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Key differences between hardwood pellets and softwood pellets Alstonville : Australia | Apr 11, 2014 at 4:57 AM PDT


BY ozwoodpellet



Key differences between hardwood pellets and softwood pellets Wood pellets are more popular in areas where significant energy is used for generating heat. They are widely used for generating heat by people who realize the ecological and economical importance of sustainability. They offer a better source of heat than any other fuel sources. They are also considered better option for generating electricity over coal. They are produced without the use of any additives. They are neutral in nature as they are a part of natural carbon cycle in the atmosphere. They are a good source of energy as there is no generation of green house gas emission. They burn clean, and are more efficient than wood.

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Millions of homes all around the globe are using heater pellets for heating purposes. Pellets that are used in homes are widely available and supplied in bags. Many factories and production houses have started using them to generate heat and electricity on large scale. They have started incorporating them as they do not pollute the air, and are away from any green house gas emissions.

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Wood pellets are a compressed form of wood. They are better than wood because


they burn more cleanly and efficiently. They are manufactured from cent percent biological materials. They are mainly prepared from saw dust, shavings and chips that are left after the production of wood. The materials are passed through small holes in a spherical machine that binds them together. They have high rate of combustion efficiency than wood. They are available in uniform shape, size and weight. You can choose them according to your requirements. Even they are easy to transport and store. So, they are widely used in homes for generating heat. Wood pellets are graded on the basis of ash emitted by them after burning. There are main two categories of these useful heat producing items based on their production. The two classifications include hardwood pellets and softwood pellets (SP). Hardwood pellets are mainly produced from the wood of an angiosperm tree whereas SP. are produced from gymnosperm tree. These two types of wood pellets also differ from each other in costing. Hardwood pellets are costlier than SP. Also, SP have higher heat output than their counterparts. It is because they burn more quickly and yield higher heat output in lesser time. Furthermore hardwood pellets produce more ash than SP. You should start using them over other fuels for generating heat if you care for your environment.

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ozwoodpellet is based in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, and is a Stringer for Allvoices. Report Credibility SHARE: Like




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READ MORE: wood pellets, hard wood pellets, heater pellets, wood pellet, Softwood, Firewood, softwood pellets MORE NEWS FROM: ALSTONVILLE : AUSTRALIA

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Key differences between hardwood pellets and softwood pellets  
Key differences between hardwood pellets and softwood pellets  

Wood pellets are more popular in areas where significant energy is used for generating heat. They are widely used for generating heat by peo...