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Cycle Club

Come along to the Cycle Derby holiday club. You’ll make loads of new friends and learn lots of great bike skills on our various cycling days out around Derby. Club 1 Location: Saint Benedict Date(s): 24 July -27 Jul 2012 Club 2 Location: Homefields Date(s): 7 Aug -10 Aug 2012 Club 3 Location: Grampian Date(s): 21 Aug -24 Aug 2012 Time: 10:00am – 3:30pm Age: 8 – 14 years Price: £12 per day or £45 for 4 days Requirements • Own Bike • Food & Drink • Appropriate clothing • You need to book and pay for this activity in advance

r to For more information o book please call Tracey Fletcher on 01332 641773 or cyclederby@derby.g



g days

Venue: Alvaston Park Time: 10am - 2pm Date: 26 July & 23 August 2012 Age: 10 -16 years Price: £12.00


Venue: Robin Wood, Ingelby nr Swalkestone Time: 10am - 3pm Date: 26 July & 21 August 2012 Age: 10 -16 years Price: £12.00 Requirements: • Appropriate clothing • Food and drink • You need to book and pay for this activity in advance

Learn to ride Location: Markeaton Park

Time: 10:00am – 2:00p m Date(s): 24, 25 & 31 Ju ly 2012 1, 28 & 29 Aug 2012 Age: 4 years & upwards Price: £7.50

Bikeability Cycle Training Location: Ma

rkeaton Park Time: 10:00am – 12.30 pm Date(s): 26, 27 July & 30, 31 Aug 2012 Age: 10 years & upwa rds Price: Free Requirements • Own bike • You need to book and pay for ‘learn to ride’ in ad vance

t t s e n o n c Welcome



Jennifer HOCKEY

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Don’t Bin It, Recycle It!

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Join the fun this summer at

East Midlands Airport

Following the success of the activity sessions held in the Aerozone education centre last summer, we have decided to bring them back! The sessions are an opportunity to get involved in a variety of activities on the airport site. Open on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s over the holidays, parents can accompany their children on an exciting trip to the airport, where they can find out what happens in a fun and creative way.


Tuesday 24th and Thursday 26th July am and pm Meet Air Traffic Control. Tuesday 31st July and Thursday 2 August Morning session—The Power of the Wind. Afternoon session—Working with Willow. Tuesday 7th and Thursday 9th August Morning session—Lets Go Fly a Kite. Afternoon session—Art on the Trail. Tuesday 14th August Morning session—Lets go Fly a Kite Afternoon session—Working with Willow Thursday 16th August Morning session—The Power of the Wind Afternoon session—Art on the Trail Tuesday 21st and Thursday 23rd August Morning session—Treasure Hunt Afternoon session—Meet the Fire Fighters.

We would also like to thank all the advertisers who have supported this publication and therefore made it possible. Primary Times is currently publishing over 2 million copies per issue under franchise licences throughout Britain. Primary Times in Derbyshire is operated under franchise licence.

Tuesday 28th and Thursday 30th August Morning session—Treasure Hunt Afternoon session—Meet the Fire Fighters There will be two sessions on each of the dates advertised which will take place from 10 – 11.30am and 12.30 – 2.00pm. Suggested age: 5 – 11 years. There is a cost to visit the Aerozone of £3 per child, which is required at the time of booking. Payment can be made by cash or cheque. Booking is essential. Email or call 01332 818414 to book, specifying which date you would like to attend. Why not combine your visit with a trip to the Aeropark Castle Donington? Check for details

Disclaimer: All reasonable efforts have been taken to give accurate information and any facts given are true to the best of our knowledge. However, you should rely wholly on your own enquiries and take advice where appropriate. Information is correct at time of going to press..



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THE OLYMPIC GAMES ARE FINALLY HERE A bit of history to start … The Olympic Games began more than 2,700 years ago in a place called Olympia in Greece. The Games were part of a religious festival that involved rituals, sacrifices and worship to the Gods. The Greek Olympics have inspired the modern Olympic Games that began in 1896. The Games were originally held in honour of Zeus, the King of the Greek Gods, and were staged every four years at Olympia. People from all over Greece flocked to watch and compete in the Games. 4

At the very first Olympic Games there was only one event, a short sprint from one end of the stadium to the other. Can you imagine if that was still the case now? There wouldn’t be such a rush to get tickets, that’s for sure! Thankfully, over time, more and more sports have been added to the list of Olympic events including javelin, long jump, wrestling and discus. The pentathlon – which now features horse riding, fencing, shooting, swimming and running, used to consist of running, wrestling, javelin, discus and long jump. Winners were given a wreath of leaves (like the thing you hang on your front door at Christmas) and an extreme hero’s welcome back home. While most things about the Olympics have got much bigger, the running track that now has eight lanes used to have 20. A bit crowded, don’t you think? Do you think Usain Bolt would run 100m in nine seconds if there were 19 other people around him?


Countries … There are 203 competing countries in today’s Olympic Games. There are 53 African countries, 43 Asian countries, 49 European countries, 17 Oceanic countries and 41 American countries. If each country entered one athlete into each event, there would be 7,308 competitors. That’s a lot of people to parade around the stadium in the opening ceremony. Not every country enters into every single event, but many of the larger countries enter several athletes into the same events. There is a special village built for the athletes to live in during the Games so they can sleep, rest and eat in peaceful surroundings while they prepare for their events.

Sharron Davies, former Olympian and mum of three tells us why she’s looking forward to London 2012


Closing Ceremony … It hasn’t even started yet and we’re talking about it ending – the Closing Ceremony is just as important as the Opening, as it marks the handover from one host country to the next at the end of the Games on Sunday August 12. This Ceremony celebrates the achievement of the athletes and sees the handover of the Games from London to Rio de Janeiro who will be hosting in 2016.

For all the information that could ever need about the Olympic Games 2012, go to - you might even find a sporty page that will help you with the competition.

Ellen Gandy rth Gemma Spoffo Ryan Lochte

Paralympic Games … The Paralympic Games are an event in their own right and take place a couple of weeks after the Olympics from Wednesday August 29 to Sunday September 9. In 1948, the first athletic event for disabled people was held, but it was just a small gathering of British veterans from World War II organised by Dr. Ludwig Guttmann of Stoke Mandeville Hospital. The aim of the event was to create an elite sports competition for people with disabilities that would be equivalent to the Olympic Games. The event was held for the second time in 1952 with Dutch veterans joining the British making it the first international competition for disabled people. In 1960, the first official Paralympic Games were held in Rome with 400 wheelchair athletes from 23 counties competing. In the 1976 Paralympics, athletes with different disabilities were permitted to enter, with 1,600 athletes from 40 countries turning out to compete. In the Beijing Games in 2008, more than 3,900 athletes from 146 countries competed, making it the biggest Paralympic Games in history. What will the numbers be for London 2012? We shall have to wait and see.

All images courtesy of London 2012

The Opening Ceremony marks the beginning of the Olympic Games on Friday July 27. The host nation – this year, that’s us – showcases, to the rest of the world, what is good about their country. The Ceremony will provide the UK with the chance of showing the world what our culture means, what our values are and what we a most proud of. In the Ceremony, The Queen (because she’s the Head of State) will be welcomed into the Olympic Stadium by the President of the International Olympic Committee and the parade of athletes will see all participating teams, nation by nation in alphabetical order, walk into the stadium waving their flag. Greece always goes first, as they invented the Games, the host country goes last and all other countries come in between. Lord Sebastian Coe, Chair of LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games) will then give a speech and the Queen will declare the Games open!

on Rebecca Adlingt Fran Halsall


In today’s Olympics, there are a lot more sports than there were 2,700 years ago. Throughout the magazine we have hidden little pictures of all of the sports that will be featured in the London 2012 Olympics. They look like this one (this counts as your first one!) – this shows weightlifting. Find them all, tell us how many there are and you could win a Pro Swingball from Mookie! Send your answer on a postcard with your full name and address to Olympics competition, Primary Times, Publishing Ink, Fifth Floor, White House, 111 New Street, Birmingham, B2 4EU or email your answer with your name and address to WEIGHTLIFTING by the closing date of August 24.


Opening Ceremony …

“We are hoping that one of the legacies that will be left by the Olympics will be an excitement of the younger generation wanting to get involved in sport. The first weekend of the Olympics will see ‘Join In’ where LOCOG will work with local community sport clubs to get people to join in and take up a sport. Every year after Wimbledon, thousands of people decide they want to pick up a tennis racket and what we’re hoping for with the Olympics is that there will be a similar outcome. If you’re inspired to pick up a bike or table tennis bat or learn taekwondo, swimming or athletics, somebody will be there to guide and encourage you.”


d a r b o n pi


for y d a e Get r w term e the n tion Centres offer athparot wgillragmivmeean

duca lidays bjects Grath E e summer ho both su l needs. The Kip Mc th r e lis v g h or o ua n s E id n , iv o s d s areas of les t in math your child’s in g in key s, e boos in n iv o rn s a g n le in te d th d in n a e e x m p la l e re ta d ed, , men r fun, combin ses offe g and spelling alified, s u la q c e s te u u in ly 80-min tic, read rath on child arithme ip McG g your such as s and more. K chers meanin ferred re p ir ill a e k te s skilled red to th are designed writing d ilo n ta a g d nce achin sses experie ellent te ability. The cla real head start ive exc a of l e ild v h best le c will rece r d u hild the style an give yo e your c cGrath iv learning onfidence and G r. a ic ye tc Kip M to boos e new academ ng them at a in ri th centres te s n is o g rd a n re o y ti 332 b tow a 1 e 0 rm c ll n cha e info or ca ), possible r you. For all th y North ipm nea 17 (Derb elper). www.k 8 centre 0 to 7 6 o g hire, 01332 3633 (B Derbys South), 773 82 (Derby est), 01 7 W 2 y 1 1 rb 8 3 (De 986131 01332


Feed the animals, collect your own eggs and much more! Tractor & Trailer Rides Saturdays & School Holidays.

(Open Monday—Saturday 10am to 5pm: £4.50 per person age 2 & over)

Fresh Produce and Gifts available from our Farm Shop esdays £1.50 each Parent & Toddler Day-Tu free (term time only) under

See our website for Par


ties & School Trips

Heage Lane, Etwall, Derby DE65 6LS

01283 735063

More than just a holiday club!

School’s Out Club is open to children aged three to 14. creams. There are Over and under also exciting eights are provided opportunities to tak with individual e part in science areas suited to the experiments, fashio ir interests. With a n shows, planting huge amount of toy and growing fruit and vegetables. s and resources, all children enjoy the For over eights the ir time with lots of re is den making, free play and excit dressing up, the lat ing opportunities. est games and School’s Out Holid consoles, dance ay Club is putting room, movie time, on a whole range bin go and discos. Th of activities includ ere is also a fun ing bouncy assault co Olympic Week fro urse from Inflatama m July nia an d loads of special 23-27 where there visitors eager to will ma ke yo ur child’s experience be opportunities to one that make they will never for crafts, cook excit get – the Magical ing Ma yh em tea m teach how to be treats and go on lowa magician, the brillia cost trips to the cin nt fun of ride-on ema, clo wn bik es , the street dancer bowling, shoppin who g, teaches routines, swimming and loc and hairdressers al who sty le yo ur ha ir into the latest Ho attractions including llyw oo d tre nds. There are als Gulliver’s Kingdom o two full time , sp ort s co ac hes who are extre Highfields Happy mely knowledgeable in Hens and Carsing all areas of sports, ton wi th fav ou rite s including footba Waters. Jungle an ll d tournaments and Animal week from dodgeball. From Ju ly 23 to Au gu st 31 at St. Benedic August 13-17 inc t Catholic ludes School, from 7am cookery sessions to 6pm. Prices ran ge from £13.50 for ha making Malteaser lf a day to £27 for a full day. Registratio crunch bars, n is free and easy. To find out more abou double chocolate t School’s Out an d to book sessions for shortbreads and the Holiday Club, visit www.schools berry crumble or ca ll 01332 737947.


beautiful Set in 50 acres of the l Park Peak District Nationa

See our website for our Special events

Beautiful nature trail Historic deer park Tearoom & gift shop

.uk Castleton Road, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak, Derbyshire SK23 0QS

IT’S GREAT FOR FAMILIES • OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND Otters • Owls •Deer •Polecats •Harvest Mice •Scottish Wildcats •Red Fox •Pine Martens



a y with t r a p ay cial Birthd ference xtra spe is one e dif make th ren aged

n ild t you ca party, ch e with ecial, bu p Science s e is take hom ience y lim a b d to u e th S ir a b lim t s Every nce. A ts and blime Sc lime Scie their own swee lime!) Su clude fizzing b s u e S th h it t a w ake d in on’t e 2 can m e day an eat … d s. Read five to 1 ren on th launche ts are to ild t e h e e c k w c e s ro th e n e to v d e re t d a n them (th tailo bles a parties ents are ngs, bub Science experim smoke ri about Sublime g for more in 7 y 8 fl 3 , to say potions 5 508 5 e 4 v 8 a 0 h ll a ts c ren m or what pa blimesc g. in k o o b n about o ti a rm info WATER POLO

Contact us: Tel: 01332 737947/07984 908836 Email:

Breakfast and after school club


‘The judgement of outstanding means your setting is exceptional and significant elements of your work are exemplary.’ OFSTED 2010.

Working in partnership with all local nurseries

Available for children aged 3-14 years with age appropriate areas

Our Clubs provide childcare from 7am-6pm with free and easy online registration. Accepts all childcare vouchers. Choose from Breakfast Clubs, After School Clubs and our fantastic Holiday Club. Diverse range of activities & huge selection of toys & resources.

Schools we serve before and after school: Lawn, Portway, Walter Evans, Curzon, Ashgate, Markeaton, Whitecross Nursery, Woodlands Secondary, ST Benedict’s, Kilburn Schools, Denby Free, Horsley C of E, John Flamsteed, Old Vicarage, Horsley Woodhouse and St Edmunds Nursery We serve all schools across Derby and Derbyshire at our holiday club.

London 2012 Cultural Olympiad in the East Midlands Get ready for a summer like no other...

Arts events, performance and spectacle from Leicester to Skegness, Northampton to Derby, Nottingham to Buxton and right across the East Midlands March – October 2012. London 2012 taking place on your doorstep. Find free events and search for what’s on near you: Review and post images IgnitingAmbition @igniting2012 #London2012Fest


it’s a


SCORCHER The weatherman has forecast Britain a spectacular summer of glorious sunshine and high temperatures. I’m sure that we will all be wanting to get outside into the sunshine that we rarely see, but there are some important things to remember when it comes to the big yellow star in the sky …


The first thing to remember to do before you go out into the sunshine is to apply a really good sunscreen. We (and the NHS) recommend a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30, but, obviously, the higher the SPF the better the protection. Always make sure that your sunscreen is not past its expiry date – most have a shelf life of two or three years. To give you the best protection, a sunscreen should protect against both UVA and UVB rays.

Even with sunscreen, you can still burn. Sunscreen will help protect your skin, but you shouldn’t allow yourself or your children to stay in the sun any longer than you would without protection. The summer sun is most damaging to your skin between the hours of 11am and 3pm so make sure that you cover up with loose clothing (we go for baggy t-shirts, shorts and, most importantly, a hat) if you wish to continue playing outside. If you feel like you are burning, go inside. Don’t force

yourself to stay in the sun because you want a suntan – if you burn, your skin will peel and you will be left with very sore skin and no tan.

star and must not be looked at – our eyes were not designed to withstand the power produced by the sun, so never look directly at it.

Make sure you reapply your sunscreen. A lot of people think that you need only apply sunscreen once and you will have protection for the rest of the day. This is not the case. If you are in the sun, your body will produce sweat to cool you down – sweat dilutes sunscreen and therefore lowers the amount of protection your skin is getting. You should reapply every 2-3 hours. If you go swimming, you must reapply a fresh layer of sunscreen to your entire body once your skin is dry – water washes off your sunscreen. Also, when you’re in the pool or sea, the sun will be exaggerated onto your skin as the water acts like a giant magnifying glass. Just because the water is making your skin feel cool does not mean that you won’t get burned.

Drinks lots of water when you’re in the sun. All the time you’re in the sun, you are losing valuable fluids through sweat so you must replace these lost fluids by drinking lots of water. Dehydration can lead to heat exhaustion, and that’s not something that anyone wants. Symptoms of heat exhaustion are fainting, dizziness, nausea, headaches, tiredness, confusion and loss of appetite. If you, your child or someone you know is experiencing any of these symptoms after spending time in the sun, get them to a cool place straight away, give them plenty of water, cool their skin with a cool shower, bath or cool, wet cloths and monitor them closely. They should begin to feel better within half an hour. Children under two, elderly people and people who suffer with kidney, heart, circulation problems or diabetes should be taken to hospital immediately if heat exhaustion is suspected.

Don’t forget the face. When applying sunscreen, a lot of people put a thick layer on legs, arms and back but forget the part of your body that the sun reaches first – the face. The face, ears, neck and hair parting are all sensitive places on your body that should be well protected, if possible, by a higher SPF sunscreen than you are using for the rest of your body. Your eyes are precious so don’t neglect them. Get yourself some 100 per cent UV protection sunglasses and wear them whether you’re playing, paddling or just sitting in the sun. The sun is a very bright




We all love the sun, but it’s only fun if you stay safe. So, remember to cover up between the hours of 11am and 3pm, slap on the sunscreen and drink plenty of water. Have fun out there! For more information about staying safe in the sun, visit


are you coming out to play? From kites to croquet to a game of giant chess, visit a National Trust place near you for a summer of games from all ages, for all ages. Tick activities off your list of 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾! AND, as if all that wasn’t enough, KIDS GO FREE in August!* Come and play at Calke Abbey, Hardwick Hall, Kedleston Hall and Sudbury Hall and the Museum of Childhood. Go to to download your ‘kids go free’ voucher* and local activity planner.

Follow us at or on Twitter @NTmidlands. ©The National Trust. Registered Charity No. 205846. Images courtesy of NPTL/Rupert Truman and NPTL/Arnhel de Serra. *Kids go free voucher is available to download from the end of July.





In Derbyshire Kedleston Hall


Buxton Opera House

Box Office: 01332 842191 Quarndon, Derby

Box Office: 0845 127 2190 Water Street, Buxton

July 26

The Twits August 27

Milkshake Live

July 27

The Three Billy Pigs Once upon a time, there were three little pigs. When the time came for them to leave home, they set about building their dream houses in the lovely green field on the other side of the river. What the pigs didn’t know was that there was a scary wolf lurking in the field and a mysterious grumpy person living under the bridge. This is a wonderful adaptation of two classic fairytales, The Three Little Pigs and Billy Goats Gruff that will be loved by the whole family. Tickets are £6 for adults, £4 for children, £16 for a family.

Starring Channel 5’s Milkshake presenter and some of your favourite characters, this new show is sure to have children and parents singing and dancing in the aisles. A brand new Milkshake presenter will also be introduced to the crowd. Tickets are £12.50 for adults, £10.50 for children, £42 for a family. September 3

The Tales of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny Peter Rabbit knows all too well that he is not to go into Mr McGregor’s garden, but he simply cannot resist the temptation. Will he learn his lesson and stay away from Mr McGregor’s garden? What do you think? Tickets are £10 for adults, £8 for children, £32 for a family.

July 26 10

Rumplestiltskin and Puppet Parade As part of the Buxton Puppet Festival, this play presented by Presto Puppets sees an exciting production for the whole family. Based on the classic Grimm fairytale, the character of Rumplestiltskin is interpreted using Bunraku, an ancient Japanese style of puppetry. The mischievous Rumplestiltskin weaves this magical tale from his woodland home to fairytale palaces and dark eerie dungeons. Tickets are £8 for adults, £6 for children, £24 for a family.


Bring a picnic, grab a seat and enjoy this production of the hilariously funny story of The Twits by Roald Dahl. Mr and Mrs Twit are horrible people who spend their lives playing nasty tricks on each other. Mr Twit has a beard that covers his face in which he gets lots of things stuck including sardines, stilton cheese and corn flakes. Mrs Twit was once very beautiful but became monstrous as she got older and thought wicked thoughts. One of her eyes is made of glass and she often takes it out to frighten her husband. This play is hilarious, disgusting and scary; it will be loved by all the family. Tickets are £12 for adults and £8 for children. Derby Live Box Office: 01332 255800 Market Place, Derby

Calke Abbey Box Office: 0844 249 1895 Calke Abbey, Ticknall

August 2

The Railway Children The gentle Edwardian lifestyle is about to be turned upside down for Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis – also known as the Railway Children. Mysteriously separated from their father, the three children relocate to Yorkshire where endless days stretch in front of them. Learning from the people of the village of Three Chimneys, the children put their family back together. Tickets are £14 for adults and £8 for children. Bring a blanket, seat, picnic and warm clothing.

Razzamataz Box Office: 01332 720526 Merrill College, Derby

August 24

Olympic Games

Barbie Popstar Academy

If you missed out on getting tickets for London 2012 events, now’s your chance to be part of the historymaking spectacular right here in Derbyshire. Derby’s Big Screen will show Olympics coverage for the 17 days of the event. As well as the sporting events, the opening and closing ceremonies will also be shown. Coverage starts at 10am and ends at 10.30pm each day. Free admission.

The Barbie Popstar Academy is coming to Razzamataz Derby to take fans on a unique journey showing what it is like to be a popstar for the day, celebrating the release of Barbie: The Princess and The Popstar which is out on DVD in August. Register for a free place at www.razzamataz. Places are limited and are first come first serve.

July 27 - August 12




Give your child the gift of music - the gift that lasts a lifetime.

pride park, derby : 206706

Déda is... Dance Performance Classes Art Cafe|Bar

DANCE CLASSES FOR CHILDREN Déda offers a massive range of opportunities for all children and young people to participate and progress in dance. The classes contain the elements that make up a great dance experience: fun, fitness, self-expression and challenge. All Déda classes are delivered by trained dance professionals in our professionally-equipped dance studios.

No exams, and no need for expensive costumes and shoes. Next term starts Monday 3 September

Call 01332 370911 or visit Chapel Street, Derby, DE1 3GU

t o n o b d ru a u EQUESTRIAN


July 14 - August 31


Games people played at Calke Abbey

There’s loads to see and do at Calke Abbey with fun family activities every day of the summer holidays. Open from 11am to 5pm. Adults £10, children £5, family £25.27. July 21

July 14 - September 23

Wistow Maze The maize maze at Wistow Hall is turned into a different scene each year, and this year it is taking the shape of an athlete running the relay, in honour of the Olympics. Find the 12 quiz boards hidden amongst the three miles of pathway in the giant maze. Open seven days a week 10am to 6pm from July 14 to September 2 then weekends only until September 23. Adults £5.95, children £4.95, family (2 adults and 2 children) £19.95. Visit or call 07884 403889 for more information.


Bamford Carnival Bamford village lies in the heart of the Hope Valley in Derbyshire and organises a special carnival every year. This year, the theme is the Olympics. There will be lots of events to take part in including junior 5-a-side football, junior and senior fell race, well dressing and the crowning of the carnival Queen. Visit for more details. July 21 - September 2

Polish your own Blue John Stone Treak Cliff Cavern in Castleton is offering you the chance to polish your own stone from the Blue John Stone cavern. Open from 10am, last tour 4.15pm. Adults £8.75, concessions £7.75, children £4.75, family £25. July 23 - August 31

Super summer holiday sessions at Chucklebutties

July 16 - September 9

Pottery Beach 12

at Denby

Back by popular demand is the pottery beach at Denby for summer 2012. The beach will have lots of safe, golden sand, deckchairs, free entertainment, beach hut shops and even donkey rides to make you feel like you’re really at the seaside, without the long car journey. Open from 10am to 4pm. Check website for details. SUMMER 2012 ISSUE

Every weekday throughout the summer holidays, Chucklebutties is running Olympic themed activities, games, crafts, messy play and fabric painting as well as garden themed crafts and activities. During this time is also International Week, face painting and you could even meet Chucklebutties Crunchy Bear as he turns up to play every weekday at 2.30pm. There’s also a Teddy Bear’s Picnic on August 13 where you can bring along your favourite bear, play party games, make a bear and enjoy a picnic party with Crunchy Bear. There is a charge of £20 per child for the Teddy Bear’s Picnic which includes the cost of making a bear, or just £6.65 without a make-a-bear. Check website for full details and normal prices. July 24,25,31 & August 1,28,29

Learn to ride with Cycle Derby

Want to learn how to ride your bike

safely? Now you can with the help of Cycle Derby. If you go down to Markeaton Park on one of the date s above, you will be helped on your way. From 10am to 2pm on each day. For children aged four and above. £7.50 per child.

July 25 & August 1,8,15,22,29

Summer family activities at Buxton Museum Every Wednesday morning durin g the summer holidays, Buxton Museum is hosting fun family activities. Open from 10am to 12pm. Just drop in. July 27

Forest Frenzy at Rosliston Try your hand at all the activities available at Rosliston Forestry Cen tre including archery, woodland lase r combat, climbing and crazy golf. Just buy a wristband from the barn shop to enjoy a taster of everything. k. From 12pm to 5pm. £10 per pers on. July 27 & August 3,10,17,24,3 1

Family Olympics at Kedleston Hall

Have a go at children’s crafts and trails themed around the Olympics , play games and compete with your friends. Open from 10am, last admission 2pm. Children £2. August 1,8,15,22,29

Go wild at Hardwick Hall Fun activities, natural crafts and Olympic themed games are all available on the family fundays in August at Hardwick Hall. Open from 11am to 4pm. All tickets £5. August 6-10

Olympic summer fun club at Déda Déda is putting on some exciting summer activities for you over the holidays including this week whic h sees Queens Leisure Centre and Derby Gymnastics Club getting together to create an action-packed week of swimming, games, dodg eball, trampolining, streetdance and Olym pic themed activities. Suitable for child ren aged 5-11. Visit for more information on this and many more summer activities.


Olympic actvities @ The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery Telephone: 01782 232323 Ancient Olympians - Saturday 11 August Meet the ancient Olympians as they prepare for the games in 328 BC. Watch their comic antics and hear them pray to their God Zeus for success. 10.30am – 4pm. Greek Myth and Legends - Monday 20 August Join in with this interactive Greek theatre and meet Odysseus and his men as they set sail for Ithaca. See them beset by monsters and befuddled by gods as they try to make their way home. Performances 11am and 2pm.

Comedy and Tragedy - Monday 20 August – Friday 24 August Make a clay Comedy or Tragedy mask. £1.Drop-in 10.30am – 12.30pm, 1.15 – 4pm

The Gladstone Pottery Museum

Telephone: 01782 237777 National Flags - Tuesday 31 July Cut out and colour your favourite national flag and fly it on a model flag staff. Drop-in 11am – 3pm, 50p plus admission.

Street Olympics - Tuesday 7 August Street Olympics brings sport, comedy and entertainment to the cobbled yard at Gladstone. See athletics with a difference – hurdles on fire, gymnastics and medal ceremonies. 10.30am – 4pm. Standard admission applies.


See website for dates and details of entertainment

in the Art on seleCraft Hut cted d ates

The Balancing Gymnast - Tuesday 7 August Cut out and colour a toy gymnast, add special weights and see if it balances on a beam. Drop-in 11am – 3pm, 50p plus admission.

Take a tram ride

through time


Parties from £7.95pp

£2 Off Admission with this voucher* *until 14/09/12 excludes other offers 1 voucher per child

Summer Activities

loads of fun all summer long. See website for details.


Mon - Thurs 9.30am - 5.30pm, Fri - Sun 10.00am - 6.00pm Last kitchen orders taken 1 hour before closing Tel: 01283 736199 Jangala Ltd, Hilton Business Park, Hilton, Derbyshire DE65 5FJ Postcode not suitable for sat nav.

Summer Holiday Craft Activities

Discover a world from a bygone age, where beautifully restored vintage trams transport you from the historic village out into the Derbyshire countryside.


• Century of Trams exhibition • workshop viewing gallery • woodland sculpture trail • unlimited tram rides • children’s play areas • cafe & shops 01773 854 321 • Crich, Matlock, Derby, DE4 5DP

Pay once for a year’s FREE entry* * Excludes certain events


n o r u da

21st July to 9th September

July 20 - September 2





Every Sunday throughout the summer you can take a horse and dray ride around the garden of Chatsworth. Garden open from 10.30am to 5pm. Included in normal admission prices: adults £18, seniors £16, children £12, family £50.

August 7-27

Make a splash in the Puddle Ducks Swim Academy! Whether your primary school-aged child has been to baby swim classes or has only dabbled with the family, Puddle Ducks Swim Academy develops confident swimmers. Our highly-trained and experienced teachers are passionate about nurturing a natural and effortless swimming style while having fun! Contact our friendly team to find your nearest classes: 14

01332 605729

lley Model railways at Derwent Va

ays with enthusiast David Down. Soak up the history of model railw y-in-Furness and Mettesford. Kirkb Learn about Wingfield Junction, n from 11am to 4pm. Closed Ope ay. Free admission. holid bank Mondays except August August 8

Ashover Show

place in The Rectory Fields and The 81st Ashover Show will take racing, a traditional horse logging will see Cyril the squirrel, terrier and Judy shows as well as h Punc ert Gilb r display, Professo vintage tractors. livestock classes, dog show and from 9am until dusk. Adults open s Gate k. .co.u show www.ashover ount available. disc ne Onli £9, seniors £7, children £3. August 11-12

1940s weekend at Crich

k when you visit Crich Tramway Take your tin hat and your gas mas in August. Expect air-raid warning Village during its 1940s weekend as you take your identity card aft aircr ying fl and the sound of low War. Policemen and members ld for a real taste of the Second Wor the streets – you must be g ollin patr be will rd of the Home Gua they suspect you of being case in card ready to show your identity n from 10am to 5.30pm. Adults a spy! Ope family £39. £8, ren £13, seniors £10.50, child


t o dab u




August 13-17

Knights and Princesses at Bolsover

Swirl your sword or put on your prettiest dress and head back in time for medieval activities at Bolsover Castle. Transform yourself into a noble lord in squire training, learn about etiquette and even try on armour in the academy for budding knights and princesses. Open from 11am to 4pm. Adults £8, concessions £7.20, children £4.80, family £20.80. August 26-27

WE ARE THE IDEAL PLACE FOR BOYS AND GIRLS AGED 5-17 WITH AN INTEREST IN PERFORMING TO LEARN ABOUT POP SINGING, STREET DANCE, MUSICAL THEATRE SONG & DANCE, DRAMA AND MIME AND PHYSICAL THEATRE. For a prospectus & the opportunity to enrol contact us now! Call Shanley on 0797 119 8010 or 01332 720526, Razzamataz Theatre Schools, Merrill College, Brackens Lane

Cavaliers at Bolsover

For the August bank holiday, Bolsover Castle is recreating the pageantry of the Restoration period where you can watch as the merry monarch and his cavalier court are entertained by actors, horse racing, music and a highwayman. Open from 11am to 4pm. Adults £10.50, concessions £9.50, children £6.30, family £27.30. August 30

The Kumon English programme has been developing confident, independent learners with a love of reading for 15 years in the UK.

Chatsworth Young Farmers Get hands-on involvement of caring for animals including exciting duties such as collecting eggs, grooming, milking the cows and taking the animals out to the field. From 1-5.30pm. £30 per person.

places to visit

To begin your child’s Kumon journey, contact your local Instructor for a Free Assessment.


Wingfield Manor

The medieval manor house in Alfreton has two courtyards, a huge undercrofted hall and a defensible tower 22 metres tall. It is a monument to the late medieval period, built in the 1440s for the wealthy Ralph, Lord Cromwell. It later became the home of the Earl of Shrewsbury who imprisoned Mary Queen of Scots there in 1569, 1584 and 1585. Entry is by pre-booked guided tour only, on the first Saturday of each month between April and September. To book call 0870 333 1181. Adults £5.50, concessions £5, children £3.30.

Matlock Bath Aquarium The former Victorian consulting rooms are now home to the amazing aquarium containing loads of British and tropical freshwater fish. This really is a treat for the eyes. Open from 10am to 5.30pm. Check website for prices.

Jangala Created for children, designed with parents in mind, Jangala has relaxed soft areas for play, a football pitch, Wii room, fun zones and Top of the Tots every first Wednesday of the month where your little ones can dance, sing and enjoy having fun. Open Monday to Thursday from 9.30am to 5.30pm and Friday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm. Weekday prices: £4.40 for ages two and over, £2.20 for under twos. Weekend and holiday prices: £5.60 for ages two and over, £2.80 for under twos. Children under one and parents are free.

01332 718000 minicom: 01332 256666






Kumon’s maths and English study programmes work to unlock your child’s potential, building their confidence and independent study skills. Take advantage of our Free Assessment and see how Kumon can benefit your child. To unlock your child’s potential, contact your local Instructor for a Free Assessment:

Ashby-de la Zouch Nadine Hossent 01530 440410 Derby, Mickleover Stephen Fleet 01332 843147 Glossop Steve Griffiths 0145 785 6899

Fees vary. Please refer to your local study centre.

0800 854 714


r • We cater fo

children with splints Orthotics and re • All shoes a fitted by our trained staff




50-52 Green Lane , Derby , DE1 1RP 01332 341927

r m k w o boo TRIATHLON

Our pick

must-haves of the latest


for your boo

nity From Zero to Infi Dr Mike Goldsmith, (and beyond) (8+) Buster Books, £7.99 Do you get frustrated by fractions? Confused by co-ordinates? Perplexed by Pythagoras? Baffled by binary code? Well, this book has it all. Whatever level you’re at in maths, this book will help you out with whatever you’re stuck on. We loved Mr Venn’s number trap on page 90 – try it out for yourself! This book will also help mum and dad when they are trying to understand your maths homework (we all know you get confused, too!), plus it’s written by a Doctor, so you know it’s reliable.

) lephant (8+ E e h t d n a Tua Ten-year-old Tua has everything she could possibly ever need at her home in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There is just one thing that she wants – a sister. While she is in the market one day, Tua makes a new friend – this friend is kind, wise, loving and an elephant. Yes, an elephant. The elephant, known as Pohn-Pohn, is being held captive by mean people and Tua sets herself the challenge of rescuing Pohn-Pohn and taking him to an elephant sanctuary. Tua no longer wishes for a sister as she has now found the best thing she could have ever wanted; she has found a friend. We loved this heartwarming story of love, loneliness and longing and we hope you do, too.

R.P.Harris, Chronicle Books, £10.99


The Magnificant Moon Hare (7+) Sue Monroe, Egmont, £5.99


each adilly Press, £6.99 Tony Maddox, Picc Fergus the dog is back in reissues of two of his most exciting adventures. In Fergus Goes Quackers, Fergus makes friends with five baby ducklings who take comfort with him and sleep in the warmth of his kennel with him. Unaware of what they are doing, the ducklings begin to copy Fergus’s sounds and he finds them barking around the farmyard. Soon, everyone else joins in. Read this to the little ones at night and they will surely start ‘quacking’, too! In Fergus’s Scary Night, Fergus and the other animals listen to cow telling a ghost story - they then all become convinced that there are ghosts on the farm. Will everything be OK on the farm? We sure hope so.

We wan your favou t to hear about ri at Primary te books! Write to us Times, Pub lishing Ink, Fifth Floor, Whit Street, Birm e House, 111 New ingham, B2 4EU or jennifer@p email us at ub tell us abou and t your and why yo favourite books u love th You might e ven see you em. r name here in the next issue!

Outlaw: the true story of Robin Hood (7+)

rgo, Michael Morpu £6.99 s, lin Harper Col

Quackers s e o G … s u Ferg ight (4+) N y r a c S d n a

The Magnificent Moon Hare is a funny adventure about a pampered princess, her pet dragon and the enchanting Moon Hare. Moon Hare sets off on a dangerous adventure to try to save King Winston before he gets his head chopped off. Princess PJ Petulant is very spoilt; she is constantly demanding things from her parents, the King and Queen. However, when PJ meets Moon Hare with his stripy tights and relaxed attitude to life, she realises she has met her match. Will they make it in time to rescue King Winston’s head? Brought to you by CBeebies and GMTV Kids presenter Sue Monroe, if you like Roald Dahl stories, you will love this book.

We all know the story of Robin Hood – he’s the hero who steals from the rich to give to the poor. Well, this brand new book from the author of War Horse tells the real story. Lost in a dark and strange forest, Robin is rescued by misfits. Robin has to try to free himself from these cruel tyrants and finally defeat the Sheriff of Nottingham, as he’s supposed to. Robin Hood is a brilliant hero – he’s brave, loyal and loved by all (well, all good people) and he is really interesting, too. Get to know him in this fantastically written new book. It’s a great read for all the family. CYCLING TRACK



e s i v o m

At the







s to her kingdom. m that brings chao sto cu a es fi de a curse. Set in life, Princess Merid to undo a beastly d her archery skills ke her own path in an ma ry to ve d ne bra n mi ter ow r De y on he mmer. h, Merida must rel family film for the su Granted just one wis e, Brave is a great tim l ca thi my d an d Scotland in a rugge

thy ife of Timo L d d O e h T st 15. PG Green Augu

n have Cindy and Jim Gree en, but ildr ch d nte wa s alway ve any. ha to they are unable hes for wis ir the all ry bu They be like uld wo what their child and, the n rde ga the in x in a bo wake up to following day, they doorstep. ir the on ild ch find a claims y oth 10-year-old Tim parents his as Jim d an Cindy r that ve co dis but they soon ecial sp re mo far is y Timoth ught; tho ally than they origin garden. the m fro me co s he ha




Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days August 3. PG

Based on Jeff Kinney’s fourth Wimpy Kid book, Dog Days sees Greg’s worst summer ever. Greg and Rowley go to Rowley’s country club after school has finished for the summer, but Greg gets kicked out because he complained. Now what will he do with his summer without his friends?

ift July Ice Age: Continental Dr



13. PG

Scratt is still after that acorn. He’s certainly determined. Unfortunately, Scratt’s pursuit of the cursed acorn has worldchanging consequences – it causes a continental disaster. Manny, Diego and Sid embark on another exciting adventure, after their continent is set adrift. Using an iceberg as a ship, the trio encounters sea creatures and battle pirates as they explore the new world. There’s just one problem: the pirates are determined to stop them from returning home.

Finding Nemo 3D (PG) September 14

Disney is rereleasing many of their much-loved films in 3D, starting with Finding Nemo. First released back in 2003, Finding Nemo is a film for all the family that will be loved for many years to come. The fantastically funny underwater adventure sees Nemo lost in the vast ocean with his father, Marlin desperately trying to find him. With the help of Marlin’s forgetful companion Dory, the fish battle against the odds and nature to find each other again.


Kids Menu from £3.95! Children are always welcome at Frankie & Benny’s and a great new menu awaits them. There are two menus for children under the age of 11 to choose from. The Kid’s Menu is just £3.95 and the Junior’s Menu £7.55 (for our younger diners with larger appetites). Both menus include refillable soft drinks, a main course, dessert, balloon & fun activity pack.


KIDS EAT FOR £1! WHEN AN ADULT MAIN COURSE IS PURCHASED FROM THE MAIN MENU Terms and Conditions: One kids meal for £1 when an adult main course is purchased from the main menu. One kids meal per voucher. Excludes Bank Holidays, and Mondays 5pm-11pm. Available for children up to the age of 11 years. Voucher must be surrendered upon redemption. Valid at Little Frankie’s Derby, Frankie & Benny’s Manor Road & Pride park only. Expires 30.09.12.

Vi ew

Restaurant Location: PLEASE ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND MOBILE NUMBER HERE, SO THAT WE CAN KEEP YOU UPDATED WITH DETAILS OF FUTURE OFFERS AND DISCOUNTS Email Address: Mobile: Please tick here if you do not want us to write to you with details of offers in future

onlin e




Available every day until 8pm (hours must be finished by 8pm)

£20.00 for 1 hour £30.00 for 2 hours Must have at least 1 person under 16 years. Call us on 01246 550092 for

more information.

Offer available on production of this advert




Available for magic shows, balloon modelling, face painting, mini discos,circus workshops, bouncy castle hire etc. WHY US: FULLY INSURED. CRB CHECKED. NOCN IN CHILDCARE. EXPERIENCED WITH SPECIAL NEEDS. BSL LEVEL 1

Contact 01332781440 Mob: 07960283481



Why not have your Childs party with a difference?

Come and have an hour of fun & games on a pony. Then a tea party with party games, music & disco lights in our pavilion, and why not let us take the hassle off you and organise the goodie bags and cake? We can also cater for: Hen/Stag parties, Team Building, Any age birthday parties starting at just £20.00 per head Also riding lessons from 5 years and for all abilities Gift Vouchers available Hargate Fields Farm Egginton Road Hilton Derbyshire DE65 5FJ T: 01283 734981/730606 M: 07736613557 E: W:

(Off Tesco’s roundabout) Abbey Street, Ilkeston, Derby DE7 8DN

cherishment therapy pamper parties

OPEN 10am-6pm EVERY DAY PA SP G Y F EC ET O R I N AN O AL EX O N T TH E E OF Va O li N ER NT FE th d o E R is nly F OR A R N ad w R ve ith E TH CE rt E E

ONLY £4.50 PER CHILD DURING TERM TIME WE HAVE: TODDLER TIME - ONLY £3.50 PER CHILD (under 5’s), includes free juice and biscuit for the child. Craft table with painting. colouring stickering etc. After School only £2 entry (after 3pm).

Check out our website: call 0115 944 1555 to discuss your party requirements Follow us on Facebook and Twitter REF: DERBY SUMMER12

bringing the spa to you!!

spend some quality time with friends being pampered whether for a special occasion or just catching up on gossip

why not sit and enjoy manicure/pedicure/facial/massage nail art and make overs also available!!! kids from £10.00pp adults from £15.00pp minimum booking required.. please call for details and special offers

07713 345638 01773 409731

o s n t p com eti i WIN TICKETS TO




Pom-Bear, the fun, friendly crown-wearing teddy bear shaped snack has launched an extra special camping kit for the summer. The kit includes a four-man tent, sleeping bag, pillow, compass, a limited edition Pom-Bear teddy bear and of course some tasty snacks. Knowing how exciting it is to have an adventure with friends and family, Pom-Bear is encouraging adults and children of all ages to take to the great outdoors and have some camping fun. What better way to spend a weekend than under canvas, sharing stories, staying up late and eating tasty snacks? We have teamed up with Pom-Bear to give you the chance to win one of these fantastic camping kits. For your chance to win, just answer this question: What does Pom-Bear wear on his head? Closing date: August 24

Channel 5’s Milkshake is a much-loved children’s show featuring shows like Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs, Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. Starring Milkshake presenter Amy and some of your favourite characters, this live show is sure to have children and parents singing in the aisles. We have teamed up with Buxton Opera House to give you the chance to win a family ticket to see the show on Monday August 27 at 2pm. For your chance to win, just answer this question: Which Milkshake presenter will be presenting Milkshake Live? Closing date: August 15



Ghost Buddy: Zero to Hero is the latest book from Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver. After writing 17 books in the Hank Zipzer series, Henry and Lin have started a new series called Ghost Buddy that follows the adventures of Billy Broccoli and his ghost friend Hoover Porterhouse. We were lucky enough to meet Henry Winkler when he visited Coventry recently and you can read our full interview with him at While he was there, Henry kindly signed five copies of Ghost Buddy: Zero to Hero to give away in a competition to you. For your chance to win a copy, just answer this question: What is the ghost’s name in the Ghost Buddy books? Closing date: August 31



With Olympic excitement stronger than ever, what better way to get in the spirit than with a race around a maze? At Wistow Hall in Leicestershire you can do just that. The annual maize maze opens on July 14 and is this year in the shape of an athlete running the relay. Wistow Maze is offering visitors the chance to join in with the patriotic fever with a family ticket to use this summer. For your chance to win, just answer this question: What shape is the maze cut into this year? Closing date: August 10





We are celebrating the Olympics in many different ways at Primary Times: we have been training hard to get in good shape, we have produced this bumper issue for you with loads of Olympic fun everywhere you look and we even have an extra special sporty prize for you! Mookie’s Pro Swingball is a fun game that can be played by all the family, whatever the weather. The Pro Swingball is 1.75m high and has a larger coil than normal so the game will last longer than ever before. So, have you been counting our special Olympic icons? If you think you have found them all, what you need to do now for your chance of winning this amazing Pro Swingball is tell us how many you found! Send your answer on a postcard with your full name and address to Olympics competition, Primary Times, Publishing Ink, Fifth Floor, White House, 111 New Street, Birmingham, B2 4EU or send us an email with your answer, full name and address to Good luck! Closing date: August 24



The Tales of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Button is one that has been enjoyed by generations of children and now it’s back once more and you can watch it you’re your family. Peter Rabbit has been warned countless times not to go into Mr McGregor’s garden. Does he listen? You’ll just have to watch the play to find out. We have teamed up with Buxton Opera House to give you the chance to win a family ticket to see the show on Monday September 3 at 2.30pm. For your chance to win, just answer this question: Whose garden has Peter Rabbit been told not to go into? Closing date: August 22 22

To enter all our competitions, go to competitions or send your entry on a postcard with the name of the competition you wish to enter, your name, address and telephone number to Primary Times, Publishing Ink, Fifth Floor, White House, 111 New Street, Birmingham, B2 4EU by the closing date stated. You can go straight to our competitions page on our website by scanning this code with your smart phone. Good luck!




The Magnificent Moon Hare is an hysterically funny adventure story about a pampered princess and an enchanting Moon Hare. Together, the princess and the Moon Hare go on a magical adventure to rescue her father, King Winston. From CBeebies and GMTV Kids presenter Sue Monroe come The Magnificent Moon Hare and we have five copies to give away, courtesy of Egmont. For your chance to win, just answer this question: Who is the princess’s father? Closing date: September 5

FREE Olympicnic

Come along and join in the Olympic celebrations in our Olympicnic family events in Derby City Parks. The events are FREE, just bring your picnic. There will be activities for the whole family to take part in. All Olympicnics are from12 noon to 3pm, meet at the Go Try It gazebo near the AdiZone play areas. Tuesday 24 July - The Racecourse, Sat Nav DE21 6AL Wednesday 25 July - Alvaston Park, Sat Nav: DE24 8QQ Thursday 26 July - Vicarage Road Park, Sat Nav: DE3 0ED

FREE Olympic Try It Weekend

Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 July 2012 Celebrate the start of the Olympics by taking part in a weekend of FREE activity in Derby City leisure facilities and parks available for people of all ages and abilities. Register now for your FREE b-active activity passport Email your name and age to Call 01332 641235, or ask at a Derby City Council leisure centre for a registration form. Visit for the programme of free events and how to book activities with your b-active passport.

b-active Summer Activities Monday 23 July to Friday 31 August 2012 Summer holiday fun for all ages and abilities in Derby City Council sports facilities and parks. Activities include: ● Gymnastics ● Family Zumba ● Cheerleading ● Inflatable assault course in ● Movement gym (12 yrs +) the swimming pool ● Cycle Derby ● Dance camp ● Under 5’s activities ● Barnardo’s Big Toddle for under 5’s ● Learn to Swim courses ● Get green fingers with the And lots more …. b-active goes green team For the full b-active summer programme, venues, prices and how to book visit or call 01332 641234, minicom 01332 256666

Primary Times Derby, Summer 2012  

Primary Times is an essential resource for parents, kids and teachers. All the best in what's on, news and books!

Primary Times Derby, Summer 2012  

Primary Times is an essential resource for parents, kids and teachers. All the best in what's on, news and books!