Page 1 Swimming pool supplies are important for keeping your pool clean and well maintained. Whether you've only recently installed a pool or have had one for many years, being up to date with your equipment is always important. Both the equipment that is installed and the extra supplies and accessories are vital for a safe and aesthetically pleasing pool. By running through these checklists, you can see what you have, don't have and what might need replacing. Installed Equipment Checklist Pump Assembly – This piece of equipment keeps the water flowing through the pool's filter, keeping it clean. All pools should come equipped with this, but if you notice any damage consider replacing it. There are now more energy efficient systems with automatic timers that can save you a lot of money in the long run. Filtration System (sand, or cartridge) – The same is applied for the filtration system; you should have one already, but should you see any damage replace it. Sand or media should be changed every 5 years. Cartridge elements need to be cleaned regularly and should be replaced every 2-3 years depending on wear. Automatic Pool Cleaner – It's rare to see a pool that does not have an automatic pool cleaner as they are so convenient and maintain your pool with little maintenance themselves. The two most common types are suction and robotic. Suction cleaners are attached to the skimmer box by many hoses and are cheaper, whereas robotic cleaners are attached by a low voltage power cord, but are more pricey and have to be cleaned out regularly and are not designed to ‘live’ in the pool Pool Heater – While certainly not necessary these are great to have in the pool so that its usefulness can be extended into the winter months. There are natural gas, LPG, solar, heat pumps and electric pool heaters on the market.

Pool Lights – These are also not necessary for a pool but look great and allow the pool to be swum in safely during night time. You have the option of either LED or halogen. If you are considering installing pool lights, talk to us for more details and a quote. Supplies and Accessories Checklist •

Pool Cover

– Pool covers are not just for keeping leaves and debris out of the water, they can also help extend the swimming season by retaining some heat in the pool. There are many types on the market in different materials and boasting added effects. •

Pool Leaf Rake or Pool Broom

– Excellent for getting out debris and the occasional lost tennis ball, a pool net or rake is one of the handiest tools to have by the pool. The pool broom is an essential piece of pool equipment for everyday use and should be used to brush in your swimming pool slat. – • Safety Equipment and First Aid Kit • No pool is complete without safety equipment. A swimming safety sign (CPR sign) should be placed by the pool. Make sure you are familiar with the guidelines on the chart. It is advisable to have a first aid kit kept within quick and easy access to the pool area •


– An in-pool thermometer is always handy to have so you know what temperature you'll be swimming in. They aren't expensive and come with a tether for easy access. There are now also some fun designs to choose from. – • Test Strips – Test strips are excellent for checking the pH, chlorine, and calcium contents of your pool. Alternatively a great thing to own is a 2 in 1 or 4 in 1 test kit. These a mini test kits and give a great indication to the balance of your pool. Checking your pool every so often can help make sure it's safe for use.

This list could go on all day about the various things you can have by your pool to make your swimming life safer, cleaner and more enjoyable. Here are just the basics. The best thing you could do is note what you do have, then give us a call to discuss options for what you need. And don't forget to grab a few pool toys for the kids ......oh and the big kids! Check out our ranges: Pool pumps Pool filters Pool equipment Pool toys

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Swimming Pool Equipment Checklist  

Swimming pool supplies are important for keeping your pool clean and well maintained. Whether you've only recently installed a pool or have...

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