made a discovery of 17 ancient coins that vindicated further the false story


9th Dec, 2011

Issue No: 6

The archaeologist told the attendees that these coins were found under Al-Buraq wall (wailing wall) which is claimed to be the western wall of the alleged Jewish temple.

and frustration because it just proved further their false claims and beliefs about the legend of the temple. All archaeological discoveries that were found before this one in the Arab city of Jerusalem and around the Aqsa Mosque date back to ancient Arab and Islamic eras especially the times of Umayyad and Abbasid reigns up to the Ottoman rule, the Palestinian archaeologist said.

He added this discovery confirmed that the building of the wall happened after Herod in the era of Roman ruler Valerius Gratus. He also stated this discovery left the Jewish archaeologists in a state of shock

Israeli military court, for first time, admits use of torture against prisoner The court acknowledged that the interrogation means used by the officers for about two months in Ashkelon jail against the prisoner were illegal. The Shin Bet filed an indictment against the prisoner involving accusations of possession of weapons, participation in an armed group and attempted murder. 06/12/2011

The lawyer hired by the ministry of prisoner's affairs in the West Bank refuted all the allegations made against the prisoner and accused the Israeli intelligence of extracting confessions from the prisoner under physical and psychological torture.

The Israeli military court of Ofer admitted that Israeli officers from the Shin Bet and the police tortured a Palestinian detainee to force him to make fake confessions to charges he had nothing to do with it. According to a report issued by the ministry of prisoners' affairs in the West Bank, this court approved the acquittal of detainee Ayman Hamida, a 37-year old young man from Izariya area in occupied Jerusalem of the accusations made against him by the Israeli prosecution.

After the Israeli court heard the testimonies of police and Shin Bet officers, many violent practices against the Palestinian prisoner were vindicated and thus it accepted the statement of the detainee about torturing him and ordered his release. 7

9th Dec, 2011

Issue No: 6

Lawyer Tareq Barghout said that prisoner Hamdia suffers from a neurological disorder and was exposed to excruciating physical torture by Israeli interrogators who also prevented him from taking his medication and threatened him to arrest his family, adding that they did kidnap one of his brothers to pressure him.

The lawyer noted that such Israeli court decision was one of its kind especially by a military court and considered an explicit recognition of the use of torture and illegal means against Palestinian prisoners to extract false confessions.


Judaization of Al-Quds

By: Dr. Alaa Mqata


Issue no 6  

Issued on: 09/12/2011

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