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Style Guide

bad, shocking or horrendous.

A style guide or style manual is a set

Tell the story and let the listener

of standards for the writing and design of documents, either for general use or for a specific publication, organization

Do not describe news as good,

decide. 

Do not frighten off your audience. One presenter began

or field. The implementation of a style

his programme by declaring that

guide provides uniformity in style and

many people thought

formatting of a document.

parliamentary reform was The style guide I have chosen to use is

boring, but he was still going to

the BBC news style guide. I have

talk about it.

chosen it as it upholds a high standard

Do try to get a strong active

that has come to be expected from the

verb in the first sentence. You

BBC. The part of the style guide I want

want to make an impact and

to focus on has been dubbed „the

keep people listening.

basics‟. This is a guide on what the

Do not start a news report with

key elements to writing are. Every

a question. The audience wants

journalist needs to know the basic

to be informed, not take part in

principles of writing the BBC do a good

a quiz.

job at showing this. 

expected. If your item was

Here are some of the key points

predictable and you have

from the BBC style guide. 

nothing new to say, why should

The key to good writing is

the listener or viewer pay

simple thoughts simply


expressed. Use short sentences and short words. Anything which is confused, complicated, poorly written or capable of being misunderstood risks losing the listener or viewer,

Do not begin a story with as

Be positive. Make assertions wherever possible, and try to avoid negatives. It is more direct to say the plan failed than The plan was not successful.

and once you have done that, you might just as well not have come to work.

These are the basic rules or principles that a writer should adhere to. They

help the journalist improve and the

Horse racing is an Equestrian sport

BBC believes these are the principles

that has a long history, with the earliest

that a journalist needs. It is how they

records of Horse racing spanning back

have retained high standards.

to ancient Babylon, Syria, the Greek

The Guardian style guide does not

Olympics of 648BC and ancient Egypt.

have a „basic skills‟ for journalist

Horse racing has also been present in

instead it focuses on outlining what the

Roman and British culture.

guardian offers readers. “The Guardian has always been a newspaper for writers, and so a newspaper for readers. All the other skills, copy editing, design, typography, illustration, photography, are there to enhance the writing and to make it more accessible, to make the paper a more desirable journal to read”.

In this sense the BBC News style guide is more informative and helpful

The sport has advanced over the years from chariot and mounted racing to using thoroughbred horses, which has made it a major industry. Horse racing is a popular spectator sport in Britain and the USA; both countries have years of racing history. Thoroughbred racing was very popular with the aristocrats and royalty of British society and earned horse racing the title of “Sport of Kings”.

to a budding journalist as it provides

There are two main types of racing in

them with good advice to help them

the USA, Endurance racing and

become a better writer.

Quarter horse racing. Unlike in Britain the U.S chooses not to use obstacles.

There are two forms of horse racing in


Great Britain; these are unobstructed tyleguide.pdf 14/10/11 styleguidepdfjuly2004.pdf 14/10/11 Horse Racing

distances races, known as flat racing, and races over fences or over hurdles, known as National Hunt racing. The main calendar year races in America are the Kentucky Derby and Breeders Cup races. The Breeders Cup is held at a different race course

each year. The main calendar year

and local taxes by the track owners.

races in Britain are the Royal Ascot

The remaining sum is divided by the

and the Grand National. Both are

number of individual wagers to

normally attended by royalty.

determine the payoff, or return on each

The key people in the racing setup are jockeys, owners and the trainers. Jockeys are essential to the horse racing setup; they are weighed in and out before every race to ensure that no

bet. Gambling on Horse racing has been considered the cornerstone of British betting industry, leading to gambling on Football, Rugby and many other sports.

foul play has occurred. If a jockey does

The sport has created many great

not weigh in the same amount then an

trainers, jockeys and horses like,

objection can be raised by the other

Ginger Mccain Frankie Detori, Sir

racing teams. The owner foots the bill

Gordon Richards Red Rum and Sea

for the horse and all the needs of the

Biscuit. These are some of the greats

horse including the trainer, blacksmith,

of the British and American sport, who

vet, transport and insurance. The

have contributed immensely in there

trainer is responsible for the training

own unique ways. Some of you may

and well being of the horse along with

remember Ginger Mccain as he is

taking care of all race entries.

commonly associated with training Red Rum to three Grand National wins.

As the sport developed so did its gambling culture, “an activity that in

Phill Inman

2008 generated a world-wide market worth around US $115 billion�. Gambling is one of the main reasons this sport has survived for so long. The ng#History 8/10/12

American betting system was

developed by a Frenchman named

g_in_Great_Britain 8/10/12

Pierre Oller, he devised a system where a fixed amount of the wager (15-25%) is used for track operating expenses, racing purses, and state guide.pdf 8/10/12

So far in qualifying England have

acing/15143326.stm 8/10/12

recorded a 6-0 win in the first game against Azerbaijan, they followed this


up with a 3-0 victory over Iceland

England U21 Vs Iceland U21 Phill Inman England U21‟s face Iceland U21‟s at Colchester‟s „Weston Homes community Stadium‟ as they look to extend there flying start to European Qualifying. This week‟s visit to the 10,000 seater stadium will be the second time England U21‟s have played here the first game helping secure a place at the 2011 European championship. A sell out crowd is expected at „Weston Homes Community Stadium‟ for tonight‟s game.

thanks to an Alex Oxlade Chamberlain goal before sealing their third win in three games with a 2-1 victory over Norway. This has set them up in good stead for Thursday‟s fixture against Iceland. Iceland meanwhile one their opening game against Belgium 2-1 but have recently hit a bad run of form as they have lost their last two qualifiers. The Icelandic team will be looking to bounce back from their poor run of form that sees them second from bottom, with a win against the young lions to kick start their qualifying campaign.

The Three Lions currently sit top of the table with maximum points after three wins out of three qualifiers and Stuart Pearce is hopeful that they can extend their lead at the top. “I feel as though we‟ll learn a lot from that game, and we‟ll need to play better as it will certainly be tougher this time. This is not a game we can take lightly but it‟s a good opportunity for us to put the other teams in the group under pressure”

There are a number of changes in the squad for Thursday‟s game with injuries again being a major problem for Pearce. Henri Lansbury and Connor Wickham have both dropped out due to injury whilst Jack Rodwell has been called up to the senior squad to face Spain at the weekend. Will Keane, Ryan Bennet and Sami Ameobi have all been drafted in as replacements. So far 36 players have featured in the U21‟s qualifying campaign as Pearce‟s selection has

constantly been interrupted. “We have

showing an impressive display for the

five or six new faces again in this

young Lions.

squad and that has happened in each get-together this season.”

England started slowly with Iceland having much of the early possession

Pearce believes the game tonight

though the first attempt on goal came

could suit Iceland more “I expect them

from England in the 15th minute, as

to sit back and try to come at us on the

Marvin Sordell forcing a routine save

counter so it will be up to us to dictate

from goalkeeper Arnar Petursson.

the game and enforce our tempo.” .England‟s young guns will be looking to get some revenge from the last time the U21 sides met, as Iceland left Preston with a 2-1 victory in march.

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain was a constant threat down the wings causing all sorts of problems for the Icelandic defence. Chamberlains attempt on the 19th minute almost got

After Thursday‟s game against Iceland

England off the mark but could only

England travel to Mons to face

put the ball across the face of the goal.

Belgium in the last fixture of the 2011 season for the U21 side. It could prove a decisive game in this qualification phase for England. Match Report England U21‟s continued their perfect

Iceland‟s best chance of the first half came through Aron Johannsson, he had a sight of goal and took a shot which went high over the bar, other then that careering shot Jack Butland was not tested in the first half.

start to the European qualifying with a

England slowly started to dominate the

convincing win over Iceland U21‟s 5-0.

game with chances coming for Sammy

The Three Lions were made to work

Ameobi, Josh McEachran and

hard early on but came out as

Chamberlain as they upped the

comfortable winners for the second

pressure on Iceland. Then on the 39th

time at Colchester‟s new stadium.

minute England found the

Nathan Delfounso was unfortunately subbed off early on due to injury. Sammy Ameobi was his replacement and made his England U21 debut

breakthrough with a goal from Marvin Sordell. Jordan Henderson carried the ball down the right and picked out the unmarked Sordell who tucked the

effort away well giving England a 1-0

free kick which was bent guided

lead going into half time.

beautifully into the top hand corner

No sooner had the second half started and England were picking up where they had left off with Craig Dawson putting the ball into the net which was unfortunately ruled out for a foul on the defender. England doubled their lead on 57 minutes with a well taken goal from Martin Kelly as the Liverpool defender

past the helpless keeper and wall. The second goal came from another surging run from Chamberlain which was converted on the edge of the box giving England a 5-0 win. A tricky fixture away to Belguim waits but Pearce and the young lions will be very happy about the performance. Quotes Led Rewrite

raided the midfield and then the defence before slotting the ball past the Petursson emphatically. No sooner had England doubled there lead did Iceland look to strike back with a free kick testing Butland in goal. Butland then needed to be on his best

England maintained their 100% record to qualifying with a 5-0 victory over Iceland. England are now 5 points clear at the top of the group after four straight victories.

as a low shot from the edge of the box

Stuart Pearce was obviously delighted

looked to creep in, the young keeper

with the result but still had some

was at his best to palm it away.

criticism over the performance “I was

The lions then made sure of the win with a 86th minute goal from Craig Dawson who continued his fine goal scoring streak with 4 goals to 5 caps for the U21â€&#x;s as he powered home a header from a corner. This looked to be game over but Gary Gardner was not finished as he scored 2 goals in 2 minutes after the 90 minutes. The first goal came from a

disappointed at half-time, when I thought we were playing within ourselves a bit, but we were a lot better in the second half, and although it was a fantastic result, the final score flattered us a bit, but we did have a lot of chances� A minutes silence was beautifully observed around the ground before the game kicked off ahead of remembrance Sunday. England were

sporting poppies on black armbands

we went to sleep. We're disappointed

and started brightly with Marvin Sordell

with the goals tally against England

forcing a good save from Arnar

over the two games; it isn't necessarily

Petursson, before Alex Oxlade

a reflection of our performances”

Chamberlain could only shoot wide.

Iceland did have their moments in the

The young lions took the lead just

game with Jack Butland being forced

before half time with a goal through

into several sharp saves and on a

Marvin Sordell after a pull back from

different night the attempts might have

Jordan Henderson. The host continued

gone in, but this was an England team

to press and Martin Kelly was able to

full of confidence and once they

dispossess the Icelandic midfield and

scored one the result was inevitable.

defence before finishing coolly. Craig Dawson added a third goal with a looping header from a corner.

Manager Pearce now takes the young side to face a tough game in Belgium to end this seasons U21 calendar.

Oxlade Chamberlain was a constant

Pearce warns about the young lions

threat down the right hand side and

getting complacent “There are bigger

was only denied twice by a great save

challenges to come. This is my fourth

from the keeper and some dogged of

campaign and I am acutely aware of

the line defending.

what it will take – you look at the tables

Then Gary Gardner stepped up to score a sensational free kick which gave the keeper no chance as it swerved and dipped into the top corner of the goal. Gary Gardner then added the fifth with a drilled shot on the edge of the box to cap off an emphatic display from the young lions. Iceland representative had this to say

from around Europe, Germany have five victories out of five, Italy have won four from four, France with a 100% record. It will be even tougher. We cannot afford complacency.” Pearce will be hopeful of gaining a further three points to make it a truly merry Christmas for the England U21‟s. Inquest Piece

after seeing there team slump to a 5-0

It was a rocking crowd at the „Weston

defeat. “England won comfortably, but

Homes Community Stadium‟ that saw

mistakes cost us in defense. In the

England U21 beat Iceland U21 with

second half and late on in the game,

ease and The young lions showed a

strength in depth. England were

why England have struggled to

without star men Jack Rodwell and

produce any silverware since 1966. As

Connor Wickham who were both

one of their main strengths of the other

unable to play. To combat this Stuart

nations is a depth in the squad, the

Pearce brought in the young

amount of cover they have for each

Newcastle winger/striker Sami

position is unreal.


The competition for places amongst

England did start slowly and were

players is one of the components that

caught napping once or twice early on

makes the teams so successful as all

by Iceland, but they were unable to

the players want to play and turn in a

capitalise on this, they had a large

star performance to prove to their

spell of the possession at the

manager they should feature in the

beginning, though as the clock wore

next game. This competitiveness has

down England slowly battled into the

often lacked in the years for England


as they relied on key men to do the

Early on Nathan Delfounso a regular up front for the U21â€&#x;s was subbed for the impressive Ameobi who was receiving his first U21 cap, he had an impressive debut with his long runs and it showed that England had players who could come in and do the job when needed. This is a good sign as so far in this European tournament Stuart Pearce has had to use over 36 players as players have been promoted to senior side or ruled out through injury. By taking into context the great U21 sides that are also featuring in this competition like Spain, France, Germany and Italy it is clear to see

job, yet were left in limbo when these players got to the stage they progressed to the senior side or were ruled out with Injury, an ideal example of this is Wayne Rooney 2004 European cup and 2006 World cup. Both times the young striker was hit with injury during and before the tournament and was unable to help England in the latter stages; the question was then asked who to turn to next, with the question often being unanswered. Though England U21 showed the talent that was being produced under the astute guidance of Stuart Pearce, with Gary Gardner coming on as a substitute and turning in a first class

performance which saw him score two

the early exchanges as there pacy

goals to stake a claim in the starting

runs were a constant threat to the

eleven for the next game against

Swedish defence. One such run gave


England their first attempt on goal,

England are finally starting to look like they have an abundance of players young and senior waiting in the wings to come through and star on the

Walcott combined a lovely string of passes with Bobby Zamora on the edge of the box with before the ball was struck into the side netting.

biggest platform of all, as the young

Sweden did not heed the warning of

U21 squad shows a glimpse of the

England‟s attacking intent as a floated

strength in depth that looks on the

ball from Leighton Baines was headed

whole positive for the England future.

goal wards by Gareth Barry,

2000 is the magic number for England November 16th, 2011 by The Pinman England ended 43 years of hurt

unfortunately for the Swedes it took a large deflection from Majstorovic giving England the lead and there 2000th goal in competitive football.

against Sweden with a 1-0 victory, with their 2000th goal coming courtesy of an own goal by Majstorovic.

Sweden best chance on goal came courtesy of an inswinging corner at the

It was a changed squad from Saturday

far post which nearly caught out Joe

as Fabio Capello again chose some of

hart, only a clawed save kept

the developing youth, with Phil Jones,

England‟s slender advantage.

Kyle Walker and Jack Rodwell all starting.

On the 32nd minute England‟s defence was again tested as Johan Elmander

This was Kyle Walker‟s first

found space for a snatched header

competitive start for England with a

hitting the side netting as the Swedish

number of appearances at u21 level,

fought there way back in to the tie.

Walker put in a brilliant performance which saw him win Man of the Match.

Phill Jones and Jack Rodwell both came close to giving England a two

Walker and Theo Walcott both looked

goal lead but both put their chances

dangerous on the right hand side in

agonisingly wide. Phill Jones‟s darting

run deserved a finish, whilst Jack Rodwell missed an open goal with a headed chance to end the first half.

“Pearson has unfinished work” Nigel Pearson returns for his second spell in charge of Leicester today and

The second half kicked off in similar

believes that he has unfinished

fashion with an early chance for

business with the east midlands club.

Zamora again some last ditch Swedish defending stopping the three lions roaring into a two goal lead. Both teams made substitutions in the second half to alter the game with Anders Svensonn coming on for Sweden and Daniel Sturridge making his competitive debut for England. The youngster had a sprightly start but quietened as the match continued at its fast pace. Sweden pressed for an equaliser and almost had it when Sebastion Larsson‟s cross almost crept in at the far post, only to be clawed away by the substitute goalkeeper Scott Carson. That was to be Sweden‟s last goal threat as the game ended 1-0. This result will be celebrated enthusiastically amongst English supporters as Sweden have long been the thorn in the three lions side.

Pearson had previously managed Leicester from 2008-2010 before leaving them for Hull city. During this period under Pearson‟s guidance Leicester gained promotion to the championship and made the playoffs the following season for the premier league, before losing out to Cardiff who ultimately lost to Blackpool in the final. Pearson in a press conference earlier today stated that he feels “I have unfinished business with the club” and that during his last few weeks in charge of Leicester he was made to feel “ Unwanted” by the past owner Milan Mandaric. Pearson then went on to say “Previous owner Milan Mandaric didn‟t want me to stay he made no attempt to stop me leaving for hull, at no point did he say no Nigel I want to keep you”. Now Pearson believes that the new owners Vichai Raksriaksorn will give him the backing and platform to

achieve what he failed to do in his last

Royston Vasey was a hero and a

period in charge.

villain for Hamworth United as he

As he stated in the press conference that “I think I am the right man to achieve promotion to the premier league and I have the financial backing of the board to help achieve that”. Though Pearson remains realistic that success is what this club wants as he faces up to the challenge that could get the sack if he does not achieve promotion. “It‟s a results driven business and I would expected to get the sack if I‟m not achieving the clubs aims, despite this I accept the challenge presented to me by Leicester.” This will be an encouragement to fans that have seen their clubs fortunes take a turn for the worse since Pearson left as both Paulo Souza and Sven Goran Erikson failed to achieve promotion to the premier league.

scored three goals to take them to victory, though later on got sent off for two silly yellow card offences. Hamworth United now face the prospect of being without their influential striker for the crucial game against Cansdale City. Cansdale like United are also chasing the lucrative champions league spot, a win at for Hamworth today was vital in maintaining the champion‟s league aspiration. Hamworth started poorly in the first half falling behind on 24 minutes to some Dutch magic, Van Rentall struck a sweet shot past the startled James David to give Tillington an early lead. Hamworth were shocked into action after the Tillington goal and struck back through Royston Vasey. Juan Pablo Jones freed the ball from the Tillington box, but it fell to Vasey who

When Pearson was asked whether his

made ground and space to rasp a shot

backroom staff will be joining him at

past the Tillington keeper Grcnic

Leicester he said “I hope to bring Craig

putting Hamworth back in the game.

Shakespeare and Steve Walsh with

Vasey celebrated exuberantly taking

me as they are a vital part of my team,

off his shirt and diving into the crowd,

till that happens I‟ll have to work with

this was met with a yellow card by

the staff setup here.”

referee Tyrant.

Hamworth United 4 – 1 Tillington Town

Hamworth struck again shortly after

delighted, we are on course for a

the first goal as Vasey yet again

champion‟s league spot and that will

proved too much for the Tillington

be a great reward for our efforts this

defence. Vasey collected the ball on

season.” Yet Persson now has to think

the right of the penalty box, tricked his

who he can partner Hans Anfeet with

way past three defenders before

in the upcoming game, as he finds

clipping the ball over the supreme

himself without top striker Vasey.

figure of Grcnic. This goal meant

Persson also remains upbeat about

Hamworth went in on top at half time.

winning the premiership “Although

Hamworth started strongly in the second half with Royston Vasey wrapping up the victory with his third goal of the game. A floated cross from

Chigley seem to be uncatchable at the top of the table, until the mathematics say otherwise, we will chase them down.”

Le Pouffe was met in the air by Vasey

Whilst the Tillington boss Mick Sterbs

who headed home powerfully for his

was left to pour over the statistics that


have seen his side win just once in

Vasey then saw red for a reckless challenge on Juan Pablo Jones, as he

nine matches as the dangle over relegation spots.

cleared Vasey lunged in catching the

Whether Pearson‟s second stint will be

player; referee Tyrant had no choice

as successful as the first remains to be

but to send the striker off. Vasey

seen but he stated he is “relishing the

walked off the pitch dejectedly, to a

challenge of his second stint in

standing ovation.


There was still time for Hamworth to

Ben Ainslie was the pick of the day as

get a fourth with Vasey‟s strike partner

he secured his fourth gold medal in the

Hans Anfeet getting on the score

last four Olympics. Meanwhile it was

sheet. The big German controlled the

Tennis woes once again for Andy

pass from Mike Hunt to lift a delicate

Murray as he was forced to settle for

lob over Grcnic sending Hamworth to a

silver after losing out to Rafael Nadal

4-1 win.

Great Britain dominated events at the

The result left Hamworth manager Ruud Persson delighted “I am

London Olympics today getting six medals in Sailing, Cycling, Athletics,

Tennis and Diving. Unfortunately Great

There was joy for Britain in the

Britain failed to get medals in the

women‟s 400m final as Christine

men‟s 100m final as Usain bolt cruised

Ohuruogo came first winning a gold

to a second gold medal and a second

medal with a time of 49.71. She beat

world record.

off close competition from US

Ben Ainslie lead the way for Great Britain today winning his fourth gold in his last four Olympics, he continued his domination of the Olympics by coming 3rd in the Finn class 11th race and winning overall on 23 points. Paul Goodison is in good standing as he leads the Men‟s Laser after race 6 with a score of 34 points. Andy Murray went into the final against Nadal who took the lead winning the first two sets. Murray struck back brilliantly as he came back from two sets down. Before Nadal closed out the match for his first gold medal whilst Andy had to settle for silver.

competitor Sanya Richards who claimed second with a time of 49.83 and Yulia Gushchina for Russia who finished third with a time of 49.93.Meanwhile it was a good day in the marathon for Paula Radcliffe as she came third winning bronze for Britain with a time of 2:33:35. Great Britain dominated the cycling events at London as Chris Hoy led the way by winning the semi – final with Jason Kenny coming a close second both cyclists now go through to the final. Although in the women‟s sprint semi-finals Victoria Pendleton went through to the final top of the pack. In the men‟s individual time trial Steven

Usain Bolt made it two gold medals

Cummings came behind Alberto

and two world records in two Olympics

Contador and Gustav Larsson as he

as he repeated his running heroics

finished third with a time of 1:09.68.

from the Beijing Olympics and stormed to victory with a time of 9.58 seconds. Fellow countrymen Asafa Powell had to settle for a third place finish with a time of 9.89 as Frenchman Christophe Lemaitre finished second with a time of 9.73.

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