Issuu on Google+ Having a pool is a lot of fun for the whole family. Not only is it fun, but swimming is great for your health and also a great way to keep children occupied. Now if you don't already own one, you are faced with two choices: buy a house with a pool or build one yourself. Both of these are pretty daunting. But, if you are ready to commit to a pool, then below is a comparison of how to go about it. Buy A House With A Pool The most obvious advantage of buying a house with a pool is the fact that you have one ready to go. You don't have to deal with all the hassle of permissions, design and organising the builders. Depending on how well it was maintained you may have some cleaning or repairs on your hands, but for the most part the pool should be good to go, but ensure you get a pool inspection done before you buy the property. Another benefit for this option is if the current owner is desperate to sell you might be able to snag a bargain and save some money. The biggest disadvantage of buying a home with a pool already installed is the fact that you won't have any input into the design. Pool appearance can vary a lot with every house and no one style will work best for everyone. It is entirely possible to find a great house with a great pool that suits you.

Build A Pool Yourself If you decide to build your own pool you may have to wait a while to get it, but you will have far more freedom: you will have input to the design and should be able to get exactly what you want. You will be able to have the 'perfect' home without having to settle for something you're not entirely happy with. Be sure that when you buy your house you will have ample room for the pool and it’s probably a good idea to get a couple of pool builders in to assess your needs before you buy the house and ensure that there won’t be any obstacles later down the track, so if you have found your ideal house bring along a professional to assess the area before you buy. Neither choice is better than the other, it's more a decision on your preferences and your personal preferences plays a massive role in this decision so be sure to have a good think before you choose. Let us know if you need advice in this area: we are here to help! Check our range of pool supplies >

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Buy a House with a Pool or Put One In