Page 1 One of the most important components of your pool is the pool pump. The pool pump circulates the water through the filtration system of the pool and helps to keep the pool water clean and to remove dirt and debris from the water. When the water is clean and fresh with the right balance of chemicals it is safer and more inviting for those who want to have a swim. How do pool pumps work?’ The pool pump contains a impeller which is spun by an electric motor and causes water to flow. The water escaping the pump creates a vacuum which pulls water from the pool and moves it through the system. The water moves through the skimmer, the pump and is then sent through the filter where it goes through a sanitiser ie chlorinator and is finally moved through the heater and returned to the pool. Pool pumps for sale – what should you consider when buying one? You will need to know what size pool pump to purchase. Bigger does not always mean better, it can actually equate to a waste of electricity and money. The capacity of the pool is the amount of water that the pool holds. You will need to know: 

Maximum flow rate – this is determined by the size of the pool’s pipes and is the amount of litres per minute of water that is being moved;

Turnover – the amount of time it takes for all of the water to move through the filter. The average turnover is 6-8 hours.

Resistance – the repelling of the water flow that is created by all pieces of equipment connected to the pool filtration system

Flow rate. The number of litres that are moved every minute by the pump.

Is the speed of the pump important? When it comes to pumps, the speed of the pump relates to how long it takes the pump to filter the pool. There are several speeds of pumps available. 1. Single Speed Pump – This is the lowest cost pump and is efficient but uses a lot of energy. These pumps should be turned off between uses to conserve energy. 2. Three Speed Pump – These pumps change their speed from low, medium to high when needed by manually changing the speed controller located on the pump. The speeds are preset by the pump manufacturers and are not variable 3. Variable Speed Pump – These allow the user to choose speed or flow rate needed. This can help to reduce the cost of electrical usage. They are similar to three speed pumps but you can manually adjust the speed of the pump to suit your pool requirements.

What are the various types of pool pumps available? Self-priming pumps have strainers to catch hair and lint and these act as reservoirs that prime the pump. These types of pumps are used for in ground pools and it is very important to keep the lint and hair strainers clean. Flooded Suction Pumps are pumps designed for above ground pools because they have to be located beneath the water level. They look similar to a self-priming pump but are slightly smaller. These pumps do not contain a diffuser which allows the pump to prime itself. Booster Pumps are used along with self-priming pumps that can increase pressure or flow when it is needed. These pumps do not self-prime so they are not to be used without water supply coming from the primary pump.

What brands of pool pumps for sale can be found on our site? Davey – we are a master dealer of Davey pumps and offer various sizes and types of pumps. Whether you are looking for Energystar* rated pumps, pumps ranging from 0.8 hp to 1.6 hp, you can find a suitable pump for sale here. Waterco Pumps – the pool pumps for sale from this manufacturer range from large to small, spa pumps and solar pumps. Be sure to check out the entire selection under this category. Zodiac – These energy efficient pumps are noiseless and provide quality performance with reduced energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions. Sizes range from 0.5 to 2 hp with many good options. Onga pumps for various pool conditions and types. The high performance pool pumps are designed for high quality pool installations with lower noise levels and reduced energy costs. These pumps are designed to last a very long time while provided top performance. Ideal for all types of pools, these pumps are available in solar and 0.75 to 2 hp sizes. Hayward pool pumps are available in pool booster pumps or waterfall pumps and are designed for efficiency, dependability and performance. Polaris booster pumps are a separate pump that allows your cleaner to operate separate from the remainder of the pool system. This allows the cleaner pump to operate at 100% efficiency and reduce cleaning time and increase vacuum power. Astral Pool/Hurlcon Pool Pumps offer a variety of pool pumps that are designed for every type of swimming pool. They offer a large range of pumps that offer increased performance with pumps from 0.5 to 3 hp. Maintenance of your pool pump When you are trying to determine which pool pumps you should purchase, you should consider the maintenance factor. It is crucial that the pump receives proper and adequate ventilation and protection from the weather. You should ensure that your pump is covered with a housing or stored inside of a building. The pump needs to run cool and be protected from the elements, which will ensure that it lasts a long time. Strainer baskets should be cleaned on a regular basis and the pump should be constantly examined for water leaks in the area of the pump housing and motor. During the off season when your pool is not in use, you should consider reducing running times to save electrical costs. You may be able to slow the speed of the pump to allow more efficient operation of the filters. Determine what type of pump you need for your pool and then start to match your needs with what is available. Please do not hesitate to ask us if you nee any advice about Pool Pumps. Please ask us if we can assist you. Article source:

Pool pumps for sale! but which to choose  

One of the most important components of your pool is the pool pump. The pool pump circulates the water through the filtration system of the...

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