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STEPHEN AUSTIN Age Progression (Pictured Right) DOB: Sep 22, 1979 Missing: Aug 19, 1997 EL PASO TX Stephen's photo is shown age-progressed to 27 years. He was last seen at home on August 19, 1997. He has a scar on his nose and a pierced ear. His nickname is Steve. El Paso Police Department (Texas) 1-915-832-4400


Editor’s Message HAPPY NEW YEAR…!!!

Were you aware that a child is abducted every 40 seconds in this country? Moreover, did you know that over 40% of these children are African American? If not, you are not alone because few people are aware of this epidemic. The truth is that African American children receive limited media coverage when they go missing. Sadly, without this exposure it is less likely that they will be safely found. The staff at Peas In Their Pods works diligently to spread awareness about this issue by alerting media outlets as needed when African American children are missing or abducted. Our mission is to make communities aware of the plight of these children, and to make them a national priority. Happy New Year, Peas In Their Pods Wish You Much Success in this New Year. Our goals; finding lost children, parenting, encouragement, assistance along with support systems for you and your community still remain a priority in this New Year. Our nework has increased tremendously in bringing awareness. This year our contributing writers will empower you with life saving opportunities, especially in helping to uplift our community. The additional resources that this magazine provide also help in bringing awareness to issues that families and individuals are faced with daily, some not personally, but close enough to know someone who may. It still takes a village…!!!


Denise Bethune, Editor-In-Chief Whitesboro, New Jersey 3

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LostNMissing, Inc. Cynthia L. Caron Founder/Executive Director While Cynthia Caron, Executive Director/Founder, has not experienced the loss of a missing family member, she can relate to the fears and frustrations that a parent must endure in advocating for their child. As a mother of three, one of which is a special needs young adult, Cynthia has the experience in advocating and helping those who cannot help themselves. Many times obstacles can present themselves when searching for a missing loved one. She can help cross those obstacles by utilizing her advocacy, marketing and Internet skills to help bring awareness to the public. LostNMissing, Inc. is a one-stop location for Amber Alerts, Rilya Alerts, Silver Alerts and missing loved ones. Creating unique sized banners along with marketing support to the online community of those missing. We provide educational services on preventing loved ones from becoming missing as well as supportive resources, marketing and services for families of those lost and missing. Always at no charge. We are a 501c(3) approved Organization. LostNMissing, Inc. PH: 603.548.6548


LAKIESHA BUCKNER Age Progression (Pictured Right)

DOB: Jun 19, 1983 Missing: Aug 13, 1999 MARSHALL TX

Lakiesha's photo is shown age-progressed to 21 years. She was last seen in Marshall, Texas on August 13, 1999. When Lakiesha was last seen, she may have been in the company of an adult Hispanic male. She has a dark complexion. Lakiesha has a mole above her left eyebrow and a scar on her right leg. She has an overbite and an upper tooth that overlaps another tooth. Lakiesha may go by the nickname Keisha or Ki-Ki. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT

Marshall Police Department7 (Texas) - 1-903-935-7831

The National Black Teen Empowerment Expo (N

bringing forth fresh voices and progressive programs in public service, the leadership, all which serve as a foundation for engaging and empowering t

Co-Producers, R. Lee Gordon (Founder of NBTEE) and Shonika Proc trepreneurship), have spent countless hours and resources to uplift the liv

Their combined grassroots outreach efforts have impacted more than 500 public service agenc and voice reach ove have connected with and in-person grass

As the NBTEE fami Americans across th open and inclusive i als and organization forward thinking an empower and engag

Better communicati tions for and of our communities and children. -R. Lee Gordon

Part social entrepreneur, part non-profit director, and part community an lyst in creating better educational opportunities for Black youth.

Always swayed by a deep love for his beautiful people and a deeper love fo “a long leap of faith” to start his own Black Youth education and empower to develop and deliver programs and products that inspire children to “be

“UniTees” are custom (RBG) tee-shirts that aspire to better connect today identity and self-esteem within them. “UniTees” were also designed to en rooted commitment to UniTee Design, and his role as national outreach d roots community group, he began to 8 visualize something much greater.

NBTEE) was created with the intention of e arts, continuing education and non-profit today’s teens.

ctor (Foremost Thought Leader on Teen Enves of youth in the U.S. and abroad.

0+ youth centric organizations, non profits, cies and schools. Their message, movement er 20,000 individuals and organizations that h them via their permission based opt in list sroots marketing efforts.

ily reflects a diverse group of Black he globe, Lee and Shonika seek to be in connecting with any and all individuns who wish to create and collaborate on nd positive ways to reach, teach and fully ge today’s TEENS.

R. Lee Gordon, National Black Teen Empowerment Expo Founder (left R. Lee Gordon with daughter)

ion, connection, collaboration and commitment means greater celebra-

nd event organizer, in all he aspires, R. Lee Gordon is a committed cata-

or all children, Lee decided to walk away from a lucrative career and take rment enterprise, UniTee Design, Inc. The vision behind UniTee Design is elieve, achieve and succeed.”

y’s youth with Black history, culture and heritage to and build greater selfncourage dialogue, unity, and youth activism. Through Lee’s deeply director of The Better Detroit Youth Movement, a volunteer-driven grass9

Lee believes that Black America has all the resources required to better th learning for our children. But he insists we need to be more creative, strat in our work together towards this common goal. And if we are willing to w without ego and agendas, then the result would be a national (and eventua tional) youth movement that builds a stronger support system for our chil

And while Lee knows the real work with and for youth has to always be on in the schools, he also realizes a real need to shine a much larger spotlight our teens and the thousands of youth and community groups who are enri of children every day. Hence, in 2006, the concept for the National Black ment Expo was born. After living and working in Detroit for several years, in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York, and working hard to organize Th 2010, in New York City).

His vision is to leverage the power of information and the value of collabo willing to work together for a greater good in building brighter futures for

The 1st National Black TEEN Empowerment Expo Presents FAME: Fashio communities by promoting it among your circles of influence.

Please help me prove that Black America has all the resources required to you’d like to actively be a part of the progress, please let me know and I’ll f ways you can join our efforts.

On behalf of our youth who need us more than ever before, my gratitude i

Join us for live, lively conversation, special guests -- and very special teen 3:00 p.m. Listen in any time at


he quality of tegic and active work together ally internaldren.

n the streets and t on the needs of iching the lives Teen Empower, Lee is now back he 1st National Black TEEN Empowerment Expo (scheduled for summer

oration among youth service providers, communities, and those of us r our children.

on, Art, Music & Education and our initiatives to build better children's

improve the quality of life and learning for our young generation. If forward you a more detailed overview and a survey that outlines several

is yours.

ns -- on The Black TEEN Empowerment Radio Show every Sunday at



Gaétane is a certified School Psychologist who works is an advocate of children’s rights and strives to help stable environments for their children. She is also a print, radio, and television. Can You Trust Your Child’s Teacher?

For Lamya Cannon’s mother, the answer to this question is a resoun her teacher cut off one of her braids because she had been playing w

According to her mother, Lamya’s teacher admitted to doing so, but tion, I wondered out loud if there were any indications that this teac there been similar occurrences with other students? Or, did she jus that suggest that something just ain’t right.

So, how can you tell if your child’s teacher is behaving inappropriat not able to articulate their feelings. Instead, they may express soma

They may cry or tantrum when its time to go to school, or you may n Any and all of these behaviors is cause for your concern because the

There are also more obvious indicators as well. In fact, there is a lis not limited to:

Telling students to “Shut up!” Calling students “stupid” or “idiots” Cutting their hair Hitting, slapping, or shoving students Creating a classroom environment that breads bullying, teasing, or 12 to learn by sending them out of c Denying students the opportunity


s closely with the inner- city youth and their parents. She p parent achieve healthy, harmonious, and emotionally a sought after media consultant, and is of ten featured in

nding NO! Just two weeks ago, it was reported that with her hair.

t did not seem remorseful. After initially hearing about this situacher was…well…unstable before this unbelievable incident? Had st “snap” on that day. Typically speaking, there are telltale signs

tely? Well, it’s important to know that young children are typically atic complaints (i.e. Stomachaches, headaches, sore throats etc.).

notice a drastic decline in their grades. ey suggest that something may not be right.

st of educator No-no’s which include but are

taunting class


What would you do if this happened to your child? Just how comm that parents are surely asking themselves after Lamya’s story hit t dous amount of power. Many times, parents are intimidated by s that you speak up and report any issues that are concerning to you notes, including dates and names. Next, speak directly with the te

Also contact the school principal and make them aware of your co willing to bring your complaints to the school board if your conce purposes and give the school an opportunity to act appropriately. call the school board…and an attorney.

I must say that as a School Psychologist who has devoted her life t ply appalled by the reported actions of Lamya’s teacher. There is N trauma to a child. Educators are held to a certain standard of exc their emotional and physical safety. That is why it is so disconcer are the ones at fault. Albeit extreme, I wish that I could say Lamy

No doubt, the preponderance of educators are phenomenal and co ever, as with any other profession, there are some bad apples. Id priately disciplined is key. The impact that teachers make is inarg fects on academic performance, as well as self-esteem.

Happy Parenting…!!


mon do things like this happen in schools? These are questions the news. Please realize that as a parent, you have a tremenschool administrators and the procedures. However, it is critical u. First, speak to your child to get their story. Take detailed eacher and ask that an assistant principal is present.

oncerns. Indicate in no uncertain terms that you are ready and erns are not taken seriously. Put everything in writing for legal . If you do not feel comfortable with their decision, by all means

to making a positive impact in the lives of students‌I am simNEVER an excuse or reason to cause physical or emotional cellence, as they not only educate children, but must also ensure rting when the very people who are supposed to protect children ya’s story is an isolated incident‌.but with all honesty I cannot.

ommitted to the art of educating and inspiring students. Howdentifying these educators and making sure that they are approguable, and when a teacher behaves badly it can have lasting ef-


AMBER NICOLE CRUM Age Progression (Pictured Right) Case Type: Non Family Abduction

DOB: Sep 25, 1981 Missing Date: Dec 26, 1983 Sex: Female Race: White Age Now: 28 Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Blonde Height: 2'4" (71 cm) Weight: 25 lbs (11 kg) Missing City: DALLAS Missing State : TX Missing Country: United States

Circumstances: Amber's photo is shown age-progressed ber 26, 1983 in her mother's boyfriend's pickup truck in ber in the car while he went to do an errand and when Dallas Police Department 16


d to 27 years. She was last seen at 9:45 a.m. on Decemn front of McDonald's Grocery. The boyfriend left Amn he returned, Amber was gone. She has pierced ears. t (Texas) 1-214-744-4444 17

Don’t Let Your Heart Be Troubled

~ Words between f

Rev. Ora Stearns-Smith/Ora International Ministeries

Prudence: Don’t let your heart be troubled. There is always something to be than Kautious: How can my heart be anything else but troubled?! And how can you e I’ve been through? The way my life is right now, my heart would be crazy not to be Prudence: Just because your world is dark, don’t mean you can’t shine. Kautious: What? Are you serious?! Prudence: Yes, Kautious, I am.

Kautious: Did you even hear one word that I said? Why do you talk like that? Sh nothing to shine about. My whole world is gone mad?!! I lost my job. I lost my hou to me! And I feel, well, I feel like I’m about to lose my mind! It’s crazy-scary out t body cares how dark my life is. Everything I’ve ever cherished is gone, and life … m me, and is about to overtake me. Prudence, my whole world is desperately dark. I f midnights. I know you know that. But you act like it’s not even so. And you act lik never happened. Your optimism gets on my nerves, Prudence. My last nerve as a m insulting. And I don’t want to hear it. Not today. Not from you; not from anyone!

Prudence: I’m not being heartless or insulting. Kautious: Oh, yes you are! Prudence: No, I’m not. I’m only being your friend. A friend who loves you enoug scene, that’s what I’m doing. Kautious: The truth!? Oh, you mean the truth according to holy Prudence. Prudence: No, Kautious, the truth according to God’s Holy Word!

Kautious: Let’s not get it twisted. It’s the truth according to “holy you”. And I do there’s no way you would let something like that come out of your mouth, especially Prudence: Yes, let’s just look at you, shall we, Kautious? Let’ really look at you. Let’s look at you according to The One Who said, I am The Way, The Truth and Oh, Beautiful Kautious, when you can finally see yourself the way Jesus sees you, th the point that you think they will overtake you. You will see yourself victorious even and on His Word. For when you do, Kautious, instead of being enveloped in blacke in joy unspeakable and surpassing peace from the Prince of Peace Himself.

Kautious: But . . . Prudence: No, buts. Only trust. Kautious, it’s time to realize that your feelings ar with the Word! Listen to me, sweetie. You can breathe because the very breath of never alone because Jesus promised 18that He would never leave you or forsake you cares deeply. And that Somebody is Jesus, and He cared enough to die for you.

friends ~

nkful for. even say that to me when you of all people know what e troubled! Do you have any idea how dark my world is?

hine? What’s shining got to do with anything?! There’s use. I lost my man. I’ve lost everything that really matters there! I’m terrified. And I’m alone. I’m so alone. And nomy life … is getting darker and darker. I feel like a dark, thick cloud is enveloping feel like I can’t even breathe. At times I feel like my life is drenched in a hundred ke I’m supposed to just pick myself up, get over my losses and move on as if they matter of fact. Your optimism is not normal. It’s obscene. And it’s heartless, and Oh, I can’t believe you sometimes! How can you even dare to say that to me?

gh to tell you the truth! And I’m not being obscene. I’m bringing the truth on your

on’t want to hear it because you simply do not have a clue of my reality! If you did, y when you know everything I’ve been through. Just look at me! . But let’s not look at you according to your truth that you’ve made your reality. d The Life. Yes, Kautious, let’s look at you according to His Truth, His Reality. hen you will no longer feel alone, or terrified, or allow dark clouds to envelop you to n in the midst of your dire circumstances. The secret is to keep your eyes on Him er-than-midnight clouds, and paralyzed by heartache and pain, you will be clothed

re lying to you. Yes, they are lying to you, and you have to fight them. Fight them God is in you and He is the Author of your life. And you are not alone. You are 19 u. And hear me, my Father’s Treasured Jewel, Somebody does care! Somebody

Kautious: I hear you, but I just can’t. It’s not easy.

Prudence: Like I said, your feelings are lying to you. And not just your fe don’t have to accept his lies or yield to them. With Christ, you can do a originator of those words. Jesus is. He said in John 14:1, Let not your h tious, can take Him at His precious word and simply choose to be a partic me.

You know, I made up my mind a long time ago not to debate the Word but God’s Word empowers me to discipline my heart even when I’m in the mid purpose to think on the high things and not on the low things. And so can y Kautious: But . . .

Prudence: No buts, Kautious, just trust. Trust the high things that came against you can prosper. And let me tell you why it won’t prosper. It’s beca use against you. Now, that’s a high thing!

You see, we glorify the devil when we say he has the power to overtake us. for all of us who are called by the Lord’s Name to think on the high things o

I say to you again, Kautious, that no weapon; absolutely no weapon that the comes a part of you. And rest in the truth that only God is Omnipotent, not ness. You are God’s business, and your life is hid in Him in Christ! So, against beautiful you.

Now, hear these words my Phenomenal Sister and rejoice and be exceeding ther, you can believe in Me. I love the way my Father loves. I do the thing you that I’m here for you. Nothing and no one is going to pluck you out of longs to my Father, belongs to Me. You belong to my Father, and you belo where. I am here for you, in you, upon you, and will most assuredly empo not walk all over you. So, don’t worry about a thing. Don’t let your hear 20

Think on the high things and your heart won’t give you any troub remember, As a Woman thinketh, so is she! Happy New Year!

eelings, but the very enemy of your soul is blatantly lying to you. And you all things! You can even let not your heart be troubled. And I’m not the heart be troubled. You believe in God, believe also in Me. And you Kaucipator and a demonstrator of His words. It’s up to you, just like it’s up to

to embrace it. And I chose to let His Word guard my heart and my mind. dst of my fiery trials. By His Spirit, I am always victorious. I choose on you.

out of your Lord’s Word. Know for yourself that no weapon formed ause Jesus is the One Who formed the “one” that is forming the weapon to

he does not have the power! The power has been given unto us. It’s time of God.

e enemy forms against you will prosper. Think on that truth until it bet the enemy. And rest in the truth that you are none of the devil’s busi, stop giving the enemy so much credit. Nothing he can do can prosper

gly glad for Jesus is saying to amazing you: “If you can believe in the Fags He does. And He loves you. And I love you. I love you enough to tell f my Father’s hands. And you are in My Father’s Hands. And all that beong to Me. Oh, My beloved, know my Beloved, that I am not going anyower you to walk in this life victoriously and will see to it that life will rt trouble you. You believe in God, believe also in Me.” 21

ble at all! Rejoice and again, I say, rejoice, and give thanks. And


Case Type: Endangered Missing

DOB: Aug 22, 1981 Sex: Femal Missing Date: Jan 5, 1984 Race: Black Age Now: 28 Hair Height: 3'0" (91 cm) Weight: 4 Missing City: AUSTIN Missing Case Number: TXCHA9707003

Circumstances: Tanisha was last seen wearing a white p tennis shoes with velcro fasteners. Foul play is feared.

ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONT Texas Department of Public Safety (512)-424-5074 or 1





r Color: Black Eye Color: Brown 42 lbs (19 kg) g State : TX Missing Country: United States

pull over short sleeve shirt, red sweat pants and white

TACT 1-(800)-346-3243


Author: A Mom Who Learned

I have always been a very smart mom who always out thought my children ager. Back in 1993, when my daughter Lydia was a teenager, 15 to be exact over after school. It happened to be a Friday and we had a firm rule at our me right before the bus and the fact I was leaving work early I told her yes. ily, I had a mobile phone. You know‌the ones installed in your vehicle? I

I was met at the door by my daughter and her newly found friend, Kathy. S teeth. Moreover, she was very polite. By about 7pm Lydia asks if Kathy can lowed it and the girls were quiet. Kathy proceeds to use the kitchen phone

Then Saturday came and the girls slept in a bit, as all teens do, and spent th Naturally, as any curious mom, I questioned Kathy "Does your mom work? with what usually follows, I asked "So what does your father do?" She state child's perfect teeth! Later in the afternoon, upon a drive home from the lo

Before I could get the words out, Kathy says "Lydia, I will have to call my m and fact is she and Lydia were enjoying the weekend and it was a bit of resp put away the dishes! I told the girls it would be fine. Kathy asks if she coul handed her my car phone the cord stretched out but she was able to make t again and goes through all the teenage "huff n puff" of "I know mom. I know me the phone back.

Secretly I'm smiling inside because I recognized the "huff and puff" of air a teenage daughter can relate. Eye rolling and all! It was an uneventful eve year old son had a wonderful evening too as it was one of the few nights tha ages of 2-5 it was quite unpredictable, and certainly uncontrollable. My eve nant and in the process of a divorce from the father of my three children.

The next morning, Sunday, I wake up early to go to the grocery store leavin the exception of household chores, and an honor roll student. I proceeded be about an hour and if she wanted anything for breakfast from McDonald' the day. I ran to the market and stopped at McDonald's for the girl's break happy as he loved pancakes! 24

(bragging here), however never underestimate the power of a teent, she called me from school to ask if her new friend Kathy could come r house no friends over to visit without parents at home. Since Lydia called Back in 1993 teens didn't have cell phones and rarely did a parent. Luckhung up with her and proceeded to continue driving home.

She was a really pretty blonde girl with long hair, and beautiful n spend the night and I replied that it would be fine as long as her mom ale and calls her mom. All was well.

he rest of the day together swimming in the pool and listening to music. ? " "Yes, Kathy replies, she is the Administrator at a large corporation." As ed, "He's an orthodontist." Which I almost could have guessed with this ocal video store, Lydia asks if Kathy could spend the night again.

mom to ask." I was very impressed with this child's sense of responsibility pite for me in that my daughter didn't argue back when I would ask her to ld use my mobile phone, which easily stretched to the backseat, so I the call. She dials her mom and asks if she could spend the night at Lydia's w mom. I'll be home by 11am. Love you." and then hung up and handed

as she was talking with her mom as a very familiar sound. Any parent of a and the girls had fun popping popcorn and watching the videos.. My four at he did not have a grand mal seizure. He has epilepsy and between the e was great, considering I forgot to mention that I was also 8 months preg-

ng Lydia home to watch her brother. She was a very responsible teen, with to wake her and whisper that I was running to the market and should only 's that I would treat. I knew that would wake her up and get her ready for kfast and picked up a pancake meal for my son. This would make him very 25

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It was now close to 8:30 am and as I pulled into my driveway my heart stop what was coming next. An ambulance. The many hospital trips with my so fast I hurried up the walk leaving all the groceries and the McDonald's bag was sitting on the sofa watching cartoons and drinking juice from his specia would have come and gone this fast? Imagine my surprise, or should I say Jones. "Why yes" I stammered as I was looking at the girls.

While my daughter had a look of shock, her friend Kathy had an almost "I g way, "Did you realize you are in trouble here Mrs. Jones?"

My first thought was "how could I be in trouble? My daughter is old enough ceeded to tell me that Kathy was a runaway child and that her parents can c ceries in as I know at that moment I would have dropped whatever was in m plained that Kathy had phoned her mom and had gotten permission to spen was really nervous at this point as I was recalling the phone conversation, t that all that was faked? However, it was. Yes, the wool was pulled over my

The officer proceeded to say that as the adult I had the responsibility to spe to spend time in my home. Not the other way around. I was like stunned. me. How did they know she was at my house if she didn't phone home? I lo led to another and come to find out Kathy did call her mom from school on She got mad and came anyhow. Her mom and dad searched her friends to f

Both on Friday and Saturday night. I couldn't imagine if it were Lydia who friend's home and she would have been grounded for a month! I could not two nights? I then told the officer I was sincerely sorry and would apologiz in this position because I felt if they knew where she was than they were ult Friday evening or come to retrieve her themselves!

The officers told me I would have to give my statement to the judge should life. Here I was 8 months pregnant, in the process of a divorce, a mom of a my life was to have an arrest record f or harboring a juvenile! I was very lu charges. Ironically, all of my daughter's friends I knew the parents so this j 26 You can bet I learned my lesson. Never ever allow a child to spend time in lesson learned.

pped. There in full view of the neighbors was a police vehicle. I just knew on and status epileptus taught me this routine very well. My heart beating in the car. I opened the front door and walked in. To my surprise my son al cup. Something is not right, I thought. There is no way that a seizure pure shock, when the two officers approached me and asked if I was Mrs.

give up" look on her face! The police then told me, in a very matter of fact

h to babysit." I asked the officer "In trouble? For what sir?" He then procharge me for harboring a juvenile. It was a good thing I did not carry gromy hands! "What?" The officer was not friendly, to say the least. I exnd the night. That is when he asked "Did you speak with her parents?" I the huffing and puffing and the "I know mom" and I just could not believe y eyes and a teenager outwitted me a parent of 15 years.

eak with a minor child's parent in order to obtain permission for the child never in my life did this happen to me. Never. Then a thought dawned on ooked over at Kathy. Again, the same "I'm busted" look. Well one thing n Friday and asked if she could go to Lydia's house. Her mom told her no. find out who Lydia was so they were fully aware that she was at our house

o did this, I would have marched up to the door and dragged her from her understand why the parents would not have come after her? Not one, but ze to her parents as well, however, I was not happy that her parents put me timately "allowing" her to stay since they did not send the police on the

the family move forward with prosecuting. I was never so scared in my a teenager daughter and a special needs son and the last thing I needed in ucky, however, I spoke with the parents and they agreed to not press just was never something I ever thought about. your home without consulting with the27 child's parents directly. A hard


Case Type: Endan

DOB: Mar 17, 197 Missing Date:

Race: Black A Height: 4'11" (150 cm) W Hair Color: Black

Missing City: DALLAS Missing Country

Case Number: TX

Circumstances: Tasha was last seen wearing an aq sandals. She walked to a neighbor's apartment in th

ANYONE HAVING INFORMA Texas Department (512)-424-5074 or 1 28


ngered Missing

79 Sex: Female Oct 14, 1989

Age Now: 30 Weight: 71 lbs (32 kg) Eye Color: Brown

S Missing State : TX y: United States


qua blue shirt, aqua blue shorts and brown slip on he same complex she lived in and never returned.

ATION SHOULD CONTACT t of Public Safety 1-(800)-346-3243 29

There’s No Place Like Home

Home Visiting Programs Can Support Pregnant Women Authors: Alexandra Cawthorne & Jessica Arons

If love and aspirations were enough, everyone would be a perfect parent. Bu patience, judgment, and the ability to cope with stressful circumstances; fin parents or extended family and friends who can provide a network of assist supports, but their absence can make a difficult job even harder. Home visi families, can be an effective tool for meeting unmet needs, and they can lea safe homes, and connections to integrated assistance.

In the United States our public policies are based on the assumption that p and young children. But being a new parent can be stressful and overwhelm ized countries recognize that home visits from trained professionals and/or ports to pregnant women and new parents that family and friends often can grated into comprehensive maternal and child health systems and routinely For instance, in Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, and the Netherlands, virt nurse several times during the child’s first year, though in other countries s ety of health education, preventive care, and social support services.

These services are usually situated within a comprehensive health care sys and noncash benefits, housing assistance, child care, and social services, de

U.S. families, in contrast, can choose to purchase such support services if t that American women work outside the home in larger numbers than ever legally entitled to paid leave. In addition, families today are more fragment advice and support of grandparents or other wise elders less available than the hospital, most are left to handle their new responsibilities alone.

The decrease in informal and the lack of formal supports for pregnant wom maternal and child health outcomes relative to other developed nations—41 births. What’s more, a U.N. report analyzing the performance of the wealth ment in meeting the needs of their children revealed that the United States 30

n and New Parents

ut in addition to love and hope, parenting takes skills and resources— nances to pay for housing, food, shelter, child care, and education; and cotance needed in childrearing. Good parenting is possible without these iting programs, which offer in-home services to pregnant women and new ad to improved maternal and child health outcomes, positive parenting,

private, informal networks are sufficient to help parents care for infants ming even for those with a number of resources on hand. Other industrialr paraprofessionals can provide valuable information and practical supnnot. Indeed, throughout Europe, home health visiting programs are intey offered to all families regardless of their income level. tually all families with infants receive in-home visits by a public health such visits are less frequent. European home visitors offer families a vari-

stem and supplemented by a social infrastructure that may include cash epending on each family’s needs.

they can afford them, but most simply go without. This is despite the fact before, now accounting for half of American payrolls, and parents are not ted and geographically dispersed than in previous generations, making the n it used to be. For the most part, after parents take their babies home from

men and families with young children may contribute to America’s negative 1st in maternal mortality, 29th in infant mortality, and 30th in preterm hy nations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Develops tied with Mexico for the highest rate of deaths from child mistreatment. 31

In contrast, data show that countries with universal home visiting program prenatal care, and some of the lowest rates of child maltreatment.

Against this backdrop the abortion debate roars on, most recently around h there is broad agreement from all sides in the debate that no woman who w nancy because of socioeconomic circumstances that she worries she cannot

Yet there has been little exploration of what supports would be most useful she needs to parent effectively. Such an exploration is long overdue and sho about pregnancy or abortion, but to promote overall health and well-being

Clearly, no one policy or program will be sufficient to meet all the needs of gaps left by modern-day changes to traditional caregiving networks can ma to improved public health measures. Home visitation programs, if impleme

A handful of home visiting programs in the United States provide in-home primarily those who are low-income, teens, dealing with a disability, or oth purely voluntary and the programs typically use trained peers who come fro

We’ll review these programs to illustrate what is working and can be built u focus here on existing programs and the families they serve. However, we s see public policies invest accordingly. This brief will also examine poverty’s good investment, and how policymakers and stakeholders can craft effectiv

To read the full version of this progam please visit the Center For Am

Center for American Progress | 1333 H Street NW, 10th Floor | Washingto Copyright holder: American Progress

Specific credit line: "This material was published by the Center for American Progress" (online "This material was created by the Center for American Progress (www.ame 32

ms have low rates of infant mortality and low birth weight, high rates of

health reform. While access to abortion continues to be hotly contested, wants to bear and raise a child should feel compelled to terminate a pregt overcome.

l in helping a woman who wants to parent feel that she has the resources ould not be undertaken to influence individual decisions and behaviors and to support people’s efforts to build the families they want to have.

those who choose to parent, but a combination of services that fill in the ake a significant difference in the lives of individuals and families and lead ented correctly, can be one effective piece of this pie.

support from nurses and paraprofessionals to new and expecting parents, herwise considered vulnerable or at risk. Participation in these programs is om the community being served.

upon to provide meaningful supports to those who choose to parent. We see such supports as beneficial to all families and ultimately would like to s effects on mothers and young children, why home visiting programs are a ve programs for vulnerable families.

merican Progress:

on, DC 20005

e)" (print) 33

Age Progression (Pictured Right)

Case Type: Endangered Missing DOB: Oct 2, 1984 Sex: Female Age Now: 25 Missing Date: Jul 17, 1998 Race: Hispanic Height: 5'6" (168 cm) Weight: 160 lbs (73 kg) Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Missing City: SAN ANTONIO Missing State : TX Missing Country: United States Case Number: NCMC851087

Circumstances: Karina's photo is shown age-progressed San Antonio, Texas. She has not been heard from since. hand between her thumb and forefinger and she may be



d to 24 years. She was last seen at her residence in . Karina has a scar in the shape of a cross on her right e wearing eyeglasses.

ACT National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 1-800-THE-LOST) 35

SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY - Sharon Fox Blessings, blessings, and more blessings to you! As we go into the New Year, let's reflect back on all we have overcome in 2009. God has truly been merciful and gracious. But we must also remember those who haven't been as fortunate. We have all had our portion of trials and tribulations with the economy, health issues, family trials, etc. Some families have faced severe blows and have yet to bounce back. This year, let's remember those families and keep a very prayerful spirit. To be blessed, we must BE a blessing. Never stop praying for others...even if you don't know them by name. Ask God to protect our youth and show us how to be positive leaders in our communities. We never know when WE will be the one in need of prayer. So this year, let's make it a habit to PRAY without ceasing. Our country, state, city, and community is in need of much prayer. Let's start this year out right! Celebrate life and togetherness. Cherish the family and friends in your life and always be thankful no matter what's going on around you!! This month I have some easy recipes to help you celebrate the beginning of another year with your loved ones Enjoy them and enjoy life!!

GLITTER GRAPES 1 lb. seedless grapes, pulld from the stem and rinsed 1 3oz. pkg. jello of your choice, water Spread the jello on a plate. Rinse the grapes and place a handful at a time on the plate of jello powder. Gently roll grapes to cover each one. Place coated grapes in a bowl. Let all covered grapes sit in refrigerator for about 1 hour, until jello is set. The colder they are, the better they are!! FESTIVE CREAM CHEESE APPETIZER 1 cup water 1 cup sugar 12 oz. fresh or frozen cranberries 1/2 cup apricot preserves 2 Tbsp. lemon juice 1/3 cup slivered almonds, toasted 8 oz. cream cheese, softened assorted crackers


In large saucepan over medium heat, bring water and sugar to a boil. Without stirring, allow to boil for 5 minutes. Add cranberries and cook until they pop and sauce is thickened, about 10 minutes. Remove from heat. Cut apricots in the preserves into small bits. Add the preserves to the cranberry mixture. Stir in lemon juice. Cool. Add almonds and stir. Place cream cheese on serving platter. Spoon cranberry-apricot mixture over the top of cream cheese. Spread assorted crackers all around the sides before serving. Store leftovers in refrigerator. Makes about 3 cups.

COCONUT TARTS 10 frozen 3 1/2 inch tart shells 3 eggs 1 1/2 cups sugar (1 1/4 cups if using Sweetened coconut!) 2 tsp. vanilla extract 3 tsp. heavy whipping cream 1 1/2 cups Unsweetened coconut Preheat oven to 400 dergrees. Place tart shells on baking sheet and set aside. Place eggs, sugar, vanila,and cream in mixing bowl. Beat until smooth and lemon colored. Fold in coconut. Ladle into tart shells. Bake until slightly browned and set.. *Great served with vanilla or banana ice cream!! Or top with Cool Whip!!

DEVILLED EGGS WITH SMOKD SALMON 1 dozen eggs, hard boiled fresh parsley Filling: 12 hard boiled egg yolks 1/4 cup sour cream 2 Tbsp. mayonnaise 2 Tbsp. chopped chives 1 1/2 tsp. horseradish 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar 1/2 tsp. black pepper 6 oz. smoked salmon, cut ino 1/4 inch strips Mix all filling ingredients except salmon. Fill egg whites with filling mixture. Roll salmon strips up and place one on top of each egg. Garnish with parsley. Sprinkle with some paprika if desired! And don't forget to check out more recipes each week at 37

Rilya Alert Criteria •

The abduction is of a child age 17 years or younger

The parent must have contacted law enforcement to report child missing.

A RILYA Alert may also be issued if the child is classified as a runaway by the police. If the parent has reported missing child and has convincing evidence that child does not have a history of running away, an alert will be initiated within the 1st hour. We recognize that at times, not all information is readily available (ie. license plate numbers, name of abductor, or witness to abduction. In such cases, the available information will be reviewed and verified prior to RILYA Alert.

The law-enforcement agency believes the child is in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death.

All children of color meeting the criteria for the Amber Alert will also receive the RILYA Alert If these criteria are met, alert information is assembled for public distribution. This information may include descriptions and pictures of the missing child, the suspected abductor, and a suspected vehicle along with any other information available and valuable to identifying the child and suspect. *The staff at Peas In Their Pods respectfully requests that once a child is found that any organization posting information remove their pictures from their sites. 38 (515) 554-5096 (516) 338-6873/


Deshalamar Community Development Corporation

A program/ service providing nonprofit corporation with advocacy and com raising and Charitable contributions. Said corporation is organized exclusiv (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Corporation's main focus will be o public objective of the corporation is to relieve the poor, distressed and und these programs. As President of Deshalamar Community Development Cor ence, working one on one with displaced Veterans, at a local Veterans Resid and I see the urgency to meet those needs. Many of the men and women wh same stability they once had before deployment. It’s a fact that post trauma homeless, while many turn to substance abuse. 1 in 4 of the homeless popul firmed his commitment to ending homelessness among veterans, saying at homeless veterans, because those heroes have a home – it’s the country the a single veteran sleeps on our nation’s streets, our work remains unfinished part to reach that day.

The public objective of the corporation is to relieve the poor, distressed and menting these Vets that live in these houses work in various VI (Veterans In grams are also feeling The struggle of our times. Hence, we would like to im gram creating much needed jobs. Consideration to the individuals mandate is something that will be provided. This will make it possible for the indivi various areas. Many employers stick to a strict inflexible schedule making e more suitable working environment. We will be providing referrals for hou provide other essentials needed, ie. Clothing, bedding, ect. We would be pr assessed, offering our services as well as providing referrals to established p tablished to self sufficiency.

Deon Leftenant, Des President/Chief Creativ deon@locks

Clarice Miller, Desh Executive Vice President/Ge clarice@lock 40

Barry Bookhard, Des Senior Vice President of St bbook@lock

mmercial components, funded by Untied States Government Grants, Fundvely for charitable purposes, as an exempt organization under section 501 on providing program / services and advocacy to American Veterans. The derprivileged, and to reduce the burdens of government, by implementing rp. , I myself am a Honorably discharged Veteran. Having personal experidence Shelter on Long Island New York. I see the needs of my fellow Vets, ho have served our country return home to find that they do not have the atic stress disorder when left untreated causes many of our Vets to be lation is an American Veteran. After taking office, President Obama afan appearance at the VA Central Office, “And we provide new help for ey served, the United States of America. And until we reach a day when not d. Deshalamar Community Development Corp. is dedicated to doing our

d underprivileged, and to reduce the burdens of government, by implendustries) programs. Due to cutbacks and economic crisis certain VI Promplement the manufacturing of our product as an addition to the VI Proed therapy as well as other appointments, while making the work schedule idual to maintain employment while also continuing with treatment in employment during treatment very difficult, our facility would provide a using. We will have a food pantry on site, as well as doing fund raising to roviding a structured environment where the individual’s needs would be programs that meet the individual’s needs. Helping the individual get es-

shalamar Enterprises ve Officer/Co-Founder

halamar Enterprises eneral Manager/Co-Founder

shalamar Enterprises trategic Marketing/Partner


* Save the Date: August


The National Black TEEN Empowerment Expo (NBTEE) Presents FAME: ment and revitalization strategy that brings together caring 21st century le resources, media, technology and youth to provide a global forum collabor

The focus of the NBTEE is far greater than a weekend event. Before, durin nities, TEENS will be consistently encouraged and engaged in productive is strategically planned to be held prior to the start of school year so that w son and provide the necessary resources to motivate them in ensuring this

The NBTEE has garnered interest and / or support from more than 550 co Our work constantly focuses on one key question: “How do we inspire mo

In seeking answers to this critical question, based on individual, family an TEENS have a unique set of challenges and needs, the NBTEE planning te to effectively engage participating TEENS: — — — — — —

Short films that realistically portray many of the challenges TEEN overcome them. A discussion will follow each film. Interactive workshops designed to educate and elevate the minds TEEN IDOL and FAME* shows that captivate and inspire TEEN p Peer empowerment initiatives such as TEEN workshop facilitator One-on-one discussions to identify each TEEN’s interests, and tar sional development. Ongoing initiatives such as teen entrepreneurial and media progr projects.

The NBTEE will implement measures to track the ongoing successes of p achieving positive results for our TEENS. *If you are (or know of) a IDOL performers, please call 42us toll free at 888.687.7248.

t 2010, New York City *


: Fashion, Art, Music & Education is a progressive community developeaders, private and public sectors, youth and community stakeholders and rating on better ways to reach and teach today’s TEENS.

ng and after the NBTEE, with support from their local and global commuinitiatives every day to ensure more positive outcomes for life. Each expo we inspire participating TEENS to achieve throughout the academic seas goal.

oncerned citizens and committed groups throughout the United States. ore of today’s Black TEENS to believe and succeed?”

nd community TEEN risk factors, and clearly understanding that our eam has developed highly relevant and interactive programming designed

NS confront on a daily basis and how the choices they make can help

s, bodies and souls of today’s TEENS. performers and audiences of their peers. rs, vendors and exhibitors. rget learning experiences that encourage sustained personal and profess

rams, TEEN book teams, and school- and / or community-based FAME

participating TEENs to validate the value of our efforts in consistently a TEEN or TEEN group interested in being FAME and TEEN 43

Monthly Tasty Treat - by Pat Holmes LEMON RASPBERRY MUFFINS 2 Cups of flour 1 Cup sugar 3 teaspoon baking powder ½ teaspoon salt 2 eggs 1 Cup half and half (cream) ½ Cups vegetable oil 1 teaspoon lemon extract 1 Cup fresh/frozen unsweetened raspberries or blue berries Combine flour, sugar, baking powder and salt in a bowl. In another bowl combine eggs cream, oil and extract. Stir into dry ingredients just until moist. Fold in the raspberries. Put in muffin tins and bake 375 for 10 minus. Cool before removing from pan. If using frozen fruit do not thaw before adding to batter.


NIDDK STEP-UP (Short-Term Education Program for Underepresented Persons)

Summer Internship in Biomedical Research The STEP-UP Summer Internship Program, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is an opportunity for underrepresented minority and disadvantaged students to participate in summer research in the areas of diabetes, nutrition, obesity, and digestive, kidney, and hematological diseases. The STEP-UP program supports students for ten full-time consecutive weeks of basic or clinical research with experienced faculty. The research experience begins on June 1, 2010 and is completed by August 8, 2010. The program culminates with an all expense paid trip to the Annual Undergraduate STEP-UP Conference in August 2010 in Atlanta, GA. Students will present their summer research to peers, mentors, and experts from the scientific community. Who is Eligible? Undergraduate students, including African American, Hispanic American, American Indian, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian, and other Pacific Islanders, who have completed at least one year of college by June 1, 2010. Students must be U.S. Citizens, noncitizen nationals, or legal permanent residents. What does STEP-UP provide for me? - Student Participation Allowance of $4000 directly to you. - Research Training Orientation program in May 2010. - Travel expenses to the STEP-UP conference August 2010 in Atlanta. - Students must arrange their own summer housing using the allowance provided. Housing is available at some STEP-UP coordinating institutions. Contact the Program Coordinators for additional information. For additional information and to apply online now until February 15, 2010 go to Jennifer Curry Program Specialist Office of Minority Health Research Coordination, NIDDK II Democracy Plaza, Room 902A 6707 Democracy Blvd. Bethesda, MD 20892-5454 Tel: (301) 594-9649 Fax: (301) 594-9358 45

Denia It’s Not Just a River In Egypt, And By Pattie Fitzgerald, founder

You’ve heard it a thousand times before, the gut wrenching statistic regardi abuse happens to a child by someone they know… NOT by a stranger

Go to any child safety website… there it is. Talk to any child welfare profe tor, they will tell you the same thing. Parents need to take a good, long loo Middle School Teacher. And unfortunately, time and time again, these are ents look away, denying the truth.

It’s happened again. This week a popular high school teacher at the Red contact with a female student. It’s practically a replay of a similar middle s “beloved” 7th grade teacher was convicted on numerous counts of sexual m was indignant disbelief, with some parents going as far as accusing the vic students rally to the defense of their teacher, with mass emails and Facebo

Let’s get one thing straight here. Mr. “J” may have been a fun teacher, he mean he’s a saint or that he isn’t capable of the despicable acts he perpetr closely we should be paying attention to his actions. Does an adult who in

Enter Parental Denial: “There’s no way, Mr. J. is guilty. He never did anything to my daughter.” “H “Mr. J. was the only teacher who ever volunteered to stay late and tutor my when she needed help.”

Now we’re getting somewhere. All the above statements may be true. ter does not look like “the devil”. They can’t – because if they did, they’d ne

Can we repeat that, please. Child molesters come bearing gifts, smiles, a spend a lot of time grooming their victims and are very careful to select kid come in contact with. They’re cagey 46 enough to know which ones will keep How does a teacher who is also molester do this?

al… d It Won’t Keep Your Child Safe r, Safely Ever After, Inc.

ing childhood sexual abuse: 90 Percent of sexual r.

essional -- a social worker, police officer, or prosecuok at Uncle Joe, The Soccer Coach, The Super-Nice e the very adults who victimize our children while par-

dondo Beach Unified High School in California has been arrested for lewd school incident in Santa Monica, California two years ago, where a misconduct with several students. In b oth cases, the immediate reaction ctims of being liars, tramps, trouble-makers, and more. Many parents and ook pages denying the truth that is staring them in their faces.

may have been kind and helpful to many of his students, but that doesn’t rated on his victims. In fact, sometimes the “nicer” the adult, the more nteracts with our kids seem almost too good to be true??

He’s a great teacher, my kids looked forward to his class every day.” y child, he even drove her home and met her at the library on weekends

In fact, I’d bet the farm that they ARE true. Why? Because a child molesever be able to get away with what they do.

and assistance – often to the point of being too good to be true. They ds that they feel are vulnerable. They don’t molest every single child they p quiet and which ones won’t … most of47 the time.

They start by creating a persona of the good guy who’s always willing to go solidifies as that special staff member. He may be the teacher who runs t tivities, etc. In doing so, the teacher gains the trust of the entire community everyone. Then slowly, he begins to take inventory of his targets. Does on child particularly lonely or seem neglected in some way? Are the parents o ing to let me have one-on-one access to their child anytime, even after sch

By process of elimination, the molester carefully cultivates his relationships him. And… he leaves the others alone, basically continuing to appear as th That’s how they get away with it. What’s the one thing that deters a child molester?

The possibility of being caught. That’s the only thing that separates the ch may “rat” him out, he’ll move on to someone else.

What can a parent do? To begin with, get rid of that notion that just because someone is nice, that subtle clues that may indicate a problem. Take a look at the adults who in one-on-one access to your child, offering extra help or extravagant gifts, rid seem a little “off” after spending time with that adult? Finally, no matter w —TALK to them. Let them know no one has the right to touch them in any people that they know very well. Let them know you’ll believe them if they one time.

And lastly… If a child comes forward and discloses their sexual abuse by a close friend ize them a second time by calling them a liar or punishing them for telling th cases. When kids tell, it’s because something has happened. Don’t make ----------------------------------* Pattie Fitzgerald is the founder of Safely Ever After, Inc. and has been a Sexual note speaker across the country and also provides curriculum to elementary and m ages. Her seminars and children’s workshops have been praised throughout the U 48 News, MSNBC, KCBS, KABC, and KNBC. For more information, visit www.Safel

o the extra mile. Parents and students respond to this and his reputation the Student Government board, volunteers for all the extra curricular acy, knowing full well that by doing so, he is further ingratiating himself to ne child look like they could use a little extra attention or affection? Is one of one child so “enthralled” with my nice-guy personality that they are willhool and on weekends?

s over time so that eventually he can target the victim he feels will enable hat “great guy”.

hild who is victimized and the child who isn’t.

If Mr. J. thinks your child

they aren’t capable of doing bad things. Start recognizing some of the nteract with your child on a regular basis. Are they trying very hard to gain des home, outings with your child that exclude you? Does your child what age your child is – an elementary school child or your high-school’er way that makes them feel weird, uncomfortable or “yucky”, even those come to you for help.This is a conversation you must have more than just

d, family member or beloved teacher, please believe them and don’t victimhe truth. Fabricated abuse stories constitute only 1-3% of all reported e them out to be the criminal, while letting the real criminal off scott-free.

Abuse Prevention Educator and Children’s Advocate for 10 years. She is a keymiddle schools, teaching personal body safety and Internet Safety to students of all United States, and she has been featured on49Good Morning America, Headline

Peas In Th thank all the cont for providing our readers with Your information is stronger communitie

Janice Lower Peas In Th


heir Pods tributing writers h information and resources. crucial in building es near and beyond.

ry - Founder heir Pods


Are You Standing For The Truth? Cynthia D. J

In today’s society, there are so many things that can distort us from the trut twisted with perverseness and the devil has blinded most with lies. The ON

It’s pure, holy, and honest, without lies, hypocrisies, dishonesty, falsehoods

The world would tell you that you’re a fanatic about what you believe. But t broad is the way, that leads to destruction, and many there be which go in: and few there be that find it. Why? Because most people want the blessings of God but don’t want to serve the

Are you willing to stand for the truth of Jesus Christ? Yes there will be pers world, you’re not manipulated, or deceived. You’re not fooled by the corrup

The Word of God says, we’re in this world by not of it. And His Word brings

So when you decided to take a stand for what is Truth, all your friends, fam you…If they don’t love the light. That light will shine on everything that’s has darkness in it. And the Word evil.

When we take a stand for what’s righteous, Seeks the truth of God, we’ll dw Almighty.

We’re going to see lots of evil things happen around us. But God says that T come in our dwellings. God gives his angels charge over thee, to keep us in

They shall bear us up in their hands, lest thou dash our feet against a stone Look at God’s protection. 52


th. The world’s truth is not what God has meant for it to be. This world is NLY truth is the Word of God.


the Word of God say, Enter in at the straight gate: for wide is the gate, and Because straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leads unto life, Blesser.

secutions for believing not as the world. But when you don’t believe as the ption or the twisted knowledge of this world.

s a freedom in your lives by the grace of God.

mily, co-workers and everyone that knows you will take a stand against says man loved darkness rather than the light because their deeds were

well in the secret place of the most High and abide under the shadow of the

There shall no evil fall on us, neither shall any plague (epidemic - disease) all our ways.



But to get to this place, our lives have to be hidden in His Word. We can’t be in a secret place if we’re doing, acting, talking the same as the world. They wouldn’t see a difference if we are. But when you decide to separate from the world and put on the whole amour of God. The Word says when we do; we will stand in the evil days. Having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, where ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints. Boy, don’t we have some protective gear that God have supplied us with. Are you clothed today with the righteous of God? If you don’t take a stand for the truth, then you have no strength but to fall for the lies of the devil in this world. Matthew 7:13-14, John 3:19, Psalm 91st Chapter, Ephesians 6: 14-18


Cynthia D. Johnson is the creation behind CDJ Promos, Inc/SistarDiva. Created and started CDJ Services, Inc. in February of 2000. Became a full steamed company after networking with various groups that helped me launch out on my own. CDJ Promos, Inc. is a female-owned, minority-owned company, which specializes in Business services and marketing of small companies that provides Business Cards, Banners, Logos and a 50/50 Fund Raising Concept of Mouse Pads/Coasters, Comp Card and Flyers. Not only do you get a get product, but we offer Exceptional Customer Service. CDJ Promos, Inc. is the company with many ideas. If you can think it, we can create it. CDJ Promos, Inc. has much passion for what we do. The websites are And a Great New Product Line. ”SistarDiva Products”. Recently, merged with the company ThenWhat4u, LLC., who’s the inspirational motivator behind “Scents and Sense” & “Make the World a Better Place” Products. A Florida native, Ms. Johnson lived in South Florida until 2006 and now relocated back to the Central Florida area. Being a Mother of 2 girls, and a grandmother of 2 grandsons. Ms. Johnson has now established herself as an author of Inspirations of Encouragements and is featured on several and networking 55 sites.

We’ve taken our e

Our gifts. Our babies. Our children. Our future. For too lo Today, the things that matter m And the ones who shoul The things they want to be, they’ll never see. The t Why? Because, we’ve take So tomorrow, it’s time to reclaim our young generat We’ll have to reach way down to get to them. To dark dungeons o And loom large. To And when we get to our children, it’ll be just as hard to To take them from where they are, t We’ve taken our eyes off the prize. So now, we And, sometimes, some of us will get beaten. Som But I know I’m not afraid or alon I will stand tall next to three warriors, ra And when I’m fighting all those But find courage and strength I’ll So every day, and every And focus. On my vision of a better world a With my eyes alwa

R. Lee

The National Black TEEN Empowerment Expo UniTee Design, Inc. rgordon@uni The Better Detroit Youth Movement (501c3) rg 56

eyes off the prize

ong. Far too long. Far too lost. Far too many, too far gone. most to our youth shouldn’t. ld matter most, don’t. things they should see, they’ll probably never be. en our eyes off the prize. tion. I know it’ll be hard. I know it will be tough. of media, society and environment where demons often dwell. o kill their dreams. o lift them up to see the BRIGHT light and Right Life. to where they need to go to grow. e’ll have to fight for and with our own babies. me of us will give up. Many of us already have. ne. For when it’s time to battle, ather than cower beside 300 cowards. damn demons, I’ll get weary. l need, Lord help me, in others. tomorrow, I will fight. and way for my babies. And our children. ays on the prize.


o (501c3) 734.395.3079 888.our.rbg.tees 313.516.8384 57

Peas In Their Pods

Thank You..! 58

P.E.A.S Magazine 9th Edition  

Magazine highlighting missing children from state to state, along with providing resources for parenting, education, assistance and support.