Page 1 It is extremely important to keep your swimming pool clean by balancing the pool chemicals correctly. If you do not keep the water clean people who use the pool can become ill with ear infections, rashes and stomach infections. Proper pool chemical balance means that the numbers of microorganisms that exist in your pool are being maintained at a safe level. Water testing and cleaning your swimming pool In order to keep your pool safe, the chemicals must be tested daily when it is being used often. Water balance must be tested for sanitiser levels, total alkalinity, pH and calcium hardness. Sanitiser is maintained to prevent the growth of microorganisms that can cause disease. Water balance and the correct concentration of algaecide help to prevent pool surfaces from being stained by algae. The amount of sanitiser required to keep your pool clean is determined by a number of factors including: 

the temperature of the water;

contaminants such as skin oil and suntan lotion that are added to the water by bathers;

how many people are using the pool;

how much rain has recently fallen;

the frequency that you use your pool.

Pools are kept clean with chlorine products that control algae. Your pool has its own special chemical system (salt, chlorine, ioniserr or Bioniser) which was decided on by you and your pool expert when you had your pool installed. These chemicals must be constantly tested and monitored to ensure that they are in the correct balance.

It is important to use the right amount of sanitiser Sanitizing your swimming pool is easy when you use the right amount of the correct chemical. Read the label of the product to determine the correct amount and ensure that you are handling the product safely. Swimming pools that dispense their own sanitiser through a chlorine producing device have detailed instructions for their use. Always ensure you are using the right chemicals that go with your pool's chemical system. Algae Control It is important to control algae in your swimming pool because it can make pool surfaces dangerous and slippery. If algae blooms out of control it can cause sanitisers to become less effective. This provides viruses and bacteria with an environment that helps them to grow. Regular use of a sanitiser prevents over growth of algae. There is a certain balance for the swimming pool chemicals in your pool and it depends on the system that your pool is set up with. Testing kits are available that show you which chemicals need to be topped up or how your chemicals may be out of balance. Once you have been using a test kit for a while you will be able to see rather quickly what is out of balance and what needs to be added to correct the deficiency or overage. Contact us if you need advice about how to keep the proper chemical balance of your swimming pool.

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Why is balancing my swimming pool so important  

It is extremely important to keep your swimming pool clean by balancing the pool chemicals correctly. If you do not keep the water clean peo...

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