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Embedding stuff in your Blackboard course This helpsheet shows you how to incorporate web content such as YouTube (or some BBC) video clips, Google maps, or Flickr slideshows into your Blackboard course using the “embed code�. It sounds technical, but is in fact very easy to do. More and more sites are beginning to offer such code. Embed is used in a loose sense here. You will still require a live internet connection, pulling content from the source website for this to work.

Youtube video into Blackboard 1. Go to YouTube and find the video clip you want.

Click (to turn blue), then right click and copy the html gobbledygook in this Embed box

Capture the code in the embed box as illustrated above. You do not need to understand it! 2 Now start up Blackboard, go to course and course area where you want the video to appear. Go to Edit view of the page and add an item. Then click the <> toolbar button to bring up the code view. Right click and paste the code you captured off the YouTube site into the space and submit the item.

Your video will now be embedded in your Blackboard course.


Technical glitch you should be aware of: Never go back and try to edit/adjust the item in which the clip is embedded. For some unknown reason this breaks the link to the video. This applies at present to all embedded items. Warning: embedding is addictiveâ&#x20AC;Ś YouTube is just the startâ&#x20AC;Ś Google maps Bring up a Google map for Norwich, and search for hairdressing salons:

Click Link to give you access to the embed code

The embedded map is a live Google map, not just an image Flickr slideshows Search Flickr for photos of the beach. Now click on slideshow: The Share button will give you the embed code you need to put into your course

Lots more too Once you have started this, there will be no stopping you. You can also embed some BBC video clips, a timeline (from ) and much more. Now you know about it, just keeps your eyes open for sites that offer you the embed code!


Embedding stuff  

How to embed stuff in a Blackboard course