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Simon Lyshon PLays the role of ‘Hades’ in the short film Eurydice. Simon Lyshon is an undergraduate student at Central School of Speech and Drama studying a BA (Hons) in Acting – Collaborative and Devised Theatre. He plays the role of ‘Hades’ in the short film production ‘Eurydice’ and has previously gained experience acting for both film and stage.

Working on ‘Eurydice’ was interesting for me especially because I, like the filmmakers, i am just starting out myself so to have a project like this is useful and it’s also quite nice to work with filmmakers your own age. These will be the people you end up working with out there, as these are the artists of your generation.

When you have a very small camera, it becomes a little bit easier, it takes up less space visually so in a sense it’s less distracting and easier to act around and pretend it’s not there. The shoot was a very different filming experience to what I’ve done before because it was a lot more scaled down, which is nice because you don’t have a million and one people watching you while you’re shooting but at the same time you get that one on one time with direction which you need as an actor, perhaps even more so on a small shoot like this.

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