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are you coming out to play? From kites to croquet to a game of giant chess, visit a National Trust place near you for a summer of games from all ages, for all ages. Tick activities off your list of 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾! AND, as if all that wasn’t enough, KIDS GO FREE in August!* Come and play at Baddesley Clinton, Charlecote Park, Coughton Court, Packwood House, Wightwick Manor and Gardens and Upton House and Gardens. Go to to download your ‘kids go free’ voucher* and local activity planner.

Follow us at or on Twitter @NTmidlands. ©The National Trust. Registered Charity No. 205846. Images courtesy of NPTL/Rupert Truman and NPTL/Arnhel de Serra. *Kids go free voucher is available to download from the end of July.



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s year so! Where has thi eady? If you say d we can’t an re he Is that the time alr lly na fi hed, summer is nis fi s ha ol ho Sc gone? nshine. and enjoy that su u wait to get outside ne first and then yo rk? Well, get that do wo me ho y an ve Do you ha ur summer. ing time to enjoy yo have all that remain and those next year at school moving on to your ol. From ho sc ary Soon you will all be nd co l be moving up to se wil ar ye l na fi who are ur yo of you in thank those of you es, we would like to Tim ry ma k for Pri luc at od us all of es readers. Go amazing Primary Tim moving on for being us! Don’t forget about your new adventure. the fantastic feature on er issue, we have a mm su er ics first mp mp bu Oly s In thi out where the ere you can learn ab ars. ye the er ov Olympics for you wh d d change y have developed an n find all ca u yo if – began and how the ion etit comp tra special Olympic zine, you could There is also an ex oughout the maga thr n de hid ve ha we ns ico ic mp Oly the s on page 5. Read more about thi win a special prize. see as well as things to ws on the Pinboard ne the all at the e ve se ha to o We als plays and shows ily on Roundabout, fam oks, the bo h of wit g do kin d an okworm. Spea st reads with the Bo r man) ze Zip nk Ha Theatre and the be e (th Winkler ance to meet Henry ro to we also got the ch ok Ghost Buddy: Ze bo w ne his t ou ab ns tio es qu him k and as d more on page 8. Hero. Read this an me fantastic prizes competitions for so the t ou k ec ch to t Don’t forge ng your way. that could be comi of Primary ck to school issue ptember for the ba We’ll see you in Se mmer! Times. Enjoy the su






















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THE OLYMPIC GAMES ARE FINALLY HERE A bit of history to start … The Olympic Games began more than 2,700 years ago in a place called Olympia in Greece. The Games were part of a religious festival that involved rituals, sacrifices and worship to the Gods. The Greek Olympics have inspired the modern Olympic Games that began in 1896. The Games were originally held in honour of Zeus, the King of the Greek Gods, and were staged every four years at Olympia. People from all over Greece flocked to watch and compete in the Games. 4

At the very first Olympic Games there was only one event, a short sprint from one end of the stadium to the other. Can you imagine if that was still the case now? There wouldn’t be such a rush to get tickets, that’s for sure! Thankfully, over time, more and more sports have been added to the list of Olympic events including javelin, long jump, wrestling and discus. The pentathlon – which now features horse riding, fencing, shooting, swimming and running, used to consist of running, wrestling, javelin, discus and long jump. Winners were given a wreath of leaves (like the thing you hang on your front door at Christmas) and an extreme hero’s welcome back home. While most things about the Olympics have got much bigger, the running track that now has eight lanes used to have 20. A bit crowded, don’t you think? Do you think Usain Bolt would run 100m in nine seconds if there were 19 other people around him?


Countries … There are 203 competing countries in today’s Olympic Games. There are 53 African countries, 43 Asian countries, 49 European countries, 17 Oceanic countries and 41 American countries. If each country entered one athlete into each event, there would be 7,308 competitors. That’s a lot of people to parade around the stadium in the opening ceremony. Not every country enters into every single event, but many of the larger countries enter several athletes into the same events. There is a special village built for the athletes to live in during the Games so they can sleep, rest and eat in peaceful surroundings while they prepare for their events.

Sharron Davies, former Olympian and mum of three tells us why she’s looking forward to London 2012


Closing Ceremony … It hasn’t even started yet and we’re talking about it ending – the Closing Ceremony is just as important as the Opening, as it marks the handover from one host country to the next at the end of the Games on Sunday August 12. This Ceremony celebrates the achievement of the athletes and sees the handover of the Games from London to Rio de Janeiro who will be hosting in 2016.

For all the information that could ever need about the Olympic Games 2012, go to - you might even find a sporty page that will help you with the competition.

Ellen Gandy rth Gemma Spoffo Ryan Lochte

Paralympic Games … The Paralympic Games are an event in their own right and take place a couple of weeks after the Olympics from Wednesday August 29 to Sunday September 9. In 1948, the first athletic event for disabled people was held, but it was just a small gathering of British veterans from World War II organised by Dr. Ludwig Guttmann of Stoke Mandeville Hospital. The aim of the event was to create an elite sports competition for people with disabilities that would be equivalent to the Olympic Games. The event was held for the second time in 1952 with Dutch veterans joining the British making it the first international competition for disabled people. In 1960, the first official Paralympic Games were held in Rome with 400 wheelchair athletes from 23 counties competing. In the 1976 Paralympics, athletes with different disabilities were permitted to enter, with 1,600 athletes from 40 countries turning out to compete. In the Beijing Games in 2008, more than 3,900 athletes from 146 countries competed, making it the biggest Paralympic Games in history. What will the numbers be for London 2012? We shall have to wait and see.

All images courtesy of London 2012

The Opening Ceremony marks the beginning of the Olympic Games on Friday July 27. The host nation – this year, that’s us – showcases, to the rest of the world, what is good about their country. The Ceremony will provide the UK with the chance of showing the world what our culture means, what our values are and what we a most proud of. In the Ceremony, The Queen (because she’s the Head of State) will be welcomed into the Olympic Stadium by the President of the International Olympic Committee and the parade of athletes will see all participating teams, nation by nation in alphabetical order, walk into the stadium waving their flag. Greece always goes first, as they invented the Games, the host country goes last and all other countries come in between. Lord Sebastian Coe, Chair of LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games) will then give a speech and the Queen will declare the Games open!

on Rebecca Adlingt Fran Halsall


In today’s Olympics, there are a lot more sports than there were 2,700 years ago. Throughout the magazine we have hidden little pictures of all of the sports that will be featured in the London 2012 Olympics. They look like this one (this counts as your first one!) – this shows weightlifting. Find them all, tell us how many there are and you could win a Pro Swingball from Mookie! Send your answer on a postcard with your full name and address to Olympics competition, Primary Times, Publishing Ink, Fifth Floor, White House, 111 New Street, Birmingham, B2 4EU or email your answer with your name and address to WEIGHTLIFTING by the closing date of August 24.


Opening Ceremony …

“We are hoping that one of the legacies that will be left by the Olympics will be an excitement of the younger generation wanting to get involved in sport. The first weekend of the Olympics will see ‘Join In’ where LOCOG will work with local community sport clubs to get people to join in and take up a sport. Every year after Wimbledon, thousands of people decide they want to pick up a tennis racket and what we’re hoping for with the Olympics is that there will be a similar outcome. If you’re inspired to pick up a bike or table tennis bat or learn taekwondo, swimming or athletics, somebody will be there to guide and encourage you.”


d a r b o n pi SHOOTING

Happy 4 ay 2 Birthd ts! ellery Carhinrg o the Jew

ckle i T y Timm tive! c a r intestorybook by Harreied tbetween s e o g kle is an interactivened for children agp is available

Tic d desig ickle ap guise for Timmy is ritten an The Tommy T w , u a . ing in d eer Pellere ears old will be a bless mer. Ch y m e u v s fi is d d n th n a a s o y d tw iPa urne arn to ne and g car jo hone, le for iPho nts facing lon e xylop ’s pretending th y la p re , e a im th many p ckling h fruit tha y, you up by ti Timmy to the ith Timm over his w g in Timmy y h c la and dis for iPad nd matc arning and p ash up le count a 9 w s a .4 1 ll im £ e h sw elp d at to be! A olour him in, h Tickle is price Timmy t u o b c y a o imm can als rmation mes. T ore info t costu . For m e differen n . o m h o an.c p for iP imblebe and 69 .n w w w isit Tickle v

t wis d marke We are nthly foo o m s r’ e Quart happy ts a very 24 Carro ir, Anne a h C day. cal third birth : “We are all lo ate said n ry io a s e s a ’L p O ho feel w d rs n e a te il volun ent reta depend Visit in .” t in u o e b liv a e munity w the com in the Jewellery t e n the mark gham o in Birmin m 10am Quarter o fr 1 y July 2 nd new Saturda it the bra k is V . m p to 3 .24carro w w w e websit on. informati for more

Writing master classes

Mums and dads: have you had tha t idea for a classic in the makin g hidden away in the back of your mind for ye ars but never done anything about it? Birmingha m publisher Tinda l Street is joining forces with celebrated authors to host a series of writing cla sses to help get the creative juices flowing. Th e two-day master classes held over four weeken ds in July and Au gust will help you unlock your ide as and put pen to paper to create the masterpi ece that’s inside. Visit www. for more informati on, dates and prices.

Calling all mums!

Want to do your bit? Aco rns Children’ is appealing s Hospice for local ladi es to be part something ex of tra special in B September irmingham on 15 when the Saturday the city’s stre ets. The 10km Acorns Midnight Walk and finish at returns to female-only Victoria Squ walking even are, the rout Jewellery Q t will start e going arou uarter, St. P nd the Bullri hilip’s Cathe moonlight. Th ng, dral and Brin e event’s aim dleyplace by is to raise m children and uch-needed families at A money for th corn’s Hospi Acorn’s and e ce. To find ou what they do t more abou , visit www.a To enter your t self into the Midnight Wal email events k, call 0844 984 0405 or .uk.


Date for your diar y

Don’t forget th at the next He ritage Open Da September 6ys are 9 where loads of architectural wonders are op and cultural en for free to ev eryone. Have www.heritageo a look at for a list of plac es.

Baby Ballet

Busy parent needing help?

Are your weekends dominated by chores? Can you never find the time to iron and clean? Diamond Home Support offers cleaning, ironing and other duties by vetted and fully insured workers at affordable rates, from £9.00 per hour Whether you are elderly, work long hours, or have a busy family ... we can provide the support you need and give you back the time in your life! Contact us on 07402 255 095 or email or visit our website



It’s never too early to start dancing. Baby Ballet is the latest venture from Arabesque School of Dance and sister company TicketyBoo. The Baby Ballet classes take children as young as six months old and it’s designed to provide babies with the known benefits and joys of song and dance, all within a safe, caring environment. Visit www.babyballetdance. and www.tickety-boo. for more information or for venues and dates.

Watch world class athletics in Birmingham this summer Supporting British athletes since 1999

Aviva Birmingham Grand Prix Birmingham Alexander Stadium 26th August 2012

Don’t miss out! Tickets now on sale. ®

Get ready for a summer like no other... London 2012 Festival and Cultural Olympiad across the West Midlands Arts events, performance and spectacle across the West Midlands. Find free events and search for what’s on near you

Review and post images at thegamesandme @WestMidsfor2012 #London2012Fest

For a print copy of the brochure email:

Premier Partners of the Cultural Olympiad

Principal Funders of the Cultural Olympiad

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20/04/2012 14:43


From zero to

Henry Winkler and First News’ editor Nicky Cox with the children of Frederick Bird School in Coventry

What is Ghost Buddy: Zero to Hero about? Ghost Buddy is a comedy about two guys who would not normally be friends or even meet, but in this story they are and they do. Billy Broccoli moves into a new house with his parents. One night when he’s trying to get to sleep, he sees his sports top fly out of his closet [wardrobe] and it starts talking to him. But, it’s not the top that’s talking to Billy; it’s a ghost called Hoover Porterhouse, or ‘the Hoove’. 8


Parents will know him as the Fonz. Children will know him as the Hank Zipzer ma n. Now, Henry Wink ler has a brand new series of books called Ghost Buddy. We met up with him at Frederick Bir d School in Coventr y to discuss the new book, life as a Holly wood actor and the future of Hank Zipze r go with your instinct and you hope it connects with a large audience. Ghost Buddy is brand new, but Hank Zipzer has sold more than four million copies. Has the Hank Zipzer series finished or will you be revisiting him after Ghost Buddy?

not alone. Hank Zipzer lives his life with his glass half full; he just keeps spilling it all over the place. Where does your talent for connecting with children come from?

I just love talking to kids. When I talk to kids who have learning challenges, their stories are word for word what happened to me in 1958. What I am trying to tell these kids is that, no matter how hard school is for you, no matter “Hank Zipzer lives his life with how much you struggle in certain How do you write your books? his glass half full; he just keeps areas, it has nothing to do with how My partner Lin Oliver and I sit across brilliant you are. You are excellent the room from each other and we talk. spilling it all over the place” human beings. Every single child We talk about what the story is going has got great power in them. Every to be about and I walk around the child has a gift inside them Hank Zipzer is based room while she types. and their job is to find out on your own life, what it is, dig it out and give You’ve had such a varied career growing up with it to the world. from being an actor to a director and dyslexia. How did it feel now an author. What has been your to write all your feelings What’s the best thing favourite job? down on paper? about reading books? I love my life. I don’t have a favourite job. The humour is The beauty about books is Like my children, I love them all. Well, I like exaggerated but the you can go on an adventure one better than the others, but I can’t tell emotion is as real as to Japan, Nairobi or even on you which! I do really love my life. It’s just the day is long. I wasn’t a ghost tour without diagnosed with dyslexia crazy that I get to do stuff like this. ever leaving your until I was 31 years old. It’s great! bedroom. It’s all down I grew up with people to your imagination. Is it weird talking to people who don’t telling me I was stupid know who you are? and that I would never Will we ever see your books on achieve anything. You never overcome the big screen? No, I don’t care if they know who I am. it, but you learn to negotiate with it. You I’m just a guy telling them it’s going to be Walker Books is going to make just have to go very slowly. Dyslexia is okay. It’s fantastic. It’s a gift to me to be a television show about Hank different for every child. I found school able to go into schools and tell children really hard. Spelling was hard. History was Zipzer. It’s really exciting. We’ll see about my books and my story. hard. Maths was hard. Science was hard. what happens. I was great at lunch. I could eat a tuna How does writing books for children Ghost Buddy: Zero to Hero is out Primary Times editor, fish sandwich better than anyone you’ve compare to playing the Fonz on now. Turn to the competitions Jennifer Walker with ever met. The My Way campaign with Happy Days? page to find out how you could Henry Winkler signing First News is great because it helps kids copies of Ghost win a signed copy! understand that it’s not just them; they’re It’s all the same. You make choices, you Buddy: Zero to Hero for our competition


We’re going to go back and write Hank Zipzer in year two, so before he was diagnosed with dyslexia.




24-7 shopping @

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SUMMER EVENTS A Grand Medieval Joust, 21st & 22nd July Time Travellers Go..., week days from 30th July – 24th August The Knights Tournament, 26th & 27th August





In the Midlands and Black Country

Coughton Court Box Office: 0844 249 1895 Near Alcester

July 21

Romeo and Juliet The famous Shakespeare play comes to the stage at Coughton Court to entertain family audiences. Romeo and Juliet’s destiny has been mapped out for them, but they try their hardest to fight it. The whole family will love this version of the play. Bring a picnic. Tickets are £15 for adults, £8 for children and £38 for a family. August 17

Macbeth Bring a picnic and enjoy this Shakespearian classic as it’s performed in the beautiful grounds of Coughton Court. Performed by Lord Chamberlain’s Men, this version of Macbeth will be loved by all the family. Tickets are £15 for adults, £8 for children and £38 for a family. The Crescent Theatre Box Office: 0121 236 4455 Sheepcote Street, Birmingham

hidden by Mr Willy Wonka and Charlie gets the trip of a lifetime to see inside the famous chocolate factory. Get ready to meet Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, Mike Teavee and the Oompa-Loompas as they take you on a magical tour of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Tickets are £9 for adults, £8 for concessions. Please note this performance will take place in the Ron Barber Studio.

aims to develop and share their theatre skills through a programme of workshops and rehearsals. The Summer School is open from 10am to 4.30pm each day. Book online for a price of £125 per person or book by phone or in person for a price of £135 at the box office..

July 24-25

July 31

Mary Poppins Everyone’s favourite magical nanny comes to work at the house of Mr and Mrs Banks to help look after their unhappy, misbehaving children. Mary Poppins is harsh but fair, strict but fun, and practically perfect in every way. Tickets are £14 for adults and £7 for children under 16. Please note this performance will take place in the Adage Dance and Fitness Studios. Belgrade Theatre Box Office: 024 7684 6738 Belgrade Square, Coventry

July 30 - August 3 & August 20-24

Summer School 10

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Charlie is a very lost little boy. He doesn’t have many friends, he works to help feed his extended family and he’s not very happy in his life. That all changes when he finds the last remaining golden ticket


Brueton Park

NIA Birmingham

Box Office: 0121 704 6962 Brueton Park, Solihull

Box Office: 0844 338 8000 King Edwards Road, Birmingham

The Railway Children The gentle Edwardian lifestyle is about to be turned upside down for Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis – also known as the Railway Children. Mysteriously separated from their father, the three children relocate to Yorkshire where endless days stretch in front of them. Learning from the people of the village of Three Chimneys, the children put their family back together. Advance tickets are £7 for adults and £6 for children. Tickets bought on the door are £8 for adults and £7 for children. The first 336 people are guaranteed seats in the theatre in the event of poor weather. Bring a blanket, seat, picnic and warm clothing. Sandwell Valley Country Park Box Office: 0121 553 0220 Salter’s Lane, West Bromwich

July 22

July 28-29

For two separate weeks during the summer holidays, Belgrade Theatre is once again offering its popular Summer School. Each week will be open to children aged between eight and 15 and


with fantastic entertainment including fun and inspiring ways of getting out into the garden. There will also be Veggie Games, activities and hands-on gardening tasks. Tickets are free but must be applied for through the BBC website – showsandtours.

Mr Bloom’s Get Set, Grow! tour Mr Bloom from CBeebies is coming to Sandwell Valley Country Park and you could be there to see him. Mr Bloom and the Veggies will provide children aged six and under

July 25-29

Disney Live! presents Mickey’s Magic Show Everyone loves Disney magic and this summer you can see your heroes live on stage in Birmingham. Presented by Mickey Mouse, the show will feature some of Disney’s favourite characters including Donald Duck, Goofy, Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter, and Princesses Jasmine, Belle, Snow White and Cinderella. They will appear alongside world-class magicians to perform tricks from legendary Disney films. Tickets are £19 for adults, £16.50 for children and family tickets are from £60.


Town Hall Box Office: 0121 345 0600 Victoria Square, Birmingham

July 31 - August 5

The Gruffalo

Everyone loves The Gruffalo and now is your chance to see him live. Join Mouse on an adventurous journey through the deep, dark wood in Tall Stories; the magical, musical adaptation of the awardwinning picture book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Voted the nation’s number one bedtime story, The Gruffalo has been performed to millions of people worldwide and has even been adapted for our TV screens with a star-studded cast. Tickets are £10.50. Book early to avoid disappointment. PRIMARYTIMESADVERT185X137_Layout 1 30/05/2012 15:30 Page 1

September 25-29

Horrible Histories Horrible Histories is coming to Birmingham! These two thrilling shows, Terrible Tudors and Vile Victorians are a guaranteed thrill for the whole family. Using actors and groundbreaking 3D special effects, amazing historical figures and events will come to life on stage and hover at your fingertips. Terrible Tudors covers from the horrible Henrys to the evil Elizabeth. Vile Victorians sees you right from baby farmers to the Charge of the Light Brigade. Tickets are £12 to £16.


Himley Park Box Office: 01902 895207 Himley, Dudley

July 22 and August 5

AD Concert Band Enjoy a Sunday afternoon concert in Himley Park, the grounds of Himley Hall, listening to the AD Concert Band as they play a selection of much-loved songs like Pirates of the Caribbean, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Dambusters. Bring your own picnic and chairs. Free admission.





Artrix Theatre Box Office: 01527 577330 School Drive, Bromsgrove

August 3, 10, 17, 24

Family Fun Festival A festival of shows, workshops and activities especially for families and children including the Acting Up! workshop, film making workshop, the Mad Science Olympic show and the performance of a play staged in just five days. There will also be a free bouncy castle and special drop-in activities between 11am and 3pm. For more festival information, visit the Artrix website. August 17

Magic Russ

Magic Russ is welcomed back to the Artrix Theatre as the favourite local magician who will amaze all the family with his magic. Not forgetting Dave the Wonder Dog. Tickets are £8 for adults and £5 for children under 16. Hagley Hall Box Office: 01562 882408 Hall Lane, Hagley

August 15

Black Beauty Black Beauty is being brought to life on the stage for the first time in a spectacular theatrical tour of UK stately and country homes this summer, stopping off at Hagley Hall on August 15. Black Beauty was written in 1877 and was the only published novel by Anna Sewell. The book is written in the animal’s perspective, and so the play will be narrated by Black Beauty and will cover his idyllic early life through to his darkest days as a London cab horse. There is also a rare scene at Epsom where the audience can take part. Tickets are £18 for adults, £10 for children, £50 for a family.

Baddesley Clinton

Packwood House

Box Office: 01564 783294 Rising Lane, Baddesley Clinton

Box Office: 01564 782024 Packwood Lane, Lapworth

August 18

August 29

Much Ado About Nothing

Grimm Fairytales

Performed by Heartbreak Productions against the peaceful backdrop of Baddesley Clinton, Much Ado About Nothing is a great Shakespearian comedy that will delight the whole family. The play focuses on two couples, Benedick and Beatrice, and Claudio and Hero. Benedick and Beatrice are an entertaining, charming couple who engage in a ‘merry war’ with both proclaiming that they will never fall in love. This is a lively, emotional and extremely funny play. Tickets are £15 for adults, £8 for children and £38 for a family.


The Brothers Grimm spin tales of wicked witches, talking animals, plucky maidens and dashing adventurers in this dark and thrilling show for children and adults alike. Music, magic and some of the best-loved stories ever told. Bring a picnic. Tickets are £15 for adults, £8 for children and £38 for a family.


Live drama show performed outdoor in Brueton Park

A timeless classic tale of three children who are forced to leave their home and move to Yorkshire. Family drama by a talented cast suitable for the whole family. Check availability and bring your own seats/blanket and picnic to this fun outdoor show - lakeside at Brueton Park, Warwick Rd. Solihull. Tuesday 31st July at 7pm Tickets £7 (£6 child) in advance or £8 (£7 child) on the gate. Arena opens at 6pm. Finish time is approx. 9pm. The first 336 tickets sold are guaranteed a theatre seat in the event of extreme weather.

Stig of the Dump


Unusual dance, art & drama course based on ‘Stig’ story. A fun, artistic energetic course ends with a sharing of all the arty creations & a miniplay. Participants try all three artforms then specialise in their favourite. Fee includes all materials and a certificate.

Ahoy landlubbers!... Enjoy a weekly ‘beach theme’ at Solihull Arts Den in a range of fun seaside-related dance and craft sessions all day on Thursdays

Two-day Summer Arts Course Art, drama & dance sessions

Mon 13 & Tues 14 August

Regular holiday sessions on Thursday 9, 16, 23 & 30 August


Aspire Dance & Crafty Fun 1pm- 2.30pm

Wiggle & Giggle & Art Makers

Course fee £30 (for 2 days)

Aimed at ages 7-14 (Year 3 also accepted)

Mr Honk & his Sad Trombone

Live show & music with hilarious physical comedy. Mr Honk is a cheery bandleader whose trombone suddenly develops the ‘blues’! 60 min. show aimed at ages 5+.

Theatre at 12.30pm & 3.30pm on Friday 31st August - Tickets £6 each

In Crafty Fun kids aged 4-7 will make fun items, whilst the older Art Makers aged 8-11 develop skills such as print. Gallery sessions cost £4.50. For those who prefer dancing there’s Aspire Dance funky street dance for 8-11s or for ages 4-7 Wiggle & Giggle is a fun introduction to dance classes. Studio sessions cost £4.

Lunches & lunchtime supervision costs extra.

Book online at Box Office: 0121 704 6962



Image: The Tiger Who Came to Tea (1986) © Judith Kerr


WOLVERHAMPTON ART GALLERY Ballet, Tap, Freestyle, Pre School Dance, Dinky Disco, Irish & Zumba Fitness!

21 JULY – 29 SEPTEMBER 2012

Classes in and around

Come and have tea with a life-size tiger in Sophie’s kitchen or read adventures of Mog the cat, as you explore the original artwork from The Tiger Who Came to Tea and other books by Judith Kerr.

Call 07817 033 292


Sutton Coldfield, Mere Green, Four Oaks, Solihull, Dorridge, Shirley & Sheldon

“Great Value & Family Friendly”

Buy 1 Class and get a Second Class for £1 and 25% Sibling Discount!

Dance Parties:

• street dance • hsm • cheerleading • hannah montana • jewellery making parties


baby ballet and dinky disco from 6 months e:

Finish the school holidays with a free tea party. Bring along your favourite toy and have a go at craft activities.


great days out English Heritage sites across the West Midlands are pulling out all the stops to entertain you over the summer holidays including a Grand Medieval Joust at Kenilworth Castle (July 21-22) where you can cheer on your favourite knight; and the Time Travellers Go … Rogues and Villains (July 30 to August 3), Gruesome (August 6-10), Medieval (August 13-17), and Knights and Princesses (August 20-24); and the Knights Tournament (August 26-27) where you can marvel at the knights as they take on the ultimate challenge. For more information about events at Kenilworth Castle, visit


Warwick Castle

Now that summer is finally here, there is nothing better than enjoying a day out with your family. We have chosen some of our favourite places to go, see and do in the West Midlands.

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust 14

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust have a whole host of special events and days over the summer including Do What Shakespeare Did (from July 21 to September 2) at Shakespeare’s Birthplace where you can take part in hands-on Tudor activities including preparing a quill, sonnet-writing and designing your own coat of arms; Puppet Shows at Anne Hathaway’s Cottage (every Friday in August) where you can watch puppet shows and stories based on scenes from some of Shakespeare’s plays; Summer Madness at Mary Arden’s Farm (daily from July 21 to September 2) where you can learn traditional crafts like baking bread and bookbinding; and you can get your hands dirty at Nash’s House (daily from July 21 to September 2) and discover hidden artefacts from New Place, unearth skeletons and find out who might have lived there. For more information, times and prices for these events and many more, visit Remember the National Forest Maize Maze? Well, that has now been transformed into an exciting year-round attraction called the National Forest Adventure Farm. Meet the farm animals in the barns and the fields and get up close with


the daily animal encounter sessions. Take a tractor trailer ride around the farm and watch pig races. There is a new indoor play zone with drop slides for adventurous children and adults and a special soft play area for toddlers. Outside, the fun field area is packed with with have-a-go activities including pedal go-karts, jumping pillow, sand pit, mini assault course and much more. Also, new for 2012 is the Farmyard Crazy Golf. Plus, from July 21 to September 9, get lost in the Olympic-sized maize maze, one of the largest mazes in Europe. Visit for all the details.

Alton Towers is one of the top attractions in the region with hundreds of thousands of people flocking to the park every year. Teach the kids to drive at the Peugeot driving school, glide through the air on a giant toadstool and experience Charlie’s journey through the Chocolate Factory. New for 2012 is the Ice Age 4D Experience where, based on the third film in the series, the characters provide fans with the ultimate, ultra cool 4D experience. Check website for full information on events and opening times –

At Merry Hill you can have a fantastic family day out with Selly Manor has loads the thrills and vibe of a great of workshops over the festival at Rascalfest. Learn summer including Jester Kenilworth Castle a new skill, see some amazing Skills (July 24) where you stage shows, get involved in a can learn how to juggle, workshop or simply have fun use a Diablo and spin plates. playing all day long. Most of the programme Make an erupting volcano for Rascalfest is the same over the two days dragon lair at the Dragon so you won’t miss out no matter what workshop (July 31) and make your day you choose. See Ben and Holly mini shows ever hour, on the hour very own time machine with the from 11am to 3pm; meet Mike Time Travellers (August 2). For the Knight every hour on the half more information on events and hour from 11.30am to 3.30pm; workshops at Selly Manor visit sing along with The Bubblepops, the UK’s new pre-school painting; Warwick Castle is celebrating go crazy at the fun fair zone and Britain’s ultimate summer by funky festival face painting. This all takes place over two days from taking an amazing journey back August 17-18 in the Eat Central car park by in time discovering heroes, horror and Debenhams. Tickets are available from honour. Hear the thunder of hooves July 21 from the concierge desk in the and the crack of lances splintering, as lower mall. A family day ticket is the famous jousting knights of Warwick £10 and covers up to six people, a day Castle get back in the saddle. Jousts will take ticket per person is £2 and children place twice a day during the summer season under one go free. Visit at 12.30pm and 3.30pm. Visit for all the details. merryhill for all the details.





Everyone has had to tighten the purse strings in recent months, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a boring summer at home. We have put together a few of our favourite things to do for free in the West Midlands so you can still have fun without spending a penny.


The Black Country Living Museum National Trust has loads planned for this summer with Family Fun Days at all of their West Midlands properties. At Packwood House (August 1-10) you can join in with outdoor games and nature trails, whatever the weather. Coughton Court (August 1-31) is giving you the chance to take part in loads of wildlife activities and messy art. At Baddesley Clinton (Fridays in August) you can get up close and personal with nature and join in with wildlife workshops and nature sightings. Visit for more information on these events and much more. The Black Country Living Museum is the best place to go to learn about our local history. Covering 26 acres of former industrial land, the museum tells the story of the creation of the world’s first industrial landscape. With


more than 50 authentic shops, houses and workshops that have been carefully preserved, the whole family will learn something about Black Country history and will certainly have a good day out. When the bell rings for lunchtime, pop over to Hobbs’ fish and chip shop for a traditional 1930s chip supper. Visit for information on events over the summer. From July 27 to August 12 it’s British Food Fortnight and there are loads of events going on around the region to celebrate. If you want to get involved, you can plan your very own Opening Ceremony feast to indulge in alongside the start of the Olympics on July 27 or you could have a barbecue with a sporting theme. For loads more ideas, visit

Broadfield House Glass Museum, Compton Drive, Kingswinford. Located in the historic glass quarter, Broadfield House showcases a large collection of British glass, with loads of fun family activities to enjoy. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 12-4pm. Coventry Transport Museum, Hales Street, Coventry. From bicycles to speedy historic vehicles including the Back to the Future Delorian, Coventry Transport Museum is a great journey back in time. Open daily from 10am to 5pm.


Clent Hills, Romsley. A beautiful countryside haven in the heart of the Midlands, the Clent Hills cover miles of footpaths, bridleways and easy access trails offering panoramic views over the Cotswolds, Shropshire Hills and the Welsh border. Open all day every day.


Giant, whizzy, clanging interactives powered by the sun, wind, water and YOU! Thinktank’s brand new Science Garden is outdoor scientastic fun for the whole family! FREE to Thinktank ticket holders

Tel: 0121 202 2222 Thinktank, Millennium Point, Birmingham, B4 7XG Made possible by:

and a range of other charitable trusts and supporters



t o n o b d ru a u

millions of children around the worl d can enjoy her stories and pictures. If you’re around on September 1, finish the summer holiday with a tea part y. Bring along your favourite toy to listen to stories and get involved in craft activities. Gallery open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm. Check website for even t details.

July 21 - September 2


Summer Spectacular at Hatton

July 14 - September 23

Wistow Maze The maize maze at Wistow Hall is turned into a different scene each year, and this year it is taking the shape of an athlete running the relay, in honour of the Olympics. Find the 12 quiz boards hidden amongst the three miles of pathway in the giant maze. Open seven days a week 10am to 6pm from July 14 to September 2 then weekends only until September 23. Adults £5.95, children £4.95, family (2 adults and 2 children) £19.95. Visit or call 07884 403889 for more information.


This summer, Hatton Farm Village has an Olympic flavour. There are Olympic sports day races, an Olympic themed a-maize-ing maze and loads of exciting competitions. Peg yourself against your family members in all the competitions and races and see who can reach the centre of the maze before everyone else. Open from 10am to 5.30pm. Weekdays: adults £7.95, children £8.95; weekends: adults £11.95, children £12.95. July 21 - September 2

Marvelous Mechanisms at BCLM Follow the family discovery trail around the Black Country Living Museum and explore some of history’s greatest mechanisms. Visit the Newcomen Engine, the world’s first steam engine and join in with the hands-on heritage activities to make your own marvelous mechanism. Open from 10am to 5pm. Adults £14.95, concessions £11.95, children £7.95. July 21 - September 2

Timmy Time at Sea Life Centre

July 21-22


Joust at

Kenilworth Experience the pageantry of a medieval joust and enjoy the thrills and spills as you cheer on your favourite knight. There will be plenty of laughter with entertainment from the jester and music from the medieval minstrels. This full day out give a great insight into medieval life at the castle with music, dance, falconry displays and much more. Open from 11am to 5pm. Adults £10.30, children £6.20, concessions £9.30, family £26.70; adult member £2.10, child member £1.30, concession member £1.90, family member £5.40. SUMMER 2012 ISSUE

Sea Life Centre in Birmingham has teamed up with TV character Timmy to celebrate Timmy’s Seaside Rescue, the special Timmy Time film that is out this summer. On certain days you can meet Timmy in person and join in with lots of fun activities including quiz trails, arts and crafts and a model building competition. www.visitsealife. com. Open Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm and Saturday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm. Adults £18, children £14.40, family £56.40. Online discounts available.

July 24 - August 31

Artspace at Compton Verney Loads of drop-in activities base d around flight will be available for you to explore at Compton Verney over the summer. Design and create your own pair of wings, draw your own flying creatures and machines and mak ea Jacob’s ladder toy. Ope n from 11am to 5pm, Tuesday to Sunday. Admission to activities is included in entry fee: adults £10. 90, concessions £9, family £21.80. July 25

Summer Olympics at Sarehole Mill Create an Olympic medal of your very own at Sarehole Mill. Learn abou t how wheat is ground into flour and then use that flour to make a medal out of salt dough. Ope n from 1-3pm. £1 per child. July 25-26

Gladiator training at Avoncroft See if you have what it takes to become a Roman Gladiator in this training workshop at Avoncroft Museum. . Open from 10.30am to 5pm. Adults £7.7 0, seniors £6.60, children £4, family £19.80.

July 21 - September 29

The Tiger Who Came to Tea Everyone loves to book The Tiger Who Came to Tea and now there’s an exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery celebrating the work of Judith Kerr. From her early childhood drawings to original artwork from her books, Judith’s pictures will be on display for all to see this summer. The Tiger Who Came to Tea was Judith’s first book published back in 1968 for her children. Now,



time to get out and about

Coughton Court, Packwood House & Baddesley Clinton Enjoy the great outdoors in Warwickshire this summer with wildlife hunts, bug spotting and lots of outdoor fun throughout August.

01789 400777


An opportunity to visit the network of underground tunnels and famous Limestone Mines. Sit back and enjoy the skipper guided tour as our experienced boatmen take you on a magical journey.

Booking Hotline:

01384 236275

Historic boat available for crafts throughout the six week summer holidays.


Registered charity number 205846.

Dudley Canal Tunnel and Limestone Mines car park, A4123 Birmingham New Road, Dudley DY1 4SB Registered office and administration: Dudley Canal Trust (Trips) Limited, Blowers Green Pumphouse, Peartree Lane, Dudley, DY2 0XP

n o r u da

Explore More

Outdoor activities for girls and boys aged 6 – 13 years

Access to the forest based at the heart of the Lickey Hills


Open 8am to 5.30pm daily throughout the school holidays

For more information, visit our website or call us on 0 7 8 1 0 1 0 0 4 1 4


Why not learn to ride? Lessons Everyday 9-4 • Camps • Own a pony for a day. Learn to look after a pony, groom, ride, feed, tack up. All you need to know!!

August 4-5

Detective Weekend at

Blists Hill

Ring to book. Ask for Hannah or Toni. Tel: 0121 588 2103 Wigmore Lane, West Bromwich, B71 3SU


Budding amateur detectives and spies can meet the mighty Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson when they return to Blists Hill Victorian Town in Ironbridge following recent attempts to solve a serious crime in London. Open from 10am to 5pm. Adults £15.45, children £10.25, seniors £12.35.

July 26

y Hall Peg dolly making at Blakesle

Blakesley Hall. Suitable for over Make your very own peg dolly at . child per £1 .uk. fives. are July 27 - August 12, Victoria Squ

BBC Big Screen – Olympics

Ceremony to the thrills of all From the wonder of the Opening all Olympics coverage on the the sporting action, you can see ingham over the summer. Birm in are Squ Big Screen in Victoria y the show. For full fixtures enjo and Admission free, just grab a seat and times visit www.birmingham.g July 28-29

Shugborough Hall and Country Show

borough Hall, this family Set in the beautiful parkland of Shug ber of the family from mem y ever rtain ente will country show t includes birds of prey, men rtain the little ones to grandma. Ente and food marquees. On Sunday, working dogs, arts, crafts, gifts g Show where you can bring alon Dog on you can see the Compani . ough gbor .shu www self. for your your canine friend and have a go 0am to 4pm, marquee events Indoor fairs open from 10.3 concessions £5, children £3, from 10.30am to 5pm. Adults £6, ing. family £15. Free park


July 30 - August 3

rth Rogues and Villains at Kenilwo

man? Kenilworth Castle has Could you be a fearsome highway where you can take part in a the perfect training session for you s and legends surrounding myth the to n thrilling musket drill, liste even plan your own ambush. some of our favourite rogues and n from 11am to 5pm. Adults Ope k. org.u www.english-heritage. £7.40, family £21.30. £8.20, children £4.90, concessions



t o b da u


July 31 August 1

Go Roman at Wroxeter

Could you hack it in the Roman army? Prepare for action by taking part in Roman themed activities including a drill to see if you’ve got what it takes to be a Roman soldier. Open from 11am to 5pm. Adults £5, children £3, concessions £4.50, family £13.


A fantastic family day out Home of the fastest car on Earth!

August 1-10

Family fun at Packwood House Join in with outdoor games and nature trails at Packwood House. Whatever the weather, have an adventure to remember in the woodlands on the welly walk. Open from 10.45am to 4pm. Adults £8.30, children £4.55, family £21.15. August 1-31

Family fun at Coughton Court Outdoor games, wildlife activities and creative messy art are all available for all the family to enjoy at Coughton Court this summer. Different activities on various days, please call for details. Open from 10.45am to 4.30pm. Adults £9, children £4.50, family £23.60. Additional £1 per child for certain activities. August 2

Time Traveller workshop at Selly Manor

Whats On 22 June to 14 October Pedals To Medals An immersive and interactive exhibition celebrating the history and heroes of competitive cycling.

Throughout the Summer Holidays: Cycle-Tastic Summer Holiday Activities A range of activity trails and craft projects for families to enjoy together throughout the school summer holidays.

25 & 26 August Coventry Festival of Motoring A weekend of motoring fun for all ages, at Stoneleigh Park.

Tel: 024 7623 4270

Want to make your own time machine out of recycled materials? Well now you can, with the help of the team at Selly Manor. Open from 10am to 10pm. Booking is essentia l: call 0121 472 0199. £3.50 per child. Check website for details. August 3

Squishy bugs at Weoley Castle Make and take home your own little squishy bug at Weoley Castle. £1 per child. August 3,10,17,24

Family fun at Baddesley Clinton Get up close and personal with nature and join in with wildlife workshops. Add your nature sightings on to the blackboard to share your discoveries with everyone else. The family hub has outdoor games, activities and crafts all summer long. Open from 12-3pm. Normal admission charges apply: adults £9, children £4.50, family £23.60. Visit or call 01564 783294 for further details. August 6-10 & 27-31

Go Wild at Dudley Zoo The Go Wild Summer Academy at Dudley Zoo is hosting two weeks for Go Wild Adventurers (8-10 years) where you can meet friendly faces down on the farm, go hunting for bugs, exotic encounters and other animal-mad youngsters. Get hands-on animal experiences, go behind the scenes, explore the Zoo and Castle and make new friends. £99 per child for five days. From 10am to 3pm each day. Booking essential: call 0844 474 2272. August 7

Once upon a time at Bantock House Bantock House and Park in Wolverhampton is having a storytelling morning so you can go along to the performance space and listen to a story. There will also be the chance to join in with some craft activities afterwards. From 11.15am to 12pm. Free admission. SUMMER 2012 ISSUE



t o n o b d ru a u August 15-16

Pirate Academy at Avoncroft

Join the pirate fleet in these swashbuckling workshops at Avoncroft Museum. Learn to fire a cannon and create your own parrot companion to become a true pirate. www.avoncroft. Open from 10.30am to 5pm. Adults £7.70, seniors £6.60, children £4, family £19.80. August 18

Family night at BCLM

August 24-27


Festival of



We are very proud to say that Stourbridge in the Black Country makes some of the most famous glass in the world. This year marks the fifth festival celebrating 400 years of glass making in Stourbridge and there is a fantastic programme of events including treasure hunts, storytelling sessions, street entertainment and loads of demonstrations to watch and enjoy. Opening times and prices vary, visit website for details.

August 11

Crazy science at Soho House Follow in the footsteps of Matthew Boulton and his lunar friends as you take part in some incredible experiments and crazy chemistry as Soho House goes science mad. www.bmag. Open from 1.30-3.30pm. Free event. Normal charges apply to the historic house. 20

August 14-24

Dr Dee’s diabolical drop-in Magician, astrologer, courtier, explorer and spy, the mysterious Dr Dee is coming to Selly Manor to teach you how to make a star tracker and a compass. Look the part by making your own bizarre beard and hat. Open from 10am to 5pm. Adults £3.50, concessions £2.50, children £1.50, family £9.50. SUMMER 2012 ISSUE

Enjoy a traditional night of family entertainment at the Black Country Living Museum. Family fun, entertainment, street performers, circus skill games, face painting, balloon animal making, Punch and Judy shows and much more. Open from 6.30-10pm. Tickets must be booked in advance. Half price entry. August 19

Open Day at BMAG The Museum’s Collections Centre within Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is having an open day and you are invited. This is your chance to see even more of the huge varied collection of objects stored which are usually only seen by the curators. There is a special animal theme at this event with Animalmania, Hatton Bug Zoo and the Hagley Falconry Centre on hand to tell you all you need to know about birds of prey, insects, snakes, spiders, rabbits and many other furry friends. www.bmag. Open from 11am to 5pm. Free event. August 24-27

Insomnia: The UK’s biggest gaming festival Like playing games? Insomnia is the UK’s biggest gaming festival and it’s held right here in the Midlands at The International Centre in Telford. Gamers and industry leaders come together to celebrate games in all their forms. It’s a great day out for the whole family. Open from 10am daily, check website for full list of events and times. Tickets range from ‘bring your own computer’ to ‘spectator’ – check website for full prices. August 25-27

Treasure Island weekend at Blists Hill Over the August bank holiday weekend, Blists Hill Victorian town in Ironbridge is dressing up as pirates from the classic Robert Louis Stevenson novel Treasure

Island. The open-air museum will be running this special literary themed event with actors recreating scen es from the book. .uk. Open from 10am to 5pm. Adults £15.45, children £10.25, seniors £12.35. August 27

The Big Bus Birthday at The Transport Museum The National Association of Roa d Transport Museums is celebrating its 30th birthday in August and has chosen the Transport Museum in Wythall as the location for its spec ial day. Whatever the bank holiday weather, as many buses as poss ible are run for your enjoyment, alon gside all the usual attractions including the miniature steam trains. Open from 10.30am to 5pm. Adults £5, child ren £2.50, family £12.50. August 28

Open cockpit at Airbase Coventry Airbase Coventry is holding an open cockpit day where you can expl ore the areas of aircraft that you’ve never seen before. Pleasure flights are also available on the day. Ope n from 10am to 6pm. Adults £10, children £5, seniors £7, family £25. Pleasure flights are extra, check website for deta ils. September 8-9

Birmingham Honey Show

The Birmingham Honey Show is taking place at the Martineau Gardens in Edgbaston, where you can learn about the craft of beekeeping. Talk to local beekeepers, view observation hive s, make candles from beeswax and even buy locally produced honey direc t from the beekeepers. www.martinea Open from 10am to 4pm. Free entry. September 23

Toy Collectors’ Fair at the NEC Do you love collecting toys? The Toy Collectors’ Fair is back at the NEC in Birmingham, showcasing 600 stall s of toys, trains and models for you to admire. Visitors to the show can expect to find tables full of Corg i, Dinky, Spot On, Tekno, Lledo, EFE , Sunstar, Norev and Miniicgamps . Model railways, dolls, teddy bear s, Scalextrics, Disneyana and so muc h more will be there to see. Open from 10.30am to 3.30pm. Adults £6, seniors £5.50, children £2.


Summer Workshops at Selly Manor, Bournville

Jester Skills

A wo w wonderful o nd on nder derf er fu ful ul wa w way a y to ay t sp sspend pen pe e nndd a da dday!. a y!y! ay

Tuesday 24th July Learn juggling, diabolo and plate-spinning skills. Plus make your own juggling balls and jester hat!

Pirates Thursday 26th July Ahoy me hearties. Make a cutthroat cutlass, eye-catching eye patch and parade around in your very own pirate hat.

Dragons Tuesday 31st July Do you dare to make an erupting volcano dragon lair? Create a fierce and fantastic dragon puppet, your own dragon’s egg and official dragon hunter’s pass. Time Travellers Thursday 2nd August Make your own super time machine with recycled materials. Booking and payment for workshops is essential in advance on 0121 472 0199 . Workshops at 10am and 1pm and last approximately an hour and a half, suitable for children aged from 5 – 11, and cost £3.50 per child. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Accompanying adults receive free entrance to the workshop but an admission charge is applicable should adults wish to view the museum. Selly Manor, Maple Road, Bournville, B’ham, B30 2AE

0121 472 0199

A school holiday treat for all the family MER TRAINS RUN THROUGHOUT THE SUM

hildr Activities forugCust en during A PLEASE SEE WEBSITE FOR DATES

P R E - B O O K A N D S AV E AT or call: 01299



Severn Valley Railway, The Railway Station, Bewdley, Worcs DY12 1BG

SVR1231_School Holiday Ad_135x90_PT.indd 1

29/06/2012 11:02




Make sculpture! Paint Portraits! Cast coins!

Fantastic & fun workshops for kids!

ALSO – Our Drawing Sundays for families run until 30 September!

For more information, pick up our latest Families First brochure, or visit:



FIRST or call: 0121 414 2261

Weston under Redcastle,Nr Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY4 5UY 01948 841 700

Family fun days, crafts and glass making for kids Friday 27 July, 12noon – 4pm, FREE Teddy Bear’s Picnic – Broadfield House Glass Museum Crafts, storytelling, trails Saturday 4 August, 10am – 4pm, £5 per craft Have a Go Day – Red House Glass Cone Have a go at glass engraving, wood turning, glass fusing, glass beadmaking and even throw a pot Thursday 9 August, 10am – 4pm, £2.75 Dinosaur family day – Dudley Museum and Art Gallery Dinosaur crafts, stories and trails

Saturday 25 August, 10am – 4pm, FREE Best of British Family Fun Day – Broadfield House Glass Museum Crafts, donkey rides, stalls, music, sandpit, storytelling, punch and judy, competitions, prizes Sunday 26 August, 11am onwards, FREE World’s Longest Glassblowing Demonstration – Broadfield House Glass Museum and Red House Glass Cone Two teams go head to head, who will run out of puff first? Monday 27 August, 10am – 4pm, FREE Birthday Bash – Red House Glass Cone It’s our 10th birthday, join us for costumed reenactors, period games, crafts and tours.

Saturday 18 August, 10am – 4pm, FREE Summer Magic – Dudley Museum and Art Gallery Magic and balloon sculptures with magician Ron Popple

PLUS: Glass engraving: £3.75, ages 8+ Make a kiln fused glass pendant: £3.75 ages 5+ Make a glass tile and take a tour: £5.25 ages 5+ Clay days: every Thursday @ the cone £5. Book on 07966 514766 FREE trails and colouring crafts across all sites: all ages FREE admission to all museum sites


International Festi val of Glass – exhibitio ns, events, activities and fun 24 – 27 August,

See for info

Broadfield House Glass Museum, Compton Drive, Kingswinford, DY6 9NS.

Dudley Museum and Art Gallery, James’s Road, Dudley, DY1 1HU.

Red House Glass Cone, High Street, Wordsley, DY8 4AZ,

01384 812745

01384 815575

01384 812750


t o n o b d ru a u Thinktank Science Garden

places to visit


Thinktank Science Garden

The brand new Science Garden is now open at the Thinktank in Birmingham. Visitors can explore themes of energy, mechanics and transport ation through three fun zones and 42 exhibits, inclu ding the first ever logicdefying square-wheeled people wagon and a ‘pulley me up’ machine. Tickets to Thinktank include entry to the Science Gard en: adults £12.25, children and concessions £8.40, family £39.

July 21 - September 9

Dinosaurs Uncovered


Dinosaurs Uncovered invites you to travel back 250 million years to meet some of the most iconic and awe-inspiring creatures to ever walk the Earth. Come face to face with the skull of the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex, witness the strength of the Stegosaurus’ armour plating and be astonished by the Triceratops’ three horned might. Packed with exciting interactive and touch screen technology, you can design your very own dinosaur skin, piece together dinosaur skeletons and test your knowledge of these astonishing creatures. Tickets for Dinosaurs Uncovered cost £4.95 for children/concessions, £5.95 for adults or £18.00 for a family (two adults with two children or one adult with three children). Book in advance and get a 10% discount at or simply pay on the day. You can also have a wander round the FREE Monsters of the Deep aquarium in the Studio. Between July 21 and September 9 this unique CGI prehistoric aquarium shows the reptiles that swam the Earth’s seas millions of years ago as the dinosaurs roamed the land. Included in the Monsters of the Deep is the FREE Early Years Activity Space. Your little ones can explore the deepest waters of the prehistoric ocean and create your own sea monster to dive, splash and swim with. The all age activity space includes a special baby friendly area. Join the mailing list for regular updates on all the exhibitions, creative events and family workshops – ask at reception or go to

The Severn Valley Railway has been transporting people between Bridgnorth and Kiddermi nster for more than 150 years. Nowadays, the railway is mainly used for leisure, tourism and education but many years ago it was used to move coal and agricultural mate rials. Today, you can book a journey along the historical railway to experience it for yourself. Check the website for full details of events, times and prices:

Stratford Butterfly Farm

Whatever the British weather thro ws at us this summer, you can enjoy a walk around Stra tford Butterfly Farm whether it’s beautiful sunshine or raining a thunderstorm. Explore the Caterpillar Room, obse rve the strange creatures in Insect City and, if you’ re brave enough, crawl down to Arachnoland, home of the world’s largest spider. Open from 10am to 6pm. Adults £6.25, seniors £5.75, children £5.2 5, family £18.50.

Solihull Ice Rink

Love skating? A bit wobbly on your feet? Whatever your ability, Solihull Ice Rink has events and sessions to suit you. Open from 10am to 10.30pm. Check website for price s and session times.

Crash! Bang! Wallop!

Do your little ones get bored durin g the summer holidays? Crash! Bang! Wallop! has everything that you need to keep them occupied. It’s an indoor adventure wonderland where children can spend hours having adventures, firing cannons, slidi ng down a double helix tunnel slide, hiding in ball pits and even getting exercise in the sports area. Check out www for all the details.


Severn Valley Railway




KINETIC ART art in motion STEAMPUNK quirky gizmos and artifacts with a Victorian twist AUTOMATA interesting mechanical contraptions • Located in Stratford upon Avon • Open every day • Educational packs are available • Supervising adults receive a free admissions ticket • Book our MAD scientist for a private tour • Fantastic gift shop • Discount for school groups (contact us today & quote STG07) • Pre-book tickets • Coach parking and drop off area close by (CV37 6YY) The Kumon English programme has been developing confident, independent learners with a love of reading for 15 years in the UK.

Sheep Street, Stratford Upon Avon, CV37 6EF

01789 269356

To begin your child’s Kumon journey, contact your local Instructor for a Free Assessment.

Primary Time SUMMER 2012:Layout 1

0800 854 714 29/6/12 18:03 Page 1

An individual approach to education

Maths & English

St George’s School



Fantastic academic progress 5-14 year olds of all abilities Confidence boosting Entrance Exam courses

Give your child the best start in life with an education at St George’s School, in Edgbaston. A fully co-educational independent day school, offering a caring and friendly community for children from age 3 to18 years.

REGISTER NOW- NURSERY OPENING SEPTEMBER 2012 Quality care for children age 4 months - 4 years

Book your free trial session today! Harborne 0121 647 4394 Wylde Green 0121 647 5159

25% off your first month

when you join any of the centres below in July 2012

Kings Heath Leamington Oldbury

0121 661 7409 01926 422 800 0121 647 6369

Small classes with a fun learning ethos for younger pupils Outstanding dyslexia support 11+ tuition and excellent exam results After school care until 5.50pm Extra-curricular and enrichment activities

OPEN DAY 22ND SEPTEMBER Register for 2013 school places

Tel: 0121 625 0398 31, Calthorpe Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 1RX Email:


Our pick

must-haves of the latest


for your boo

nity From Zero to Infi Dr Mike Goldsmith, (and beyond) (8+) Buster Books, £7.99 Do you get frustrated by fractions? Confused by co-ordinates? Perplexed by Pythagoras? Baffled by binary code? Well, this book has it all. Whatever level you’re at in maths, this book will help you out with whatever you’re stuck on. We loved Mr Venn’s number trap on page 90 – try it out for yourself! This book will also help mum and dad when they are trying to understand your maths homework (we all know you get confused, too!), plus it’s written by a Doctor, so you know it’s reliable.

) lephant (8+ E e h t d n a Tua Ten-year-old Tua has everything she could possibly ever need at her home in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There is just one thing that she wants – a sister. While she is in the market one day, Tua makes a new friend – this friend is kind, wise, loving and an elephant. Yes, an elephant. The elephant, known as Pohn-Pohn, is being held captive by mean people and Tua sets herself the challenge of rescuing Pohn-Pohn and taking him to an elephant sanctuary. Tua no longer wishes for a sister as she has now found the best thing she could have ever wanted; she has found a friend. We loved this heartwarming story of love, loneliness and longing and we hope you do, too.

R.P.Harris, Chronicle Books, £10.99

The Magnificant Moon Hare (7+) Sue Monroe, Egmont, £5.99

each adilly Press, £6.99 Tony Maddox, Picc Fergus the dog is back in reissues of two of his most exciting adventures. In Fergus Goes Quackers, Fergus makes friends with five baby ducklings who take comfort with him and sleep in the warmth of his kennel with him. Unaware of what they are doing, the ducklings begin to copy Fergus’s sounds and he finds them barking around the farmyard. Soon, everyone else joins in. Read this to the little ones at night and they will surely start ‘quacking’, too! In Fergus’s Scary Night, Fergus and the other animals listen to cow telling a ghost story - they then all become convinced that there are ghosts on the farm. Will everything be OK on the farm? We sure hope so.

We wan your favou t to hear about ri at Primary te books! Write to us Times, Pub lishing Ink, Fifth Floor, Whit Street, Birm e House, 111 New ingham, B2 4EU or jennifer@p email us at ub tell us abou and t your and why yo favourite books u love th You might e ven see you em. r name here in the next issue!

Outlaw: the true story of Robin Hood (7+)

rgo, Michael Morpu £6.99 s, lin Harper Col

Quackers s e o G … s u Ferg ight (4+) N y r a c S d n a

The Magnificent Moon Hare is a funny adventure about a pampered princess, her pet dragon and the enchanting Moon Hare. Moon Hare sets off on a dangerous adventure to try to save King Winston before he gets his head chopped off. Princess PJ Petulant is very spoilt; she is constantly demanding things from her parents, the King and Queen. However, when PJ meets Moon Hare with his stripy tights and relaxed attitude to life, she realises she has met her match. Will they make it in time to rescue King Winston’s head? Brought to you by CBeebies and GMTV Kids presenter Sue Monroe, if you like Roald Dahl stories, you will love this book.

We all know the story of Robin Hood – he’s the hero who steals from the rich to give to the poor. Well, this brand new book from the author of War Horse tells the real story. Lost in a dark and strange forest, Robin is rescued by misfits. Robin has to try to free himself from these cruel tyrants and finally defeat the Sheriff of Nottingham, as he’s supposed to. Robin Hood is a brilliant hero – he’s brave, loyal and loved by all (well, all good people) and he is really interesting, too. Get to know him in this fantastically written new book. It’s a great read for all the family. CYCLING TRACK



s t e p r e n r o c ROWING

‘Heather with Noah and Genkaku’ For our summer issue, Pets Corner comes all the way from America, from friends of Primary Times Kim and Heather in California … “Just looking at our dogs’ faces is enough to make you melt; they are both so cute. Noah is a Sheltie Shetland sheep dog and Genkaku is a Pomeranian. They are very picky eaters. They love getting scraps or leftovers from our meals. We also feed them dry, moist and wet food, although the dry food always seems to get left in the bowl. Noah loves to chase all the birds out of our backyard; he is our watchdog and warns us of any noises or intruders. He is very smart and understands quite a few words. He can roll over, shake hands and say ‘I love you’. If Genkaku wants attention, he will jump in your lap and put his paw on your arm or leg. Sometimes he even climbs onto the pillows and sits on your shoulder like a pirate’s parrot and licks and kisses your ear. He can also speak; he can say ‘I love you’ and ‘I’m a rebel’. Both dogs will be getting shaved soon as it’s summertime. They both have very thick fur which can get very hot for them during this time of year. The rest of the year they get bathed and brushed to keep their fur clean and free of tangles.” 26

to We want ut hear abos! your pet Remember, we want to hear about your pets! If you have any questions about your


‘Linus and Charlotte’ Actor, director and author Henry Winkler talks about his two dogs, Charlotte and Linus. “Hi, I’m Henry. I was born in New York City. I am a husband, a father and a grandfather. My children are called Jed, Zoe and Max and my grandchildren are India Bell and Ace. We have two dogs and they are called Charlotte and Linus. Charlotte is a Labradoodle, a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle. She is an independent sleeper; she sleeps on our bed and if you dare touch her with your toe she will growl at you until you move. One day, my wife went to the cinema and there, in the car park was a little Labrador retriever. He was just sitting there, so my wife brought him home and he promptly grew into a Great ‘Genkaku sporting cool shades for Dane. He will walk summer’

pets, advice on what you should be feeding them, how often you should be walking them or letting them outside, or if you just want to send in a picture of your pet for us to see, we want to hear from you. Furry, fluffy, scaly or big enough to ride, we love all pets! Send us a picture of your pets with a few sentences about them, what they like to do, what they eat and why you love them.

‘Henry Winkler with Charlotte and Linus’

up to the dining table and suck a chicken clean off your plate; no chewing involved! He is not an independent sleeper. He sleeps on the bed and he’s got to touch you. When I say ‘touch you’, I mean he’s got to lie on you. You do not get up in the middle of the night to pee unless he decides you can!”

Email us at or write to Pets Corner, Primary Times, Publishing Ink, Fifth Floor, White House, 111 New Street, Birmingham, B2 4EU. Please note that we are unable to return photographs sent by post. If you require your photograph back, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope.


King of

Egypt From a royal tomb guardian to sculpture, jewellery and palace decoration, PHARAOH: King of Egypt is the largest ever touring exhibition of Egyptian artefacts in the UK, on loan from The British Museum. In association with

14 July 14 October 2012

Blue-glazed shabti of the Pharaoh Seti I. From the Valley of the Kings, Egypt, c.1285 BC Š The Trustees of the British Museum


Gas Hall, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham B3 3DH

Tickets: 0121 303 1966

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

IRONBRIDGE GORGE MUSEUMS Great value days out Tel 01952 433424

SUMMER HOLIDAYS Meet the Victorians at Blists Hill Victorian Town and join in their fantastic events and activities. Come back again and again all summer with the Annual Passport Ticket.

o s t p com eti i WIN A MOOKIE PRO


We are celebrating the Olympics in many different ways at Primary Times: we have been training hard to get in good shape, we have produced this bumper issue for you with loads of Olympic fun everywhere you look and we even have an extra special sporty prize for you! Mookie’s Pro Swingball is a fun game that can be played by all the family, whatever the weather. The Pro Swingball is 1.75m high and has a larger coil than normal so the game will last longer than ever before. So, have you been counting our special Olympic icons? If you think you have found them all, what you need to do now for your chance of winning this amazing Pro Swingball is tell us how many you found!



Ghost Buddy: Zero to Hero is the latest book from Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver. After writing 17 books in the Hank Zipzer series, Henry and Lin have started a new series called Ghost Buddy that follows the adventures of Billy Broccoli and his ghost friend Hoover Porterhouse. We were lucky enough to meet Henry Winkler when he visited Coventry recently and you can read our full interview with him on page 8. While he was there, Henry kindly signed five copies of Ghost Buddy: Zero to Hero to give away in a competition to you. For your chance to win a copy, just answer this question:


Send your answer on a postcard with your full name and address to Olympics competition, Primary Times, Publishing Ink, Fifth Floor, White House, 111 New Street, Birmingham, B2 4EU or send us an email with your answer, full name and address to Good luck! Closing date: August 24



The Black Country Living Museum is a great place for all the family to get together and relive and learn about the history of our fantastic region. Enjoy the classic fish and chip supper, stroll around the historical buildings and browse the traditional Black Country shops. We have teamed up with the Black Country Living Museum to give you the chance to win one of three family tickets. For your chance to win, just answer this question:




The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum is celebrating its latest exhibition: Dinosaurs Uncovered with a fantastic giveaway of five family tickets. The Herbert is inviting you to travel back 250 million years to meet some of the most iconic and aweinspiring creatures that have ever walked the Earth. For your chance to win one of five family tickets to the Dinosaurs Uncovered exhibition, just answer this question:






Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust looks after all the historic houses and gardens in Stratford upon Avon that had significance in William Shakespeare’s life including his birthplace, Anne Hathaway’s cottage (she was his wife), Nash’s House & New Place, Mary Arden’s Farm and Hall’s Croft. This year there are loads of exciting events going on at all of the Shakespeare houses and we have teamed up with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust to give readers the chance to win one of five family passes for two adults and up to three children which allows entry into all Shakespeare houses and gardens for 12 months. For details on what’s on and when at the Shakespeare houses, visit For your chance to win a family pass, just answer this question:



With Olympic excitement stronger than ever, what better way to get in the spirit than with a race around a maze? At Wistow Hall in Leicestershire you can do just that. The annual maize maze opens on July 14 and is this year in the shape of an athlete running the relay. Wistow Maze is offering visitors the chance to join in with the patriotic fever with a family ticket to use this summer. For your chance to win, just answer this question:




The Magnificent Moon Hare is an hysterically funny adventure story about a pampered princess and an enchanting Moon Hare. Together, the princess and the Moon Hare go on a magical adventure to rescue her father, King Winston. From CBeebies and GMTV Kids presenter Sue Monroe come The Magnificent Moon Hare and we have five copies to give away, courtesy of Egmont. For your chance to win, just answer this question:

WHO WAS SHAKESPEARE’S WIFE? Closing date: August 31



Closing date: September 5


If you are looking for a great place to visit with the children this summer, you need look no further than Kenilworth Castle and Elizabethan Garden. It’s England’s largest ruined castle and it’s ready and waiting to be explored by you. The castle features wide open spaces, fantastic for young knights and princesses to charge around, plus every weekday from July 30 to August 24 visitors can meet Kenilworth Castle’s Time Travellers and learn about rogues, villains, knights and princesses as part of the castle’s Medieval season of events. The summer holidays are topped and tailed with blockbuster events, the Grand Medieval Joust on July 21 and 22 and the Knights’ Tournament on August 26 and 27. We have got five family tickets to Kenilworth Castle to give away, valid until March 2013. For your chance to win, just answer this question:



We all want to meet people from history; the trouble is that everyone is dead. It’s time to prepare yourselves for Horrible Histories live on stage in these two amazing shows built into one: Terrible Tudors and Vile Victorians. Don’t miss the chance to travel back in time to see historical figures and events brought back to life through the use of actors and groundbreaking 3D effects. We have teamed up with the Town Hall in Birmingham to give you the chance to win a family ticket to see Horrible Histories on Tuesday September 25 at 7pm. For your chance to win, just answer this question:

IF THE TUDORS WERE TERRIBLE, WHAT WERE THE VICTORIANS? Closing date: September 11 To enter all our competitions, go to or send your entry on a postcard with the name of the competition you wish to enter, your name, address and telephone number to Primary Times, Publishing Ink, Fifth Floor, White House, 111 New Street, Birmingham, B2 4EU by the closing date stated. You can go straight to our competitions page on our website by scanning this code with your smart phone. Good luck! SUMMER 2012 ISSUE



to be a

part of our




also ava ilable for Kids Holiday Clubs!



631 6101!

O K N C SCALLYWAGS PLAY CENTRES BIRTHDAY PARTY SPECIALISTS THE HOME OF THE FIXED PRICE PARTY OFFER TEL: 01384 77004 01384 74654/0121 382 4405 5 Stars for food hygiene and safety


the clown



7862 TEL: 0121 749868 356 MOB: 07711 CRB


Are you looking for a new party idea?

MAKE YOUR PARTY A PARTY THIS YEAR Bouncy Castles, Slides for all ages

Scrumptious Ideas will come to your house or chosen venue to provide a fantastic Jewellery Making Party for children aged six onwards.

For more information contact Toni on

Active & Explore Organised Parties 0-5 Years

D.J DISCO Parties 0-100 years, plus school disco, christenings & special events

Tel: 07817 033292

07968 401320

See website for more details

Celebrate beneath the waves!

Birthdays at

ace to be” “The coolest pl


Quote ‘Primary Times’ for an extra 10% off! Booking number 0870 222 6932

(A SAVING OF £13.00) Our party package includes: • Ice skating including skate hire • Choice of party meal • Your “We are a lot own party host & party room closer than you think… • Party invitations • Gift for just 5 minutes away from the birthday child & free junction 5 or 6 of the M42 skating voucher • Voucher and CAR PARKING IS for every party guest FREE” Offer expires 31/11/2012 For further information & to book your birthday party, please call the box office on 0121 742 5561 Blue Ice Solihull Rink, Blue Ice Plaza, Hobs Moat Road, Solihull B92 8JN

Cupcake decorating party! Perfect for girls & boys from 5 to 105 07981 813179

Feed Your Potential NEW early afternoon pre school dance classes in Sutton Coldfield & Solihull

Want a party with a difference? Want to be a model?

NEW early afternoon pre school dance classes in Sutton Coldfield & Solihull


Call Michelle on

01675 442261 or 07817 033292


Book your two hour party today Each guest will: • have their make-up done and hair styled • model in a professional photoshoot • receive an A4 print to take home! Party games also included

Call Jeanne or Tiffany on 07593

991960 or visit to find out more information


Holiday Camps Are you aged * 5-16 years?

n! u f e h t n i n i o j d Come along an We offer...

all day camps, fun sessions, coaching activities, swimming & exciting day trips * Check for under 8 sessions. Sessions hourly to all day


23 July - 31 August 2012


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