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Ela Periods 1+2

Megan Callahan

Greek Myth


In 1500 B.C. in the Mediterranean Sea Athena and her crew were on a big adventure. It was a beautiful day for sailing on the Mediterranean sea. The water was calm, and the sky was clear. Athena and her crew were searching for jewels and gold. The treasure was believed to be on a hidden on a sacred island. One of her crew members saw the island and set sail for it .As Athena and her crew got close to the island, they ran into six sea monsters. Athena did not know why the monster were there. She thought about it then realized she had angered Poseidon by not letting him find the treasure for himself. Athena had to think fast. She looked around for ideas. When she spotted some mermaids sunbathing on some rocks near the shore, Athena called the mermaids over. She asked them if they could sing their song to distract the sea monsters. When the mermaids started to sing their song, she yelled over to her crew members, “Cover your ears.� The singing distracted the monsters, so Athena’s ship could get close to the shore.

Two of the sea monsters saw what they were doing. Athena had to protect her ship. Using her powers of wisdom, she tamed the monsters. When she finally got to the shore, she thanked the mermaids. She and her crew went onto the island to find the jewels. They found the treasure behind a waterfall on the other side of the island, and they headed home.

Greek Weekly  

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